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Token Trend Forecasting: Analyzing Crypto Market Movements

In the realm of cryptocurrency, predictive analytics involves systematically extracting insights from historical and real-time data to discern future market trends, relying on statistical algorithms and machine learning for informed predictions about various cryptocurrencies.


Vaughn Lowery is the executive director of an acclaimed pop pub + design journal, 360 MAGAZINE. Their QR-coded trade books connect to both podcasts and their site in real-time.

Plainly Bitcoin

Plainly Bitcoin is a platform that educates young entrepreneurs on how to diversify their portfolio and tokenize assets.

Hive's Fashion Takeover via 360 MAGAZINE.


The month of September is a yearly indicator for change. It’s mostly for the seasons, but for fashion, it’s brought something extra. The advent of NFT, a digital fashion, has transformed the retail industry in recent times.