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Black History Month celebrated via 360 MAGAZINE.

Black History Month

February is Black History Month and 360 Magazine would like to recognize some historic people of color who have become a positive influence on society. In 2020, the Black Lives Matter movement skyrocketed and brought attention to the diversity that still exists within our community. Although society has come a long way from the early 1900s when segregation ran rampant, the movement for equality has a long way to go. From inventors to musicians, there are a number of successful people we would like to acknowledge in honor of Black History Month.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Arguably one of the most important leaders in the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. King spent his time preaching for equality in a peaceful way. He will always be remembered for his famous “I Have a Dream” speech and his ability to lead others in this historical movement. Dr. King is one of the most influential

Joseph E. Lowery

Joseph E. Lowery is the grandfather of 360 Magazine’s President Vaughn Lowery and founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference alongside Dr. King. Throughout his life, Lowery served as vice president, chairman of the board and president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference as well as a leader in the Civil Rights Movement.

George Washington Carver

Many people are familiar with George Washington Carver for his inventive skills. He made over 300 products from peanuts and as an agricultural scientist promoted methods to prevent soil depletion.

Garrett Morgan

Garrett Augustus Morgan, Sr. is to thank for the invention of traffic lights as well as gas masks. Every time you stop at a red light, take a moment to think of Morgan for this essential technology.

Barack Obama

As the first black president of the United States, Barack Obama made an impact as the 44th president and showed young people of color they have representation in politics. He continues to use his voice to connect with the American people.

Kamala Harris

Keeping in the theme of politics, Vice President Kamala Harris is the first woman vice president, the first African American vice president and the first Asian American vice president. She’s giving young women of color everywhere a sense of representation.

Madam C.J. Walker

As the first recorded female self-made millionaire in America, Madam C.J. Walker was an influential entrepreneur, philanthropist and activist of her time.

Frederick McKinley Jones

Frederick McKinley Jones was the co-founder of Thermo King and he brought incredible improvement to long-haul transportation of perishable goods. Jones also won the National Medal of Technology.

Stevie Wonder

Stevland Hardaway Morris, better known as Stevie Wonder, is a musical prodigy that became blind after birth and learned to play the harmonica, piano and drums by age nine. He is now a notable singer, songwriter, musician and record producer.

Lonnie Johnson

Lonnie Johnson is known for his success as an aerospace engineer. He has worked on the U.S. Air Force term of service and has also worked at NASA for twelve years including in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Patricia Bath

As an ophthalmologist, Patricia Bath was an early innovator of laser cataract surgery. She was also the first woman, African American physician to receive a patent for a medical invention.

Oprah Winfrey

One TV personality almost everyone is familiar with is Oprah. Known for her television show The Oprah Winfrey Show, she has made waves in the world of entertainment. She is also known for co-producing a Broadway musical version of The Color Purple, establishing O, The Oprah Magazine, the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) as well as creating

Harriet Tubman

After being born into slavery, Harriet Tubman was a conductor of the Underground Railroad and helped many enslaved men and women escape. She led many people to freedom with her bravery and connection with antislavery activists.

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks gained her notoriety as an activist in the Civil Rights Movement and is known for starting the Montgomery bus boycott after refusing to give up her seat to a white passenger. She has been called “the first lady of civil rights” and “the mother of the freedom movement” by the United States Congress.

John Lewis

John Lewis was chairman Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) as well as one of the “Big Six” leaders who organized the 1963 March on Washington. He was an essential part of the Civil Rights Movement and ending legalized racial segregation.

Alexander Miles

If you’ve ever ridden in an elevator, you can thank Alexander Miles for the automatic opening doors; he was awarded the patent for this invention in 1887. Mills was riding in an elevator with his daughter and he deemed an elevator shaft door left open could be dangerous.

Mary Kenner

Mary Kenner was an inventor famous for her development of the sanitary belt, the precursor to the self-adhesive maxi pad. However, due to racial discrimination, the idea wasn’t adopted for thirty years. She has five patents for various household items.

Maya Angelou

Known for her many famous pieces of writing, Maya Angelou was a poet, memoirist and civil rights activist. Over fifty years, she wrote a number of autobiographies, essays, poems, plays, movies and television shows. She also received over 50 honorary degrees as well as awards for her writing.

