Who is Dei V released via 360 MAGAZINE.

Who is Dei V?

The artist Dei V presents himself on the Latin music scene with his new production “Who is Dei V?” This talented artist from Puerto Rico has come to stay with a unique rhythm and an interpretation that captivates all lovers of the urban genre.

After his release “Right Thru” Dei V, who achieved almost 2 million views on all digital platforms, has more than 500k followers on his social networks, more than 15 million views on YouTube and 1.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify, is one of the most outstanding artists of the new wave of music made in PR, “Dei V,” who has refreshed the scene, becoming one of the most outstanding voices of the urban genre of tomorrow.

With his fresh and original style, Dei V has won the hearts of his audience with a sound that combines elements of reggaeton, pop, and hip-hop. In “Who is Dei V?,” we can hear his powerful voice and his ability to create exciting and memorable lyrics.

In addition to his musical talent, Dei V has directed his artistic career with a professional and driven attitude. After years of hard work and dedication, he is ready to take the world by storm with his music.

For all of the above, the media and his audience cannot stop expecting the best from this young artist who promises to take the music industry to the next level with his unique songs and innovative style.

The song was composed by “Dei V” and speaks of the fact that many people ask themselves the question: Where is Dei V? referring to the fact that the artist supposedly appears and disappears from the music industry, but the artist makes it clear in the song that while people ask these kinds of questions, he continues to work in silence and achieve such great things as being invited by Karol G to a massive concert in PR.

With this musical evolution, “Dei V” seeks to take another step in the internationalization of his career and consolidate his leadership position among the members of the new generation in the national and international market.

“Who is Dei V?” It is now available worldwide on all digital platforms, as is his video, which can be found on the artist’s YouTube channel.

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ONYX MOTORBIKES RCR w/ dirt kit in black shorty via 360 MAGAZINE.


Let’s go back to the ten best e-bikes of 2021, focusing on some of the most innovative models in the world–HIMIWAY + ONYX.

RadRunner 1

The RadRunner 1 is a unique bike that runs for $1,299 on Rad Power Bike’s website. This model is the very first e-bike to offers adjustable driver seats. What makes the RadRunner 1 stand out is its puncture-resistant tires. These tires are made from a layer of aramid and ceramic particles inside of the tire, under the tread. There is also a LED control panel, which makes it super easy to turn the vehicle on and off. This bike is unique and up to date.

RadRover Step-Thru 1

A low step, fat tire electric bike that fits everyone. The bike has an integrated brake light, which lights up whenever the breaks are being used–making the RadRover Step-Thru 1 safe for nighttime biking. This e-bike includes front and rear fenders that help protect from the elements.

RadWagon 4

The perfect bike when loading up and needed to go somewhere. The RadWagon 4’s tires are smaller and wider, which create a smoother drive than other e-bikes. The rear rack holds up to 120 pounds, allowing for heavy-duty supplies transport or for kids to ride on the back.

The Aventure by Aventon

Aventon stated that this e-bike is the “most powerful and versatile e-bike we’ve ever designed.” With the front suspension fork, fat tires, and great handling, Aventon promises a fun and comfortable ride.

Juiced bikes – CrossCurrent

A high-performance electric bike. Juiced Bikes offer various models that range from 55+ miles to 80+ miles. The CrossCurrent S2 and Crosscurrent X are fast and beautiful bikes that compare with each other in speed and distance.

Himiway Moped-Style Electric Bike

Himiway bikes are fast, safe, and exciting. Focusing on the Moped-Style Electric Bike, this bike runs for $1,699 with 45+ miles per charge. Reviews state that it is “easy to assemble” “[Himiway offers] great customer service” and [it] “changes my lifestyle.”

ONYX – RCR – 72VONYX – RCR – 72V

A luxury, handmade bike. This bike ranges in price, costing up to $4,149. Each bike is handmade in one of their two facilities in California. When placing an order, it can take up to two months to receive it. This is a high-quality bike that offers a wonderful riding experience.

KBO Breeze

The KBO Breeze is the perfect e-bike for comfortable city cruising and commuting. If you’re looking for more adventure, the KBO Breeze can handle rough terrain as well, thanks to its front suspension and mechanical disc brake system. For young people and professionals on the go–whether you’re going into the office, picking up groceries, or just getting some exercise–the KBO Breeze is the perfect electric bike option.

GoTrax Emerge Electric Bike 26”

GoTrax recently released their 2021 electric bike series, which includes the Emerge Electric Bike. Environmentally friendly and efficient, this bike is essential for active, ecologically conscious cyclists. This e-bike is especially designed with shorter, smaller riders in mind. GoTrax’s products are certified to UL safety standards.

