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Leipzig from Paramount Building rooftop photographed by Vaughn Lowery via 360 MAGAZINE.


Since 2022/2023, Leipzig, the seventh-most populous city in Germany with more than 600,000 residents, is a destination worth seeing! In the state of Saxony, it is the city with the highest population. Leipzig is encircled by water, parks, and floodplain forest. Thanks to its numerous bike paths and its extensive system of small rivers and canals, it is easy to get around the green city on foot, by bike, by boat or canoe – alternatively, there is a complex public bus and tram network.

Visit Leipzig in Germany with Vaughn Lowery's 360 MAGAZINE.
Art installations sprinkled throughout downtown Leipzig.

Base Camp

When we arrived, we immediately checked into Felix Suiten. Undisputed accommodation, carrying loft like suites that felt like a spacious home. With massive windows and a kitchenette, it was my chance to catch up on some cooking. Our room was right in front of the city center, which was loaded with shopping, restaurants, and nightlife.

Felix Suiten Hotel lobby during the holidays via 360 MAGAZINE.
Hotel bar and lobby.

With the giant Ferris wheel just outside our third-floor window, we were charmed by the chatter and loud laughter. And if it didn’t offer us the excitement, the music from the fourth floor lounge in tandem with the restaurant aroma prompted us to join the party. Regardless of the frigid temperatures of late December, we spotted several on bicycles, traveling by taxi and/or tram. In fact, much of the crowd seemed physically fit while they drank hot apple cider and swallowed delicious fingerfoods.

The Art Scene

Hanging art piece at Spinnerei in Leipzig via 360 MAGAZINE.
Hanging art piece at Spinnerei in Leipzig via 360 MAGAZINE.

Leipzig is recognized for its exceptional art and fascinating outdoor recreation environment. It is often referred to as a city of vibrant trade, business, and music. 360 Magazine’s guided visit of Spinnerei offered a glance at this dynamic art scene. Spinnerei, formerly the largest cotton mill of continental Europe, is now home to galleries, exhibition halls, and artist studios. Since its decommissioning in 1992, the factory has been subject to constant change. Artists have developed the cotton mill into a real cosmos of art. Meanwhile, about 100 of them have their own studios at the Spinnerei, along with 11 galleries and the non-profit space Halle 14. A key figure of the so-called “New Leipzig School” is artist Neo Rauch, who was one of the first to set up his studio there.

A small collection of art on display at Spinnerei in Leipzig, Germany, photographed by Vaughn Lowery.
The Mule Cafe at Spinnerei in Leipzig via 360 Magazine.
The Mule Cafe at Spinnerei in Leipzig via 360 Magazine.
Cheese noodles at The Mule Cafe at Spinnerei in Leipzig via 360 MAGAZINE.
Most ordered dish at The Mule cafe in Leipzig, Germany.

Mule Café: 

A Guided Walking Tour

Next, a guided tour through the Plagwitz neighborhood maintained focus on arts and fashion as well as some culinary tips. The city was adorned with various fashion stores like Modeatelier Rosentreter and Garderobe Westwerk.

Men's suit maker Sandra Jahn of Leipzig discusses the importance of fabricating trousers made of high-quality, durable material via 360 MAGAZINE.
Men’s suit maker Sandra Jahn of Leipzig discusses the importance of fabricating trousers made of high-quality, durable material via 360 MAGAZINE.

Listen to EcoFashion designer Sandra Jahn, while tour guide translates, chat with Vaughn Lowery about EcoFashion on 360 MAG podcast HERE

Men's suit maker Sandra Jahn of Leipzig discusses the importance of fabricating trousers made of high-quality, durable material via 360 MAGAZINE.

Robyn Chamberlain is a virtuous goldsmith and handweaver. She completed a bachelor’s degree in jewelry design at NSCAD in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Upon graduation in 2012, this Canadian artisan decided to relocate to Germany.

As of late, Robyn was mentioned on 360’s Most Interesting listing.

Robyn Chamberlain jewelry maker chats with 360 MAG podcast maintaining a sustainable business.
Leipzig entrepreneur Robyn Chamberlain chats with 360 MAG podcast about her atelier with textile loom machines.
Robyn Chamberlain jewelry in Leipzig via 360 MAGAZINE.
Various pieces of Robyn Chamberlain’s jewelry in Leipzig.

The Karl-Liebknecht-Straße offers a distinct opportunity to interact with many different trends found in Leipzig’s Southern District. The street is one of the best known in Leipzig, and it is reminiscent of early squatter scenes and club culture. The street is accompanied by many bars and pubs, as well as outdoor seating areas, usually used throughout the summer months.

