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Spotlight on Art Block

By: Vaughn Lowery

As of late, we had the opportunity to speak with a Londoner artist, Art Block. His project has been supported by producer Ian Barter (Paloma Faith, Allman Brown, Hannah Grace) who recently worked on an album with British fashionista and singer Gabrielle.

What inspires your music?

I am inspired by the spiritual and emotional. Sometimes I feel my music is coming to me from a higher place and I try to draw upon that. It’s almost as if I’m just a channel for creativity. A few of my songs have been inspired by the memory of my mother who passed away many years ago. I would like my music to heal others.

And this new project?

The songs on Extended Play were written during lockdown when the whole world just stopped. It was a worrying time but also a time for reflection and appreciating beauty. The songs are some of my most personal yet, delving into dark aspects of my childhood, exploring my love of London where I was born, then returning to other themes of introspection and love. Love hopefully is the most powerful emotion radiating through the songs.

What’s next for you?

I am hoping to collaborate with some new musicians, remix songs and write something new. I’m constantly writing these days as if I’m on the cusp of a creative wave. I’m looking forward to playing live more too.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

I admire Marcus Hamblett’s work as a session musician and artist. Also Jay Chakravorty with his electronic and strings compositions which mold the old with the new.

Do you write all of your lyrics? if so, can you elaborate on your creative process?

Yes, I do. I think I have already touched upon it above. I hear melodies first and try to find the best words to match them. Sometimes it takes several drafts before finding the right words for a song. Experience also has a transformative creative power.

Describe your sound and genre? List your top five influences and song?

My sound is in the alt-folk and classic alt-rock category. Some have compared my music to Thom Yorke or Nick Drake, which is a huge compliment! 

I don’t really have a top five influence, I listen to everything from Wu Tang Clan to Rachmaninoff and everything in between! I suppose Pink Floyd have been an influential band over the years and more recently Bear’s Den or Ben Howard. I’m also a Depeche Mode fan, which probably explains my electronic influences.

How do you feel about the music industry overall? Do you think artists should still sign with major labels?

The music industry is very fickle and focused too much on commercial products rather than nurturing talent. There are too many people doing the same thing and the market is over saturated. People have low attention spans leading to two and a half minute songs designed to please Spotify’s algorithm.

Whether artists should join a major label is up to them. They can provide more bandwidth and resources than doing it by yourself. But as I say above many of these companies focus solely on making a profit. It might be better in the short term to remain an independent artist where you keep most of any revenues you are able to generate. Labels are also known for dropping artists quickly who don’t sell enough records.

Is there any advice that you could offer to aspiring recording artists?

Write as much as possible and listen to the best in your genre and watch what they do. 

Are you aligned with any humanitarian endeavors or organizations?

Not formally but as I mentioned above I would like my music to heal. There’s a lot of pain in the world, mostly caused by ourselves, which music can help to alleviate. There are circumstances beyond our control. But at the same time there’s so much we can do as individuals to bring positive change in the world. 





GirlzLuhDev illustration by Heather Skovlund for 360 Magazine

GirlzLuhDev Drops New Single





Young 17-year-old Inland Empire rapper GirlzLuhDev returns with the energetic single Day 1 Starter: featuring rising L.A. MC Remble. A lively verbal showcase, the single finds the two slick MCs spitting dazzling verses that spiral around an airy West Coast beat. Listen here and watch the video here via Capitol Records. In the accompanying video the two display their chemistry proudly. It’s the kind of regional connection you can’t force. Blessed with a slinky voice and unteachable confidence, ex-basketball star Dev proves once again he’s ready to drive his talents to the top of the rap game.

Day 1 Starter (feat. Remble) is an athletic track: Remble grapples with the beat like a wrestler, Dev floats over it like a boxer on his toes. And when they trade bars, it’s an all-out brawl. He talkin’ too loud, I let my 40 bark him, Dev sneers. Remble fires back, You wanna fade, my chopper Ronda Rousey. Dev uses bobs and weaves through his trademark basketball references, lending the track that fun, head-spinning energy that informs all of his most infectious songs. In the video, directed by Nick MedinaDev and Remble hang on a quiet block, demonstrating their cool chemistry and quiet confidence as they play dice and flex.

