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Ethereal Elegance

Ghost: Unveiling the Elegance of the Ethereal

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ghost is among the oldest name for the world’s leading luxury brand

•Ghost carries the tradition of Rolls-Royce names based on the ethereal realm

•Ghost conveys a sense of subtle elegance, the kind of luxury that lurked in the shadows, never ostentatious but always present.

•Rolls-Royce has reached into the ethereal realm over the past century for some of the most iconic names in luxury

•Rolls-Royce Ghost embodies the silence, power, and poise shared with its spiritual inspiration

“Rolls-Royce motor cars named after spirits or ethereal entities evoke a sense of mystique. This tradition has deep historical roots, carrying on a tradition of more than a century. As the most respected name in luxury, Rolls-Royce has always stood outside and above the automotive arena, and distinctive names like Ghost and Spectre differentiate our brand from all others. Rolls-Royce commissions are instantly recognizable not just by their design but also by their names.” — Martin Fritsches, President & CEO, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, NA

The tradition of naming Rolls-Royce motor cars after spirits, mythical beings, or celestial bodies dates to the early 20th century. It is deeply rooted in the brand’s history and consistently upholds a sense of continuity and heritage. The tradition started with the Grey Ghost, soon followed by The Silver Ghost which was a name bestowed upon one of the brand’s most historic models. Prior to this christening, the model was commonly known as the 40/50 hp, or its smaller counterpart, the 20 hp. Silver Ghost was a name that exuded a certain mystique, a blend design and classic allure, an embodiment of power and poise. Its name matched its essence.

Ghost: Unveiling the Elegance of the Ethereal
Silver Ghost quickly became a legendary vehicle that set numerous endurance records in the early 20th century. Owners soon discovered that it was more than just a car; it was an experience. It was a companion that whispered tales of timeless luxury and drove them through life with an air of sophistication. Silver Ghost was not just an automobile; it was a work of art, a piece of luxury that blended artisanship and engineering. More than a century later the name speaks of tradition, innovation, and luxury. It is a name hinting at the extraordinary, as if the car possessed qualities that were not entirely of this world.

The first Goodwood era Rolls-Royce Ghost, revealed in 2009, rekindled the rich blend of history and mythology. It pays homage to the original Silver Ghost. Today, Ghost represents modernity and allure in the brand’s lineup. This name choice not only celebrates the company’s heritage but also symbolizes the ethereal, whisper-quiet, and ghostly smooth ride that the modern Rolls-Royce Ghost provides, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to luxury and innovation.

Rolls-Royce Ghost has become an enduring legend, a name synonymous with luxury, artisanship, and a touch of the ethereal. It proved that a name could be more than just letters; it could be a portal to a world of elegance and excellence. In the world of luxury, the name Ghost became a byword for perfection.

The names chosen for Rolls-Royce vehicles carry a symbolic weight that reflects the qualities and values the company wishes to associate with their cars. Names like Ghost, Phantom, Wraith, and now Spectre convey an air of mystique, grace, and timelessness. Other names, including Corniche, Dawn, and Shadow, evoke a more fleeting concept or emotion. Regardless, a Rolls-Royce motor cars’ name is evocative of the unparalleled quality and Bespoke craftsmanship that goes into every Rolls-Royce vehicle.


SHINee’s TAEMIN releases his fourth mini album, Guilty, via SM Entertainment [AVAILABLE HERE]. His first solo comeback in over two years is a sonic journey of moods – dancing between guilt, hopefulness, heartbreak, and contentment.

The dark title track “Guilty” paints a picture of a selfish love, where the protagonist hurts the other person as their own way of loving. Backed by a luxurious, 30-piece string orchestra and TAEMIN’s signature killer vocals that flutter effortlessly between falsetto and hushed spoken word parts, this dramatic track pairs perfectly with his previous releases like “Criminal.” Watch the music video for “Guilty” HERE.

The six-track mini album also features “The Rizzness,” a self-confident hip-hop track that encourages listeners to drown out the opinion of others by listening to your own voice. The mellow hip-hop based track “She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not” evokes a sense of loneliness, while “Not Over You” is a moody alt-pop track harmonizing dreamy chords with rhythmic drums and profound vocals that hears TAEMIN singing about a broken heart unable to accept the end of a great love. On “Night Away,” TAEMIN paints a romantic picture of intimate moments spent with a loved one over ethereal synths, and gentle guitar chords. “Blue” is a hopeful closer, hued by TAEMIN’s delicate yet strong vocals that soar over an emotive production. 

