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What is VPN and how does it offer online freedom? 

The abbreviation VPN refers to Virtual Private Network. As the name suggests, it furnishes clients with a virtual system that is private so they can surf the web in a manner that is safe. Basically, a definitive objective of a VPN is to keep your data confidential. According to a survey, since 2013 almost 25% of global internet users have accessed the web through a VPN each month

How does a VPN work? 

A VPN works by directing your gadget’s internet access through your picked VPN’s private server as opposed to your internet service provider (ISP) with the goal that when your information is transmitted to the web, it originates from the VPN instead of your PC. The VPN goes about as a delegate of sorts as you surf the web, concealing your IP address – the series of numbers your ISP gives to your device – and securing your identification. Besides, if your information is in one way or another caught, it will be ambiguous until it arrives at its end goal. A VPN makes a confidential “channel” from your device to the web and conceals your essential information through something that is known as encryption. 

Without a VPN, your connection is completely open, and your ISP, the WiFi router, any server en route, or an individual with the correct devices look at your information. Utilizing a VPN takes care of a considerable lot of those issues by encoding your transmission and causing it to show up as though it’s simply the server that is making the connection and not you. 

In extremely straightforward terms, a VPN interfaces your PC, cell phone, or tablet to another PC (called a server) someplace on the internet, and permits you to peruse the web utilizing that PC’s internet access. So if that server is in another country, it will show up as though you are originating from that country, and you can possibly get to things that you usually could not. 

VPN offers online freedom 

A VPN can offer you more opportunities on the internet. Numerous individuals nowadays are utilizing a VPN for torrenting or bypassing geographic limitations to watch content in a different country. It permits you to link with servers everywhere throughout the world. At the point when you associate with a VPN server in a specific country, you will have the option to get to the web as though you were truly in that country. This is helpful, in light of the fact that the internet is not freely available all over. A few countries control some portion of the internet or force limitations via social media sites or online streaming services. On the off chance that you are on vacation or have relocated, you may be not able to see your typical streams. A VPN will empower you to link with the web by means of servers in your country of origin. This typically empowers you to watch your preferred show or access your preferred site once more. For example, if you cannot access Australian TV in the US, visit https://privacyspark.com/vpn/streaming/australian-tv/ for more information about how you can watch it with the help of VPN. 

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Who’s Liable When an Uber Driver is Involved in an Accident?

Whether you’re a driver or a passenger, the last thing you’d want to imagine is being involved in a car crash. A car accident is often a deadening experience that, in addition to causing physical and emotional pain, can wreak havoc to the victim’s financial health. But accidents do happen from time to time, and they don’t come knocking at anyone’s door.

Since its founding in 2009, Uber has grown to become inarguably the most popular cab service not only in the US but in many other countries around the world. When you’re new in the city and want to navigate from one point to the other, you just call an Uber and you’re good to go. You get into a club, take several shots and you feel you’re not confident enough to drive yourself home, you can simply leave your vehicle, call an Uber and come pick your vehicle the next day when you’re not intoxicated. They’re an affordable and highly convenient means of transport.

However, this is not to say that an Uber driver cannot get into a car crash, which may arise from his negligence or the negligence of another driver. If you’ve been hurt in an Uber crash or another ridesharing service, the folks at https://www.brookslawgroup.com/car-accident-lawyer/uber-lyft-accidents/ say that finding an accident lawyer should be one of the first things to do. This is because car accident issues can sometimes be complicated, lengthy, and emotionally draining if you approach it alone. With a good car accident lawyer, the process of seeking compensation for your injuries and losses becomes smooth and less stressful, giving you enough time and peace of mind to heal and get back to your normal life. 
The big question, however, is, who’s liable for the damages in case this happens?

Car Insurance

In essence, all drivers are required to carry car insurance to be on the road. Remember, most cars under the Uber umbrella are actually owned by third parties or the drivers themselves. But since Uber is a large, well-reputed brand, many cab drivers choose to operate under Uber instead of conducting business as individuals or under other smaller ridesharing services. The good thing is that before Uber accepts a driver, they have to carry car insurance, which is meant to protect them from liability in case they were at fault in n auto accident.

