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Red Bull Spiral episode featuring Nana, LaRussell, and Buddy via 360 Magazine.


This month, Red Bull officially debuted Red Bull 1520, a new YouTube channel dedicated to hip-hop programming from the world of Red Bull, featuring beats, bars, and live performances from rap’s next movement. Ensuring fans never miss a beat, Red Bull 1520 will showcase exclusive content from Red Bull’s various music events across the U.S. as well as original series featuring content you won’t find anywhere else.

Informed by the artists and movements born from the last 50 years of hip-hop but focused on the future of the genre, Red Bull 1520 pays homage to the culture through talent-driven and engaging programming, starting with the debut of two new monthly hip-hop music series: Red Bull Spiral and Red Bull Rap IQ.

About Nana

It concludes with the standout song “Legend,” and its chorus says it all: “Where we stand, the test of time/If I die, I’m gonna die a legend.” By creating a portrait of the place that raised him so impeccably, Nana has carved out a permanent space for himself in the landscape.

Based on the popular Japanese format, Red Bull Rasen, Red Bull Spiral invites 3-4 MCs to Red Bull’s LA recording studio to collaborate on a one-of-a-kind cypher. Filmed in one continuous take, Red Bull Spiral challenges even the most seasoned artists to stay cool under pressure and deliver perfect bars as the camera spins through the studio, capturing every movement. Watch LA crew Coast Contra kick off the series with their debut episode here, and look out for upcoming drops featuring KenThe Man, Kalan.FrFr, Baby Tate, LaRussell, Buddy, Nana, and more.

“We definitely had to take our time and approach this like a show,” says Coast Contra’s Ras Austin. “It’s a challenge but we wanted to make it as fun of an experience for the viewers as we could. When Taj gets in a certain pocket and everybody starts a rotation in sync with his flow. Super dope moment!”

Also launching on Red Bull 1520 is Red Bull Rap IQ, a game show that invites artists and tastemakers to compete to see who’s the ultimate rap genius through multiple rounds of challenges and trivia. Hosted by comedian, artist and creator Patrick Cloud, Red Bull Rap IQ puts guests to the test on everything from artist collaborations and song lyrics to hip-hop long arithmetic. Tune-in here to watch the debut episode featuring Westside Boogie, GRIP, Brittany Sky and Dee Moe. Stay tuned for new episodes of Red Bull Rap IQ featuring D Smoke, Buddy, P-Lo and other special guests.

“This isn’t your regular game show,” says host Patrick Cloud. “I aim to get the rappers to show their audience a side of them they barely get to see. And if they show off their hip-hop smarts along the way then even better!”

New episodes of Red Bull Spiral and Red Bull Rap IQ launch monthly. Subscribe to Red Bull 1520 and also get access to exclusive music content, behind-the-scenes clips, and exclusive artist features you won’t want to miss.

Yourself. Held in Los Angeles, it sold out entirely on the strength of his budding fanbase, dedicated friends, and unwavering determination.

The concept behind Save Yourself came on the day Mac Miller died. “Mac was one of my favorite artists of this generation, and to see him go the way he did, I was like ‘I need a title that speaks to this generation,’” Nana recalls. “Especially having seen a lot of the rappers and the kids go in the way he did. I was like, ‘Yo, we have to save ourselves.’” It was a reflective, deeply personal artwork that laid the foundation for where he wants to grow.

In April, Nana released From the District to the World, a frequently hard-nosed project that still makes room for moments of levity and grace. Across eight tracks, he makes the most of the classic LA sound (“Bet It Back”) and dabbles in the jazz-inflected style of hip-hop that has become especially dominant in the last decade (“DontPlayDat,” featuring Buddy). On the latter track, Nana creates a series of character sketches and gives some gentle advice, like “If you broke, that’s fine too, just say that.” His years spent observing the people around him have paid off beautifully with this cohesive project that pulls no punches.

Whereas Save Yourself was introspective, From the District to the World is about everything beyond the four walls of your skull. The characters in these songs are the people Nana would see at the mall, at school, or out on the street. There may only be eight songs here, but there are eight million stories in a place like Crenshaw, and the EP touches nearly as many souls.

