Burgeoning artist/producer, skaiwater, unveils “light!” with multi-platinum award-winning artist Lil Nas X, marking Nas’ first solo feature collaboration with another artist. Produced by 9lives, the new rendition delves into the theme of young love, shedding ‘light’ on the hidden toxicity that often lurks beneath the surface. Between skaiwater’s fresh, unique storytelling and Lil Nas X’s magnetic presence, the duo is unmatched as they effortlessly fuse distinct, vibrant, and innovative styles. Of the track skaiwater shares “‘light!’ came together at the end of 2023. I wanted to try my hand at a revival of the jerk wave and when Nas heard the record he immediately wanted to put a verse down. As a longtime friend, I think him and I feel like this was the right time to collaborate.” Listen to the track HERE via Good Talk/Geffen. 

Accompanying the track is a music video that transports viewers into an alternate reality where skai, Lil Nas X, and others are transplanted to a video game universe. Much like a 2-player game, relationships present challenges that must be overcome together. We navigate through levels or stages, drawing lessons from our experiences, and occasionally hitting the restart button to move forward. Watch the video HERE, premiering today at 1pm ET. skaiwater and Lil Nas X’s collaboration stretches back to early days of social  media. Their friendship blossomed, eventually leading to fruitful musical collaborations. Notably, skai’s involvement in Lil Nas X’s “Holiday” marked a significant milestone in their partnership which later led to skai joining Nas’ UK and European “Long Live Montero” tour.

In 2022, skaiwater experienced a breakout year with the release of their 11-track project, rave. This project included standout tracks like “boys don’t cry” and “miles,” featuring Lil Uzi Vert. rave resonated strongly with audiences, garnering millions of streams and making its mark on various music charts, including those on TikTok and Spotify.In the past year, skaiwater shared several tracks, including “emo hotel,” “good things,” and “good things 2” featuring Tana. These releases received support from Our Generation and RIFF Magazine, both of which praised their music for its “hypnotic beats,” attention-grabbing qualities, and “slick lyrics.” Now, with the arrival of “light!,” skaiwater is signaling a new wave of music that’s yet to come.


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