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The Biggest Crypto Applications Online

As a means of payment, crypto is naturally still in the early days, only really rising to prominence within the past 10 years. So far, mainstream financial services have been hesitant to endorse it, barring some exceptions, which has meant that widespread adoption in shops and businesses has been slow.

However, this doesn’t mean that the outlets and exchanges for crypto haven’t been looking at some major growth now, and as of 2022 there are more places that will accept crypto than ever before. This article aims to highlight those businesses that are most tied to crypto usage, as well as a few that most people wouldn’t even consider using crypto coins for.

Bitcoin for Travel

 To start off with something of an unusual choice, cryptocurrency, or more specifically Bitcoin, can be used for a number of travel options. While it’s not recommended to try paying directly at a hotel in coins, there are several prominent travel sites which will accept it.

First and foremost, the travel giant Expedia will let you pay for your hotels online straight through Bitcoin, or if that isn’t the particular currency that you use, then the crypto-focused site Travala accepts dozens of the most established currencies for similar services. Also, if you’re planning on travelling just a bit further, then Virgin Galactic are also accepting Bitcoin now for space travel.

While it’s difficult to nail down exactly how widely crypto is used by country, much of Europe at least accepts crypto in certain businesses, although it’s not wise to base your entire vacation around it.

Crypto for Casinos

Online casinos are something of a natural fit for crypto, with the extra security with large amounts of money being extremely attractive amongst their customers. More than in many other industries, crypto is becoming a standard, with many of the best payout online casinos now listing it as an option for deposits and withdrawals alongside their more traditional payment platforms.

More than that, many new casinos have appeared that almost exclusively use crypto as a payment method. These crypto casinos will even offer their player bonuses in crypto coins, usually Bitcoins, for the more universal uptake. This is an area where research is key, though; online casinos offer slightly different packages in different countries. A casino that accepts Bitcoin in one country may not be able to in another. If you’re playing from the U.S., make sure they’ll accept Bitcoin from the U.S. for instance.

Crypto in Online Retail

This is an area that has really taken off in terms of crypto usage, and while the big name Amazon still is yet to dip a toe into the crypto market, many other shopping platforms worldwide will now accept at least some kind of crypto.

Within the U.S., Overstock is your nearest equivalent to Amazon that will work with crypto. They haven’t got nearly the same range of products, mainly focusing on home and lifestyle items, however they can compete with them on prices as well as the free shipping options. For those looking for Asian products who have a good translator and a calculator handy, Rakuten from Japan does have a wider selection of products, although shipping is naturally a different issue.

For computer hardware and related products there is also the Newegg site, and if you’re looking at setting up an e-commerce site of your own, the industry leader Shopify also accept Bitcoin. This is a small selection, but more and more businesses are taking up crypto integration as a way of offering services that competitors either don’t or can’t.

Gaming with Crypto

Similar to online casinos, the digital nature of video gaming does lend itself to working with crypto, not to mention a usually tech-aware audience built in. You know that the practice of crypto payments has really gone mainstream in the video gaming industry when you see that Microsoft themselves will accept Bitcoin for payments on their Xbox Live platform. Add-ons, subscriptions and even full games fall under that.

The socially-aware Humble Bundle site has also started taking Bitcoin via PayPal, which gives you a way to get your new games while contributing to charity at the same time. They even now have bundles for books and software for some extra variety.

Speaking of contributions, the major streaming platform Twitch will now also accept crypto payments, either for their Twitch Prime subscription or just donations and support for your favorite streamers.

Everything Else

There are plenty of companies that don’t fit into the above, but may also surprise you. Phone and internet giant AT&T have added crypto to their payment options, and even iconic coffee chain Starbucks have started as well. Want a new website? NameCheap are also on this list. 

The fact is though, if you’re using the correct tools, virtually anything can now be done via crypto. By using a card-issuing service such as CoinsBase or Uquid, you can get a card tied to your crypto wallet that still has the global acceptance of something such as Visa or Mastercard. They can even be used to withdraw cash at an ATM, and work for both online and offline payments, although keep in mind that this is based on the market value of the coin at time of purchase.

What Comes Next?