Known as the “Idol of Idols,” the multi award-winning artist TAEMIN has released three full-length albums and four mini albums – each release propelled by standout performances that have cemented the star’s place in K-Pop history. 

Prior to the release of Guilty, TAEMIN performed a solo set at Arena for KCON LA in August, rounding out a bumper summer for the trailblazing K-Pop group SHINee. They marked their 15th anniversary with the release of their latest album, HARD, in June and kicked off a three-night concert in Seoul, followed by a headline performance at KPOP LUX SBS Super Concert in Madrid. 

Guilty tracklist:

  1. Guilty
  2. The Rizzness
  3. She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
  4. Not Over You
  5. Night Away
  6. Blue

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Last Thursday (10/26), genre-defining rock group and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees Green Day performed on the Amazon Music Live stage following Thursday Night Football. 

Hosted by 2 Chainz and airing after Thursday Night Football, the weekly live-streamed concert series saw Green Day performing some of their biggest hits including “Basket Case,” “American Idiot,” and “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).” The group also performed new songs “The American Dream Is Killing Me” and “Look Ma, No Brains.” Fans can watch Green Day’s performance of “The American Dream is Killing Me” below:

Green Day – “The American Dream is Killing Me” on AML

Coming up this Thursday on November 2nd, multi-platinum rap phenomenon Latto will close out the regular season of Amazon Music Live. She’ll take the stage with a performance of iconic hits and fan favorites to close out the regular season of AML.

Stream the performances via Prime Video following Thursday Night Football. On Amazon Music Live, music and sports fans unite for the hottest new series.

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Turin Motor Show

On October 30, 1963, the Turin Motor Show – then one of the biggest motoring events in the world – opened the doors to its 45th edition. At the Maserati stand, the Quattroporte made its debut. Today marks the 60th anniversary of the luxury sedan destined to mark new pathways for six generations of motorists.

This is a celebration that recalls some major milestones for the Modena brand, as Quattroporte is one of the greatest expressions of the House of the Trident. From stylistic leaps to innovations and technical developments, Quattroporte encapsulates a journey into one of the most exclusive parts of motoring. This luxury sports sedan has long served a specific cross-section of society behind the wheel and launched a new automotive segment.

As with so many other iconic cars that have been a sign of their times, ever since its debut in the early 1960s the Quattroporte has garnered acclaim and has inspired successive generations. This is a product that has been able to reinvent itself with no fear of pushing the envelope, one faithful to the pursuit of excellence in design and performance. With over a century of history and more than 75,000 Quattroporte models produced, Maserati has created a car capable of being constantly innovative while remaining true to its roots over the years.

Brought about as a result of intuition and the audacity of the Italian marque, the first-generation Quattroporte was a pioneer, featuring a roaring 8-cylinder racing-derived engine which was enhanced by a dynamic yet elegant design and a refined interior.

Positioned over the years as a “living room on the move,” or a “limousine with a racing spirit,” the initial version could reach 230 km/h. A majestic car with extremely welcoming spaces and regal allure, Quattroporte has always been accustomed to the limelight and was destined to generate a fortunate lineage of cars that can still surprise to this day. 

It is representative of the passion and talent of all those involved in the project over the years – Frua plotted the initial curvature, followed by other masters including Bertone, Giugiaro, Gandini, and Pininfarina, through to the Maserati Centro Stile, home to the latest and current generation of Quattroporte. An entire family of technicians, mechanics, test drivers, and designers took it from the blueprints to the road. Quattroporte has long been and still remains the jewel in the crown of the Modena company’s intense story and in the professional lives of so many people.

While the second-generation Quattroporte was a more daring attempt, the Quattroporte III – in the hands of De Tomaso – marked a resounding success; followed by a new challenge that was fully overcome toward the end of the intense 1990s; then by a model that severed ties with the past while remaining faithful to its winning formula as did the multi-award-winning 2003 generation, and that – with the sixth-generation – has taken to the stage once again in its most modern version years later. After all the restyling, progress in engineering, changes in corporate structure, and the countless models produced, this sedan has retained its potent approach to exclusivity.  

