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The Happy Fits press Photo via Rahil Ahsruff for use by 360 Magazine

The Happy Fits – Another Try

Orchestral tinged indie-pop trio, The Happy Fits’ have partnered with SiriusXM’s Advanced Placement for the first look of their new single “Another Try.” Taken from their two-track bundle, which also includes the track “Cold Turkey,” “Another Try” represents the first new music since the release of their 2020 sophomore album, What Could Be Better, press HERE to listen and HERE to watch the “Another Try” visualizer, created by Alexis Kitchmire and Liza Farrell, which features bright and bold pop art images seen through a vintage View-Master. 

Reflecting how we often cope with reality in negative ways, the anthemic new single rides an emotionally-charged chorus that highlights the importance of accepting adversity as part of life’s journey and an opportunity to grow. Inspired by cabin fever and the fear of losing everything they’d worked towards, “Another Try” is intentional in its effort to feel like a light of inspiration rather than a dark moment in the band’s timeline. 

Despite signaling the start of a new era for The Happy Fits, “Another Try” continues the band’s steadfast mission statement of connecting with a world that’s sometimes distant. “For the past 3 years touring and recording was the only life that we knew, and I found myself repeating the same habits, day in and day out. For a time, I tried to do things that I thought would fill some void in me that needed to feel accomplished, but if anything, it just caused me to slip back into my vices,” Calvin shares. Moving to Brooklyn to record their new music, “Another Try” ignited the spark the band needed to continue creating vivid, lyrically-driven music. “The song, to me, feels like a goodbye to the negativity and hardships that we have all gone through in the past year,” adds Ross.

Their songs, which emphasize life-changing realizations, celebrate our collective ability to overcome the obstacles and hurdles as we level up morally and emotionally. The Happy Fits have cultivated an eager and engaged fanbase who have propelled consumption rates through the roof. The band saw rapid growth following the release of What Could Be Better as their monthly listeners grew to over 780,000 on Spotify and they surpassed 65 million global streams. The trio achieved their first Billboard chartings, landing at #4 on the Alternative New Artists list and #12 on the Top New Artists Albums list, while seeing the album’s focus track “Hold Me Down” hit #30 on the Alternative Airwaves chart. The Grammy Foundation, Alternative Press, DuJour, PopMatters, Ones To Watch, Atwood Magazine and more have all signed on to champion The Happy Fits’ unique, guitar-and-cello rock, with NPR asking “What Could Be Better? I honestly don’t know.”

The band will hit the road in October for a 50+ date headline tour to share their optimistic music with their fans, who have helped them sell out stops in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and DC. Full routing is below. For tickets and more details, visit The Happy Fits website.

In addition to their music, the band regularly connects with fans through their Twitch and YouTube Gaming channel, where they explore the worlds of Minecraft, Among Us, Stardew Valley, and Call of Duty (which they recently played with Ryan Key of Yellowcard). You can catch their weekly live series by adding their linktree to your bookmarks.

Heavenly Reyna photograph by Jeanne Dee from James Steers, Press Here Publicity for use by 360 Magazine

Heavenly Reyna Releases Acoustic Version of Upcoming Single “EXIT”

Pop prodigy Heavenly Reyna has released the stripped-down, piano-driven version of her anticipated upcoming single “EXIT.” Press here to listen to the acoustic track, a quirky, pop-infused ballad which compares the pain of heartbreak to the agony of LA traffic. The accompanying video finds Heavenly with nothing but a piano as she reflects on the anguish left behind in the wake of a breakup. Press here to watch the “EXIT” acoustic video.

“As a trilingual artist, I love global stories that we can all relate to,” says Heavenly. “I’ve grown really fast on Twitch and ‘EXIT’ has always been one of my most popular songs there because everyone can relate to heartbreak and agonizing traffic. I like the juxtaposition of comparing a breakup to traffic as it adds a twist to the song.”

Heavenly celebrated the release of the acoustic version of “EXIT” with a special Twitch livestreamed release party which Twitch promoted on their front page. In addition to performances during the livestream, Heavenly partnered with Røde Microphone to host a giveaway for viewers that tuned in. Press here to view their Twitch channel.

