Do you wish to fund a socially aware disruptor that possesses a diverse army of passionate professionals?

Or is your firm in search of a high-profile co-op sponsorship opportunity for our next class of students?

360 MAGAZINE produces content on green trends, technology, art, alternative medicine, gastronomy and world news to innovators.

As a pop publication with well-respected leadership, we easily adapt to accomodate today’s global society. Depending on current events, we are well-positioned to grab the attention of the exponentially broadening audience of multi-generationals. We have already built an information infrastructure in several smart cities on four continents by fostering connections with like-minded institutions. Since conception, we forecasted a reset of societal constructs, decentralized banking, and global governance upon establishing hashtag global society. With evident extreme global climate catastrophes, we immediately integrated print on demand to achieve carbon neutrality. Further, QR-coded print/tablet formats marry podcasts to the website. This allows for real-time amendments to content, removing the financial burden off the publisher. Additionally, we offer three-dimensional engagement with readers by providing memorable activations.

We work alongside non-profits to increase community outreach and brand awareness. Including: NGLCC, Amnesty International, Falling Whistles, Jenesse Center, Awakening Young Minds (AYM), and Downtown Art Walk. By shining a spotlight on the marginalized, we amplify the voices of women, people of color and the queer community.

360 MAGAZINE has received accolades: 2020 Small Business Awards, California Excellence Awards, Business Excellence Awards, and Global Business Insight Awards.

If you’re seeking to revel in our successes and shared victories, consider underwriting one of our impactful endeavors.

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