Day 1 Starter (feat. Remble) follows Dev’s recent singles, Mario Chalmersand Tonight, the latest installments in a year of overwhelming success for the 17-year-old. Much of his acclaim has followed his viral single Tooka, which launched him from local stardom to the national spotlight and earned him a deal with Capitol Records. Day 1 Starter (feat. Remble) is another worthy follow-up to his hit’s boundless energy, a sign of a future that gets brighter by the day.

Follow GirlzLuhDev

Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | SoundCloud

About GirlzLuhDev:

GirlzLuhDev is a rapper, singer, ex-basketball star, and quite possibly America’s next great hitmaker. Oh, and he’s a senior in high school. The 17-year-old artist from California’s Inland Empire is a year into making music but has already landed a viral hit, the raunchy but blissed out Tooka, which scored over two million SoundCloud streams in 10 months. Supported by simple beats and rich keys, he parlays his youthful energy into a bright blend of bars, warbled melodies, and ad libs that sounds like smack talk beamed down from a distant planet. It’s sunbaked West Coast street rap meets the wonky charm of a kid with nothing to lose. Signed to Capitol Records, Dev has his sights set on the national spotlight.


Agat hails from Tel-Aviv. Her immense talent captivates listeners with her intrinsic synth-pop sound.

Embraced with a rich soundtrack during her childhood with the likes of Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder and The Beatles, the Israeli songstress possessed musical skills which led her to composing her own material. She plays different instruments and often delves into diverse musical cultures and styles. As part of exploring her talents, Agat began performing in groups and bands. Ultimately, that participation became an expressive outlet for her creativity.

After dropping out of school to study music, Agat started investigating jazz harmony; and eventually halted her lessons and focused on writing for her own projects. In the past year, she decided to put the majority of her energy into launching her own sound – genre bending electronic and rock. Experimenting with different sounds and drawing from inspirations like David Bowie, Chris Cornell and Mike Patton, she continues to construct tracks for fearless people whom lives life with no boundaries.

For all things Agat go HERE.

Rnw garments, 360 magazine,Raphael Na’te Walton

RNW Garments

RNW Garments is a Los Angeles based independent street wear label founded in 2011. The brand philosophy “Since Birth” is born out of their tagline NO GUTS, NO GLORY. Hailing from South Central LA, designer Raphael Na’te Walton has organically grown RNW Garments to be a brand for people of all walks of life no matter their ancestry or background.

For all the old and young souls still chasing their glory, to those who have achieved the greatest achievements, but strive for more; RNW Garments embody the hustler spirit and serves as a symbol of that fire within all of us to chase our own glory.

RNW currently offers traditional street wear pieces such as tees, hoodies, jackets and headwear but will soon transition into cut and sew production which will allow founder Raphael Na’te Walton for the opportunity to bring the brand to new heights.

Ethan Solu, 360 MAGAZINE

Ethan Solu

A Model To Watch

Ethan Solu, half Turkish and half American, was born on March 6, 2000. He was brought up and raised in Morro Bay, California on the Central Coast with three brothers. His friends refer to him as ‘E-Sol.’

As of late, Ethan has extensively traveled (to Turkey and many divisions of Europe).

Ethan spends most of the year attending a local junior college where he takes core curriculum classes.

In his spare time, he spends most of it outdoors or near the ocean. He enjoys surfing, kayaking, fishing and diving. He also enjoys exploring California and spends time searching for new surfing and camping spots which he has never experienced. One of his favorite places to explore is Big Sur. He reckons it his backyard due to its proximity to his hometown.

Besides surfing, Ethan likes playing team sports – water polo, volleyball and swimming. He and his brother spend a heap of time in the gym playing basketball and working out.


Height: 6’3

Weight: 170lbs

Jacket: 40L

Shirt: Large

Neck: 15.5

Sleeve: 27

Waist: 32

Inseam: 34-35

Shoe: 12.5

Look Model Agency (SF)

Storm Models (LA)

Ryan Destiny & Quavo x “Lifetime”

Today, Republic Records and Twentieth Century Fox Television released “Lifetime” ft. Ryan Destiny & Quavo and “Spotlight”— special new tracks from FOX’s hit drama, STARBillboard premiered the “Lifetime” lyric video yesterday, which sees Quavo and Destiny laying down the track in the studio. “Lifetime” is to be featured in next week’s episode on Wednesday April 11th.

