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Actor Lanre Idewu, member of Alpha Phi Alpha, speaks to Vaughn Lowery via 360 MAGAZINE.

Lanre Idewu

Actor, Producer, and Social Entrepreneur

Listen to Lanre Idewu speak to Vaughn Lowery via 360 MAG wherever podcasts can be found.

Lanre Idewu is a Nigerian American actor, producer, and social entrepreneur. He grew up on the south side of Chicago and majored in biochemistry with a minor in German and theater arts. Additionally, Lanre attended the University of Chicago School of Medicine. 

There, he was drawn to the ability to heal and help through Film and Fitness. Today, he has become a celebrity fitness expert and on-air personality and is dedicated to positive programming in both fields. He has over 20 years of Exercise, Nutrition, and Personal Development. ”I run a lot,” says Lanre. This is a form of meditation and relaxation. Although, he notes that “what I’ve been working on most recently is sitting quietly.” 

Joe Dispenza is a doctor and writer who has become essential in Lanre’s life. His books on silence and listening are wonderful for him: Joe Dispenza who I have been reading a lot about listening to a lot has taught me to be able to control my breath and just allow the energy to flow.”

Lanre Idewu is known for several well-known series like South Side (2019), Sherman’s Showcase (2019), and Arrested Development (2003). Additionally, he was the COO of Queen Nefertari Productions (QNP), a film and television production company. A fun fact is that through QNP, he was able to help launch Gersh’s Film Finance and Packaging division.

In 2010, Variety magazine named him a ‘Future Media Maven’ as COO. Lanre manages a multi-million-dollar film fund and equally focuses on analytical, creative, and visionary responsibilities. ”We’re bringing a new level of transparency to the deals we make and we’re demanding the same from everyone we choose to do business with,” he says, noting that the market is now strong for projects that require little capital.

He has worked on various film and television projects for FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, ComedyCentral, Showtime, BET, E!, CW, iTunes, TF1, ZDF, Netflix, Magnolia Pictures, and more. Idewu produced the Cannes Film Festival “New Growth” and “Die Expats”.

Lanre has not only become the Vice President of The Geffen Playhouse Advisory Council but also a mentor to the NFL Player Association’s Pro Hollywood and ultimately a founding member of the Catalyst Board for the Sundance Film Festival. He is also a certified trainer and fitness model for the P90X fitness system.

‘’Believe in yourself as if you have to find a way to channel the noise and stay focused on what you want, not necessarily how things look right now,’’ says Lanre Idewu. Wellness, Mental Health, Justice, Women’s Empowerment, and Homelessness are the causes near and dear to his heart.

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Article: Andrea Esteban, Vaughn Lowery

Seven Tips for Starting a Business

Starting a business can be very rewarding, but it’s hard to get off the ground. With so many different products and services out there, how can your business stand out? 

Here are seven tips to help you launch your new business. 

  1. Start Small

You’re taking on the challenge of opening up a new business for a reason. When you’re passionate about sharing your products and services with the world, it’s easy to get ahead of yourself. 

One of the biggest mistakes a new business can make is offering too much too soon. Customers don’t identify your business with anything and you can end up in serious debt. 

At the start of your business, narrow your focus down to a few related items that you can market to consumers. That way, you’re not stretching your budget too far. 

Your company needs to find its identity. What product or service should your customers identify your business with? Center your focus on that thing and other small offerings to begin making a profit. 

As your business grows, so can your line-up. 

  1. Organize Your Finances 

Before you can do much with your business, you must get your finances in order. Most small businesses begin by taking out a loan and renting or purchasing a property. You then have to consider hiring employees and payroll and your normal supply chain costs. 

As your business grows, other items will be considered, such as charitable donations or expanded locations. 

You need to keep your financial assets organized from day one of planning your business for the Internal Revenue Service to accurately appraise and tax your company. 

Without accurate financial records, you could end up in legal trouble. 