It’s hard to judge exactly what happens next with crypto, considering even entire countries are trying it out as legal tender. A number of the largest companies are still holding out against it, but given the rising competition, their hands may eventually be forced into accepting it.

The short version is, you should expect to see at least Bitcoin transactions happening on the vast majority of online-first business sites within the next decade, although the uptake from brick-and-mortar companies is likely to be a lot slower. With that said, the rapid rollout of contactless cards shows that the financial world can, on occasion, move faster than expected.

Eight Exciting Facts About the FIFA World Cup Competition

The FIFA World Cup remains one of the best competitions in the world of sports. It is the biggest, most popular sporting event worldwide. Billions of people watch the competition and root for one of the 32 teams to lift the trophy. The story started in 1930, and since then, it has only improved. 

UEFA competitions are the only ones that come close in soccer, but even those are smaller in comparison. You might find many people engaging in making Europa League predictions. However, more people are looking to win big with the FIFA games. The exciting thing is that for 28 days, everyone around the world remains occupied. 

It is a sensational event that would see us enjoy some incredible experiences. We can always retain our excitement with the growing popularity. And like you would make Europa League predictions today, you can get involved in predicting World Cup games. You might just be lucky to catch the upsets. 

As we follow the 2022 FIFA World Cup and look forward to a country making history, let’s check out some facts about this event. These facts can even help you with your predictions, like when you follow trends to make Europa League picks. So, without wasting time, let’s get into it.  

Only Two Continents Have Produced FIFA World Cup Champions

Since the start of the FIFA World Cup, only South America and Europe have produced champions. The first champions came from South America, but Europe has more champions. Italy, Germany, Spain, England, and France are the champions of the FIFA World cup from Europe. For South America, the champions are Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil. 

Fontaine, With 13 Goals, has the Best Goal Scoring Record

Throughout World Cup history, France’s Fontaine has the most FIFA World Cup goals in a single competition. He scored 13 in 1958, and since then, no player has been able to break it. We would expect it to get broken at one point. However, Fontaine is fourth on the list of the players with the most goals at the FIFA World Cup.  

Six Players Have Represented Two Countries at the World Cup

Today, it is impossible to see a player play for two different countries at the World Cup due to the recent regulations from FIFA. However, it was a thing of the past. Luis Monti was the first player to represent two countries. He played for Argentina and Italy. Aside from Monti, the following players represented two nations.

  • Robert Prosinecki – Yugoslavia and Croatia
  • Robert Jarni – Yugoslavia and Croatia
  • Jose Santamaria – Uruguay and Spain
  • Ferenc – Hungary and Spain
  • Mazola – Brazil and Italy

The Last Host Nation to Win the Competition

Uruguay, Argentina, and many more are nations to have won the competition as the host. However, the last time a team hosted the tournament and won was in 1998. France was the last country to host the competition and win it. Korea, Germany, and Brazil all got to the semifinals of their respective competitions, but they couldn’t win the competition as hosts. 

Goalkeeper With the Most Clean Sheets

Fabian Barthez and Peter Shilton hold the record for the most clean sheets in FIFA World Cup history. These goalkeepers both have had ten clean sheets over the years. They both had incredible careers with exciting moments. Unfortunately, neither of these players was able to lift the trophy. But they did well in the tournament.

Best Teams at the World Cup

Although the nations competing at the FIFA World Cup continue to produce brilliant moments, some teams have had a more consistent performance. Brazil remains one of the best teams in the tournament. Italy, Germany/West Germany, Argentina, and Spain follow Brazil.

First Match at the FIFA World Cup

Unlike now, the host nation didn’t kickstart the FIFA World Cup tournament in 1930. The first-ever World Cup match was between France and Mexico. The match ended in favor of France, winning the game 4-1. Lucien Laurent scored the first goal of the tournament. 

Qatar Becomes the First Nation to Lose an Opening Match

Before Qatar, every host had never lost the opening match. It either ended as a draw or a win for the host nation. Everyone expected that tradition to continue, but it didn’t when Qatar faced Ecuador in the opening game. The game ended with Enner Valencia scoring two. It could’ve been three if Valencia’s second-minute goal was not chopped off.

Sports Video Games Make Great Holiday Gifts

Gaming has become incredibly competitive over the years. The development of video games has been spread across four generations and is most prevalent among millennials and Gen Z. It’s not like the days when people would gather together and play on one system and host parties.