Deepmello & Friends vegan boutique in Leipzig, Germany via 360 MAGAZINE.
Deepmello & Friends vegan boutique in Leipzig, Germany via 360 MAGAZINE.
360 MAGAZINE visit to Leipzig, Germany.
Vaughn Lowery tries on a vegan trench puffer made of sustainable materials.
360 Magazine's Vaughn Lowery visit to Leipzig, Germany.
Vegan libations offered at Deepmello boutique in Leipzig.

The high-quality spirits are produced by Leipziger Spirituosen Manufaktur:

Deepmello + friends :

Life in Leipzig

Leipzig is quite special, both in terms of commerce and industry, as well as in terms of music, culture, and history. There are several colleges, universities and research centers in this city, which allows for a very diversified city. The University of Leipzig is the second-oldest university in Germany with a founding date of 1409.

According to an interview between Dana Marschner and our president, Lowery, Mrs. Marschner stated that her favorite aspect of Leipzig was the close proximity of just about everything. She continued by highlighting the constant transformation of the city that never stands still, spreading good vibes and offering a high quality of your stay!

Vaughn Lowery and Dana Marschner enjoy the sunset in Leipzig, Germany via 360 MAGAZINE.
Vaughn Lowery and Dana Marschner enjoy the sunset in Leipzig, Germany via 360 MAGAZINE.
Downtown Leipzig shops via 360 MAGAZINE.
Shopping in the city center of Leipzig is a great way to connect with local merchants.
Leipzig's culinary scene is explosive via 360 MAGAZINE.
Street vendors served savory snacks in Leipzig.
Sweets for the sweets in Leipzig, Germany via 360 Magazine.
360 MAGAZINE indulged in Leipzig’s gastronomy.

Leipzig uses environmental zone badges as part of its effort to improve its environmental footprint. A green badge is required for all drivers to enter Leipzig. Only drivers of motor vehicles with a low level of air pollution are permitted entry. Drivers who don’t comply with this condition are fined. This enhances the impact of their environmental footprint in Leipzig. Whether looking to embrace a wide variety of cultures, continue studies at a prestigious institution or wanting explore a new way of life; Leipzig has it all.

Upcoming Events

  • Velo City Leipzig 9-12 May 2023:
    You can go on a digital bike tour with the mayor of Leipzig -> see the 7-minute video 
  • Bach Festival Leipzig 8-18 June 2023:
    Everyone can participate in the climate friendly project “A Forest for Bach” 
  • Euro 2024 Host City Leipzig 14 June – 14 July 2024:
    The German Football Association (DFB) – which was founded in Leipzig in 1900 – has published a sustainability concept that contains 24 lighthouse projects

Additional Attractions

Leipzig City Center

District North: 

Leipzig’s West:

Leipzig’s South:

Leipzig Lakeland – 20 lakes surrounding Leipzig:

Hard Rock Cafe

How Slot Games Turned Chic

Some casino games automatically exude an allure of coolness. Poker is the obvious example, with its high stakes and buoyant media personalities in televised events. Slots are now encroaching on that trend, with manufacturers managing to make low-stakes-low-payout a winning model. Games have evolved immensely over the past few years, providing complex bonus rounds and huge wins. Below, we clear up the myth and discuss how slot games have managed to turn chic. 

Bonuses and Tailored Experiences

One way slots began to overcome this was with the provision of a variety of bonuses for different types of players. It’s been some time since you had to travel to a physical casino to play a limited range of games with similar outcomes. Most quality online casinos nowadays have a range of promotions depending on how you like to play.

If players don’t want to spend money while they grasp their concepts, they can even consider playing by using bonuses and offers for a short time. But for new players who decide to play online slots using real money, it’s possible to get bonus codes to use on hundreds of different games, sometimes with no play-through requirements. As they vary depending on how much you want to deposit, you can tailor your experience to smaller payouts, but also to larger ones.

Choice of Games

Slot games once had a rigid design, set of rules, and outcomes. Bar symbols and fruit were the order of the day. Slot developers have now progressed, adding a range of different styles and classy finishes to the experiences they offer. One way they have done this is with bonus rounds. These will provide an almost game show-like experience, as people connect with hosts and their assistants in a studio and view them through streaming. They get the chance to increase the amount wagered or win outright cash prizes.

When it comes to finding larger payouts, the biggest win in history came from the legendary Megabucks machine. These land-based games run on a progressive jackpot. This is when a small amount gets taken from each stake made across other linked machines. The money feeds into a total, which becomes a huge jackpot. Once accessed via the slot game bonus rounds, players are in with a chance to scoop the grand prize.

