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Minus5° ICEBAR at Mandalay Bay via 360 MAGAZINE



New Themes to Include “Alice in Wonderland,” Las Vegas Weddings

New ice construction inside Minus5º ICEBAR at Mandalay Bay will begin on Sunday, Nov. 13. When completed on Thursday, Nov. 17, the attraction will feature new ice displays throughout, including all-new “Alice in Wonderland” as well as Las Vegas wedding themes. 

Specific “Alice in Wonderland” displays include the Queen of Hearts, Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter tea party. Wedding sculptures include a “Just Married” Las Vegas wedding chapel photo opportunity and other imagery from cheesy and celebrity Las Vegas wedding moments. The new construction represents part of Minus5º ICEBAR’s quarterly Staying COOL re-theming program to keep the experience fresh for guests.


  • Ten ice carvers with an average of 25 years of experience each will use everything from chainsaws to precision ice-carving tools to construct new art displays at each ice lounge.
  • New blocks of ice will be used in the construction, each ice block weighs 250 pounds, requiring four men to lift and hoist into place.
  • Prior to arriving in Las Vegas, the ice was created by utilizing a special process that removes all air bubbles, resulting in the clearest ice possible. 
  • Minus5º ICEBAR is kept at 23-degrees Fahrenheit with a technologically advanced climate-control system that can make continuous adjustments to account for body heat or changes in humidity. 

Daily from Sunday, Nov. 13 to Thursday, Nov. 17
9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Photo opportunities of new ice themes and displays are best taken after Nov. 15. 

Minus5° ICEBAR 
Mandalay Bay
3930 S Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 740-5800 

Minus5º ICEBAR allows guests to chill with more than 100 tons of ice while exploring an immersive attraction featuring themed sculptures and Instragrammable moments. Minus5º ICEBAR offers a distinctively chill, family-friendly vibe for people of all ages, with signature frosty cocktails served in glasses made entirely of ice for guests ages 21 and older. 


For private events at Minus5º ICEBAR. Please contact Candace Bowman at

Facebook and Instagram: @Minus5Experience

Twitter: @Minus5IceBar 

Recommendations for engagement rings

Are you looking for the perfect engagement ring? If so, you’ll want to take a look at our recommendations. We’ve gathered some of the best options on the market, so you can find the perfect ring for your loved one. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or more modern style, we have something for everyone. Plus, our rings are available at affordable prices, so you can get the perfect ring without breaking the bank. Take a look at our selection and find the perfect ring today!

What to look for when buying an engagement ring?

An engagement ring is a significant purchase that should be made with care. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for an engagement ring. First, consider the style of the ring. It should be something that your partner will love and wear proudly. Second, think about the quality of the diamond. It should be flawlessly cut and free of inclusions. Third, choose a setting that compliments the diamond. The setting should highlight the diamond’s beauty and protect it from damage. Finally, make sure you are buying from a reputable jeweler who can provide a certificate of authenticity. With these considerations in mind, you can be sure to find an engagement ring that your partner will love.

How to budget for an engagement ring?

An engagement ring is a significant purchase, and it’s important to be thoughtful and deliberate when budgeting for one. The first step is to set a realistic budget. Keep in mind the “four Cs” of diamonds—cut, color, clarity, and carat weight—and decide which are most important to you. Once you have a firm budget in mind, start doing your research. Compare prices at a variety of jewelers, both online and offline, and get an idea of what kind of ring you can expect to get for your budget. If you’re flexible on time, you may even want to wait for a sale. However you proceed, be sure to take your time and make an informed decision—after all, an engagement ring is meant to symbolize your love and commitment, so it should be something you’re proud of.

Different styles of engagement rings

There are many different styles of engagement rings to choose from, and the perfect ring for each person depends on their style and preferences. One popular style is the solitaire ring, which features a single diamond or gemstone set in a simple band. Another popular option is the halo ring, which has a center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds or gemstones. For those who want something a little more unique, there are also options like vintage-inspired rings and eternity bands. Ultimately, the best engagement ring is the one that best reflects the personality of the wearer. With so many different styles to choose from, there is sure to be an engagement ring that is perfect for everyone.

