It’s a story of joy of life, of passion, of humanity, of people, of real life, of irreverent glamour, of provocation, of confidence, of simplicity, of immediate feelings and emotions, of a specific type of art, of words – words in artworks, words in pictures, words in spaces, just words. A story of richness and lust/desire, of red but also blue and green, of flash, of spontaneity, of light, of a party at the first light of day, it’s an unhidden story, one that’s proud, it is manifest and not taboo although it might look like it should be, it is completely free and filled with euphoria. It is a story of fabulous, diverse people; it’s Getty images of cool people of all ages, and it’s inclusive as in everyone is welcomed. It’s a story of movies, of my beloved Italy, of intellectuals and travels around the world but still feeling at home wherever you are. A story of objects – shiny, tactile, and cold to the touch but warm to the heart and soul, these are desirable to collect, not for a museum but to enrich everyday life. It’s a story of music and nights out of sweat, dancing, and singing. It’s a story of family, of kissing, lots and lots of kisses. It’s a story of everything, again, but this time expressed through joy. – Sabato

Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Ancora Fashion Show 2024 via 360 MAGAZINE.
Model Nichole Nikki Coats for AOHSOA and 360 MAGAZINE.


Call Los Angeles Police Department

“Haven’t been able to get any rest since this all happened.” —Sharon Maria Coats (mother)

* Check back for hourly updates.

First Nichole Coats, Then Maleesa Mooney. Will there be a third? According to various media sources, this is eerily coming across as a serial killer.

Both victims possess similar complexions, facial features, and occupations. To add to the speculation, they both lived within a mile of each other in the DTLA area.

A close colleague informed 360® creative, Armon Hayes, of Nichole’s passing, which alerted him to this heinous crime.

In disbelief, “OMG! OMG. It’s hard to believe what I just read. The person I worked with and modeled for a campaign was found dead in her apartment. Mangled, bruised, and unrecognizable!?… I was wondering why she was so heavy on my mind. It’s been years since we worked together. Actually, last I heard, she relocated to LA to be close to family after the pandemic.”

Coincedentally, these two models were consecutively discovered dead in their flats. Nichole Coats (32) on Sept 10 and shortly Maleesa Mooney (31) Sept 12. Days apart, both women’s deaths occur within miles of each other.

Witnesses reported that she had gone on a date two days before her discovery. Due to lack of communication, her family made the decision to conduct a wellness check.

The LAPD Detectives have already determined that Mooney’s case is a homicide.

Authorities are convinced that the two deaths could be linked because the two young ladies lived in close proximity and were of the same age.

Still in disbelief, “I touched her arm, and she was like stone,” states her father, Guy Edward Coats Jr.

Nichole’s untimely death has caused fear among close friends and family.

Our representative recalls photographing her for the AOHOSA Bespoke Beret campaign at The Bronx Bodega.

“At the time, I worked at the True Religion flagship across from Barclays as a GM, and Nikki and I worked in tandem. She had just moved to Manhattan and was spreading her wings. A large city full of life! Shining her light wherever she landed,” he stated.

A brief silence. He continues, “I am deeply affected by the news of Nichole [Nikki] Coats and send my condolences to her loved ones. I will never forget her smile.”


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David Brown Automotive trends via 360 MAGAZINE.


David Brown Automotive, the name synonymous with British craftsmanship, innovation, and timeless design, has today revealed the arrival of Mini eMastered.

The all-electric creation marks a new era for David Brown Automotive, and will set new standards for zero-emissions, urban driving elegance. Mini eMastered combines the marque’s world-leading expertise in bespoke luxury with iconic, classic car style. 

At the forefront of automotive excellence, David Brown Automotive is known for remastering the iconic shape and look of the classic Mini as a bold, clean, electric product for the roads of today. The all-electric Mini eMastered showcases the perfect fusion of timeless aesthetics and electric propulsion, redefining the art of driving for the modern age.


Owners will experience an effortless, whisper-quiet ride thanks to a powerful all-electric drivetrain. The feather-light 640kg Mini eMastered – the same weight as an original ICE car – harnesses the latest in electric technology, delivering sprightly acceleration thanks to a compact, power dense Zonic 70 motor emitting 72kW (97hp) and 175Nm of instantly accessible torque. Mini eMastered dispatches the 0-62mph dash in just 8.5 seconds and runs on to an (electronically limited) top speed of 92mph when in sports mode.