Ducati’s MG-20

The first ever foldable e-bike, Ducati’s MG-20 packs in portable convenience wherever you go. This versatility makes the MG-20 the ideal urban mobility e-bike. For commuters on the go, this e-bike– which travels up to 25mph– is ideal. A waterproof, 20-inch LCD display and included controller allows for cyclists to have total control. This luxurious e-bike will be on sale in July 2021 for $1902.

Harley Davidson Serial 1 eBicyclesHarley Davidson Serial 1 eBicycles

American motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson is now stepping into the world of electric bikes. The company’s new Serial 1 eBicycles series consists of four models: MOSH/CTY (“the ultimate urban play-bike”, designed for trend-setting adults in urban environments, includes pedal assist, $3,799), RUSH/CTY STEP-THRU (loaded with features and includes a step-thru frame, “an essential urban-commute feature for some riders”, $4,999), RUSH/CTY STEP-OVER (a premium vehicle for cosmopolitan e-bikers, “the sophisticated commuter”, $4,999), and the upcoming RUSH/CTY SPEED (provides electric assistance to allow speeds of up to 28mph, “the quickest way to navigate any city”, $5,599.)

BMW Urban Hybrid E-Bike

Automaker BMW has recently forayed into the world of e-bikes with their Urban Hybrid E-Bike. This e-bike keeps with BMW’s typical 4 spoke pattern. The matte black bike model comes in three sixes, small, medium, and large. Equipped with Shimano 180 mm hydraulic disc brakes, the e-bike is able to handle rugged terrain with durability and stiffness.  Technical features, such as the HMI display with integrated remote, allow for riders to stay up to date while on the go. The Urban Hybrid E-Bike retails for $2,330 on BMW’s website.

Porsche eBike Sport

Sporty and sophisticated, Porsche’s e-bike promises to be the most stylish, luxurious ride around town. Unconventionally, the bike is designed with an upside-down suspension fork from MAGURA and FOX to provide the most balanced and smooth journey possible. This high-end e-bike is installed with Shimano’s color LED display, allowing cyclists to easily access information while riding. Reminiscent of driving in a Porsche car, the e-bike’s Continental Speed King tires make for a comfortable adventure, where ever the road takes you. The Porsche eBike sport retails for $10,700 HERE.

Pedego Ford Super Cruiser eBike

Ford’s new eBike carries on Henry Ford’s original vision while introducing new electric bike technology to the automaker’s arsenal. Designed for Pedego by world-renowned bicycle architect Tony Ellsworth, this ebike can reach speeds of up to 20mph with its 7-speed geared twist shifter and Schwalbe Big Ben tires. Interestingly, the bike’s adjustable handlebars can move up and down or in and out. The Pedego Ford Super Cruiser eBike is priced at $3,959 and can be purchased HERE.

SONDORS Metacycle

SONDORS’ Metacycle is the newest, shiniest toy on the electric motorcycle market and could be the first largely affordable high-way capable model in the US. Wrapped in bespoke designed aluminum casing, this e-bike’s cast “exo-frame” looks both powerful and sleek. With an installed rear hub motor, this urban electric motorcycle is able to travel up to a fast and furious 80 mph for 80 miles. Other features of the revolutionary vehicle include hydraulic brake locks, adjustable suspensions, reverse gear, wireless charging, LED lighting, and a full color digital display. The Metacycle will be available in Q3 and retail for $5,000. While this electric motorcycle is pricier than other models, riders will know that every penny was well spent after their first exhilarating joy ride. For more information and to reserve your Metacycle, please visit SONDOR’s website.

Super73 E-bikes

Super73 provides unarguable e-bike excellence with their R-series, S-series, and Z-series models. The six available e-bikes– the Super73 ZI, the Super 73 ZX, and The Super 73 SI, the Super 72 S2, the Super 73 R, and the Super 73 RX–are all brawny, ferocious, and capable vehicles. All of these bikes have a throttle, powerful engine, and stylish design. Super73’s vehicles are all made from aluminum alloy or steel, so riders can rest assured that their e-bike is made to last. The bikes with the most longevity in the collection are the Super73 S2, R, and RX models– all of which have 960 watt-hour batteries. These three bikes are also installed with an aggressive 1200 watt nominal/ 2000 watt peak motor. Many Super73’s e-bikes equipped with Shimano speed shifters, hydraulic rotors, multiple pedal assist options, and Bluetooth connectivity smart displays. For more information regarding each individual e-bike model, visit Super73’s website.

