Vaughn Lowery is a native of Detroit and the youngest of five siblings, a graduate of Cornell University's ILR School. Core duties: global diversification strategy, production management, and ecological implementation. The grandson of the late civil rights defender and recipient of the presidential medal of freedom, Joseph Lowery. Lastly, a distinguished member of the Alpha Phi Alphi Fraternity, Incorporated (Alpha Chapter).

Toyota Crown Limited

‘Agile and able.’Vaughn Lowery

If you’re in the market for a mid luxury vehicle with curb appeal, then the 2024 Toyota Crown Limited should tick most of your boxes. Priced at around 51K, with a well equipped 2.5 liter 4-cylinder engine, this is by far one of the best buys for anyone possessing a designer acumen.

On the way to our first stop, we received a message alert that someone wanted to purchase a piece of my mixed media art. It took me decades or more to discover my true artist voice and off kiltered lens. This all too reminded us how the Crown was introduced to America. It too went through vigorous testing to conjure up the seamless lines, which are reminiscent of both a BMW X6 and Porsche Panamera. The overall silhouette is groundbreaking for the #1 manufacturer in the world. Integrated quad LED headlamps alongside wraparound taillights with illustrious badging on the boot. Inside the cabin is where it feels like the atelier of a haute couture house. Clean lines with ample legroom and seating for 5. The bulbous roof, fixed-glass roof with power sunshade, not only serves the aerodynamics but it pushes the pupil. This is one beautiful sport back that mirrors a modern station wagon.

The vehicle’s technology is what truly distinguishes it from its competitors. The dash and infotainment system are in perfect harmony. A display console that’s equally impressive follows suit. USBC ports are upfront and in the back, wireless charging, extreme Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and the tech pack is bundled with security alerts. Sheesh! We were experiencing a high on our way to Kelsey NaPier‘s studio in Santa Monica. Since her initial exhibition, we have been huge fans. Despite being brushless, her innovative works are refined. She attacks her medium like the engineers rendered the initial sketches of the Crown conception in Japan. The name is appropriate. After all, Napier’s pieces are suitable for large castles with a moat. Upon entering this vehicle, you will experience the same impression. We’re reinspired.

With MacPherson suspension, a powerful powertrain, and intuitive handling, Crown Limited is the perfect vehicle for an emerging businessperson. Transporting supplies from the craft store to be used as a shared vehicle in a multigenerational household. Great on gas (236 hp with 41/42 mpg city/hwy). Dial it down to eco for the elderly, alongside the view button and motion system for the TikToker who’s overly engaged at a crosswalk.

A brand that continues to defy gravity, Toyota continues to stay relevant and thrive.

TOYOTA CROWN LIMITED car review photos and story by Vaughn Lowery via 360 MAGAZINE.
TOYOTA CROWN LIMITED car review photos and story by Vaughn Lowery via 360 MAGAZINE with Kelsey NaPier's art.
Toyota Crown Limited via 360 MAGAZINE.
Toyota Crown Limited photos and story by Vaughn Lowery via 360 MAGAZINE.
Toyota Crown Limited photos and story by Vaughn Lowery via 360 MAGAZINE.
Toyota Crown Limited photos and story by Vaughn Lowery via 360 MAGAZINE.
Toyota Crown Limited photos and story by Vaughn Lowery via 360 MAGAZINE.
Toyota Crown Limited photos and story by Vaughn Lowery via 360 MAGAZINE.
Toyota Crown Limited photos and story by Vaughn Lowery via 360 MAGAZINE.
Toyota Crown Limited photos and story by Vaughn Lowery with Kelsey NaPier via 360 MAGAZINE.
TOYOTA CROWN LIMITED car review photos and story by Vaughn Lowery via 360 MAGAZINE with Kelsey NaPier's art.
TOYOTA CROWN LIMITED car review photos and story by Vaughn Lowery via 360 MAGAZINE with Kelsey NaPier's art.
TOYOTA CROWN LIMITED car review photos and story by Vaughn Lowery via 360 MAGAZINE with Kelsey NaPier's art.
TOYOTA CROWN LIMITED car review photos and story by Vaughn Lowery via 360 MAGAZINE with Kelsey NaPier's art.

Seales on Sharpe 

Amanda Seales‘ interview with Shannon Sharpe had moments of discomfort. The first exchange of words between the two was somewhat jarring. However, it was great to chime in on the many trials and tribulations that someone of her caliber continues to endure.

