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James Barlow, founder of Triumph Technology Solutions LLC, pens an article for 360 MAGAZINE.

Teenage Entrepreneur to Millionaire Tech Mogul

Why Dropping Out of College was the Best Decision of My Life

By James Barlow

The decision to leave college before completing my degree may seem unconventional to some, but for me, it was the most sensible choice for my career path and personal growth. Despite enjoying the college experience, I felt a sense of restlessness, as if I was merely biding my time. I was eager to take on real-world challenges and pursue my passion for entrepreneurship. The idea of building something from scratch and being in control of my destiny was exhilarating, and I knew I couldn’t wait until I graduated to start my own business. By leaving college early, I was able to get a head start on my career and focus all my energy and resources on developing my entrepreneurial skills. It was a bold move, but in hindsight, it was the best decision I ever made.

I always knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. As a child, I was always looking for opportunities to make money. At the age of 16, I took the leap and started my first business, and the feeling of being my own boss was invigorating. The experience was so rewarding that I continued to look for new business opportunities wherever I could. By the time I graduated and went to college, I had already achieved a level of success that many entrepreneurs never reach.

So, I made the decision to leave college early and pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. At the time, it was a difficult choice. I was giving up a lot of things, including the security of a college degree but I knew there was no other way.

One of the biggest benefits of leaving college early was that I was able to focus all of my energy on my business. I didn’t have to worry about juggling classes, homework, and studying. Instead, I could devote all my time and energy to building my company. And that’s exactly what I did.

Over the years, I have founded numerous successful tech companies, with expertise in AWS, Fintech, Healthcare, E-commerce, and more. By the time I was 20 years old, I was already generating over $1m in revenue from eBay sales monthly. None of this would have been possible if I had stayed in college.

It’s easy to look at successful individuals and assume that they have had a smooth journey to the top. However, the reality is quite different. Early success does not mean that there are no struggles or issues to face along your path to career success.

For me, my early success was from hard work diligently striving towards my goals, and I saw the fruits of my labor grow. However, along the way, I faced personal difficulties that needed to be overcome.

Like many young entrepreneurs who achieve financial success early in their careers, I too faced struggles with focusing too much on making money from my new ventures rather than the product itself during those initial years. Despite my accomplishments, I came to realize that success is not just about making money, it’s about creating a product or service that adds value to people’s lives. Realizing this was my issue took a great deal of reflection and the advice of mentors to emerge from those difficult times after such early success. Although the journey was trying, I refused to give up and eventually found a solution that worked for me.

My journey to success has had its fair share of struggles and difficulties, but those experiences played a significant role in shaping my character and outlook on life. My early success gave me the confidence and motivation to persevere through tough times, while my struggle with focusing on money over product made me more mindful and conscious of the value I was providing to my customers. I realized that my struggles were not unique, and many other entrepreneurs faced similar challenges. These experiences taught me the importance of creating value for customers, being mindful of business practices, and never losing sight of the purpose behind the product or service.

About James Barlow

James Barlow is the founder of Triumph Technology Solutions LLC; a leading AWS cloud native services provider. With over a decade of experience in the industry, he is an accomplished Tech Entrepreneur, expert, and business leader with a deep understanding of the development of IT Services and Software Businesses with domain expertise in AWS, Fintech, Healthcare, E-Commerce, and more. James has started numerous tech companies that have focused on everything from Business Web Development to e-commerce. In the early 2000’s James founded an eBay-based business and was one of the first eBay “power sellers.” At only 20 years old, James was generating over $1m revenue from eBay sales monthly. 

James Studied Business with a minor in economics from Northern Illinois University. He left college early in order to pursue his entrepreneurial passions and to build his eBay-based computer hardware sales business. He has also earned certification as an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and Solutions Architect, reflecting his commitment to staying current with emerging technologies.

Outside of work, James is a passionate volunteer who is deeply committed to several causes, including civil rights and social action, economic empowerment, education, disaster and humanitarian relief, politics, and science and technology.

Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, MD Ayurveda article via 360 MAGAZINE.

Syncing Gut with Mind for Better Mood

Mood is a complex physiological experience. It is the result of the intermingling of neurochemistry, gut health, hormonal balance, and social/psychological experience. It is a moment-by-moment litmus test of how much your life is in alignment with the needs of your body, mind, and spirit. 

The greater internal harmony you have, the better your mood. Conversely, the greater internal disharmony within, the worse your mood.