Ridel Snugger eBike

Ridel’s best-selling, double-seat Snugger eBike packs in twice the fun and adventure of an ordinary eBike. Take friends, loved ones, and fellow adventurers along for the ride in this capable vehicle. The Snugger is equipped with a 750W 48V rear hub motor, so you can unleash your inner rebel on your joyride. Able to travel up to 28mph for up to 38 mi, your next expedition awaits. Travel further than ever before, with the vehicle’s 48V 15.6Ah removable battery. which charges in just 3-4 hours. This matte black bike has major curb appeal and is sure to be the start of the streets! Ridel’s Snugger is currently on sale for $1,999.00 and can be purchased on the company’s website.

n+ Bikes

Luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz develops n+ bikes in Brackley, England. These e-bikes take inspiration from the premiere Mercedes-AMG Formula One car. The V-12 chassis contains an ultramodern aerodynamic design and won’t be found anywhere else. The Gates Carbon Belt drive allows for an oil-free chain and the hydraulic breaks provide quick suspension. A centrally located battery mount provides 50/50 weight distribution. Charge time is 3.5 hours with a 60-100 km range. The weight is only 37 pounds and is able to reach 20 mph. Prices vary from $1,990-$4,500 and can be broken up into monthly purchases using Splitit HERE

Within a blink of an eye, some of our favorites became our foes. And the iron horse we dreamed of has actually manifested.


Vaughn Lowery

Carly Cohen,

Skyler Johnson

Emily Bunn

*Fat tire bikes are the most preferred for off-roading. Their oversized tires usually measure around 3.8 inches tall or larger. Their height allows for fat tire bikes to travel in dunes, snow, sand, and mud. These type of bikes are designed for low ground pressure to create the best riding experience in extreme climates.

The Himiway Escape was reimagined by 360 MAGAZINE. Affectionately nicknamed 'Purple Haze' after a few cosmetic updates alongside a custom bike bra, which was developed by Vaughn Lowery.
The Himiway Escape was reimagined by 360 MAGAZINE. Affectionately nicknamed ‘Purple Haze’ after a few cosmetic updates alongside a custom bike bra, which was developed by Vaughn Lowery.
The Himiway Escape was reimagined by 360 MAGAZINE. Affectionately nicknamed 'Purple Haze' after a few cosmetic updates alongside a custom bike bra, which was developed by Vaughn Lowery.
Loud Luxury collaboration with Kane Brown via 360 MAGAZINE.

Loud Luxury × DVBBS × Kane Brown

Global dance music duo Loud Luxury and Canadian brothers DVBBS team up with multi-platinum entertainer Kane Brown to release their new single Next To You” viaUltra Records/Sony Music Nashville/RCA Records. The upbeat, infectious offering is driven by bursts of synths laced effortlessly with Kane’s soulful vocals. “Next To You” showcases a vibrant collaboration that blends each artist’s distinct styles into one powerhouse single. 

Loud Luxury shares, “”Next To You” is a very special song to us. Between taking almost 3 years to perfect it and wanting to do a song with the boys from DVBBS since we all started DJing in Toronto back in the day, it’s been a labor of love. Kane is easily one of the most unique voices in not just country, but in all of music right now. It’s an honor to create something that blends our sound with him. This is the perfect soundtrack for a night to remember with the ones you love and seeing where it takes you.

DVBBS says, “The minute Kane sent us the demo vocal of “Next To You” we knew this was going to be a special song. Excited to be working with our hometown brothers Loud Luxury together with Kane Brown on this.”

About Loud Luxury:

Loud Luxury is a Canadian-born, Los Angeles-based international touring dance music duo, composed of Andrew Fedyk and Joe De Pace. The group was formed while attending Western University, where after several independent releases and remixes, their career took off with the smash hit “Body.” The song is certified Diamond in Canada and multi-Platinum across 9 countries, accumulating over 1.5 billion streams across all platforms. Since then, the duo released “Love No More” and “I’m Not Alright” (with Bryce Vine) totaling over 400 million streams. In 2020, they released their debut EP Nights Like This, which was supported by a three-month, 60-show bus tour across the U.S. and Canada. The multiple JUNO Award-winners and iHeart Music Awards nominees released their second EP “Holiday Hills” in 2021, and their latest single, “These Nights” (featuring KIDDO), broke top 40 on U.S. Pop Radio. They currently hold a Las Vegas residency with TAO Group at OMNIA, Hakkasan, and Wet Republic. In addition, they perform globally at marquee music festivals and venues, and have amassed an engaging social following with viral hits and remixes.