Thanks to its light weight and excellent powertrain efficiency, Mini eMastered delivers a WLTP certified range of 110 miles from its ‘right sized’ 18.8kWh battery, allowing for effortless city travel with total peace of mind. Capable of up to 6.6kW AC charging via a charging port housed in the same location as the original fuel filler outlet, the battery can be replenished in just 3 hours* using a typical home wall box charging point or a dedicated electric charging point (*charge point dependent). 

Classic Design, Remastered

The timeless charm of the classic Mini is revived and taken to new heights. Meticulously handcrafted by David Brown Automotive’s skilled British artisans, the all-electric Mini eMastered retains its iconic silhouette whilst enhancing a smooth driving experience through enhancements to the interior and its electrified powertrain, making it a masterpiece of contemporary elegance. This is truly a classic car integrated with all the electric technology required for modern city life.  

Sustainable Luxury

Mini eMastered is a commitment to sustainability that is possible in every aspect of this remarkable model, each owner has the option to specify the materials used throughout to their exacting needs. By embracing zero emissions power, David Brown Automotive’s models old and new will contribute to a cleaner future, minimising environmental impact without compromising on performance or luxury, offering each owner and driver peace of mind.

Personalisation at its Finest

As with every David Brown Automotive creation, owners can indulge in an extensive array of bespoke options. Each Mini eMastered can be tailored to the unique preferences of its discerning owner, ensuring a truly personalised and exclusive driving experience.

Mini eMastered takes its cues from a donor body, which is hand crafted to exacting standards by David Brown Automotive’s expert team of artisan coachbuilders based in Silverstone, England. 

Technological Innovation

The all-electric Mini eMastered is a usable classic city car. It embraces new technologies for a user-friendly driving experience. From the seamless integration of a technological EV platform, through to a modern integrated infotainment system, featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Mini eMastered raises the bar for owners seeking a modern classic that offers a clean, quiet, and convenient driving experience.

Michelle Gay, Sales & Marketing Director at David Brown Automotive, said: “The launch of the all-electric Mini eMastered reaffirms David Brown Automotive’s distinguished position as a driving force of the luxury automotive industry.

“There is an inherent challenge in electrifying such an iconic model, to retain the high levels of reliability, performance, and quality that our customers expect. Mini eMastered is a shape that captures hearts and minds, and it is the embodiment of our passion, vision, and commitment to sustainable luxury today and into the future.

“With an unwavering dedication to British craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainability, we have earned global recognition for our renowned handcrafted automotive masterpieces and today we are proud to showcase our electric future.”

This entry into electric mobility allows enthusiasts, collectors, and current David Brown Automotive owners to commission their own electrified model. The very first example of this will be revealed later this autumn.  



Twitter: @davidbrownautos




Naima Mora for 360 MAGAZINE shot by Vaughn Lowery



In celebration of the 50th anniversary of hip-hop and Hispanic Heritage Month, we produced this FASHION ROCKS SEPTEMBER ISSUE in The Bronx at BODEGA.

TEDx Alum NAIMA MORA + Cornell Grad VAUGHN LOWERY cause a ruckus at the culmination of New York Fashion Week with epic 360 MAGAZINE cover.

Cycle 4 WINNER Naima Mora hosts Next Frontier in Fashion during NYFW, and 360® media partner/publisher decides to capture iconic cover in less than 3.5 hours.

Who’s the celebrity photographer!?

The beloved dancing Joe Boxer Guy and CYCYLE 6 guest star and the male model who kissed Nnenna Agba episode.

FORMER NEXT MODEL NEWLY SIGNED BRIGADE ARTIST and award-winning journalist with international clout.

Executive Producer/Supermodel Tyra Banks must be feeling ‘fierce’ after witnessing two Detroit natives break down the underground art scene in the Motor City as well as further discuss ‘Model Behavior‘ + Culture on an informative yet heartfelt 45-min 360 MAG podcast (Steve Aoki, available on all major platforms.