Mood Influencers

We tend to think external circumstances determine our mood. But in reality, our internal harmony determines how we perceive, interpret and respond to our external circumstances. There are many things that can lend to a bad mood:

  • Stress (day-to-day, global news, etc.);
  • Poor diet;
  • Isolation from community or family; and
  • Not allowing the mind to rejuvenate through meditation.

However, one of the most important aspects of mood in Ayurveda medicine is the way in which food and gut health impact mental health. Mind and gut are inseparable. The foods you eat and the strength of your digestion determine the quality of your thoughts and mind.

Modern medicine is just beginning to grasp this concept of the relationship between the gut and brain. According to Ayurveda, the gut and brain are one functional unit. The fastest way to shift mood is by changing diet, improving gut health, and shifting your microbiome.

Improve a SAD Mood 

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a clinically diagnosed form of depression that begins in the fall, continues into the winter and then typically resolves in the spring and summer. It is a condition that I didn’t pay enough attention to as a general neurologist, but as an Ayurvedic practitioner I became much more attuned to the impact of the seasons on our mood. I found that the majority of us notice some shift in mood with each season, and some of us experience more severe changes that qualify as SAD.

Modern treatments for SAD include phototherapy and antidepressants. Although SAD is a modern medical diagnosis, this shift in mood due to the changes in season is a well-documented psychological phenomenon in Ayurveda, spanning back thousands of years. So, in addition to the modern therapies for SAD, we also have access to ancient Ayurvedic treatments that help to treat SAD today and prevent it in the future.

Know Your Dosha

One of the great blessings of Ayurveda is the knowledge of the doshas and how they manifest in ourselves and in the seasons; this makes life more predictable. Once we understand our seasonal susceptibilities, conditions like SAD do not have to overtake us. We can organize our seasonal routine to combat the underlying causes of SAD before they germinate. It’s like having a GPS system for our body and mind that informs us of the turns before we have to take them. Instead of feeling like we’re always behind the eight-ball, wondering why we feel tired, depressed, anxious or frustrated, we can predict what potential pitfalls each season may hold for us and avert the danger before we ever face it.

You can learn more about your dosha type with my free quiz HERE. To experience more benefits of Ayurveda start with understanding your dosha type. 


Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, MD, is a neurologist, neuroscientist and an internationally recognized expert in the ancient practice of Ayurvedic medicine. She earned her medical degree at Loma Linda University School of Medicine; completed her internship at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and neurology residency at University of California San Diego (UCSD). Chaudhary is the author of “The Prime” (Penguin Random House, 2016) and “Sound Medicine” (Harper Collins, 2020); is a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine and is a highly sought-after speaker, researcher and adviser for Healthy Directions. She is the former director of Wellspring Health in Scripps Memorial Hospital, where she successfully combined conventional treatments with Ayurvedic practices of detoxification, diet and lifestyle management to help patients effectively manage chronic neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and migraine headaches. Her program was so successful that it is now used for a wide range of health concerns, including weight issues and chronic disease. Through her integrative approach, Chaudhary teaches her patients about the connection between mind, body and spirit, which impacts every aspect of health both physically and mentally. Learn more at


Article: Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, MD – author of The Prime


The most Googled Cryptocurrencies in California revealed.

  • Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency searched for the most in California.
  • Ethereum ranks as being the second most searched cryptocurrency in California.
  • XRP rounds up the top five as the fifth most searched cryptocurrency in California.

New research has revealed the cryptocurrency that California is Googling the most with Bitcoin taking the top spot.

The research conducted by cryptocurrency experts analyzed Google Trends data to establish the top five cryptocurrencies that each state wants to invest in based on searches.

The analysis revealed that Bitcoin had the highest number of searches in California. Bitcoin was the coin that put cryptocurrencies into the mainstream, and is by far the most popular coin, not just in California but across the U.S.  

Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency in California. The cryptocurrency is also second to Bitcoin in market capitalization. It was initially released in 2015 and it placed second in cryptocurrencies attracting interest from Californians. 

Dogecoin is the third most searched cryptocoin in California. Initially being released in 2013, the cryptocoin reached a market capitalization of over $85 billion as of May 2021. Dogecoin has been endorsed by Elon Musk numerous times in the past which has contributed to its ranking on this list. 