About DVBBS:

Formed in 2012 in Toronto, Canada, production/DJ duo composed of brothers Christopher van den Hoef and Alexandre van den Hoef. DVBBS have built a strong discography, which has collectively garnered the group platinum sales in nearly a dozen countries and billions of streams to date. DVBBS has collaborated with artists such as Blackbear, Wiz Khalifa, 24kGoldn, Galantis, Quinn XCII, Martin Garrix, Aloe Blacc, Icona Pop, Benny Benassi, Steve Aoki, 2 Chainz, powfu, Alida, Cody Simpson, Johnny Orlando, YBN Nahmir, Roy Woods, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Cheat Codes, Juicy J, and Belly to name a few. Following their 2012 debut EP, ‘Initio,’ DVBBS gained international acclaim via their chart-topping single, “Tsunami,” in 2013. As the duo’s first-ever certified hit, the platinum-selling “Tsunami” today counts billions streams. The 2014 vocal mix of the track, “Tsunami (Jump)” featuring English rapper Tinie Tempah, topped both the UK Singles and UK Dance charts, making DVBBS one of only 13 Canadian artists to ever chart at #1 on the Official UK Singles Chart. DVBBS also count 12 platinum singles via “Tinted Eyes”, “West Coast”, “IDWK”, “Tsunami” and “Not Going Home,” the latter of which also received a Juno Awards nomination for Dance Recording of the Year. They have performed across the world’s top festivals including Lollapalooza, Creamfields, Tomorrowland, EDC, Ultra Music Festival and beyond. 

About Kane Brown:

Named as one of Time’s 100 most influential people in the world, Brown has ascended from social media notability to become one of country music’s most accomplished mainstays with eight chart-topping singles to his name. Noted as “the future of country music” (Billboard), Brown first broke onto the scene with the arrival of his self-titled, 2X Platinum debut album (2016), where he became the first artist ever to lead all five of Billboard ’s main country charts simultaneously. His debut effort, Kane Brown, topped the Billboard Top Country Albums chart for 13 weeks and garnered 7X Platinum-certified hits “Heaven” and “What Ifs”-the fourth and seventh most-streamed country songs of all time (U.S. Nielsen Country On-Demand Streams chart). With the release of his follow-up album Experiment (2018), Brown became the only male country artist in more than 24 years to have his sophomore album debut at the top of the Billboard 200. 

Following Experiment, Brown released his multi-song project Mixtape Vol. 1 – which earned Brown an ACM Award nomination for Album of the Year (2021) and an ACM win for “Video of the Year.” A CMA, ACM, Billboard, AMA and People’s Choice Award nominee, Brown has collaborated with numerous artists including Grammy and Academy Award winning singer-songwriter H.E.R. (“Blessed & Free,”) DJ Marshmello (2X Platinum “One Thing Right”), Khalid and Swae Lee (3X Platinum “Be Like That”), blackbear (Platinum “Memory”), John Legend (“Last Time I Say Sorry”), Camila Cabello (“Never Be The Same” remix), Brooks & Dunn (“Believe”) and Becky G. (“Lost In The Middle Of Nowhere” remix), Lauren Alaina (7X Platinum “What If’s” and Chris Young (2X Platinum “Famous Friends”), which became Billboard’s 2021 year-end No. 1 Country Airplay Song and earned a CMT Award for “Collaborative Video of the Year.” 

His highly anticipated latest album, “Different Man,” debuted Top 2 on the Billboard Country Albums chart and features Brown’s chart-topping singles “One Mississippi” an as well as his current single, “Thank God” featuring his wife Katelyn Brown. “Thank God” debuted with over 10 million on-demand streams, which is Brown’s highest streaming debut to date and just hit #1 at country radio.

Chanel Iman at IMG NYFW OTR venue via 360 MAGAZINE.


Chanel Iman enjoyed an OTR Premium Cocktail between shows at NYFW: The Shows at Spring Studios, while Brooke Shields and daughter Grier Hammond sipped on Core Hydration® at NYFW: The Shows.

That evening, Ella Emhoff hosted NYFW: The Shows x Ella Emhoff “Ella Emhoff Likes to Knit” cocktail and pop-up preview at Spring Studios. Natalia Bryantamong others, attended the pop-up. 

Natalia Bryant during IMG Models New York Fashion Week via 360 MAGAZINE.
Natalia Bryant during IMG Models New York Fashion Week via 360 MAGAZINE.

Photo: Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin via 360 MAGAZINE.

Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin

Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin, the city’s grande dame hotel located just opposite the Brandenburg Gate, has launched an innovative augmented reality (AR) smartphone app.

