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360 MAGAZINE Swarovski encrusted bottle designed by Vaughn Lowery for NFT-VIP and minted on Solana


NFT-VIP is hosting its inaugural conference in the tech space to network their businesses, advance knowledge and engage intimately. 360 MAGAZINE serves as the official media sponsor of the episode.

'Homme 277' NFT illustration by Heather Skovlund for 360 Magazine


BR1, the makers of the world’s first risk-based shooter game, is launching a new NFT Collection.

Heat Up Your Weekend With These Tasty Cocktails For National Watermelon Day

CÎROC Watermelon Frosé Ingredients 7 oz. Cîroc Summer Watermelon 24 oz. Cups of ice cubes ½ Bottle of pink Moscato (Pink) .25 oz. Lime juice 22 oz. Watermelon flesh, seeds removed Method: -Puree Watermelon Flesh & Freeze into ice cubes -Blend frozen watermelon cubes, lime juice, vodka & pink Moscato -Serve in empty watermelon & […]

Captain Morgan Releases New Apple Smash

View some of the pictures from Captain Morgan event down below! Here are some fun recipes you can try out for yourself: Captain Morgan Apple Smash & Ginger 1.5 oz. Captain Morgan Apple Smash 4 oz. ginger ale Add ice and stir. Garnish with lime Captain and Ginger 1.5 oz Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum […]

Reveri: Your New Weakness

When’s the last time you finished a pint of ice cream and said to yourself, “I feel AMAZING”? If it was a pint of Reveri, you would say it every time we guarantee it. Reveri is a game-changing plant-based alternative to ice cream that ends the trade-off between luscious taste and health. Crafted from whole […]