Shiba Inu ranks as the fourth most searched cryptocurrency by Californians. Its initial release was in 2020 and its market capitalization is valued at $12.5 billion. 

Rounding up the top five is XRP, with it being ranked number five in searches in forty-one states including in California. XRP’s market capitalization is valued at $20.04 billion. 

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson for said: “The rise in cryptocurrencies has been enormous in recent years, with more and more people looking to invest in them. This study highlights that Bitcoin’s popularity among cryptocurrencies remains supreme, despite the emergence of ‘memecoins’ and other contenders.”

The study was conducted by, a leading digital media company that provides news, market analysis and investor insights focused on cryptocurrency.

Mikel Lindsaar, CEO of StoreConnect, curates an eCommerce article via 360 MAGAZINE.

Even the Great Resignation has a silver lining 

Market commentators are fond of their buzzwords, and none has been more popular in recent years than the GREAT RESIGNATION. So-called, because workers have been abandoning their jobs in the highest numbers since the Great Suffragette Movement of the early 1900s. 

Power to the people is good, but how can small businesses buck the trend and keep their people happy and engaged? How can they find good people to fill the rapidly rising vacancies, especially in a period of super-low unemployment? 

With existing technology or E-Commerce 2.0 as it is often called, small business is wasting the time of their people and their customers. In frustrating back and forth looking for the right data to serve customers. It costs money and eventually will cost you good talent as people leave in search of less frustrating and more rewarding roles.  

But there is a second benefit and that is efficiency and effectiveness. With E-Commerce 3.0 you’ll be able to deploy your people to more valuable customer facing roles and let technology and integrated systems shoulder a lot more of the load.  

Data is easier to find, you own it, and you can therefore service customers more easily and even forecast their needs ahead of time. All whilst your team finds it much easier to answer queries, handle orders, and deliver.  

An E-Commerce 3.0 solution is one that integrates all the elements of e-commerce and CRM together in a seamless and single source of truth. 

The last thing a small business owner wants to do is roll out a tech solution that then requires them to pay people to get one computer to talk to another. This is the main criticism of old-school, e-comm 2.0 systems – they don’t integrate and in fact can often override or seek to correct each other’s data, resulting in confusion and wasted time trying to get true data.  

E-Commerce 3.0 systems are integrated: 

  • there is a single source of truth as all data sits in the same platform with website, POS and e-commerce all integrated 
  • employees will spend less time finding data 
  • follow up messages or order updates can be automated saving valuable employee time 
  • surveys can be automated 
  • customers can be categorized and can get products at their ‘price’ without having to speak to a staff member 
  • customers will get better service as the small business will have the latest information at hand 
  • all parts of the business from sales to operations to customer service to delivery will all be working from the same songbook on a customer

E-Commerce 3.0 solutions are also a smart move for anyone investing in a business because they will improve profit and short and long-term returns as well as make a business more valuable to any purchaser. 

Being a customer of an E-Commerce 3.0 business is a vastly more positive experience and the customer will see better more accurate and faster service. Doing business will be easier and this will attract customers to do more business with that organization. It is a positive reinforcement cycle. 

Of course, most of the above discussion is about the business and its current customers, but let’s also make mention that all this data and the availability of bulk email and mail merge systems allows onboarding and marketing to new customers and prospects simple, targeted, and powerful. 

In summary, E-Commerce 3.0 offers value to small businesses in streamlining systems, but it also offers a great solution to closing any organizational gaps in terms of employees by increasing the productivity per employee and the time spent on needless administrative work. 

This can lead to increased employee retention as they find more value in their daily work, and the value of the small business will boom when that silver lining is found. 

Author’s Bio 

Mikel Lindsaar, CEO and founder of StoreConnect, is an experienced technology entrepreneur whose mission is to infuse small and medium-sized businesses with the power to be successful in eCommerce 3.0 and scale to meet growing demand. Small businesses can’t waste time setting up their business on a platform only to repeat the process by changing platforms when they want to scale, nor do they want to waste time figuring out how to integrate multiple platforms. StoreConnect (built on the World’s Number 1 CRM, Salesforce) gives clients a complete, powerful, configurable eCommerce and CRM solution where they can manage their website, online and in-store sales, provide amazing customer service, run all their digital marketing campaigns, and have up-to-date detailed metrics, reporting and full understanding of their customer. They were awarded Salesforce’s 2021 International Partner Innovation Award of the year for the Retail sector and are changing the ease with which small businesses are run ─ with a manageable price tag. StoreConnect is Time. Well spent.