This marks a first as an iconic moment in pop culture as the TWO step into their forefathers’ fabulousity to put an end to generational curses: Mora’s grandfather is a world renowned muralist Francisco Mora, while Lowery is the grandson of the late Rev Joseph E Lowery who swore in President Barack Obama as well as a recipient of his Medal of Freedom.

What’s next for Tedx Talk Mora? Recently signed to State Mgmt and plans to pivot into a full-time acting career.

And Lowery? Will continue his family’s legacy in pursuit of a more equitable global society. At this time, he’s a globally praised automotive journalist, travel writer, and author of Move Like Water x Be Fluid (Amazon, Walmart

360®, a respected design journal, is an NGLCC-CERTIFIED enterprise.


Leading pioneer of edgy fashion editorials.


talent: Naima Mora

photo: Vaughn Lowery

stylist: Javier Pedroza


Hair: Angela Lynn-Ware

Creative: Armon Hayes


New York Fashion Week 360® Cover Unveil f/ Naima Mora.

Emerging Celebrity photographer Vaughn lowery shoots Naima Mora for 360 MAGAZINE and unveils at New York Fashion Week.
Celebrity photographer Vaughn Lowery for 360®
Rev. Dr. Joseph E Lowery receives Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama via C-SPAN.
Rev. Dr. Joseph E Lowery receives Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama via C-SPAN.



Maserati MCXtrema unveiled at Monterey Car Week via 360 MAGAZINE.

Maserati MCXtrema Unveil

On the unique and exclusive stage of The Quail – where every summer, connoisseurs and enthusiasts from all over the world gather on the Monterey Peninsula to celebrate outstanding automotive design and engineering – hosted the world première of Maserati’s new creation: MCXtrema, a veritable “beast” designed for the track – with no type approval to be driven on the road – is ready to unleash 730 hp of power, enclosed in a design as refined in the harmony of its lines as it is disruptive, in terms of the audacity of its forms.

The Trident’s new creature has been conceived as being out of the box: only 62 units of this limited-edition super sports car have been produced, dedicated to a selected, highly discerning clientèle in terms of performance, sophistication of design, luxury – all the hallmarks of a Made in Italy product – and extreme driving experience.

Presented as the Modena-based brand’s most powerful track car, the Maserati MCXtrema is a courageous and exceptional car from all points of view, designed for purist collectors and for the loyal customers of the brand, who wish to add a new “toy” to their garage that can swallow up the kerbs of the most exciting tracks during private tests.

This latest creation from the Italian luxury brand stems from the creative and engineering partnership between the Centro Stile and the Maserati engineering team; it reflects the desire to create a racing car capable of passing on the legacy of the glorious Maserati MC12 in the world of competition, to inspire the Trident’s future racing production.

In the words of Davide Grasso, Maserati CEO: “Maserati MCXtrema was created with the aim of offering an incredibly exclusive product that can set a new paradigm for our track cars. The project is dedicated to a selected clientèle who are particularly attentive to distinctive details, ranging from the most refined and innovative design to exceptional performance. MCXtrema embodies the sporting spirit typical of Maserati‘s DNA, a declaration of a new pathway for our brand, devoted to superlative manufacturing and able to stand out in the world of luxury engine production with uncompromising performance.”

Maserati MCXtrema unveiled at Monterey Car Week via 360 MAGAZINE.
Maserati MCXtrema unveiled at Monterey Car Week via 360 MAGAZINE.
Jonas Brothers inside 360 MAGAZINE.

Jonas Brothers – The Tour

The Jonas Brothers take THE TOUR global, adding a massive 27 shows across Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The new leg marks their first time performing in Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Northern Ireland, Hamburg, Lyon, Munich, and Norway. The band also revealed a colossal extension in North America to their most ambitious outing with 26 new shows, bringing their biggest tour ever to 90 shows across 20 countries. Lawrence will join as support across the North American dates.

Produced by Live Nation, THE TOUR kicks off with two sold-out nights at Yankee Stadium on August 12 and 13. The band will perform five albums every night full of hits from their entire catalog in 86 cities throughout the globe, such as Paris, Milan, London, Dublin, Sydney, Auckland, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and many more.


