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Saweetie – NANi

After teasing her highly anticipated single on social media, Grammy®-nominated, multi-platinum rap star Saweetie treats fans to the feel-good summer anthem “NANi” (listen HERE and watch the video HERE) – out now via ICY/Warner Records. Produced by Jean-Baptiste, Karl Rubin, Shawn Wasabi, Ryland Blackington, and Ryan Buendia, the track’s infectious beat and Saweetie’s aspirational bars make for a dancefloor hit. 

Inspired by the viral Lady Gaga interview clip, Saweetie gets the girls ready for a busy summer on the pre-hook: “Plane, sprinter, glam, to the club, backdoor section, shots, another club/Two shows, one night ,what’s that a hunnid plus.”

Saweetie shared, “‘NANi’ isn’t just a track; it’s the soundtrack to a good time. This track def gives MAIN CHARACTER energy! <3 This single has been a labor of love, and it’s just the beginning. I’ve been working on this new music for a while, and I’m excited to share more of this journey with you.” 

To bring the single to life, Saweetie also releases a stunning music video. Directed by Chandler Lass, the visual sees Saweetie hosting a summer pool party with her “NANi” girls, where she shows off hypnotic dance moves and carefree energy. Watch HERE.

Last weekend, Saweetie received the first-ever Billboard Gold Music Award at the annual Gold Gala, the largest and most-viewed Asian Pacific gathering in the nation. Earlier this year, Saweetie released the lush anthem Richtivitiesand collaborated with the iconic Indian actor/singer Diljit on the lively track Khutti.” She also continued her foray into television – guest starring on a recent episode of STARZ’s hit series BMF and serving as a mentor on NBC’s The Voice.

Credit – Julian Dakdouk

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Never Let Go – Halle Berry


From visionary director Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes, Crawl) and the creative minds behind Stranger Things and Arrival comes NEVER LET GO. In this new psychological thriller/horror, as an Evil takes over the world beyond their front doorstep, the only protection for a mother, played by Academy Award winner Halle Berry (Actress in a Leading Role, 2001 –Monster’s Ball), and her twin sons is their house and their family’s protective bond. Needing to stay connected at all times – even tethering themselves with ropes – they cling to one another, urging each other to never let go. But when one of the boys questions if the evil is real, the ties that bind them together are severed, triggering a terrifying fight for survival.


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Directed by: Alexandre Aja

Written by: KC Coughlin & Ryan Grassby

Produced by: Shawn Levy, Dan Cohen, Dan Levine, Alexandre Aja

Executive Producers: Halle Berry, Holly Jeter, Daniel Clarke, Emily Morris, Christopher Woodrow, Connor DiGregorio

Cast: Halle Berry, Percy Daggs IV, Anthony B. Jenkins 

Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry stars in Lionsgate Never Let Go via 360 MAGAZINE.

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Banksy is one of the most influential artists in the street art community. It’s promising to see his work properly immortalized.‘–Vaughn Lowery

The presence of The Banksy Museum in New York City has been confirmed. SoHo is now the home to the world’s largest collection of Banksy’s life-sized murals and artwork. Located at 227 Canal Street (at Broadway), NYC The Banksy Museum is now open, in preview, to the public. The official press opening is Wednesday, May 15. Tickets are now available online at MuseumBanksy.com and on site at the museum. Advance reservations are strongly encouraged.

Displaying over 160 works by the world’s most famous-yet-anonymous street artist, The Banksy Museum recreates the revolutionary and often ephemeral art that Banksy has painted on surfaces in London, Bristol, Paris, Venice, Bethlehem, New York, Los Angeles, and beyond. Visitors to the museum will immerse themselves in an environmental experience, giving viewers access to Banksy creations, much of which has long since been whitewashed or dismantled. Beyond the iconic street art, the exhibition also features some of the artist’s studio work, as well as animated visual and video elements.

The New York Banksy Museum experience, an American premiere, follows successful exhibitions in ParisBarcelonaKraków and Brussels. The new exhibition, a New York premiere, is expanded to over 160 recreations, making it the largest display of Banksy work ever seen in a single setting.

Is it even possible to create a museum that celebrates the work of an artist who once said “the only thing worth looking at in most museums of art is all the schoolgirls on day trips with the art departments”? 

Banksy Museum founder Hazis Vardar initially had his doubts. “Street art belongs in the raw setting of the streets,” said Vardar. “But if people can’t see it, is it even art? Little of Banksy’s works are visible to the public at large. Most have been stolen for resale, inadvertently destroyed, or erased by overzealous city cleaning teams. Most of this transient art could only be viewed on tiny smartphone screens, which is no way to experience the scale or emotion of Banksy’s work. So we knew that we needed to create an exhibition that would bring Banksy’s art back before the public.”