The high-paying Megabucks slots are limited to physical casinos in Las Vegas, but there are online equivalents making it easier to find these games if that’s what you’re looking for. Known as Megaways, they follow the same premise, using a progressive jackpot to reach a high total. Megaways games have a very innovative system that adds reels to the game as you play. Systems like this have also been adapted in a range of different ways, often having very stylish interfaces and design aspects.

VIP Offerings

A great way to make something desirable is to make it exclusive, and casinos have done just that with their slot games by adding VIP programs.

VIP programs work like the loyalty schemes you may have used in Walmart and so on, but they come in different tier levels. Players may start on bronze, then work up through silver, gold, and platinum as they deposit more money. The higher they go, the better the rewards and incentives become. For example, at the bronze level, they may get credit added to their account and free spins on slot games. Higher levels may enter them into prize draws, give increased amounts of credit and provide more free spins. 

All of these factors have improved slot games, boosting them to a new level. With online casual play, they are easy to take part in while on the move or at home. All that remains is to try them out for yourself.

Ludacris performing at Playboy at Cottontail Lounge at W Scottsdale via 360 MAGAZINE.

Super Bowl at W Scottsdale

With millions of us holding our breath for the Rihanna NFL Super Bowl performance at half time, Playboy brilliantly created a mesmerizing weekend of events. 

After the first three nights of the Pepsi Zero Sugar & E11even Miami by Cardi B and G-Eazy, including debut night with Rick Ross, the illustrious W Scottsdale embraced multi-hyphenate global sensation Ludacris on the schedule for the fourth night during the Playboy annual Big Game Weekend party. 

Luda sang for 45 minutes all his greatest hits and had the crowd up singing and dancing along.

Songs: What’s Your Fantasy, Roll Out, Area Codes, Stand Up, Get Back, Money Maker, and more.

-G-Eazy performing at Pepsi Zero Sugar at W Scottsdale powered by E11Even Miami via 360 MAGAZINE.
-G-Eazy performing at Pepsi Zero Sugar at W Scottsdale powered by E11Even Miami via 360 MAGAZINE.

Upon entering the stage, Ludacris dripped into designer duds from the Supreme x Playboy collection while rocking avant-garde shades and commanded the attention of the public with his hit list. As the crowd grew more and more enthusiastic and frantically waved its hands toward the sky, some of today’s most prolific sports stars could be seen savoring coveted artisanal cocktails. And sprinkled throughout, a handful of the brightest in Hollywood has been spotted mixing and nibbling. Guests couldn’t seem to get enough of the scrumptious Cookie Pop and Candy Pop treats which came in an assortment of flavors, the all new Cereal Pop Fruity Pebbles, plus signature Snickers, Sour Patch Kids, OREO, M&Ms, Twix and Butterfinger. 

Dale Moss from The Bachelor on the carpet with the Cereal Pop promo girls before Cardi B's performance via 360 MAGAZINE.
Dale Moss from The Bachelor on the carpet with the Cereal Pop promo girls before Cardi B’s performance via 360 MAGAZINE.

After the completion of his set, Ludacris made us blush as he wiped the beads of sweat from his face. 

W Scottsdale hosted a memorable weekend of shows with a plethora of immersive installations provided by Playboy that will forever be ingrained in our minds. Certainly a fashionable evening largely within the framework of the gracious organizers and the attentive team of the establishment.

About the Event

The concert series continued the exciting lineup of events being held during W Scottsdale’s Super Week, which debuted with Rick Ross’ Suits and Sneakers event on February 8th, and followed with G-Eazy on February 9th presented by Pepsi Zero Sugar, also powered by E11even Miami, and Cardi B. on Friday, February 10th powered by E11even and presented by Friday Beers with red carpet host Camille Kostek and featuring a Pizza Hut pop-up bar. All in partnership with Riot Hospitality Group and Relentless Beats, Arizona’s top independent concert Promotor agency founded by Thomas Turner. 

About W Scottsdale (

W Scottsdale marks the debut of W Hotels in Arizona. This sultry Southwest oasis, where innovative design mixes with urban sophistication, features 241 guest rooms including 44 lavish suites. A true insider escape, W Scottsdale boasts Arizona’s only Sushi Roku restaurant, and W Hotels The Store and offers three chic destination bars – Living Room Lounge, Cottontail Lounge and Wet Deck. Located in downtown Scottsdale, W Scottsdale provides guests access to discover the city’s high-profile shopping, innovative restaurants, eclectic arts district and vibrant nightlife. Signature services and amenities include the Whatever/Whenever® concierge service, Wheels® valet, FIT® fitness center, WET®, WIRED Business Center and P.A.W. – Pets Are Welcome™. For more information, visit or call to schedule a reservation 877 W HOTELS.