Who’s Held Liable?

Now, if you or a loved one has been injured in an uber crash, liability lies in the driver who caused the accident. In other words, there are various scenarios to it. You could be a passenger in the Uber or a passenger/driver in the other vehicle. Either way, the driver who is found at fault for the crash (or their insurance company) should be the one to cover the resulting damages, including medical costs and compensation for your losses, pain, and suffering. But sometimes accident compensation matters can be highly complex and difficult to navigate, which is why is important to work with an accident attorney from the word go.

Supplemental Uber Insurance

The other good thing about Uber is that they also provide supplemental insurance to their drivers. This is specifically meant to help passengers who may get hurt in an Uber car crash. The accident policy, in the US, for instance, covers a liability of up to $1 million, which may be enough to compensate you for your losses, pay your medical bills, and other out of pocket expenses the persons involved in the accident might have incurred after the car crash. The ridesharing service also provides coverage of up to $50,000 per person and $100,000 per accident, along with $25,000 coverage for property damage caused by the accident. However, the caveat to this is that for the insurance to become available, the Uber driver has to have had the Uber app on during the ride. This makes it important that as a passenger, you always ensure that your driver has the Uber app on as soon as you board the vehicle.
After an Uber driver is involved in a car accident, the liability lies in the person at fault. They, the other driver, or their insurance company could be held liable. In a rideshare accident, some common types of compensation available include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and loss of companionship, among others. Whether you’re the driver or the passenger in the accident and you’re injured, it is important to seek medical attention, talk with an accident attorney, file a police report, and get insurance information as soon as possible. This helps ensure that whoever is to blame for the accident is brought to justice and that you receive your compensation where due.

Free Online Game And Slot Websites To Pass The Time

As of recent, people have had to hunker down in their homes due to the COVID-19 epidemic that has brought the world to an abrupt halt. Many states and cities have ordered residents to stay in their homes at this time in an effort to deter the spreading of the virus. 

Now that people are in their homes for longer periods of time than they are used to, one thing is certain: they’re getting BORED! If this happens to apply to you, and you find yourself bored often on a day-to-day basis, then perhaps you could use some free games to help out that problem.

On various websites and platforms, you can gain access to a ton of free games, such as online slots, puzzle games, RPGs, shooters, and so much more. There’s an abundance of free online games and slots out there, and this list was made to show you some of the best websites to refer to. Staying at home doesn’t have to be so boring, after all. 

Free Online Slot Websites

There’s plenty of websites to choose from to find online slots, which has been one of the most popular forms of entertainment during this quarantine for many people. This list will make it easier to find the best websites available.


This website is one that is packed with a ton of information, and offers an abundance of free slots and games to be enjoyed by site viewers! They don’t require you to sign up, so you won’t have to worry about wasting time on that. When on their website, head to the ‘Free Games’ module, filter it to ‘Slots’, and check out their selection! In their library, they have some of the classics like Golden Legend, and Mystery Joker. They have over 7,000 free games and slots to be enjoyed, so get over there ASAP!


Whereas the website that was mentioned just before has over 7,000 games and slots in their library, slotsup.com has over 7,000 slot games alone! That is certainly an impressive abundance of free slot games to choose from. On their website, they make it clear to you that they have a big passion for free slot games, and want to extend that joy to you. It’s important to get some practice in before you get to using real money, and this is exactly what you can do when you visit their site. Whether you are on Mac, PC, or mobile, you can view and play these slot games in Full HD. 


Even though they are widely used for the live casino and real-money betting features, twin.com also has a ton of free slot games to enjoy on their website. They have more of a modern take on slot games, featuring some of the newest and more comprehensive ones available. Some slot games they have include Book Of Dead, Immortal Romance, Reactoonz, and much more. 


