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5-Star Hotel Hassler Roma Reopens

Rome’s legendary Hotel Hassler Roma reopens on September 1, the last continental European hotel represented by WEILL to reopen in the wake of Covid-19 closings.

Founded in 1893 at the top of the city’s landmark Spanish Steps, the Hassler has been owned and run by the Wirth family for five generations. Roberto Wirth has run the hotel since 1982, and his twin children Robertino and Veruschka are now being groomed to be part of the management team. The Hassler opened Europe’s first-hotel-rooftop restaurant in 1955, and its Michelin-starred Imàgo restaurant reopened to Romans and visitors in June 2020. Il Palazzetto, the Hassler’s adjacent boutique hotel whose terrace fronts the Spanish Steps, reopened on the first of June.



Each and every hotel has instituted sweeping safety, hygiene and social-distancing protocols in keeping with or surpassing those required by local health authorities.
For more specific procedures regarding Covid-19, click HERE.


Silvio Angori illustrated by Mina Tocalini for 360 MAGAZINE.

Pininfarina × Blimp 

Pininfarina has recently made a series of announcements about its commitment to search for integrated, ready-to-use solutions for the post-COVID-19 era. This includes a partnership with startup Blimp to integrate physical and digital design, technology and services into a solution that can verify and monitor containment measures in any setting: from public transport to airports and stations and from offices to production plants, shops and large-scale retailers.

Angori believes that designers can and must play a crucial role in shaping the post-COVID-19 world. This is in line with Pininfarina’s “bespokely human” approach to design that explores new possibilities to build the future, transform organizations, help businesses, and enhance everyday experiences.

Silvio Angori started as a researcher at Augusta Westland Helicopters and worked as a senior researcher at Fiat Chrysler Automotive. He then joined ArvinMeritor in Detroit where he held various management roles. In 2007, he joined Pininfarina as COO and in 2009 was elected to his current position as CEO. His management skills and knowledge in the industry has earned the company top innovation awards every year since 2010. Angori is a member of several top American associations and his career has led him to deal with the Indice dei Libri del Mese-the Italian equivalent of the New York Review of Books-where he serves as chairman of the board. He has a master’s degree in theoretical physics from La Sapienza University in Rome and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

The Pininfarina Group, a premier Italian auto and industrial design company, recently announced a strategic partnership with artificial intelligence startup Blimp to launch the first of many ready-to-use solutions for the post-COVID-19 era. First up is Beat-19, a fully integrated physical and digital design platform that will allow governments and businesses to analyze the flow of people in a particular space and monitor how well they are adhering to COVID-19 containment measures. It will work in any public setting – indoors or outdoors.

Beat-19 will make it possible in real time to detect large groups of people in public spaces and, if necessary, prompt them to scatter through acoustic signals. It can monitor lines of people, count the number of nearby entrances and exits, measure body temperatures, and record how well safety measures like face masks and social distancing protocols are being observed. Importantly, the privacy of the individuals in these spaces will be completely protected. The images captured by the technology’s sensor – which is not a camera – are processed directly inside the sensor and immediately deleted.

As Pininfarina CEO Silvio Angori explains, “Design, which has the ability to innovate continuously while enhancing the lives of people in normal times, can provide the response to imagining a new future.” By designing new spaces and equipping them with digital measuring systems to make people safer, Beat-19 perfectly meets the needs of the “new normal.”  It is the first major step in finding the right balance between social distancing and interaction.

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Texas and California Slow Reopening 

By Emmet McGewon

On March 27, a shadow, growing for weeks, reached monstrous proportions as Italy reached a grim milestone: 917 people passed away due to the novel coronavirus. The gloom pervaded for many more weeks as Italian streets emptied and hospitals overflowed. On the same day there were 5,906 new cases in the country. Yet, 2 months later dawn has broken the blackness and on Saturday, June 27, Italy reported only 8 new deaths and 175 new cases; the first time since the start of the outbreak that deaths were in single digits.Contrast this rapid recuperation with America’s two largest states: California and Texas. 

On the same day that Italy reported 175 new cases, California reported 27 times that number while Texas reported a case increase 33 times higher (4,810 and 5,747 respectively). Both states are betraying their namesake as California has not been golden in its response to the pandemic nor has Texas been a star. So why is it that Italy, the former epicenter of the outbreak, where shortages resulted in ventilators only being given to those under the age of 60, is in a recovery stage while the US suffocates under the weight of its caseload? 

