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Asher Bennett, Tevva via 360 Magazine.

Asher Bennett | Electric Vehicle Adoption

The  IPCC just this week said that the world can still avoid the worst of climate collapse with genuine change, but that if we keep emitting at the current rate, the carbon budget for 1.5C will exhaust by 2030. That juxtaposition of hope and grim reality should be enough to focus everyone’s minds on the opportunities and threats that lie ahead.

At Tevva we believe that further government action is required to ensure that the UK achieves its net zero goals in the best and fastest possible way for the good of the environment, economy and British people. The recent Net Zero Review set out the ‘historic opportunity’ offered by net zero in the UK, by creating a new era of change and opportunity. Yet the report also made clear that more should be done to ‘back business’ and reap the economic benefits.

Our expertise lies in electric vehicles and specifically the electrification of trucks. Despite accounting for just two percent of vehicles on our roads, heavy-duty trucks (HDVs) are responsible for over a quarter of road transport emissions. Road transport and HDVs are also one of the largest sources of air pollution which causes 350,000 premature deaths per year in Europe. 

Clearly more must be done to accelerate the decarbonization of commercial vehicles, and we’re asking the UK government to bring truck incentives in-line with those found in Europe. Brexit put us in a position where as a nation we were free from EU state aid rules which limited the amount of support governments could give to certain industries. Yet, the UK is lagging behind its European neighbors when it comes to incentives for electric truck adoption.

As a vehicle manufacturer, Tevva can offer its customers discounts at point of sale thanks to government incentives, with a maximum of £16,000 for small trucks and £25,000 for large ones. Yet, if you compare this support to what’s on offer in other European countries, you’re left with a feeling that more could be done. In Germany, for example, the government provides 80% of the price differential between diesel and battery-electric trucks, in the Netherlands it’s 45%. That’s potentially between £50-90,000 per truck more than what’s on offer in the UK.  

We appreciate the British government’s support which enables us to make our 7.5t battery-electric truck even more appealing to fleets. But for this country to meet its net zero goals, more action is needed to stimulate electric vehicle manufacturing in the UK, which is really the only bright spot in an industry that has reached its lowest ebb for over 60 years.

The electrification of trucks is inevitable, and the technology has developed to a point where an electric truck is a viable proposition for many operators. There’s a huge appetite among fleets for electric trucks, as the opportunity to reduce emissions makes good business sense. Obviously there needs to be trust in the technology and clarity on total cost of ownership (TCO). Tevva is working with its customers to address both of these points and we’re confident that our electric trucks will save them money over the lifetime of the vehicle and improve their fleet and driver performance.

By developing a range of battery-electric and hydrogen-electric medium- to heavy-duty trucks that can improve air quality, vehicle safety, and lower total cost of ownership, Tevva is leading commercial vehicle decarbonization in the UK. Yet the market isn’t ready to adopt on scale without further incentivization, at least not with the required urgency.

Opinion Piece By Asher Bennett, Tevva CEO and founder 

Polaris Slingshot × Roush


♤ New ROUSH® Edition Designed with Racetrack Attitude for Drivers Who Want to Win Over the Streets & Draw Envious Stares

♤ ROUSH® Edition Represents First-Ever Cross-Branded Slingshot and Touts Perfect Blend of Style & Performance, Packed with Exclusive ROUSH® Branding & Premium Componentry

Polaris Slingshot, the show-stopping, adventure-seeking three-wheel vehicle, today announced a partnership with ROUSH® Performance with the unveiling of an all-new, special ROUSH® Edition model. Designed at the intersection of head turning looks and performance lifestyle, the Slingshot ROUSH® Edition delivers a racetrack attitude with exclusive ROUSH® branding. 

Built upon the Slingshot R platform, the Slingshot ROUSH® Edition packs the 203-horsepower ProStar engine, but adds premium componentry, including Brembo® Brakes with exclusive slotted rotors, a Slingshot Excursion Top, Sparco® Pedal Covers, and an exclusive race car-inspired steering wheel with color accents. Taking stand-out style to an entirely new level, the Slingshot ROUSH® Edition features a special graphics package that enhances Slingshot’s distinctive look and performance with unmistakable ROUSH® styling and branding, including seats with an exclusive design, a special edition color-matched design for the instrument cluster, and blacked-out badging. Manual transmission options feature a ROUSH® Block “R” branding on the gear shift knob, while AutoDrive offerings are standard with Paddle Shifters.