Creators of The Banksy Museum faced the challenge of mounting an exhibition that was as unconventional and transgressive as the art within. “If we only trapped Banksy’s work in guilt frames on a wall, this would antithesize all that Banksy’s art represents,” says Vardar. “So we set out recreate the artworks in a life-size, re-imagined space that reflects the street experience. We employed a team of anonymous street artists, like Banksy, to recreate the work. The outcome was, truly, a magnificent reflection of Banksy’s energy, defiance, and raw talent.” 

Banksy is undoubtedly, the world’s most celebrated and elusive guerrilla street artist. Armed with little more than spray paint and stencils, the man behind the pseudonym Banksy has fostered an alluring identity that doesn’t embrace tradition, but shreds it. There’s still much we don’t know about the mysterious artist since he first made his mark in the ’90s, but what we do know is that Banksy’s striking, satirical work always delves into political and socio-critical discourse. Banksy’s artwork is characterized by striking images, often combined with slogans. 

His work often engages political themes, satirically critiquing war, capitalism, hypocrisy, and greed. Common subjects include rats, apes, policemen, members of the royal family, and children. In addition to his two-dimensional work, Banksy is known for his installation artwork. A hero to some, a vandal to others, Banksy’s artwork has been known to sell for record-breaking sums, with landowners rushing to profit from – or whitewash – buildings chosen as his latest canvas. 

Banksy maintains an oxymoronic relationship with the art world, demonstrating hostility to capitalism while being one of the most sought-after and collected contemporary artists. Celebrities who’ve collected Banksy art include Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilera, and Lance Armstrong to name a few. 

Banksy was nominated for an Academy Award for his 2010 documentary feature Exit Through the Gift Shop, an examination of the relationship between commercial and street art. 

In Wall and Piece, one of his four books containing photographs of his work complemented with his own thoughts, Banksy says “copyright is for losers” and encourages non-commercial use of his work for activism and the public’s personal enjoyment.

Banksy’s art has been further amplified by worldwide media coverage of his rebellious pranks. Between 2003 – 2005, Banksy made headlines by covertly placing his artwork beside masterpieces at The Tate and The British Museums in London; The Louvre in París; and The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Brooklyn Museum and The American Museum of Natural History in New York. In 2018, Banksy shook the art establishment when he orchestrated the self-destruction of his canvas, “Girl with Balloon,“ having it drop through a shredder built into the bottom of its gilt frame just moments after it sold for $1.4 million at Sotheby’s. The first artwork in history to have been created live during an auction, the work was renamed “Love Is In The Bin” and resold for $25.4 million just three years later.

The art world has coined the phrase “the Banksy effect” to illustrate the increased interest in other street artists, largely due to Banksy’s overwhelming international success.

Where / When: The Banksy Museum, 277 Canal Street, NYC 10013 (at Broadway) is open daily, 10AM – 8PM.

Tickets: Tickets are now available online at MuseumBanksy.com and on site at the museum. Advance reservations are strongly encouraged. Tickets are $30 for adults; $26 for students & seniors; $21 for children, 6 – 12 years. Admission is free for children 5 years or younger.

Group tickets: Group tickets are available for groups of 5 or more at $26 each, and $21 each for groups of 10 or more. Family bundles (maximum 5 tickets, which must include at least 1 adult and 2 children) are available for $21 each.

How to get there by subway: N, R, Q, W, A, C, E and 6 trains to Canal Street.

Family friendly: All ages are welcome to The Banksy Museum. This is an experience that all family members can enjoy.

About the venue: The Banksy Museum is an indoor, air-conditioned venue. The museum is located on the 2nd & 3rd floors.

Accessibility: Located on the second floor, the venue is accessible, with an elevator. Guests requiring assistance throughout this experience are entitled to apply for one free pass for their personal assistant/support worker.

How long does the experience last?: Visitors are welcome to enjoy the exhibition at their own pace. The exhibition, on average, takes an hour to experience.

Parking: There is no parking at this venue, but parking is available in the neighborhood.

Banksy Museum in NYC photographed by Vaughn Lowery via 360 MAGAZINE.
Banksy Museum in NYC photographed by Vaughn Lowery via 360 MAGAZINE.
Banksy Museum in NYC photographed by Vaughn Lowery via 360 MAGAZINE.
Banksy Museum in NYC photographed by Vaughn Lowery via 360 MAGAZINE.