LeBron James

Along with being considered one of the greatest NBA players of all time, LeBron James also started the LeBron James Family Foundation to help create generational change for the children and families of LeBron’s hometown in Akron, Ohio.

Malcolm X

As a popular spokesperson at the time of the Civil Rights Movement, Malcolm X encouraged Black Americans to protect themselves against racism. He preached a much different lesson than Martin Luther King Jr. who preached nonviolence.

Thurgood Marshall

Thurgood Marshall was the Supreme Court’s first African American justice as well as a prominent civil rights activist. He served on the court for 24 years and helped with influential rulings at the time of the Civil Rights Movement such as the case of Brown v. Board of Education.

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play in Major League Baseball in the United States during the 20th century. He broke the color barrier of the MLB when he played for the National League Brooklyn Dodgers as second baseman with the jersey number 42.

Article: Hannah DiPilato

Nicky Jam releases Toy a Mil video via 360 MAGAZINE.

Nicky Jam – Toy a Mil

With his new single and music video “Toy a Mil,” Latin idol, singer, songwriter, businessman, and actor Nicky Jam begins 2023 at the top of his career. Now available on all digital platforms.

After a spectacular year in 2022 in which Nicky Jam was nominated for another Latin Grammy, completed a massive world tour, received the Billboard Hall of Fame Award, and became the first urban artist to “sponsor” a tour scholarship with the Latin Recording Academy, the singer continues to surprise his audience, this time with a rhythmic dembow called “Toy a Mil.”

“Toy a Mil” is a rhythmic dembow produced by Jorge Milliano under La Industria INC record label.

“This song calls for a party to kick off the year with positive energy and a desire to have a good time. “I hope you enjoy it,” Nicky Jam said.

“Toy a Mil” premieres with its music video, which features sensual and daring lyrics. Recorded in Miami under the direction of Daniel Granada, with cartoony special effects that complement the song’s positive vibes.

Listen to “Toy a Mil” on your preferred digital platform right now.

TIAGO PZK releases Bemaste via 360 MAGAZINE.


BEMASTE available HERE.

Watch preview HERE.

Hot on the heels of a whirlwind year replete with sold-out concerts, smash singles and prestigious industry awards – not to mention a hit debut album – the amazingly versatile, pop/urban artist, Tiago PZK kicks off 2023 with a New Year’s surprise – an aching, slow-burning ode to his girlfriend titled “Bemaste.” (The song title is a combination of Tiago PZK’s name and the name of his girlfriend, Belén Negri).

Written by Tiago PZK, “Bemaste” will be available Thursday (January 12) on all digital platforms and also will be included on his upcoming album “Portales Deluxe,” the follow-up to his much-acclaimed maiden effort, Portales,” that will contain five new tracks, as well as live versions of two of Tiago PZK’s hits.

Produced by the talented “Portales” studio duo Zecca and Evlay, “Bemaste” also features a moving, black-and-white video directed by Anestesia Audiovisual that finds Tiago PZK lost in thought about his special someone who sees him as more than just a famous face in the crowd.

Tiago PZK recently introduced “Bemaste” as a surprise number to an excited audience attending yet another sellout concert in Monterrey, Mexico, that capped off a resoundingly successful 37-date run that took

Tiago PZK to 11 countries in three different continents. His busy concert slate highlighted an incredible year during which he won two HEAT Latin Music Awards and one Los40 Music Awards, while attracting one billion views from around the world to his diverse array of fan favorites, ranging from infectious duet tracks cut with urban mega stars, Ozuna, Yandel, Trueno, and Myke Towers to a wrenching, urban/pop confessional with superstar singer, TINI (“El Último Beso”) to a smooth R&B tune (“Hablando De Love”).


Photo Credit: Mariana Pacho Lopez // Courtesy: Warner Music Latina)

Ovy On The Drums and Ozune release Chao Bebe via 360 MAGAZINE.


Available HERE.

Award-winning artist/producer, Ovy On The Drums, recruits global superstar Ozuna to cap off the year in a big way with the release of his new single titled “CHAO BEBE. The single and music video are now available on all digital platforms.