Tickets for this run of shows will be in high demand, therefore the Verified Fan presale will be fans’ best shot at tickets. The tour is using this platform in order to ensure tickets get into the hands of fans directly. Fans can register now through Monday, July 31 at 10pm ET for the Verified Fan presale HERE. Fans who are selected to receive an access code will be able to participate in the Verified Fan presale starting Thursday, August 3. More information on Verified Fan can be found HERE. A limited number of tickets will be available during the general onsale beginning on Friday, August 4 at 10am local at


Tickets will be available starting with local presales beginning on Wednesday, August 2. Additional presales will run throughout the week ahead of the general onsale beginning on Friday, August 4 at 10am local time at


Tickets will be available starting with local presales beginning on Friday, August 4. Additional presales will run throughout the week ahead of the general onsale beginning on Tuesday, August 8 at 1pm local time at


Sat Aug 12 – Bronx, NY – Yankee Stadium
Sun Aug 13 – Bronx, NY – Yankee Stadium
Tue Aug 15 – Boston, MA – TD Garden
Wed Aug 16 – Boston, MA – TD Garden
Thu Aug 17 – Uncasville, CT – Mohegan Sun Arena
Sat Aug 19 – Toronto, ON – Rogers Centre
Tue Aug 22 — Indianapolis, IN – Gainbridge Fieldhouse
Thu Aug 24 – Detroit, MI – Little Caesars Arena
Fri Aug 25 – Chicago, IL – Wrigley Field*
Sun Aug 27 – St Louis, MO – Enterprise Center
Wed Aug 30 – Arlington, TX – Globe Life Field
Fri Sep 01 – Saint Paul, MN – Minnesota State Fair
Sun Sep 03 – Austin, TX – Moody Center
Wed Sep 06 – Phoenix, AZ – Footprint Center
Fri Sep 08 – Las Vegas, NV – MGM Grand Garden Arena
Sat Sep 09 – Los Angeles, CA – Dodger Stadium
Mon Sep 11 – Sacramento, CA – Golden 1 Center
Thu Sep 14 – Denver, CO – Ball Arena
Sat Sep 16 – Omaha, NE – CHI Health Center
Mon Sep 18 – Cleveland, OH – Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse
Thu Sep 21 – Philadelphia, PA – Wells Fargo Center
Fri Sep 22 – Baltimore, MD – CFG Bank Arena
Sat Sep 23 – Washington, DC – Capital One Arena
Mon Sep 25 – Pittsburgh, PA – PPG Paints Arena
Tue Sep 26 – Lexington, KY – Rupp Arena
Thu Sep 28 – Raleigh, NC – PNC Arena
Sat Sep 30 – Charlotte, NC – Spectrum Center
Sun Oct 01 – Atlanta, GA – State Farm Arena
Tue Oct 03 – Tulsa, OK – BOK Center
Thu Oct 05 – San Antonio, TX – AT&T Center
Sat Oct 07 – Houston, TX – Toyota Center
Mon Oct 09 – Nashville, TN – Bridgestone Arena
Tue Oct 10 – Columbia, SC – Colonial Life Arena
Thu Oct 12 – Tampa, FL – Amalie Arena
Fri Oct 13 – Orlando, FL – Amway Center
Sat Oct 14 – Miami, FL – Kaseya Center
Mon Oct 16 – Orlando, FL – Amway Center
Wed Oct 18 – Atlanta, GA – State Farm Arena – NEW SHOW
Fri Oct 20 – Nashville, TN – Bridgestone Arena – NEW SHOW
Sun Oct 22 – Austin, TX – Moody Center – NEW SHOW
Mon Oct 23 – Houston, TX – Toyota Center – NEW SHOW
Fri Oct 27 – Las Vegas, NV –  MGM Grand Garden Arena – NEW SHOW
Sat Oct 28 – San Diego, CA – Viejas Arena – NEW SHOW
Sun Oct 29 – Anaheim, CA – Honda Center – NEW SHOW