“We’re proud to be collaborating with ROUSH® to deliver a special edition like no other,” said Chris Sergeant, Polaris Slingshot Vice President. “We wanted to design a ride that authentically reflects ROUSH®’s trusted heritage in performance, but remained true to the wow-factor, adventure-seeking lifestyle only Slingshot provides, and the Slingshot ROUSH® Edition delivers on those promises.”

Key features and premium upgrades on the Slingshot ROUSH® Edition include the following:

Special-Edition Paint, Graphics + ROUSH® Branding

Based on Slingshot’s already loaded R trim, the Slingshot ROUSH® Edition stands out with the exclusive Racetrack Red trim and features blacked-out badging and steering wheel color accents, which serve as a symbol of exclusivity with this special edition. The vehicle is complemented with a special ROUSH® graphics package and bold branding throughout including ROUSH® Seat Cover Design, ROUSH® Instrument Cluster and the ROUSH® Badge prominently displayed on the glove box. On Manual models, the shifter features the iconic ROUSH® Block R branding.  

Slingshot’s Excursion Top
The Slingshot Excursion Top has an integrated toolless install and easy removal soft top with improved driver headroom and visibility. The Excursion Top provides added luxury, comfort, style and shade with race-car style cues.

Brembo® Brakes

Providing unrivaled stopping power, the four-piston Brembo® Brakes come standard on the ROUSH® Edition. The slotted Brembo® front brake rotors are 14% larger than the standard front brake rotors and feature fixed calipers.

Premium Billet Pedal Covers by Sparco®

For improved performance, the Pedal Covers by Sparco® provide better foot grip and fits the racing-inspired theme throughout the vehicle. The short accelerator pedal is paired with a shorter and wider brake and clutch pedal for assured control.

Paddle Shifters

While the Slingshot ROUSH® Edition is available with a Manual transmission and a custom shifter, all AutoDrive transmission offerings are standard with Paddle Shifters, because nothing connects the driver with the vehicle more than the ability to shift gears. Drivers with an AutoDrive transmission can take control of their drive and shift gears on demand. The Paddle Shifters are designed from high quality composite material to deliver great feedback while driving.

7” Display Powered by RIDE COMMAND and Stage 2 Rockford Fosgate® Audio Kit

At the controls of the Rockford Fosgate® audio system is Slingshot’s industry-leading 7” Display powered by RIDE COMMAND. Offering touchscreen convenience, the infotainment system comes standard with RIDE COMMAND+, which includes Apple CarPlay®, GPS navigation, and weather and traffic overlays. The Stage 2 Audio Kit by industry-leading Rockford Fosgate® includes a 100-watt Audio System, Automatic Volume Control, and a Plug-and-Play Expandable Amplifier.

To further personalize their race-track-inspired ride, drivers can choose from an assortment of additional factory accessories, including Heated and Cooled Seats, additional storage bags, color-matched rear fender, or upgrade their sound system with a Stage 3 Audio kit featuring integrated speakers behind each vehicle headrest.

The Slingshot ROUSH® Edition ships to dealers in spring 2023, and is available in Racetrack Red in Manual transmission (starting at $37,349; $37,649 CA; $46,999 CAD) and AutoDrive (starting at $39,499; $39,799 CA; $49,599 CAD). 

Learn more about the Slingshot ROUSH® Edition at or on social media:, @Slingshot on Twitter and @PolarisSlingshot on Instagram. For information on Slingshot rental locations, visit

About Polaris Slingshot

Polaris Slingshot, a brand of Polaris Inc. (NYSE: PII), continues to define the category through style, ride experience, and community with our three-wheeled autocycle. With AutoDrive and Manual transmission options, an open cockpit, side-by-side seating, 5” ride height and a 2.0-liter 4 cylinder Pro Star engine, Slingshot comes in a variety of models that are sure to make a statement. Step into a Slingshot for an adventurous and unrivaled ride experience. Learn more, visit

Slingshot is a three-wheeled motorcycle. It is not an automobile. It does not have airbags and it does not meet automotive safety standards. Three wheel vehicles may handle differently than other vehicles, especially in wet conditions. Always wear a DOT-approved full-face helmet and fasten seatbelts. The Driver may need a valid motorcycle endorsement. Drive within the limits of the law and your own abilities. Read, understand, and follow your owner’s manual. Never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Unless otherwise noted, trademarks are the property of Polaris Industries Inc. © 2023 Polaris Industries Inc.