Ways to Foster a More Sustainable Logistics Business

Some lines of business are less eco-friendly than others, but that doesn’t mean those working in them are less responsible. It’s just that they have more work to do to protect the environment. If you own a logistics business and you’re looking to implement more sustainable transport practices, the following are things that you should consider.

Be a Trucking Pioneer: Go Electric Right Now

If you have never really thought about using electric trucks rather than dirty, fume-belching diesel beasts, it is time to start looking at the idea and seeing the positive side. Many people have never seen an electric truck. Maybe you haven’t, either, but you know they exist. You’ve heard them being discussed by your peers, others in your position. Maybe what you’ve heard is that it may be okay in the future, but for now they’re going to (reluctantly) carry on with what they’re used to. 

You Know Deep Down That’s Not How Leaders Think

Once upon a time there were people opting to stay with horse-drawn wagons because this internal combustion engine idea was untested and too much of a gamble, or people were going to keep using trains, despite the limitations that put-on deliveries. Then one forward thinking person took the big step, and soon everyone was doing it. Taking calculated risks is one of the top tips for leaders who want to innovate and move the needle. How about being that pioneer at this crucial stage in history, when you know sustainability is essential?

Use Smaller Vehicles

Do you really need those super-heavyweight monsters or are they relics of a less enlightened past that you keep in case you need to fill them again one day? If that is the case, why not bite the 21st century bullet and trade them in for smaller, more efficient models? You’ll save on fuel, so it’s good for you as well as the planet. If the smaller ones can be electric, even better.

Make Your Existing Smaller Vehicles a Part of Your Image

If your fleet is not dominated by the giant apes of the vehicle world, the transition is even easier, and therefore more pressing. Replace your cars and vans with the top EVs and watch your fuel bills plummet, while your reputation skyrockets as the person who made a difference.

Use a Fleet Management System

Efficiency is one of the great goals of business, and with fleet management technology, even if your fleet still uses fossil fuels and pumps out harmful emissions, you can at least keep the vehicles off the road as much as possible. That can be achieved by simple measures such as using optimum routes, and you may have established these, but are your staff sticking to them? A fleet management system can tell you where all your vehicles are always, so you can work with your drivers to make sure these routes really are the best ones. 

Combine Loads

Just like people sharing cars to get to work or for the school run, commercial vehicles can also be used for several customers. Obviously, the courier companies do this all the time because they’ve got loads of single items, but if you’ve only got half a truckload for one customer, think about filling the truck with another half or two quarters for other customers. This may complicate matters as regards routes and timings, but it’s worth looking at seriously. The world is changing, and sometimes, we must change our way of thinking to adapt to it.

LV by the Pool via 360 MAGAZINE.


LV By The Pool is an immersive lifestyle summer capsule interpreted by all Métiers: women, leather goods, travel, ready-to-wear, accessories, and fragrances. Pieces are all embellished by similar exclusive artworks inspired from the tiles in the historical Maison d’Asnières. For the collection’s leather goods, LV has revisited its iconic Monogram canvas with a new, fresh aquarelle-effect Monogram print.

With LV By The Pool, Louis Vuitton proposes a total lifestyle collection dedicated to travel through the summer season with a relaxed wardrobe showcasing classic and new creations.

The Maison’s heritage shifts into holiday mode; classic and new creations capture a fresh approach to destination dressing and living. A relaxed wardrobe adapted for seaside and city, the collection also comprises a wide range of Louis Vuitton’s métiers such as ready-to-wear, bags, silks, shoes, sunglasses, jewellery and accessories – all suited to getaways near and far.

Imagine strolling the streets of Lisbon, daydreaming by the side of a pool or feeling the warmth of sand underfoot: not a single point of departure, but several. These play out primarily through various animations of the Monogram, each with a summery look and an artistic spirit. The mosaic pattern that appears throughout – from a watercolour effect on swimwear and silk squares to graphic arrangements on beach towels and pillows – draws inspiration from Portuguese Azulejos tiles in tones of blue that also evoke open skies and ocean depths.