Where to buy an engagement ring?

Deciding where to buy an engagement ring is a very personal decision. Some couples know exactly what they want and need, while others may have a more difficult time making a decision. There are many factors to consider when choosing a ring, such as budget, style, and the type of metal. It is also important to think about the meaning behind the ring and what it will represent for the rest of your life. With so much to think about, it is no wonder that many couples find themselves feeling overwhelmed. The good news is that there are plenty of great places to buy an engagement ring. 

How to propose with an engagement ring?

The best way to propose with an engagement ring is to have a personalized proposal plan. This will make the moment even more special and memorable. Think about your partner and what they would love. A scavenger hunt leading up to the big moment? Or maybe a more simple and intimate dinner proposal? Regardless of the route you take, make sure the ring is hidden away so it’s a complete surprise when you finally pull it out. And when you do, get down on one knee, look your partner in the eyes, and tell them how much you love them and want to spend the rest of your life with them. We guarantee, there’s no better feeling in the world than hearing those magical words after getting proposed to with an unforgettable ring.

What is an engagement ring calculator?

An engagement ring calculator is a tool that can be used to estimate the cost of an engagement ring. Many factors go into calculating the cost of an engagement ring, including the size of the diamond, the quality of the diamond, and the setting. The calculator takes all of these factors into account and provides an estimate based on the current market value of diamonds. This can be a helpful tool for couples who are trying to budget for their engagement ring. It can also be a useful tool for jewelers when setting prices for their rings.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker illustration by Nandini Kuppa-Apte via 360 magazine

Kardashian & Barker’s Wedding

They cross the pond for the great celebration!

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker say “I do” for the third time in an idyllic Italian wedding. The couple has walked down the aisle (once again) in front of family and friends, who had traveled from the United States to Europe.

Just days after marrying Barker in a Santa Barbara courthouse, Kourtney said “I do” to the drummer one more time at a lavish ceremony in Italy over the weekend, this time in more traditional bridal attire. After two consecutive days of celebrations since the mediatic family took over the coastal town of Portofino (Italy), an idyllic and dreamlike link has been experienced between the two protagonists.

True to her groundbreaking style, Kourtney wore a tight, strappy short dress from Dolce & Gabbana that she accompanied with an enormous veil, which was embroidered with a huge representation of the Virgin Mary and the words “respect family loyalty” inspired by the tattoo of Travis’s head. The Italian luxury brand shared on Instagram that Kourtney was inspired “by archival Italian lingerie.” She has maintained the tradition of the white color in her bridal look after the doubts that arose this past weekend when seeing her bet on black in her outfits. On the other hand, the musician has not left the classic script and fixed for this type of occasion by wearing a dark tuxedo with a bow tie and a flower on the lapel.

The most emotional moment came when both knelt on sumptuous stools in front of the altar adorned with red roses and the religious figure of a virgin in the background. Scene that was shared by Alabama Luella Barker, one of Barker’s daughters. After the ceremony, the couple and all the guests went to the imposing Castello Brown, the 16th century fortress and house-museum that is located high above the seaport and where the impressive wedding reception took place.

Likewise, the children of the marriage were not lacking, each of their previous relationships.They are 9-year-old Penelope, 7-year-old Reign, and 12-year-old Mason on the bride’s side, as well as 16-year-old Alabama, and 18-year-old Landon on the groom’s side.

It all started last Friday night with a pre-wedding dinner at Ristorante Puny in Portofino and continued on Saturday with lunch, where the bride and groom and their guests arrived on board a boat. Sisters Kim, Kloé, Kendall and Kylie dazzled the Italian city of Portofino with their outfits. It was there that we could see the famous sisters with their most gothic and transparent looks throughout the weekend.

How could it be otherwise considering the place where they were, Dolce & Gabbana was behind all the outfits.

