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Twelve Health Benefits of Ginger

Many people get into homeopathy to assist with ongoing conditions. Although medication and advice from your doctor could make life more comfortable, adding all-natural remedies to your treatment plan could result in more significant results. Check out these 12 health benefits of ginger and how to use ginger for whatever ailments you must address.

1. It Helps With Nausea

You don’t have to be sick to feel nauseous. Pregnant women battle morning sickness and sometimes nausea is a side effect for people starting a new medication. Either way, adding ginger to hot tea or cold drinks will relieve your upset stomach if used in small amounts, like a quarter of a teaspoon. Large doses could cause stomach cramps.

2. It Reduces Cellular Inflammation

Inflammation results from many conditions, like illnesses and stress. Ginger will reduce or eliminate the inflammation and put your body more at ease. It was highly effective in a study regarding inflamed lung lining in asthma patients, so it will have the same cellular effects when ingested in a meal or drink. Ongoing cellular inflammation hurts your health and well-being, but Ginger can become a powerful dietary component in preventing discomfort by aiding your cells.

3. It Could Lower Blood Sugar

A study that followed participants who took 2,000-milligram (mg) supplements every day saw that ginger had positive effects on blood sugar tests for people with Type 2 diabetes. It may anchor your blood sugar in addition to your ongoing diabetes treatments. All-natural supplements are available at most pharmacies, but talk with your doctor before taking any to ensure it’s safe for medical conditions.

4. It Might Help With Weight Loss

Ginger often comes up in conversation with people who want to lose weight. A recent literature review found that it successfully repeated weight loss results in 14 studies. It could help rev your metabolism and get you back on track. Mix it into your shakes or make delicious ginger-focused recipes like chawanmushi. This Japanese egg custard uses a ginger sauce to diversify your flavor palette and make the keto-friendly dish an Instagram-worthy meal.

5. It Can Lower Heart Disease Risks

Heart disease is often a genetic condition, so you might not be able to avoid it altogether. However, if you use ginger every day, it might make the risk of developing heart disease early in life a less likely possibility. When it seeps into your bloodstream through your digestive tract, it improves your blood lipid levels and lowers your risk of heart conditions.

6. It Eases Osteoarthritis Symptoms

Osteoarthritis affects the degeneration of your joints. It might come as a surprise that ginger can help with this condition as well. People with osteoarthritis in their knees experienced significant pain relief after using topical ginger ointments. Whether taken orally or topically, ginger could be a great addition to your pain treatment because it’s so effective at reducing inflammation that triggers pain.

7. It Comforts People With Digestive Problems

Some digestive problems occur because a person’s stomach lining becomes irritated. Ginger soothes any resulting inflammation to ease symptoms like cramping. It also tackles nausea, so sip on warm ginger tea to soothe digestive problems whenever they occur. You could also add ginger oil to a drink if you don’t enjoy the powder in your beverages.

8. It Might Prevent Cancer

When you buy ginger at the grocery store, it doesn’t look like something powerful enough to fight cancer. It’s always wise to follow your doctor’s advice for a cancer diagnosis and treatment plan, but adding more ginger to your diet could help your outcome.

Researchers closely analyzed ginger’s effect on cancer patients and found that 6-gingerol destroys cancer cells when found naturally in the whole herb, instead of in oil or powdered form. The results will be much smaller than what happens during chemo treatments, but it can be an additional step for anyone fighting cancer or trying to stay in remission.

9. It Lowers Cholesterol Levels

What can 5 grams of ginger do for you? When taken every day, it might lower your cholesterol. Patients with hyperlipidemia who added that much ginger to their diet through supplements saw their low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol drop by 17.3% throughout the three-month study. It’s helpful for people trying to improve their health alongside prescribed treatments.

10. It Relieves Menstrual Pain

The clinical term for menstrual pain is dysmenorrhea. People who experience this pain often take over-the-counter medications to feel more comfortable, but ginger can also help. Study participants who took ginger supplements had the same pain relief as those who took the painkiller Novafen.

This natural herbal remedy is perfect for anyone still in pain after taking the recommended amount of medication. Try it in a hot drink to soothe tense muscles that might be sore after reacting to long-term pain.

11. It Battles Infections

When you picture an infection, you might think about a cut on your arm or leg. Infections also happen inside organs, which is when ginger can help. People have always used it for its antibacterial properties, but a recent study proved that ginger oil treats internal infections when taken orally. Depending on how you would most enjoy the flavor, you could add it to meals, salad dressings, shakes, or hot drinks.

12. It Could Fight Alzheimer’s Disease

People who have Alzheimer’s have an abnormal buildup of protein in their brains. It creates a plaque that worsens memory loss and other symptoms. When those same people put more ginger in their diet, it eased their ongoing symptoms because the anti-inflammatory properties reduced plaque buildup.

Sometimes doctors recommend taking ginger supplements or using ginger oil when someone receives an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. It can slow the progression and give people more time with their loved ones, if used in addition to other medications or treatments.

Learn the Health Benefits of Ginger

Anyone can learn how to use ginger to improve their wellness. First, you have to read about the health benefits of ginger to determine which benefits would help you the most. Then you can work with your doctor to supplement any medications or treatments with the proper dosage of ginger.