Ready-to-wear leans towards casual sophistication – at once travel-friendly and versatile. Crochet pieces lightly skim the body with instant allure, while knit layers express carefree ease and pair with swimwear.

Highlighting the tiled Monogram, jersey pieces are light and feminine, just as skirts, shorts and dresses span a range of silhouettes. Looks in black and white remain a timeless expression of dressed-down elegance. Cover-ups including caftans and pareos are essential for vacations, whereas additional outerwear and separates bridge the season no matter how the days are spent.

A selection of the Maison’s signature bags – Speedy, Keepall, Métis and NéoNoé – interpret the enlarged Monogram animation, which is contrasted with trim in the mosaic pattern. On a cream base of coated canvas, shades of blue, rose and beige bring novelty to the Maison’s iconic motif. A new raffia-like material enhanced with Monogram embroidery, crafted from natural cotton, offers a supple texture for bags, shoes and accessories. High-end models are also adorned with summery details: Twist is crafted from a crochet material showcasing a colourful flower pattern while Capucines is revisited in an elevated natural rattan and an enchanting tweed. Coussin is embellished with a delicate braided silk scarf on the chain.

For a complete look, LV By The Pool includes shoe styles that capture the essence of getaway chic. The LV Isola mule arrives as a new icon – recognisable for its crafted LV circle up top and the tile motif around the sole. Meanwhile Starboard platform sandals and slip-ons stand out for their mix of natural cotton, embroidery and espadrille soles. Hats span classic to novelty, whether a leather sandal or the LV Croisière crochet bucket hat with eye-catching embroidery. A range of striking sunglasses boast timeless shapes in seasonal shades of pink and blue.

Beyond being highly wearable, the collection also speaks to the Louis Vuitton way of life. A Monogram print hammock, folding chair and beach racquet set are among the items elevating leisure time, while a new tablewear range in Porcelaine de Limoges underscores a respect for fine craftmanship. As a 360-degree offer, the collection transcends holiday time, furthering the pleasures of travel while making a veritable, visual splash.

LV by the Pool via 360 MAGAZINE.
LV by the Pool via 360 MAGAZINE.
Louis Vuitton ping pong via 360 MAGAZINE.
Louis Vuitton handbags via 360 MAGAZINE.


Canadian platinum-certified and JUNO award-winning dance-pop artist, Rêve, released her new single and lyric video for “Big Boom” via Astralwerks. The new single will set the stage for her debut album due to coming out later this year. You can listen to “Big Boom” here and watch the lyric video here.

Recorded in Toronto and produced by Grammy-nominated and JUNO-winning production duo, Banx & Ranx (Dua Lipa, Sia, Little Mix, Sean Paul), “Big Boom” is an energetic body of work that is bound to ignite the dance floor. The song was also co-written by the production duo, Rêve and Peter Hanna (Robin Schulz, Little Mix, Chainsmokers). With the irresistible dance-pop vibes of “Big Boom,” the new track arrives on the heels of bringing home the 2023 JUNO Dance Recording of the Year for Ctrl + Alt + Del (x2 Platinum-certified).

“Big Boom is a song Banx & Ranx and I wrote with the summer in mind,” says Rêve. “In many ways, Big Boom is CTRL + ALT + DEL’s angsty, younger sister. It’s an anthem made for sweltering nights where the vibe is high surrounded by the people you love.”

Since making her label debut in 2021 with Astralwerks, Rêve has amassed over 124 million combined global streams across a number of original singles, from her debut track “Still Dancing” to the irresistible “SKIN 2 SKIN,” the flirtatious “Tongue,” and more. Montréal-born, Toronto-based artist Rêve has flourished and cemented herself as one of this generation’s most promising dance-pop singer-songwriters.