*Featured image: Ludacris performing at Playboy at Cottontail Lounge at W Scottsdale.

The Secrets of Reading Slot Machines: Unlocking the Strategies for Winning

Are you looking for ways to increase your chances of winning big at slot machines? If so, then it’s time to learn the secrets of reading slot machines. The slot machine is one of the most popular forms of gambling and can be found in casinos all over the world. With a little bit of knowledge and strategy, you can greatly improve your odds of hitting a jackpot or even just walking away with more money than you started with. 

In this article, we’ll look at some tips and tricks that will help you unlock the best strategies for winning big slot games. We’ll also discuss why it pays off to keep track of your winnings and losses when playing these games. So, get ready to become an expert in no time!

Understanding the Different Types 

One of the most important secrets to reading slot machines is understanding the different types of machines. There are four main categories: progressive, flat top, bonus, and online. let’s look at each one more closely. 

Progressive Slot Machines

Progressive slot machines are the ones that have a growing jackpot amount, which increases as more people play them. They usually provide bigger payouts than the flat top or bonus machines, but they also require a larger bankroll to get started. 

Flat-top Slot Machines

Flat-top slot machines are the most common type you’ll find in casinos. They have a fixed jackpot amount, which remains the same until someone hits it. These machines can be easier to beat if you know what you’re doing and are willing to take the risk of going for higher stakes. 

Bonus Slot

Bonus slot games are the ones that offer special bonuses or extra payouts for certain combinations of symbols. You can often find these games online as well as in land-based casinos. They usually require a special activation code or coin to play, and the bonus amount is typically bigger than what you’d get from a flat-top machine. 

Online Slots

Finally, there are online slots. These games can be found on a variety of different websites which offers a wide range of free slots, bonuses, and payouts supported by a big community of online players. Online slots are a great way to get into the gambling world without having to leave your home and can give you a taste of the real thing. 

Tracking Your Winnings and Losses

Now that you know the different types of slot machines, it’s time to look at one of the most important secrets to reading slot machines: tracking your winnings and losses. This is essential if you want to increase your chances of winning big. Keeping track of your money will help you stick to a budget, which is key if you want to stay in the game and have a shot at hitting the jackpot. 

So make sure to keep track of how much money you’ve put in, how much money you’ve won, and how much money you’ve lost in each gaming session. This will not only help you stay within your budget, but it will also help you understand your own gambling habits and keep an eye on the machine’s payouts. 

Reading the Paytable

Another key secret to reading slot machines is to read the paytable. This is a chart that shows what kind of payout you can expect for each combination of symbols or winning lines. It’s important to understand how much each symbol pays out so that you can calculate your chances of hitting a jackpot or at least walking away with more money than you started with. 

It’s also important to understand how the odds change depending on how many coins you’re playing with. The more coins you bet, the higher your chances become of hitting a big payout. 

Finally, it’s worth noting that all slot machines are designed differently. Some offer bigger payouts than others, so it pays off to do your research and find the ones with the best odds. And remember, the more you play, the better your chances of winning become. 

Know the Bonuses and Promotions

Another key secret to reading slot machines is to take advantage of any bonuses or promotions offered which can make a huge difference. Lately, a Las Vegas resident hit a $230K jackpot at an off-Strip casino which was the result of a bonus she received from the slot machine. 

Most casinos offer special deals on certain machines and will often offer free spins or bonus cash to get you started. Keep an eye out for these offers and make sure to take full advantage of them when they come up. 

Another way to unlock these bonuses is to sign up for a casino’s player reward program. This way, you can accumulate points or free spins from all the machines you play, and eventually, you’ll be able to redeem these points for a bigger payout. 

Play the Maximum Bet

Another key secret to reading slot machines is to always play the maximum bet. Doing this will give you the best chance of hitting a big win, as most machines are programmed to pay out larger sums of money only when the maximum bet is placed. So, if you’re going to go for a big win, it pays off to go big or go home. 


Reading slot machines can be tricky, but if you know the secrets to unlocking their potential, you’ll have a better chance of success. Make sure to research the different kinds of machines, track your winnings and losses, read the paytable, take advantage of bonuses and promotions, and always bet the maximum if you want to maximize your chances of hitting it big.

What does 9 6 mean in video poker?