Article: Andrea Esteban x Vaughn Lowery

The Joanna Dana Harel SS23 'Acqua' image via Marissa Chiechi (Coded Agency) for use by 360 Magazine

NYBFW Roundup

New York Bridal Fashion Week (NYBFW) has continuously highlighted the crème of the crop in the world of designer bridal twice for wedding fanatics. With two dedicated weeks of bridal fashion occurring in April and October each year, this April we’ve been dazzled by a few of the new collections showcased at NYBFW.

Let’s recap some our most beloved collections that debuted this season.

Sheila Frank SS23 – Victorian Modernism

Through her new collection, Sheila Frank blends modern femininity with a historical point of view. Conservative styles were adorned with contemporary fads that made for a beautiful fusion of two periods of time through design.  

Entitled ‘Victorian Modernism,’ the collection shares elements from both the Victorian and modern era. Shown impeccably through the styling, an era known for the industrial power advancements of the British Empire, we see these elements of the Victorian age vividly in the collection. Elements of structuring from previously conventional work wear are shown through the sharp lines and masculine aspects of Frank’s work.

Through the combination of the two time periods, we also see apparent components of fresh fashions in the collection. From the feminine features of gleaming fabrics to innovative beading techniques, ‘Victorian Modernism’ provides a seamless fusion of the two times. Modern styling approaches, too, transform the bridal pieces to a 21st century point of view.

In terms of her inspiration point, Frank stated that, “This season I explored Victorian Menswear from pre-Victorian 1830s to late 1890s. Each look is designed with a garment in mind from the frock coat, waist coat, shirt variations to the cravat. Fabrics include matte and shiny satin, crepe, tulle, and beaded mesh. Gowns are adorned with bronze and gold buttons and styled with pressed flower pendant necklaces and belts. I explored the idea of vintage meets modern with clean lines and pleated fabrics that flatter the female form.”

Sheila Frank "Victorian Modernism" via Leah Gross Coded Agency for use by 360 Magazine
Sheila Frank "Victorian Modernism" via Leah Gross Coded Agency for use by 360 Magazine

Justin Alexander and Savannah Miller SS23 – Love in A Mist

Just in time for wedding season, post a hard reset on large celebrations, Justin Alexander Warshaw in collaboration with Savannah Miller resurge with their new SS23 collections of timeless Bridal fashion. Derived from legacy, the family-owned bridal business was established in 1946 by Justin’s grandparents. Rooted in humble beginnings with T&G (Thanks & Goodluck) Veils, an accessory company now empire at the hands of meticulous business of the budding mogul. A sequel to the family-owned business, the Justin Alexander brand is a pioneer in design, manufacturing including distribution. Expanding their portfolio with Adore x JA, Lillian West, Sincerity Bridal, Viktor&Rolf Mariage and now Savannah Miller Bridal founded in 2016.

“I knew I would be in Bridal; I absolutely love the fashion side & the business side, it’s in my blood.” -Justin Alexander

Reintroduced and the precursor to New York Bridal Fashion Week, 360 Magazine was cordially invited for a sneak peek at an industrial Midtown showroom. The luxury reception themed event showcased wedding dresses of both Justin & Savannah. The befitting return to NYC by Miller who decodes romance and elegance through her understated designs. Each garb overflows with personality, not to mention love which Savannah trusts prevailed within the last two years. A collection befitting of its title ‘Love in A Mist’, inclusively curating her brand with detailing inspired by her tenure at Alexander McQueen.

Armon, Creative Director for 360 Magazine met with the designers for a ‘No No-sense Conversation where they shared advice and candidly shared each will be preparing for their own nuptials in the coming future. When asked, what inspires them and why Bridal? Justin shares “It’s nothing better when a bride lights up when she found the dress or enters walking down the aisle with everyone in awe.” Miller goes on to say, “As a woman, you know when it’s right and how it feels on your body,” encouraging liberation. One thing they both agreed on is the significance of what a moment such as a wedding means. Therefore, having positive influences involved in your overall process.

Justin Alexander Warshaw and Savannah Miller SS23 images via Armon Hayes for use by 360 Magazine
Justin Alexander Warshaw and Savannah Miller SS23 images via Armon Hayes for use by 360 Magazine

Dana Harel SS23 – Acqua

Designed with rich inspiration points of past-time Europeans with an added Mediterranean taste, Dana Harel’s new ‘Acqua collection utters elegant chic. The SS23 collection was created to commemorate all things life, creativity and freedom while incorporating elements of the energy from our beloved oceans. Each piece of ‘Acqua’ resembles pieces that modern princesses would adorn during their wedding days.