“We are tired of not being able to buy the things that we need, go to the hairdressers, get our hair done. It’s time to open up.” These were the words of a middle-aged woman, sitting in her car, holding a makeshift American flag and pointing to the gray roots atop her head at a Michigan protest in mid-April. For many, this lady has become the embodiment of the entitled American who values her hairstyle over the potential loss of life that could occur from a rapid reopening. However, the uncomfortable reality is that she is not alone and that most, if not all Americans, are fatigued by the lockdown and eager to return to normality.

Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, home to a vibrant Russian, Ukrainian, and LGBTQ+ scene was abuzz on Friday evening. Long lines traversed the hectic sidewalks as eager patrons queued to enter bustling bars. The thin trees, boasting splashes of purple among the leafy foliage, watched over the strip like solemn sentries as droves of people enjoyed Los Angeles’s convalescent club scene. The looseness of restrictions was matched only by the looseness of partygoers’ flimsy floral shirts which billowed softly in the California evening breeze. Nonchalance came to mind. It appeared, despite the scattered mask-wearing, that the pandemic was over. 

We feel guilty for wishing to return to regular life given that such a return could result in a spike of hospitalizations and deaths. Thus, we stifle our impatience and seek scapegoats. Indeed, many are under the illusion that the persistent nature of the virus in the US is due to conservatives like those who armed themselves and entered the Michigan State Capitol. Yet, the reality is that a wide and diverse cross-section of US society has ceased caring about the virus. Whether you’re a patriotic Michigander or a bored frequenter of the Hollywood Hills, the suspension of day-to-day life is disconcerting and infuriating. 

The combination of over 400 protests in all 50 states after the horrific murder of George Floyd has no doubt led to an increase in coronavirus cases, yet this is not the only reason. Bar reopening’s have acted as a catalyst for the spread of Covid-19. Indeed, California Governor, Gavin Newsom, issued an order on Sunday to close the bars in 7 California counties including LA county which has seen approximately 90,000 cases. His office also recommended, but did not order, they close in 8 others. Establishments that serve alcoholic beverages without serving food at the same time will no longer be allowed to open. Largely due to the nature of bars, it is close to impossible to maintain social distancing as well as contact tracing. People remove masks frequently to take drinks, talk louder (spreading more airborne particles), and mix with a large number of people meaning that were a case to be identified it would be very difficult to track and contain. “It is critical we take this step to limit the spread of the virus,” said Newsom.

In addition, in response to the surge of cases in Los Angeles, the LA County Board of Supervisors has decided to close all LA county beaches from July 3rd to July 6th. Those caught trespassing by local patrols could receive a $1000 fine. Furthermore, LA Mayor, Eric Garcetti, has placed a “hard pause” on movie theater reopening’s and has banned Fourth of July firework displays in an attempt to prevent the formation of crowds. 

Meanwhile, Texas has ordered the state’s four largest cities to stop offering elective surgeries in order to free up hospital space. Just a few days before Governor Abbott’s ban on elective surgeries, restrictions were eased on amusement parks and restaurants. The Lone Star state has, arguably, had the most aggressive reopening strategy with phase one commencing as early as May 1st – a month later allowing almost all businesses to operate at a 50% capacity. Abbott also issued an order to close bars on Friday, June 26th, also scaling back dine-in restaurants to 50% capacity. Previously, bars were allowed to operate at a 50% capacity and restaurants at a 75% capacity. More so, outdoor gatherings of over 100 people are now prohibited unless given explicit approval by local officials. 

Peter Hotez, a professor of virology at the Baylor School of Medicine in Houston, said that the pause in the reopening will be enough to maintain the status quo but that “the status quo is unacceptable,” and the Governor will soon have no choice but to “dial things back.” In San Antonio, ventilator availability dipped below 70% for the first time and in Houston, one hospital’s ICU reportedly was at 120% capacity, while another one was at 88%. On top of this, the Texas Medical Center in Houston said Tuesday that 97% of its ICU beds were occupied. These numbers are undoubtedly worrisome and only time will tell if more restrictions will be enacted.