Developed in collaboration with the Berlin start-up company ZAUBAR, the new Adlon AR app gives viewers virtual access to a total of four extraordinary places throughout the historic hotel. After a trip through the hotel’s 116-year history, the app user walks through Pariser Platz, strolls down the hotel’s red carpet, is greeted by a bellboy and enters the elegant lobby, which can be viewed in 360° mode.

The virtual entry into the hotel’s legendary Royal Suite – which has been the home away from home in Berlin for countless heads of state, royals and celebrities – offers more than just a keyhole view. Here, the guest interacts with the butler Ricardo, who attends to the needs of the hotel’s three presidential suites.

For the culinary finale to the AR tour, the hotel’s two-Michelin-starred Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer restaurant, opens its virtual doors and menus. At each of the AR stations throughout the hotel visit, app users can take photos and videos of the interactive 3D scenery with their smartphones; these are then saved and stamped with the Adlon watermark for sharing on social media.

“The illusion is perfect,” says Karina Ansos, the Adlon’s managing director. “It’s a bit like the Starship Enterprise on the holodeck – visitors check in with us wherever they are in real life and let themselves be enchanted by the unique atmosphere of our hotel.”

The individual stations are also accompanied by audio guides, voiced by Ranja Bonalana and Tom Vogt, the German dubbing voices of Oscar-winning actors Renée Zellweger and Colin Firth.

For more information about the Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin, please visit HERE.

Lola Brooke releases new music via 360 MAGAZINE.

BoogieWit Da Hoodie

Primed for global impact, Brooklyn M.V.P. and 2023’s artist to watch, Lola Brooke will support multi-platinum chart-topping rap superstar A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie on his upcoming international headline tour. This marks her very first international tour, introducing audiences everywhere to her show-stopping stage presence and powerhouse performances. The North American leg kicks off on February 7 at Mission Ballroom in Denver, CO, canvases the country, and concludes with a massive homecoming gig on March 4 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. She jets across the pond for the UK leg, beginning on March 22 at O2 Victoria Warehouse in Manchester, UK. Tickets are available HERE. Lola also plans to perform at multiple high profile showcases at SXSW in Austin this March. 

Lola continues her meteoric rise on her own terms. Her breakout single “Don’t Play With It” [feat. Billy B] has eclipsed over 50 million streams and cracked the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay Chart at #29 while she just teamed up with Flo Milli and Maiya The Don for the official remix to “Conceited.” Rolling Stone pegged her as one of “11 Rappers Set to Make it Big in 2023” and raved, “she bellows her bars like they could knock down walls.” POPSUGARconfirmed, “Lola Brooke’s big moment has finally arrived.” 

There’s no stopping or slowing Lola Brooke down though…

Recently signing to Arista Records in collaboration with Team Eighty Productions, Lola has been deemed as a ‘musician set to take over in 2023’ via Vogue, ‘artist you need to know before 2023‘ via Ebony MagazineHot 97‘s ‘Who’s Next: Class of 2022,’ and one of the ‘Best Female Rappers of 2022’ via HipHopDXLola Brooke has established herself as a breakout talent and the next New York artist to watch. With over 50 million streams to date, Lola’s most acclaimed hit, “Don’t Play With It,” stands as one of the most in-demand songs in today’s current music landscape. The Recording Academy via recently highlighted the smash single as a viral phenomenon that defined Rap music’s dominance on the social media platform. To date, the track has garnered over 500k + TikTok video creations, peaked at #9 on TikTok Viral chart, and has garnered 100 + million views on the platform. The track and official music video have charted Top 50 on both the US Shazam and YouTube Music Video Charts with 16 + million YouTube views. “Don’t Play With It” has recently earned placements on coveted playlists across major platforms, including Apple Music’s “Rap Life,” “High Maintenance,” “#OnRepeat” and Spotify‘s “RapCaviar,” “Most Necessary” and “Feelin’ Myself” while Lola has been crowned as a 2023 Artist to Watch by Apple Music.

All signs point to a massive new year for Lola. Last week, Lil Kim invited Lola to perform at her ‘Harlem Festival Of Culture with The Jump Off With Lil Kim And Friends‘ show at the Apollo Theater. The momentous moment, which also served as Lola’s first time performing at the Apollo, was topped off as Lil Kim praised the rising star furthermore stating “I’m so proud of you.” Lola also recently pulled up at Future’s sold-out show at Barclays Center in her hometown of Brooklyn, NY, as well as a recent A Boogie wit da Hoodie show eliciting massive roars from the crowd as soon as she hit the stage.