Open up at least one separate bank account for your business and use a bookkeeper or financial software to keep track of everywhere your money goes. If you are not sure where to start, seek help from a financial advisor. 

  1. Know Your Competition 

It’s unlikely that you’re the only business that offers similar products or services, so it’s important to know your competition. 

Do a search on any similar products or services in the community and region. Also, see what online businesses are popular in the market. Once you know what else is out there, you can decide how to differentiate your business from them. 

You need to have something original that makes you stand out from the crowd, whether it’s through marketing or materials. 

Will your company offer a perk that your competitors don’t? Is your product or service better run or made? Is it more affordable than the others? All of these can influence your prospective customers to come to you for their needs. 

  1. Locate Strategically 

Where you choose to put your physical location can make or break your business. You need a place that won’t run you dry but is close enough that your customers can easily commute. 

For many businesses, a location near the town center or a business district works well. When you are amongst other businesses, you can attract potential customers who are out and about with shopping in mind. They’ll be more likely to stop by your products or services when they pass your business. 

Another factor is what the ideal property for your customer base would be. If you sell lawnmowers, you don’t want to put yourself in an area filled with apartment complexes. 

With the right property, you can get an advantage off of local competition by being the more convenient business to visit. 

By choosing the right location, you strengthen your other business growth strategies. 

  1. Market Like Crazy

You can strategize and set up your business well, but there’s no point in any of it if people don’t know you exist. 

It’s good to hire someone who knows marketing, though there are things you can do on your own to promote your business. 

Send an announcement for local news stations to use. Ask non-competing businesses to display your flyers or business cards. Put an advertisement in the newspaper and post it on social media. Consider renting a billboard advertising to the community. You could also stand outside your businesses and offer free flyers or samples. 

You’ll need to have a grand opening to help with your publicity and invite everyone around to check out your establishment. Invite the news and local leaders, hold a ribbon cutting and provide some freebies and special prizes. 

As the business owner, you’ll need to put yourself out there. Give interviews to publications and answer questions. You are the face of your business, and your involvement with your consumer base can affect how they perceive you. 

  1. Embrace the Internet 

Almost every business now has a website that you can use for marketing or as an online store. With internet shopping still on the rise, it’s more important than ever for your business to enter the ocean of e-commerce. 

The first step is to create a website. There are many free and low-cost platforms that allow you to begin building web pages for your business. 

On your website, talk about your business’ origin and what your values are. Give potential customers a good idea of what products or services you offer, regardless of whether or not you choose to make them available via the website. 

Make sure that you advertise your physical location on the website and include contact information for viewers to ask questions. 

Once your business is established, you can also consider adding reviews and testimonials to the website. 

Having a website isn’t the only way to make your presence on the internet known. Services like Google Business allow you to post information to appear on the results page when someone searches for your business. It displays your business hours contact information and links to your website or social media pages. 

Speaking of social media, you should create different pages and profiles for your business. By joining different platforms, you can reach a more diverse audience. 

  1. Create a Positive Environment

When you own a small business, customers notice the little things. One of those things is the overall mood in your store. 

You want your customers to feel good about entering your business while giving them the confidence that you will provide what they need. This involves appealing to their senses, from sight and sound to smell. 

Employees can also reflect the atmosphere of a business. You want to treat your employees well because you should and to help them be in a good mood while serving your customers. At the same time, provide customer service training and keep communication open about the best ways to serve each person that comes through your door. When people feel good visiting your business, they are likely to return. 

Jessica Minh Anh and Hudson River Park catwalk collaboration in NYC via 360 MAGAZINE.

JMA × Hudson River Park

Listen to Jessica Minh Anh chat with Vaughn Lowery on 360 MAG Apple | Amazon | Google | Spotify podcast HERE.

This autumn, serial tech entrepreneur and Vietnamese media mogul Jessica Minh Anh along with Hudson River Park are collaborating on a momentous event, raising carbon neutrality awareness within NYC

Beforehand, Anh–a Petronas scholar, hosted the world’s first oceanic catwalk in the Mediterranean.