Thu Nov 02 – Fresno, CA – Save Mart Center – NEW SHOW
Sat Nov 04 – Salt Lake City, UT – Maverik Center – NEW SHOW
Sun Nov 05 – Nampa, ID – Ford Idaho Center Arena – NEW SHOW
Tue Nov 07 – Spokane, WA – Spokane Arena – NEW SHOW
Thu Nov 09 – Portland, OR – Moda Center – NEW SHOW
Fri Nov 10 – Seattle, WA – Climate Pledge Arena – NEW SHOW
Sat Nov 11 – Vancouver, BC – Rogers Arena – NEW SHOW^
Tue Nov 14 – Edmonton, AB – Rogers Place – NEW SHOW^
Thu Nov 16 – Winnipeg, MB – Canada Life Centre – NEW SHOW^
Fri Nov 17 – Grand Forks, ND – Alerus Center – NEW SHOW
Sun Nov 19 – St Paul, MN – Xcel Energy Center – NEW SHOW
Mon Nov 20 – Milwaukee, WI – Fiserv Forum – NEW SHOW
Tue Nov 21 – Grand Rapids, MI – Van Andel Arena – NEW SHOW
Mon Nov 27 – Buffalo, NY – KeyBank Center – NEW SHOW
Wed Nov 29 – Ottawa, ON – Canadian Tire Centre – NEW SHOW^
Fri Dec 01 – Montreal, QC – Bell Centre – NEW SHOW^
Sat Dec 02 – Albany, NY – MVP Arena – NEW SHOW
Sun Dec 03 – Washington, DC – Capital One Arena – NEW SHOW
Wed Dec 06 – Newark, NJ – Prudential Center – NEW SHOW
Sat Dec 09 – Brooklyn, NY – Barclays Center – NEW SHOW
Tue Feb 27 – Auckland, New Zealand – Spark Arena – NEW SHOW
Fri Mar 01 – Sydney, Australia – Qudos Bank Arena – NEW SHOW
Sat Mar 02 – Sydney, Australia – Qudos Bank Arena – NEW SHOW
Tue Mar 05 – Brisbane, Australia – Brisbane Entertainment Centre – NEW SHOW
Fri Mar 08 – Melbourne, Australia – Rod Laver Arena – NEW SHOW
Sat Mar 09 – Melbourne, Australia – Rod Laver Arena – NEW SHOW
Sat May 18 – Oslo, Norway – Spektrum – NEW SHOW
Mon May 20 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Royal Arena – NEW SHOW
Tue May 21 – Hamburg, Germany – Barclays Arena – NEW SHOW
Wed May 22 – Cologne, Germany – Lanxess Arena – NEW SHOW
Sat May 25 – Barcelona, Spain – Palau Sant Jordi – NEW SHOW
Mon May 27 – Lyon, France – LDLC Arena – NEW SHOW
Tue May 28 – Milan, Italy – Mediolanum Forum – NEW SHOW
Thu May 30 – Krakow, Poland – TAURON Arena – NEW SHOW
Sat Jun 01 – Vienna, Austria – Stadthalle – NEW SHOW
Sun Jun 02 – Prague, Czech Republic – O2 arena – NEW SHOW
Mon Jun 03 – Munich, Germany – Olympiahalle – NEW SHOW
Tue Jun 04 – Zurich, Switzerland – Hallenstadion – NEW SHOW
Fri Jun 07 – Paris, France – Accor Arena – NEW SHOW
Sat Jun 08 – Antwerp, Belgium – Sportpaleis – NEW SHOW
Mon Jun 10 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Ziggo Dome – NEW SHOW
Wed Jun 12 – London, United Kingdom – The O2 – NEW SHOW
Sat Jun 15 – Birmingham, United Kingdom – Utilita Arena – NEW SHOW
Sun Jun 16 – Glasgow, United Kingdom – OVO Hydro – NEW SHOW
Mon Jun 17 – Manchester, United Kingdom – Co-op Live Arena – NEW SHOW
Wed Jun 19 – Dublin, Ireland – 3Arena – NEW SHOW
Thu Jun 20 – Belfast, Northern Ireland – SSE Arena – NEW SHOW

VIP:  The tour will also offer a variety of different VIP packages and experiences for fans to take their concert experience to the next level. Packages vary but include premium reserved tickets, invitation to the pre-show VIP Lounge, specially designed Jonas Brothers VIP gift items & more. For additional information, visit for North America and for Europe.