Sparco® is a registered trademark of SPARCO S.P.A. CORPORATION

ROCKFORD FOSGATE® is a registered trademark of Rockford Corporation.

Apple CARPLAY® is a registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

Brembo® is a registered trademark of Freni Brembo S.p.A. Corp of Italy

About ROUSH® Performance

ROUSH® Performance was founded in 1995 by motorsports legend Jack Roush, the winningest name in racing. Combining performance engineering with entrepreneurship, ROUSH® began selling designs he had created for his team to the broader world of motorsports. Based in Livonia, Michigan, ROUSH® Performance is a division of ROUSH® Enterprises. The company’s talented staff designs, engineers and manufactures completely assembled pre-titled vehicles, aftermarket performance parts, and superchargers for the global performance enthusiast market. For more on ROUSH® Performance, please visit or call 800.59.ROUSH.

How to get a car on finance with bad credit

If you’ve been declined car finance, you may be thinking it’s the end of the road. Whilst for many applicants, this can mean that you may not get approval, it can be worth having hope and putting yourself in a better financial position before you start to apply again. There are factors that you can consider helping increase your credit score, build a credit score, and increase the likelihood of getting a car on finance. However, firstly, it can be a good idea to get more of an insight into how car finance is affected by credit scores. The guide below looks to do exactly that. Let’s take a look at how your previous credit affects approvals and also the top 5 ways in which you can increase your chances of getting a car when you have poor credit

How does credit history affect car finance? 

Many people with bad credit don’t actually know how their low credit score affects car finance approvals. When you apply for car finance, a lender wants to know the likelihood of you being trusted to pay back your loan on time and in full. They can do this by referring to your previous borrowing history. If your history shows high levels of debt or missed or late repayments, you are more likely to default on any future loans too. This increases the risk to the lender, and they may decline you. Alternatively, some lenders can approve you for finance but can set a higher interest rate to help secure the deal. Having a better credit score and a long history of being able to handle your credit or finance responsibly will not only get you easier acceptances, but it will also increase your credit score and get you a better car finance rate. 

5 ways to increase the chances of getting a car with a poor credit score.

Whilst car finance will never be guaranteed and you will need to meet the lenders criteria before you can get approved, there are a few factors you can consider preparing your application.  

  1. Check your credit report.

You’d be surprised how many car finance applicants don’t know what their current credit score is and what is listed on their report. It can be a good idea to get a free credit report from a trusted credit referencing agency and take some time to see what’s recorded on there. You should make sure all your information is accurate and up to date as having misinformation on your credit report can be negatively affecting your score. It’s also important that the information you supply on your application matches your credit report as lenders use it to confirm your details and reduce the risk of fraudulent applications. 

  1. Reduce any existing debt.

One of the factors that can affect your car finance application and also your credit score is how much debt you currently owe. High levels of existing debt negatively impact your score and you should try to reduce any debt before taking out car finance. You should try to only use around 50% of any available credit limits and if you really want to make an impact on your credit score, try to keep it under 30%. From a lenders point of view, when you have lots of debt already and aren’t clearing it, they may think you can’t handle taking on any more credit. By taking control of your finances and reducing your debts it can make your finance more manageable and could increase your monthly affordability. 

  1. Build a credit history.

It’s a common misconception that having no previous credit history is a good thing. However, lenders can’t see how you handle credit without any evidence. It can be hard to get a car on finance but without a credit check being performed but most lenders use a soft search that won’t affect your score. You can start to build a small credit history by using a credit building card to make small purchases on and paying them off on time and in full each month. Alternatively, something as small as getting a mobile phone contract in your name and setting up a direct debit to meet the repayment each month can build a credit history. 

  1. Make payments on time.

If you currently have finance or credit, it’s important that you focus on these repayments first before you look to open new credit accounts. The easiest way to increase your credit score is by keeping on top of repayments and showing evidence that you can meet deadlines. It can be a good idea to set up direct debits for any payments you need to make so they are never missed. If you are struggling with your current repayment schedule, you should never miss the payment and instead speak with your lender who provided the loan and see how they can help. 

  1. Consider hire purchase.

If you’re struggling to get a car on finance, you may be applying or the wrong kind of agreement. Hire purchase deals are never guaranteed but they could be more accessible for bad credit applicants. This is because hire purchase is a form of secured loan and means the lender owns the car throughout the agreement. If you fail to stay up to date with your repayments, the lender has the right to take the car off you so it lessens the risk, and they can use the car as collateral. This shouldn’t be taken lightly though and missed payments or having the car repossessed can lead to much more serious financial implications and massively affect your ability to borrow money in the future. 