Now, she’s producing the much anticipated J Autumn Fashion Show on Pier 34. This imaginative and immersive experience is the latest presentation in her Fashion x Sustainability series.

Previous engagements include: being atop of the Hoover Dam in Nevada; at the Gemasolar power plant in Spain; on board a low-emission cruise ship in Italy and JFK Airport hanger, a promotional installation for DHL Express (Watch Video). 

With the World Trade Center as the backdrop, J Autumn Fashion Show will exhibit avant pieces to a progressive audience of purveyors within various sectors: media, innovation and environmental.

Official Campaign Video HERE.

Follow Jessica on IG HERE.

c/o Jessica on Wikidata.

Jessica Minh Anh × Hudson River Park inside 360 MAGAZINE
Jessica Minh Anh × Hudson River Park collaboration via 360 MAGAZINE.


Car-Related Businesses for Entrepreneurs

Do you love everything related to cars, trucks, and the vehicle market in general? If so, and if entrepreneurship is also part of your long-term career plans, why not set up a company that caters to your inner car loving spirit? The good news is that there are numerous pathways and opportunities out there for those who enjoy being around vehicles, working on them, and learning about the latest developments in the automotive market. Step one for starting such an enterprise is to do an honest self-evaluation of interests and skills.

Of course, you will have to save money for what you really want included in your business. Once that chore is complete, deal with the financing part of the puzzle by applying for a small business loan to cover all the initial expenses of founding a company. In the early 2020s, some of the most lucrative ways of earning a living in this exciting field include oil and tire services, vehicle flipping, and operating a transport company that consists of one or more small vans. Of course, there are more opportunities, but those three are among the easiest to set up and operate for people who are taking their first stab at entrepreneurship. Here are pertinent facts for those who are interested in pursuing this path.

Finance with a Small Business Loan

Whether you plan to bootstrap a car-related entity that does mobile oil changes, offers roadside assistance, fixes up used cars for reselling, or provides van transportation for local clients, it’s imperative to have the funds to get the company off the ground. It’s just one reason that so many founders check out Accion Opportunity Fund business loans as a way of meeting their money-related needs during those first crucial weeks of operating a new company. You can take out a business loan to cover expenses like purchasing supplies, acquiring the right kinds of repair and diagnostic equipment, advertising through local media outlets, renting a small place to park or repair vehicles your company owns, and more. One universal truth about entrepreneurship is that it comes with plenty of unexpected expenses. That’s why borrowing makes so much sense.

Mobile Oil Change & Tire Service

Millions of working adults need a way to get basic automotive services done in a more time-efficient manner. Offering to change their car’s oil or repair flat tires while they work in the comfort of their office is a potentially lucrative business idea. You’ll need the proper tools, a truck or van to travel to your customers workplaces, and an initial advertising budget to get the word out in the local community.

Vehicle Flipping

For those who enjoy fixing up used cars and reselling them at a markup, flipping is the perfect way to earn a living. Be sure to check with local government agencies about obtaining the proper licenses to operate as a flipper. Use your own ingenuity to find used vehicles that offer the best potential for fixer-upper profit.

Transport Van Company

You’ll need one or more transport vans and an initial advertising campaign to win those first accounts. Start small, preferably with one vehicle, and aim to serve a limited geographic region until you’re ready to expand by adding an extra van and spending more on marketing. Expect to build up customer lists for at least six months before seeing a profit.

Vic Mensa unveiled 93 Boyz in Chicago via 360 MAGAZINE

Vic Mensa – 93 BOYZ

Chicago rapper, actor, and activist Vic Mensa has unveiled his new brand 93 Boyz, an equity-focused cannabis company which is the first Black owned and led in the state of Illinois. One of his first community initiatives involved heading back to his hometown – the Southside of Chicago. Vic rolled up to the BP Gas Station on 47th & Woodlawn around the corner from his mother’s house and with the help of 93 Boyz Vic was able to surprise 200 cars with $10,000 in free gas. The story was first picked up by TMZ which shared a heartfelt video of an elderly woman explaining how she originally only had $5 to put in her tank and was taken aback by the generosity. The gas giveaway was caught on tape and became a 60 second clip full of showing love and black humor. Vic says, “To celebrate the launch of 93BOYZ, the first black cannabis brand in Chicago, we went to the gas station on the block where I grew up and gave away $10,000 of free gas. At a time when many people are struggling to fill their tank, it felt good to be able to help the community in a real way.”