In the garages of the most discerning motorists, royalty, in the background of memorable films (having been featured in more than 60 productions), photographed on red carpets or accompanying the highest-ranking officials at events, and beloved by the most significant VIPs in numerous industries, Quattroporte was a mainstay of the automotive landscape in the 20th century and remains so in the new millennium. Sixty years later and after traveling innumerable miles, it continues its journey as an undisputed star of its times.

Davide Grasso, Maserati CEO: “Quattroporte is Maserati’s history. A car that tells our story and has prestigiously represented us in the world of saloon cars, for over half a century. Since 1963, it has chronicled the evolution of one of the most beloved and appreciated Maserati models, inaugurating a segment that had previously been uncharted territory. A car that has succeeded in reinventing itself every time without ever losing its identity, in adapting to the passage of time, to changes in society, to advancements in technology and industry, and to trends, it has become the choice of our most select clientele, as well as the world of entertainment and for the international establishment. It’s a source of pride for us and an acknowledgement of the distinctively Italian character that Maserati has always aimed to export around the world with its creations. Now as before, Quattroporte remains our flagship, synonymous with a unique luxury. It’s appreciated for its refinement, attention to detail, superior performance, quality, and enveloping spaciousness – all of this combined with its timeless stylistic touch – has made Quattroporte eternal.”

Maserati S.p.A.
Maserati produces a complete range of unique cars, immediately recognisable for their extraordinary personality. Thanks to their style, technology, and innately exclusive character, they delight the most discerning, demanding tastes and have always been a benchmark for the global automotive industry. A tradition of successful cars, each of them redefining what makes an Italian sports car in terms of design, performance, comfort, elegance, and safety, currently available in more than 70 markets internationally. The ambassadors of this heritage are the Quattroporte flagship, the Ghibli sports sedan, the Levante – the first SUV made by Maserati, and the Grecale, the “everyday exceptional” SUV, all models characterised by the use of the highest quality materials and excellent technical solutions. A range equipped with 4-cylinder hybrid powertrains – available for Ghibli, Grecale and Levante – V6 and V8 petrol engines, with rear-wheel and four-wheel drive, embodying the performance DNA of the Trident Brand, now completed with the Grecale Folgore, Maserati’s first full-electric SUV. The top of the range is made up of the MC20 super sports car and the MC20 Cielo spyder, powered by the ground-breaking 100% Maserati Nettuno V6 engine, which incorporates F1-derived technologies into the power unit of a standard production car for the first time. The new GranTurismo is available with both the powerful V6 petrol engine, derived from the Nettuno, and a 100% electric version: the GranTurismo Folgore, the first car in the Modena-based brand’s history to adopt this solution. By 2025, all Maserati models will also be available in a full-electric version, and the entire Maserati range will run on electricity alone by 2030.

This is a photo of a woman who contributed to the gala. She is a field reporter for the news


Holliday’s Helping Hands Foundation, an organization formed to help stamp out homelessness in Los Angeles County, will host its 2nd Annual Shining Through Service Gala to be held on Saturday, November 11 at the Mayborne Hotel (formerly the Montage) in Beverly Hills (225 N Canon Drive).  ABC7 Ashley McKay, a field reporter for “Eyewitness News,” will emcee the event.

Among those recognized will be the Honorable Karen Bass, mayor of Los Angeles, who will receive an award for her commitment to solving this mounting crisis.  Also receiving recognition will be popular film and TV actress Taraji P. Henson, who started the Boris Henson Foundation in honor of her late father to bring much-needed mental health services to minority communities; and Upward Housing whose mission is to prevent homelessness through proactive intervention.

The black-tie fundraiser will begin with a red-carpet rollout and VIP reception at 6 pm, dinner and the presentation of awards at 7:30 pm, and live music and dancing to follow announced Miss Katina Holliday, whose eponymous nonprofit organization has emerged as a leading force in fighting homelessness.

Tickets to the event are $300 ($370 for VIP) each; corporate packages ranging from table sponsors at $2,500 to the $20,000 platinum level are still available.  All corporate sponsors will receive 8 tickets to the gala and a number of other VIP amenities.  In addition, a lifelong seat on Holliday’s Helping Hands founding 50 is available for $25,000. For more information, call (310) 714-2104 or contact

“Last year’s inaugural Shining Through Service Gala was a huge success that attracted more than 300 guests who all share one dream — eradicating homelessness in our communities,” says Miss Holliday.  “We look forward to gathering together again in the spirit of gratitude for what we have and benevolence for our fellow human beings who are suffering.  We are so very grateful to have Miss MacKay lend her considerable talents for the evening.”

