Memphis rap star NLE Choppa kicks off “Slut Szn” with the release of “Slut Me Out 2,” the extra raunchy sequel to his explosive 2022 RIAA 2x Platinum-certified single, “Slut Me Out.” He’s got a playful and pleasurable accompanying video starring India Love, too. Listen HERE and watch the video HERE via NLE Entertainment/Warner Records.

Picking up where his Sexyy Red-assisted “Slut Me Out (Remix)” left off, Choppa gets even more direct, diving headfirst into a pool of explicit and braggadocious sexuality. “If I was a bad bitch, I’d wanna fuck me, too,” he raps, flaunting confidence that would make Right Said Fred blush. With increasingly graphic quips and pulsing 808s designed for chants, “Slut Me Out 2” is the “Slut Me Out” successor fans have been waiting for. The visual only intensifies the vibes. 

Playing out like a comedy film shot in a lush mansion, the Ben Marc directed video for “Slut Me Out 2” sees a hilarious and over-the-top Choppa get extra flirty as he interacts with a small multitude of baddies, including his leading lady India Love. Whether he’s in the pool or in the bedroom, Choppa makes his intentions clear. Energetic and unabashedly sexual, it’s a showcase for a young artist who can rap his ass off but makes sure to have fun while doing it. Watch it HERE

“Slut Me Out 2” arrives on the heels of Choppa’s Certified compilation that includes all of his RIAA-certified hits. Checking in at 17 tracks, the LP spans the length of Choppa’s career, from the platinum-certified “Shotta Flow” to the two-times platinum-certified “Slut Me Out.” Raucously free-wheeling, “Shotta Flow” helped propel Choppa to stardom upon its release five years ago. As raunchy as it is rambunctious, 2023’s “Slut Me Out” became a staple of DJ sets across the U.S., and “Slut Me Out 2” only continues the tradition. 

Recently, Choppa kicked off his college tour, and in June, he joins the road for A Boogie’s ‘Better Off Alone’ tour, which starts June 14th in Michigan and finishes at New York’s Madison Square Garden on June 24th. He’s known for his high-energy shows and unbelievable fan engagement experiences. Expect a run-through of all his hits and special surprise moments in each city.


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Today, we pay tribute to the memory of Victoria Futrell Goode, a loving mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend. She was affectionately known as Aunt Tora. She loved her family and friends with all her heart and enriched the lives of all who knew her.

On April 25, 1927, in Potecasi, North Carolina, Victoria was born to Magnus and Virginia Vergie Bradley Futrell. She received her formal education at Potecasi Grade School and continued on to W. C. Creecy High School in Rich Square, North Carolina, where she graduated in 1945. Victoria was a member of the Second Baptist Church in Potecasi, where she quickly learned that the Lord knows her name.

On March 2, 1950, Victoria married the late Raymond Goode, of Seaboard, North Carolina. They were married for over 50 years, and were devoted to each other until his passing in 2003. Their union was blessed with 7 children: Diane, Eloise, Joyce, Raymond, Denise, Cynthia and Angela. The couple raised their family in Brooklyn, NY, where they met, after migrating from the south. They were surrounded by extended family and maintained their strong ties back home in North Carolina. Victoria joined Brown Memorial Baptist Church in Brooklyn, New York where she worshiped and fellowshipped for many years. One of her favorite church hymns was One Day at a Time (Sweet Jesus). Her favorite scripture was Proverbs 3:6, In all thy ways, acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy path.

Throughout her life, Victoria was a housewife, but because of her love of children and her desire to be a teacher, she worked as a family daycare provider and also cared for her friends and neighbors’ children. Victoria was a woman of faith who had a big heart and would share whatever she had with anyone in need. She was always a caregiver, and in this way, she served her loved ones and close knit community of Clinton Hill /Fort Greene, Brooklyn, for many years. Even in her last days, she was more concerned about how her family was managing during the COVID 19 pandemic, while they were only concerned about her.

Victoria was the matriarch of the Goode family. Her values and principles have been permanently imprinted in the hearts of those she touched. Her life was an example of grace, dignity and kindness. Victoria always had a kind word for her friends and neighbors and those who needed it. Her timeless wisdom and loving words will always be with us. She will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her.

On Monday, April 6, 2020, Victoria exited this life and entered eternal rest. In addition to her parents, and beloved late husband Raymond, she joins her late sisters, Magnolia, Rosette and Henrietta and her brother Magnus. She also joins her great-grandson, Liam and great- great- grandson Messiah.