Seales, as a multihyphenate, displayed a sharpness and bravado that is uncommon among industry types. She simultaneously held her ground while giving herself permission to be vulnerable, opening up about her recent diagnosis of being on the autism spectrum. There’s a reason why she’s self-reliant and maintains a certain level of self-belief. It was invigorating. All too often, we observe interviewees prancing around questions with long-winded politically correct answers. Never challenging the status quo.

As we step into a new entertainment paradigm, there should be a feeling of unease. Seales is a person who has strong convictions and is a straight shooter. It’s a shame that intellectuals in Hollywood are still being taunted and teased because they lack human capital. Nevertheless, someone who possesses such prowess should continue to make her rounds in the new media arena. Seeing Seales and Candace Owens have a sit-down would be fantastic. Both display a high level of eloquence and poise. This change of guard chapter requires a significant amount of dialogue.


Irvine-based Andrea Grant is a Canadian-born writer and multimedia artist of mixed-blood Coast Salish Native ancestry. Her artistic reputation comes from a unique melding of mythological stories, poems, photography, film, spoken word audio, and live performances designed to create a dynamic expression that can be understood on many levels.

Throughout, her work is deeply informed by her First Nations heritage, where she often weaves together traditional Coast Salish legends and classic fairytales which are infused with multicultural and feminist influences. Due to this blended point of view, her writing is often described as being that of a “Modern Native.”

Her spoken word film, “Night Swimming,” unfolds through the lens of Grant and uses the diverse facets of water as an allegory for the emotional range of women. The narrative explores a profound connection to the potency of the ocean, rain, and storms, showcasing an acknowledgment of Mother Earth’s timely bestowal of her gifts. The essence of the story extends to the healing process, emphasizing the purifying nature of ocean swims and the cathartic satisfaction found in thunderstorms during periods of romantic upheaval. Furthermore, it delves into the exhilaration of dancing in the rain, the wisdom of intuitive listening, and the reverence for ancestral voices that guide and resonate within us.

360 Magazine + Andrea Grant

When and at what age did you realize you were an artist? Particularly a spoken word artist?

I have always felt a deep inclination towards storytelling. The desire to become a writer was innate within me, with poetry being my initial passion. This led me to pursue studies in Creative Writing and English Literature during my college years, which significantly refined my craft.

My journey into spoken word poetry began with the encouragement of one of my favorite teachers inviting me to recite at an event. Despite the nerves, I recognized the importance of embracing spoken word as a pivotal step in advancing my career as a poet.

It took a lot of practice – and voice lessons – to learn how to project my voice and maintain consistent volume. In 2003, I recorded my debut spoken word album, “Want Some Scratch?” Since then, I’ve continued to expand my repertoire, recording “Modern Native” and “Night Swimming,” which I later adapted for film.

What inspired the project NIGHT SWIMMING?

I’ve always associated water with femininity. In “Night Swimming,” I explore this connection by delving into the profound power of the ocean, rain, and storms, and how they symbolize Mother Earth’s nurturing essence, especially in times of need.

The piece also explores themes of healing, highlighting how immersing oneself in the ocean can be a purifying experience, akin to washing away troubles. It touches on the catharsis of experiencing a thunderstorm during moments of romantic turmoil. Additionally, “Night Swimming” celebrates the exhilaration of dancing in the rain, embracing intuition, and paying homage to the ancestral voices of Native peoples that continue to guide us.

How important was it for you to push out this particular project?

Very important. The transition from an oral tradition to a print-based society has unfortunately resulted in the loss of numerous First Nations stories. These narratives, rich with cultural significance and wisdom, were once passed down through generations via spoken word, but with the advent of the print world, many were left undocumented and eventually forgotten. This loss not only deprives Indigenous communities of their heritage but also diminishes the broader understanding of diverse cultural perspectives.

In response to this cultural erosion, there arises an urgent need to preserve and share these Native narratives in a contemporary and accessible format. By revitalizing these stories through various mediums, including films, digital platforms, and visual arts, we can ensure their preservation and accessibility to present and future generations. 

Once you received acknowledgement for NIGHT SWIMMING, how did it make you feel? Whom did you first reach out to? And why?