With “CHAO BEBE”Ovy On The Drums, who has become known as a true genius behind the console and has become one of the most sought after producers in the urban genre, joins the powerhouses of Colombia and Puerto Rico in a hard-hitting track that promises to connect with a global audience. This single features an infectious beat mixed with electronic touches creating the perfect fusion that highlights the artistic genius that Ovy On The Drums possesses and Ozuna’s unmistakable vocals.

The single is accompanied by an animated video in which the backdrop is a laboratory in which we see Dr. Drums (Ovy On The Drums) and Ozuna creating the perfect formula resulting in the hit: “CHAO BEBE”. In the images you can see unique and representative details of both artists such as the Koala with which Ovy On The Drums has been seen and the Bear representing Ozuna.

“CHAO BEBE’ has all the makings of a global hit. When I was in the studio working on the track, I immediately had the idea of calling Ozuna to jump on this song. I’m very excited about the final results and I hope you can enjoy it to the fullest as we close this year and welcome 2023,” expressed Ovy On The Drums.

“I’m thrilled to be able to share this new song along with my brother, Ovy On The Drums, to wrap up what has been an incredible year and kick-off 2023 with a bang for our fans,” said Ozuna.

This new track is the perfect teaser to what’s in store for Ovy On The Drums in 2023, kicking off the new phase of Dr. Drums – a genius who has mastered the science of producing and has his own formula for creating the biggest urban hits in his lab. In this new phase, his audience will get to know Ovy’s mastermind, and more than anything else, the artistry behind the creation of each of his songs.

Daniel Oviedo, better known as Ovy On The Drums in the artistic world, began his musical career as a DJ in the city of Medellin about seven years ago. Over the years, Ovy On The Drums has gained great recognition and popularity in the Latin urban genre, producing and composing for a number of artists such as: Karol G, Myke Towers, Blessd, Quevedo, Becky G, Justin Quiles, Ozuna, Maluma, to name a few. Ovy On The Drums has already accumulated over 3.5 billion combined streams in 2022 alone and is determined to surpass that quota in 2023.

(Photo Courtesy of Warner Music Latina)


Natanael Cano released Morritas via 360 MAGAZINE.


“MORRITAS” Available Here 

Today, one of the music industry’s most prominent corridos superstars, Natanael Cano, released a new single titled “Morritas.” The song and its official music video are now available to stream on all digital platforms. Cano and “Morritas” covered Apple Music’s NEW MUSIC DAILY.

Over the captivating strum of a guitar and melancholic melodies, Natanael Cano weaves a story from his perspective on how a man and woman love on “Morritas.” Inspired by the thought that morritas (women) are made for love and a man leans more into having flow, Cano puts his dynamic vocalization on display through his heartfelt verses while fusing them with the raw corridos sound.

In a split screen music video produced by Toroh Films, “Morritas” follows Natanael Cano and his leading female protagonist through their own lens as they live out parallel versions of the same night. On one hand, the female protagonist is distraught throughout the night as she ponders her partner’s whereabouts, but on the other hand, Cano enjoys his night surrounded by different women. Comparing both perspectives of their relationship on the eventful night, the video seamlessly captures the essence and meaning behind “Morritas” – proving to be the perfect visual component for the song.

“Morritas” follows in the footsteps of Cano’s latest release, “AMG,” alongside Gabito Ballesteros and Peso Pluma. Since its release, the track has obtained over 10 million views on YouTube. Last month, Cano released “Y Si Me Miran,” which sees the multi-platinum artist recruit one of his very own artists signed to his label CT, Gabito Ballesteros and Luis R Conriquez, to come together in an exciting and fresh corrido belico tumbado.

Enjoying a successful and noteworthy year, Cano was recently signed to top modeling agency IMG models and has future projects in the works with the company. Earlier in the year, Cano made his Coachella debut along with unforgettable performances at the hottest festivals of Pal NorteBaja Beach Fest, and more recently, Rumbazo Festival. Adding to his growing list of accomplishments, the Regional Mexican superstar released his latest album, NATAKONG – the indisputable evidence of the evolution and versatility of Natanael Cano, who stays true to his Regional Mexican essence but also continues innovating within the genre. To date, NATAKONG has garnered over 266 million streams.