Range Rover and Deer Valley Resort partnership via 360 magazine.

Range Rover House

Range Rover announced a three-year partnership with Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah and the opening of Range Rover House Park City, a premier alpine luxury destination. These announcements are a continuation of the Range Rover brand’s modern luxury strategy.

The partnership with Deer Valley Resort designates Range Rover as the “Official Luxury Vehicle of Deer Valley Resort,” beginning today, February 14, 2023. The brand will enhance the resort’s renowned guest experiences through preferred parking access, complimentary in-town transportation for lodging guests and curated ski package.

Range Rover House is a global series of premiere luxury venues offering Range Rover owners with exclusive curated experiences and hospitality. Range Rover House Park City will be located on Main Street, Park City, and is open by invitation exclusively to owners of all Range Rover brand vehicles beginning today, Tuesday, February 14 through Sunday, February 26, 2023.

Full story on the Ranger Rover partnership with Deer Valley Resort here.

Full story on the Range Rover House Park City here.

2022 Range Rover P530 First Edition activation in meatpacking district via 360 MAGAZINE.


The American Blockchain PAC (CryptoPAC) congratulates Tezos and Oxhead Alpha on their recent partnership with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and their continued commitment to improving the lives of people through technology.

Kevin Mehrabi, an advisor of the American Blockchain PAC (CryptoPAC) and founder of StableTech (Tezos Stable Technologies), played a role in this major milestone.

The California DMV, long-stuck in the past with paper-based technology, will now be able to take advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology thanks to this partnership. Digitizing car titles for California drivers will improve the efficiency and security of title transfers, while also streamlining the process.

Kevin Mehrabi, who serves on the advisory board of the American Blockchain PAC (CryptoPAC) and launched critical DeFi infrastructure for the growing Tezos DeFi ecosystem, said, “With this one act, the California DMV is defying the stereotype of bureaucratic inertia—the idea that government agencies are resistant to innovation. Blockchain technologies—and those based on Tezos blockchain, in particular—enable a transformative level of security and efficiency that traditional technologies fundamentally cannot, let alone at a tiny fraction of the operational cost. This will be a great demonstration of blockchain-based innovation for other US government agencies at state, local, and federal levels.”

Todd White, Founder of the American Blockchain PAC, said, “A significant blockchain use case private-public blockchain partnership has been achieved in the State of California.” 

Adelle Nazarian, CEO Of the American Blockchain PAC (CryptoPAC) said, “This partnership between Tezos, Oxhead Alpha, and the California DMV is a victory for the blockchain industry and a step towards mass adoption. Tezos’ ability to bring cutting-edge solutions to traditional industries is impressive and I am proud to be associated with such an innovative and forward-thinking company through the American Blockchain PAC (CryptoPAC).”

Maserati MSG Racing via 360 Magazine.

Maserati MSG Racing

Maserati MSG Racing fought to the top 10 in the second leg of the 2023 Diriyah E-Prix, with Edoardo Mortara finishing ninth at the Riyadh Street Circuit.

One day on from a challenging opening race at the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Monegasque marque returned to form, and extracted positive pace in qualifying to build growing momentum.

Both Edo and team-mate Maximilian Günther launched their efforts from Group B, and although Max fell shy of the duels, Edo slotted into the top four to progress to the Quarter-Finals.

Here, the Swiss-Italian racer faced off against Jaguar’s Mitch Evans and qualified seventh after losing out to the Kiwi over the one-lap head-to-head. Max, meanwhile, secured 10th.

At the start of the 39-lap affair, both drivers made positive progress, and while Edo advanced to fifth on lap one, Max snatched ninth by overtaking Stoffel Vandoorne on lap nine.

From here, the duo settled into a consistent rhythm, although Edo lost ground on the 21st lap after being passed by Jake Dennis and Sam Bird.

A Safety Car on lap 27, caused by a collision for Nico Müller, disrupted the team’s intended strategy and a return to green flag running on lap 31 left a 10-tour dash to the chequered flag.

Edo and Max used both of their Attack Modes during this time, and unfortunately slipped down the order on the final lap to finish ninth and 19th.

The FIA Formula E World Championship’s ninth season will resume on February 11, with a maiden outing in Hyderabad, India.