While receiving acknowledgment is certainly gratifying, I believe that as a creator, one never truly reaches a point of complete satisfaction. There’s an inherent drive to continually strive for more. “Night Swimming” represents my second venture into spoken word, and I initiated its launch by submitting it to various film festivals. Once a film gains acceptance and earns accolades, it tends to attract more attention from audiences. I’ve also been fortunate to have received some press coverage, which serves to further amplify awareness of the project.

Is there anything that we should know about the process of disseminating NIGHT SWIMMING? Any tribulations?

The artist’s path is not for the faint of heart, and it’s characterized by numerous hurdles, which ultimately add to its allure. Distributing a short film presents a significant challenge since it doesn’t conform to the typical 30-minute to 1.5-hour time slot, making it less likely to be featured in traditional theater settings. While social media platforms offer a means of promotion, there’s a limit to their effectiveness due to digital fatigue among audiences. However, consistent exposure can spark interest, provided it’s done in a manner that isn’t overwhelming.

Are there any words of wisdom, you would explain to the 10yro version of yourself to better prepare for the journey you embarked?

In addition to reassuring my younger self that my thick, nerdy glasses were temporary and that contact lenses would change my life, I would also emphasize the importance of a belief I’ve always held dear: that we have the ability to shape our own reality. Since childhood, I’ve been a diligent creator of lists outlining my goals and aspirations, serving as a guiding map for my future endeavors. I firmly believe that willpower is the most potent force one can possess and that manifesting one’s destiny is a deliberate and strategic choice. Being an avid reader, I’ve often found inspiration in fairytales, which frequently convey the message that the power to achieve our desires lies within us all along.

That said, there is no universal secret to success. There’s no single path to follow, no magic formula to uncover; each person’s journey is unique.  

Is there anything we haven’t touched on that you would like to speak about? Community involvement? Sequel?

I’m in the process of creating a new full-length spoken word album and finishing up an illustrated collection of reimagined Coast Salish stories. 

Additionally, I’m directing my attention towards my comic book series, “Minx,” with the goal of adapting it into a video game as well as an animated or live-action series.


As children, we bear witness to our mothers many sacrifices: abruptly dropping out of college, a dream job deferred, and/or putting their personal needs last. Mainly due to their willingness to be overprotective and paranoid about our safety once we step foot outside. I recall shortly after leaving the nest for college that my heart felt twisted. I’m super eager to be on my own again, yet anxious to foreshadow what’s to come next.

So, two years into higher learning, I returned without a key in hand, and viciously knocked on the door. On an about-face, I cocked my foot into trigger position only to be met by a riper version of the woman I left.

While crying, I immediately called my sister and asked what had happened. The snot danced down my cheek and she blurted, ‘She had a major stroke!’

I have compiled a list of some of my favorite discoveries that I wish my mother, Yvonne Maria Lowery, had the chance to indulge in.


Who hasn’t attended a  music festival, realizing once they returned to the venue’s parking lot that their phone was missing. Or, during a white water rafting ride, the raging waters violently snatched your cell and keys overboard because you opted out of purchasing the protective case with the lanyard. Our careless behavior costs deductible and unwarranted visits to your mobile carrier’s consumer experience center. Don’t fret. This time, you brought a C210 armed with an AI-intelligent, 13MP lens, gorilla glass, and a 6’3″ colorful display. Instead of witnessing your $2500 Samsung S23 ultra 1TB get dropped off the VIP balcony, it was your $100 burner phone.

Nokia c210 via 360 MAGAZINE.


Finally, it’s the first time you can avoid a photo booth being bombed by your ex and/or boozed out bestie. Even on celfie number ninety-nine, you come to the realization that you only needed 1 maybe 2 of your expert raw photos and a session with the built-in Light room app. For $129 with a wad of thermo sheets, you’re now positioned to be most celebrated at your next function.

Canon IVY 2 printer via 360 MAGAZINE

GV Home

David Kong, a 2022 Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree, single-handedly revolutionized the wine industry by creating the direct-to-consumer stemware company by delivering high-quality, handblown glassware that you’d find in Michelin star restaurants but at affordable prices. How, you ask? By cutting out the middleman and working directly with the glass artisans themselves.

