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Making the Cut's Esther Perbandt is on the cover of 360 MAGAZINE.


Thursday, February 9


Room & Board Flagship
236 W. 18th ST
NY, NY 10011


Dear Potential Donor:

On behalf of 360 Magazine, Incorporated (an NGLCC certified LGBT Business Enterprise), DT Beauty, Incorporated, Under One Roof Productions, LLC we’d like to formally invite you to join us as a sponsor for the upcoming fashion pin NYC at Room & Board, Next Frontier in Fashion. This event is a fantastic opportunity to join us in highlighting emerging fashion designers and trends from around the world and will allow you to promote your brand to like-minded individuals and press in location.

Next Frontier in Fashion is committed to making our event not only the year’s most successful show, but OUR greatest show ever. To accomplish the task, we are partnering with quality sponsors like you.

In return for your generous financial support of event name, we will promote your brand in our marketing campaigns, promotional materials, during the show, and in post-show communications. These promotions will benefit you by increasing brand awareness amongst a target audience of thousands and top ranking media outlets. 

360®, NFIF‘s official media sponsor has a reach/circulation of the following:

670,000 visitors
110,000 print


19-39 yro fe/male college-educated youthful connoisseurs within their respective global communities with a strong interest in breaking news, pop culture, travel, auto, health, fashion, philanthropy, art, design, tech, music, and entrepreneurship.

Their latest sighting was on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, featuring former cover girl Skai Jackson.

As always, our success depends on partnership with brands like yours, and we are proud to have served as a valuable marketing partner for years. For any questions or concerns, we encourage you to reach out to us directly on email. Thank you for reviewing our sponsorship proposal attached, and I look forward to partnering with you to make event name a success!


D’angelo Thompson + Javier Pedroza

DT Beauty INC + Under One Roof Productions LLC

Founders + Producers


TITLE – $25,000

• Dedicated Exclusive Activation Space

• On-site Signage throughout Room & Board

• Award Presentation with speaking opportunity

• VIP seating for 10

• Placement on all pre-collateral and event signage

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CHAMPION – $20,000

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LOUNGE – $10,000

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• 2 raffle tickets for Room&Board furniture

Sanaa Lathan on the cover of 360 MAGAZINE.
Demi Lovato is a 360 MAGAZINE cover girl.
Steve Aoki covers 360 MAGAZINE.
Rapper Eve covers 360 MAGAZINE.
Swedish House Mafia via 360 MAGAZINE.
BEP star covers 360 MAGAZINE.
360 MAGAZINE places Saweetie on the cover.
Jay Wheeler covers 360 MAGAZINE.
Skai Jackson is a 360 MAGAZINE cover girl.
Skai Jackson is a 360 MAGAZINE cover girl.

This month’s Emerging Entrepreneur is Berlin native and Making the Cut participant Esther Perbandt.

Esther Perbandt’s Cover Photographer: Vaughn Lowery




Ceramics and pottery spanning decades to be offered

Ceramics specialist and antiques expert Henry Sandon (MBE)

Chorley’s auctioneers is delighted to announce that it will offer the private collection of BBC Antiques Roadshow’s long-serving expert, Henry Sandon (MBE), known for his passion for porcelain and pottery and in particular, Royal Worcester porcelain. The prized collection of many of his treasured pieces will be offered in a sale titled The Henry Sandon Ceramic Study Collection at Chorley’s on Tuesday, 18th April, 2023

Featured image: An important Royal Worcester plate by famous Worcester artist Harry Stinton (1883-1968)

Estimate £1,000-£1,400

As well as being a world-recognised antiques expert, Henry Sandon (b. 1928) is an author and former lecturer, as well as the father of the renowned TV ceramics expert John Sandon. He began his career with an interest in archaeology, which offered a deep insight into the world of ceramics from all countries, cultures and decades. In 1967 he was appointed curator of the Dyson Perrins Museum at the Royal Worcester Factory, a position he held until 1982, but he is most well-known for his role as an antiques expert on the long-running BBC television show Antiques Roadshow.

Speaking about his passion for ceramics and his extensive collection, Henry says: “I wanted to title my collection ‘Ancient and Modern’ like the hymnbook, for it was choral music that brought me to Worcester. I came to teach at the grammar school and to sing in the wonderful cathedral choir, and once in Worcester, I discovered ceramics everywhere. I dug up Roman and Medieval pots in my garden by the Cathedral and was captivated by their history. Digging up broken pots led me to attend local auctions and antique shops filled with Worcester porcelain.

I also discovered modern pottery. Geoffrey Whiting, one of Britain’s greatest Studio Potters, held classes in Worcester. I was a terrible pupil, but from Geoffrey Whiting I learned to love his pots and those of many other modern potters, who became good friends. In 1967 the Museum of Royal Worcester needed a new curator and my enthusiasm got me the job that changed my life.

A Royal Worcester vase by famed Worcester artist Harry Davis (1885-1970). Estimate £800-£1,200.


I learnt the history of Worcester porcelain from scratch, helped by wonderful mentors, three of whom gave me the same advice: Jim Kiddell from Sotheby’s, the great collector Dr Bernard Watney and my dear friend Geoffrey Godden all told me that the best way to learn about ceramics was to form a study collection. It didn’t matter that I could only afford damaged examples of the early pottery I coveted. I knew it was important to buy as much as I could and to hold it and live with it. These experts would come to the museum to help me sort the finds from my important excavations on the site of the earliest Worcester china factory. At this time, fifty years ago, Worcester still had a flourishing china factory. I spent much of my time taking important visitors around the factory and meeting the great artists who had spent their entire lives working at the porcelain works. People like the modeller Doris Lindner and the painter Daisy Rea had so many wonderful stories to tell. Above all, I cherish every moment I was able to spend with Harry Davis, who I believe was the greatest porcelain painter of all time. 