How to Style Basic Fashion Items

Fashion doesn’t need to be complicated. Although it’s nice to explore crazy trends and find creative ways to dress yourself, this isn’t always necessary to look and feel great.

Basic fashion items can often be enough to build an eye-catching outfit. However, you often need to be a little more creative with how you style your basic items to make them look more unique and fashionable.

Below, we have some top tips for styling basic but essential fashion items like sleeveless tops, vests, long-sleeved tops, cardigans, and jeans.

Choose Your Colours Carefully

Using contrasting or complementary colours can be an effective way to enhance your style with basic fashion items. Contrasting colours like black and white capture the eye and create dimension within your outfits. Complementary colours, on the other hand, make your outfits look cohesive and well put together.

Being strategic with the colours of your chosen fashion basics can make all the difference to your outfits. You don’t need to stick to neutral colours when it comes to vests, tops, and jeans. Often, vibrant colours are great ways to spice up basic fashion items and create interesting outfits.

Add Layers to Your Outfits

Ask any fashionista, and they will agree that layering your outfits is one of the most effective ways to enhance your style. Layers add character and dimension to your outfits and are the perfect way to make basic fashion items more interesting.

Some examples of how to layer your outfits include adding a blazer over a basic T-shirt, pairing with a long sleeved top, or wearing a long, knee length coat that extends over your jeans.

Accessorise Appropriately

It’s important to think carefully about the accessories you’re going to wear with your basic fashion items. Although only a small part of your entire outfit, accessories make a significant difference in its appearance and cohesion.

Consider pairing basic neutral fashion items with more vibrant, colourful accessories to create contrast. Similarly, if you prefer to wear colourful vests and T-shirts, you might wish to pair these basics with traditional gold or silver jewellery or a neutral-coloured Louis Vuitton handbag to avoid too many contrasting, clashing colours.

Choose Complementary Footwear

It’s important to choose your footwear carefully when you’re styling basic fashion items. Find footwear that complements your chosen items, focusing on matching their colours or patterns.

Consider the occasion, too. Boots, trainers, or pumps are great for informal occasions where comfort is key. Heels might be a better choice for more formal occasions where professionalism and sophistication are your main priorities.

Mix and Match Your Basics

Mixing and matching is a great way to get creative when styling your outfits. Conder mixing multiple colours, patterns, and textures to build unique outfits and find your personal style.

Some examples of how you can mix and match various basics include pairing a white cotton vest with a black woolly cardigan or a grey chiffon shirt with blue denim jeans. The options are endless when it comes to mixing and matching so get creative and have fun!


Adapted from the novel “Kaiser Karl” by Raphaëlle Bacqué published by éditions Albin Michel, the original series will premiere with all six episodes Friday, June 7, only on Hulu!

EPISODE 1 – The mercenary of prêt-à-porter

It is Spring in Paris, 1972. Karl Lagerfeld, a 38-year-old, unknown fashion designer, may walk the walk and talk the talk, but he has not managed to rise above the crowd — unlike his long-time friend, Yves Saint Laurent, the head of the most prestigious haute couture house around. His encounter with young dandy Jacques de Bascher gives Karl the courage to compete, starting with taking the reins of the fashion house Chloé.

EPISODE 2 – Do you have a style?

It is Autumn, 1973. After being asked by the legendary Marlene Dietrich to design a suit for her, Karl finally gets the perfect opportunity to prove his worth as a great designer. Meanwhile, Jacques is getting tired of being kept at a distance by Karl. In order to get his attention, he begins to flirt with the forbidden fruit: Yves Saint Laurent…

EPISODE 3 – In bed with Karl

It is Autumn, 1974. Jacques and Yves are in the throes of a scandalous affair right under Karl’s nose. When the police call him and Pierre to collect Jacques and Yves from the station, Karl has had enough. It’s time he shows the world what he’s made of. He goes head-to-head with the bosses at Chloé, demanding to be made partner, while pulling out all the stops for Jacques. But things get messy when Yves, trapped under Jacques’ spell, begins to lose his mind.

EPISODE 4 – Bad reputation

Yves’ disappearance pushes Pierre to declare war on Jacques and Karl. Jacques becomes a pariah of his social circle and Karl sees his career and reputation threatened by Pierre’s attacks. Karl fights back, seizing this opportunity to finally lay the rivalry with the Saint Laurent clan to rest. Meanwhile, Jacques flees to his family whom he hasn’t seen in three years.

EPISODE 5 – The wedding of the century

It is Spring, 1978. Four years after forcing Bergé to bury the hatchet, Karl is now a major designer, alongside Yves. He finds Jacques in Rome and enlists his help to prepare the most lavish wedding celebration for their friend Paloma Picasso, daughter of the famous painter. But Jacques is not interested in returning to Paris and its nest of vipers. In order to convince him, Karl puts him in charge of the Fendi sisters’ new ad campaign.