The collection effortlessly showcases distinctions between western and eastern cultures through the varying designs. An array of 11 designs stem from the collection, offering for a wide selection of aesthetic preferences. Whether the bride to be is in search of a sexy, simple look or a more conservative, luxurious piece, ‘Acqua’ has all the components to make you feel like a new-day princess.

Pictured below are the Vittoria and Nicola dresses. The Vittoria elevates a modern design with a classic European cut. Dripping in the finest sequin/crystal fabric, the Vittoria is a sexy take on the contemporary, romantic essence of the 21st century. The Nicola takes on a more moderate fabric with Italian double satin. Also showcasing a slit like the Vittoria, the Nicola sports a gathering affect that reminds us of the rifts and waves in the ocean.

The Vittoria Dana Harel SS23 'Acqua' image via Marissa Chiechi (Coded Agency) for use by 360 Magazine
The Vittoria
The Nicola Dana Harel SS23 'Acqua' image via Marissa Chiechi (Coded Agency) for use by 360 Magazine
The Nicola

The Atelier Couture SS23 – Shakespeare in Love

The Bridal by The Atelier Couture transports us all the way back to the Elizabethan Era when British theatre was at its peak with their new collection ‘Shakespeare in Love.’ Distinctly crafted with bold Avant-Garde visions reminiscent of gowns that were sported in Shakespeare’s plays, The Atelier Couture captivates us with a new bridal take on classic Europeans drama.

Ball gowns adorned with extravagant beading and lacing; the ‘Shakespeare in Love’ collection encapsulates the essence of Shakespeare’s work. Each gown tells its own story through shifting necklines, silhouettes and train lengths. Mostly consisting of over the top, out of this world fluffy ball gown silhouettes, The Atelier Couture’s latest bridal collection looks as if it would be worn by the Queen of England on her wedding day.

The romantic essence of the collection references old-school fairytale silhouettes. The contents of this collection are elaborate and poetic, similar to Shakespeare’s plays. Renowned as one of the greatest writers in the English language, ‘Shakespeare in Love’ lives up to this accolade.

The Atelier Couture 'Shakespeare in Love' collection images via Serena Chang (Coded Agency) for use by 360 Magazine
The Atelier Couture 'Shakespeare in Love' collection images via Serena Chang (Coded Agency) for use by 360 Magazine

Dress Hunt x HOUGHTON Pop-Up

Dress Hunt and HOUGHTON collaborated to bring forth an exclusive bridal pop-up event this season. Dress Hunt is a bridal hub where brides can find a selection of wedding dresses and bridal accessories essential for their big day. Ensuring access to everything that a bride may be in search of for her big day, Dress Hunt sources the finest bridal fashions into one location for a leisurely shopping experience.

Founded by Katharine Polk, the pop-up showcased HOUGHTON Season 2, seven celebrity-inspired looks crafted for seven individual women. With a luxurious reference to celebrity fashion, designs ranged from cocktail dresses to elaborate gowns. The styles were created to reflect that of what the modern woman is in search for.

Coming together to create a hands-on experience for brides in search of their perfect dress, the event turned out to be a smashing success. Aside from HOUGHTON Season 2, other collections were platformed from ASAR By Nikeen Asar, NOVA, Deesigns and more.

Dress Hunt Bridal pop-up collection image via Jules Barker (Coded Agency) for use by 360 Magazine
HOUGHTON Season 2 collection image via Jules Barker (Coded Agency) for use by 360 Magazine
HOUGHTON by Katharine Polk

Sophie Et Voilà SS22 – Cristóbal 

Individualism and philosophy blend together to create the meaning behind Sophie Et Voilà’s 2022 Cristóbal collection. A women-founded and ran company, Sophie Et Voilà prides themselves on their commitment to sustainability. Focused on handcrafting pieces for their clientele, each piece is unique and distinct. The theme of their brand follows that of their new collection, Cristóbal.