As Chicago’s first Black-owned cannabis brand, at the core of 93 Boyz’ mission is a reinvestment in the communities and individuals that have been historically and disproportionately affected by outdated laws, prejudices, and assumptions regarding cannabis consumption, elevating the underserved while also lifting spirits via the headiest product available in the state. Among the community-based initiatives that the brand will be undertaking is a partnership with Books Before Bars, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing books to underserved Illinois prison libraries, providing inmates with potentially transformative resources.

Speaking on the development and launch of 93 Boyz, Vic Mensa says: “Selling weed was my first hustle. It taught me work ethic, entrepreneurship, and funded all of my first music projects. As someone with a lifelong experience of anxiety and depression, it’s amazing to be able to help people facing those and other issues while working with something I love. The war on drugs has had a devastating impact on my community, and yet our representation in the cannabis industry is less than 2%. 93BOYZ is changing that narrative while combining high quality, tastemaker weed with socially conscious initiatives.”

In its pursuit to become a company focused on holistic good, 93 Boyz has joined forces with aeriz, the largest aeroponic cannabis cultivator in the world, to provide sustainable and environmentally friendly products from plant to person (aeroponics is a cultivation method to grow product without the use of soil or an aggregate medium). The product line includes premium flower eighths, premium preroll, and strain-specific vape cartridges, encompassing a range of different options from sativa to indica to custom hybrid blends.

Founded in collaboration with SaveMoneySaveLife, Mensa’s long running nonprofit organization that uplifts and empowers BIPOC individuals through facilitated experiences that integrate contemporary cultural art, traditional knowledge, and community service, 93 Boyz turns its focus specifically to initiatives aimed at prison reform and equity in the cannabis space.

For more information on 93 Boyz initiatives and products, visit HERE.

Vaughn Lowery tests and reviews NÜR San Francisco for 360 MAGAZINE


“The light between the heavens and the earth.”

After witnessing product discoloration and encountering rashes caused by allergies, Afghan-American Nilo established NÜR.

Thanks to the PVD, NÜR has been able to produce without many issues. At an affordable price point, this ethical, sustainable fine jewelry can stand the test of time.  Hypoallergenic yet rustproof ornaments pair well with lesser eco-friendly options to create a stylish look.

After putting a necklace to its limits: long baths, extended steam room sessions coupled with prolonged wearing, the 18k plating did not permit oxidation. In addition, even as a wild sleeper, the global construction prevented kinks.

Upon delivery, if an item does not properly fit or was damaged while being shipped, the customer has a two-week replacement window. Moreover, all products are free of metal allergens (nickel, copper and zinc) and are plated onto a surgical grade of stainless steel. Lastly, the polishing adds a protective layer, intensifying its durability; and thus, increasing its longevity.

Visit NÜR site HERE.

Article × Photo: Vaughn Lowery

Dino Cantu of Fabricade Bots speaks to Vaughn Lowery of 360 Magazine about new Mexico Chapter

Dinorah Cantú-Pedraza

Listen to Dinorah Cantú-Pedraza on 360 MAG Apple/Spotify podcast HERE.

Dinorah Cantú-Pedraza is an innovator in the world of tech. Joining the new NGLCC Chamber of Commerce in Mexico, Dino has had an established career shifting the way that people around the world communicate.

While attending the NGLCC Conference 2022 in Las Vegas, 360 MAGAZINE’s President Vaughn Lowery had the chance to chat with Dino.