David was so successful that Glasvin has become the go-to stemware brand for over two dozen Michelin star and top restaurants in the nation such as: Juliet LA, Christie’s, Antico Nuovo, Shoku, and Stella West Hollywood. David also recently launched GV Home to bring his highly popular glassware directly to consumers. GV Home was the 3rd most-funded wine glass in the history of Kickstarter (2nd most stemmed glass).

Engineered Garments + Reebok

Engineered Garments and Reebok have just announced their next collaborative project, the Engineered Garments x Reebok BB4000 II, where the New York-based clothing brand has turned to Reebok’s iconic retro court shoe for a reimagining of classic university style, available April 26.

Engineered Garments x Reebok via 360 MAGAZINE.

Gucci Interlocking Fine Jewelry

Gucci Interlocking fine jewelry collection was designed as a tribute to the House’s founder, Guccio Gucci. The collection represents luxury, quality, and Italian craftsmanship.

The latest designs present a modern interpretation of the iconic Interlocking G motif, prominently placed within a circular charm adorned with exquisite gemstones. The mood of the campaign exudes a sense of timeless beauty and sophistication, where the colored gemstones create a striking contrast against the jewelry setting. Abstract elements of the Interlocking G logo act as a refined framework and highlight the new designs’ complex craftsmanship and balanced aesthetic.

The collection comprises three different sets of jewelry, each spotlighting a different gemstone: onyx, green agate or mother-of-pearl. While black onyx is elegantly contrasted with yellow gold, the green agate is set playfully against pink gold. A third version, crafted in mother-of-pearl, is combined with pink gold and peppered with diamond pavé on the central motif. 

Each set features two rings, available either with a 12mm or 17mm disc charm, along with a bracelet, a choice between delicate paired studs or hoop earrings with a pendant, and a necklace featuring a 12mm ornament. Two statement necklaces with larger 27mm medallions, available in onyx and mother-of-pearl, complete the selection.

Gucci Interlocking fine jewelry collection via 360 MAGAZINE.

Tea Forte + NYBG

A partnership of tea and nature. Tea Forté and The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) have come together to create unique tea collections featuring elements of botanical prints by Pierre-Joseph Redouté, one of the most noted botanical artists in history. A percentage of each sale benefits the horticultural and educational work of NYBG. Perfect as a Mother’s Day gift idea, an elegant wedding shower tea, or a treat to oneself, each collection offers a sampling of Tea Forté’s vast array of luxury teas in a beautiful presentation.

Tea forte + NYBG via 360 MAGAZINE.


Nicki Minaj has struck palladium with her sold-out GAG CITY world tour. Music lovers show their undying support with the most extravagant pink outfits as it makes another NYC stop. What makes this stop unique? Popular demand has brought her back to Barclay’s Arena.

Nicki Minaj is a living testament to her status as one of the greatest rappers of all time. Her triple entendres, musicality, and lyrical prowess, along with her love for her son, Papa Bear, is something no AI can replicate or any award show can properly honor. You don’t have to be a Barb to recognize talent. Kueen, live long and prosper!

Thank God for someone who exhibits light in the midst of darkness.  #grace

Nicki Minaj FTCU via 360 MAGAZINE.


Five, The Parody Musical, a whimsical witch hunt on off-Broadway, is a sassy political satire worth savoring.’360®

The comedic cast is empowering yet uplifting. Their timing is unparalleled, and they possess a high level of enchanting effervescence. As the extended run comes to a close, you still have time to experience this MUST-SEE. Without spilling too much tea, they accurately depict America’s current state of DonaldTics. Even Sleepy Joe will stay awake for this jewel. Besides the big hair, the Stormy Daniels piece had us in stitches.

With special guest Jasmine Rice LaBeija, the entire cast and crew conjured the perfect cure for the theatre district’s dismal attendance analytics. Five the Musical is on par with the current state of the millennial mafia as i’ts curated to tickle their tummies.

FIVE: The Parody Musical features Orchestrations and Arrangements by Terence “T” Odonkor, Music Supervision and Arrangements by Lena Gabrielle, and Casting by Michael Cassara Casting. Scenic Design is by David Goldstein; Costume Design is by Florence D’Lee; Lighting Design is by Jamie Roderick and Marie Yokoyama; Sound Design is by Bailey Trierweiler, Kevin Heard and UptownWorks; Props Design is by Brendan McCann; and Hair, Wig and Make-Up Design is by Ian Joseph. Visceral Entertainment is the general manager and executive producer. 