Miss Holliday, a registered family nurse practitioner by training, started HHH in 2018 to provide interim housing for LA’s homeless population.  She also started the Shine Ambassador Program to help these vulnerable individuals train and prepare for jobs in the food service, landscape maintenance, screen printing and customer service fields.  The three-month program is designed so that enrollees are able to build their resumes in preparation for future employment.  

“In cities big and small all over the U.S., the problem of homelessness is spreading like wildfire.  Tents are being erected under freeways, on sidewalks, in parks and even now in residential neighborhoods and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight,” says Miss Holliday.  “People are seeing the problem, but many are not recognizing that great strides are being made every day to reverse this disturbing trend.  I’m proud to say that Holliday’s Helping Hands is part of the solution and we’re hoping that the public will show their support by attending our Shining Through Service Gala.”

Photo of Sentry, fighting for their survival all in red.


The SENTRY is back in an all-new series by two of Marvel’s most promising new creators, writer Jason Loo (X-Men Unlimited) and artist Luigi Zagaria (Midnight Suns). The saga of Bob Reynolds and the Sentry was one of the defining Marvel Comics mysteries of the 2000s, and now, it’s time to reveal a whole new layer behind Marvel’s Golden Guardian! Bob Reynolds is long gone, but the limitless power of the Sentry can never be destroyed, and if he doesn’t return to claim it, others will… Who will be next to wield the power of a million exploding suns?

Today, fans can check out all the covers for SENTRY #1 and designs for some of the new characters who will seize on the opportunity to take over as Sentry! From various walks of life, some will use the power to make the world a better place while others will unleash its full destructive potential! In the end, only one will walk away as the new Sentry—ready to impact the Marvel Universe for better or for worse!

Here’s what Loo had to say about introducing this new cast:

“This entire series is a mystery where we follow Jessica Jones and Misty Knight as they figure out these catastrophic accidents caused by random strangers with the Sentry’s powers. You’re going to witness a bunch of origin stories, like Mallory Gibbs, a writer for Front Line news who lives with cerebral palsy. Farhad Anand is a mutant keeping a low profile as a DoorDish bicycle courier. And Ryan Topper, a teenage fanboy who gets to live his dream of becoming a super hero. And there are a few more further into the story. But the real question is….how are they all connected to Robert Reynolds?”

The Sentry is dead, but ordinary people all over the world are suddenly manifesting his powers and experiencing snippets of Bob Reynolds’ memories. But not everyone can be trusted with such responsibility, sparking a violent conflict to control the Sentry’s legacy. Will one of them survive long enough to emerge as the new Sentry? Or will their newfound power destroy them? When Misty Knight and Jessica Jones cross paths in search of answers, they open an investigation that will change everything you think you know about the Sentry!

WHO WILL BE THE NEW SENTRY? Check out the covers and designs now and find out when SENTRY #1 hits stands on December 6! For more information, visit

Romantic picture of Mr. And Mrs. Parker together relaxing as the "ultimate" couple


Writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Marco Checchetto’s bold new take on ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN is shaping up to be full of surprises! Launching this January as the first ongoing series set in Marvel’s new Ultimate Universe, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN will star a very different Peter Parker—an older, wiser web-slinger who balances his super hero duties with his responsibilities as a husband and a father. That’s right, Spider-Man is a married man!

Meet Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson—MR. & MRS. PARKER! They’re one of pop culture’s most iconic couples, and now readers will see them stronger than ever in the Ultimate Universe. To celebrate, Peter and MJ’s romance will be featured on a series of picture perfect variant covers by Elizabeth Torque that will adorn the first four issues of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN. Spidey superstar Ryan Stegman also spotlights the whole Parker family on a new promotional piece.

“When we decided that we were going to do a book about an older Peter Parker becoming Spider-Man, we really wanted to lean into him starting his super hero life from a very different place than what’s traditionally expected,” Hickman explained. “Peter and MJ being married is one of many decisions we made that underline this being quite a ‘different’ kind of Spider-man story.”