Just like the name suggests, you can find plenty of free slots to play on this website. This website is dedicated to bringing you an abundance of free slot games, which is why they have over 20,000 of them! They pull many of their free slot games from software providers such as IGT, WMS and Aristocrat. They have all of the popular ones, like Big Buffalo, Bikini Beach and Leprechaun Riches. 

Free Online Game Websites


One of the most classic websites for online games still lives on to this day, and is better than ever. On this website, there are tons of categories of games to choose from, all for free to play at your own leisure. Many games on this website can be accessed with just one click, and do not require any external downloading. This makes the website much more user friendly, and overall more convenient to use. The only downside is that the ads that are run on this website are unskippable, so you’ll have to sit through them each time they come up. 


This is another website that has been around for quite some time, and has always catered to audiences of different ages. Often, free game sites can have games that may be unnecessary for children to view, but Agame.com features a kids section, which makes it easier for both the kid and the parents. Regardless, the website has many categories of games to choose from, such as adventure, action, racing, and much more. Sometimes, ads can pop up while in gameplay, but they aren’t typically too long. 


Just like we’ve mentioned earlier, people are BORED! And this is why they need somewhere to turn to for some entertainment, such as boredgames.com! The site, though it is called ‘bored’ games, features anything but boring games. There are no downloads required for any games on this site, so you can get to playing right away. You can find games in categories such as puzzle, action, strategy, fighting, etc. The website does make you download a Google Chrome extension, although, which may be annoying to some. But, if fun games are what you are looking for, boredgames.com has them!


Who doesn’t love a whirlwind of nostalgia delivered in the form of a videogame? On this website, you can play a ton of retro / classic games that were once widely played. The library of games on this website consists of popular games from the NES era, such as Jurassic Park, Castlevania, Mario’s Time Machine, NHL Hitz, etc. The best part is, most of the games support an NES controller, so if you have one, fire it up! Sometimes, the games can take a while to load, especially if your internet is being slow. 


In order to stay more occupied during this crazy time, where we’re all being forced to stay inside for longer amounts of time, it would be smart to check out some free online slot and game websites. These can be played for hours at a time, with no cost to you. These websites include addictinggames.com, freeslots99.com, casino.org, boredgames.com, and many more! They’re all free to use, so why not give them a shot?

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Duke Dumont – Let Me Go

With his highly anticipated debut album less than a month away, multi-platinum-selling artist Duke Dumont has unveiled new single “Let Me Go,” featuring Australian singer-songwriter Ry X, out today via Astralwerks. Listen HERE.

A powerful track steeped in emotion, “Let Me Go” elegantly pairs Ry X’s soaring vocals with cinematic production that gradually builds in intensity before bursting into more club-focused territories.

It follows on from last month’s poignant single “Love Song,” with both tracks set to feature on the Duke’s long-awaited debut album DUALITY, out on April 17th. Channeling his years of experience into a cohesive record that epitomises his core beliefs, the LP is an honest, cathartic expression of his desire to embody the mentality of a true artist, liberated from genre specifics and scored with his own sonic fingerprint. Pre-order Duality HERE.

The multi-Grammy-nominated electronic artist has amassed over 2.5 billion streams across his back-catalogue of previous anthems, scoring platinum-selling UK #1s with timeless records such as “Ocean Drive.”

Citing Pearl Jam and Jeff Buckley as his biggest influences, Ry X has previously collaborated with several talented electronic artists such as Frank Wiedemann and Ame. He formed the band Howling with the former, releasing the album Sacred Ground on Ninja Tune / Monkeytown Records. He has since released two solo albums and toured extensively across Europe and North America.

A truly stunning single, “Let Me Go” delivers a well needed dose of musical escapism during these turbulent times.

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SHOES THAT FIT is honored to announce that they are the recipient of a $200,000 grant from Kershaw’s Challenge.