Currently, Natanael Cano is back in the studio working on new music for his new album expected to release early 2023.


Journalist, mother, and Kavita Channe chats with Vaughn Lowery via 360 MAGAZINE.


Listen to Kavita chat with Vaughn on 360 MAG podcast – available on all major platforms.

Kavita Channe is a former Fox Sports broadcaster, fashion designer, and now an award-winning winemaker. A mother of two, she denounces the flagrant lack of respect and socialization of our children. She discussed at length the protection of our adolescents and their protection against predatory entities.

Sometimes, she exudes a sense of playful banter, but don’t be deceived – she is appalled. As an emerging entrepreneur, well-known media maven, and highly esteemed fashionista, she extends a valid opinion on holding organizations to account. Lately, Balenciaga launched a scandalous campaign with toddlers coupled with sadistic stuffed animals in bandages.

Our own Vaughn Lowery makes a commitment with Kavita to help dissect one of the vile editorials of our generation. Hear the two of them discuss in a charismatic way some of the most interesting points that have seldom been raised about this once prosperous fashion house. With broken ties with Ye, the two parents try to take lightly a coup de press that went terribly wrong.


Female business owner, entrepreneur, author and television personality Kavita Channe has taken her passion and turned it into a successful career. 

As a true multi-talented entrepreneur widely recognized for her role as an acclaimed TV host and producer across the sports and entertainment industries and, now, Kavita has taken her passion and turned it into a successful career as an award winning wine-preneur. 

A London native of Indian descent, Kavita emigrated to the United States with her family at an early age and went on to obtain a journalism degree from the University of Florida. 

Her experience in front of the camera runs the gamut – from sideline reporting for major networks including Fox Sports and the NFL to hosting “The Chat,” a female-focused daytime talk show syndicated on ABC and NBC. Kavita has also secured roles in feature films and has appeared on various hit television series including HBO’s Ballers, VH1’s Baller Wives and was a featured correspondent on Designing Spaces on TLC.

In 2018, Kavita launched Sip Channé, an innovative wine brand inspired by her travels in Provence where she fell in love with the region’s exceptional wine varietals. To bring her vision to life, Kavita partnered with a family-owned vineyard and worked closely with a seasoned winemaker in Provence. The flagship product, Channé Rosé was born and became an award-winning rosé true to Provençal tradition. Since its inception, the brand has expanded to include Channé Blanc, an elegant white blend. The Sip Channé product line is now distributed across restaurants and retailers in Florida, Georgia, New York, Colorado, Tennessee, Illinois and Puerto Rico. 

Her greatest feat yet is navigating motherhood with her beloved daughter-son duo – Magical Micah and Mighty Maverick. Embracing life as a career-driven single mother has propelled Kavita on her mission to continue breaking barriers for women and minorities in media, television and business. 

Embracing life as a career-driven single mother, Kavita propelled her mission to continue breaking barriers for women and minorities in media, television, and business. Recognizing the importance of parents’ role in education, In 2021 Kavita published her debut children’s book, “Frederick the Hamptons Frog” – a story inspired by an adventurous summer in the Hamptons with her kids.

Kavita frequently lends her talents to support nonprofit organizations nationally and across her home state of Florida. She serves on the board of 2-1-1 Broward and actively involved with the American Heart Association, Veterinarians International, American Red Cross and United Way, among others.

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JUNIOR H releases new song Contingente via 360 MAGAZINE.

Junior H – Contingente

Junior H, one of the most prominent voices in Mexican urban music today, and an undeniable trailblazer and leader in the movement on a global scale arrives to thrill his fans once again with his latest album Contingente,” out today under the renowned Rancho Humilde label.

Junior H, who this year held for two weeks the number 1 position on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart and number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, continues to prove himself as an unstoppable force with this new album, delivering the same intoxicating rhythms and powerful lyrics that have made him a rising icon worldwide while turning up the heat to the next level with new collaborations with popular Latin sensations such as Paloma MamiSnow Tha Product, and Rancho Humilde labelmate OVI.