Reebok, HP, and and Botter 3d printed sneakers for PFW via 360 MAGAZINE.

Reebok × Botter

Reebok x Botter Concept Sneaker Engineered by HP Serves as a Sign of Innovation to Come

Coming out of Paris Fashion Week, Reebok, HP and the New Guards Group revealed a new concept sneaker with luxury brand, Botter that debuted on the runway at its FW23 presentation.

Fusing the ethos of both brands, the Reebok x Botter concept sneaker combines Botter’s love and commitment to the ocean through the unique look of a Murex seashell, an object that in legend, was used by the Greek Goddess Venus to comb her hair, with an iconic vintage Reebok football silhouette, a style that Botter is famed for reinventing with its Botter “Banker” that debuted in 2017.

The unusual and unique new form encapsulating the core shoe has been created and engineered with the HP 3D Printing team based in Barcelona using a technology called HP Multi Jet Fusion. Once printed, the gray sneakers were then hand-painted to complement the Caribbean Sea tones featured throughout Botter’s FW23 collection.

The end result is not just an innovative luxury piece, but a sustainable alternative to traditional sneaker production. The HP Multi Jet Fusion is a function created to reinvent design and manufacturing by unlocking the full potential of 3D printing and exploring techniques that are more energy efficient and sustainable. The process revolves around having no waste, uses a material called TPU that is highly-reusable once recycled, and is nimble enough to make products post-sale that can solve excessive production.

“HP has built a team of footwear industry specialists, under the lead of Don Albert, a 25-year footwear veteran. This team has developed an end-to-end solution to help large and small footwear companies in fashion and performance to reach their goals using HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology,” shared François Minec, Global Head of Polymers at HP Personalization & 3D Printing. “We enable new levels of design freedom, fast and agile product development, and a more sustainable local manufacturing process. This collaboration with Reebok and Botter is a perfect introduction of the HP solution to the footwear world.”

Speaking to the multi-brand collaboration, Nathan Jobe, Head of Footwear at NGG++ commented, “NGG and Reebok have a rich history in Street and Fashion culture. It is important to find like-minded souls in the world to partner with. Botter is very much part of our community. We were happy to be able to support their show and showcase the incredible technology of HP while doing it. This partnership really outlines a journey that thrives through design and celebrates culture and heritage to envision the future. We can’t wait to build more with them.”

“We are very excited to join forces with Reebok and envision a new future of footwear and apparel together. We aim to push the boundaries of technology and sustainability while embracing the legacy of Reebok,” added Rushemy Botter and Lisi Herrebrugh, Botter.

The Reebok x Botter Concept Sneaker Engineered by HP is a project that represents the first leap into innovation, sustainability, and fashion Reebok is taking with the New Guards Group since the company’s acquisition by the Authentic Brands Group (Authentic). This debut at PFW serves as an exciting sign of things to come.

“We knew partnering with New Guards Group would allow us to push the needle, bringing consumers fresh new concepts and unexpected collaborations,” said Todd Krinsky, CEO & President of Reebok. “I’m incredibly energized by what we’ve been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time and this latest release with Botter and HP gives a small taste of what’s to come in this long-term partnership.”

Reebok, HP, and and Botter 3d printed sneakers for PFW via 360 MAGAZINE.
Reebok, HP, and and Botter 3d printed sneakers for PFW via 360 MAGAZINE.
Locanda La Raia is a new Italian estate via 360 MAGAZINE.

Locanda La Raia

Casas Latinas are delighted to announce a unique new property available for exclusive buyout in Italy for 2023. 

Locanda La Raia is a stunning Italian mansion situated on a 180-hectare estate, including a biodynamic winery, culture center, spa, and restaurant. The house is a very special offering that compliments perfectly Casas Latinas collection of sophisticated estates, hotels, and villas worldwide.

Casas Latinas has an exclusive portfolio of beautiful properties, hotels, and villas across France, Italy, Spain, and Latin America.  Founder and CEO of Casas Latinas Massimo Ianni says ‘At Casas Latinas our incredible properties are hand-picked for their unique credentials.  All of them have sustainability at the forefront, but each has their own special appeal and dedication to providing the ultimate unique stay – reframing the experience we have and the way we travel’.