With her service on Earth now complete, Victoria leaves behind her children: Diane, Eloise, Joyce, Raymond, Denise (husband Patrick), Cynthia (husband Kelvin), Angela, and her dear niece Maudie, who loved her like a mother; 10 grandchildren, 11 great grandchildren, 4 great-great grandchildren and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, extended family and friends.

Victoria Futrell Goode of Potecasi North Carolina will always be remembered via 360 MAGAZINE.
Henrietta + Victoria Futrell Goode of Potecasi North Carolina will always be remembered via 360 MAGAZINE.
Victoria Futrell Goode of Potecasi North Carolina will always be remembered via 360 MAGAZINE.


Leveraging the Power of AI and Amazon Selling, Meet the Queen behind the skyrocketing sales for brands such as Sol De Janiero, Kai, and Sun Bum – Regina Tseikhin

Tell us about the Beauty Box and how you started this venture? What does it mean to you personally? 

The Beauty Box was my dream, a place where cutting-edge brands, heritage brands, and up and coming brands could intermix and offer the consumer the best from the international marketplace. Technology has come a long way in 18 years, and I always look for unique brands that merge science with beauty.  My first store was in West Hollywood, and I knew that in order to be successful, I needed a lot of foot traffic. I chose a bustling location, which appealed to the brands and allowed me to grow my brand portfolio quite quickly. With my second location, I had refined my needs and expanded to a much larger boutique that also had a small warehouse that I used for fulfillment. Our needs continued to grow, and today, I am proud to say that I operate a large bi-coastal e-commerce business.  I believe a woman is beautiful when she is confident. I like to think that we contribute to that beauty in some small way.

You have a skill for emerging brands to success. What measures do you take for finding brands, and how do you tailor your marketing strategies to ensure growth?

I have an innate sense for both selecting and propelling new beauty brands. I have been in this industry for 18 years, I am a customer, I am a beauty lover, and I am a modern woman. Every brand has its own story to tell, and it is my job to thoroughly understand what message it wants to convey to the end user. I customize marketing strategies based on individual brand goals.

With a female-driven philosophy at The Beauty Box, what strategies have you implemented to support women in your company?  

With every new employee I hired, I found the value of adding a female team member, as I felt that women knew the beauty sector and beauty products more intimately than men. As a result, they felt safe and empowered to contribute and share their voice, which ultimately led to the majority of my team being with me for over a decade. I feel that consistency has great value and is a large part of the companies culture and success. 

I ensure that our employees see themselves as part of the success of the entire operation. Opportunity for advancement is available to every associate of TBB, allowing their drive and self awareness to push them to new levels. 

Reflecting on your journey is there anything you wish you could have done differently or what advice would you give entrepreneurial women in this field? What advice would you give women?  

Spend time working in the industry and find an amazing mentor. Know that success takes time and does not get discouraged along the way, as there are just as many downs as there are ups. Be a person with integrity, and that will take you a long way in life and career.  

What’s a goal of yours, either personally or professionally? 

My goals change constantly. Being a busy working mom, I find that taking care of myself despite my surroundings is something I aspire to become better at. A goal for me personally is to be able to spend more time on my well-being by working out and keeping fit. Professionally, my goal is to continue to break barriers and become a Top 10 seller on Amazon. 



Vaughn Lowery, founder and publisher of 360 MAGAZINE, pens poignant prose. Move Like Water × Be Fluid is a stunning memoir documenting the author’s journey from a childhood in Detroit’s subsidized section 8 housing to a successful career in fashion and media. The arc of this remarkable passage twists and turns in surprising ways, ensuring readers will believe in the concept that this life truly is what you make it. The text will debut as an exclusive multi-volume installation within 360 MAGAZINE and marks the inception of the brand’s foray into publishing.

This provocative coming-of-age story explores the power of branding strategy, a technique the writer developed at an early age and carried with him throughout his lifetime. Lowery, from the time he was a young child, is able to comprehend that one’s innate, individual self is their greatest commodity in life. Through the highs and lows that inform his experience, he stays true to that ideal. Lowery puts forward a raw and compelling narrative of a child, and later a man, who repeatedly picks himself up, reimagines his life, and finds innovative ways to move forward. The self-empowerment so emblematic in Lowery’s character and story promotes readers to adopt the author’s tactics in their own lives.

The influence of prominent civil rights leader Joseph Lowery, the writer’s grandfather, is prevalent in this work. A beacon for both hope and progress during the Civil Rights Movement, the legacy of Joseph Lowery weighs heavily on the narrator. This, along with his upbringing and existence as a black man in America, make Lowery both introspective and contextually aware when it comes to race. Moreover, draws parallels between the movement his grandfather championed and led, and the Black Lives Matter movement of today, exposing the failures of our system and calling for meaningful, systemic change. Both Joseph and Vaughn Lowery are members of the first intercollegiate historically African American organization Alpha Phi Alpha. Lowery simultaneously considers the work he can do, as a singular human being, to forward social justice causes in his day-to-day life and interactions with others. 