Technology’s development has driven that competitiveness to a new level. While some people play the best online casino, card games, shooters, or other types of games, perhaps the people best equipped to play video games competitively are sports fans.

Most fans like sports because it is results driven. There is an entertainment element to it, but a lot of fans’ emotional state hinges on a win or a loss. There is banter between two sides of a game, and then it is settled after a week of practice; in the case of football which has limited games to make the playoffs and determine who is the best team.

Those stakes have similarly been raised over the years. The emergence of gaming online has created greater competitiveness. The gaming industry is booming because everybody can have their own device and still connect with friends and put their skills to the test, whether in simple online games or entering tournaments against various skill levels.

Sports fans, who often grew up playing sports, have a natural competitiveness to them, so when they play a video game, it is about being the best or striving to improve to be the best. Gaming gives them an outlet to continue that competitiveness in a constructive way.

Sports games also give them offline opportunities to play as or simulate their favorite teams in hopes of winning a championship in season modes. They can also build dynasties, manage the economics of player contracts, and more.

The holidays are a great time to connect with sports fans, and there are many related gifts. But for those who enjoy gaming and sports, here are games worth pursuing.


The annual EA Sports franchise has the official license of the National Football League and tries to replicate the greatest and most powerful organization. The game offers several modes, including a single-player mode that allows users to control a person’s career from the college ranks to getting drafted and attempting to become a Hall of Famer once in the league.

But there is also Ultimate Team mode. This is unique in that there are player cards like what collectors used to and still do get out of packs, but it is all virtual and in the game. Players have different ratings and skill sets, and legends also come back to combine into a single team. As users play, they accumulate more cards and their team improves through the different seasons that will bring different rewards that can only be earned at that time.


The top basketball game with National Basketball Association licensing has dominated the space for basketball games. It, too, allows users to play as their favorite franchise, develop their own player – from style to piling up attributes to become the best in an online park setting to compete with and against others – and has its own version of Ultimate Team.

Basketball fans have had their gripes about the series, but developers have been heralded for taking a step forward in improving gameplay and giving a great experience for all gamers.


The latest soccer game is incredibly popular internationally, and this year has grown in popularity because of the 2022 World Cup being played in Qatar. Gamers can play as national teams or their favorite English Premier League teams, or any number of teams from other leagues across the world. While online play and an ultimate team mode dominate this game, there is plenty to do offline.

MLB The Show

Major League Baseball’s license has been dominated for a decade by MLB The Show. While the game was largely built on offline play, it has long created a realistic experience for gamers. The latest step was Diamond Dynasty, the baseball version of Ultimate Team, which allows for much shorter, three-inning games and roster balancing through various game modes. It’s one of the most competitive sports games out there despite not having as many users.

Chef Curry Still Firing

When it comes to top NBA players, few have had the success Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry has, as shown by NBA picks today. While foot speed and other intangibles may slow with aging, Curry has shown that his dedication to being a top-tier shooter is a skill he has been able to keep at the top of the league.

So far this season, Curry is averaging 32.3 points, 7.1 assists and 6.7 rebounds per game. While the 2022-23 season still has a long way to go, Curry has shown an ability to put up strong numbers. If Curry averaged more than 30 points per game for the entire season, it would only be the third time he has done that in his career.

Here’s a look at how the 6-foot-2 Davidson product was able to become a strong player and what his third act could look like.

Basketball was in Curry’s blood

Curry was born in Akron while his dad, Dell, was playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. When Dell wrapped up his pro career, the family settled back in Charlotte. While Steph initially dreamed of playing for Virginia Tech, they only wanted to offer him as a walk-on due to his size. Curry instead would head to Davidson College.

Playing in the Southern Conference would prove good for Curry. During the 2008 NCAA Tournament, he made his presence known on the big stage. Curry was named the region’s most outstanding player as he helped the Wildcats beat Gonzaga, Georgetown, and Wisconsin to advance to the Elite 8. Kansas would eliminate Davidson, but Curry has gotten his name out to a national audience.

Golden State gets their man

Curry was picked by Golden State as the No. 8 pick in the 2009 draft. It was clear from early on that Curry would be counted on to be the face of the Warriors. He started 77 games in his rookie season and shot 43.7 percent from the 3-point line.