On Tuesday, July 25th, Starter × Major League Baseball brought back an icon, and it felt like the entire city was celebrating. The Return of the Bronx Bubble Jacket, a literal 90’s street style icon, is back with a limited edition drop – just in time for the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop and the Subway Series.

The MLB Flagship Store was transformed into the Starter Pop Up for #TheReturnOfTheBronxBubble, with a special performance by Jadakiss and Funk Flex. The stars we’re in the building! The who’s who of hip hop, fashion, culture, music, sports and the NYC “it” crowd packed the house to catch the unveiling, score the presale, check out the nostalgic installations and of course- watch Jada perform!

The Limited Edition Bronx Bubble Jacket is available now at MLB Flagship Store at Rockefeller Center for just one week ONLY. Available in three teams (Yankees, Mets, Brooklyn) and three colors (Gold, Silver, Blue) for each and retailing for $300. This November the jacket will officially drop at the MLB Flagship, and specialty retail stores across the country.

A Yankee hat. Timberlands. And the Starter Bronx Bubble jacket. It doesn’t get more New York than that. Steeped in nostalgia, these iconic pieces are the epitome of 90’s and 2000’s fashion. Starter, one of most recognizable and authentic sports apparel companies in the world, is tapping into that nostalgia– the energy was palpable!

Starter and Major League Baseball Join Forces Again to Re-Release Iconic Bronx Bubble Jacket 

Celebrating Famed Limited Edition Drop with Star-Studded Bash Featuring Jadakiss and DJ Funk Flex at the MLB NYC Flagship Store 

Starter, one the most iconic, innovative, and authentic sports apparel companies in the world, is collaborating with Major League Baseball to re-release a limited edition drop of the legendary Bronx Bubble jacket. Launched in 1971, Starter changed the face of the sports apparel industry forever and is intrinsically linked to MLB through countless licensing deals. 

“The Bronx Bubble is widely recognized as an iconic and timeless piece of cultural legacy,” said Carl Banks, President of G-III sports apparel group. “Collaborating with MLB for this limited edition drop is a full circle moment. We are simultaneously bringing back this style staple while paying homage to the culture.” 

Fans will have the chance to own the famed jacket, which is re-releasing just in time for the Subway Series, Fall 2023 season and the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop. 

Steeped in nostalgia, the beloved Bronx Bubble Jacket quickly transcended the sports world to become the epitome of 90’s streetwear and an iconic touchstone, perfectly capturing the intersection of sports, music and culture. The original old jackets are difficult to find and brand recognition still runs strong. With the resurgence of the 90’s influencing current fashion, style seekers constantly scour resale sites and vintage stores not only for original Starter, but for other heritage and vintage brands as well. 

To celebrate this iconic release, Starter and the MLB NYC Flagship Store are throwing an epic bash on Tuesday, July 25th from 2-6 p.m. featuring a performance by Jadakiss at 5 p.m., DJ Funk Flex spinning nostalgic hits throughout, an exclusive preview of the Bronx Bubble, first access to the presale and nostalgic installations. Following the event, Starter will execute a full takeover of the MLB NYC Flagship Store at Rockefeller Center running through July 30th. 

Throughout the ’90s and early 2000s, the Bronx Bubble Jacket soared to cultural icon status, embraced by hip-hop artists and trendsetters across the nation. Fans such as Justin Bieber, LL Cool J, Eddie Murphy in Coming to America, Brooke Shields, Puffy, Will Smith, Run DMC, Jay-Z, Eminem, Missy Elliott, Nas, Snoop Dogg, Pink, Spike Lee, Cal Ripken Jr., Darryl Strawberry, Don Mattingly and countless others

elevated the jacket’s cultural significance. Its triumphant return means anyone can now own a piece of history. 

The Bronx Bubble Jacket makes its presale debut timed to the Subway Series with featured classic NYC teams Yankees, Mets and Brooklyn Dodgers each offered in Gold, Silver and Blue. Retailing for $300 and available for purchase at, MLB NYC Flagship Store, and specialty retailers across the country in November with limited numbers available via presale at the launch event and Starter MLB Flagship Store takeover from July 25-30. 