This week’s episode of STAR saw two songs enter the Top 20 on iTunes soundtrack chart, including “Oh Lord” featuring Queen Latifah, Patti Labelle and Brandy, and “My Love” performed by Jude Demorest.

Earlier this year, “Bossy” was released—a brand-new single performed by actress and singer Keke Palmer—who guest stars in season two of the show.  “Bossy” entered the Top 20 on the iTunes Top Soundtrack Songs chart and was the second “most added song” at Urban radio last week. Since its release last week, the “Bossy” companion video has been viewed nearly 3 million times across the artist’s and network’s social channels.

Created by Academy® Award and Golden Globe® nominee Lee Daniels (EMPIRE) and Tom Donaghy (“The Whole Truth”), STAR features original music and stunning performances from an all-star cast and impressive group of rising young talent. The series features Queen LatifahBenjamin BrattJude DemorestRyan DestinyBrittany O’GradyAmiyah Scott and Quincy Brown.

The second season of STAR airs Wednesdays (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.


Star Cast f/ Ryan Destiny & Quavo “Lifetime”

Star Cast “Spotlight”





Donovan Mitchell x Rookie On The Rise

Young Hollywood, the worldwide leader in celebrity video, just announced their newest short-form digital docu-series, “Rookie On The Rise,” featuring Utah Jazz Star Donovan Mitchell – the 13th Overall NBA Draft Pick, 2018 Slam Dunk contest winner and Rookie of the Year candidate. The series will launch on Tuesday, April 3, 2018 and will include 15 original episodes, with three launching every Tuesday.

Each 2-5 minute episode will showcase behind-the-scenes moments with Mitchell following his rise to national stardom, interactions with family and friends, his first All-Star Weekend experience, the race for Rookie of the Year, and more. The series will offer fans a never-before-seen intimate look at an athlete whose career has caught the attention of the country.

Check out THE TRAILER for the series which dropped today and feel free to share it !


The series will be available for viewing on Young Hollywood TV – an OTT network available on Apple TV, Amazon Channels, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and Roku – as a well as Facebook.

Watch,, and Young Hollywood’s YouTube, Twitter and other social channels.

Young Hollywood Sports (a vertical of Young Hollywood) aims to carry on the company’s initiative of growing a robust slate of original content. With original series’ such as “Rookie On The Rise,” the platform aims to identify and help shine a spotlight on young, up-and-coming, talented stars in pro sports – just as it has done over the past 10 years with rising stars in entertainment.

Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami during Miami Art Week

Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami, two of the longest running and most progressive contemporary art shows for the fine art industry during Miami Art Week, announces this year’s exciting five-day line-up of interactive programming, taking place December 6—10, 2017.


Each year, Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami are established as sister art shows, occupying a purpose-built exhibition space at 1700 NE 2nd Avenue in Miami’s Arts and Entertainment District. Over the last decade, both shows have grown to become the ultimate destination for the fine art industry professional and contemporary art enthusiast who collectively seek a more accessible experience with exhibits showcasing the world’s most progressive portfolios by some of today’s elite artists, galleries and emerging talents. The shows attract more than 40,000 attendees each year and represent more than 650 artists and galleries worldwide.


The annual Opening Night Preview Party, taking place on Wednesday, December 6th, marks commencement of the five-day global panorama in contemporary art, culture and entertainment. This year’s highly prestigious invitation-only event is in association with Cervera Real Estate, and will be hosted by Veronica Cervera Goeseke and Alicia Cervera Jr., who will be officially opening the shows with the CEO of Redwood Media Group, Eric Smith, as part of a ribbon cutting ceremony. Hundreds of the world’s most affluent art dealers, collectors, artists, gallery owners, curators and art enthusiasts attend the opening night extravaganza for Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami on an annual basis, and this year is no exception.


On arrival at the main entrance of Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami, attendees are invited to step onto the red carpet and into the spotlight to create a memory with their own picture in front of the shows’ backdrop. Visitors will experience a 2017 featured Art Lab by Sculptor, James West of Studio Wild West, who celebrates the natural world with “Our Path,” a monumental, contemporary outdoor sculpture delicately laced with intricate laser carvings—each carving interacting with the environment through the use of positive and negative space.


