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Pyometra in Pets

Providing a home for a furry friend can bring an abundance of love into the lives of owners. Many pet owners want to provide the best care possible for their dog or cat, but in order to do this, a key factor is remaining educated. Many know that spaying and neutering are common procedures for household animals, but what exactly are these procedures and what are their benefits?

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Ride Vision

Israeli startup Ride Vision to partner with Sara Assicurazioni to reduce motorbike accidents in Italy Ride Vision’s predictive vision system equips motorcyclists with low-cost threat alerts using their patented Collision Aversion Technology (CAT™). Sara Assicurazioni is a leading Italian insurance provider and a partner of the Automotive Club of Italy (ACI). The two companies are collaborating […]

How cheap Internet prices has helped online education in evolving?

Imagine this is 2004, and you’re an engineering student aspiring to clear the GATE exam. What would your first instinct be? It would undoubtedly involve looking for a nearby institute or consulting your college seniors about how hefty a fee you should be expected to pay for the course. The year 2017 alone projected the […]

Cat Videos as Theatre: Cat Videos Live! Coming to Chicago’s Thalia Hall on November 14th

AMBITIOUS HOSTED TOURING PRODUCTION OF EXCLUSIVE CAT VIDEOS LAUNCHED OCTOBER 2017 A Family Feline Film And Cat Comedy Event For All  Los Angeles, CA (October 11th, 2017) – Concert and live production powerhouse Knitting Factory Presents has announced CAT VIDEOS LIVE!, a comprehensive and ambitious touring production of the world’s best cat-themed video presentations. Deploying […]