Attending sales at Bruton Knowles I met and became a special friend of the legendary Arthur Negus.” Arthur Negus (1903-1985) was the first ‘Television Antiques Expert’, having starred in the popular antiques TV show Going for a Song. He took part in the pilot for the Antiques Roadshow in 1977 and was an immediate hit with viewers. This was the beginning of a brand-new genre in television, but no one could have predicted its enduring appeal to this day.

Henry continues: “We got on really well and Arthur showed me that a passion and enthusiasm like ours would rub off on others, through lectures and through the new medium of television. For Birmingham University I began teaching evening classes covering the whole history of ceramics and instead of using slides like most lecturers, I took along actual pieces from my rapidly expanding study collection, pots my students could hold for themselves.

Meanwhile appearances with Arthur Negus on Going for a Song and Arthur Negus Enjoys, led me to join, in 1979, The Antiques Roadshow, which gave me a chance to share my love of ceramics with a massive audience around the world.


A north coast Peruvian stirrup vessel in the form of a seated warrior holding a club, dating from circa 200-600 AD.

Estimate £300-£400.

I had to sell part of my study collection forty years ago when I went to Canada as the Director of The George Gardiner Museum in Toronto, one of the world’s leading centres for the study of ceramics of all kinds. When I returned to Worcester I gave special encouragement to many new manufactories of ceramics, where I found traditional skills were still preserved, but struggling to survive in tough conditions. My name and enthusiasm for real craftsmanship helped British ceramics factories large and small and for my efforts I was rewarded with an MBE from the Queen for services to Charity and to the Ceramics Industry. Now that I am older than most of the ceramics in my collection, I am no longer able to pick up and hold and cherish every one of the hundreds of pieces I have lived with all around me. I need other people to help care for me now and so it’s time to find new owners to care for all my beloved pots. I have known Simon Chorley way back since Arthur Negus’s days and so I asked him to organise this sale. Apart from just a few special favourites for my family to treasure, it is time for all of my pots to join new study collections.”

Titled The Henry Sandon Ceramic Study Collection, the auction will include many examples by Worcester artists that Henry describes above, particularly by his great friend, the late Harry Davis, as well as more modern studio pieces by another friend, Geoffrey Whiting. Pots from 2000BC to the present day will grace Henry Sandon’s sale and people will have the opportunity to buy a piece of history, as well as a memento of one of our ‘National Treasures’.

Among the highlights is an important Royal Worcester plate by Harry Stinton (1883-1968), a member of one of the most famous Worcester families of artists – the Stintons painted at the factory for almost 160 years. 


A stoneware vase by the revered studio potter Geoffrey Whiting (1919-1988). Estimate £300–£500.

The plate in the sale is from a service commissioned in 1928, by the founder of another famous family, William Keith Kellogg (1860-1951) of the legendary cereal company, trading as Kellogg’s. Kellogg ordered two sets, both comprising just 25 plates, painted by Royal Worcester’s two best artists. The costly red background on the plates was chosen to match the colour of the famous Kellogg’s logo.

In 1985 Henry Sandon advised on the sale of the service, being offered in sets of twelve plates, and was allowed to choose the one ‘spare’ plate of each design for himself. The current example is the one he chose. It features a rich border with raised gilding and in the centre is a watermill in a snow scene. It is signed by Harry Stinton and carries an estimate of £1,000-£1,400.

Another important piece in the sale is a Royal Worcester vase by the famed Worcester artist Harry Davis (1885-1970). In his last years, Harry became a great friend of Henry Sandon. Harry had started  at the Worcester factory aged just 13 and soon gained a wonderful reputation for his work. In time, Harry became foreman of the ‘Men’s Painters department’ at the factory, as well as teaching apprentices joining Royal Worcester.

In 1928 Harry Davis helped Harry Stinton with the Kellogg’s service and in 1938 he painted a vase for the Australian cricketer Sir Donald Bradman to commemorate his three double centuries on the New Road Ground at Worcester. Henry Sandon was later to enjoy a wonderful correspondence with Don Bradman about cricket and the incredible Harry Davis vase and in 2004 Henry travelled to Australia to see the Bradman Vase for himself. Harry Davis created a very different vase in Henry’s sale featuring a stag in a snow scene in experimental sunset colouring. Painted by Harry Davis in 1921, Henry acquired the vase from the artist himself and it is estimated to fetch £800-£1,200.


A toby jug in the form of Henry Sandon by Staffordshire maker Kevin Francis Ceramics. Estimate £50-£100.

A stoneware vase by the celebrated studio potter Geoffrey Whiting (1919-1988) also features in the sale. Northumberland-born Geoffrey trained as an architect but fell in love with the craft of pottery and set up his own pottery in Worcestershire. Henry Sandon is passionate about Geoffrey Whiting’s pots and lent a number of his pieces to the Whiting Retrospective Exhibition, including this slab-form vase, which has ‘resist’ decoration made using a lost-wax technique. The vase carries an estimate of £300-£500.

An example of one of the older pieces in the collection, is a north coast Peruvian stirrup vessel in the form of a seated warrior holding a club. From the Mochica (Moche) culture, it dates from circa 200-600 AD and is estimated to fetch £300-£400. A fun addition to the sale is a toby jug in the form of Henry Sandon by Staffordshire maker Kevin Francis Ceramics. The jug features experimental colours and was not put into production, making it truly unique. It carries an estimate of £50-£100.