A second featured Art Lab installation upon entering the shows will astound this year’s avid art enthusiast, with an unforgettable display of nature’s most wondrous creations. Curated by Noor Blazekovic of Irreversible Projects, with the support of Jane Hart of Lemon Sky Projects and Neil Gold of Galleria Farms, “A Walk in the Clouds” is an elaborate sensory experience, featuring approximately 2000 freshly cut flowers of multiple colors that will form a circular arena-like structure – each suspended from the ceiling, allowing guests to be completely immersed in blossoming beauty. With an empowering message of how we are all connected to one another through our body, mind, and spirit, A Walk In the Clouds hopes to make the world feel, spur thinking, evoke engagement and take action.


Spectrum Miami, a curated, contemporary art show, now in its seventh year, presents special programs and site-specific exhibitions that showcase the thriving art landscape of the city, informed by the 2017 curatorial theme [FUSION]: the merging of artistic mediums, of exhibitors and collectors, and of the countless galleries and artists who come together to showcase their work. Spectrum Miami is where contemporary meets extraordinary, featuring the works of more than 160 exhibiting artists and galleries from the Florida region and around the globe. Known for its urban and upscale works of art, Spectrum Miami includes this year’s Art Labs, featuring “Our Path” curated by Sculptor James West; “A Walk In the Clouds” curated by Noor Blazekovic; “Rainbow Ribbon Magic” curated by Sarah Stieber and Theresa Fulton, and “Art Fusion With Life Is Art” curated by James Echols. This year’s Art Talks are sponsored by Artblend and selected by gallery owner and curator Michael Joseph, that include discussions and live demonstrations throughout the week by artists Jason Sauer, Gustavo Fernandez, Rafael Vera, Gaston Locklear, Nino Liguori, Tristina Dietz Elmes, Asbel Gomez Dumpierre, Grant Cleveland, as well as by members from the New York Film Academy faculty and alumni.


This year’s Spotlight Artists Program provides collectors with a focused look at several prominent artists who will each be creating a site-specific exhibition. Spotlight Artists for 2017 are Paul Chang, Shannon DeFreitas, Robert Peterson and Thomas Wargin. The LaunchPad Artist Program showcases an emerging and unrepresented artist who is selected to create an exhibition at the show, resulting from collaboration among local art institutions, galleries, and Spectrum Miami. This year’s LaunchPad Artist is Alicia Rodriguez, an emerging glass sculpture artist.


ArtSpot Miami will be celebrating its fifth anniversary within Spectrum Miami, December 6—10, 2017. ArtSpot Miami is a specially curated show by Aldo Castillo, an international art dealer and curator. A forward-thinking art show exhibition specializing in modern and contemporary art with an emphasis on international and Latin American artists.


Spectrum Miami Highlights and Recommended Events include:


ART LABS (every day):


Rainbow Ribbon Magic (Hallway A and Booth 917)

Curated by Sarah Stieber and Theresa Fulton of Sarah Stieber Fine Art, Rainbow Ribbon Magic features Stieber’s visual language, which spans artistic mediums in recognition of sisterhood and creative empowerment and reflects the colorful, energetic, and vibrant culture of women everywhere.


Art Fusion With Life Is Art (Back Patio)

Watch art come alive during Art Fusion, curated by James Echols, as Life Is Art’s specially selected group of artists creates its next masterpiece right in front of your eyes. Inspired by Spectrum Miami’s [FUSION] theme, the artists will offer a glimpse into how each piece of art uniquely emerges, giving light to their creativity and medium.


Wednesday, December 6th


Booth 802-A

Meet Spectrum Miami’s 2017 LaunchPad Artist Alicia Rodriguez, an emerging glass sculpture artist selected to create an exhibition at the show. Making her creations in fused glass, Rodriguez strives to emulate water, which has been a constant subject in her life, both in Florida and in her native Amazon region of South America.


Art Talk Stage, Booth 918, sponsored by Artblend

Ever think a demolition derby disaster could turn into a work of art? Join us as we learn the inspiration behind Jason Sauer’s work. Then, stand by and watch as he creates his next piece—a multidimensional work from recycled materials and smashed cars—live on stage. Sparks will be flying!