Montreal-born, Toronto-based singer-songwriter Briannah Donolo, aka Rêve (“dream” in French), was discovered when her performance of the national anthem at a Canadiens de Montréal game went viral. The last few years have seen her develop her sound with the likes of Joel Stouffer (Carly Rae Jepsen, Dragonette), among others. Rêve intends to create the soundscape that lives in her mind: playful, pop, and R&B-influenced dance music that draws its inspirations from the heydays of 90s sophisticated Euro sound.

Credit: Deion

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LIT Killah announces the release of his new single "Los Del Espacio" via 360 MAGAZINE.


LIT Killah announces the release of his new single, “Los Del Espacio.” This extraordinary collaboration brings together some of the most prominent artists from the new music wave in Argentina: DukiEmiliaTiagoFMKRusher KingMaria Becerra, and Big One. Starting today at 8 PM EST, you can enjoy this powerful fusion of talent that promises to take us to new heights.

The song, composed by LIT Killah, Tiago, Duki, Emilia, Maria Becerra, Rusher King, Big One, and FMK, has been produced and mastered by Big One, who has managed to create a unique and captivating atmosphere that transports the listener on a musical journey beyond this world.

Los Del Espacio” is the result of the spirit of collaboration and camaraderie that arose during the quarantine, when these artists shared their music and company in a house. This house became the epicenter of the new music wave in Argentina, a movement in which a generation of artists has succeeded in taking their careers to an international level, supporting each other.

Los Del Espacio” is the compelling proof of the innovative power and undeniable talent of LIT Killah, Duki, Emilia, Tiago, FMK, Rusher King, Maria Becerra, and Big One, who are established as undisputed leaders of contemporary music in their country. This epic collaboration demonstrates their ability to push creative boundaries and set a new standard in the country’s music scene.

Los Del Espacio” will be available on all digital platforms. For more information, visit @litkillah on social media.

wp-1685644934358Singer-songwriter Victoria Canal has debuted two new singles, “Shape” and “She Walks In” via Elektra inside 360 MAGAZINE.

Victoria Canal – Shape

Singer-songwriter Victoria Canal has debuted two new singles, “Shape” and “She Walks In” via Elektra. Her first new music since the release of 2022’s Elegy EP, “Shape” premiered last night on Future Sounds with Clara Amfo on BBC Radio 1. “Shape” and “She Walks In” mark the first time Canal has written about her body and body dysmorphia, and arrive ahead of her forthcoming new EP, set for release later this summer.

Of the two songs, Victoria shares: “I wrote ‘Shape’ and ‘She Walks In’ as sister songs. They’re both about experiencing body dysmorphia and comparison: ‘Shape’ is the lighter, playful side of wanting to accept my body, while ‘She Walks In’ is the dark underbelly that reveals the disabled experience. It’s the first time I’m writing about my body, so it feels vulnerable but important to me.”

Listen to “Shape” and “She Walks In”

Last month Canal won the Rising Star award at the prestigious Ivor Novellos, which celebrates the craft of songwriters, composers and creators. Past Rising Star winners and nominees include Mysie, Griff, Willow Kayne, Rachel Chinouriri, Naomi Kimpenu and Holly Humberstone, with Victoria Canal following in their steps as a breakout artist primed for greatness.

The judges complimented Canal’s “powerful songwriting and compelling sound”, while Victoria dedicated her award to past teachers and mentors. She further added, pertaining to her limb difference, “I really could have used seeing someone like me on stage growing up and I never did so it’s truly an honor to think that someone else who feels different out there knows that it’s possible.”

Following her own headline UK/EU tour last year, this summer Victoria will support Hozier on his forthcoming UK and Europe shows this June and July, including a huge outdoor gig at London’s Alexandra Palace Park.

Last year Canal released her EP Elegy, which delicately dealt with themes of grief and death, and featured the single “swan song,” which Chris Martin of Coldplay hailed as ‘one of the best songs ever written’. She performed “swan song” on the recent series of Later… with Jools Holland, appearing alongside the likes of Self Esteem and The 1975.