Readying to step into her own, and previously releasing music under the moniker Mozart, “EXIT” marks Heavenly’s first release under her birth name. A prolific singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Heavenly has brought together her love of music and her diverse experiences into her songs including her previous single “Push You Harder,” an inspiring, female empowerment anthem about succeeding in the face of adversity which received acclaim from LA Weekly, Celeb Secrets, and Pasadena WeeklyPress here to watch the music video for the track which was written shortly after Heavenly’s 17th birthday and draws inspiration from strong women throughout history.

Raised in 48 countries as her family travelled the globe and documented their adventures as travel bloggers, Heavenly shared her experiences of how these ventures played an influential role in her life in a 2016 TED Talk. Using her music as a cultural bridge to bring people together through relatable storytelling that transcends individual cultures, Heavenly is fluent and crafts songs in English, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish. She has gone viral on TikTok for performing covers of popular songs in a multitude of different languages, recently catapulted to over two million channel views on Twitch after becoming a partner, and headlined shows on her European solo tour.

Since kicking off her musical career as a teenager, Heavenly featured next to Ariana Grande in her “God is a Woman” music video, appeared on MTV songwriting with Bebe Rexha, was a featured singer in both Halsey’s and Lindsey Stirling’s documentaries, starred in in the Brat series The Talent Show, and was crowned the winner of the International Songwriting and Unsigned Artist competitions. Taking her talents into the world of acting, Heavenly also won a Best Actress Award for her dramatic lead in the film Rose, and recently starred in two new thrillers, Fame at a Deadly Cost and Glass Darkly.

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DJ & Soulection cofounder, Joe Kay, goes deep through SoundCloud “crates” to surface hidden gems from artists and fans driving the “Sound of Tomorrow.”

SoundCloud’s “Digging with Joe Kay,” a live and interactive music discovery series, is back with new episodes starting July 28th at 11am PT / 2pm ET on SoundCloud’s Twitch channel.

Hosted by DJ, and visionary co-founder of the independent music platform, label, and artist collective Soulection, Joe Kay, this bi-weekly show once again brings together the unique music discovery experience found only on SoundCloud with Kay’s expertise and real world storytelling to connect artists and fans with the most exciting undiscovered tracks on the platform.

“Digging with Joe Kay” debuted in May 2020 as part of SoundCloud’s launch on Twitch. The show quickly became a fan-favorite among listeners and creators eager to check out Kay’s rare finds from some of the hottest underground artists across genres, sounds and identities first on SoundCloud before breaking anywhere else.

During the show, artists and fans can live chat directly with Kay, get tips on what makes a particular track stand out, comment on the picks, give shoutouts and promote their own latest drops in the live chat. Following each episode, fans can revisit highlights on SoundCloud in a “Digging with Joe Kay” playlist updated with new, standout tracks played during the live show each week.

“SoundCloud is one of my favorite sources of inspiration when it comes to finding new artists, demos, edits and DJ’s mixes/radio shows from all over the world,” says Joe Kay. “I tap in to the SoundCloud matrix when I need to dig deeper.”

“Digging with Joe Kay” captures that real-time moment of music discovery when you are introduced to a new sound or under-the-radar artists by a trusted creator and dedicated music fan, like Kay, and bring your own voice to the conversation,” said Leon Sherman, Director of Editorial at SoundCloud. “With tracks from over 30 million creators across the globe, we are always excited to work with Joe, one of the most influential artists, tastemakers and leaders on the music scene, to surface the future stars that first share their work with the world on SoundCloud.”

“Digging with Joe Kay” will launch on Wednesday, July 28 at 11am PT / 2pm ET on SoundCloud’s Twitch, Facebook and YouTube channels. For the latest on “Digging with Joe Kay,” stay tuned to SoundCloud’s Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to SoundCloud’s Twitch channel HERE.

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King of the Dot Brings Rap Battles to Detroit via Twitch


More than 250,000 viewers tuned in to Twitch to watch live as battle rappers competed in downtown Los Angeles in the second round of this year’s King of the Dot (KOTD).

Watch an Instagram recap of the second round HERE.

KOTD brings the most competitive rappers from across America to clash with flows in head-to-head battles. The top four competitors from each division will move into sudden-death S1 playoffs, which begin in November where they compete for one winner to take home $100,000 in cash.