As the CEO of fábrica de bots, the business conducts a variety of services that include the use of chat bots to enhance instant messaging platforms. Striving to provide connections for businesses and their customers, Dino shed light on the functionality of the WhatsApp platform for corporate enterprises. Committed to simplifying communication tactics for both parties, their main focus is to “make people’s lives simpler.”

WhatsApp allows people around the world communicate for varying services. As around 86% of Mexico already use the platform, Dino aims to continue to expand fábrica de bots internationally.

The firm works primarily with civil society organizations, something that Dino has been passionate about for her entire career. She traveled to New York in 2012 where she attended NYU Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service, obtaining an MPA in Public and Nonprofit Management and Policy.

Working in New York for around seven years, Dino continued her career at NYU’s Governance Laboratory conducting work “dedicated to deepening our understanding of how to govern more effectively and legitimately through technology.”

Continuing to innovate and change the world of tech, Dino wants to continue to help other civil organizations expand their services via WhatsApp. “We’re very focused on that, our slogan is ‘changing the world one bot at a time.’”

Dino continued, stating, “And if we can do something to make our lives easier, and there’s a lot of space for improvement in term of services, […] we should do it, but we should do it intentionally.”

Article by: McKinley Franklin

Studio House illustration by Wanny ng for 360 MAGAZINE


Listen to fireside chat w/ Studio House on 360 MAG podcast on Apple/Spotify HERE.

Located opposite Lake Montebello in downtown Baltimore, Studio House is a project space for communion. The home offers independent artists the opportunity to cultivate connections, and their individual and creative practice in and around City of Baltimore. The objective of this chamber is to bring together a group of rotating artists who have demonstrated a commitment to their creative maturity.

The project space was founded by Mahari Chabwera in December 2021 through early collaboration with The Contemporary Arts Network and ongoing collaboration with philanthropist Changrong Ji.

As a nexus for restoration and community, the residency experience is open (but not limited to) visuals artists, photographers, writers, curators, musicians and filmmakers. The house offers a space for everyone to gather, relax, research, play, share resources and develop nourishing projects. 

Throughout their stay, artists receive studio visits from curators, collectors, art advisors, and thriving artists on the field.

Studio House participants have the opportunity to work collaboratively within 4,400 square feet. house, each trimming a studio area to serve their practice. Artists can participate in group excursions to museums, galleries, beaches, farmers’ markets, thrift stores and dance parties. Each has access to its own spacious private room, shared bathroom, common living room, kitchen, balcony, front patio, and fenced in yard.

Current Participants:

Alliannah Hamilton|Austin Miles|Jabari Jefferson
Angelique Scott

Zara Larsson – Sommer House

Multi-platinum global pop star Zara Larsson has today detailed plans for her own brand new record label, Sommer House. Sommer House will be licensed through Epic USA and distributed by Sony Sweden for all forthcoming Zara Larsson releases.

In a unique agreement made with TEN Music Group CEO Ola Håkansson – who originally signed Zara – Larsson has also today taken control of her entire recording catalogue (which has been streamed over 9 billion times). Having been signed to the Swedish independent in 2011, Zara’s relationship with TEN has resulted in one of her country’s most successful international exports – a story that continues in this new venture…

Commenting on the deal today, Zara states: “ I really want to say thank you to Ola and everyone at TEN for giving me the opportunity to break out as an artist and helping me start my career. You are now also making something happen that is so, so rare for a woman in the music industry – the capability to own my own catalogue. With that, it makes perfect sense that I would start my own record company. I very much look forward to my future and to a continued collaboration with Sony as well.’

“This is a natural and exciting development in Zara’s continuing music career,” Ola Håkansson comments. “We have worked together for more than 10 fantastic, eventful years and Zara is, despite her young age, an established and respected international artist with extensive experience of the international music scene today. It is going to be really exciting to follow Zara’s ongoing music career. I wish her the best of luck, and I am convinced the she is going to achieve all her musical dreams and get to show her amazing artistry on the worlds biggest stages.”

