The London International Creative Competition (LICC) is thrilled to announce the winners of its 2023 competition, showcasing exceptional creative talent from around the world. LICC celebrates groundbreaking and innovative works across various creative fields, including visual arts, interior design, photography, architecture, and more. Each year, LICC recognizes and applauds the most pioneering and revolutionary creations, highlighting extraordinary creative brilliance across the globe.

This year’s competition attracted over 4,000 entries from more than 90 countries. Our esteemed panel of judges, consisting of renowned experts and professionals in the creative industry, had the formidable task of sifting through the numerous submissions to identify the standout entries. After careful deliberation and thorough assessment, we are pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 competition.

Aline Martins, Program Director of the competition, shared her thoughts about the winners, At the London International Creative Competition, our aim is to acknowledge and celebrate the freshest and most innovative creative talents worldwide, united by their originality and standout creations. With finalists coming from diverse corners of the globe, including Iran, India, Ecuador, Ireland, Italy, and the U.S., we take pride in the exceptional submissions received for the 2023 LICC edition.

Winning artists like Masahiro Yoshida, who clinched the Professional Award in the Decorate (Interior) category, presented “Pignic.” This innovative concept blends a breeder with a café, offering patrons a serene and enjoyable environment to interact with micro pigs. Marshall Harris‘s “Midnight-Cowboy Saddle” drawing, recognized as the winner in Create (Art), captivated the jury with its photorealistic depiction, seemingly ready to be placed on a horse for a ride into the sunset. Xuan Cui, recipient of the Winner in Use (Product) award for her fashion design “TZII7211,” endeavors to create garments that not only bring joy to weary adults but also evoke fond childhood memories or offer a gentle emotional and physical solace for challenging past experiences.

“Ripple,” honored with the Winner in Build (Architecture) distinction and envisioned by Takatoku Nishi, represents the captivating spontaneity of nature beyond human control. This architectural marvel captures the dynamic interplay of seasons, days, and atmospheric conditions, promising a unique experience that evolves with the passing hours. “New York 1920s: 100 Years Ago, When We Became Modern” stands as a well-funded initiative by NYIT, meticulously curating archival materials delving into various facets of life in NYC a century ago. Designed by the talented Micah Rimando, winner in Illustrate (Graphic), this project encapsulates the essence of art, literature, socio-political discourse, marginalized communities, controversial events, and the everyday experiences of New Yorkers from a bygone era. Ida Fiva Bech, recipient of the Winner in Shoot (Photo/Video) award, captivated the jury with her project delving into the theme of human disconnection from nature. Through her work, she skillfully portrays the perpetual reminder from the world that we are not separate from it.

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