See the happy couple on Elizabeth Torque and Ryan Stegman’s new covers and preorder ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1 at your local comic shop today! For more information, visit

Picture of freezing cold expedition

Adventure Canada Unveils 2025 Expeditions

 Industry-leading expedition cruise operator Adventure Canada has unveiled its 2025 line-up of small-ship expeditions that will explore some of our planet’s most hard-to-reach places, with a focus on the people, culture, history, and wildlife that call these regions home. 2025 expeditions include an all newBaffin Island itinerary and the return of popular Scotland and Iceland journeys.

A 2023 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award winner, Adventure Canada curates itineraries that offer in-depth, immersive explorations of the ArcticAtlantic Canada, and the North Atlantic. Travelling with Adventure Canada offers deep cultural connections with the people and places one visits. Expeditions are about the spirit of exploration, gaining a better understanding of the world around us, taking in the inspiring and oftentimes humbling power of nature, and the dedication to experiencing it responsibly and sustainably so it can be appreciated for generations to come.

“We believe in the value of human connection. With each unique expedition, we take up the call to connect people and place, building enthusiastic ambassadors for the regions and cultures we visit”, says Cedar Swan, Adventure Canada’s CEO. “Each expedition is a voyage of discovery offering fantastic experiences for our guests and has the built-in ethos of supporting the communities we visit. This includes capacity building, language revitalization, habitat protection and more.”

Image by Dennis Minty, 2022

Below are the expeditions featured as part of Adventure Canada’s 2025 line-up:

NEW for 2025! Baffin Island and Greenland – Circling the Midnight Sun – This 12-day small-ship expedition begins in Iqaluit, Nunavut, exploring the coastlines of South Baffin Island before making its way across the Davis Strait to Western Greenland. Travelling through the Inuit Nunangat alongside Inuit guides, guests will immerse themselves in the rich artistic traditions of Panniqtuuq. Experience the Rugged Beauty of the Cumberland Peninsula, seeking polar bears, seabirds, and other Arctic wildlife. Journey through icebergs at Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and witness stunning glaciers, islands, and fjords in Sisimiut.

Greenland & Wild Labrador – A Torngat Mountains Adventure  – This 15-day expedition begins in Kangerlussuaq Greenland, visiting the Kangerlussuatsiaq Fjord where guests explore this glacial landscape by Zodiac, and the vibrant capital city of Nuuk, before crossing the Davis Strait to Labrador’s Torngat Mountains National Park. Here, four days are spent exploring this treeless, mountainous tundra. Following this, visit the historical site of Hebron learning about forced resettlement, visit thriving Nain, the most northerly community in Labrador, spend time hiking and Zodiac cruising along the southern coast, before a stop at L’Anse aux Meadows, Terra Nova National Park, and finally wrapping up in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Heart of the Arctic – Travelling from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland to Iqaluit, Nunavut, this 13-day expedition is an immersive journey into exactly where the name suggests – the heart of the Arctic. Highlights include: crossing the Arctic Circle on the way to Kangerlussuaq Fjord, enjoying the museums, shops, and cafés of Nuuk, scouting the shoreline for thick-billed murres and polar bears on uninhabited Akpatok Island, hiking the vast tundra along the Ungava Peninsula of Nunavik, navigating the icy, fast-moving waters of the Hudson Strait on the lookout for whales and seabirds, and experiencing Inuit Culture up-close in Kinngait (Cape Dorset). Meet the artists and visit the studios that make Kinngait proud, having opportunities to purchase one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

Image by Dennis Minty, 2022

Iceland Circumnavigation – Stand in awe of volcanoes, waterfalls, mountains, fjords, sea stacks, bird cliffs, lava fields, glaciers, caves, and much more on this 10-day journey circumnavigating Iceland. Starting and ending in the capital city of Reykjavík, this itinerary explores amazing coastlines, such as the Snæfellsnes Peninsula and the Westfjords, crosses the Arctic Circle to far-flung Grímsey, home to millions of seabirds and offers a deep dive into Icelandic history with visit to resurgent Siglufjörður. Go whale watching off Húsavík, known as the whale capital of Iceland, wander the picturesque community of Seyðisfjörður, nestled at the tip of its namesake fjord, and soak in the sights of southern Iceland, home to some of the country’s most beautiful natural attractions. Marvel at the volcanic landscapes of Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands) and see first-hand why Iceland is known as one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Iceland to Greenland – In the Wake of the Vikings – This 13-day expedition begins in Reykjavík, following the Viking route across the Denmark Strait to Eastern Greenland. This seldom-visited region will reveal a stunning coastline traced with innumerable fjords dotted with pack ice. Soak in the breath-taking beauty of one of the world’s most majestic waterways, Ikerasassuaq (Prince Christian Sound), where the Irminger and Labrador Seas join through the islands of the Cape Farewell Archipelago. Visit the Norse ruins at Hvalsey, abandoned in the 1400s and Erik the Red’s former estate at Brattahlíð. Wander the streets of Nuuk, Greenland’s dynamic capital before ending the journey up Kangerlussuaq Fjord (Søndre Strømfjord), crossing the Arctic Circle on the way.