Obviously, the crisis is not over, but from an outside perspective one is left wondering: does America even care? Our European counterparts appear to be coming out the other end of the pandemic while for the United States, there is no end in sight. 

Instrument illustration by Ivory Rowen for 360 Magazine

ANNA × Rich The Kid

After drumming up buzz around the globe, 16-year-old Italian rap phenomenon ANNA drops the official remix of her breakout banger “Bando” feat. Rich The Kid.

As ANNA flexes her impressive wordplay and deft rhymes over a house-style beat, Rich The Kid pops off with the perfect counterpoint on his cameo. Together, they lock into an unbreakable flow as they level up this unpredictable and undeniable anthem. Be on the lookout for the music video soon.

Between the original and remixes, “Bando” has already posted up nearly 45 million total streams and counting and 16 million cumulative YouTube views. ANNA is the youngest Italian artist to have reached #1 in the Italian singles chart and has collaborated with the hottest names in the Italian rap scene including Dark Polo Gang , Ghali, Mambolosco, and Boro Boro.

Stay tuned for a lot more from ANNA very soon, but for now, stream “Bando” here and follow ANNA on Instagram here.


In the Northeastern provinces of China, lockdown measures have been enforced in anticipation of this second wave. Shulan, within this region, has begun to shut down residences that withhold the coronavirus due to a large second outbreak. Additionally, only one person in a residence may leave the house and can only be gone for a total of two hours in a period of 48 hours. 

According to Business Insider, Just as China was declaring their mid to low risk for spreading and contracting COVID-19, Shulan experienced a second outbreak and displays how the coronavirus continues to take presence in so-called mid to low risk zones. Also, the city of Wuhan just experienced a resurgence of COVID-19 cases, reaching as high as they were in mid-March. As new cases arose in Wuhan and Shulan, it was very shocking for many residents and government workers to return to lockdown after 35 days of zero new confirmed cases.

Wine Enthusiast September 2020

The Italy/Cabernet Sauvignon Issue

Ad Space Close: 6/10/2020

Materials Due: 6/17/2020

On Sale: 8/4/2020


Sustainable Italy

The country has long been a leader in organic, biodynamic and otherwise eco‑conscious wine production. We take a nationwide look at the names to know now and what they’re doing to practice good stewardship while crafting delicious pours.

Get Ready for Cicchetti

Venice’s signature small bar bites are perfect for creating a casual party atmosphere or simply grazing at home in style. We tell you what to buy, what to make and, of course, what to drink, to bring the Floating City home.


Cabernet Sauvignon Around the World

Everyone loves a good Cab, but with so many options out there, it’s hard to know where to begin. This global view of the world’s favorite red‑wine grape is here to help, with an exploration of the top regions to check out, what to expect in typical representations and which bottles to stock up on.

Chile’s Cabernet Country

Chilean winemakers have long had an affinity for Cabernet Sauvignon, but how did the grape become so popular in this New World wine region, and why? Learn about the country’s Cab‑centric history, top appellations, iconic producers and what the future


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Take a deep dive into the country’s diverse range of white wine offerings. From classic Sauvy and nervy Riesling to bold Pinot Gris and serious Chardonnay, there’s a white wine for every palate preference, with recommendations on the top bottlings to check out now.

Vodka Beyond the Base‑ics

These vodka producers look beyond the typical grains or potatoes in crafting their spirits. Here are some refined and tasty bottles with unusual bases, as well as cocktail recipes to complement their characters.


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@Lenscrafters @Luxottica Seems to Ignore @NYSOA State × Federal Guidelines

My beloved @LensCrafters @Luxottica how can you have the audacity to allow employees and customers come to your retail space during a pandemic? According to the @NYSOA, you should be vigilant and close your stores over the next 2 weeks so we can avoid what happened in #ITALY #coronavirus #NYC

According to S&P Global Luxottica suspends production × logistics as Italy’s virus toll grows.

Guitarists to Follow In 2020 

Guitars are among the best known musical instruments in the world, given that they have been around for a very long time, so it would be easy to assume that they no longer hold secrets, but some artists are working to discover new styles and bring their skills to the next level every day. 

If you are into guitars as well and you know what an analog delay pedal is and you are also using one, then you surely need to take a look at what some of these next guitarists have to say in terms of their music, given the instrument’s history

We’ve done our research and picked guitarists that are bringing something new to this industry, given their diverse backgrounds and experiences, so let’s see who they are. 