In Their Words

James Rossiter, Team Principal, Maserati MSG Racing
“After a difficult weekend, it’s nice to get some points on the board, although we’re still a long way from where we want to be. Delivering a good result in qualifying was key to our performance today, and Edo was super sharp on lap one to get fifth after starting from seventh. Max also did a great job to make up some ground and was in contention for points throughout. We were able to keep good pace with the leaders in the early stages, but with the bunched-up field, it was very difficult to time our Attack Mode activations. The Safety Car then made that even more complex and unfortunately, with the increased pace, it was difficult to make many inroads ahead. It’s been a challenging two days for everyone in the team, but I’m immensely proud of how everyone has pulled together. We took clear steps forward this weekend, and if we keep digging, I know that we can achieve the results I know we’re capable of.” 

Edoardo Mortara, Driver, Maserati MSG Racing
“After a tough first race, I think we recovered quite well today and advancing to the qualifying duels put us in a good position to challenge for points. I had quite a bit of wheelspin at the start, but I was able to get into the top five by passing Seb [Buemi] and Jake [Dennis]. Unfortunately, we didn’t really have the pace to stay with the leaders in the long-run, but after yesterday, we should be happy with some points. We have taken some steps forward, but we need to regroup before Hyderabad so we can continue to fight through the challenges we’re facing. I’m very grateful to my team and I have a lot of respect for everyone in the garage for all their hard work this weekend.”

Maximilian Günther, Driver, Maserati MSG Racing
“It’s been a very difficult weekend for us. The guys did a fantastic job to build a new car for today, and I think we made some positive steps in qualifying. Throughout the race, we were close to the points, but didn’t have the ultimate pace and efficiency to move forward. Although Diriyah has been tough, we’re a strong team and we need to keep pushing. I know that we can get there.”

Giovanni Sgro, Head of Maserati Corse
“First points of the season for the Maserati MSG Racing team with Edo finishing in ninth. It’s been a challenging weekend here in Diriyah, however the resilience of the team enabled us to have both drivers competing out on track. We’ve learnt a lot and now we’re looking ahead to India and to Round Four in Hyderabad.”

Maserati MSG Racing

Maserati MSG Racing is one of the founding teams of the FIA Formula E World Championship and in December 2013, became the first manufacturer to join motorsport’s premier fully-electric category. As one of only a handful of constant participants since the series’ inaugural 2014/15 season, MSG Racing has moved from strength to strength and in 2021, tasted vice World Championship success with Edoardo Mortara before completing its most successful season to date in 2022, finishing the season as the vice World Teams’ Champions.

Led by Chairman & Managing Partner, Scott Swid, and Team Principal, James Rossiter, the Monegasque marque is Formula E’s most gender-diverse team and is at the forefront of sustainability, EDI, technical innovation and excellence. For further information please visit our website. For media hub access and rights free content, please register here.

Maserati MSG Racing via 360 Magazine.
Maserati MSG Racing via 360 Magazine.
Mercedes-Benz announced new charging networks at CES via 360 MAGAZINE.


Mercedes-Benz Announces New Charging Network and Advanced Tech at CES 2023

The advancements in digital technologies, EV development, and forward-thinking by Mercedes-Benz were on full display at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. With incontrovertible electrification innovations — both current and on the horizon — the automotive manufacturing and software company from Stuttgart, Germany is nobly playing its part in ascertaining that the electrification of mobility is progressive, efficient, convenient, and widespread. Aptly, M-B took advantage of the fanfare at CES 2023 to launch its global branded, high-power charging network which will debut in North America in 2023.

At CES, Chief Technology Officer Markus Schäfer and Chief Software Officer Magnus Östberg hosted a TECH to DESIRE press conference to discuss the charging network, as well as an array of other news, such as the Vision EQXX research vehicle with an all-electric driving range of more than 745 miles; partnerships with Apple Music and Universal Music Group to provide elevated in-car sound experiences with Dolby Atmos; and Level 3 conditionally automated driving with Mercedes-Benz DRIVE PILOT. In standard German practice, the announcements were meticulous, tech-heavy, and digitally fascinating. The goal of the perpetuating ideologies from Mercedes-Benz‘s engineering perspective is to accelerate infrastructure development to make life easier and convey how technology creates desire for its customers.