Simon Chorley, commenting on the collection says: “Chorley’s is delighted to have been instructed to sell the collection, as we have had a wonderful, long-standing relationship with both Henry and Arthur.” He tells us: “I first met Henry Sandon at the Three Choirs Festival at Gloucester in 1965. I was a chorister at Gloucester Cathedral, while Henry was a Lay Clerk at Worcester. In the early 1970s I joined the firm Bruton Knowles and was under the wing of Arthur Negus. Henry often attended auctions and occasionally met and chatted with Arthur.

It was marvellous to see both experts really enjoying beautiful objects throughout their many appearances on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow. After Arthur’s death in 1985, I was involved with arranging the auction of his treasured collection. Henry very much enjoyed that sale and it is now a privilege for me to be involved in arranging Henry’s sale. In 2002 I was invited as a guest to This is Your Life, where Henry Sandon was the surprised recipient of the ‘Red Book’ and the final surprise guest was Anne, Arthur Negus’ daughter. She enthused about her late father’s great friendship with Henry and is now thrilled that Chorley’s are conducting Henry’s auction, a conclusion to the two friends’ and magnificent broadcasters’ life-long enjoyment of collecting.”

Photos: Courtesy of Chorley’s

Raphael Hotel Waelderhaus, a sustainable hotel, in Hamburg Germany via 360 MAGAZINE.

What Are Cymatics and How Are They Used in Popular Culture?

People find inspiration in everything. Although you might look to music or art for inspiration, some people delve into the science of sound. It’s why so many pop culture phenomena rely on cymatics.

This article explains everything you need to know about cymatics to understand why it appears so frequently in popular culture. You may even find yourself inspired to use it in your own life.

What Are Cymatics?

Cymatics is the study of turning vibrations and sounds into visual art. Scientists and creatives will use a material — such as sand or metal — as a background and study how the soundwaves or tremors create patterns.

In 1967, Hans Jenny published his book, “Cymatics: The Study of Wave Phenomena.” He coined the term to describe the impacts of acoustic sound on sound waves. It opened doors for other forms of research that developed his term into real-world applications.

However, cymatics began back in the sixteenth century with Galileo Galilei. He studied the science of vibrations, specifically related to the frequency and pitch of the specific sound playing at any given time.

What Are They Used For?

It may be challenging to picture why sound waves are so important to science. Jenny’s work opened a new field of science, which experts explored to potentially further explain their own areas of expertise.

In 2013, scientists applied the theory of cymatics or sound waves to what they found as a result of the Big Bang. They noted sound produced after the Big Bang, which left patterns within light throughout the universe. By transforming those pockets into sound wave patterns, people can now listen to the echoes that were the first thing that happened in the known universe after the Big Bang.

Cymatics can also transform how people produce art or explain science outside of professional fields. It’s a visual and auditory medium, so it’s often used in popular culture to entertain.

Examples of Cymatics in Popular Culture

There are a few ways cymatics appears in popular culture and why people might implement it in their work.

1. The Finishing Touch

The Glenfiddich team knew the brand’s Glenfiddich 21 whiskey had a unique story. The marketing campaign explained how the flavors were raised in Scotland and roused in the Caribbean. Cymatics became the way to visualize the rising action in their narrative.

In the Glenfiddich commercial, a Caribbean vocal artist and an orchestra from Scotland play a song. As the music plays, quick shots reveal sound waves on the surface of the whiskey. Sound waves even contort the falling liquid into S-shapes and levitate a single drop with the power of science. The resulting eight million views are a testament to the entertaining power of visual sound.

2. Björk’s Tour Projections

In 2011, singer-songwriter Björk began her Biophilia international tour. Before the first show, she partnered with abstract artists to create cymatic projections. They invented projected video clips of vibrating sand and the Big Bang soundwaves in reverse. The images reflected meanings within Björk’s lyrics and brought a new entertaining element to the show.

While people could view pictures and video clips on the TVs above the stage, others with seats higher in the audience watched Björk perform on a stage continually shifting in cymatic images. Creating more visual meaning to live lyrics led to a more entertaining experience, all because scientists began to study sound in centuries past.

3. The Rosslyn Motet

When composer Stuart Mitchell took a closer look at the carvings within Scotland’s Rosslyn Chapel, he wondered if they were specific notches to note cymatic patterns. He transformed the symbols from the chapels’ 14 arches into sound and pushed “The Rosslyn Motet” album in 2006. It was musical art expressing love for science, sound and the exciting potential for a musical conspiracy etched within architecture.

4. The Glitch Mob’s Music Video

Fans of electronic music watched cymatics in action when The Glitch Mob released their music video for “Becoming Harmonious.” The song overlays a black background that shifts in shapes and colors as the song winds through drops, faster beats and ever-changing volume.

5. Mandali Mendrilla’s Kamadhenu Dress

Cymatics also reaches the fashion industry’s sector of popular culture. Designer Mandali Mendrilla created the Kamadhenu Dress — or the third installation of the Wish Tree Dress series — in 2015. Mendrilla intended for the series to inspire people to feel happiness by evoking various sources of the emotion throughout global cultures.

Moodboards brought the dress to life, which featured cymatic imagery as inspiration for how energy affects the human experience. Mendrilla combined the various shapes with mythology about the goddess Kamadhenu in the dress’ final form. After its runway debut, it became an interactive art installation.

6. Jimmy O’Neal’s Cymascope Painting

People know Jimmy O’Neal as an abstract painter, so when he created a mural outside 5 Walnut Wine Bar, many people were surprised. His outlet of creative expression had momentarily changed, but it was because he found inspiration in cymatics.

O’Neal used a wine glass with a singular sip of wine inside to record a sound. He traced his finger around the wine glass rim and created a 511.95 Hertz frequency in a recording. The frequency translated onto a cymascope water dish in the same shapes projected onto the wine bar’s exterior walls.

