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Vaughn Lowery is the executive director of an acclaimed pop pub + design journal, 360 MAGAZINE. Their QR-coded trade books connect to both podcasts and their site in real-time.

Sharon Stone and Jerry Saltz talk at 92NY theatre in NYC for 360 MAGAZINE.

Oscar-Nominated Actor Now Artist

Sharon Stone and Jerry Saltz have an introspective art conversation at 92NY in NYC via 360 MAGAZINE.

Armon Hayes photographed by Vaughn Lowery for 360 MAGAZINE.


BRONX BASEL is a self-guided tour with various activations mapped out within Fordham Heights.


Collegiate must-haves of the moment for fashion lovers via 360’s Vaughn Lowery.

HOLIDAY HOOPLA is an emerging 501(c)3, empowering marginalized youths through sportmanship and integrity.

Santa Monica artist Kelsey NaPier immersive art installation in Santa Monica via 360 MAGAZINE.


Kelsey NaPier is a contemporary artist with an atelier in Santa Monica. Her arsenal includes vibrant abstracts on various mediums. Inspired by her thrill-seeking lifestyle, NaPier is rapidly becoming a sought-after artisan in the western hemisphere.