Golden State would continue to add pieces over the next few seasons. Shooting guard Klay Thompson, who would team with Curry to become one of the “Splash Brothers”, and Draymond Green would be taken over the next few seasons to become long-time teammates. But Golden State took off in 2015 when Steve Kerr took over as coach.

Early dynasty, rivalry with LeBron

Golden State broke through in 2015, winning its first title since 1977 by beating LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in four games. In 2016, however, the Warriors and Curry won 73 regular season games, then lost to Cleveland in seven games in the NBA Final. This loss would reverberate through the league.

Golden State would recruit Kevin Durant to come and help the Warriors battle James. Golden State would win the 2017 and 2018 titles before losing to Toronto in 2019.

Curry’s health declines

Injury issues started to creep in for Curry during the 2017-18 season. He started 89 games in a season during the 2016-17 season. Since then, the most regular-season games Curry has played in was 69. During the 2019-20 season, Curry only played in five games following an injury early in the season.

It appeared Curry and Golden State’s time as a dynasty may be running out. In the two seasons before the 2021-22 season, the Warriors missed the postseason. But Curry and the Warriors dug deep to prove something in 2012.

Back on top

The Warriors’ run to a fourth championship was a little surprising. Curry was injured toward the end of the regular season and was iffy for the start of the playoff run. Curry’s 3-pointer shooting had declined below 40 percent, and there were concerns that he could hold up in the playoffs.

However, Curry, who finished last season averaging 25.5 points per game, and his teammates found their rhythm in the postseason. Golden State made a run to the finals and won their fourth title with Curry by beating Boston in six games. The Warriors had rebuilt themselves once again using players they’ve drafted, like Jordan Poole, and bringing in experienced players who could fit their system.

Boxing Takes the Bell in the Oscars

Even though only a handful of films based on sports have won Oscars, they have been and will continue to be a source of inspiration for the film industry. Boxing is the most prestigious plot theme of all those that have been awarded. 

That doesn’t mean that boxing is the only sport. There have been some incredibly creative cinematic creations over the decades that bring all types of sports to life for fans everywhere. Just like choosing the winners for the World Cup odds, there are always certain characteristics that stand out. 

The Champ

A former heavyweight champion fights against alcoholism and gambling. His main objective is to win back the love of his son. The Champ, a 1931 film by King Vidor, was awarded an Oscar for best actor for Wallace Beery’s performance. 

It also received an Oscar for best screenplay, given to Frances Marion. Faye Dunaway, Jon Voight, and Rick Schroeder co-starred in this all-time classic.

Somebody Up There Likes Me

This 1957 drama won Oscars for Best Art Direction and Best Black and White Photography. It followed the life of the legendary boxer Rocky Graziano, played by Paul Newman in his first great role as a leading man. Newman put up an amazing performance, one that is still talked about even in the times of the World Cup soccer 2022 tournament. 


Rocky is still one of the most iconic Hollywood films to come out of the 70s. Starring Sylvester Stallone, it was the first film in a long saga. It won three Oscars in 1976, including Best Picture, Best Director (John Avildsen), and Best Editing.

Raging Bull

Raging Bull is a Martin Scorsese masterpiece that stars Robert De Niro as Jake LaMotta, a middleweight boxer with a very dark side. Rage, jealousy, and appetite for brutality exceed the limits of the ring, making him spiral out of control and distancing him from his wife and family. It was nominated for eight Oscars and won two, one for best actor for Robert De Niro’s performance, as well as one for best editing. 

Million Dollar Baby

Clint Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby swept the 2004 awards. It won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor (Morgan Freeman), and Best Actress (Hilary Swank). The film tells the relationship between a waitress who becomes a professional boxer and a veteran trainer who focuses all his efforts on helping her reach the top. Training a woman is not among his norms of behavior, but he pulls off a major victory, just like some unexpected teams do in the 2022 World Cup.

The Fighter

The Fighter won two Oscars in 2010 – for Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress.

Christian Bale won an Oscar for his portrayal of a boxer who has gotten into trouble and tries to turn his life around by helping his brother, played by Mark Wahlberg. The film had seven nominations and won two awards.