EPISODE 6 – Monaco?

It is Spring, 1981. Since his return to Paris, Jacques drowns his sorrows and parties with his friend Diane de Beauvau-Craon, a junky aristocrat with an explosive temper. Meanwhile, Karl feels threatened by the meteoric rise of the new, young designers of the ’80s. Karl faces a dilemma: Should he put his career aside and be there for Jacques, or continue his quest for dominance at the risk of losing him forever? 

SYNOPSIS: In 1972, Karl Lagerfeld (Daniel Brühl) is 38 and not yet wearing his iconic hairstyle. He is a ready-to-wear designer, unknown to the general public. While he meets and falls in love with the sultry Jacques de Bascher (Théodore Pellerin), an ambitious and troubling young dandy, the most mysterious of fashion designers dares to take on his friend (and rival) Yves Saint Laurent (Arnaud Valois), a genius of haute couture backed by the redoubtable businessman Pierre Bergé (Alex Lutz).

“Becoming Karl Lagerfeld” plunges us into the heart of the 70s, in Paris, Monaco and Rome, to follow the formidable blossoming of this complex and iconic personality of Parisian couture, already driven by the ambition to become the Emperor of fashion. Between glamour and clashes of egos, grandiose parties and destructive passions, discover the story of Karl before Lagerfeld. 

A story told for the first time on screen and adapted from the bestseller “Kaiser Karl” by Raphaëlle Bacqué (published by Albin Michel) that brings together a star-studded cast.

CAST: Actor Daniel Brühl (“Nothing New in the West”, “Captain America: Civil War”, “Rush”, “Inglourious Basterds”, “Good Bye, Lenin!”) as the couturier, parade Théodore Pellerin (“Continental Draft (South)”, “Solo”, “Franklin”, “Beau is Afraid”) as Jacques de Bascher and Arnaud Valois (most talented new actor at Festival Lumière 2018; “120 BPM”, “Good Grief” “The Girl on the Train”, “My Best Part”, “Spring Blossom”) as Yves Saint Laurent. Alex Lutz (César for Best Actor in 2019; Molière in 2016 and 2020; “Vortex”, “Guy”, “Romantique”, “Baron noir”, “Strangers by Night”) plays Pierre Bergé. Agnès Jaoui (César for Best Supporting Actress in 1998, 2001 and 2016; Honorary César in 2024; “À l’Ombre des filles”, “En Thérapie”, “The Sweet Escape”, “The Taste of Others”) plays Gabrielle Aghion, the founder of the Chloé fashion house who made a major contribution to his fame.

CREDITS: Jérôme Salle (“Kompromat”, “Totems”, “The Odyssey”, “Zulu”, “Anthony Zimmer”) is at the helm of this major series, directing episodes 1, 2 and 6. He shares the role of executive producer with Jour Premier producer Arnaud de Crémiers. 

Episodes 3, 4 and 5 are directed by Audrey Estrougo (“Everything’s Fine”, “Suprêmes”). Isaure Pisani-Ferry (“Ganglands”, “Vampires”, “Kaboul Kitchen”) is the creator of the series, with Jennifer Have (“Unfaithful”, ” The Red Band Society”) and Raphaëlle Bacqué. Isaure Pisani-Ferry is also the series’ lead writer, co-writing all episodes with Dominique Baumard (“Le Jeune imam”, “Ganglands”, ” The Bureau “), Jennifer Have and Nathalie Hertzberg (“The Goldman Case”).

“Becoming Karl Lagerfeld” is born under the impulse of Christophe Riandee, vice CEO, production company led by Sidonie Dumas. The series is produced by Isabelle Degeorges for Gaumont and Arnaud de Crémiers for Jour Premier.


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Top 6 Tips for Bulking Up the Smart Way

Gaining muscle and bulking up takes dedication, hard work, and the right approach. While it may be tempting to try quick fixes or “dirty bulking,” making smart choices will help you build lean muscle mass in a healthy and sustainable way. Follow these top tips to bulk up effectively and reach your fitness goals. 

Focus on Compound Exercises

Compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups simultaneously are your best friend when bulking up. Exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench presses, pull ups, and rows stimulate muscle growth and boost your caloric burn. Aim to base your workout around these multi-joint movements focusing on progressively overloading the muscles with heavier weights and lower reps. This teaches the muscles to get stronger and sparks growth. Focusing on proper form and full range of motion is also key to maximizing the benefits of compound lifts.