In 1920, his grandmother, Agnes Christine Moore Lowery (the little girl in the blue dress, also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha), came with her grandmother to become the first black to vote in Tennessee. The kids’ book, The Big Day, depicts their journey the day she voted, now available on Amazon here.

360 Magazine is also now selling one of a kind home goods via Chairish, a curated marketplace for the best in vintage and contemporary furniture, decor and art. Check out this piece designed by 360’s founder Vaughn Lowery.

In the year 2020, which has been afflicted with an overwhelming amount of change, there has never been a timelier moment for insight from a man like Lowery. As mentioned, Lowery’s deep ties and connections to racial justice in America feels incredibly relevant, as do his thoughts on digital media, something Lowery pioneered years before COVID-19 forced the world hurriedly online. Constantly at the forefront of social change, Move Like Water × Be Fluid offers an understanding of the current moment, yet looks forward to the possibility of an evolved, cosmopolitan world. One that Lowery aspires to through all his works, including this installation and 360 MAGAZINE.

As we follow the author through grade school, high school and on through Cornell University, we collect advice from a myriad of powerful secondary characters. From all walks of life, these secondary support systems offer Lowery the push he needs to continue on striving towards something better. We watch Lowery model the work ethic of his admired older sister, gain confidence from an encouraging teacher, change the trajectory of his life due to a neighborhood mentor, and learn from the critique of a Residential Advisor. This self-help-book stands apart for never failing to appreciate the importance of an individual’s support system. Fittingly, while the book catalogues Lowery’s journey to success, it inspires and encourages readers in the same way Lowery’s community uplifted him – to take action towards a meaningful life.

Comparable titles to Move Like Water × Be Fluid include other stories of individuals who later turned to publishing their experiences in self-help books. Numerous celebrity examples include Becoming by Michelle Obama, Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, or The Path Made Clear by Oprah Winfrey. These titles, as well as Lowery’s first book, all feature introspection and explanations regarding the course of the authors’ lives. 

The following descriptions outlines the chapter-by-chapter journey within Move Like Water × Be Fluid.

Chapter 1: The beginning of Lowery’s journey is marked by his complicated childhood in Detroit, distinctly connected to his sense of place and community. Financial struggles and surroundings reminiscent of the song “Gangsta’s Paradise,” as well as the author’s early experience with assault contextualize the course of Lowery’s life.

Chapter 2: A childhood mood, coupled with the realization of his intelligence, swiftly changed the direction of Lowery’s life. Following a move to New Jersey to live with his older sister, Lowery’s early experiences of racism shine a light on his passion for racial justice today. The opportunity to participate in an honored education program again changes the trajectory Lowery follows.

Chapter 3: This chapter offers insight into the ups and downs of high school, a narrative many are familiar with. Yet, Lowery’s poised observations throughout the chapter reflect his early understanding of the world.

Chapter 4: After a remarkable yet complex journey through high school, Lowery achieves the first of many dreams by gaining the chance to attend Cornell University in New York. At Cornell, he is able to expand his understanding of self and what he hopes to accomplish.

Chapter 5: Saks Fifth Avenue recruits Lowery to work in their corporate office, marking Lowery’s first foray into the world of economics and fashion. The advice he gains from mentors in the field prompts him to shift towards a career in acting and modeling, supplemented by working in the Medicare Department of U.S. Healthcare.

Chapter 6: New York, in all its hectic nature, pointed Lowery west towards California where he could further capitalize on his talents in the entertainment industry.

Chapter 7: This chapter details one of the events in Lowery’s life for which he is best known: his commercials as Joe Boxer Guy that overwhelmed the nation. Following ups and downs in Los Angeles, this success cemented Lowery’s understanding of his own talents as well as his ties to L.A.

Chapter 8: Following an offensive home invasion, Lowery pivots to continue embracing what life throws at him with appearances on NBC’s Scrubs and Top Model.

Chapter 9: With plenty of capital and the space to complement his next steps, Lowery founded 360 MAGAZINE in 2008, powering through the tidal wave that was the recession all due to his own brains and the belief in his product and brand.

Chapter 10: After another painful reminder of the inadequacies of the justice system in America due to an unjust prison stay, Lowery’s comprehension of what is truly important is once again realigned. Despite his negative experiences, his magazine is able to be on the cutting edge of the Los Angeles scene.