There are dozens of types of poker, and video poker is one of the more popular versions. Within the broader categories of video poker and poker, you can play many different variations of the game. Poker is believed to have been created hundreds of years ago and played right across the world, in some form, ever since. 

Video poker is a new phenomenon compared to traditional games. However, it is still well established compared to other online gambling markets, such as digital casinos, which have emerged in the last 10 to 15 years. Crypto video poker is becoming also popular, with many people opting to play with Bitcoin and Ethereum instead of dollars or euros.

In video poker, a 9 6 means full-play jacks or better. This is a common term that is used and is the most popular and well-known version of video poker. Once computer technology entered popular culture throughout the 1980s, video poker spearheaded the gaming revolution underpinning this seismic cultural change. 

Video poker still has a core group of enthusiasts who often prefer to play it over other casino games and traditional poker games such as Texas Hold Em. 

Whilst playing a physical game of poker relies on reading your opponent’s body language, video poker works slightly differently. Players prefer to opt for a strategy-heavy approach that allows them to gamble in solace without having to play mind games which can be mentally exhausting throughout a long session.

Why Is 9 6 The Most Popular Method?

As the payoff for a full house is 9 times the bet and the payoff for a flush is 6 times the bet, the odds multiplier is enough for regular players to fancy their chances. It is considered the best mix of risk vs reward when partaking in a video poker game. 

Players want the opportunity to win a good bit of money, but they also don’t want to enter a game where the odds of a return are so astronomical that there isn’t any point in playing. Therefore, the full play jacks or better method satisfies both of these questions.

How To Establish If A Video Poker Machine Is 9 6

Previously, in the primitive days of video poker, the way you could identify a 9 6 was very straightforward. All you needed to look out for was the 9/6 “fraction”. This refers to a one-coin payoff for a flush or a full house. If the pay table clearly showed that it allowed this type of payoff, you’d easily identify this type of machine as a full play jacks or better 9 6 machine.

Do You Have More Chance Of Winning On This Machine?

No, video poker machines have a built-in mechanism that randomly generates payout and deals the cards in random order. Although plenty of players prefer this type of game due to the payout you get for a flush or full house, you aren’t more likely to win with this type of video poker machine when compared to any other poker game. This includes games played in the physical casino and other digital poker games, including video and virtual games online.

You must ensure that you keep your experience fun. This is the key aim of any online game you play. Suppose you have started spending more time on your casino game than you anticipated or started spending more money than you initially planned. In that case, these are both red flags and issues you need to address immediately. 

Gambling should not be seen as a form of income. If you begin to chase losses and gamble angrily, you need to make sure that you consult a professional who will help you address these issues as quickly as possible to stop you from losing any more money.

The biggest trends that will transform the gambling industry in 2023

The gambling industry has grown immensely in the last couple of years, with gross gaming revenue of $53 billion in 2021 in the United States alone. It is the many changes and trends in the industry that are keeping it relevant and alive. 

The legalization of gambling

There is a key factor that will especially lead to an increase in gambling around the world in 2023, and that is the legalization of it. Many countries and states are starting to catch up on the trend, and are now seeing the potential that gambling has. This makes online casinos and betting platforms available for more people who are now able to wager on sports and test out the best slot games available where it is also possible to find free spins online. This allows the gamblers to let the wheel spin without spending a dime.  

Not only is it a hobby that many enjoy in their spare time, but it is also an opportunity for governments to earn tax money from winnings. If we look at sports betting, which is a kind of gambling that is on a rise, it is legal in 28 states, with four states still pending. 

Charitable gambling is legal in most American states, while online casinos still have some way to go. However, we are seeing that more states are processing the bill to legalize it, and there is no doubt that we will be seeing more types of legal gambling in the future. 

The shift to mobile gaming 

There is a huge change in consumer habits when it comes to gambling. We are shifting our focus online and on our phones. The portable devices have made it possible for us to be online, connected, and gambling at all times of the day, without the need for stationary charging or an internet box. 

You can simply connect by using your mobile device and data on your phone. Gambling providers are also catching up, and there is an increased focus on improving user experience when participating in mobile gambling. This can be done via apps or simply by optimizing websites for a smaller display. 

Cryptos are revolutionizing gambling 

Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm since it was first introduced in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin. Since then, we have been able to invest in, purchase, and use cryptocurrencies for a number of things, and the possibilities are expanding. The gambling industry is a place where cryptocurrencies are being used quite frequently, as it is presenting some advantages to the user. The decentralized technology is also famously being used to make NFTs by luxury brands.