Photo: Blue Pictoral


Clip from Oct. 26, 1945; 50 seconds: ATOM BOMB SCIENTIST WARNS AMERICA OF DANGERS AHEAD! Research chief of atomic project, Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, in-camera interview, tells the nation that 40,000,000 in U.S. cities could be killed overnight and emphasizes that there is no counter-weapon to stop atom bomb.

Clip context: In October 1945, two months after the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that led to the end of World War II, physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer resigned as director of the Los Alamos Laboratory, where he oversaw the design of the bomb. Soon after, he met with President Truman to discuss the future of atomic energy and how to achieve international control of the weapon. “Mr. President, I feel I have blood on my hands,” he said (Truman later described Oppenheimer as a “cry-baby scientist”). **

In this newsreel interview, recorded after that White House visit, Oppenheimer tells the nation that 40,000,000 people in U.S. cities could be killed overnight by atomic bombs, emphasizing that there would be no counter-measures to stop such destruction.

“The only hope for our future safety must lie in a collaboration, based on confidence and good faith, with the other peoples of the world.” – J. Robert Oppenheimer

Preview the clip onlinecourtesy of the UCLA Film & Television Archive and the Packard Humanities Institute. Visit to explore more historical footage from the Hearst Metrotone News Collection. 

CLIP CREDIT: Courtesy of the UCLA Film & Television Archive and the Packard Humanities Institute; from Hearst Metrotone News Collection:

USE ON SOCIAL, TAG: @uclaftvarchive; @uclalibrary

** Source: From “The Meanings of J. Robert Oppenheimer” Lindsey Michael Banco, 2016, University of Iowa Press, and “Dark Sun: The Making Of The Hydrogen Bomb” Richard Rhodes, 2012, Simon & Schuster.

About the UCLA Film & Television Archive

A division of UCLA Library, the Archive is internationally renowned for rescuing, preserving and showcasing moving image media and is dedicated to ensuring that the visual achievements of our time are available for information, education and enjoyment. The Archive has over 500,000 film and television holdings conserved in a state-of-the-art facility at the Packard Humanities Institute Stoa in Santa Clarita, CA, that is designed to hold materials ranging from nitrate film to digital video at all preservation standards. Many of the Archive’s projects are screened at prestigious film events around the globe.

The Billy Wilder Theater at the Hammer Museum is the home of the UCLA Film & Television Archive’s public programs. The theater is among a handful of venues nationwide able to exhibit an entire century’s worth of moving images in their original formats. From the earliest silent films requiring variable speed projection all the way up to cutting-edge digital cinema, the Wilder can accommodate an array of screen technologies.

Jack Bridgland shot press photo for Billie Eilish promo for Barbie movie via 360 MAGAZINE.




[From The Motion Picture “Barbie”]

Today, Oscar, Golden Globe and multiple GRAMMY® Award winning Billie Eilish released What Was I Made For?” [From The Motion Picture “Barbie”] (Darkroom/Interscope Records), taken from the highly anticipated feature-length film, Barbie, written and directed by Greta Gerwig, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie and Ken, and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures

“Think I forgot / How to be happy / Something I’m not / But something I can be / Something I wait for / Something I’m made for / Something I’m made for.” 

“What Was I Made For?” [From The Motion Picture “Barbie”] was composed especially for Barbie by Billie Eilish alongside her brother FINNEAS who produced the track at his home-studio in Los Angeles. The intimate and heart-rending track exists as the sonic background for pivotal scenes through-out the film, while beautifully and poignantly highlighting the film’s important message and sentiment. The track also comes with an official music video, directed by Eilish. The video made its broadcast premiere on MTV Live, MTVU, MTV Biggest Pop and on the Paramount Times Square billboards. On making the song and music video, Eilish shared to her fans “to be real with you this all seemed to happen in a time when i really needed it. i’m so so thankful for that.” Read the full statement HERE.

Watch the official music video for “What Was I Made For?” [From The Motion Picture “Barbie”] HERE.