FIVE: The Parody Musical is now playing through April 21 at Theater 555 (555 W 42nd St, NYC). Performance are Monday and Thursday at 7PM; Friday at 8PM; Saturday at 5PM & 9PM; with a matinee on Sunday at 3PM. Tickets, now on sale at FiveTheMusical.com, range $49-$89. Starting March 11, VIP “Mar-a-lago Package” seats are also available for $145. The “Mar-a-lago Package” includes exclusive merchandise, a post-show photo opp, and a bag of Cheetos. Additional ticketing & processing fees apply. For groups of 8 or more, email groups@fivethemusical.com.

Five The Parody Musical off-Broadway play via 360 MAGAZINE.
Five The Parody Musical off-Broadway play via 360 MAGAZINE.

Photo: Armon Hayes


Beyoncé, who has won the most Grammys ever, has set numerous records with her Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records release of her 8th studio album, Cowboy Carter [CC]. It’s the most streamed album in one day on Spotify for 2024. CC’s industry disruption is due to its 76.13 streams.

The remake of Dolly Parton’s Jolene, Protector f/ daughter Rumi Carter, Smoke Hour f/ Willie Nelson, and the duet with Miley Cyrus II Most Wanted has been highly praised by listeners.

Although the Queen has received massive pushback for not being an actual country music artist, the Bey Hive has fired back by reminding naysayers that she hails from the South. ABC News broadcasted a segment that documented her impact in the entertainment industry, highlighting her four performances at the Houston Rodeo from 2001 to 2007 (both solo and with Destiny’s Child).

Mrs. Carter’s entry into Western has brought about more attention and streams for a group of black and marginalized artists who have been ignored by the community for decades. Historically, country music is deeply rooted in African culture and black music. It is derived from bluegrass, hymns, and jug bands. Furthermore, the banjo is a musical instrument that is rooted in West African culture. A biracial musician from Greensboro, Rhiannon Giddens, who has been awarded a Grammy and Pulitzer Prize, uses a riff on the minstrel banjo for the Texas Hold’em intro. It has created a frenzy on TikTok with a line dance challenge. Moreover, Robert Randolph plays steel guitar on the emotionally charged yet epic 16 Carriages.

Manhattan Beach native Tanner Adell collaborates on Blackbiird (a remake of The Beatles), and it sounds good. She even called upon the magnificent Raye, a six-time Brit Award-winning artist, to help write Riverdance.

Overall, Beyonce is a powerful performer who continues to transcend. Her immense talent is undeniable, and regardless of whether you respect her entry into the southern secular arena, she continues to conquer.

Despite the craze surrounding Cowboy Carter, Beyonce gracefully hosted a CD signing at Tower Records in Shibuya, Japan, with her longtime bodyguard Julius, publicist Yvette Noel-Schure, and husband Jay-Z present.

Another heartfelt moment is when FAMU yodeling scholarship recipient, a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, and CMA performer K. Michelle tweeted a heart-felt letter bundled with a bouquet of flowers from Beyoncé. It acknowledged the former R&B diva’s transition to pop country and how both of them have had to endure harsh criticism in the male-dominated field.

Sharon Stone and Jerry Saltz talk at 92NY theatre in NYC for 360 MAGAZINE.

Oscar-Nominated Actor Now Artist

Sharon Stone is a Hollywood philanthropist and one of the most prolific humans of our generation. This past week, she sat down with Pulitzer Prize winner and critic Jerry Saltz on 92nd Street in NYC. They had a candid conversation about her entertainment industry career and her early years as a talented artisan.

Throughout the conversation, Stone delves deep into her past as an adolescent in Pennsylvania. Growing up in a working-class setting, she recalls how her family struggled to make ends meet. The situation has drastically changed since she was thrust into stardom by her iconic film Basic Instinct. Fast forward, Stone speaks about her life after suffering a massive heart attack and how she lost custody of her children after a painful divorce. Moreover, she recalls meeting some of the Israeli hostages and their families in her LA home.

The audience was nearly moved by Stone’s brutal honesty, which rekindled her insatiable desire to paint. While procuring supplies at an arts and crafts store in West Hollywood, she initiated her transition from a powerful performer to a provocative painter. Some of her pieces are tangible and showcase her inner strength as well as her perseverance. Her technique is far from conventional (acrylics, spray paint, color pencils) and the canvas is large. Her works can easily cover an entire accent wall and show signs of eminence. Furthermore, she discusses her scientific research, college education, and her dedication to the international community. This past Friday, she was awarded the coveted ‘Global Citizen of the Year‘ by the United Nations.