Viewers on Twitch will be granted access to the exclusive closed set that offers a front-row seat for the battles. Not only will the battles be streamed for millions of fans around the world, but each fan will also play a role in voting on the winners.

Winners of each battle are determined by their Total Battle Score or TBS. A TBS is the score each of the four judges gives the competitor, with a maximum of 10 points and a minimum of seven points per round. Fan votes are weighed as though they make up a single judge, with the rappers getting points depending on whether the win was convincing or close. Each battle, an artist can accumulate a maximum of 150 points, or a minimum of 111 points across the three rounds.

KOTD now heads to Detroit, where rappers in the North region will battle it out. Upcoming matchups include the following:

Mackk Myron vs. Dallas Cash on July 4

Times vs. 100 Shot Frenchie on July 4

Ciddy vs. XQZ on July 4


As announced earlier this year, the six-month S1 format introduces a series of weekly episodes organized by King of the Dot and streamed exclusively on Twitch. In November, one winner will take home $100,000 USD and additional performance-based prizes. Catch one of the most intense rap face offs of the summer!&#a0;

Instead of the old East vs West rivalry from the 90ߣs hip-hop, the modern era has burgeoning scenes in every region. With an East, West, North, and South division, King of Dotߣs regional talent managers have courted the top talent from New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Atlanta, respectively, to clash for the life-changing grand prize.

League founder and owner Travis Organik Fleetwood says of the S1 partnership, After we saw how the Twitch community and Twitch team embraced battle rap in 2020, we didn’t even blink when we had the chance to make history with them in delivering S1. You learn more from people’s actions than you do from their words, and Twitch demonstrated that they are committed to creating the best experience for battle rap fans around the world every time the ball came their way. We look forward to bringing our audience onto the service for many more successful seasons.

King of the Dot events mix A-List celebrity guests and athletes with a dedicated audience who travel far and wide to participate in the spectacle. Artists like Ice T, Deadmau5, Method Man, and the OVO front-man Drake, who once knighted himself as KOTD’s #1 fan, have helped the league grow to become renowned as the worldwide leader in innovation for this space.

The Canadian King of the Dot league has always been first-movers in the battle rap space with smaller leagues replicating their format for good reason. They were first to popularise winner-takes-all tournaments, the first to create the Pay-Per-View model that is now deployed globally, and the first to launch and license a number of the formats which ultimately define the culture today, including the introduction of seasonality.

S1 seasonality is the only logical step for our league, artists, and partners. The regular cadence enables artists to make new fans every week, from every corner of the map, and puts them in a position to capitalize on their talent all year round. We’re filling Madison Square Garden twice with the number of viewers passing through these streams and our artists deserve even bigger audiences, says Charles Morgan, owner of King of the Dot.

The season will air live battles every Sunday at 12pm pst/3pm est, alongside an exciting slate of lifestyle content featuring artists from the league and around the world. The full programming schedule, covering sports, gaming, music, and culture, will be made available exclusively to viewers on Twitch.

Keep up with King of the Dot via their website, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch


Hip-hop booms everywhere – from basements and street corners to arenas and stadiums. Travis Organik Fleetwood has brought the King Of the Dot battle rap league to every corner of the culture supported by a rapt and rabid audience of millions. The Toronto native has evolved from a deft and dynamic wordsmith himself, into one of the most influential executives in the game, respected by icons such as Drake and touted by Vice, The Source, Music Business Worldwide, AllHipHop, and many more.

It all stems from an unwavering passion and commitment to hip-hop.

He discovered that purpose as a kid just outside of Toronto. Gravitating towards hip-hop, he not only loaded up his computer with at least 30,000 songs downloaded on Limewire, but also recordings of battles and videos. The artform of wordplay immediately grabbed his attention. Obsessed with Big L, Chino XL, Method Man, and more, he recorded his own rudimentary loops from an Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) tape and cut his own verses. By high school, he started battling. He triumphed in one competition after another (often returning to win again in subsequent years). He emerged victorious at Canadian BET’s Canadian Spring Bling, Proud 2 B Eh Battle MC, and the World Rap Championship.