Ed Sheeran First Listen via BB Gun Media for use by 360 Magazine

Ed Sheeran × First Listen

Ed Sheeran is counting down to the release of his new album = with a very special Apple Music “First Listen” global live-stream celebration next week, Thursday, October 28 at 8:30pm BST / 12:30pm PST / 3:30pm EST only on Apple Music HERE. 

During the event, Ed Sheeran will join Apple Music’s Zane Lowe live to play new songs from ‘=,’ to chat about the new album, and to answer questions from fans.

After four years in the making, Ed Sheeran is back with “=,” the fourth installment of his symbol album series following his full length debut “+”, breakthrough “x”, and record setting “÷.”  “=” is preceded by hit singles “Bad Habits” and “Shivers.” Fans can Pre-add “=” now on Apple Music.

First Listen

First Listen is a series of free Apple Music hosted virtual launch parties, harkening back to the album listening parties of yore but now with almost unlimited ways for artists to connect with and treat their biggest fans to something special before releasing new music to the world. Acting as a live event extension of some of Apple Music’s most popular and influential playlists, these virtual listening parties could include everything from unreleased tracks, to special surprise guests and more. Previous events featured some of the world’s biggest artists including Olivia Rodrigo, Shawn Mendes, BLACKPINK, Bruce Springsteen, Keith Urban, Rauw Alejandro, Karol G, Moneybagg Yo, Migos, Dan + Shay, Belly, J Balvin and many more.

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is an English singer/songwriter; one of the most successful artists of all time with 150 million records sold. He’s known for his relatable lyrics, smooth, sultry vocals and his ginger hair. He’s most known for songs such as Grammy-winning “Shape of You,” “Thinking of You,” and “Perfect.” He’s also the founder of Gingerbread Man Records. His next album, “=” is set to be released on October 29, 2021.

Wizkid new video for Ginger as announced by 360 MAGAZINE.

Wizkid – Ginger

Nigerian singer/songwriter Wizkid offers another look at the amazing talent emanating from his beloved country with today’s release of the dance visualizer for “Ginger” featuring afrobeats choreographer Izzy Odigie. Click here to watch.

“Ginger” featuring Burna Boy is just one of many stellar songs on Wizkid’s latest opusMade in Lagos, which has garnered over 73 million audio and video streamsworldwide since its release via Starboy/Sony Music International/RCA Records. Dedicated to Nigeria, Made in Lagos encapsulates the positive vibes of the city for the world to enjoy.  The 14-track project also includes features from Skepta, Damian Marley, H.E.R. Ella Mai and Starboy Entertainment’s youngest signee Terri.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from Wizkid in the coming weeks.

Wizkid – Made in Lagos

Today, Nigerian singer/songwriter Wizkid drops his widely anticipated project Made in Lagos, via Starboy/ Sony Music International/RCA Records. Click here to listen.

Made in Lagos will not only engulf listeners in the unique sounds, live instrumentation and vibes of Lagos, but will celebrate Wizkid’s love and appreciation for where he comes from and his inspirational journey with standout tracks such as “Blessed” and “Reckless.” The 14-track project includes features from an incredible group of chart-topping artists – Burna Boy, Skepta, Damian Marley, H.E.R. Ella Mai and Starboy Entertainment’s youngest signee Terri.

Originally scheduled for release on October 15, Wizkid dedicates the project to the citizens of Nigeria in light of the police brutality occurring in his beloved country. “It has been beautiful to see Nigerians around the world coming together to protest against police brutality,” says Wizkid.  “Unity is key. The youth of Nigeria need our collective voices to continue to shine a spotlight to what is happening inside the country. I want to play my part in this and in the movement for a better Nigeria, a better place to live for ourselves, our families – our communities. We will get through this together. Together we move. #endSARS.”

Stream Made in Lagos

Made in Lagos track list:

01 Reckless 

02 Ginger feat. Burna Boy  

03 Longtime feat. Skepta

04 Mighty Wine 

05 Blessed feat. Damian Marley

06 Smile feat. H.E.R.

07 Piece of Me feat. Ella Mai  

08 No Stress

09 True Love 

10 Sweet One 

11 Essence 

12 Roma feat. Terri

13 Gyrate 

14 Grace

Captain Morgan Releases New Apple Smash

View some of the pictures from Captain Morgan event down below!

Here are some fun recipes you can try out for yourself:

Captain Morgan Apple Smash & Ginger

  • 1.5 oz. Captain Morgan Apple Smash
  • 4 oz. ginger ale
  • Add ice and stir. Garnish with lime

Captain and Ginger

  • 1.5 oz Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum
  • 4 oz Ginger Ale
  • Mint Sprig
  • Lime

Mermaid Life’s New Scents

Looking for something to ease the stress in life’s daily outcomes?

Allow yourself to breathe and melt away into a state of peace and relaxation with Mermaid Life’s Scented Candle.

So, light up your bathroom with their new scented candles as you soak in suds, or, just let yourself rest in a room to release away the day’s frustration and craziness.

The amazing grotto collection come in three different scents: the Pink-Mermaid time candle that gives a floral scent, Auqua-Aquatini that is more on the coconut/fruity vibe, and Brown-Driftwood for those who enjoy a more earthy/ginger smell.

Want to hear something even more amazing? All the candles are reusable!

Check out the candles here as they are $22 each to amp up the scent of your home today!