Newfoundland Circumnavigation – This 12-day expedition / ode to all things Newfoundland, starts and ends in the vibrant capital city of St. John’s. Revel in Newfoundland’s world-famous culture and hospitality, experiencing life in far-away outports and fishing villages. There are many choices of unique bays and coves to explore via Zodiac or through land excursions, perfect opportunities to appreciate the outstanding geology and plant life. Visit three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Red Bay, L’Anse aux Meadows, and Gros Morne National Park, experience Mi’kmaw Culture with the local leaders of the First Nations community of Miawpukek (Conne River), and finally, a mini-trip to France with a stop at the colourful island town of Saint-Pierre, located just off the shores of Newfoundland.

The Northwest Passage – One of the world’s greatest expeditions, Adventure Canada offers two 17-day departures: Into the Northwest Passage and Out of the Northwest PassageExperience the extraordinary privilege of journeying through Inuit Nunangat—the ice, water, and lands of the Inuit peoples. Sail the great sea-route at the top of the world, retracing the historic route of early European explorers, who for centuries picked their way through the harsh waters in hopes of finding a sailing route through the passage. Visit the haunting memorial to Sir John Franklin’s failed expedition at Beechey Island. Cross the Arctic Circle and take a Zodiac cruise among dramatic icebergs at Ilulissat Icefjord, Greenland, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore one of Canada’s largest National Marine Conservation Areas, Tallurutiup Imanga, looking for whales, seabirds, and polar bears. Every day is a new adventure when sailing the Northwest Passage – Zodiac cruising, hiking, photography, archaeology, geology, learning from regional experts, visiting villages perched on mighty mountains, and more.

Image by Dennis Minty, 2019

Scotland Slowly – Travelling from Glasgow, up the west coast and back down the east to Aberdeen, this 11-day expedition is a deep dive into Scottish culture, wildlife, history, and landscapes. Highlights include exploring the renowned Loch Finlaggan Historic Site on Islay; a pilgrimage to Iona Abbey and travelling by Zodiac at the Isle of Staffa to see Fingal’s Cave. This journey offers plenty of photography, birdwatching, and hiking opportunities on the Isle of Skye. The expedition also journeys to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of St. Kilda and to the Island of Hirta to spot the flocks of seabirds. Visit Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis; explore rugged coastlines with plenty of opportunity to spot flourishing marine and bird life among Papa Stour’s cliffs, caves, sea stacks, and blowholes. Discover the charming Fair Isle, once a Viking hub and now an idyllic island colony of artists and shepherds, and venture deep into the heart of Neolithic Orkney to see the 4,000-year-old Ring of Brodgar.

Scotland, The Faroe Islands & Iceland – North Atlantic Saga – Sailing from Aberdeen on Scotland’s east coast to Iceland’s capital city, this 11-day expedition cruise begins with an exploration of the Ring of Brodgar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site at Orkney, followed by birdwatching at Fair Isle. At Faroe Islands visit Vágur, relish in the opportunity to witness Faroese chain dancing and share in stories of Vágur‘s captivating past. Stroll the streets of the splendid city of Tórshavn and admire its historic, red-painted buildings covered with turf roofs. Marvel at volcanic landscapes of Vestmannaeyjar before ending the journey in Reykjavík.

“Our 2025 expeditions will continue to offer the opportunity for people to travel with purpose, to make a positive and meaningful impact in the communities they visit, while also getting to enjoy every benefit – the amazing local leaders and expert guests, the immersive itineraries, and the spirit of community and discovery – that comes with every Adventure Canada voyage,” concludes Swan. “We look forward to sharing these experiences with our guests and have them leave at the end of the expedition with a greater understanding and appreciation for the natural world and the vibrant cultures therein.”