Comprising a total of 12 impactful tracks, the highly anticipated album will see the 22-year-old maintaining his presence on the most important playlists in his genre. “Contingente” is the second album Junior H has dropped this year, following the success of February’s “Mi Vida En Un Cigarro Vol.2,” a project that was immediately recognized as one of the most important releases of 2022 in Mexican urban music. Upon its release today, “Contingente” is sure to become another significant album both in the Mexican urban scene and the artist’s already brilliant career, serving as further proof of his unparalleled talent and incredible natural ability to relate to his audience through his music.

Junior H tour via 360 magazine.

“Contingente” also comes in the midst of Junior H’s tremendously successful 20-date “$AD BOYZ 4 LIFE” tour, which kicked off with a sold-out show on September 17 at Arizona Financial Theatre in Phoenix, AZ, and has achieved a total of nine SOLD OUTS so far in cities including El Paso, Dallas, Orlando, Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, San Jose, and San Diego. The tour will run through early 2023, wrapping up on January 21 at FPL Solar Amphitheater in Miami, FL.


December 11 – Bellco Theatre – Denver, Co 
December 18 – Microsoft Theatre – Los Angeles, CA 
January 19 – United Palace Theater – New York, NY 
January 20 – Fillmore Silver Spring – Washington, DC 
January 21 – FPL Solar Amphitheater – Miami, FL 
January 27 – 713 Music Hall – Houston, TX 
January 28 – Sames Auto Arena – Laredo TX

Paulo Londra × Ferxxo - A Veces via 360 MAGAZINE.

Paulo Londra × Ferxxo

The Latin urban phenomenon, Paulo Londra, gets together with his friend Ferxxo, who has become one of today’s most sought-after artists, for his latest single A Veces.” The song and its official music video are now available on all digital streaming platforms.

“A Veces,” produced by Federico Vindver, is a track that carries the strength of a classic reggaeton beat with hard-hitting percussive elements that emphasizes this historic meeting between Argentina and Colombia. Throughout the song, the essence of both stars is highlighted to perfection, showcasing the powerful lyrical prowess of Paulo Londra and the distinctive voice for which Feid has become known. Between the bars of the track, the two artists weave a story of longing towards their love interests, who once felt the same way about them, and now everything is different, including their feelings.

This collaboration comes after a few months full of stellar releases from the Argentinean star, who a few weeks ago premiered “Party En El Barrio” with Duki, creating an epic tune from two of the biggest names in the Latin music scene. Prior to that track, he crossed barriers by releasing “Noche de Novela” with English star Ed Sheeran, which followed in the footsteps of his highly anticipated solo release, “Julieta.”

Throughout the scenes of the music video for “A Veces,” shot in Miami, FL and directed by Ballve, you can see both Paulo and Feid in between scenes in their day to day lives, creating magic in the recording studio. The production of both the song and the video took place on the same day.

Paulo Londra, who is considered the pioneer of the urban movement coming out of Argentina, continues to position himself as one of the most emblematic artists of the Latin urban genre. Now, with a new team for this new phase of his career, Paulo Londra continues his global conquest with new music expected soon under Warner Music Latina.

(Courtesy of: Warner Music Latina/ BUENA Productora)

Girl Vow × NYC Annual Candle Light Vigil via 360 MAGAZINE

Girl Vow × NYC Annual Candle Light Vigil

Girl Vow, Inc. Presents the Second NYC Annual Candle Light Vigil for Missing and Murdered Women and Girls

Girl Vow & The National Taskforce for Missing & Murdered Women & Girls of Color is hosting the Second NYC Annual Candle Light Vigil for Missing and Murdered Women and Girls on November 4, 2022, from 5:45 PM – 7:00 PM to be held at the City Hall Park located at Broadway near Chambers Street.

In light of so many recent missing girls of color in New York and around the nation, Girl Vow is launching a task force, consisting of a well-cultivated team, to tackle the issues head-on: why are our girls going missing, how can we take these important issues more seriously, and also address preventative measures? Our bill S6924 and A8347 is written to examine the perplexing gender-based issues that have been overlooked for far too long.

As reported by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in 2019, there were 421,394 missing children in the database. Almost 75% of those missing children were females, 205,802 were black females. Latinx are statistically invisible and considered white.

The National Taskforce for Missing and Murdered Women and Girls of Color is a response to solving the pervasive silence when girls/women of color are missing, murdered, and unnoticed. Our mission is to organize to advance beyond the issues of colorism, racial, economic, and structural oppression with communities at the helm of change.