Thursday, December 7th


Art Talk Stage, Booth 918, sponsored by Artblend

Meet Venezuelan artist Gustavo Fernández, and learn how his graphic arts background drove him to become an artist. Working in three dimensions, Fernández creates a visual experience full of images, messages, and symbols that go beyond color. See his creative process unfold as he paints his next canvas.



Robert Peterson Fine Art, Booth S1118


Robert Peterson was always a sketcher, but only through adversity did he become dedicated to a career as an artist. Self-taught, Peterson’s raw, almost instinctual and spontaneous works tell stories beyond the paint on the canvas. Stop by to hear his story and be inspired by how tragedy has given rise to triumph.


Alfano Sculpture, Booth S1110

You are in for a treat when you stop by Michael Alfano’s booth! First, you will meet Alfano and see his wonderful figurative and surrealistic sculpture. It goes beyond the literal and adapts the subject matter to convey philosophical ideas and abstract concepts. Then, you’ll get to glimpse into his creative genius and watch as he works on his next sculpture. Don’t miss this rare opportunity!


Friday, December 8th


Art Talk Stage, Booth 918, sponsored by Artblend

Have you ever been stopped cold by a piece of art and wondered about the artist and their intention? Come meet Gaston Locklear, see his art, and learn how he strives to create art that has both a physical and emotional presence. Found materials—weathered plywood, rusted sheets of tin, roofing tar, or any material that has had a prior life—are an essential element in Locklear’s art. The organic textures, shapes, and colors formed over time on the varying materials give the artwork a human quality. Join us as we explore with him and watch him create his next piece.


Art Talk Stage, Booth 918, sponsored by Artblend & New York Film Academy

Where does the inspiration come from? What drives an artist to pursue a thread of interest? How do they know when they are onto something that will captivate us How do they work toward finding the next project? Join New York Film Academy faculty and alumni, along with Artblend artists Michael Joseph and Barry Seidman, in discussing inspiring creativity, project choice, and keeping that creative inspiration alive.


ArtSpot Miami, Booths 119-121

Join ArtSpot Miami’s 5th Anniversary VIP Party to celebrate five years of ArtSpot Miami working in conjunction with Redwood Media Group and Spectrum Miami. ArtSpot Miami will be showcasing Made in the USA, curated by show director Aldo Castillo, representing a diverse cultural group of artists depicting the artists’ interpretation of the essence and meaning of the theme. ArtSpot Miami offers innovative and alternative art to affluent collectors, worldwide art institutions, designers, architects, and art enthusiasts.


Saturday, December 9th


Art Talk Stage, Booth 918, sponsored by Artblend

Growing up in Asia, Tristina Dietz Elmes soaked up the oriental culture, developed an appreciation for the arts, and formed an innate sense of balance and color. Learn how she incorporates the ancient influences into her modern experiments in color, and watch her unique painting technique as she uses her hands, large brushes, and other media techniques with the floor as her easel.


i+CONNECT, Booth 704

Witness a live demonstration of the i+CONNECT Interactive Art Gallery. Experience a deeper connection with artists and the story behind their work with this high-tech fine arts platform. See virtual introductions to artists, their studios, methods, and portfolios, complemented with live online consultations.


Art Talk Stage, Booth 918, sponsored by Artblend

Cuban artist Asbel Gomez Dumpierre has a philosophy: “I believe art is the aesthetic testimony of our existence.” In this Art Talk interview, we’ll explore that philosophy and see how art has influenced his life, his teaching, and his career. We’ll also be his muse while he shows us his talent and paints for us.


Sunday, December 10th


Art Talk Stage, Booth 918, sponsored by Artblend

Grant Cleveland is an inspired artist, but his most common characterization is that of a serial entrepreneur. You may know his current enterprise DuneCraft, the nationwide leader in innovative, educational-themed growing kits. So who would have imagined that his other passion is painting? Painting in a category he calls abstract symbolism, Cleveland is in a process of personal discovery, revealing the unique, colorful, and provocative in his epiphanies on canvas. Come and enjoy his perspective and derive your own meaning from his works.


DATG Concept, Booth 613

Come meet Ricardo Sanabria, also know as Ecaldo, as he tells you his story of over 20 years experience in the development of comics, storyboards, illustration, digital and conventional painting, children’s stories, and editorial illustration. Watch as he creates his next piece.



