Seales on Sharpe 

Amanda Seales‘ interview with Shannon Sharpe had moments of discomfort. The first exchange of words between the two was somewhat jarring. However, it was great to chime in on the many trials and tribulations that someone of her caliber continues to endure.

Seales, as a multihyphenate, displayed a sharpness and bravado that is uncommon among industry types. She simultaneously held her ground while giving herself permission to be vulnerable, opening up about her recent diagnosis of being on the autism spectrum. There’s a reason why she’s self-reliant and maintains a certain level of self-belief. It was invigorating. All too often, we observe interviewees prancing around questions with long-winded politically correct answers. Never challenging the status quo.

As we step into a new entertainment paradigm, there should be a feeling of unease. Seales is a person who has strong convictions and is a straight shooter. It’s a shame that intellectuals in Hollywood are still being taunted and teased because they lack human capital. Nevertheless, someone who possesses such prowess should continue to make her rounds in the new media arena. Seeing Seales and Candace Owens have a sit-down would be fantastic. Both display a high level of eloquence and poise. This change of guard chapter requires a significant amount of dialogue.