It’s sad that we even live in a time when this topic is even being discussed but what’s even sadder is the look in these girls’ eyes when they truly believe that they are not as important to the community or even to society in a whole because of the color of there skin. Why do our girls have to feel as if they are not important? Why do our girls have to strive more fight stronger and work harder just to survive in life? Why do families of girls in our community feel alone?

It is our responsibility as a community to take care of each other. The silence that is present when women and girls of color go missing, is not acceptable. We must amplify our voice together to effectively raise awareness, in addition to exercising all necessary resources to combat this issue.

Learn more at & follow Girl Vow on IG at @girlvow


“What About Us?”

Host: Dawn Rowe – Founder of Girl Vow, Inc. and the National Taskforce for Missing & Murdered Women and Girls of Color
Date: Friday, November 4th | 5:45 PM-7PM |
Confirmed Speakers: This is not the order of speakers. The order will change

1. EnriqueRivera(FatherofFoundScarlettRivera)
2. WCJARev.Sharon(Women’sAdvocate)
3. Rose(MotherofMissingChelseaCobo)
4. Allen & Rita (Father & Mother of Missing Leanne Marie Hausberg) 5. DawnBaker(MotherofMissingTijaeBaker)

6. LauraMullen-EmpowerLi
7. Michel T. Buckley (Advocate)
8. DawnRoweCEO
9. AssemblyMemberNataliaFernandez
10. Bounty Hunters (2) (Wolf and ACE)
11. Kimberly Tucker, friend of (formerly missing) Skylar 12.Council Member Rita Joseph
13.nDr. Victoria Phillips – Founder of Visionary V 14.New York City Speaker Adrienne Adams



5:45PM – Opening Prayer (2-3 Minutes)

5:48PM – Opening Remarks by Dawn Rowe (3 Minutes)

5:50PM – Each Speaker 3-4 Minutes approx. 60 Minutes
6:51PM – Moment of Silence
6:52PM – Reading of Names

6:56PM – Closing Remarks

Phillip Garcia and Shakira Barrera in Freevee sitcom Sprung via 360 MAGAZINE.


Listen to actor Phillip Garcia chat with Vaughn Lowery about Sprung on 360 MAG Apple/Spotify podcast HERE.

Born May 24, 1988, Phillip Garcia was raised in San José, California. As an adolescent, he loved anything that had to do with art, including musical theatre. At his first audition, he belted NSYNC‘s “This I Promise You,” earning him the lead role.

After years of honing his craft, Phillip attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in Los Angeles. Subsequently, he landed a plethora of roles in both TV and film: Criminal Minds, Scandal, Animal Kingdom, and OKJA.

The dramedy was created by the Emmy award-winning television director, writer, and producer Greg Garcia. In the hit streaming series, his character, Rooster, is released from prison due to COVID. And, he ends up sheltering in place at his mom’s with fellow inmates: former cellmate Jack (Garret Dillahunt); Gloria, Jack’s ex-prison girlfriend (Shakira Barrera), and his mother Barb (Martha Plimpton).

Although this critically acclaimed thespian continues to produce epic performances, he still found time for love. In fact, this week marks his one year anniversary with his beautiful and supportive wife. As they celebrate their nuptials, we’re sure the two of them will be toasting to his most talked-about starring role on Sprung.

‘‘He’s a lovable jerk. He would do anything to protect his mother… to protect the ones he loves. And for me, those were the moments that I love this character the most,’’ Phillip adds.

Phillip exuded a lot of excitement to have worked in tandem with such a dynamic cast, especially as the ensemble boasts other Latinx leads. Reliving his character’s plight, “What do we do now? We must shelter in place, we are in a global pandemic,” Phillip says.

The first season has been a roller-coaster. According to Philip, “We basically shot 10 episodes in 10 weeks, which is like a crazy time for me,” he says. Now, it’s being heavily praised by a myriad of media outlets: Wall Street Journal, The Hollywood Reporter, and Paste Magazine.

In sum, Sprung is solid, possessing raw humor and well-handled emotion. We’re looking forward to Season 2.

Article: Andrea Esteban, Vaughn Lowery

Photo: courtesy of Freevee