For more information on Adventure Canada, its immersive trips, and commitment to supporting artists, historians, researchers, and leaders, visit


About Adventure Canada 
Adventure Canada is a family-owned award-winning adventure travel operator specializing in expedition-style cruising into the world’s most remote and beautiful destinations—the Canadian Arctic, the fjords of Greenland, the isles of the north Atlantic, and beyond. Setting sail aboard an ice-strengthened vessel with a team of expert naturalists, historians, cultural stewards, artists, and musicians, Adventure Canada engages and entertains, providing an on-the-ground experience that places travellers up close with local communities and culture. Learn more at

Charlotte Aguttes-Reynier

As we prepare to celebrate the centenary of the Indochina School of Fine Arts, Charlotte Aguttes-Reynier, through 432 pages, highlights the contributions of this institution to the international art history. She shares the results of her ten years of research and expertise on the genesis of Vietnamese modern art. The expert in Asian modern art brings together the key figures of this institution in a single publication, recounts the significant moments between 1925 and 1945, and describes the exhibitions organized in Hanoi, Saigon, or Paris, as well as their reception by critics. Her argument is supported by 319 illustrations and includes 28 biographies of students and professors, along with numerous archival documents. Additionally, the author provides access to many private collections and museum reserves.

The author, Charlotte Aguttes-Reynier, has been the president of the Association of Asian Artists in Paris (AAP) since 2019. Within the association (a cultural non-profit organization), she is dedicated to shedding light on and documenting various aspects of modern Asian art, with a particular focus on cataloging the works of artists Mai Trung Thứ, Lê Phô, and Vũ Cao Đàm.

The publisher, In Fine éditions d’art, specializes in art books and exhibition catalogs. It is a part of the French Society for Art Promotion (Société française de Promotion Artistique – SFPA), which is the publishing company for Connaissance des Arts and In Fine éditions d’art publications. SFPA is a subsidiary of the media group Les Échos – Le Parisien, which is a part of the LVMH.

Mai Trung Thú

Aguttes achieves 35% of the total international sales.
Top global company for sales of this artist.

Lê Phổ

Aguttes achieves 12.8% of the total international sales.
Ranked as the third top global company for sales of this artist.

Vũ Cao Đàm

Aguttes achieves 34% of the total international sales.
Ranked as the top global company for sales of this artist.

Upcoming auction

Asian Painters • Thursday, November 30, 2023
40th edition

Among the sought-after signatures by Asian collectors, which Aguttes will passionately advocate for, we can mention, among others, Lê Phổ, Nam Son, Alix Aymé, Lê Thy, Vũ Cao Đàm, Mai Trung Thứ, Inguimberty, Nguyễn Phan Chánh, Nguyễn Tiến Chung, Trần Phúc Duyên, Lê Thị Lựu, Raden Saleh… As well as Sanyu, Lin Fengmian, Pan Yuliang. Lastly, all the artists from the art schools in these regions of Asia.


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Charlotte Aguttes-Reynier via 360 MAGAZINE.

Tay B – Water

Today, rising Detroit rapper Tay B makes a splash with his new hard-hitting single entitled “Water.” It heralds his much-anticipated 1 OF NONE EP, which is due to drop on November 10th. Listen to “Water” – HERE and check out the new visual HERE  Pre-save/pre-order 1 OF NONE EP HERE.   

On the track, Tay B tears through the hypnotic soundscape while leaning into a variety of undeniable flows and unforgettable melodies. Between punchy 808s and sizzling hi-hats, his fast-paced rhymes build towards a chantable hook. With his EP coming very soon, Tay B continues to enrapture audiences with his signature style that is all his own. 

Tay B has gained a dedicated following through a series of notable releases including “Mama,” which boasted features from Rob49 and Skilla Baby. The song sparked acclaim from the likes of RAP-UP, Billboard, and XXL and continues to buzz with 3.2 million Spotify streams and counting. As a fan favorite Tay B further solidified his place as one of the most rising stars in Hip-Hop by joining Lil Baby on the “It’s Only Us” tour this summer. His latest single, “Water” comes on the heels of his most recent release “YSL Woody,” featuring fellow Detroit phenom Babyface Ray.

Hailed as one of Detroit’s risings stars Tay B has received additional co-signs from Lil Baby, Lil Durk, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Tee Grizzley, and more. Meanwhile, he remains an advocate pillar in the Detroit community, hosting annual Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Back to School charity events. 

Stay tuned for more news and announcements from Tay B coming soon.

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