Other Sports Movies Make The Cut

Pugilistic prominence might lead the sports-related Oscars, but boxing isn’t the only sport worthy of recognition. Over the years, there have been plenty of others that still hold a special place in history today. 

The Pride of the Yankees

Although it only won one of the eleven Oscars that it was up for at the 1943 ceremony, The Pride of the Yankees, a cross between a biopic and a sports drama, is an iconic classic that will always be at the top of the list. 

Gary Cooper plays baseball legend Lou Gehrig, giving a performance choreographed by the creative mind of Sam Wood. That combination makes this film worthy of a place in the private film library of every lover of good cinema and sports. In the end, it took an Oscar for best editing.

King Richard

In modern sports cinematograph, King Richard might stand in a class by itself. The 2021 biographical representation of tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams, along with their father, Richard, was a resounding success with critics. 

It didn’t do too well at the box office but was good enough to earn six Oscar nods. It won one, with Will Smith taking home a trophy for his performance of the elder Williams.




  • Everrati’s electric GT40 and Land Rover ‘Series’ pass UN-ECE R100.01 testing for safety requirements related to electric powertrains  
  • GT40 R100.01 testing carried out at HORIBA MIRA’s world-leading facilities
  • Land Rover Series IIA testing carried out by the Netherlands Vehicle Authority – RDW
  • Results further validate Everrati’s OEM-grade design, engineering and quality, and underline how the company is continuing to raise the bar for electrified classics  

Everrati Automotive Limited (Everrati), the leading global technology company specialising in the redefining and futureproofing of automotive icons, has announced that both its electric GT40 and Land Rover Series have passed electric vehicle safety testing for their state-of-the-art electric powertrains. 

The achievement demonstrates Everrati’s OEM-grade engineering, design, and quality processes, as well as its leadership and commitment to battery safety and standards.

UNECE R100.01 is a vehicle safety standard devised to test electric vehicle powertrains to ensure that they are safe for use. The testing involves a vigorous assessment of the electrical safety of the High Voltage components installed within a vehicle, and includes protection against electric shock, protection against direct and indirect contact, isolation resistance testing and overall vehicle safety. 

As part of the GT40’s battery safety and validation process, the car recently passed R100.01 testing at HORIBA MIRA’s world-leading facilities in Warwickshire, UK. Featuring a state-of-the-art proprietary EV powertrain with a power-dense 62.5kWh lithium-ion battery and sector-leading 700V architecture generating up to 800bhp and 800Nm of torque and 0-60mph time of 3.5 seconds, it represents the pinnacle of redefined EV supercar performance and technology. 

Meanwhile, Everrati’s redefined Land Rover Series IIA, which is available in the UK already, passed UN-ECE R100.01 testing at the Netherlands Vehicle Authority – RDW. Fully satisfying its testing, it is now approved for sale in the Netherlands where customer deliveries have already begun. 

The advanced EV powertrain featured in the Series IIA has a range of up to 150 miles, combined with regenerative braking, AC and DC fast charging capability. With a 60kWh battery and 150bhp and 300Nm from its electric motors, it offers both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive modes.

Justin Lunny, Founder and CEO of Everrati comments: “The achievement of our Land Rover Series IIA and GT40 in attaining compliance to the vigorous UNECE R100.01 electrical safety testing is a testament to Everrati’s OEM-grade engineering, design, and quality processes, which continues to raise the benchmark for the standards of electrified classics.

“Every Everrati product is the result of the most robust vehicle development and the attention to detail from our team of highly-skilled specialists. Both the GT40 and Series IIA, like all of our models, represent the very best in electrified icons and underline how we are continuing to set new standards in this rapidly growing sector.”

Headquartered in Oxford, UK, Everrati joined forces with Superformance in July last year with the mission of precision re-engineering the legendary Le Mans-winning car with a custom-designed electric drivetrain for a zero-emissions future. Superformance, based in Jupiter, Florida, is a global leader in the manufacture of 1960s-era continuation component sports cars and produces a rolling chassis for the GT40 built under license. As a result, it is the world’s only GT40 EV listed in the official Shelby Registry.