After receiving a standing ovation, Sharon Stone reminded us of the importance of putting one’s self first, understanding the importance of self-care, coupled with self-worth.

Despite losing her father to Hamas, this Noble Peace Summit and Harvard Humanitarian Awardee has pledged to continue spreading awareness about terrorism and its negative impact on our global society.
Her latest collection can be viewed at C. Parker Gallery in Greenwich.

Sharon Stone and Jerry Saltz at 92ny via 360 MAGAZINE.
Sharon Stone at 92ny captured by celebrity photographer and journalist Vaughn Lowery of 360 MAGAZINE.

More on Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone is an internationally recognized actress, producer, humanitarian and New York Times bestselling author of her recent book The Beauty of Living Twice. Her film and television credits include Basic Instinct and Casino, for which she won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in 1996 and an Academy Award nomination for her leading role opposite Robert de Niro in Martin Scorsese’s crime drama.

Stone received two more Golden Globe Award nominations for her roles in The Mighty (1998) and The Muse (1999). Other film credits include Sliver (1993), The Specialist (1994), The Quick and the Dead (1995), Last Dance (1996), Sphere (1998), Broken Flowers (2005), Alpha Dog (2006), Bobby (2006), and Lovelace (2013) among others. Stone’s television credits include roles in limited series such as Netlix’s Ratched (2020), HBO’s Mosaic (2017), The New Pope (2019), as well as The Practice (2004), for which she won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series.

A Human Rights Campaign Humanitarian and an Einstein Spirit of Achievement Awardee, Stone currently lives in Los Angeles with her three sons.

About Jerry Saltz

Jerry Saltz is the Senior Art Critic for New York magazine, where he writes about the constantly shifting dynamics of the art world, from up-and-coming artists to billionaire collectors to the role of criticism. Hailed as a “critic of the people” by Architectural Digest, he democratizes art for a broad audience through his irreverent column and his social media channels, where has nearly one million followers. In 2018, he won the Pulitzer Prize in Criticism for “My Life as a Failed Artist,” an essay about how his disappointing career as an artist is responsible for his success as a critic.

Saltz’s viral New York cover story, “How to Be an Artist,” sold nearly 400,000 print editions of the magazine and gained over 250,000 readers online, ultimately earning a National Magazine Award. In this daring to-do list for aspiring creatives, Saltz shared answers to the questions artists ask the most: “How do I get started? How do I get better? And is this even art at all?” Jerry Saltz’s book, also entitled How to Be an Artist, expands on his prize-winning piece with dozens of brand new guidelines, exercises, prompts, and tips designed to help artists do what they do best—create. In his entertaining lectures, he dispenses valuable advice for amateurs and professionals alike, along with sharp analysis of the role of criticism in the art world today.

Saltz has been a columnist for New York magazine since 2007. Formerly, he was the senior art critic for The Village Voice for almost ten years, where he was twice nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. A frequent guest lecturer, he has spoken at the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim, the Whitney Museum, and many others, and has appeared at Harvard, Yale, Columbia, the Rhode Island School of Design, the Art Institute of Chicago, and elsewhere. He has also contributed to Art in America, Flash Art International, Frieze, and Modern Painters, among other publications. He was the sole advisor for the 1995 Whitney Biennial. In 2007, he received the Frank Jewett Mather Award for art criticism. Jerry Saltz has received honorary doctorates from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Kansas City Art Institute. He was born and raised in Chicago and now lives in New York City. His most recent book is Art Is Life.

Vaughn Lowery at 92NY in NYC for Sharon Stone and Jerry Saltz talk.
Maserati via 360 MAGAZINE.

Maserati EV

Maserati, the first Italian luxury brand to develop and produce all-electric vehicles, is driving through a sustainable long-term profitable growth plan focused on consistent brand and product evolution. The Maserati range is 100% designed, developed, and manufactured in Italy, serving more than 70 countries around the world with an 86% export rate; Modena continues to serve as the beating heart of the House of the Trident, which has been based at the historic plant on Viale Ciro Menotti for more than 80 years.