What Was I Made For?” [From The Motion Picture “Barbie”] will also be released as part of BARBIE THE ALBUM, the groundbreaking and star-studded musical companion to Barbie. The soundtrack was executive produced by Academy, Golden Globe and 7X Grammy® Award winning artist and producer Mark Ronson and Barbie writer/director/executive producer Greta GerwigBARBIE THE ALBUM is now available for pre-order HERE and arrives in stores and at all online retailers on Friday, July 21 in conjunction with the theatrical release of the feature film. For more information, visit

What Was I Made For?” [From The Motion Picture “Barbie”] is out everywhere now.


With the release of her sophomore album Happier Than Ever’ debuting at #1 in the Billboard 200 in the U.S. and in 19 countries across the globe, the 21-year-old Los Angeles native remains one of the biggest stars to emerge in the 21st century. Since the release of her debut single “ocean eyes” in 2015, Eilish continues to shatter the ceiling of music with her genre-defying sound. Fast forward from her humble breakout, her album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? also debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in the U.S as well as 17 additional countries around the world upon release in 2019 and was the most streamed album of that year. Both albums were critically acclaimed worldwide and were written, produced and recorded entirely by Billie Eilish and brother FINNEAS. Billie Eilish has made history as the youngest artist to receive nominations and win in all the major categories at the 62nd GRAMMY® Awards, receiving an award for Best New Artist, Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Pop Vocal Album, and is also the youngest artist to write and record an official James Bond theme song, ‘No Time To Die,’ which won an Academy Award for Best Song this year. 
To live in Barbie Land is to be a perfect being in a perfect place. Unless you have a full-on existential crisis. Or you’re a Ken. Warner Bros. Pictures Presents a Heyday Films Production, a LuckyChap Entertainment Production, an NB/GG Pictures Production, a Mattel Production, Barbie. The film will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures and released in theaters only nationwide on July 21, 2023 and internationally beginning July 19, 2023. Directed by Greta Gerwig, Barbie stars Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, America Ferrera, Kate McKinnon, Issa Rae, Rhea Perlman, and Will Ferrell. The film is written by Greta Gerwig & Noah Baumbach, based on “Barbie” by Mattel, and produced by David Heyman, Margot Robbie, Tom Ackerley and Robbie Brenner. The executive producers are Gerwig, Baumbach, Ynon Kreiz, Richard Dickson, Michael Sharp, Josey McNamara, Courtenay Valenti, Toby Emmerich and Cate Adams. The film’s music supervisor is George Drakoulias, with music by Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt.


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Avril Lavigne Partners w/ RTD BeatBox on New Flavor - Pink Lemonade via 360 MAGAZINE.

Avril + BeatBox

Avril Lavigne Partners w/ RTD BeatBox on New Flavor – Pink Lemonade.

Punk Rock Princess and philanthropist, Avril Lavigne, is best known for her highly coveted career: 8 GRAMMY nods, 10 Juno Awards, 6 World Music Awards and 21 MTV Awards.

However, this time around the multiplatinum selling artist has been recognized by adult beverage BeatBox. Avril is among the few global icons whom were chosen by the brand to participate in the Creator Series. A platform that grants them an opportunity to curate a flavor alongside of packaging; and, then distributed through their channels.

The ‘world’s tastiest party punch’ will box Lavigne’s 11.1% ABV pink lemonade to be sold nationwide: 7-Eleven, Kroger, Circle K, Casey’s, and QuikTrip.

From the moment Avril told our team how she drinks a BeatBox before every studio session we knew this was a perfect fit for our growing Creator Series. The BeatBox Creator Series is where we partner with world renowned musicians like Avril Lavigne, as well as other large influencers and brands, to bring exciting new flavors and collectible packaging to our 45,000+ retail locations,” says Zech Francis, VP of Global Marketing for BeatBox. “Partnering with Avril is going to unlock even more exciting opportunities for BeatBox as one of the fastest growing ready-to-drink cocktail brands in the US.”

Lastly, consumers and fans of Avril, at their preferred merchant, will be able enter a contest. Winners may receive exclusive signed merchandise and/or an opportunity to meet Lavigne in person. 

So stay tuned, where BeatBox is sold, for life-size custom Avril cutouts to take part in this activation.

About BeatBox

BeatBox is one of the fastest growing premix cocktails on social media. Their 6 million followers are largely credited to their expansive calendar of events, including more than 100 music festivals.