Standing alone and not conforming to the modern trends was one of the key elements of the Cristóbal collection for Sophie Et Voilà. Inspired by the ways that we think, the ways that we choose to learn and live past our mistakes throughout life, came Cristóbal. Each piece from the collection takes on their own name, one and only one. With classical structures, sleek lines and advanced styles, Cristóbal embodies potency and independence.

Regarding the collection, they stated, “At Sophie Et Voilà we never wanted to be commercial. We never thought about being others. Being different was never our goal. Doing something different has been the consequence of opting for doing things our own way. In a world where adaptation is everything, being true to oneself is a luxury that very few can afford.”

Sophie Et Voilà 2022 Cristóbal collection via Asia Anderson (Coded Agency) for use by 360 Magazine
The Giovanna
Sophie Et Voilà 2022 Cristóbal collection via Asia Anderson (Coded Agency) for use by 360 Magazine
The Gabriela
Amsale spring 2023 collection press image via Amsale for use by 360 Magazine


In celebration of the powerful rarity of every bride, luxury bridal fashion house AMSALE today releases its Spring 2023 collection, including tailored separates made in New York City. In addition to its namesake collection, the house also releases fresh designs across all ranges, including Little White Dress, Nouvelle Amsale, Amsale Bridesmaids and Evening.

The vision for the AMSALE collection began with the smoky romance of underground Jazz clubs in old school New York. “There was a modern, optimistic energy resonating across the world and New York City was the epicenter,” says Head Designer Michael Cho. “Iconic photos of stars like Billie Holiday, lit with smoky spotlights, splashed across every newspaper. These pictures make the songstresses appear as rare flowers blooming in the night. I was inspired by dreamy nocturnal flowers that are so different from the garden flowers we typically associate with weddings.”

Thus moonflower and Queen of the Night bloom across this season’s gowns, designed with vaulted curves and sculptural silhouettes. “Luscious lavender fabrics are reminiscent of moonlight and adorned with patterns of paillettes and crystal appliqués,” Cho says. “It’s a beautiful representation of AMSALE’s aesthetic.”

The collection calls to mind and celebrates those once-in-a-lifetime moments of a wedding—the first dance, celebratory toasts—but also the modern bride herself, a powerful and confident vision in high fashion. Ever focused on the bride’s evolution, AMSALE introduces clean, tailored separates in this latest collection: refined jackets and dresses, sharp trousers and form-fitting bias cut skirts and tops. Like the moonflower opening its petals, the tailored pieces allow the bride’s look to evolve throughout the night.

A bride’s wedding day is her moment to shine, and we wanted to create looks, including tailoring, that allow the modern bride to express herself and make her feel her most confident,” says Chief Creative Officer Sarah Swann. “The collection is in full bloom, from painted tulle ball gowns to sleek tailored blazers and trousers. There is a beauty and profoundness in appreciating the singular moments of your wedding day—that’s what this collection celebrates.” 


Founded by Amsale Aberra and Neil Brown, The Amsale Group is one of the world’s leading luxury bridal houses, and widely credited as the inventor of the modern wedding dress. A Black-owned business headquartered in New York City, with a salon on Madison Avenue, the label offers a range of collections including Amsale, Nouvelle Amsale, Amsale Bridesmaids, Little White Dress and Evening that are carried in some of the finest bridal salons and specialty stores worldwide.

*Photos courtesy of Amsale.

Fashion high heel graphic via 360 Magazine

Essential guide to dress your bridesmaids: ten trends of 2022

Your time has finally come, you are getting married and you are going to be able to say the long awaited “I do” that so many women long to say in their lives. Now, although weddings are a wonderful event that always generates enthusiasm among all the guests and among the people who help the bride and groom to organize the big day, they also involve a lot of extra work, especially for the bride who has the difficult task of choosing the design of the dresses for her bridesmaids.