When gambling with cryptocurrencies, you can be a little more anonymous. Cryptos are decentralized currencies that are not using the regular banking system that we are used to. There is no third party to the payments, and all transactions are stored publicly in what we call Blockchain. It makes it so that no one can cheat their way out of payment, ensuring only safe transactions when gambling. 

AI for better customer service

A heightened focus on user experience has made customer service a priority for many. Gamblers want to be able to access information quickly, and AI is a great way to ensure that. Chatbots are being used all over the internet to be able to provide good service for those who need it and easy access to necessary information. It is likely that we will see more of this in the time to come, as it probably will be a standard for all online gambling platforms. 

The rise of live dealers

Online gambling is becoming the most popular way to gamble, as it allows users to gamble whenever and wherever they want. Some countries do not have land-based casinos either, making online platforms the only place where gambling is possible. However, there is still interest in the live aspect of gambling, and this is where live dealers come in. Many gambling platforms allow for live gambling as an alternative to just regular online gambling. 

Here users can gamble with real and also professional gamblers and other people in real time. It makes it a little more exciting and special, which is why many prefer this way of gambling. As a gambler, you are also able to see the dealer on video and communicate with them through chat functions. Live gambling is available in many games, but most popularly card games such as poker and blackjack. 

VR-based casinos

When VR technology was first introduced, the world was amazed. We were now able to fully immerse ourselves in a digital world which made games much more realistic and thrilling. Casinos are also starting to explore this technology, and chances are that we will soon be able to have a full gambling experience through VR. It allows for games to be much more realistic and fun, and add to the feeling that you are in a casino. If you can gamble with both VR glasses and live dealers, we are pretty close to being in a real casino whilst still sitting on our couch at home. 

Net Entertainment is one of the world’s most popular software providers, and they have already started to experiment with VR in casinos. They have shown that it is possible through a demo version for different games. If someone did not believe in VR technology before, they certainly should now!


There is no doubt that the gambling industry is changing for the better. New trends are shaping the market, and higher expectations from consumers are driving the industry to be better, more innovative, and more available. Sports betting is on a rise, and together with online casinos, it is making up the majority of online gambling that can be done on both stationary and mobile devices. Technology such as decentralized payment methods, AI, and VR are creating hype for online gambling providers, participating in the great revenue they have been experiencing the last few years, and will in the future as well. 

Sports Video Games Make Great Holiday Gifts

Gaming has become incredibly competitive over the years. The development of video games has been spread across four generations and is most prevalent among millennials and Gen Z. It’s not like the days when people would gather together and play on one system and host parties.

Technology’s development has driven that competitiveness to a new level. While some people play the best online casino, card games, shooters, or other types of games, perhaps the people best equipped to play video games competitively are sports fans.

Most fans like sports because it is results driven. There is an entertainment element to it, but a lot of fans’ emotional state hinges on a win or a loss. There is banter between two sides of a game, and then it is settled after a week of practice; in the case of football which has limited games to make the playoffs and determine who is the best team.

Those stakes have similarly been raised over the years. The emergence of gaming online has created greater competitiveness. The gaming industry is booming because everybody can have their own device and still connect with friends and put their skills to the test, whether in simple online games or entering tournaments against various skill levels.

Sports fans, who often grew up playing sports, have a natural competitiveness to them, so when they play a video game, it is about being the best or striving to improve to be the best. Gaming gives them an outlet to continue that competitiveness in a constructive way.

Sports games also give them offline opportunities to play as or simulate their favorite teams in hopes of winning a championship in season modes. They can also build dynasties, manage the economics of player contracts, and more.

The holidays are a great time to connect with sports fans, and there are many related gifts. But for those who enjoy gaming and sports, here are games worth pursuing.


The annual EA Sports franchise has the official license of the National Football League and tries to replicate the greatest and most powerful organization. The game offers several modes, including a single-player mode that allows users to control a person’s career from the college ranks to getting drafted and attempting to become a Hall of Famer once in the league.

But there is also Ultimate Team mode. This is unique in that there are player cards like what collectors used to and still do get out of packs, but it is all virtual and in the game. Players have different ratings and skill sets, and legends also come back to combine into a single team. As users play, they accumulate more cards and their team improves through the different seasons that will bring different rewards that can only be earned at that time.


The top basketball game with National Basketball Association licensing has dominated the space for basketball games. It, too, allows users to play as their favorite franchise, develop their own player – from style to piling up attributes to become the best in an online park setting to compete with and against others – and has its own version of Ultimate Team.

Basketball fans have had their gripes about the series, but developers have been heralded for taking a step forward in improving gameplay and giving a great experience for all gamers.