The public art drew attention to the science of frequency and vibration. Although O’Neal remains a painter, the one-time installation became famous in the worlds of art and advertising. Cymatics continued to expand various popular culture sectors to bring people together with a scientific visual medium.

7. “The Rings of Power” Opening Sequence

Real-world physics might be the last thing you think about when opening one of J.R.R. Tolkien’s books, but science plays a significant role in one of his show’s opening sequences. When “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” debuted in 2022, fans watched ichor and small chunks of granite morph across their screens in ever-changing ways.

The sequence’s directors found themselves inspired by sound. With a homemade cymascope and an iPhone, they recorded what visual effects happened when they played sounds like rock and roll or Gregorian chants.

Seven months of editing resulted in CG and real-life footage of cymatics transforming into images coincidentally evoking moments in the TV show’s season. The result was a timeless sequence that made the show stand out from other “The Lord of the Rings” media.

2023 Coachella lineup announced via 360 MAGAZINE.


Coachella returns to the Empire Polo Club in Indio, CA for two weekends set for April 14 – 16 and April 21 – 23, 2023 with Bad Bunny, BLACKPINK, Frank Ocean, Calvin Harris, Gorillaz, Björk, Burna Boy, ROSALÍA, Eric Prydz presents HOLO, Kali Uchis and more performing both weekends. (Full lineup as of January 10 below). 

Very limited Weekend 1 passes remain. For your best chance at passes, look to Weekend 2. Register now for access to passes at Presale begins Friday, January 13 at 11am PT. This is a presale and does not guarantee pass type, packages or camping.

YouTube returns in 2023 as the exclusive livestream partner for both Coachella weekends on our official YouTube channel; delivering iconic performances, exciting behind-the-scenes content, and so much more to millions of fans around the world.  

Official Hotel Packages that bundle festival passes with local lodging and transportation are available for weekend one and weekend two, sold exclusively through Valley Music Travel.

For more festival information and updates, please visit

The complete Coachella lineup in ABC order is as follows:



070 Shake



A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

Adam Beyer 

AG Club


Alex G

Ali Sethi



Bad Bunny 


Becky G


Big Wild 




Boris Brejcha



Burna Boy 

Calvin Harris




Charli XCX

Chloé Caillet

Chris Stussy

Christine and the Queens



Conexión Divina


Dennis Cruz + PAWSA


Destroy Boys

Diljit Dosanjh 

Dinner Party ft. Terrace Martin, Robert Glasper, Kamasi Washington

DJ Tennis + Carlita



Domi & JD Beck 

Dominic Fike

Donavan’s Yard




El Michels Affair

Eladio Carrión



Eric Prydz Presents HOLO

Ethel Cain

Fisher + Chris Lake


Flo Milli


Francis Mercier

Frank Ocean





Hiatus Kaiyote


Hot Since 82


Idris Elba 

Jackson Wang

Jai Paul 

Jai Wolf

Jamie Jones 

Jan Blomqvist 

Joy Crookes 

Juliet Mendoza

Jupiter & Okwess

Kali Uchis



Kenny Beats

Knocked Loose

Kyle Watson



Lava La Rue

Lewis OfMan

Los Bitchos

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs

LP Giobbi

Maceo Plex 

Magdalena Bay


Marc Rebillet 



Metro Boomin

Minus the Light






Mura Masa



Nora En Pure

Oliver Koletzki


Paris Texas

Pi’erre Bourne 

Porter Robinson 

Pusha T

Rae Sremmurd 


Remi Wolf




Sasha & John Digweed

Sasha Alex Sloan


SG Lewis 


Sleaford Mods

Snail Mail


Soul Glo

Stick Figure 

Sudan Archives 

Sunset Rollercoaster

Tale Of Us


The Blaze

The Breeders

The Chemical Brothers

The Comet Is Coming

The Garden


The Linda Lindas

The Murder Capital

Tobe Nwigwe


TV Girl

Two Friends


Uncle Waffles 


Vintage Culture

Wet Leg

Weyes Blood


Whyte Fang



Yung Lean


Yves Tumor

Rottet Collection wins good design award in Chicago via 360 MAGAZINE.


The Walking Bench from the Rottet Collection by Hall of Fame architect and interior designer Lauren Rottet, FAIA, FIIDA, has won a prestigious GOOD DESIGN® Award and earlier in the year also captured a top place in the 2022 NYCxDESIGN Product Design Awards. 

The GOOD DESIGN® Awards recognize the top new products bestowed annually by The Chicago Athenaeum in cooperation with the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies. Founded in Chicago in 1950, GOOD DESIGN® is the oldest and most respected program awarding design excellence worldwide. This year the museum received a record number of submissions from an international roster of top manufacturers and industrial, product and graphic design firms representing 55 nations.

“I’m thrilled with this recognition and want to thank this year’s panel of  judges along with the design community,” said Rottet, when referencing the recent win for the Walking Bench (top), a sculpted horizontal stone bench that received multiple awards and accolades this year.

The Walking Bench won the 2022 NYCxDESIGN Product Design Award for best residential seating and was a finalist in the A+Product Awards from Architizer. Highlighting angled legs and marble construction, the bench was originally designed as indoor/outdoor seating for the entry foyer at the Kips Bay Show House in Dallas.

The Rottet Collection along with the Walking Bench can be viewed by appointment only at the New York Showroom, 29 West 30th St., 6th Floor.  Contact: Sandra Sharma, Director, Rottet Collection, 866-400-4777.