Gebhardt Gallery & Studio, Booth 614

Want to be surprised? Come meet Kris and Angela Gebhardt, two artists inspired by and influencing each other. Comprising large-format contemporary works, the Gebhardts’ collective body of work expresses strength and beauty. But it’s not sugar-coated. It’s knocked around a bit just like life. They paint a lot of reality on their canvases. Even in its roughest form, you can still see the integration of strength and beauty. Stop by and see what they are up to. 


Red Dot Miami, a curated gallery-only contemporary art show, now in its 11th year, presents [IMPACT] as the curatorial theme for 2017. Art not only reflects society but also influences it. From individual creative explorations to large-scale exhibitions seen by millions, the [IMPACT] art has on all is immeasurable. This theme forms a common thread throughout the special exhibits and programming that showcases exhibitors, art industry professionals, and select nonprofits and institutions. Red Dot Miami features galleries representing over 500 leading contemporary artists from primary and secondary markets throughout the world. The five-day show attracts more than 40,000 visitors and high-net-worth collectors who interact with the specially curated programming.


This year’s Spotlight Gallery Program takes a focused look at several cutting-edge galleries chosen by the Redwood Media Group selection committee. Featured Spotlight Galleries for 2017 are JG Fine Art Lemon Frame Gallery, Steidel Fine Art, Contemporary Art Projects USA, and Vehement Art.


This year’s Art Lab is curated by Celia Evans, founder of Planet Fashion TV, who continues with the highly popular “Art Loves Fashion” installment, featuring fashion shows, cocktails, and a live performance by a special celebrity recording artist. The exciting evening of entertainment and style will take place during a new annual event being introduced at Red Dot Miami – “Art After Dark” taking place on Friday, December 8th. Sponsored by Louis Jadot Wine, Fortune International Realty and Canvas Condos, this debut cultural affair will be attended by the who’s who of Miami’s art scene, as well as by Miami’s movers and shakers from the luxury lifestyle industry.


Red Dot Miami Highlights and Recommended Events include:


Wednesday, December 6th



$75 or by invitation / 21+

An exciting night of entertainment and revelry sponsored by Cervera Real Estate, this invitation-only event allows attendees to have an exclusive first look at the artwork on display, enjoy Louis Jadot wines and hors d’oeuvres, and groove to the hottest tracks from New York’s DJ Keith Butler.


Thursday, December 7th


JG Fine Art Booth, R509 (Spotlight Gallery)

Meet Jacqueline Gilmore, and let her artwork speak to you. Gilmore believes that art should speak in a very personal way to the beholder. “To have someone look at your painting and be moved is extremely powerful,” she says. Her newest collection, Playing with Fire, debuts at Red Dot Miami. To keep in the tradition of her inspirations, a portion of Playing with Fireproceeds will go to North Bay Fire Relief to assist California fire victims and aid relief efforts.


Vehement Art Booth, R106 (Spotlight Gallery)

Jared Schwalb is a self-taught visual artist and the owner of Vehement Art. With a background in finance, Schwalb brings a methodical and analytical approach to all his artistic compositions. Passionate about urban and contemporary art, Schwalb’s intensity comes through in his work. Come see what his passion will produce as he creates his next masterwork live at Red Dot Miami.


Contemporary Art Projects USA, Booth R215

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Ricardo Cárdenas, a successful emerging Mexican artist whose popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. Beginning as a construction engineer, Cárdenas expresses his past experience and appreciation of materials, along with his feelings and beliefs, by connecting his art in both his medium and techniques. Learn how his clever use of building materials, that include concrete and steel bars, have become synonymous with Cárdenas artwork.


Friday, December 8th


Arte Collective Booth, R205, R305

Since early childhood, Sabrina Rupprecht has expressed her creativity through drawing and painting. Inspired by the incomparable beauty and lifestyle of South Africa, she has been residing in the city of Cape Town since 2006. Her wildlife art is a vibrant and vivid reflection of her personal experiences—and it captivates, engages and connects the viewer to her vision. Come meet this self-taught artist and become enraptured with her work.