“One in five children in the United States live in poverty, and shoes are one of the most expensive items for low- income families to provide. When families have to choose between putting food on the table or buying new shoes for school, you can imagine that food wins every time. The simple gift of a pair of shoes can increase a child’s confidence, attendance and performance at school, and we are so thankful that Kershaw’s Challenge is taking the time to make such a positive impact on these kids.” AMY FASS – Executive Director, Shoes That Fit


A national 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Claremont, CA., Shoes That Fit tackles one of the most visible signs of poverty in America by giving children in need new athletic shoes to attend school with dignity and joy, prepared to learn, play and thrive. Named a California Nonprofit of the Year, Shoes That Fit delivered new athletic shoes to approximately 124,000 children in more than 2,600 schools across 48 states last year alone. Help ensure that no child misses school because they don’t have shoes that fit by visiting our website http://www.shoesthatfit.org


Ellen and Clayton Kershaw founded Kershaw’s Challenge in 2011 with one goal in mind: to make life better for vulnerable children worldwide. Kershaw’s Challenge seeks to serve vulnerable and at-risk children living in Los Angeles, Dallas, Zambia and the Dominican Republic. The goal of Kershaw’s Challenge is to partner with organizations that are committed to this as well and work alongside them on specific projects to make life better for children. 

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Vogue Ukraine edition recognizes eco fashion house Ministry of Tomorrow for social and sustainability excellence. 
“each stage of production is exemplary”
Tetiana  Solovey 
“This is a big win for our tailors in Nairobi. Against all odds, they have shown that given a chance with training and access to basic tools, luxury craftsmanship and sustainability is possible” said Julian Prolman, founder and president of Ministry of Tomorrow.
The MOT eco-factory was established directly next to Kibera, the largest slum in Kenya, so that tailors living in Kibera have an opportunity for fair wage jobs, where they can walk a short distance to work and have a chance for a better future. 
MOT’s Nairobi facility produces high quality, limited edition, handmade eco-luxury vegan bags with an aim to deliver abundant social and environmental good with each bag sold. 
About the Ministry of Tomorrow

The Ministry of Tomorrow, headquartered in Los Angeles, is a for-profit social enterprise that designs and produces high-quality, eco-luxury, vegan accessories and garments and sells directly to consumers at ministryoftomorrow.com
The purchase of MOT products enables sustainable development by providing income generating opportunities for people in marginalized places of the world. MOT represents a new frontier in business based on love for all and responsible commerce.


ISAAC DUNBAR – comme des garçons

Trailblazing new artist Isaac Dunbar releases his new track “comme des garçons (like the boys)” via RCA Records. The song is written by Isaac and Rory Adams and produced by Isaac. Listen HERE. His forthcoming EP isaac’s insect’s is set to be released next Thursday, April 9th.

E! News included Isaac in their Next-Gen of Pop article calling him an artist you need to know and he was included in Idolator’s 40 Artists To Watch In 2020. “comme des garçons (like the boys)” follows Isaac’s previously released tracks “scorton’s creek” which Idolator called “His Best Single Yet”, “makeup drawer” which PAPER exclusively premiered the video, “isaac’s insects” where Billboard called him “the real deal”, “onion boy”  and “body” which led TIME magazine to call his voice “lovely” and stated that he has “a keen ear — and intuition — for turning pop into relatable confessions.”

About Isaac Dunbar

The 17-year-old budding artist supported girl in red on her North American and European run of show dates last fall and released his highly anticipated EP balloons don’t float here last summer. It garnered the attention of notable tastemakers like Zane LoweThe FADEROnes To Watch, and Hillydilly, which stated: “it’s only a matter of time until he gets worldwide recognition.” Hailing from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Isaac’s EP melds complex sounds and atmospheric, beat-driven production to create melodic and introspective tracks. The unique brand of distorted ballads combined with lush, multilayered dream-pop harmonies and malleable, heady synth drops creates a genre-bending EP. Isaac is looking forward to releasing his new EP under RCA Records this spring and will hit the road on his first headlining tour later this year.

To Buy/Watch/Stream “comme des garçons (like the boys)”:

Multi – https://smarturl.it/commedesgarconsx

Follow Isaac Dunbar at:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

(Photo credit: Harshvardhan Shah)