As a Brand devoted to performance, innovation, design, quality, technology and luxury, Maserati is writing the future of luxury mobility with an ambitious strategy and is developing a comprehensive product plan aimed at electrification, to reflect customer aspirations.

Maserati is the only luxury Brand within Stellantis, and following its positive financial recovery which began in 2021, is now setting a strong business model, projecting itself into an electric future to enhance its leading position in the luxury segment by maintaining production volumes and profitable margins in line with its unique brand positioning.

More than ever, Maserati believes in electric future mobility, and is currently organizing itself in all fields to transform its competitiveness and exceed the needs of the new luxury consumer. The Modena-based company has already embarked on its journey in the new electric era, by unveiling its first two BEV vehicles: the GranTurismo Folgore and Grecale Folgore (Folgore identifies the all-electric Maserati range), which are already on sale in Italy and EU markets. The GranTurismo Folgore, a true icon for the Brand, offers cutting-edge technical solutions derived from Formula E. With motorsport in its genes and roots in the spirit of pure competition, Maserati is the first Italian brand to compete in Formula E, as of 2023.

Maserati GranCabrio Folgore is due to be launched this year, shortly after its ICE version. The road to electrification will continue with the new MC20 Folgore in 2025, a brand-new large E-UV BEV in 2027, and the next generation of Quattroporte BEV in 2028.

All the Brand’s current and future models are and will be 100% designed, developed, and manufactured in Italy. As a result of a genuine combination of craftsmanship and innovation, Maserati will reaffirm the bond with its roots: the historic headquarters in Modena, which currently hosts the production of the MC20 and MC20 Cielo, will soon make room to produce the Folgore version of the most desirable super sports cars.

Eager to ensure that its cars feature the most attractive style and distinctive details, the Modena plant will also host the “Atelier of the Fuoriserie Personalization Program,” reserved to create bespoke Maserati models. Consistent investments are already planned in new facilities within the plant, and in specific training sessions for new staff working on the Fuoriserie Personalization Program.

At the historic plant on Viale Ciro Menotti, the company’s Leadership Team will work closely with an agile, expert, and focused Maserati Engineering Team – consisting of roughly 130 professional engineers and technicians – that will be fully developing the current and future range. The team will be operating in strong connection with the Engine Lab (where the full-electric powertrains are developed and tested) and will contribute to steering the brand to a higher luxury positioning. This strong team will jointly build the future of the Trident and will take the iconic Brand to new heights, as it deserves.

Maserati is part of the Stellantis “Dare Forward 2030” strategic plan announced on 1 March 2022, as a fully-fledged segment of its overall organization matrix. All new Maserati models will adopt electric powertrains, to bring great innovation and high performance, both typical of Maserati’s DNA: 2024 is a crucial milestone year for the company’s evolution and growth, especially amidst the challenges and changes faced by luxury brands within the global automotive business sector.

Davide Grasso, Maserati CEO: “Driven by our Modena heart, we are going full throttle to lead change on electrification, with two of our iconic models already available for purchase in their 100% electric versions, and another on the way this year. We will offer our preferred customers the most powerful Maseratis ever, pushing the boundaries of driving pleasure to a new era. With our long-term strategic vision and plan, we want to make a mark in the luxury world with unique Italian manufacturing excellence, constantly pushing distinctive quality and building our future with a dedicated business model that guarantees our customers the best products that reflect the Trident’s values.”

Maserati S.p.A.
Maserati produces a complete range of unique cars, immediately recognizable for their extraordinary personality. Thanks to their style, technology, and innately exclusive character, they delight the most discerning, demanding tastes and have always been a benchmark for the global automotive industry. A tradition of successful cars, each of them redefining what makes an Italian sports car in terms of design, performance, comfort, elegance, and safety, currently available in more than 70 markets internationally. Maserati line-up includes the Levante – the first SUV made by Maserati, the Grecale, the “everyday exceptional” SUV, and the GranTurismo, the iconic Italian grand tourer, all models characterized by the use of the highest quality materials and excellent technical solutions. A range equipped with 4-cylinder hybrid powertrains – available for Grecale and Levante – and V6 petrol, with rear-wheel and four-wheel drive, embodying the performance DNA of the Trident Brand. The top of the range is made up of the MC20 super sports car and the MC20 Cielo spyder, powered by the ground-breaking 100% Maserati Nettuno V6 engine, which incorporates F1-derived technologies into the power unit of a standard production car for the first time. The new GranTurismo is available with both the high-performance V6 petrol engine, derived from the Nettuno, and a 100% electric version: the GranTurismo Folgore, the first car in the Modena-based brand’s history to adopt this solution. Today the full-electric range includes also the Grecale Folgore, Maserati’s first full-electric SUV. By 2025, all Maserati models will also be available in a full-electric version, and the entire Maserati range will run on electricity alone by 2028.