Locanda La Raia

Nestled in the heart of the rolling green Gavi hills (only one hour’s drive from Milan) this beautiful and elegant twelve room mansion is surrounded by vineyards, pastures and woods and embraces a unique eco-system created by the biodynamic farm on the estate – created by the Rossi Cairo family in 2002. The principles of the estate focus on sustainability, biodiversity, and conservation of the Gavi landscape. A unique and special property rooted in nature, Locanda La Raia is perfect for a family holiday or group of friends who are looking for an authentic Italian country-chic experience where they can also learn and discover the fascinating process of biodynamic wine making.

The building and grounds were refurbished recently by architects Demicisarchitetti, who restored the original arched and vaulted ceilings and added large windows that overlook the vines of the estate.  An Italian-style herb garden greets visitors, and there is a larger landscaped garden near the vineyards for guests to relax in. 

The bedrooms and suites at Locanda La Raia have a refined Italian color palette inspired by the beautiful painted mansions of the Novi Ligure region.  Vintage inspired interiors are furnished with antique Piedmont furnishings, contemporary design pieces as well as historical family paintings, and works from the collection of the art gallery Viasaterna in Milan.  

The 180-hectare organic certified farm on the estate produces wine – Gavi DOCG, Piemonte Barbera DOC, as well as ancient grains and honey, while Fassona cows graze free-range on the pastures surrounded by woods of chestnut trees and acacias. The estate also includes a kindergarten and a Steiner school, as well as the headquarters of Fondazione La Raia, a foundation devoted to arts, culture, and landscape, which hosts works by international artists who display artwork around the estate.

Locanda La Raia’s food concept is natural, seasonal, and organic with produce from small holders. Expect homemade bread, jams, and omelettes enriched with herbs from the vegetable garden, honey, and grains for breakfast.  For lunch, guests can request a picnic basket and relax in the shade of the trees surrounding the lake. Guests can also celebrate the tea ritual every afternoon with fresh homemade cakes. At Aperitivo time, the bar in the large sitting room overlooking the vineyards is the perfect place for a relaxing drink. 

The Locanda’s restaurant

The restaurant at Locanda La Raia is centered around Gavi cuisine as a unique with influences from Liguria and Piedmont. Season menus feature produce from the biodynamic farm La Raia, such as ancient grains, fruit and vegetables from the vegetable garden and eggs and meat from the free-range Fassona cows. 

Aside from à la carte menus, guests can select a tasting menu that includes a selection of wines – Gavi and Barolo – produced by the Rossi Cairo family respectively at La Raia and Tenuta Cucco in the Langhe region. Dinner at the Locanda is always special: small round tables decorated with garden flowers, candles, and white linen tablecloths create a unique intimate atmosphere. 

The Locanda’s Spa

There is a pampering treatment room situated among the vineyards with a heated indoor and outdoor swimming pool, that can be used all year round. The fully equipped gym has a view of the garden. A fitness trail at the foot of the hills allows you to work out outside. 

The Bottega 

All of La Raia farm’s biodynamic products are available for purchase on-site, from the wines of La Raia winery to the various types of honey. Piedmont products also include the wines from Tenuta Cucco, a winery owned by the Rossi Cairo family at Serralunga d’Alba: Barolo, like famous Cerrati cru, Nebbiolo, Barbera d’Alba and a special Chardonnay. And many more delicacies, such as chocolate. 


Locanda La Raia provides an abundance of options for nature enthusiasts to explore and learn about the area. The wine cellar is a must-see, and it’s accessible via a path inside the estate. The Cortese and Piemonte Barbera vineyards, with a sampling of wines from La Raia and Tenuta Cucco, are also fascinating.  With the help of a personal guide, you’ll learn about La Raia’s unique ecology, which includes woodlands, fields, pastures, and vineyards that are home to a diverse range of plant and animal species. Three golf courses, old villages, and the interesting archeological site Libarna are all within a few minutes’ drive of the Locanda.  Walking, running, bike riding or horse-riding are also available on request. 

Rates: The property is available for full buyout 
Rates range between £35K – 50K  euros a week according to season

Booking Contact: Natasha Barbato

Henry Jan, Founder of Vezbi Super App, on Altruistic Egoism via 360 MAGAZINE.

Henry Jan, Founder of Vezbi Super App, on Altruistic Egoism

Henry Jan, the founder of Vezbi Super App, developed Vezbi with the philosophy of Altruistic egoism at its core. Altruistic egoism is a term that refers to the idea that one can act in an altruistic manner, or in a manner that aims to benefit others, while still acting in one’s own self-interest or said another way, the act of benefiting or improving others lives can also be an act to improve one’s own life.  