King of the Dot Entertainment, also known as KOTD, is a rap battle league founded in Toronto, Canada in 2008 by Travis Organik Fleetwood. The company hosts rap battles with emcees and loyal viewers from around the world.

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By: Andrew Shibuya

It’s Prime Day–an almost dystopian new holiday of sorts, rivaling Black Friday itself and joining the ranks of those days that celebrate the contemporary culture of excessive consumerism. And perhaps almost as equally as dystopian as the day itself is the subsequent full throttle media push from news publications and influencers alike, listing the best deals and items to keep an eye out for.

And it’s not just Amazon that’s having a sale today. Retail giants Target and Walmart began their sales yesterday and today, too, attempting to both rival and outdo Amazon’s own sales. With this comes a massive ripple effect, with almost every large retailer and store offering their own imitative sales. Though indicative of Amazon’s obvious influence over the market, this ripple effect is similarly indicative of some greater ills of the post-modern capitalist world.

The event itself has been objectively well-crafted and carefully engineered. Beginning in 2015 to celebrate Amazon’s twentieth anniversary, Prime Day was introduced as a member’s only sale. And though the event was never truly a celebration for all as the company makes it out to be, now, the sales are hardly even sales. The bargains that are so celebrated are often merely engineered illusions, with prices being hiked initially, only for the appearance of a greater discount, and many items are often lackluster and unwanted models.

So, what is it about Prime Day and the subsequent market spike that keeps customers coming back? There are almost innumerable reasons behind why days like Prime Day and Black Friday are so successful, and there can be little doubt that there is a host of behavioral psychologists called upon to make Prime Day so successful. In general, Amazon employs numerous tried and true marketing and sales tricks that appeal to customers at a psychological level. From the rush of trying to snatch up a “Lightning Deal” to the fear of missing out on “a once in a lifetime” deal, Amazon certainly pulls out all the stops to generate perceived value around Prime Day’s deals.

This Prime Day, the first as the world begins its exit into a post-pandemic society, is worth considering sitting out. Out of everyone in the world, Amazon is one of the only entities for which the pandemic came with remarkable benefits.  The net worth of Amazon and subsequently Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos skyrocketed over the pandemic. In 2020 alone, Amazon saw a reported 70% increase in earnings in the first nine months of the year. And from March to June, Bezos’ net worth grew $48 billion.

It would be one thing – not a good thing by any means – but it would be something else entirely if Amazon did not have numerous documented issues with their working conditions. And these issues are said to only have grown worse with the pandemic. So as more people turned to Amazon as the pandemic forced everyone to remain at home, and as Bezos’ net worth grew, so too did claims of timed bathroom breaks, unreachable productivity requirements, and general unsafe working conditions.

In addition to these concerns regarding Amazon employees is the fact that Amazon in general has a vast environmental footprint. In 2019 alone, the company was reported to have generated 465 million pounds of plastic packaging waste. In air pillows alone, Amazon’s packaging waste would circle the planet more than 500 times. The fact that events like Prime Day are so successful is remarkable to see as the greater world comes to terms with or, in fact, does not come to terms with global warming and the vast detrimental effects of consumerism culture.

But what is most astonishing about the success of Prime Day is that these great drawbacks to the event, and to Amazon in general, are no secret. People are generally not shy about their criticisms of Amazon and Bezos himself. Tens of thousands of people have recently signed a petition to stop Bezos’ return to Earth following his trip to space next month. Innumerable thought pieces are written weekly indicting Amazon’s practices. And still, it’s one of the biggest companies in the world. Is Amazon now inevitable?

Between multibillion dollar business acquisitions and new real estate expansions, Amazon continues to expand its reach physically and to a wider audience. For a company that began as a bookstore alternative, Amazon now owns wholly unrelated companies to its online offerings such as Ring, Twitch, and Whole Foods.

And while perhaps not unexpected, the sheer variety and scale of Amazon’s holdings raise concerns of a further and more dominant monopoly across the entire marketplace. This is especially concerning in a year when more than 200,000 small businesses across the United States closed due to the coronavirus and ensuing lockdowns.