The latest soccer game is incredibly popular internationally, and this year has grown in popularity because of the 2022 World Cup being played in Qatar. Gamers can play as national teams or their favorite English Premier League teams, or any number of teams from other leagues across the world. While online play and an ultimate team mode dominate this game, there is plenty to do offline.

MLB The Show

Major League Baseball’s license has been dominated for a decade by MLB The Show. While the game was largely built on offline play, it has long created a realistic experience for gamers. The latest step was Diamond Dynasty, the baseball version of Ultimate Team, which allows for much shorter, three-inning games and roster balancing through various game modes. It’s one of the most competitive sports games out there despite not having as many users.

Chris Brown × Drai’s Nightclub via 360 MAGAZINE.

Chris Brown at Drai’s for NYE

Chris Brown to Headline Unforgettable New Year’s Eve Bash at Drai’s Nightclub

Live from the rooftop of The Cromwell, Drai’s Nightclub will host an unforgettable performance by Brown set to unbeatable views of the Las Vegas Strip’s spectacular fireworks show at midnight.

This New Year’s Eve, Drai’s Nightclub will bring 2022 to a close with a powerful Drai’s LIVE performance by iconic superstar Chris Brown on Saturday, Dec. 31. Live from the rooftop of The Cromwell, Brown’s show will be set to the Las Vegas Strip’s spectacular fireworks show at midnight.

Brown launched his Drai’s residency this summer, bringing to life a long-held vision for the Grammy-Award winning megastar with a custom-build stage and dancers – a multi-level show that presents a once-in-a-lifetime performance for fans. Sporting a catalog rivaled only by legends in the music industry, Brown delivers hit after hit from “Kiss Kiss,” “Look at Me Now” and “Loyal” to high-energy songs from his much-lauded new album, “Breezy.”

Drai’s Nightclub tickets and VIP table reservations for New Year’s Eve are available on the website at Other special requests are available by emailing

Drai’s is the only nightclub in Las Vegas that offers full-length concerts by today’s top-charting artists. Every weekend, the Drai’s LIVE concert series brings big names like Lil Baby2 ChainzRick Ross and Wiz Khalifa to the rooftop of The Cromwell, with banner performances set to the stunning backdrop of the lights of the Las Vegas Strip. Drai’s Nightclub is open from 10 p.m. – 4 a.m. Friday – Saturday. The upcoming Drai’s Nightclub lineup can be found at

About Drai’s Beachclub • Nightclub

Celebrating its 25th Anniversary as the pinnacle of nightlife in Las Vegas, Drai’s Beachclub • Nightclub takes entertainment and nightlife to new heights in an unmatched setting – 11 stories high on the rooftop of The Cromwell with dazzling views of the Las Vegas Strip at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Flamingo Boulevard. Drai’s Nightclub is a 30,000-square-foot palatial, multi-level club with an expansive dance floor, massive LED lighting systems, and modern technology featuring more than 7,000-square-feet of the most state-of-the-art high-definition LEDs in production, including a towering 80-sided LED disco ball – the only one of its kind. Drai’s Nightclub is home to Drai’s LIVE, an unprecedented concert series that provides fans with the opportunity to see full-length performances by top performers such as Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa and Lil Baby in an up-close setting unlike anything else in the world. Drai’s is located at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Flamingo Boulevard. Drai’s Beachclub is a 35,000-square-foot oasis with multiple pools shaded by eight towering palm trees, a variety of cabanas and bungalows, a full-service gourmet kitchen and two full-service bars. The legendary Drai’s After Hourshas solidified itself as the ultimate late-night, see-and-be-seen party destination for 25 years. Drai’s After Hours is a sleek, sexy lounge where DJs play chart-topping songs of today, including top 40, Latin and hip-hop music. In addition to bottle service, Drai’s After Hours is one of the only spots on the Strip to offer hookah nightly. Drai’s After Hours is open from 1 – 7 a.m. Thursday through Sunday. More information, including reservations, tickets and hours, is available at Follow Drai’s on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – @draislv, @draisbeachclub and @draisafterhours.