And although it may seem like a simple game for little girls, having the task of choosing the right dresses for your bridesmaids is really complicated. The reality is that for many brides this task is a real nightmare that only ends up generating more stress and make them see the wedding day as a deadline and not as the best day of their lives. Because yes, getting the bridesmaid dresses right is not always easy and there are thousands of weddings in which the bridesmaids have stolen the bride’s thunder by being “overdressed” or, on the contrary, “in too bad taste”.

For all these reasons, and because in Cicinia we believe that a bride should not have to suffer while preparing what will surely be one of the most important days of her life, below we are going to give a detailed list with the 10 most talked about trends in bridesmaid dresses this season. A list in which we will talk about the most fashionable colors, textures, cut or headdresses that bridesmaids of any wedding can wear with pride knowing that they have succeeded and that their dress is perfect for the occasion.

Take note!

10 Stylish Bridesmaid Dresses in 2022

1 .Warm and earth tones

During the previous year, warm and earthy colors were a trend, especially among bridesmaids at fall weddings, offering a wide chromatic versatility that favors all skin tones and combines perfectly with a wide variety of dress cuts. In addition, opting for a terracotta or cinnamon tone if you are getting married in the middle of the harvest month is a very nice way to theme your wedding and create a beautiful photo album that will perfectly mimic the landscape of the season.

2 Nature theme and geometric patterns

After spending more than half a year away from our loved ones and isolated in our own homes, our need to reconnect with nature and the outdoors intensified and that is something that was clearly reflected in bridal fashion. If you are a bride who is not afraid of flashy colors or overloaded designs with floral or fruit prints, going for some classic geometric cut dresses with some bright green tones or with prints full of flowers and varied colors can also be a winning bet.

3 Pastel and satin dresses

Pastel tones have always been one of the most used looks at weddings and all brides love it for the romantic and delicate air it brings to the ceremony. On the other hand, the fashion of satin bridesmaid dresses is back, a style full of elegance that combined with a pastel tone your bridesmaid dresses will be beautiful.

4 Mauve shades

Mauve has been in fashion for years and among bridesmaids as well. Everyone knows that lilac is a symbol of feminism, so if you want to fill your wedding with this powerful and striking color, do not hesitate to choose a dress of any cut along with the tone that empowers all women. With it your bridesmaids will never go unnoticed.

5. Cow Neck Dresses

And you will think, cow neck? But haven’t they been out of fashion for more than two decades? Yes and no, dear friend. Cow necks were a trend throughout the 90’s and the most influential women in the world wore all kinds of dresses with this neck, however although they had been missing for years there are many evidence of their return. 

Go for a cowl neck on your bridesmaid dresses and you will make them look light, flirty and elegant at the same time. They have it all!

6. All in pink

Pink is the color par excellence of weddings, all bridesmaids know that there is a high probability of ending up in a dress of this beautiful and delicate shade. The reason? Very simple, it is a neutral tone that combines with any cut and headdress, it is not too flashy and flatters any figure and skin tone. You will only have one more thing to do if you decide to go for pink: choose among its many shades, it is full of possibilities!

7. High necklines

High necklines and spaghetti straps are another favorite choice among brides for their bridesmaids, so deciding to go for a classic satin cut dress with a nice high neckline and long straps on both sides will always be a success. 

And why stop using the usual looks, if they always look good? Do not hesitate, they are a win win!

8. Tropical prints and orange tones

Are you getting married on the beach? Aren’t you afraid that your wedding will look like something out of an American romantic comedy filmed in Hawaii? Then don’t hesitate to go for tropical prints with orange tones, because they have been in fashion for two years and wherever they appear, they triumph. They are fun and will never, ever make your bridesmaids look boring or underdressed, everyone will look at them!

9. Royalty-inspired wedding dresses

We’ve all admired wedding dresses from royal weddings and sighed thinking about how we wish we could wear a dress similar to what women like Diana of Wales or Kate Middleton wore on their big days. Well, trying to imitate their dresses is now also a trend and there are many brides who choose to recreate the designs of royal weddings in their bridesmaids: swan necks, crepe fabric, tiaras of rhinestones, etc.. 

Just search the internet and you will find hundreds of designs from the most famous royal weddings. Get inspired and create your own fairytale wedding!