Whether your EV adoration is for the EQ brand or another EV company, M-B is aggressively pushing EV adoption to accelerate humanity’s carbon neutrality target. The charging network will be open to every EV customer, not just Mercedes-Benz owners. The rollout will start this year in North America and pairs with MN8 Energy and ChargePoint, which operates one of the most expansive networks of independently owned EV charging stations in 14 countries. MN8 Energy is one of the US’s largest solar energy and battery storage owners and operators. Completion is expected by 2027 and should consist of 400 hubs with more than 2,500 high-power chargers, including an inordinate number of 350 kW chargers. EV drivers can locate the premium charging hubs near highways, central intersections, and metropolitan areas. Cameras for safety will be installed, and the most convenient locations will feature restaurants and restroom facilities close by. Expect 4 to 12 chargers at standard locations and up to 30 at busy junctions. M-B owners will also receive priority with the ability to reserve a spot before arrival.

“At Mercedes-Benz, we’re fully committed to making the charging of battery electric vehicles easier and more accessible,” stated Markus Schäfer. “By selecting MN8 Energy and ChargePoint as our partners in North America – two of the leaders in their respective fields – we’ll be able to continue to drive the transformation towards an electric future, which is one of the main pillars of our holistic, sustainable corporate strategy.”

In accordance with the network announcement, I was also able to experience a Las Vegas drive in the Vision EQXX ultra EV. Engineered in just 18 months and representing the most efficient Mercedes-Benz ever built, this experimental unit acts as a barometer for production EQ models, which may eventually inherit deviations from its technology, energy storage capabilities, and driving range. Ironically however, an owner of this particular EV may not need the high-power charging network since its range of 745 miles is so extensive. The development intention of the vehicle was to produce a battery with 100 kW capacity, lightweight construction, increased aero, and extreme efficiency.

To evaluate the EQXX’s limits, M-B engineers averaged an impressive energy consumption of 7.5 miles per kilowatt hour on a drive from Stuttgart, Germany to Silverstone, U.K. The RWD EQXX features carbon fiber components, fully covered magnesium rims, a solar-paneled fix roof for regeneration, a 47.5″ 8K MBUX display screen, and an all-planted-based interior utilizing bamboo, cactus, and mushroom-derived materials. Although it’s optimized for highway driving, the EV moves emphatically with its low center of gravity. Comparatively speaking, the EQXX battery is half the volume of the EQS battery and a third less in weight, yet has almost the same amount of energy as the EQS.

After a charge and refresher, hop back in your M-B EV to enjoy 31-speaker Burmester high-end 4D and 3D sound experiences to generate excitement en route to your next destination. With this system, which features speakers in the seats, you will hear and feel the music! M-B collaborated with Apple Music, Universal Music Group (UMG), and Dolby Atmos immersive audio to reproduce every sound element from recording sessions to harvest preferable in-car entertainment through MBUX. As a result, a Mercedes-Benz is now the first device not produced by Apple to present Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos. Furthermore, this setup provided a lane for UMG artists to base their song approval procedures on the end mix and establish the “Approved in a Mercedes-Benz” seal as a gold standard of sound.

The future of mobility was presented succinctly to showgoers looking for the most visceral human experience possible from the collision of virtual reality and analog worlds. Mercedes-Benz gave audiences the latest innovations, cutting-edge technology, and future cars at the 2023 Consumer Electronics. So are you ready for the next transitioning stage of mobility?

Article: Kimatni Rawlins

Mercedes-Benz announced new charging networks at CES via 360 MAGAZINE.
Mercedes-Benz announced new charging networks at CES via 360 MAGAZINE.
Lexus RZ all-electric vehicle via 360 MAGAZINE.



In new marketing campaign, Lexus shares its vision of an electric future

What will define the electrified future? Lexus believes that the future of electric vehicles will be versatile, anticipatory and centered on elevating the consumer’s driving and ownership experience. A new marketing campaign, called “Lexus Electrified,” shows how people are the inspiration behind the versatility of the Lexus electrified line of vehicles. The broadcast spot, “Like Attracts Like,” debuts today.

“When it comes to our guests’ mobility needs, we know that one size does not fit all. That’s why we created an electrified driving experience with a variety of powertrains that can cater to and elevate any lifestyle,” said Vinay Shahani, vice president, Lexus marketing. “With sophisticated style, impeccable craftsmanship and the support of our amazing nationwide dealer network, our electrified vehicles deliver an immersive luxury experience, inspired by our guests.”

Since the launch of the RX 400h in 2005, the world’s first luxury hybrid sport utility vehicle, Lexus has pioneered electrification in the luxury automotive market. Under its “Lexus Electrified” vision, Lexus aims to work toward carbon neutrality in a way that is accessible for every guest through a variety of powertrains that cater to their individual needs. Lexus will continue to add to its electrified portfolio of products which currently includes hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and battery electric vehicles (BEV) to provide the quintessential luxury electrification experience that exceeds the needs and expectations of luxury auto buyers. And by 2035, Lexus aims to achieve 100% BEVs in all models globally.