These concerns, of course, lead to the primary issues with Prime Day. Even if the discounts were truly exceptional, are the glaring issues with Amazon – from irreversible environmental damages to its troubling work conditions – worth its vast selection and free two-day shipping? It is this dilemma that will be a primary issue of the coming years as the cost and convenience of these trademark Amazon offerings are overshadowed by the inevitable environmental impact and implications of Amazon’s burgeoning monopoly.

Moreover, with respect to Prime Day itself, how often do people buy things that they actually need? Oftentimes, as with many sales, people buy items that they would not otherwise, save for the fact that they are on sale. Putting aside Amazon’s own issues with packaging and other waste, this sort of rampant consumerism in itself has led to an increase in pollutant emissions, increased deforestation, as well as an acceleration of global warming.

And while these issues are rather glaring and easy to point out, the solution is not so easily within reach. Ultimately, it will come down to if the convenience of Amazon is outweighed by their ever becoming ethically or morally untenable, whether because of their environmental or social impact. Until then, it seems that Prime Day will continue to succeed, Amazon will simply continue to grow, and so too will the number of complaints and worries. And thus, Amazon has become the company that everybody loves to criticize but few can resist.


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GoldLink – HARAM!

Today, GoldLink, one of the most innovative artists in hip-hop, releases his third studio album, HARAM!, via Squaaash Club/RCA Records. Click here to listen.

Containing 15 tracks with features by Flo MilliNLE ChoppaSantigoldBibi BourellyRich The Kid, emerging international act Fire! and more, HARAM! represents the destruction and rebuilding of a new GoldLink, yet stays true to his lyrical prowess. Joe Perez (Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Pusha T) helmed the creative direction for the album.

Continuing to redefine what a “rap star” is meant to be, HARAM! is GoldLink’s most personal, genius, adventurous and riskiest piece of work to date. Filled with unfiltered braggadocios raps, challenging flows – yet feels more specific, like a biopic – the album is one that poses questions rather than give answers. The metaphoric use of the harsh, gritty telephone effect against his iconic cadence signifies that GoldLink is purposefully imperfect; he doesn’t want to be perfect. With HARAM!, GoldLink’s quest is to challenge the idea of rap titles in art in his pursuit to becoming a musical deity.

This Saturday (6/19), GoldLink will be performing during Luminosity Gaming’s “Luminosity Live” event, presented by F9. Catch him on Twitch at 10pm EST on the Luminosity Twitch Channel.

HARAM! Track list:

01 Extra Clip feat. NLE Choppa

02 202

03 White Walls

04 Spit On It feat. Rizloski

05 Terrordome

06 Evian feat. PinkPantheresss, Rizloski & Rax

07 Raindrops feat. Flo Milli

08 Twin feat. Rich The Kid

09 Girl Pacino

10 Thump Chronicles Vol. 1 feat. Pressa & Digga

11 Culture Clash feat. Fire!

12 Wayne Perry feat. LukeyWorld

13 Wild and Lethal Trash! feat. Fire! & Santigold

14 Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk feat. Jesse Boykins III

15 Cindy’s Daughter feat. Bibi Bourelly

Listen here: HARAM!

About GoldLink:

Where the intersections of the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia) collide, GoldLink is a direct product. Washington, D.C., and the broader DMV area, have long been treated like a musical Rubik’s cube. There are bursting, technicolor patches of musical brilliance, but the component parts never line up in a way that made sense to those on the outside. GoldLink is not interested in spelling out all the nuances of his hometown; what he does aim to do is synthesize his environment’s litany of influences and inspirations into something unique, singular, and all together his own.

With his RIAA-certified Gold debut studio album At What Cost (Squaaash Club/RCA) – helmed by the monstrous single “Crew” – released in March 2017, he’s done just that. By merging the sensibilities of go-go with the African diaspora, he’s done what hip-hop has done from its inception: repurpose what’s available into something magical.

The success of At What Cost and 4x Platinum single “Crew” saw GoldLink achieve a number of career firsts — from his Grammy nomination for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration to the iHeartMedia Music Awards nomination for Best New Hip-Hop Artist to his BET Awards nomination for Best New Artist. Adding to his accomplishments was a Grammy Nomination for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration the following year with “Like I Do” with Christina Aguilera.