To be followed this year 

Vanny Tonon is from Italy, a country famous for its artistic expression throughout history. With a unique style, Vanny usually starts from a melodic idea and a chord progression, and chooses one of these, but the most important part is that he uses his emotions to guide the sound. He sees music as color, so you can say that he is actually sort of painting with the sound. 

The next guitarist on our list is Sarah Joanne from the United States. What makes her style unique is the fact that she likes experimenting with both distorted and clean sounds in every song she makes. She is also in a band that has a diverse sound, including elements from soft piano to harsher metal ones. She, too, is using her emotions when writing songs and then sees the end result. 

You should also check out what Daniel Donato has to say in terms of playing the guitar. What defines his style is a passion for technical ability and the joy that every guitarist feels when learning to play for the first time. This is what keeps his sounds fresh, but he also likes incorporating elements from old-school country players, as well as from the psychedelic era. 

Felix Martin from Venezuela deserved a closer look as well, given that he plays two guitars as one. This is what makes his music stand out, as he mixes two melodies, two chords, as well as various percussion techniques. 

If you want to take your own skills to the next level, he is definitely a guitarist that you can take a look at for inspiration, especially since he uses the tapping technique, instead of the normal fingerstyle guitar playing one. 

Talented guitarists around the world 

What makes today’s world exciting is the lack of limitations, and this can be seen in every aspect of our lives. Therefore, we turned an eye to Australia for inspiration as well, and this is where we found Mark Fisher. Also known as Phisha, this talented musician brings thoughtful lyrics, songwriting techniques, as well as vocal abilities together to make his own music. 

Also in Australia, there’s Andrew Higgs, another talented guitarist that can be found by the name “King of the North”. He plays with a lot of attack and he strives to perform every song, not simply play it, and that includes singing. 

Moving on to the United States, we’ve also taken a look at Ando San Washington, a guitarist who uses hip-hop beats, as well as progressive guitar elements into the same song. The result is a fresh sound that uses thumping as a technique. What makes his music truly interesting is the fact that he creates melody and harmony using different chords. 

You should also take a look at Lore Paz Ampuero, a Chilean guitarist that combines two different trends in her music. She gets her inspiration from jazz for clean sounds, but also adds a modern touch using various techniques, such as tapping, fingerstyle, and thumping. She developed her style by listening to a lot of modern artists, and she constantly looks for innovation and creative ways to get inspired. 

Another guitarist that you want to keep in mind this year is Kris Xenopolous from South Africa. His music is a combination of everything he has heard, but it can be translated into a jazz-fusion with metal, pop, and hip-hop elements. He is into experimenting with modern guitar-playing techniques such as thumping and tapping, so we can certainly expect many other interesting sounds from him. 

Citroën, 360 MAGAZINE


Citroën has unveiled a 100% electric mobile solution, ami that intends to unleash urban mobility for all. The ami project has become a reality in barely a year, after its direct descendant AMI ONE Concept was first introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2019.

ami has two seats, is 100% electric, compact, and customisable. It is accessible to all, with no licence required and offers a global 360° solution for urban mobility, to make freedom of movement easier and more suited to the greatest number of people. It comes with affordable “à la carte” offers, car sharing via Free2Move and long-term rental options, all through a 100% online customer journey.

Vincent Cobée, Citroën Brand CEO, said:

For 100 years, Citroën has always been innovative and creative in democratising freedom of movement. This year, Citroën has come up with a new urban mobility solution accessible to everyone: compact, protective, 100% electric, without driving licence and affordable. 

ami aims to be a real breakthrough in the access to urban mobility, a solution that is as close as possible to new modes of consumption. This great idea was a concept one year ago. We are proud that we have made it happen today!

ami is a practical response to new mobility expectations for short journeys: easier access to city centres, real alternatives to scooters, bicycles, mopeds, public transport, solutions at reasonable costs and new modes of consumption geared towards digital.
Pierre Leclercq, Citröen Head of Design, said:

It is a tradition at Citroën to want to contribute to a changing automotive landscape. The design of ami is a product design, not an automotive design. A design for which the form must define the function.

The opening of orders is scheduled for 30 March in France, and a few months later in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal and then Germany.