“Like Attracts Like” brings to life the idea that people are the power behind every Lexus. A series of individuals on stages use electricity in different ways to fuel their interests. A band jams in a room. A tennis player hits balls fired by an electric ball machine. A dancer wears a light-up suit. Cables trailing down from each stage glow as a metaphor for human electricity generating the power behind Lexus innovation. The spot showcases four electrified Lexus vehicles – the RZ 450e, RX 500h, NX 450h+ and the Electrified Sport Concept.

As a part of the “Electrified” campaign, Lexus is partnering with The Atlantic as the exclusive automotive sponsor of “Progress” — a reporting project and live event series devoted to covering modern progress and the forces shaping a better future for all. This program features groundbreaking inventions that are moving the world forward, including Lexus’ lineup of electrified products. Lexus’ sponsorship kicked off in December with The Atlantic’s Progress Summit in Los Angeles, and continues through March with digital, custom content, social and print support.

“Like Attracts Like” will air on primetime, cable and sports. In addition to linear and streaming video, the campaign will be supported through digital, streaming audio, social, print and out-of-home media. For more information, visit

2022 Range Rover P530 First Edition activation in meatpacking district via 360 MAGAZINE.

Range Rover P530 First Edition

The 2022 Land Rover Range Rover P530 First Edition is a clear definition of a successful product and one of the most stunning vehicles on the market, attracting the attention of car enthusiasts as well as the general public. This new British SUV model showcases non-hybrid and new hybrid engines with adopted rear-wheel steering and new accommodative seven-occupant seating. The P530 provides a range of customizations for customers including notable options between short and long wheelbases, luxury and comfortable amenities, and a split rear tailgate.


The first edition of this enhanced Rover was designed for both a breathtaking melding of function and design that reconstructs the previous models. Lead designer, Gerry McGovern, and his team reimagined an icon. Gerry and the team indeed successfully crafted a remarkable fifth-generation Range Rover P530 and arrived at classic sleek, pared-down elegance. Imagine  23-inch veers uniquely filling the arcs and “the hidden” vertical rear light. Check out the vertical taillights that appear when illuminated that indeed make a difference for the rear. The switchgear is more upscale, sleeker, and softer than previous models. For the first time, the first edition Range Rover has an additional third-row feature that expands the previous linear design, making the interior a show stunner.

Most importantly, short and long-wheel-based designs have a choice of four, five, or seven-seat interiors. The P530 comes with an engine capacity of 4.4 liters with a V8 Twin –Turbo petrol design, automatic transmission of eight-speed, drivetrain equipped with intelligent all-wheel intelligent driveline dynamics, a classic exterior color sunset gold satin, interior trim fitted with perlino semi-aniline leather, and Pirelli-285/40 R23 A/S tires. The new model is also equipped with an electrified powertrain that provides PHEV that conjoins the advanced Ingenium petrol engine with a 105kW electric motor, empowering the car to function as a full petrol engine or electric vehicle when necessary. Engine includes an intercooler and twin-turbocharged DOHC 32-valve V-8, aluminum block and heads, direct fuel injection engine with a displacement of 268 in3, 4395 cm3, power of 523 hp @ 6000 rpm and Torque: 553 lb-ft @ 1800 rpm.


This First Edition tech advancements include the finest materials to craft a conducive haven for all passengers, making each journey a memorable and wonderful experience. Talk about the works – a steering wheel modernized with electric power-assisted steering, rack, and pinion all-wheel steering, a 13.1-inch Pivi pro touchscreen designed as an instructions center platform, hard buttons for HVAC, and rotary controllers. Driven modes and off-road functions like crawl control, hill descent, and low range provide flexibility for any driving occasion. Additionally, the SUV has Android Auto and wireless Apple Car play, Meridian sound, improved seats, and Alexa voice control. Meridian sound comes with the third-generation dynamic noise dissolution system, which displays engine sounds transmitted to the cabin, tire noise, and wheel vibration for a full sensory trip. The engine sound transmitter generates a canceling signal and includes a duo of 60 mm breadth speakers fixed on the head support of the four main passengers’ seats for a beautifully personalized ride. The new model standard wheelbase is equipped with front and rear suspension. The front suspension has a double wishbone with a virtual swivel axis and split a lower arm, electronic air suspension. To contrast, the rear suspension has five-link axles, electronic air, and suspension.