About Lauren Rottet

Lauren Rottet is Founding Principal of Rottet Studio, an international architecture and interior design firm recognized as one of the Top 3 Most Admired Design Firms in the World. Lauren Rottet is one of the most celebrated designers of our time and the first  woman to hold the title of both FAIA and FIIDA. She also holds the titles of  Interior Design Hall of Fame, Interiors Designer of the Year, Boutique Design’s Designer of the Year and Hospitality Design Platinum Circle inductee. Rottet’s product designs have earned many accolades, including Interior Design’s Best of Year, four gold medals for Best of NeoCon and eight Chicago Athenaeum GOOD DESIGN Awards. “I have never seen someone who is as skilled in such a wide vernacular of design styles from contemporary minimal to elegantly traditional in such an authentic manner,” said architecture critic Paul Goldberger about Rottet’s signature oeuvre.



Louis Vuitton debuted their latest campaign in collaboration with internationally acclaimed artist, Yayoi Kusama. Celebrating the ten-year anniversary of Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama’s first global collaboration, this campaign has already garnered attention worldwide and is paving the way for an even-more alluring collection offering. The highly-anticipated first drop of the collection will officially hit stores on January 6th, and will be available in the Miami Design District and Aventura Mall.

Offering an array of items for both men and women across all product categories, the collection is built on several themes iconic to Yayoi Kusama: Dots, Flowers, Pumpkins and Faces. The Maison’s Savoir Faire takes center stage, displaying exquisite attention to detail through a variety of printing and embellishment techniques.


Ten years after its global collaboration, Louis Vuitton launches chapter two of its partnership with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, hitting stores worldwide this month. In 2012, Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama’s collaboration flourished through various universes of the Maison, from product, exhibitions, and a series of unique window installations. In 2023, the second installment is an ultimate tribute to her extraordinary art, audacity and craftsmanship that has nurtured the longstanding relationship. A handful of leather goods were unveiled during the Women’s Cruise 2023 Collection fashion show at the Salk Institute in San Diego: a first glimpse teasing the 2023 collection which is, with a captivation retrospective approach, built on several themes iconic to the artist: Dots, Flowers, Pumpkins and Faces. For the first time, this unique collaboration includes all product categories for both men’s and women’s. Displaying all our métier’s savoir-faire, it explores a variety of printing and embellishment techniques, from 3D serigraphy to exquisite leather marquetry, subtle jacquard to complex embroideries, laser on denim and delicate enameling. The collection will appear in two parts, with the first drop launching January 6th, 2023 and the second drop launching March 31st, 2023.

Berlin's Making the Cut contestant Esther Perbandt covers the 360 MAGAZINE, shot by Vaughn Lowery.

Esther Perbandt

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Esther Perbandt on IMDB.

Esther Perbandt has to be one of the most dynamic fashionistas of the modern day. Dressed in all black like the omen, she breathes fire into anyone in her line of sight. In fact, It’s one of the reasons why we all fell in love with her on Making The Cut. Recently, we literally bumped into her during a recent trip to Berlin. She’s an impressionable soul who breathes new life into someone who has been depleted by the daily grind or trauma. She moves like water, taking on the shape of whatever space she fills. “I would never have applied to the show because it’s really commercial,” Esther says of how she got on Making The Cut, “I was known in Berlin for being the arty Esther doing big fashion shows and theater. The word commercial was a no-go for me.” “When I read it (the invitation), I was like no way, not me,” luckily she didn’t answer right away, “but then I said: ‘Esther If you think twice, this is exactly what you need. Finally, the international attention.’ I was working my ass off at the time but it wasn’t really working.” The Queen of Black may not have won her Amazon Prime contest for a million dollars, but she’s certainly gained a million fans across the globe. Her supportive nature, loyalty, and tenacity have led to numerous collaborations, including the first-ever jewelry capsule with Adidas.

She admits that she isn’t as sustainable as she had hoped to be as a designer, but at least she is aware of her shortcomings. She does, however, state that she will drive two hours for locally sourced materials such as zippers made in Germany. “I have the goal to become sustainable or maybe 100% sustainable in ten years,” Esther states, “the vision of my brand in ten years is very digital, so I’m playing a lot with digital fashion…and also using it as a tool to become more sustainable.”

You’d have to be a fool to believe that this unpolished, meticulously engineered black diamond won’t have her moment to shine. Someone who has struggled on her path to success will eventually prosper. “People love to invite me to speak because I’m very honest,” Esther admits, “I talk about how bad it was sometimes that I was sleeping on the floor because I had to rent my apartment to get some money in, or how I had to take out large bank loans that I was almost unable to repay. But this is the life of a designer, and it was a decision. And it was also a decision not to have a family because I knew this job would be 24/7, and I wanted it and still want it.” Her passion for fashion, and meticulous attention to detail, combined with her monochromatic ensembles accented with gold accessories, will keep her on top. It is the reason why we celebrate her. Why we adore her. And how she takes on tasks at the drop of a hat – two collections per year, countless magazine covers, and speaking engagements in addition to Vogue editorials. Esther also held a solo exhibition of her artworks last year. “All of them were inspired by my collection. I used the same techniques and the same materials, but just created some 3D sculptures which you can put on the wall,” She explains. “I can’t focus solely on fashion for 365 days a year; I need some distractions,” Esther confesses. “So this art is part of it, and I’m hoping that this distraction will get me back into fashion, which is exactly what happened.” With so much talent at her disposal, she will stand the test of time, strangling fast fashion with her bare hands, just like her Avant trademarks. Her heart and keen ability to visually tell a story is what will propel her career forward.

Shop Esther Perbandt’s designs HERE

Article: Jess Chen, Vaughn Lowery

Previous Q×A HERE.

Esther in Interview Magazine.