10. Puffed sleeves with bright colors

In recent years, old traditions have been left behind that forced all the dresses at a wedding to be discreet and elegant. Now the extravagant is in and weddings are an explosion of colors and textures in which current fashion is mixed with tradition, being this year puffed sleeves and bright colors like green or fuchsia some of the favorite bets.

These 10 are some of the trends with which from Cicinia’s team of stylists we believe that any bride will be able to find the ideal style for her bridesmaids and have a wedding worthy of being remembered. 

If you want to know more about trends or ask us anything else related to your wedding wardrobe, do not hesitate to contact us. We are a brand specialized in bridal fashion with a lot of experience and we will be happy to assist you!

Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Wedding Ring for a Man

When it comes to wedding rings, there are a lot of different opinions out there. While people tend to lean towards the bride when shopping for a ring, the groom’s ring is also an important part of the wedding and should not be overlooked.

When it comes to men’s rings, there are several things that you need to know before buying one for him. Here are three things you should consider when shopping for a ring for your man:

  1. Type of Metal

The type of metal used in making a ring will affect its price and durability. Most rings are made of gold, platinum, tungsten, or titanium. diamond is the most popular choice, but it is also the most expensive. 

When choosing a metal, you need to consider the metal’s durability. Gold and platinum are very durable, which makes them good choices for men’s rings. Titanium is an excellent choice because it is lightweight, strong, and less expensive than gold or platinum.

There are other metals that you can use in your ring as well but they may not be suitable for all types of jewelry. If you are not sure which metal to choose, consult with a jeweler.

  1. What Style Does He Like?

The style of the ring will also determine its price and durability. The more elaborate the design, the higher the price tag. Do not choose a ring that is too large or too small for your man because it could break if he wears it often. Make sure to get his input before you make any decisions on what type of metal he likes or what style he prefers.

Some popular ring styles for men include:

  • The plain band: This is a simple, unadorned ring that is often made of gold or platinum. It is a good choice for men who want a traditional look.
  • The carved band: This type of band has intricate designs carved into it and is often made of gold or platinum.
  • The bezel ring: This ring has a metal border that surrounds the gemstone and is often made of gold, platinum, or titanium.
  • The inlay ring: This type of ring has a design that is inlaid into the band and can be made of different metals.
  • The metal band: This type of ring is made entirely of metal and comes in a variety of styles.
  • The gemstone ring: This type of ring has one or more gemstones on it and can be made of different metals.

Get your man’s input on what style he likes before you start shopping for rings. It is also best to get a ring from a company specializing in men’s wedding bands. This way, you will know that the ring will fit his finger properly and be durable enough to last a long time.

  1. Your Budget

The cost of a wedding ring will vary depending on the type of metal and style you choose. Gold rings are more expensive than platinum rings, for example. You also need to consider the cost of having the ring sized if it does not fit him properly.

It is important to set a budget before you start shopping for a ring so that you do not spend more than you can afford. Talk to your fiance about what he is willing to spend on a ring and find one that falls within your budget.

Remember, the cost of the ring does not have to be prohibitive. There are many different types of rings available that fall within all price ranges. You just need to do some research to find the best ring for your budget.

Wedding bands are a great gift for your man because they symbolize your love and commitment. They can also help him remember the special day when he first saw you as his bride-to-be. When choosing rings for men, make sure they fit their personality and style.

JA Manafaru Wins Global Award

JA Manafaru Maldives Wins Global Award – ‘Indian Ocean’s Leading Honeymoon Resort’

Sitting at the most northern tip of the Maldives, naturally lush haven and 5-star resort – JA Manafaru Maldives, has recently been awarded Indian Ocean’s Leading Honeymoon Resort at the World Travel Awards 2021. The chic enclave offers romance in abundance, from its idyllic setting and unrivaled privacy for couples to the myriad of romantic activities and experiences available.