About Everrati

Everrati was founded in 2019 by British entrepreneur Justin Lunny and long-term automotive specialist Nick Williams. Both car enthusiasts from an early age, they became increasingly conscious of the wider impact combustion engines have on the environment. Everrati was launched with the vision of restoring iconic models from an earlier era and converting them to electric propulsion. Everrati’s model line-up consists of electric versions of the Porsche 911 (964) Coupe, Targa, Cabriolet in Pure, Signature, and Gulf Signature Editions, Land Rover Series IIA, GT40 in partnership with Superformance including officially licenced Gulf Edition and Mercedes-Benz W113 SL ‘Pagoda’. Everrati designs, develops and builds its cars from a bespoke facility in Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire. 

Everrati restores and modifies existing classic and iconic cars for its customers to enable them to be used and enjoyed in a low carbon world. Everrati does not manufacture vehicles. Everrati is not sponsored, associated, approved, endorsed, nor, in any way, affiliated with the manufacturers of the cars they restore. All brand names, logos and crests along with any other products mentioned are the trademarks of their respective holders. Any mention of trademarked names or other marks is for purpose of reference only. 

Gucci Gift campaign via 360 MAGAZINE.

Gucci Gift

This year’s Gucci Gift campaign draws inspiration from the world of travel in a nod to the House’s founding history and heritage. Under a starlit Winter sky, a cast of characters boards a fanciful locomotive with an atmosphere that evokes splendor but also a bit of intrigue. Each passenger is on a journey that goes beyond the imagination, tinged with a shared appreciation for that which is beautiful in the world.

Envisioned by Creative Director Alessandro Michele, the images captured by Carlijn Jacobs and the film shot by Jordan Hemingway cast a light on the shimmering and joyful spirit of the festive season. Trolleys, duffels, and cases of different shapes and sizes for carrying all things necessary (and not) take center stage, recounting the House’s imaginative vision of travel, while lace, ruffles, rich velvets, and sequins all add to the magic of the Holidays. The House’s signature bags are dressed for the occasion, presented in tone-on-tone palettes, miniature proportions, precious leathers, and with optical motifs. Passengers showcase a curated selection of fine jewelry and watches as they travel in suites adorned with pieces from the Gucci Décor collection. Vanity tables display elegant, collectible Gucci Beauty designs alongside a Lifestyle selection that includes lounge and leisure wear as well as items from the Gucci Pet collection modeled by a troupe of darling dogs along for the ride.

The Gucci Gift campaign celebrates the magic of the festivities and the joy of sharing these moments with loved ones in the spirit of this special time of year.


Creative Director: Alessandro Michele

Art Director: Christopher Simmonds 

Photogrpher: Carljin Jacobs

Director: Jordan Hemingway   

Make up: Daniel Sallstrom

Hair: Alex Brownsell


Twenty-Four Hours From Tulsa

(B. Bacharach / H. David)

Performed by: Gene Pitney

© 1963 New Hidden Valley Music Company / BMG Gold Songs

Courtesy of Gusto Records, Inc

Courtesy of Warner Chappell Music Italiana S.r.l. / BMG Rights Management (Italy) srl

Product Details

Echoing the House’s origins, the Gucci Valigeria collection comes to the fore with heritage-infused luggage including the Gucci Savoy duffle and trolley in the classic beige and brown colorway with the green-red-green Web detail. Adding to the selection are briefcases and packing cubes, as well as travel bags in a grey-on-black palette and precious leather styles in black.

For women’s bags, the House presents the Gucci Horsebit 1955 bag, as well as the chain wallet, in bold tone-on-tone hues such as purple, orange, black, and midnight blue. There is also a selection of mini statement bags in pink GG Matelassé leather presenting a textural take on the House monogram. The GG Marmont is reimagined with a swirling optical print, either in black and white or pink and purple. GG monogram bags are also showcased, including an online-exclusive Gucci Ophidia tote enriched with a floral print, as well as mini bags with strawberry charms. Adding a refined elegance to the curation, signature bags in precious leather such as the Jackie 1961 and Gucci Bamboo 1947 are on display in the campaign, as well as a gold clutch from the House’s evening offer. For men, the bag selection of totes and backpacks is defined by the grey-on-grey GG monogram, with matching small leather goods and belts highlighted.