Chapter 11: The number 360 is ubiquitous to Lowery – one embodies the other. His appreciation for both his own capabilities and expertise, as well as the ones of others, assures his magazine and brand are constantly evolving. 

Chapter 12: Thinking on the future following the tragic death of a friend, Lowery is nowhere near finished and is more than ready to continue is many metamorphoses. He now exists in a space where he strives to empower others, all around the world. 360.

Move Like Water x Be Fluid, by Vaughn Lowery, is available this month exclusively on the 360 MAGAZINE’s website. 360 MAGAZINE has received numerous accolades, and has recently been featured on Dancing with the Stars. Stay in touch by following both Lowery (@vaughnlowery) and 360 (@360magazine)

Additionally Vaughn has an audio book titled, “Say Uncle: The Story of Vaughn Lowery” which loosely based on his childhood. It is available for here on Amazon Music. For additional info on Vaughn Lowery visit Wikipedia and IMDb.

Now available in all formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, Blurb, Walmart, Harvard Book Store, and Audible.

Signed copies of Vaughn’s memoir, Move Like Water × Be Fluid, are available in our shop.


Volkswagen of America, Inc. today released the two-minute extended cut of “An American Love Story” featuring Neil Diamond’s “I Am… I Said” as part of its celebration of 75 years in America and countdown to the Big Game on Sunday, Feb. 11, 2024. Watch the extended cut HERE.

Just like the Beetle and its timid journey in a bigger and better America, the song resonates with those who seek to find a sense of belonging and to understand the world around them. A 60-second version will air during the third quarter of the game on CBS, and the Spanish-language broadcast will be on Univision. “I Am… I Said” also stands as the pinnacle of “A Beautiful Noise, The Neil Diamond Musical,” currently on Broadway, which delves into the story and brilliance of Diamond and his profound exploration of life. Fans can listen to more of Neil Diamond’s music HERE

Marking a first in Big Game advertising history, the director’s cut of the film debuts with a special screening at today’s 2024 Chicago Auto Show Media Preview. Volkswagen is also taking the unique approach of delivering this “love letter” to current owners through the myVW App. The film also includes the brand’s Chattanooga factory, home to 5500 employees who assemble the all-electric ID.4 SUV, as well as the Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport SUVs.

“An American Love Story” is a heartfelt tribute to Volkswagen’s enduring relationship with America,” explained Rachael Zaluzec, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience and Brand Marketing, at Volkswagen of America, Inc. “Over the last 75 years, our journey has woven into the fabric of this country, mirroring its spirit and evolution. With this short film, we are not just celebrating our history but also embracing a future of innovation and sustainability. You’ll also find a few nods to past VW creative work – to give that signature wink we’ve become known for. It’s our way of saying ‘thank you’ to America for being a part of our story and an invitation to stick with us as we embark on exciting new chapters.”

“The Beetle”—imported by Dutch businessman Ben Pon in 1949. Pairing historical and recreated footage, the film is filled with captivating visuals that encapsulate Volkswagen’s role in some of America’s most recognizable cultural moments, underscoring the brand’s unifying impact. Volkswagen is returning to the Big Game with a new commercial that marks its 75th year in America. The brand has enlisted iconic vehicles and characters tied to their history in America to celebrate its cultural impact across the United States. The film concludes with a spotlight on Volkswagen’s ID. Buzz, a vehicle that will – later in 2024 – further usher in the brand’s commitment to electromobility – and next 75 years of history.

The film’s Emmy Award-winning director, Lance Acord, is also credited with Volkswagen’s 2011 commercial “The Force,” which was named best ad of 2011 by Adweek, Creativity, and YouTube and is a perennial entry on lists of favorite Big Game ads of all time.

“When we started our working journey with Volkswagen five years ago, our goal was and still is to reignite love for the brand in America while maintaining the spirit of the brand’s wit and charm,” said Jonathan Santana, ECD of creative agency Johannes Leonardo. “Everyone has a VW story, and this one is about American as they come. An epic tale about how an underdog with big dreams is not only embraced but becomes part of the very fabric of American culture. We can’t wait to watch as we pass the baton to a new generation to fall in love with the Volkswagen brand and make us as much an icon over the next 75 years as we were the first.”

Over the past few weeks, Volkswagen released seven video vignettes – including “Car Meetup” each paying tribute to the American people and key cultural moments across the brand’s storied 75-year American history. All teasers, and the director’s cut, are available online at the 75th Anniversary page of

Following Sunday’s game, a 60-second version of “An American Love Story” will be available online, including Instagram, as part of the brand’s 75th Anniversary social media campaign.