Altruistic egoism is the economic model in which Vezbi was created. Vezbi’s actions can be seen as altruistic egoism, as it is motivated by a desire to benefit both the Company and others. For example, Jan had launched Project Seva, a donation and partnership program for qualifying nonprofits who focus on (but not limited to) medical research, education, children & family services, immigration assistance, animal rights, disaster relief, community support and homelessness support.

Seva is the concept of selfless service that is performed without any expectation of result or award for performing it, an act of compassion and care for others above oneself. Vezbi will reward and work with these organizations to help carry out their mission and goals by utilizing our Super App platform or resources to assist them.

It is the hope of Jan and the Vezbi team that they can be an example of a better and more positive model for future businesses to be built around. Hopefully, in time, others will be inspired by this example and will continue to make a positive impact on a larger scale when combined with the efforts of other like-minded individuals and businesses.

Marvel's She-Hulk via 360 MAGAZINE


Acclaimed author Rainbow Rowell’s SHE-HULK run has been packed with non-stop excitement, and this April, the acclaimed author will take things to the next level for the character’s 175th issue! 

In the pages of her latest solo series, Jennifer Walters has reopened her law practice, took on some of her most intense cases yet, defeated a duo of new villains, and even found time for a new romance! But this April in SHE-HULK #12, She-Hulk’s promising new superhero journey will be threatened by a dangerous new archnemesis known as THE SCOUNDREL! Just in time for her 175th solo issue, She-Hulk will meet her match in a wild showdown that will have all her fans talking!

The double-sized issue will reunite Rowell with artist Andrés Genolet, who she previously created comic book magic with in the latest run of Runaways. The landmark issue will also feature a host of all-star talent coming on board to celebrate the icon in a series of bonus stories!

“Every issue that I get to write She-Hulk is a delight — but I’m especially honored to escort her to her 175th issue,” Rowell said. “One of things we’ve focused on is building up Jen’s narrative support structure… Giving her friends, colleagues, a love interest and her very own antagonists. The Scoundrel is an adversary tailor-made for Jennifer Walters. A lot of things come easily for Jen. Nothing about the Scoundrel is easy.”

Check out Jen Bartel’s latest gorgeous cover below and be there when the 175th issue of SHE-HULK smashes onto stands this April! For more information, visit

2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV via 360 MAGAZINE.

2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Epicly Talented and Sporty Family SUV

It was an insightful media trip to Franklin, Tennessee, to visit with product planners, communications professionals, and Mitsubishi Motors engineers for a deeper understanding of the newly released 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. The sporty and family SUV PHEV, a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle,/ has a combined driving range of 420 miles. If you decide to cruise around town in EV mode only, the battery affords the Outlander 38 all-electric miles. The Japanese seven-seat, three-row SUV is a winner for consumers looking for a crossover utility blessed with talent, sporty styling, rugged capabilities, and extended range. 

From the time the reimagined gasoline model hit the scene last year, the company’s 330 dealer partners across the United States have been engaged and selling Outlanders like holiday cupcakes. We are not sure why Mitsubishi took so long to reinvigorate the product, but they are no longer a forgotten brand. Of course progress must continue to take over the consciousness of auto buyers since Honda, Hyundai, and Toyota come to mind in the value SUV market. Nevertheless, Mitsubishi is aware of its disposition and attacking the airwaves with product announcements and marketing campaigns to win over potential new buyers. Furthermore, if an all-electric vehicle is not in your foreseeable future, a PHEV may be perfect for your lifestyle in preparation for the impending mobility shift.

“Since its launch in March 2022, the gasoline version of the all-new Outlander has been a homerun, setting sales records monthly even in the face of global supply challenges,” said Mark Chaffin, MMNA president and CEO. “When sales begin in the U.S., the 2023 Outlander PHEV will take its place as the flagship of the Mitsubishi fleet. It is the most advanced and best-equipped vehicle we have ever sold, and it is the perfect blend of quiet and clean electric motoring with the range and ease of refueling of a gasoline-powered vehicle.”