Elevated elegance defines the ready-to-wear pieces for men and women, highlighted throughout the sparkling and refined details. Lace, ruffles, rich velvets, and sequins accent the women’s selection, while sophisticated sartorial silhouettes in tartans define menswear.

The shoe selection includes both daywear and evening options. For women, chunky rubber-sole sneakers and Horsebit loafers get a pop of pastel hues while classic boots in a range of colors are defined by heritage details. As an online exclusive, there is a GG blue Jordaan loafer with a floral print. Continuing the theme of elevated elegance found in the Gucci Cosmogonie collection, there are GG-monogram-enriched platform heels, as well as sparkling mid-height mules and slingbacks in the bold tones of fuchsia, lime green, and orange. For men, there are the Gucci Run sneakers in black and white, as well as a white version with a blue and red Interlocking G detail. For the evening offer, the campaign showcases black patent leather loafers with a black Horsebit detail or a silver Blondie emblem.

The accessories highlight heritage codes. Reversible belts, with a tone-on-tone side or monogram one, put the GG front and center to complete everyday looks. There is also a GG grey belt for men, to go along with the full range of pieces highlighted in the campaign. Wallets, cardcases, and pouches are on display, while keychains also feature the Interlocking G. There are also winter hats and gloves, as well as silk scarves with prints reflecting signature handbag silhouettes.

The jewelry selection includes both fashion pieces that play with star motifs and the House script. The Gucci Flora fine jewelry collection, defined by intricate nature-inspired details crafted in 18k white gold and diamonds, echoes the fanciful atmosphere of the campaign. The G-Timeless watch with a dial decorated with 15 bees is also presented for men and women, portraying the House’s instinct to combine classic designs with whimsical details.

Pieces from the Gucci Décor collection are found throughout the enchanted train, including a blanket with an Interlocking G and star design. There is also a selection of porcelain tableware crafted by Richard Ginori with the black Herbarium motif, as well as cushions with romantic phrases and whimsical details. Gucci Lifestyle pieces are also showcased, with silk pajamas, printed fans, and portable game sets fitting seamlessly into the luxury travel setting. With both gifting and travel top of mind, the Gucci Pet Collection is also presented. The GG pet carrier, along with a GG monogram coat, an Interlocking G sweater, and a green-red-green collar portray how the House’s codes are reinterpreted with an element of surprise.

From the Gucci Eyewear collection are featured two mask shaped sunglasses in acetate, one with a tortoiseshell-like finish and blue GG-monogram reflective lenses, the other in an all-black version.

Products from Gucci Beauty also appear within the gifting curation in the campaign, including the Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia and Gorgeous Jasmine Eau de Parfum, Mémoire d’une Odeur, Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum, as well as the Eau de Toilette, and a selection of The Alchemist’s Garden fragrances and scented waters. A variety of lipsticks in diverse formulas including matte, satin and sheer in festive hues are captured in the train, along with Mascara l’Obscur, Éclat De Beauté Effet Lumière, and Baume Nourrissant Universel.

Marvel's Black Panther comic book announcement via 360 MAGAZINE.



Check out Miguel Mercado’s newly revealed BLACK PANTHER #13 SPOILER VARIANT COVER, on sale January 11

The King of Wakanda and the King of Atlantis will cross paths again in January’s BLACK PANTHER #13, but this time, they may actually fight side-by-side!

Writer John Ridley’s run on the title has found T’Challa removed from the Avengers, exiled from Wakanda, and on his own against a threat with deep ties to his past. BLACK PANTHER #13 will depict a heated battle between T’Challa and the Avengers, and just when all seems lost, an unexpected ally arrives at the fray to stand at T’Challa’s side! ENTER NAMOR! The most bitter rivalry in Marvel Comics reaches a surprising turning point but will T’Challa accept Namor’s help or make him pay for the pain he’s inflicted on Wakanda in the past?

Check out the cover now and find out if Namor is truly Wakanda’s savior in BLACK PANTHER #13 on January 11! For more information, visit


John Legend Nervous Remixes released via 360 MAGAZINE.