Cover Photography: Vaughn Lowery

Swiss Architectural Award via 360 MAGAZINE.

Swiss Architectural Award

Xu Tiantian, founder of DnA Design and Architecture studio (China), is the winner of the eighth Swiss Architectural Award, a biennial international architecture prize promoted since 2018 by the Fondazione Teatro dell’architettura.

The eighth edition of the Swiss Architectural Award, confirms the collaboration between the three Swiss Schools of Architecture USI – Accademia di architettura, Mendrisio; EPFL – ENAC, Section d’Architecture, Lausanne; ETHZ – Departement Architektur, Zurich, represented in the jury, chaired by architect Mario Botta, by their deans/directors, Walter Angonese, Dieter Dietz and Tom Emerson. The Award benefits from the organizational and operative support of the Università della Svizzera italiana – Academy of Architecture.

With this cooperation, which reaffirms the Award’s national importance, the Swiss Architectural Award confirms it is one of the best endowed and most prestigious architectural awards, by virtue of an advisory committee consisting of internationally renowned architects and architecture critics.

The Swiss Architectural Award aims to promote a kind of architecture that is sensitive to contemporary ethical, aesthetic and ecological issues and can facilitate public and disciplinary debate. The prize is awarded, on a biennial basis, to architects not older than 50 years (in the year in which the Award is launched), without distinction of nationality, who have completed at least three significant works.

The prize, which amounts to CHF 100,000, will be presented to the winner on 4th May 2023 at the Auditorium of Teatro dell’architettura Mendrisio of Università della Svizzera italiana. The ceremony will launch the exhibition of the works submitted by the candidates.

Xu Tiantian – DnA Design and Architecture was chosen from 26 candidates from 14 countries, selected by the committee of advisors, who fully met the expectations of the award promoters and jury.

The jury unanimously conferred the Swiss Architectural Award 2022 to Xu Tiantian for the reuse of the Shimen Bridge over the Songyin River (2016-2017), the tofu factory in Caizhai Village (2017-2018), and the reuse of the Jinyun quarries (2021-2022), with the following reasons:
The three works presented by Xu Tiantian, located in both Songyang and Jinyun counties (a rural area in Zhejang province (China) characterised by a landscape whose traditional structure has been preserved on the one hand, and on the other threatened by the depopulation process induced by the migration of younger people to the region’s urban centres) convinced the jury for the successful combination between the civic instances animating them (as they aim to serve local communities) and the quality of the proposed architecture, characterised by a marked attention to the context, by a precise and poetic attitude at the same time, and by the blending of different scales and themes, between architecture and infrastructure, between permanent and ephemeral, between reuse and ex-novo intervention.

The jury considered the Xu Tiantian work perfectly suited to the objectives of Swiss Architectural Award, i.e. to recognise and raise the public profile of architects from all over the world who, through their work, have made a significant contribution to contemporary architecture, in particular by demonstrating environmental awareness and thus helping to improve the quality of life of humankind.
The jury of the eighth edition was chaired by Mario Botta and composed of Walter Angonese (Director of the Accademia di architettura, USI), Stéphanie Bru (winner, with the Paris-based studio Bruther, of the seventh SAA edition), Dieter Dietz (Director of the Section d’Architecture, EPFL-ENAC) and Tom Emerson (Dean of the Departement Architektur, ETHZ).

The candidates for the eighth edition were nominated by a committee of advisor consisting of Manuel Aires Mateus, Lisbon (Portugal); Solano Benitez, Asunción (Paraguay); Angelo Bucci, São Paulo (Brazil); Marianne Burkhalter, Zurich (Switzerland); Sean Godsell, Melbourne (Australia); Junya Ishigami, Tokyo (Japan); Shelley McNamara, Dublin (Ireland); Valerio Olgiati, Flims (Switzerland); András Pálffy, Vienna (Austria); Elisa Valero, Granada (Spain); Paolo Zermani, Parma (Italy).

The candidates in the 2022 edition of the Swiss Architectural Award were: Atelier Masōmī – Mariam Kamara (Niger), Bernardo Bader (Austria), Barão Hutter (Ivo Mendes Barão Teixeira, Peter Hutter, Switzerland), Giulio Basili (Italy), Bloco Arquitetos (Daniel Mangabeira, Henrique Coutinho, Matheus Seco, Brazil), Manuel Cervantes (Mexico), dekleva gregoric architects (Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič, Slovenia); Domat (Maggie Ma, Mark Kingsley, China); Estudio Flume (Christian Teshirogi, Noelia Montero, Brazil), Estudio Macías Peredo (Magui Peredo, Salvador Macías, Messico), Graux & Baeyens (Basile Graux, Koen Baeyens, Belgium), Grillovasiu (Romina Grillo, Liviu Vasiu, Switzerland), Go Hasegawa (Japan), Carla Juaçaba (Brazil), Ryan Kennihan (Ireland),

LACOL Arquitectura Cooperativa (Spain), lopes brenna (Cristiana Lopes, Giacomo Brenna, Switzerland), Rozana Montiel (Mexico), Nickisch Walder Architekten (Georg Nickisch, Selina Walder, Switzerland), RAMA estudio (Carla Chávez, Felipe Donoso, Carolina Rodas, Ecuador), Sugiberri (Mayu Takasugi, Johannes Berry, Belgium), Ted’A Arquitectes (Irene Perez Pifferer, Jaume Mayol Amengual, Spain); Terra+Tuma (Danilo Terra, Fernanda Sakano, Pedro Tuma, Juliana Terra, Brazil), Tropical Space (Tran Thi Ngu Ngon, Nguyen Hai Long, Vietnam), Xu Tiantian – DnA Design and Architecture (China), Raphael Zuber (Switzerland).