Lemon Frame Gallery, Booth R201 (Spotlight Gallery)

Come watch and enjoy as Trina Merry creates one of her live camouflage body paintings! This live demonstration is related to her last series of artwork, which examines some of the world’s most expensive and iconic works of art while investigating art and its economy. Watch as she uses her own visual and conceptual vocabulary to clarify the points of juxtaposition between the organic human form and the hard lines of the world around us.


6:00–10:00 p.m. ART LAB: ART LOVES FASHION
Show Floor

While other art fairs have long closed, Red Dot Miami welcomes you to its late night program of after-hours art and entertainment on Friday evening. Curated by Celia Evans, founder of Planet Fashion TV, Art Loves Fashion brings its one-of-a-kind vibe to Red Dot Miami, featuring a fashion show by DSquared2, cocktails by Tito’s handmade vodka, and a live performance by a special celebrity recording artist. Planet Fashion TV is an online magazine and syndicated television series featuring the hottest news in fashion, music and celebrities. Created by video production company Sea Star Films, Planet Fashion TV takes you on a global fashion adventure.


Saturday, December 9th


Arte Collective, Booth R205, R305

By using elements such as chairs, ladders, beds, monocycles, trapeze artists, swings, and machines, Valenz tells stories about life. The chairs signify, according to the context, opportunities and the patience required for them to step into our lives. The ladders represent our desire to climb, to continue our personal growth. Beds represent periods when we sleep and dream, things we cannot share with anyone else. Playful characters are representative of the uniqueness and singularity of each of the moments that we experience throughout our lifetimes and the game that life is. Come meet Valenz, and share some of the game with him.


ABRA Gallery, Booth R203

Influenced by his native Colombia, Ariel Ortega is unable to detach from the history of his native land and uses it as a driving force to work harder and bring his inspiration to others. In this way, he feels his art accomplishes its mission. For Nasrin Sheykhi, her works do not fall into just one category. Painting, caricature, illustration—each work beckons the viewer to come closer to catch the references to architecture, music, cinema, literature, calligraphy, physics, psychology. The pieces are alive with movement and hidden meanings. Come meet these innovative artists and see what influence their art makes upon you.


Contemporary Art Projects USA, Booth R215

Upon first glance, you see the depth of the narrative in each of Marielle Plaisir’s exquisite tapestries and unique paintings. Meet Plaisir and hear her story, her influences, and inspirations. The essence of her artworks is theatrical—and we are drawn into the story and drama of each one. As a French-Caribbean artist, she blends life and fiction into her use of textiles, fibers, and fabrics and brings social commentary to each piece. Her surrealist approach allows her to move from the reality of life to the capacity of imagination.


Sunday, December 10th


Steidel Fine Art, Booth R100 (Spotlight Gallery)

Join Mary Granger Welt as she discusses her “Fashion” series, the influence of music and style in her work, and her unique perspective on feminism. Having played the viola for the majority of her life, Granger Welt lets the melodic composure transcend into her painting style. Conveying energy is also fundamental to her works, as she incorporates contrasting brush strokes on the same canvas to express movement.


The Lawley Art Group, Booth R522

Join Tanner Lawley as he engages you with his stories of discovery and how he arrived at his own unique painting style. Tanner paints from a place that is based out of love, abundance, and compassion for others—and you’ll see it in each original he creates. Watch as he pours his soul onto the canvas of his next creation.


Collazo Collection, Booth R209

Collaborators both in life and on the canvas, Gabriel Collazo and Angela Brooks of Collazo Collection capture the meaning of partnership in its fullest sense. Collazo and Brooks create large-scale paintings together in a process that can take weeks per piece, as they witness the reaction of each added layer before progressing or deeming the work complete. Their evocative abstract works display incredible texture, visual balance, and movement, and the harmony between the two artists is evident in the work’s seamless style. Stop by to meet the pair and learn more about their story and art.