John Legend – NERVOUS

Multi-platinum, 12-time Grammy Award-winner John Legend unveiled three new remixes of his hit song “Nervous,” today via Republic Records. Behind the new renditions are producer, composer, and performer King Britt Sexytech, whose remix credits include Solange, Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa among others; producer, artist, and songwriter Prince Fox, who has collaborated with artists such as Hailee Steinfeld, Tinashe, Cheat Codes, and Timbaland; and producer Xan Griffin, who has previously remixed for artists including Seven Lions and Minnesota. Listen to each artist’s unique take on “Nervous” HERE.

The original version of “Nervous” is featured on Legend’s eighth studio album, LEGEND available now everywhere via Republic Records. The track recently blew up on TikTok after Legend initiated an open verse challenge inviting fans to add their own verse to the song via the popular “duets” feature. To date, the video has generated over 60M views on the platform. “Nervous” has also amassed nearly 17M global streams since its release.

Legend previously released a breathtaking bilingual rendition of “Nervous” with Colombian-American chart-topping singer and songwriter Sebastián Yatra, available to stream HERE. Legend and Yatra also recently collaborated on a bilingual version of Yatra’s No. 1 hit “Tacones Rojos,” which they performed at the 23rd Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards® last night.

About John Legend

Multiplatinum artist John Legend has garnered twelve Grammy Awards, an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, a Tony Award, and an Emmy Award, making Legend the first African American man to earn an EGOT. Legend has released eight celebrated albums over the course of his career, including, Get Lifted (2004), Once Again (2006), Evolver (2008), Love in the Future (2013), Darkness and Light (2016), A Legendary Christmas Deluxe (2019), Bigger Love (2020) and most recently, LEGEND (2022). Legend just wrapped his critically acclaimed Las Vegas Residency entitled, “Love In Las Vegas” which began in the spring of 2022 at Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Legend is a judge on the Emmy-nominated show, The Voice, and a principal in Get Lifted Film Co., serving as an Executive Producer for projects such as Giving Voice, Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey, Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered: The Lost Children, Sherman’s Showcase, And Sherman’s Showcase: Black History Month Spectacular, Rhythm + Flow and La La Land. As an activist, Legend initiated the #FREEAMERICA campaign in 2015 and most recently founded the initiative HUMANLEVEL, which is igniting systematic change and building racial equity across American cities and communities.

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Marvel's Wanda Maximoff scarlet witch drop via 360 MAGAZINE.

Wanda Maximoff – Scarlet Witch

This January, Wanda Maximoff gets the fresh start fans have been waiting for! The iconic Marvel hero’s upcoming solo series will open the door to a new era for the character overflowing with mystery, adventure, and magic.

Written by Steve Orlando (MaraudersDarkhold) and drawn by artist Sara Pichelli (Ultimate Spider-Man), SCARLET WITCH will find Wanda embracing a new heroic journey to help those who need her the most. To do so, she’ll use her unmatched magical abilities to conjure up an enchanted door that appears only to those who have no one else in the world to turn to. If your need is great and your hope is gone, there you will meet the SCARLET WITCH! The quests that follow will allow the Scarlet Witch to unleash her chaos magic at its utmost potential as she tackles threats only she as the most powerful sorceress on the planet can hope to handle! Along the way, Wanda will reconnect with her complex extended family including her twin brother Quicksilver, Polaris, and Viv Vision. Fans can get their first look at Wanda’s new path in the SCARLET WITCH #1 TRAILER, featuring never-before-seen artwork!

The mesmerizing trailer lays out Wanda’s new mission and spotlights some of her upcoming feats including a breathtaking showdown with the Corrupter! Fans can also behold Wanda’s new costume designed by superstar artist Russell Dauterman and spot a new supporting character who will play a key role throughout the series—none other than DARCY LEWIS! The beloved Marvel Cinematic Universe character will make her comic book debut in the series, taking up duties as Wanda’s trusty right hand after falling through the enchanted door herself. Darcy’s mysterious past and the effect it has on Wanda’s new calling will be revealed in due time!

“Two of the major crosses that she’d been bearing for a long time had finally been lifted, so it really felt like a new moment,” Orlando told Polygon in a recent interview. “We talked about setting her up in a new place where she could put her power to service for all the people that she’s realized she could have helped if she had actually taken the time and done the work to reckon with herself sooner.”

Prepare to be spellbound when SCARLET WITCH #1 hits stands on January 4! For more information, visit