The Winner

Xu Tiantian (Fujian, 1975) gained a Bachelor’s degree from Tsinghua University of Beijing and a Master of Architecture in Urban Design from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. After working in the United States and the Netherlands for OMA, she founded the studio DnA_Design and Architecture in Beijing. In 2006, she received the WA China Architecture Award and in 2008 the Young Architects Award from The Architectural League New York. In 2019 she was awarded the Moira Gemmill Prize for Emerging Architecture. In March 2018, an exhibition about her work, Rural Moves – The Songyang Story, opened at AEDES Architecture Forum in Berlin.

For all the information on the current and previous editions please go HERE.

Narcissist Seeks Similar by Harland Miller VIA 360 MAGAZINE.

Best of British


Dreweatts and Forum Auctions are excited to announce a new slot in their auction calendar titled The British Salewhich will take place onTuesday December 13, 2022. The sister companies will showcase artworks by prominent Modern & Contemporary British artists, alongside limited-edition prints and multiples. The auction has been curated to offer both seasoned and new collectors an opportunity to acquire pieces from the second half of the 20th Century, through to more current works by popular British contemporary artists, such as Bridget Riley, Damian Hirst, David Hockney, Grayson Perry, Harland Miller, Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and Chris Levine. The sale was devised to celebrate all things British and to service the increasing global interest in British artists. Estimates for the works range from £250 up to £150,000 and are guaranteed to reach their recipients in time for Christmas! 

The Complete Set of Five Empresses by Damien Hirst via 360 MAGAZINE.
The Complete Set of Five Empresses by Damien Hirst via 360 MAGAZINE.

Among the highlights are three hand finished etchings by Yorkshire artist and writer Harland Miller (b.1964). The artworks are Miller’s iconic Penguin prints created after vintage book covers from the Penguin publishing house. One of the three, a woodcut print in a striking bright pink is from an edition of 50 and dates from 2021. Signed and dated, it carries an estimate of £45,000-£55,000 (Lot 93).

The sale will offer four lithographs by one of the most important British artists of the 20th Century, Barbara Hepworth (1903-1975). Recognised predominantly for her Modernist sculpture, Hepworth also produced spectacular graphic works on paper, which included etchings and lithographs such as these. One of the highlights titled Sea Forms while abstract, will have been inspired by the landscape around Hepworth, while living with her artist husband Ben Nicholson (1894-1982), on the Cornish coast. This dynamic work dates from 1969, is signed by the artist and is numbered from the edition of 60. It carries an estimate of £3,500-£4,000 (Lot 12). 

The full set of five Empresses by controversial artist Damien Hirst (b.1965) is among several works by the artist in the sale. The prints, created in a vibrant red feature spiral patterns made up of one of

Bad Meaning Good by Banksy VIA 360 MAGAZINE.
Bad Meaning Good by Banksy VIA 360 MAGAZINE.

Hirst’s most well-known motifs – the butterfly. The butterflies are arranged on laminated giclée panels to form patterns, the material helping to create the illusion of the butterflies in flight, with a glitter effect adding to the sense of movement. Dating from 2022, the work is signed and numbered and carries an estimate of £20,000-£25,000 (Lot 104).

There are several artworks by graffiti artist Banksy (b.1974) in the sale, including one from the edition of four of the Bad Meaning Good album covers that he designed for the Bad Meaning Good music compilations between 2002 and 2003. The albums featured various artists and varying genres of music and were released in vinyl and CD formats. This particular work is from the Bad Meaning Good Volume 1 album, which consisted of tracks chosen by British DJ and music producer, Skitz. The painting in spray paint and emulsion on canvas portrays a stencilled black and white machine gun wearing oversized trainers in an almost comical way, detracting from the violent image of the machine gun and what it represents. An orange cross can be seen in the background, one of many symbols of Banksy’s anti-establishment statements about authority and control. Created in 2002 it is estimated to fetch £120,000-£150,000 (Lot 123). 

Works by another popular British graffiti artist included in the sale is Stik (b. 1979), with two lots by the artist on offer. Holding Hands is a set of five lithographs featuring stick men/women holding hands. It is printed in bold colours, with each signed by the artist in black felt-tip pen on paper. The set carries an estimate of £4,000-£6,000 (Lot 120).

Untitled (Elongated Triangles 6) by Bridget Riley VIA 360 MAGAZINE.
Untitled (Elongated Triangles 6) by Bridget Riley VIA 360 MAGAZINE.

Among three works by British artist Bridget Riley CH CBE (b. 1931) is a screen print (Untitled, elongated triangles 6). The work is typical of her popular op art style of creating visual artworks that give onlookers a sense of illusion and movement, with oscillating patterns. Created in bold colours, this spectacular work was produced in 1971 and is signed, dated and numbered from an edition of 75. It carries an estimate of £6,000-£8,000 (Lot 720). 

One of six works by revered British artist David Hockney (b.1937) is an early etching with aquatint titled Fires of Furious Desire inspired by the poem: ‘O Flames of Furious Desire’ by William Blake. Dating from 1961 it is from an edition of 75 and is signed and dated. It carries an estimate of £5,000-£7,000 (Lot 61).

Fires of Furious Desire by David Hockney VIA 360 MAGAZINE.
Fires of Furious Desire by David Hockney VIA 360 MAGAZINE.

Home Workers and Key Workers is a ceramic set of figures by contemporary artist Grayson Perry (b.1960), famed for his creations that explore identity. Perry designed the Staffordshire figures as part of his ‘Art Club Series 2’ and are models of the exhibition works in Bristol Museum. From an edition of 200 and stamped with the Staffordshire pottery mark, the set has an estimate of £3,000-£5,000 (Lot 116). (Illustrated below)

Home Workers and Key Workers by Grayson Perry via 360 MAGAZINE.
Home Workers and Key Workers by Grayson Perry via 360 MAGAZINE.