Positioned in the Haa Alifu Atoll and fringed with exquisite powder beaches and crystal-clear waters, JA Manafaru offers privacy and distance from other resort islands with pristine natural landscapes to explore. The multi-award-winning resort appeals to amorous couples with its choice of spacious and serene beach villas, breath-taking over-water villas, and luxurious residences, each with its own private pool. The prestigious accolade was awarded in October 2021 to JA Manafaru to commend its litany of memorable, romantic activities like Maldivian cooking classes, picturesque floating breakfasts in private pools, seductive beach dinners under the stars, sunset ocean cruises, complimentary villa bicycles to explore the lush tropical island and even night-snorkeling amidst the tropical sea life.

Nights can be spent under the starry sky with atmospheric al fresco restaurants like Ocean Grill offering beachfront dining, Andiamo Mediterranean Bistro amidst lush flora and fauna, and a gastronomic experience of 2.5 meters below sea level, in the acclaimed wine cave – The Cellar. For incredibly romantic dining, White Orchid Lounge is a stunning over-water venue with balmy breezes offering guests exquisite mixology, intimate afternoon tea or Asian supper menu, and melodic beats. JA Manafaru is also home to the award-winning Calm Spa Sanctuary, offering Ayurveda, aromatherapy, and wellness journeys for couples to relax and rejuvenate together in blissfully, serene natural landscape. Couples can also engage in multiple fun activities together like diving at the PADI certified dive centre for beginners and experienced divers, jet-skiing, water-skiing, mono-skiing, sea bob, fun tubing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, kayaking, stand-up paddling, and catamaran sailing.

For those wishing to celebrate a wedding, honeymoon, vow renewal or blessing -the romance of the island is unrivaled with romantic ceremonies held beneath the awe-inspiring structures of the ancient Banyan Tree.

As with all properties within the JA Resorts & Hotels portfolio, JA Manafaru Maldives is following a full program of safety and sanitization which includes government directives and the protocols of the World Travel & Tourism Councils #SafeTravels initiative.

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Divorce and marriage illustration by Kaelen Felix for 360 MAGAZINE

Wedding Must-Haves

Happy wedding season! Let’s look into some marital must-haves to make your special day perfect.

  • DJ/Band

This is an absolute must-have, of course. Music plays such an important role in having a romantic, enjoyable, and memorable celebration. Finding a DJ isn’t super hard, and their services can vary in price. A band, on the other hand, can be a little more difficult. However, bands provide a different atmosphere to add to the day that the guests can look forward to.  Music keeps things lively and energetic, and is sure to get everyone dancing.

  • Barda

Whether guests pay for drinks or you provide an open tab, having a bar is very necessary. Having both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for guests during the reception is a great party idea.

  • Photographer/Videographer

Photographers have always been a necessity for weddings. They capture beautiful moments to always look back on to remember the wonderful day. Something that this generation has made more popular for weddings is videographers. Personally, looking back at videos is one of the best ways to relive a memory. Videographers not only film, but also put together a romantic short films to re-watch the most precious moments.

  • All You Can Eat Appetizers

Who wants to celebrate when everyone is hangry? Having consistent appetizers is so important to keep guests happy. Sometimes, people don’t love sitting down for a huge meal–especially when drinking and dancing. Having small bites will keep everyone happy.

  • A Playlist

Make sure you have an idea of what songs you do and don’t want to play. Don’t stress about it on the day of!

  • Wedding Direction Signs

Not every wedding needs direction signs, and honestly, sometimes guests don’t even bother looking. However, providing directions to parking, restrooms, reception, food, ceremony and other wedding venue locations could be beneficial for guests.

  • Wedding Menu

If you choose to have a buffet or serve the same meal to every guest, the wedding menu is not needed. However, wedding menus can be beneficial and guests will appreciate having dish options.

  • Sparklers

Sparklers are usually used for the bride and groom’s grand exit. They add a beautiful and spectacular touch to moments, photos and videos.

  • Plan For Inclement Weather

If the wedding is planned for outdoors, it’s always important to think of a plan B, just in case the weather changes. Coming up with a backup plan will save you the stress.

  • Just Relax

Forgetting about materialistic things for a moment. Remember to enjoy every step of the wedding planning journey and your special day. Everything happens for a reason and will fall into place, no matter how stressful it seems at the time.