Following up in 2019 with Diaspora, GoldLink continued to show his sonic range and influences as shown on singles “Zulu Screams” ft. Maleek Berry & Bibi Bourelly, and “Joke Ting” ft. Ari Pensmith. The album was recognized by Pitchfork as “the best music of his career,” and Highsnobiety declared “GoldLink can conceive of and execute his ideas better than most anyone in hip-hop today.” Diaspora made several Best Albums of The Year lists including Complex, UpRoxx, Hot New Hip Hop and more, while “Zulu Screams” made The New York Times “54 Best Songs of 2019” list, calling it “a supremely catchy international collaboration.”

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Mikey Lion For The Love from Christina Hernandez and Desert Hearts for use by 360 Magazine

Mikey Lion – For The Love

Love—it’s one of the strongest and most universal connectors in our world. It’s also the driving force behind everything Mikey Lion does, from the music he crafts to the events he runs as the leader of Desert Hearts, to the circles he keeps. To honor this all-encompassing force, the artist today releases the full rendition of For The Love, his debut studio album, and the 100th release on Desert Hearts Records. A patchwork of nine tracks depicts Lion’s saga spanning from the day he discovered his true purpose, to the highs and lows of realizing it, and up to the present where he ponders on reaching the next chapter for himself and his community.

Before nurturing his brand and record label into the behemoth that it is today, a young Mikey Lion had been living with his parents and questioning the direction to take his life. Mesmeric album closer “Talking To The Trees” with its lush synth layers and gossamer vocals, sketches out how his path was revealed to him. During a fateful psychedelic trip, he was guided to spread love and community under the banner of House, Techno, and Love that fans know today. Desert Hearts was officially launched in 2012, and the rest is history.

Listen to For The Love here.

Elsewhere in For The Love, Lion reminisces on the moments and feelings that reaffirmed his direction. “When I’m With You,” a breezy vocal jam crafted alongside Lubelski and Jackson Englund, pays homage to blissful times spent with loved ones in and out of the rave. The peak time ready “Spot Freak” represents cheeky dancefloor moments with the crew via off-kilter synth effects, licks of acid, and hard-hitting percussion. “Above The Clouds,” which leads For The Love with dulcet melodies, is Lion’s interpretation of house music heaven—a feeling he seeks to emulate at each Desert Hearts event.

Trial arrived in Mikey’s journey in 2020, when the pandemic brought his and Desert Hearts’ momentum to a screeching halt. Written in minor key with tense buildups and heavy synthwork, “For The Love Of What” is the label head’s expression of this doubtful time, where existential crisis set in and he was left questioning what the point of it all was, and how the mission of spreading love would continue in the absence of shows.

Luckily, reprise was found within the dedicated community he built over the years. As Mikey led Desert Hearts into the virtual world, launching a TV station on Twitch, followers swiftly hopped on for the ride. He found himself reaching even more people across the globe with DH’s message of House Techno Love, receiving donations and pledges of support from across the globe, and interacting with the DH community on a virtual dancefloor. It was an affirmation of a different sort, but no less powerful, convincing him again that love and music would sustain him, regardless if the dancefloor was digital.

For The Love is ultimately a culmination of the triumphs and tribulations Mikey Lion has faced through the years since he first set out to bring the mantra of House, Techno, Love to a global scale—and is also a marker of an artist just beginning to step into his own sonically. Its timeless influences and multifaceted, yet polished sound design point to an artist who’s put in the work to master his craft. Through painstaking detail, instrumentation, and arrangement, Mikey manages to tell years’ worth of stories in just nine compositions.

At the end of the day, the lesson remains: community comes first always, and the decisions we make should be guided by, if not entirely, For The Love.

Connect with Mikey Lion:

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Connect with Desert Hearts:

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DJ Tennis x Life and Death

DJ Tennis has spent the past decade molding Life and Death into an extension of his own multidimensional mind. Refusing to adhere to trends and maintaining a strictly DIY approach, the label and roving events brand has become one of the foremost tastemaking platforms among the electronic underground. Now, longtime followers and curious newcomers alike are offered a fresh glimpse into Life and Death’s psychedelic world via the launch of a brand new Twitch channel and partnership. The inaugural broadcast takes place on June 1, with new episodes aired everyday.