Epic CEO Slvia Rhone, meanwhile, closes:  “Zara has been a cornerstone artist for Epic Records, and we are privileged and excited to be involved in the next chapter in her luscious career.”

 Currently featuring on Alesso’s latest single ‘Words’, Zara Larsson has just dropped her Spotify Singles cover of ‘Lay All Your Love On Me’ in a pulsing rework produced by Mark Ralph (Years & Years, Georgia). Zara was also invited to attend the premiere of ABBA’s ‘Voyage’ residency at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, ahead of Larsson’s European tour this summer and brand new music expected this autumn.

All women have superpowers. Wielding those superpowers, Zara Larsson provokes and pushes pop music and culture forward with empowered, enlightened, and energized anthems that soar and seduce all at once. With every move, she continues to quietly make history and break records. Her RIAA platinum-certified 2017 full-length, ‘So Good‘, notably stands out as the second-most-streamed debut on Spotify by a female artist ever. Zara’s growing catalogue boasts one smash after another, including the triple-platinum ‘Never Forget You‘ with MNEK, the platinum ‘Lush Life‘ and ‘Ain’t My Fault‘, as well as the unstoppable Clean Bandit collaboration ‘Symphony‘. Along the way, she has received various awards and honors at the Swedish Grammy Awards, Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, MTV EMAs, and even graced the stage of the Nobel Peace Prize concert. 2020’s second international album, ‘Poster Girl‘, featured breakout hits ‘Ruin My Life‘, and ‘Wow‘, and saw Zara make further strides towards Pop’s top table working alongside the likes of Max Martin and Young Thug. Launched entirely in lockdown, the project has surpassed 1 billion streams, seen Zara perform virtually for Roblox, and host a spectacular show in partnership with fellow Swedish icons Ikea on International Women’s Day, before playing a sold-out European arena tour“One of pop’s biggest and outspoken stars” (The Guardian). Currently featuring on Alesso’s new single ‘Words’, watch out for more on Zara Larsson coming soon. 

Israel Tourism

The Israel Ministry of Tourism continues to help the local tourism industry, to increase the accommodation supply to lower prices. The Investment Administration in the Tourism Ministry has recently received 107 applications from entrepreneurs seeking grants to build and expand hotels.

Investors, who are optimistic about the rehabilitation of Israel’s incoming tourism industry, are seeking to establish and convert existing buildings to hotels and expand existing buildings or restore them to their original purpose. 70 applications were submitted in the building permit tracking, 22 requests as part of a track to restore buildings to hotel use and convert existing buildings into hotels, and 15 applications were submitted in the implementation track by companies who have a building permit. This year’s grant budget stands at NIS 165 million. The directives of the Investment Administration for 2022 were published last April and the deadline for applications to be submitted was mid-May 2022.

The Israel Minister of Tourism Yoel Razvozov spoke about Israels current tourism opportunities, “There is a great deal of optimism and interest among the tourism industry. This year, we broke the record for the number of grant requests for opening new hotels in Israel, with over one hundred applications submitted. The Israel Ministry of Tourism continues to invest vast efforts in increasing incoming tourism traffic to Israel and shortening the amount of time it takes to build hotels. This will inject billions of shekels into the state coffers.”

As is well known, the corona crisis interrupted the upward growth trend in incoming tourism, which culminated in record figures in 2019 of over 4.5 million tourists. During the crisis, the Ministry of Tourism focused on preserving and nurturing the tourism infrastructure and continued assistance to entrepreneurs. This is to prepare for the return of growth. According to the Ministry of Tourism, the tourism industry’s annual contribution to the economy (before the pandemic) stood at about NIS 40 billion. The ministry is working to restore incoming tourism traffic to Israel and for the industry’s recovery following the crisis.

Despite the effects of the pandemic, progress has been registered in both planning new hotel projects and in building projects that were planned before the outbreak of the pandemic. The ministry continues to work to realize the potential inherent in hotel investments, to increase the number of tourists, and, as a result, to increase revenue from tourism to the economy.