About Victoria Canal:

24 year-old singer, songwriter, producer and activist Victoria Canal makes soul-stirring, emotive pop music. Born in Munich, Spanish-American Canal says her international upbringing fostered her love for a nomadic life in music. A proud “third culture kid,” she lived everywhere from Shanghai, Tokyo, Amsterdam, London, and Dubai to Atlanta, New York, and Forth Worth, and is proud of her identity as a queer, disabled, mixed-heritage woman, which fuels much of her activism.

Canal last year made her television acting debut in acclaimed Apple TV+ anthology series Little America, starring in the season’s moving episode The Indoor Arm as a Spanish-speaking Salvadorian refugee in the 80s who comes to America to live with her sister. She also wrote “Bring It On,” the theme song for Apple TV+ series Best Foot Forward, based on the book by Paralympic skier Josh Sundquist.

See Victoria Canal live

supporting Hozier

Sunday 25 June – Queens Park – Glasgow, UK

Sunday 2 July – The Piece Hall – Halifax, UK

Monday 3 July – O2 City Hall – Newcastle, UK

Wednesday 5 July – Castlefield Bowl – Manchester, UK

Thursday 6 July – Cardiff Castle – Cardiff, UK

Saturday 8 July – O2 Academy – Bournemouth, UK

Sunday 9 July – O2 Academy- Birmingham, UK

Tuesday 11 July – Tempodrome – Berlin, DE

Wednesday 12 July – Carlswerk Victoria – Cologne, DE

Friday 14 July – Halle 622 – Zurich, CH

Sunday 16 July – Anfiteatro del Vittoriale – Gardone Riviera, IT       

Tuesday 18 July – Olympia – Paris, FR

Wednesday 19 July – AFAS – Amsterdam, NL

Friday 21 July – Alexandra Palace Park (Outdoor) – London, UK

Sunday 23 July – Englefield House – Berkshire, UK


“Shape” and “She Walks In”



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Jeremy Zucker announces nothing sacred? EP via 360 MAGAZINE.


Multi-Platinum Certified singer, songwriter, and producer Jeremy Zucker reveals his much-anticipated new EP, is nothing sacred?, will be released on June 9 via Mercury Records/Republic Records.

On the contemplative and vulnerable 5-track project, Zucker examines his inner self and the outer world that surrounds him. is nothing sacred? includes his recently released single “OK,” which HYPEBEAST described as “introspective and emotionally-charged” and had EUPHORIA. proclaiming, “‘OK’ is a tender promise to be aware of the mental health of those around him,” as well as his DIY hit “internet crush.”

Of the inspiration behind is nothing sacred?, Jeremy states, “The EP is a response to the questions ‘is nothing sacred?’, meaning, does nothing matter in the world? It’s sort of this exploration of opening yourself up to being vulnerable and surrendering yourself to the potential for pain in the pursuit of caring about something greater than yourself.”

Zucker recently wrapped his run on The Kid LAROI’s national “Bleed For You” Tour and is set to headline his own international tour later this year—stay tuned for another exciting announcement to come next week.


Jeremy Zucker’s music unfolds like the kinds of stories you share with your best friends. It’s that intimate, detailed, personal, and meaningful. This approach has cemented the New Jersey-born singer, songwriter, and producer as a quietly impactful voice in mainstream music. Since emerging in 2015, he has amassed over a staggering 10 billion global streams and sold 4.5 million albums. His catalog consists of definitive anthems, such as the Gold-Certified records “talk is overrated” feat. blackbear and “all the kids are depressed” and Platinum-Certified records “you were good to me” with Chelsea Cutler and breakout hit “comethru”, which The FADER hailed as “the intoxicating crush anthem that’s become his calling card.” He teamed up with like-minded visionary Chelsea Cutler for the collaborative EPs—brent [2019] and brent ii [2021]. His full-length debut, love is not dying, bowed in the Top 25 of the Billboard Top Album Sales Chart and garnered widespread praise. Beyond gathering over 10 billion global career streams, Jeremy has received several RIAA Platinum and Gold Certifications. Not to mention, he’s received critical acclaim from The New York TimesRolling StoneBillboardPAPER MagazineWonderlandMarie Claire, and more. Along the way, he graced the stages of festivals such as Lollapalooza, Governors Ball, Firefly, Reading & Leeds, and more, in addition to making appearances on various television shows, including The Late Show with Stephen ColbertThe Late Late Show with James Corden, and TODAY Show, to name a few. His second full-length album, CRUSHER, arrived in 2021 to widespread acclaim and paved the way for his biggest tour thus far, “MORE NOISE !!!!!”, selling out dates in North America, Europe, UK, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. He returns to his sonic roots in 2023, beginning with “internet crush” and continuing with “OK” from his upcoming EP is nothing sacred? out June 9.