The Macallan Opens The Harmony Hideaway in New York City in Celebration of The New Collection in Collaboration with Stella McCartney and Mary McCartney

One of the most memorable nights during the holiday season… an immersive time travel experience.’VLO

The Macallan Harmony Hideaway + Stella and Mary McCartney collaboration via 360 MAGAZINE.

A one-of-a-kind supper club experience, with proceeds supporting the Natural Areas Conservancy’s mission to preserve, protect, and enhance access to urban natural areas in New York City.

WHAT:  Hidden away in the heart of New York City during one of its busiest times of the year, The Macallan invites consumers to have a moment to toast to one another and celebrate The Macallan’s new collection, as you escape into the colors, sounds and essence of Scotland that inspired it at The Harmony Hideaway. 

Marrying the exclusivity of an iconic supper club with the natural setting of The Macallan spiritual home, The Harmony Hideaway welcomes guests from Thursday, December 7th – Saturday, December 9th. A reservation at the Harmony Hideaway grants you the opportunity to be among the first to experience The Macallan Harmony Amber Meadow, view the exquisite lifestyle collection made in collaboration with the McCartney sisters, and enjoy a special performance.   

The reservation offers the opportunity for consumers to join The Macallan to come together for the celebratory evening. Retailing for $125 per reservation, guests can book a visit at either 6:00pm or 9:00pm each evening to enjoy a chef-curated menu paired with special performances. In order to reserve the same table for the experience, all members of the same party must be booked within the same reservation transaction. To enjoy The Harmony Hideaway, guests can now secure their reservation while spots last HERE

As part of the brand’s sustainability commitments, the proceeds of each $125 purchase, will be donated to the Natural Areas Conservancy in order to help preserve, protect and improve access to urban natural areas throughout New York City.

For more details on The Harmony Collection Amber Meadow and to pre-order a bottle visit HERE

WHEN: Thursday, December 7th – Saturday, December 9th 

  1. Evening Session | 6:00pm ET 
  2. Late Session | 9:00pm ET 


The Macallan Harmony Hideaway via 360 MAGAZINE.
The Macallan Harmony Hideaway via 360 MAGAZINE.
Macallan Harmony Hideaway in NYC via 360 Magazine.
The Macallan Harmony Hideaway via 360 MAGAZINE.
The Macallan Harmony Hideaway via 360 MAGAZINE.
Macallan Harmony Hideaway in NYC via 360 Magazine.
The Macallan Harmony Hideaway via 360 MAGAZINE.
The Macallan Harmony Hideaway via 360 MAGAZINE.
The Macallan Harmony Hideaway in NYC Rockefeller Center near Christmas tree via 360 Magazine.

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An occasion for intriguing individuals to engage and reflect on their most recent pivots. Transitions can be costly, but for most, they lead to self-preservation and heavy praise from fans.

STEVE AOKI is one of the most prolific figures in EDM. As a successful DJ with a monstrous music catalog, it was inevitable that he should receive a cover.

2014, our very own Vaughn Lowery witnessed his performance at Made in America and was sold.

“Aoki is a force to f*ck with. He’s the epitome of every young man who wants to forge their own. And, he has receipts!”

Deep breath. Pause. He continues.

“At 19, I was one of the first interns to work at Quincy Jones’s VIBE. The team was a who’s who, and it ushered access to icons: Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Mariah, Da Brat, Lauryn Hill, Nas… although my eyes stung [no pun], grinning from ear to ear with bubble gum and braces, I’ll never forget, ‘JAPAN ARE YAH IN THE HOUSE!… baby, come on!‘ –it was a dimly lit impromptu presentation by the duo during the world’s 1st R&B and hip-hop conference. Next, the video played in the background with carnival images. Fast-forward. That flashback came over me while staring at AOKI with a fist full of cakes.”