About Dreweatts

Dreweatts auctioneers was established in 1759 and is one of the foremost auction houses in the UK. It comprises 22 specialist departments ranging from Fine Art (Old Master Paintings, British & European Pictures, Modern & Contemporary art), Jewellery and Watches, Silver, Wine, Books and Manuscripts, British & European Ceramics & Glass, Decorative Arts & Modern Design, Ephemera, Furniture, House Sales & Collections, Clocks, Barometers and Scientific Instruments, Asian Ceramics and Works of Art and Live Steam and Model Engineering. It holds regular specialist sales from a highly-qualified expert team, totalling more than 70 sales per year including curated Interiors sales, single owner collections and house sales.

Dreweatts is a member of the Gurr Johns group of international art advisory businesses. Its’ main saleroom is Donnington Priory in Newbury, Berkshire. It has a London showroom on Pall Mall, St James’s and caters to a global clientele.

As well as auctions, the company offers valuation services for private individuals, lawyers, executors, family offices and fiduciary agents to provide the necessary advice to assist with probate and estate management and market valuations, for possible sale. Dreweatts valuation services include free online auction valuations, virtual valuations, home visits and valuation days at our salerooms, where clients can receive advice on buying and selling from Dreweatts market-leading specialists. 

About Forum Auctions

Established in 2016 Forum Auctions is London’s specialist auction house for Works on Paper. With market leading capabilities across all genres of 20th and 21st century Prints and Editions the firm is equally focussed on serving collectors of antiquarian and 20thcentury books, manuscripts, maps and Old Master prints and drawings.  

Located in Battersea Forum holds a busy calendar of both Live and Timed Online auctions and is pleased to again be welcoming bidders in person following that past 2 years of lockdowns. Forum’s recent merger into the Gurr Johns group complements the range of specialisms offered by sister company Dreweatts 1759.




The Board of Trustees of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Foundation has met under the chairmanship of Mr. Iñigo UrkulluLehendakari (Basque premier). In attendance were Mr. Unai Rementeria, Deputy-General for Bizkaia and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Foundation; Mr. Bingen Zupiria, Councillor for Culture and Linguistic Policy of the Basque Government; Ms. Lorea Bilbao, Regional Deputy for Basque Language, Culture and Sport; Mr. Juan María Aburto, Mayor of Bilbao; representatives of the firms and institutions that form part of the Board of the Foundation (some online); and the Directors of the Guggenheim Museums of New York and Bilbao, Mr. Richard Armstrong (online) and Mr. Juan Ignacio Vidarte.

The meeting began with a survey of the activity over the past year, which has seen the number of visitors rise to the current figure of 1,247,599, 55% above the estimate for this period and more than double the number accumulated at the same date in 2021. The positive trend has been maintained throughout the year, with the exhibition Motion. Autos, Art, Architecture registering more than 750,000 visits in five months, and the summer of 2022 ranking as the summer season with the highest visitor numbers in history. Over the months, the percentage of foreign visitors, which fell drastically during the pandemic, has been recovering, and currently represents 54% of the total.

As regards collectives linked to the Museum, Community (the community centered on art and culture, which groups the Museum Members and Followers and the beneficiaries of the ERDU program, among others) has registered the involvement of more than 183,000 people, with over 22,000 Museum Members and doubling the number of Followers in comparison with the close of 2021.

The positive growth of the operating profits obtained by the Museum (entrance fees, sales at the Store/Bookstore, and sponsorships) has permitted a 1,500,000 euro reduction in public subsidies, a sum which the Institutions will use for the purchase of artworks.

In this session, the budget for the 2023 tax year was approved on the basis of an estimated total of 950,000 visitors. The operating budget comes to 32,665,379 euros, 8.1% more than last year, owing among other reasons to increased energy costs and a rise in the CPI.

Also approved in this meeting was the artistic program for 2023, which will feature great figures of modern and contemporary art. It begins on February 10 with Joan Miró. Absolute Reality. Paris, 1920–1945, a fundamental period in Miró’s career, to continue on March 17 with a major retrospective on the Austrian artist Oskar Kokoschka, and with a presentation of recent work by the British artist Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, which can be seen from March 31 to September 10. On June 27, the Museum will host an exhibition on the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, which will provide an in-depth survey of her life and long artistic career, while Picasso. Matter and Body, a show on Picasso’s sculptural production, will open on September 29 as part of the commemorations of the 50th anniversary of the artist’s death. The recent practice of Marine Hugonnier, a French artist based in London, can be seen in the Film & Video gallery of the Museum from October 27, while a retrospective on the work of the German-Venezuelan artist Gego, which will trace the development of this artist’s singular approach to abstraction, will be inaugurated on November 3. The 2023 program will be completed with the presentation of Works from the Collection of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.

Also presented in this session was a report on progress in the implementation of the Strategic Plan for 2021–23 and its scheduled commitments in areas like digital transformation, education and public programs, projects related to environmental sustainability, the latest advances in studies on the project for the discontinuous extension of the Museum in Urdaibai, and the commemorative events of the 25th Anniversary.

In this respect, the Museum has shared all kinds of initiatives with local citizens throughout the year, encompassing disciplines like art, music, literature, architecture, science, dance, performance, and theater. The grand finale was Immersions, an extraordinary spectacle of enveloping sound and light projections that was enjoyed by approximately 50,000 spectators in the Atrium. As a continuation of Reflections, it brought the story of the Museum and the city inside the building.