Why Invest?

Are you looking to invest in a publication that is diverse, cutting edge, and socially aware? 360 Magazine works diligently daily, 365 days a year, to deliver content about music, design, auto, travel, food, and health to our dedicated audience of tastemakers. We constantly follow the latest trends and breaking news stories to deliver high-quality, organic, reputable content.

We are a boutique publication; our staff of editors and writers is composed of less than fifty people who are committed to delivering timely stories surrounding pop culture and design. Our compact team is passionate about making a measurable impact on our surrounding global community and delivering unparalleled results.

Through working with philanthropic organizations to increase brand awareness and community outreach initiatives– including Amnesty International, Falling Whistles, Pink United, Jenesse Center Inc., AwakeningYoungMinds (AYM), Alex’s Lemonade, and Downtown Art Walk– our magazine looks to make a change that is bigger than ourselves. By highlighting POC, LGBTQ+ folk, and racially and sexually ambiguous artists in our publication, we shed light on voices that often are silenced.

As a result of our efforts, 360 Magazine has gained recognition from the 2020 Small Business Awards, California Excellence Awards, Business Excellence Awards, and Global Business Insight Awards. If you’re looking to revel in our successes and shared victories, consider investing in 360 Magazine today.

For further inquiry, please email invest@the360mag.com