About The Cromwell

The Cromwell – named a Top 10 “Best U.S. Casino” by USA TODAY 10BEST Readers’ Choicerecipient of the Forbes Travel Guide Recommended Award and the first standalone boutique hotel on the famed Strip – brings an exclusive, luxury lifestyle hotel experience to the Las Vegas Strip, focusing on hospitality, amenities and personalized service. The Cromwell is the first hotel in Las Vegas to offer mobile key technology for digital, keyless entry to rooms via the guests’ iOS devices. Located on the bustling corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Flamingo Road – directly across from Caesars Palace – The Cromwell keeps it intimate with 188 rooms including 19 suites, a personalized virtual concierge service named Ivy, a 40,000-square-foot casino, Bound – the elevated hotel lobby bar, Interlude – a casino lounge featuring live entertainment, award-winning GIADA – the first-ever restaurant by celebrity chef and television personality Giada De Laurentiis, Drai’s Beachclub • Nightclub – a 65,000 square-foot rooftop pool and nightclub with day and nightlife experiences boasting open-air, panoramic views from 11 stories above the iconic Las Vegas skyline, and Drai’s After Hours – located at its original home beneath the boutique hotel. The Cromwell is operated by a subsidiary of Caesars Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ: CZR). For more information, please visit  or the Caesars Entertainment Las Vegas media room. Find The Cromwell on Facebook and follow on Twitter and Instagram. Must be 21 or older to gamble. Know When To Stop Before You Start.® If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, crisis counseling and referral services can be accessed by calling 1-800-522-4700 ©2021, Caesars License Company, LLC.


It is energizing to explore a new place and all the excitement that comes with discovering new sights, sounds, scents, and tastes, and there are many ways to pass the time. But there’s also the time spent traveling from one place to another. And this is considerably less intriguing. 

Given how interconnected the globe has grown and how simple it is to move with a WiFi connection, there are many methods to keep yourself occupied when traveling.

The more traditional activities like reading a book, people-watching, binge-watching Netflix, or spending hours scrolling through social media are fantastic. Still, you can practice your gambling skills with online games.

You want to unwind and enjoy yourself while on vacation. While you’re away from home, you shouldn’t worry about losing money. This does not imply that you should refrain from gambling while on vacation.

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Going to museums

Museums are no longer the stuffy, antiquated hangouts they once were. Or rather, individuals believed they were. Modern museums have embraced pop culture and the newest technology to create entertaining and family-friendly exhibitions. While many museums worldwide charge an entrance fee (particularly for major events like sci-fi conventions), some allow free access all year round. The Air and Space Museum, the American History Museum, and the Natural History Museum, for instance, are all free to visit at the Smithsonian Museums in Washington, D.C. 

Have a picnic

You’ll probably find a park close to the location you’re visiting. There are numerous parks to explore in most cities in the world. Why not spend one day of your holiday at the park, if the weather permits? A picnic blanket is something you should ideally bring before leaving on your vacation. Another cost-effective choice is to use the extra blankets and linen that some hotels supply in the closets. Take advantage of the complimentary breakfast or buffet offered by your hotel. If not, look up the closest grocery store for snacks and drinks. 

A free walking tour.

Numerous towns and cities offer free excursions. The website is devoted to them and may assist you in finding a free walking tour in more than 100 different nations. Now, it’s important to remember that “free” doesn’t necessarily mean entirely free. Although they are not paid, the tour guide who shows you and your group about the city will welcome a tip.

These tours can be a pleasant way to travel and meet new people because they are safe; since the guides enjoy chatting with guests and sharing the city’s hidden gems. You’ll be surprised by the information about the location you learn.

Find some free live music in your area

On particular evenings of the week, many clubs, pubs, and even diners will book a band or other musician to increase business. The venue covers the cost of the musical act. Therefore there is no cost to you. Searching for “free live music near me” on Google will yield a list of options for locating free live music. Additionally, you may ask the locals where they like to go to hear live music. Of course, most hotel concierges will be pleased to provide you with more information.

Play a few games.

We don’t allow much time for family pleasure because we are so preoccupied with work, social media, paying bills, and other stresses of a hectic existence. Going on vacation allows you to emotionally and physically get away from these distractions. So why not take a few hours to review the fundamental games, maybe play charades or any online casino game?

Collect free mementos

Spending a few hours looking for free souvenirs you can take home is a terrific way to spend some time with the family or have alone time. The most apparent souvenirs to take home from a beach are shells, sand, rocks, etc.

If you’re in a more urban area, free matchbooks from bars and hotels are great keepsakes. Some folks even amass menus or drink coasters. Others prefer to be resourceful and inquire about free samples at confectioneries or discounted supplies at craft shops. The possibilities are endless as long as you are not stealing something of worth without authorization.


If your flight has been canceled or you’re waiting to board the train to reach your destination, playing casino games is a great way to pass the time. The online casino itself is the key secret to having fun while gambling. While a poor casino might provide hours of worry and hassle, a good casino can provide entertainment.

Along with all your favorite pleasures, playing arabic casino games while on vacation is a simple way to have fun.