General Admission tickets for Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami are $25 for one day and $75 for the Opening Night Preview Party with a five-day pass. Tickets grant access to Spectrum Miami, Red Dot Miami and ArtSpot Miami. For further information on the shows or to purchase tickets, please visit,, or





1700 NE 2nd Ave. (NE 17th Street)

Miami, FL 33132


ADMISSION COST (all three shows)

Opening Night Preview Pass: $50 online / $60 at event

Total Ticket: Opening Night + 5-Day Pass: $75 online / $85 at event

General Admission, 1-Day Pass: $25 online / $30 at event

Seniors, 1-Day Pass: $15 online / $20 at event

Students, 1-Day Pass: $10 online / $15 at event



Wednesday, December 6th: 6:00PM – 10:00PM


SHOW HOURS (all three shows)

Thursday, December 7th: 1:00PM – 9:00PM

Friday, December 8th: 1:00PM – 10:00PM

Saturday, December 9th: 1:00PM – 9:00PM

Sunday, December 10th: 12:00PM – 5:00PM



Spectrum Miami Website —

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Spectrum Miami on Instagram — @spectrummiami

Red Dot Miami Website —

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ArtSpot Miami Website —

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About Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami

Now in its 7th year, Spectrum Miami, a curated contemporary art show in the heart of the Arts and Entertainment District, takes place annually in December as part of the popular Miami Art Week. Spectrum Miami is where contemporary meets extraordinary, featuring the works of more than 160 exhibiting artists and galleries from the Florida region and around the globe. Spectrum Miami celebrates the fine art experience with five days of music, entertainment, and other special events, and has emerged as one of the best-attended cultural events in Miami by highlighting thousands of innovative works among Miami’s top talent. ArtSpot Miami will be celebrating its fifth anniversary within Spectrum Miami in 2017. ArtSpot Miami is a specially curated show by Aldo Castillo, an international art dealer and curator, specializing in modern and contemporary art with an emphasis on international and Latin American artists. For more information about Spectrum Miami, visit


Now in its 11th year, Red Dot Miami, a curated gallery-only contemporary art show in the heart of the Arts and Entertainment District, takes place annually in December as part of the popular Miami Art Week. Red Dot Miami features up to 75 modern and contemporary galleries representing over 500 leading contemporary artists from primary and secondary markets throughout the world. The five-day show attracts more than 30,000 visitors and high-net-worth collectors who interact with the specially curated programming. Red Dot Miami has enriched the city’s arts scene beyond measure since its inception in 2006, becoming one of the leading satellite shows during Miami Art Week. For more information about Red Dot Miami, visit


About Redwood Media Group

Since 2009, Redwood Media Group (RMG) has been revolutionizing the global fine art community by helping artists and gallery owners grow their businesses through fine art exhibitions and publications, art business education, mentoring, marketing, and social media. Today, RMG owns and operates six fine art shows: Artexpo New York, Artexpo Las Vegas, Spectrum Miami, Art San Diego, Art Santa Fe, and Red Dot Miami. Artexpo New York, the world’s largest fine art trade show for 40 years and counting, attracts more than 40,000 art enthusiasts every year, including nearly 5,000 industry buyers. Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami take place during Miami Art Week, an annual attraction that draws over 100,000 art collectors to the city. Over the past eight years, RMG has welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors to their events, sold millions of dollars’ worth of art, and helped thousands of unrepresented and established artists launch or grow their careers. Aside from hosting multiple high-end art shows

throughout the year, RMG also owns Art Business News.

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During Julian King’s adolescence, he discovered that music was his love. The more he started to edify his craft, the more King believed that it was in his birthright to pursue music as a recording/performing artist. With emotional/financial backing from his family, King started to lay the foundation for his musical career during grade school. As an alumnus of Philadelphia High School for Creative And Performing Arts and The University of The Arts in Philadelphia (Vocal Performance Degree), King shares a similar foundation with notable greats such as Quest Love of The Roots, Jazmine Sullivan, and the legendary quartet Boyz II Men.

In 2015, King debuted his EP “Sing For You”. On the EP, he collaborated with Grammy award -winning producers Bryan-Michael Cox (Mariah Carey, Usher, Mary J. Blige), Ivan “Orthodox” Barias (Justin Timberlake, Musiq Soulchild, Miguel) and  Brandon “B.A.M” Alexander (Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Ne-Yo). Subsequent to the liberation of the EP, he received press from FOX 29,, Vibe Magazine, and many other publications. As the buzz started to surface moments after the discharge of his EP, he began to solidify his show set for future opportunities.

Julian has opened for artists such as Mary J. Blige and Daley . He also performed/headlined at BET Music Matters, Sol Village via SOB’s (New York), SXSW (Texas). As King continues to showcase his gifts to the world, his goal is become one of the next megastars from Philadelphia.