Life and Death TV adds a new dimension to the brand’s technicolor universe—and for the first time, giving us a glimpse of the world behind some of the most influential artists and collaborators—building upon the mission of its website launched last year to breed community connection. It’s as multifaceted in character as the brand itself; segments range from emo carpet tufting and psychedelic art creation sessions, to bike tours around the world, to charting the transformation of Robot Heart resident Benjamin Alexander from a DJ to Jamaica’s first Olympian skier. The channel even pays homage to left of center cuisine, with a deep dive on the art of cooking insects by renowned Mexican chefs Tomás Bermúdez and Sergio Meza—both of whom have Michelin star experience under their belts.

Music remains at the core of Life and Death, and its ethos of cutting edge curation radiates across its Twitch channel programming. Juba’s “Global Dancefloor” examines the African diaspora within dance music alongside model and artist Exocé Kasongo. Peruvian artist Umoid will be tufting a special Life and Death mural rug in her home country to her soundtrack of carefully curated electronica. Marvin & Guy’s Marcello Giordani heads up the “Master Program,” where the Italo Deviance founder will explore disco and Italo’s past & present from his 10,000+ vinyl collection. “Focus,” hosted by Portuguese maverick Mike Stellar, is a talk show pairing the finest Brazilian music with wine tasting. Inspired by his hiking expeditions in Los Angeles, Daron Sassounian digs into the city’s underground with a mixtape/visual series, “Between the Ridge,” meant to stimulate emotions, memories, and ideas within its listeners.

Psychedelia plays a large influence in both DJ Tennis and Life and Death’s sounds ad visions. To honor this, the label boss will host his own show dedicated to mind expanding music and equally out-there accompanying visuals. He’ll also show off his inner quirk via his dog Frida the Husky working on her treadmill and other surprises. Jazz aficionados will enjoy Life and Death’s weekly Virtual Fireplace, while those needing an afterparty soundtrack can tune into the channel each weekend for a selection of music paired with footage of cute and rare animals from Miami’s Canine 101 sanctuary.

The Life and Death crew has kept itself plenty busy of late, focusing on various community oriented projects including the launch of their website, storytelling blog, and cut & sew clothing line which has already seen collaborations with indie artists Father Akki and Tony Tafuro. Come December 4, the label will once again join with Innervisions to bring their iconic Art Basel bacchanale, Rakastella, back to Florida’s Historic Virginia Key.

With the launch of Life and Death TV, the label’s legacy of pushing creative boundaries across mediums and the world.

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Gambling illustrations by Heather Skovlund for 360 Magazine

Bolstering Brands and Products Through Innovative Live Productions

These days, even products that have remained largely the same at their core for decades need to explore the ways in which new technology can assist them in connecting to customers. Right now, the tech proving to be a game-changer for brands and products across several industries is live streaming.

Having been widely adopted by the general public through the likes of Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and Twitch, companies now feel comfortable using it as a means to showcase or advance their offering. For the uninitiated, a live stream isn’t much more than a video stream, but when applied correctly, the fact that it’s live makes all of the difference.

From a new way to experience online products to luxury brands offering an innovative way to captivate potential customers, live-streamed productions look to be the way forward.

Making the experience even better

Perhaps the most profound way in which live streaming is being applied is to products that rely a great deal on the experience. When online, people can find just about anything that they want, but for an online-based product to become better, it can build into a live stream, offering real-time engagement with the brand and the product. The best way that this works is when a live stream is a two-way event, with those watching being able to influence or engage with those hosting the stream.

The furthest that live streaming has developed in this sense is in the advancement of online games, specifically online game show and table games. Take live roulette, for example; it’s played in rounds with the players wanting to bet on numbers for each spin. So, the game streams the real table and croupier to the player, with OCR technology set up to read the table while the player bets through the UI on their phone or computer. Suddenly, roulette isn’t a video-simulated online game, it’s real, live, and offers that same bricks ‘n mortar casino experience at the convenience of the users.

The same can be seen in the way that music is evolving its online presence. For decades, aspiring artists have posted their covers on video platforms like YouTube, but now there’s a surge of people staging live shows rather than just offering on-demand content. Data analysis of a popular live music platform has found that not only are viewers overwhelmingly positive about the live-streamed experience, but they’re also very likely to buy into products as a direct result of the live experience.