Photo: Meredith Truax


In the wake of Target abandoning its values on LGBTQ inclusion this Pride Month, we wanted to make sure you saw the strong showing from The North Face, a brand targeted by a handful of extremists. The North Face did not back down from its Pride campaign, as shown here.


Statement from GLAAD President & CEO Sarah Kate Ellis:

“Including LGBTQ people and holding true to your corporate values is good for business. The North Face is following hundreds of other businesses that include and stand with LGBTQ people and our allies. At a time when over 20% of Gen Z is LGBTQ and a supermajority of Americans support LGBTQ people, The North Face’s decision should be a signal to other companies that including LGBTQ people and allies is better for business than siding with a small number of violent extremists who want to keep LGBTQ consumers and employees invisible.”

Of note, a few more examples of brands sticking to their values and NOT caving to the handful of extremists attempting to undermine business decisions:


Nike CEO John Donahoe says brands need to stand by their values amid DeSantis, Disney feud

Nike CEO John Donahoe said during the inaugural CNBC CEO Council Summit it’s important for corporations to fight for the values integral to their brands.

Ad Age

The North Face continues Pride push amid LGBTQ+ marketing backlash

The North Face is continuing its Pride month collection and campaign despite calls for a boycott.

Los Angeles Times

Dodgers apologize and invite Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to Pride Night

The Dodgers responded to criticism for their decision to exclude the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence from their June 16 Pride Night by reversing course.


Swatch Dares Malaysia to Confiscate Rainbows After Pride Watches Raid

Multiple raids on Swatch Group AG’s stores in Malaysia over their sale of Pride-themed rainbow watches has sparked a furious response from the watchmaker and raised renewed doubts about the commitment of the nation’s six-month old coalition government to LGBTQ rights. (83 kB)

Facts about LGBTQ inclusion in ads/marketing and about anti-LGBTQ violence today:

More than 160 LGBTQ community events have been targeted with violence and threats in the past year. Everything from firebombing a donut shop to armed militias showing up at public libraries of all places.

Gallup found over 20% of Gen Z are LGBT, that number has grown each year.

For four consecutive waves, fielded annually, GLAAD has found that non-LGBTQ people’s level of comfort seeing LGBTQ people in ads has remained stable at 75% (3 out of 4 non-LGBTQ people). You can see the original question in the link below and here

A report released in December 2022 by GLAAD and the Edelman Trust Institute found:

If a brand publicly supports and demonstrates a commitment to expanding and protecting LGBTQ rights, Americans are 2x more likely to buy or use the brand and ages 18-34 are 5.5x more likely to want to work at a company if it publicly supports and demonstrates a commitment to expanding and protecting LGBTQ rights. Additional findings here.

GLAAD’s 2022 Accelerating Acceptance poll measuring attitudes, progress, and challenges in pursuit of full acceptance for the LGBTQ community found:

  • More than half (54%) of transgender and nonbinary people feel unsafe walking in their own neighborhoods, compared to 36% of all LGBTQ adults, as well as less safe in various environments, from work, to social media, or in a typical store.