Eat More Calories in a Controlled Way

Bulking up requires being in a caloric surplus where you consume more calories than you burn. Increase your calorie intake gradually by adding around 300-500 extra calories per day to avoid excessive fat gain. Focus on getting those extra calories from nutritious whole foods like lean proteins, complex carbs, healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables to fuel muscle growth. A weight gain powder containing protein, carbs and healthy fats can be a convenient way to increase your calorie intake. Tracking your calories and macros can help ensure you are in a controlled surplus.

Prioritize Protein Intake

Protein is the building block for growing and repairing muscles. Aim for around 0.7 to 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight daily when bulking. Include a protein source like eggs, poultry, lean meat, dairy, protein powder, or beans in each meal. Consuming a fast-absorbing protein like whey protein right after your workout can maximize repair and recovery. Varying your protein sources ensures you get a full amino acid profile.

Eat More Frequently

Don’t go long stretches without eating when trying to bulk up. Consuming 5-6 smaller meals spaced evenly throughout the day keeps your body constantly supplied with muscle-building nutrients. It also prevents you from getting overly full or hungry, so you can make smart food choices. Pack snacks like Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, mixed nuts, jerky, or protein bars to eat between meals. Planning ahead helps ensure you always have healthy snacks on hand.

Allow for Rest and Recovery

Bulking up places increased demands on the muscles, so allowing proper rest between workouts is key. Aim for at least 1 full rest day where you do no intense exercise, and make sure to get 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Insufficient recovery time can hinder strength and muscle gains. Proper rest, along with good nutrition, allows the body to repair muscle tissue and grow. Listen to your body and take additional rest days whenever needed.

Be Patient and Consistent

Gaining muscle requires dedication and consistency over time. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see major changes on the scale or in the mirror in just a few weeks. Muscle growth is a gradual process. Stick with your training, nutrition, and recovery plan, tracking progress periodically. Adjust your calories gradually if needed. With consistent effort and smart bulking methods, you will see satisfying muscle gains over time. Trust the process and stay motivated towards your end goal.

Bulking up and adding muscle mass demands commitment, strategically increasing calories, strength training, proper protein intake and rest. By following these top tips for smart bulking, you can achieve great muscle gains efficiently. Use compound lifts, controlled calorie surpluses, plenty of protein and recovery time to build your best physique yet. Stay patient and trust the bulking process.


Expressing emotions through mere touch of the hands, describing what cannot be seen with the eyes. These are the themes addressed in the new Automobili Lamborghini video that shows how each emotion is unique, just as the way to express it is unique. “The Touch: The Power of Emotions”: the video coincides with the European Month of Diversity, highlighting the attention the Sant’Agata Bolognese company dedicates to the issues of diversity and inclusion.

The video, for which Automobili Lamborghini would like to thank UICI (the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired ETS – APS), describes the sensations experienced by the protagonists when touching a Huracán Tecnica[1]. Every intensity of emotion, detected through sensors attached to their hands, corresponds to a different color because, as one of them says, “touching means gaining access to all forms of knowledge.” 

The video was inspired by a real event at Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport when Luca Grasso, Director of Polo Tattile Multimediale in Catania (a multimedia touch center for the blind and visually impaired), was refused the chance to touch a Lamborghini on display there. This episode motivated Automobili Lamborghini to make contact with the Milan branch of the UICI and work on this project together.

The initiative is part of Lamborghini’s commitment to promoting inclusion, making its history and products accessible to an increasingly wide audience. Since 2019 the Lamborghini Museum has offered a series of events in which visits are conducted in Italian Sign Language (LIS), with a certified LIS interpreter, in a journey to discover the history and the technological innovations of the masterpieces made in Sant’Agata Bolognese.

From June 2024 people who are blind or visually impaired can enjoy visits to the Lamborghini Museum. Guests will have the opportunity, by reservation, to participate in guided tours where they can touch models on display and experience the world of Lamborghini through the sensations created by physical contact with the cars.

For information and reservations for guided tours of the Lamborghini Museum, please send an email to visit@lamborghini.com.

Link to video part one on YouTube: https://youtu.be/ndbsc2df7Vg 

Link to video part one with audio descriptionhttps://youtu.be/AolGHb5t_7I

Link to video part two on YouTube: https://youtu.be/7419BX3KYEk

Link to video part two with audio descriptionhttps://youtu.be/Gd5rWbQj6M8

[1] Fuel consumption and emission values of Huracán Tecnica; Fuel consumption combined: 14,5 l/100km (WLTP); CO₂-emissions combined: 328 g/km (WLTP).