Lola recently unleashed her latest lyrical salvo “Here I Come.” Showcasing her slick, savage, and sharp flow, the track and official music video have earned her widespread acclaim. Right out of the gate, Pitchfork highlighted it as “The must-hear rap song of the day” and warned, “Her aura is intimidating; like a black widow, she shows that she’ll seduce and devour to get to the top.” REVOLT christened it “a bold new declaration of her presence in the music scene,” and OkayPlayer touted it among the “Best Hip-Hop Videos to Drop Last Week” and noted, “Lola Brooke’s ‘Here I Come’ is a swift-paced video that centers on her gritty and fiery rhymes.”

However, it just paves the way for more to come. With Arista Records and Team Eighty Productions in her corner, Lola Brooke has her sights set on 2023 with plans for more music very soon.



Locanda La Raia is a new Italian estate via 360 MAGAZINE.

Locanda La Raia

Casas Latinas are delighted to announce a unique new property available for exclusive buyout in Italy for 2023. 

Locanda La Raia is a stunning Italian mansion situated on a 180-hectare estate, including a biodynamic winery, culture center, spa, and restaurant. The house is a very special offering that compliments perfectly Casas Latinas collection of sophisticated estates, hotels, and villas worldwide.

Casas Latinas has an exclusive portfolio of beautiful properties, hotels, and villas across France, Italy, Spain, and Latin America.  Founder and CEO of Casas Latinas Massimo Ianni says ‘At Casas Latinas our incredible properties are hand-picked for their unique credentials.  All of them have sustainability at the forefront, but each has their own special appeal and dedication to providing the ultimate unique stay – reframing the experience we have and the way we travel’.

Locanda La Raia

Nestled in the heart of the rolling green Gavi hills (only one hour’s drive from Milan) this beautiful and elegant twelve room mansion is surrounded by vineyards, pastures and woods and embraces a unique eco-system created by the biodynamic farm on the estate – created by the Rossi Cairo family in 2002. The principles of the estate focus on sustainability, biodiversity, and conservation of the Gavi landscape. A unique and special property rooted in nature, Locanda La Raia is perfect for a family holiday or group of friends who are looking for an authentic Italian country-chic experience where they can also learn and discover the fascinating process of biodynamic wine making.

The building and grounds were refurbished recently by architects Demicisarchitetti, who restored the original arched and vaulted ceilings and added large windows that overlook the vines of the estate.  An Italian-style herb garden greets visitors, and there is a larger landscaped garden near the vineyards for guests to relax in. 

The bedrooms and suites at Locanda La Raia have a refined Italian color palette inspired by the beautiful painted mansions of the Novi Ligure region.  Vintage inspired interiors are furnished with antique Piedmont furnishings, contemporary design pieces as well as historical family paintings, and works from the collection of the art gallery Viasaterna in Milan.  

The 180-hectare organic certified farm on the estate produces wine – Gavi DOCG, Piemonte Barbera DOC, as well as ancient grains and honey, while Fassona cows graze free-range on the pastures surrounded by woods of chestnut trees and acacias. The estate also includes a kindergarten and a Steiner school, as well as the headquarters of Fondazione La Raia, a foundation devoted to arts, culture, and landscape, which hosts works by international artists who display artwork around the estate.

Locanda La Raia’s food concept is natural, seasonal, and organic with produce from small holders. Expect homemade bread, jams, and omelettes enriched with herbs from the vegetable garden, honey, and grains for breakfast.  For lunch, guests can request a picnic basket and relax in the shade of the trees surrounding the lake. Guests can also celebrate the tea ritual every afternoon with fresh homemade cakes. At Aperitivo time, the bar in the large sitting room overlooking the vineyards is the perfect place for a relaxing drink. 

The Locanda’s restaurant

The restaurant at Locanda La Raia is centered around Gavi cuisine as a unique with influences from Liguria and Piedmont. Season menus feature produce from the biodynamic farm La Raia, such as ancient grains, fruit and vegetables from the vegetable garden and eggs and meat from the free-range Fassona cows. 

Aside from à la carte menus, guests can select a tasting menu that includes a selection of wines – Gavi and Barolo – produced by the Rossi Cairo family respectively at La Raia and Tenuta Cucco in the Langhe region. Dinner at the Locanda is always special: small round tables decorated with garden flowers, candles, and white linen tablecloths create a unique intimate atmosphere. 

The Locanda’s Spa

There is a pampering treatment room situated among the vineyards with a heated indoor and outdoor swimming pool, that can be used all year round. The fully equipped gym has a view of the garden. A fitness trail at the foot of the hills allows you to work out outside. 