Building into live commerce

The idea of truly organized and direct live commerce isn’t a concept that’s overly well adopted in western markets. Sure, so-called influencers have been paid to sling promoted items over videos on social media, but in China, the likes of Taobao Live and Baidu have crafted full channels dedicated to shoppable live streams. They work similarly to the influencers, but the streams from the likes of fashion site MOGU are specifically designed to showcase products, help customers, answer questions, and more: offering shopping and entertainment all in one.

Luxury fashion brands are starting to explore the potential of live streams, too. There’s Rihanna’s Fenty Social Club on Instagram, which offered a form of escapism while also raising brand awareness, and even informal meets from Marc Jacobs to connect to consumers. As it stands, live streaming fashion shows is the primary use of the technology at the luxury end, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see some fast fashion outlets explore the live streaming techniques that have been so successful in China.

There’s so much that companies can do with live streaming, from offering interactive options to live chat windows, that just about any brand can benefit from exploring the technology.

Best Friends illustration by Heather Skovlund for 360 Magazine

Songs to Save Them All

Emmylou Harris, Two Feet, SYML, Wrabel and more to perform in “Songs to Save Them All” livestream concert on May 6 to benefit Best Friends Animal Society 

Tune in at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT on YouTube, Tiltify, Twitch, and Facebook 

Numerous musicians are set to appear in “Songs to Save Them All: A Benefit Concert for Homeless Pets,” a three-hour benefit concert for Best Friends Animal Society streaming on May 6, 8 PM ET/5 PM PT.  

Recording artists expected to perform include country music legend Emmylou Harris, as well as Aunty SocialBaker Grace, Brandon Jenner, Canyon City, Chappell Roan, Davis John PattonDylan DunlapGeographerJoshua Radin, Laura Jean AndersonMunnPryor & LeeSammy RaeSYMLThe Joy FormidableTim AtlasTwo FeetVictoria AnthonyWILD, Wild Rivers, WOLF and Wrabel.  

In addition to the musical talent, celebrities including Lauren Ash, Mayim Bialik, author W. Bruce Cameron, TikTok influencer Caitlyn Cohen, Abbie Cornish, Kat Dennings, Josh Gad, Tricia Helfer, Thomas Lennon, Zosia Mamet, Natalie Morales, Kevin Nealon, Alison Pill, Dennis Quaid, Norman Reedus, Katee Sackhoff, Reid Scott, Amanda Seyfried, Brittany Snow, Katie Stevens, Cecily Strong, Holly Taylor, Ashley Williams, Bellamy Young, and others are also expected to make appearances to support the cause. 

 “Music is a universal language and brings so much joy to the world,” said Julie Castle, chief executive officer at Best Friends Animal Society. “This concert will celebrate how music and our love of animals unite us and show how we can all come together to support each other, our communities and homeless pets.” 

The free event will livestream on Tiltify, Twitch, YouTube and Facebook, as well as at Best Friends website. Viewers will have the opportunity to donate to Best Friends Animal Society via Tiltify to support making America no-kill by 2025. 

All proceeds will support Best Friends’ work across the country, including lifesaving collaboration with thousands of shelters and animal welfare groups.  There will also be a spotlight on the organization’s recent No-Kill Los Angeles initiative achievement, which reached a 90.49% save rate in the City of Los Angeles for 2020.  

“Everyone at Best Friends sends our gratitude to the musicians, singers, and songwriters who are sharing their time and talent for this awesome event,” Castle said. “We hope animal lovers everywhere will tune in, enjoy the music, and learn more about how everyone can make a different for homeless pets.”  

About Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends Animal Society is a leading animal welfare organization working to end the killing of dogs and cats in America’s shelters by 2025. Founded in 1984, Best Friends is a pioneer in the no-kill movement and has helped reduce the number of animals killed in shelters from an estimated 17 million per year to around 625,000. Best Friends runs lifesaving programs all across the country, as well as the nation’s largest no-kill animal sanctuary. Working collaboratively with a network of more than 3,200 animal welfare and shelter partners, and community members nationwide, Best Friends is working to Save Them All. For more information, visit Best Friends website