The 2022 P530 was crafted with peerless refinement and effortless performance. It has an inclusive line-up of unconventional 6 and 8-container drivelines, either an advanced chargeable turbo of 4.4L “hot-vee” V8 thrusting out 523 horsepower and 553 lb-ft or mild-hybrid chargeable turbo of 3.0L straight-six making 406 lb-ft of torque and 395 ponies. There’s even a straight 6-cylinder with an advanced 48v mild hybrid Ingenium petrol and diesel engine with a 39.2kWh battery operated containing lithium-ion, which has a 105 kW electric motor integrated with transmission and a usable capacity of 31.8kWh. The recent model’s performance on the road is smooth and delivers seamless wafting, which separates it from the previous models. To top it off, it can blend serene road trip rides with enhanced body control. On the pavement, the P530 will hover over broken pavements, melting large suspension movements and neutralizing small ones to shake down the needle of the chassis briefly. It provides electrified performance with a comprehensive line-up of advanced powertrains that brings new levels of capability to Land Rover‘s flagship SUV and efficiency compared to past fleets.

Bolster an electrified performance with two new Extended-Range plug-in hybrid electric vehicle powertrains providing up to 113km/70 miles of EV range and extraordinary efficiency. The vehicle has two main charging options: a DC rapid charger, which provides an efficiency of 0-80 % in under an hour, and an AC home charger which provides an efficiency of 0-100% in five hours. Notably, the extended Range PHEV uses three driving modes: save mode, EV mode, and hybrid mode. Save mode preserves the battery level to be used later while hybrid mode optimizes energy efficiency between petrol and electric power.

Additional features

Advanced rear-wheel steering has improved tighter turning stability above 50km/h which can reduce its turning circle. Touch control makes shifting from the second-row seat to the third-row seat easy; all you have to do is tap the touch control to activate the rear sliding and tipping forward function. Generally, there’s advanced, responsible and sustainable interior options. The interior offers customers a more comprehensive range of finishes and materials, such as innovative tactile Ultra fabrics and textiles. The new model SWB and LWB have new auto-folding load space covers behind the first, second, and third rows with a sheathable design that moves back when the upper tailgate is unlocked. The load space provides a more spacious load area for the convenience of the customers.

To add, it comes with unique technical specifications of HF 523, a torque lb-ft 553, top speed of 155 mph. The P530 is available in a Sunset Gold Satin finish and offers various exterior colors. Other features entail a tailgate events suite with leather cushions, wireless device charging with a phone signal booster, blind spot assist, traffic sign recognition, and an adaptive speed limiter.

Target Audience/ Pricing

In short, the 2022 Land Rover Range Rover P530 First Edition is a perfect match for someone who is looking for luxurious amenities and willing to incur extra 100,000 dollars for a unique Range Rover experience. Due to its improved occupant capacity, the automobile caters to individuals with large families looking for spacious load space areas and additional seating.

The Range Rover P530 First Edition is your option if you want something more exclusive and pricey. The model’s price depends on customers’ preference; a standard wheelbase will cost you approximately $263,700 – $333,410.

Check out The 2022 Range Rover P530 First Edition Here

2022 Range Rover P530 First Edition activation in meatpacking district via 360 MAGAZINE.
2022 Range Rover P530 First Edition activation in meatpacking district via 360 MAGAZINE.
2022 Range Rover P530 First Edition activation in meatpacking district via 360 MAGAZINE.
2022 Range Rover P530 First Edition activation in meatpacking district via 360 MAGAZINE.
2022 Range Rover P530 First Edition activation in meatpacking district via 360 MAGAZINE.
2022 Range Rover P530 First Edition activation in meatpacking district via 360 MAGAZINE.
2022 Range Rover P530 First Edition activation in meatpacking district via 360 MAGAZINE.
2022 Range Rover P530 First Edition activation in meatpacking district via 360 MAGAZINE.
2022 Range Rover P530 First Edition activation in meatpacking district via 360 MAGAZINE.
2022 Range Rover P530 First Edition activation in meatpacking district via 360 MAGAZINE.
2022 Range Rover P530 First Edition activation in meatpacking district via 360 MAGAZINE.
2022 Range Rover P530 First Edition activation in meatpacking district via 360 MAGAZINE.

Article: Jess (Jindian) Chen, Krish Narsinghani, Vaughn Lowery