The Bottega 

All of La Raia farm’s biodynamic products are available for purchase on-site, from the wines of La Raia winery to the various types of honey. Piedmont products also include the wines from Tenuta Cucco, a winery owned by the Rossi Cairo family at Serralunga d’Alba: Barolo, like famous Cerrati cru, Nebbiolo, Barbera d’Alba and a special Chardonnay. And many more delicacies, such as chocolate. 


Locanda La Raia provides an abundance of options for nature enthusiasts to explore and learn about the area. The wine cellar is a must-see, and it’s accessible via a path inside the estate. The Cortese and Piemonte Barbera vineyards, with a sampling of wines from La Raia and Tenuta Cucco, are also fascinating.  With the help of a personal guide, you’ll learn about La Raia’s unique ecology, which includes woodlands, fields, pastures, and vineyards that are home to a diverse range of plant and animal species. Three golf courses, old villages, and the interesting archeological site Libarna are all within a few minutes’ drive of the Locanda.  Walking, running, bike riding or horse-riding are also available on request. 

Rates: The property is available for full buyout 
Rates range between £35K – 50K  euros a week according to season

Booking Contact: Natasha Barbato

Sam Smith releases Gloria via 360 MAGAZINE.

Sam Smith – Gloria Album

Multi-Platinum, GRAMMY®, BRIT, Golden Globe, and Oscar winning artist/songwriter Sam Smith released Gloria, their fourth studio album, today via Capitol Records. Download/stream the album HERE. Smith will perform at the 65th Annual GRAMMY Awards® on February 5 and kick off the North American leg of GLORIA The Tour on July 25. The official video for Smith’s new single, “I’m Not Here To Make Friends,” was unveiled today. Smith declares, “I’m not here to make friends…I need a lover!” on the bold disco-pop track, which they wrote with Stargate and Jessie Reyez and recorded with producer Calvin Harris in Los Angeles.

In the accompanying video, Smith emerges from a helicopter, dressed in the stunning hot pink gown they wore on “Saturday Night Live,” and is escorted into a sumptuous costume ball held at a historic English estate. Helmed by Ukrainian director Tanu Muiño (Katy Perry, Normani), the video was shot at Ashridge House, which was once a royal residence to King Henry VIII and Princess Elizabeth I. La Big Bertha makes a cameo appearance.

Watch “I’m Not Here To Make Friends” HERE.

Gloria also includes “Gimme” feat. Koffee and Jessie Reyez, which Billboard hailed as “a lush, dancehall riff,” and the GRAMMY®-nominated, RIAA-certified Platinum single “Unholy” feat. Kim Petras, which spent three weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and four weeks atop the UK Official Singles Chart. Amassing over one billion combined global streams to date, “Unholy” was hailed as one of the best songs of 2022 by numerous critics.

View their recent performance of “Unholy” on “Saturday Night Live” HERE. See Smith, accompanied by a choir, perform the album’s title track for the audience – and Sharon Stone – HERE. “Gloria” is not a nod to a person, past or present, but to that bristling, enigmatic life force, which Smith has christened Gloria. They see it as “my queer love hymn, saying life is a song to Gloria, the thing I can’t put a word to. I don’t know if it’s nature or a feminine energy inside me that I’m setting free.”

Smith’s fourth album is not only a creative revelation but something of a personal revolution. After three soulful, poignant albums – In The Lonely Hour (2014), The Thrill Of It All (2017) and Love Goes (2020) – that were rewarded with a staggering 37 million albums sold, 276 million singles, 50 billion multi-platform streams and a host of honors that include four GRAMMY Awards, three BRITs, one Oscar and a Golden Globe, Smith embarked on their fourth album with a self-appointed challenge.

“I was not gonna write a heartbreak album,” Smith declares. “A challenge that was huge! I wanted this to be the opposite. When I was a kid, just walking out of the house, I needed armor. Rihanna, Robyn, Beyoncé, they were my armor. And I feel like SGloria is the album I needed that I never had.”

“Sam Smith’s ‘Gloria’ Is Their Deepest Album Yet,” observed Rolling Stone, noting that it “features guests like Kim Petras, Koffee, and Ed Sheeran, but their own personal growth is at the heart of the music.” Smith explains, “It feels like emotional, sexual and spiritual liberation. It feels like I’ve got my faith back in my work. So it was beautiful, with this album, to sing freely again, for me. It feels like a coming of age.”


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Photo: Michael Bailey-Gates



Palms proudly announces a fresh LGBTQ+ inclusive event to kick off the new year. Palms launched their PRIDE initiative during Las Vegas Pride Month last October with a pool party and HalloQween at Ghostbar, where they presented a $50,000 check to the local LGBTQ Center of Southern Nevada. 