The latest third-generation Outlander is larger, wider, more authentic, and more resilient than the model it replaces. With a solid and rigid physique and dazzling 20” two-tone alloy rims, the SUV is embraced by stellar visualization that translates to one of the most stylish SUVs on the market. According to Mitsubishi, the design ethos manifested from the phrase “I-Fu-Do-Do,” which equates to “authentic and majestic” in Japanese. Before this model, I had never considered an Outlander because it did not speak to me or offer any substantial benefits to my lifestyle. Well, now it does with a chiseled body, aggressive “Dynamic Shield” grille, tall robotic headlamps, a power liftgate, a panoramic sunroof, and an impressively curated interior that immediately caught my attention. 

Mitsubishi’s Global Warning plan will help establish a sustainable society by reducing the CO2 emissions of its new vehicles by 40% by 2030, with PHEVs as the focal point. The long-term goal is to achieve a net-zero carbon footprint by 2050. Thus, this platform is not new to the brand as they first experimented with electrification in 1971 with the MINICA EV and also sold a prior Outlander PHEV in other countries. The current 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV features a new generation of the Mitsubishi twin-motor 4WD PHEV system with more power produced from the front (114-horsepower) and rear (134-horsepower) motors that pair with a 20 kWh large capacity 350v lithium-ion drive battery. The 2.4-liter 4-cylinder MIVEC gas engine (132 horsepower) remains and pairs with a larger plastic-sealed gas tank (from 11.9 gallons to 14.8 gallons), reducing the vehicle’s weight and allowing for more fuel. The combined powertrain produces 248-horsepower, 332 lb/ft torque, and 64 MPGe. On the road, the Outlander PHEV is smooth, quick, and never felt underpowered. Additionally, the vehicle will always seek the electric motors as the first power source. Overall, the Outlander PHEV weighs 440 pounds more than the Outlander ICE (Internal Combustion Engine). 

Regarding charging, the port is located on the Outlander PHEV’s rear passenger side. It will take 6.5 hours to charge the battery using a 240v level-2 charger and 38 minutes through level 3 DC fast charging up to 80%. The SUV features an EV button with four modes: Normal, Charge, Save, and EV mode. Then there is the Innovative Pedal which allows the driver to use one pedal for acceleration and braking for most driving scenarios. 

Inside the PHEV I enjoyed the double-pained windows for noise reduction, genuine aluminum trim, multi-view cameras, smartphone wireless charging, window shades, 100v AC power sources, physical knobs on the 9″ touchscreen infotainment system, dynamic navigation graphics, and the impressive 9-speaker Bose premium sound system. However,  Mitsubishi needs to increase the size of the infotainment system since 9″ is small by today’s standards. In the rear, the third row folds out from the floor, but its use is for emergencies or small kids since long hauls would be uncomfortable. The high-quality cabin is spacious, and the softer materials add a flare of elegance. I also relished the massaging feature on the sporty seats. 

On the road, the PHEV’s Super-All Wheel Control (S-AWC) offers superior gripping and agility capabilities. The dual-motor arrangement uses the rear motor to drive the rear axle and up-front employs the gas engine and motor to drive the front axle. This combo brings extra confidence behind the wheel, especially during high-speed turns which I experienced at a small racetrack in TN. The Outlander PHEV shifts dramatically from right to left with aplomb when an explosive maneuver is required. S-AWC has been upgraded with seven drive modes to tackle adverse weather or venture effortlessly through muddy terrain as I also experienced in a mud pit at the track. S-AWC simultaneously provided excellent handling performance, stability performance, and traction performance. The modes include Normal, Eco, Gravel, Power, Snow, Tarmac, and Mud. 

With no federal incentives available, the 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV costs approximately $8,000 more than the ICE Outlander. Prices fluctuate from $39,845 for an SE model to $49,995 for the 40th Anniversary Edition. Safety abounds with packages like Adaptive Cruise Control with Traffic Jam Assist, Lane Keep Assist, Lane Departure Warning and Prevention, Traffic Sign Recognition, Driver Attention Alert, Automatic High Beam, and Hill Descent Control, to name a few. Lastly, Mitsubishi offers a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain limited warranty and a 5-year/60,000-mile new vehicle limited warranty. Not bad for a vehicle that will be good to you in almost every department. 

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Article: Kimatni D. Rawlins 

2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV via 360 MAGAZINE.
2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV via 360 MAGAZINE.
2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV via 360 MAGAZINE.
2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV via 360 MAGAZINE.
2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV via 360 MAGAZINE.
2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV via 360 MAGAZINE.