A 2020 GLAAD and P&G poll of U.S. consumers found:

  • 75% of respondents were comfortable seeing LGBTQ people in ads.
  • Respondents also looked favorably upon companies that included LGBTQ people in their advertisements.
  • 85% of respondents believe it reflects the company’s commitment to offering products to all types of customers.
  • 82% of respondents believe that it reflects the company’s value for all kinds of diversity.
  • 80% of respondents believe that it reflects that the company is making a statement about the importance of recognizing LGBTQ people.
  • More info from the poll here.
Chanel West Coast drops summer anthem Lit for Days via 360 MAGAZINE.

Chanel West Coast – Lit for Days

Chanel shares, “Lit for Days, is a universal feel-good song for anyone and everyone to vibe to. I wanted to make a party song for people from all walks of life, for any occasion, and truly bring people together through music. I also wanted to redefine the word lit. When people think of getting lit, they imagine keg stands and people raging so hard they’re falling over…which is getting lit… but not the only way. Whether you’re on a yacht in Italy, at the club, at a small family BBQ, or simply dancing around in your living room, you can get lit anywhere, and all it requires is being around the people you love. I wrote Lit for Days in 2021, long before I was a mother, and we also shot the music video in 2021. I’ve been a mom for months now, but I still know how to party and wanted to show that, so I decided to add a family party scene to the music video where my baby girl Bowie makes the cutest cameo ever! I think many people can feel lit in different ways, and for me, being a good mom is truly being lit. Adding her to the video was a must because motherhood is the best high I’ve ever felt and makes ME feel lit for days. I hope this song becomes everyone’s summer anthem and makes them feel that good energy when they listen to it!”

Chanel‘s inspiration for Lit For Days is a celebration of happiness and self-expression for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Listen to Lit for Days HERE.


On Sunday, June 11, the College of Mount Saint Vincent (CMSV)—in partnership with the Bronx Arts Ensemble (BAE)—will be hosting a Community Day on the Mount’s Riverdale campus as they mark the grand opening of the CMSV Conservatory.

The day will consist of performances by the two BAE ensembles and two workshops presented by BAE teaching artists. As part of the grand opening of the CMSV Conservatory, students, parents, families, and music aficionados of all ages are welcome to attend an Open House and enjoy performances by CMSV Conservatory students and faculty and the CMSV Community Choir to learn more about how they can make music at the Mount.

The schedule of events is as follows:

12:30 PM | Conservatory Grand Opening

Attend an Open House and performances by students, faculty, and the CMSV Community Choir.

Location: CMSV Conservatory, Marillac Hall

2 PM | BAE Woodwind Quintet Concert: Afro-Caribbean Music and More

From Jamaican and Haitian folk songs to Florence Price’s monumental Five Folksongs in Counterpoint, the Bronx Arts Ensemble String Quartet will celebrate the works of Black composers and musicians in the Americas and more.

Location: Chapel of the Immaculate Conception, Founders Hall

3 PM | African Drumming Workshop

Learn more about Congolese drumming and dance with Andoche Loubakia.

Location: Smith Hall, Founders Hall

4 PM | BAE String Quartet Concert: North American Redux

Enjoy works by historic and living North American composers. Music will range from Scott Joplin’s opera Treemonisha to works by living Canadian and Mexican composers.

Location: Chapel of the Immaculate Conception, Founders Hall

5 PM | Dance Workshop

Learn more about a dance fusion of house, salsa, and breakdance with Estelle Rivera.

Location: Smith Hall, Founders Hall

The CMSV Conservatory is a new community music school that provides private music instruction and performance opportunities to community members of all ages, experience levels, and learning styles. BAE contributes to the arts and culture of the Bronx communities, uplifting them worldwide, through performances and innovative arts education, both in-person and online.

The Bronx Arts Ensemble programs are supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council and District 11 Councilman Eric Dinowitz. We would also like to offer a special thank you to Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz.

About the College of Mount Saint Vincent

Founded in 1847 by the Sisters of Charity, the College of Mount Saint Vincent offers nationally recognized liberal arts education and a select array of professional fields of study on a landmark campus overlooking the Hudson River. Committed to the education of the whole person, and enriched by the unparalleled cultural, educational, and career opportunities of New York City, the College equips students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary for lives of professional accomplishment, service, and leadership in the 21st century.