GLAM: The Fabulous Las Vegas Rooftop Party, is the newest event added to the Palms Pride initiative. GLAM is an evening soirée where the LGBTQ+ community, allies, and the curious experience a night of striking performances, breathtaking views, craft cocktails, fabulous fashion, good vibes, and whimsical surprises. The event welcomes all people who wish to celebrate the vibrant LGBTQ+ community. 

The first GLAM event will take place at the legendary rooftop venue, Ghostbar on Sunday, January 22nd. Featuring dazzling entertainers such as glamazon and supermodel from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 and Vh1’s Vegas Revue, Nebraska Thunderf*ck, as well as drag celebrity female impersonators including Nadia M. Luis as Adele, Devin Baker as Fergie, and Esani Tsunami as Tina Turner. The night is also proud to have male, female, and gender non-conforming GoGo dancers. There will also be one-of-a-kind unique “Vegas-style” performances and sounds by DJ J Bray.

Attendees are encouraged to wear attire that is fashion-forward and unique. There isn’t a dress code like traditional clubs, but the more chic, fierce, or outrageous, the better.

Palms has partnered with Las Vegas LGBTQ+ expert Garrett Pattiani to co-market the initiatives. His experience will incorporate the local community and beyond. 

“I am so excited to continue working with the Palms to create these amazing events. It’s something I have dreamed of for a very long time,” says Pattiani. “It makes a huge impact for our community to be seen and celebrated in such a big way. Locals and tourists have another mainstream hotel embracing and celebrating with us. This is a huge win for the entire city of Las Vegas. There’s nothing else like this here, so we are excited to bring something new to the scene. This is a chance for everyone to show off their creativity. This is also a great opportunity to build a stronger relationship with our allies, especially ones that are authentic in their desire to champion equality.”

Please visit to purchase tickets, VIP bottle service with tables starting at $300, or to get more information. Doors open at 7:00 p.m.

About Garrett Pattiani

Garrett Pattiani is a Nevada native and an expert in LGBTQ events, media, nightlife, and hospitality. He is an activist for social justice, mainly focusing on advocating for the rights and equal treatment of marginalized communities. As co-owner of QVegas Magazine, he serves a vital role in the Las Vegas LGBTQ+ community and supports multiple LGBTQ+ and HIV/AIDS charities. He uses his voice and influence to help create a better, more equal environment for all. 

About Palms Casino Resort

Palms Casino Resort is making history as the first resort in Las Vegas fully owned and operated by a Native American Tribe. Palms Casino Resort features two distinct towers with 766 hotel rooms and suites, a diverse mix of bars, restaurants, live entertainment venues and immersive lifestyle experiences across a 95,000-square-foot reimagined casino. The resort also includes over 190,000 square feet of meeting, convention and event space; the Pearl, a 2,500-seat theater; an expansive pool and spa area; wedding chapel; the Brenden Theaters 14-screen cinema and nearly 600 units at Palms Place condominiums. Palms is located just west of the center of the Las Vegas Strip off I-15 on Flamingo Road. Palms Casino Resort is owned by The San Manuel Gaming and Hospitality Authority (“SMGHA”) an affiliate of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. For more information visit or the Palms Press Room. Follow Palms on social media Facebook Twitter Instagram.

About San Manuel Gaming and Hospitality Authority 

The San Manuel Gaming and Hospitality Authority is a governmental instrumentality of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, a federally recognized Indian tribe, created for the purpose of independently carrying out the investment in, and ownership and management of, gaming and hospitality businesses outside of the San Manuel Reservation.  

Lil Yachty Let's start here release via 360 MAGAZINE.

Let’s Start Here


Lil Yachty is a 24-year-old Atlanta native, a Grammy-nominated singer, rapper, producer, creative designer, branding genius, and fashion icon who smashed onto the scene in 2016 with his debut mixtape Lil Boat. The sound of his debut mixtape was prophetic, creating a new wave of hip hop while laying out the blueprint for many of today’s most popular rap stars to follow. With his finger constantly on the pulse of culture, Lil Yachty has utilized his unmatched sense of what’s next to expand his career into other entertainment verticals and to delve into the business realm. He has amassed a growing list of projects and investments, including developing a heist movie based on the beloved card game Uno, partnering with Reese’s Puffs cereal, launching his own cryptocurrency YachtyCoin, investing in the novel dating-app Lox Club with Bhad Bhabie, partnering with Amazon on a variety show for their new app Amp and more. With so much on the horizon, Lil Yachty is poised to continue his evolution from rapper to mogul in 2022 and beyond.


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