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Tips and Tricks for Mastering Online Casinos

Online casinos are not just a great way to spend an evening. They’re an opportunity to make some big profits. Knowing how to play different online casino games can reduce the house edge and ensure you use the perfect strategy every time.

Whether you’re new to online casinos or a regular player, here are some top tips for mastering online casinos.

  1. Develop a financial management plan

The first thing you need to consider is how you’re managing your bankroll. Without a plan in place, you’ll be liable to overspend. There’s little point in searching for the best no deposit bonuses for online casino play if you’re blowing your hard-earned money on an ill-fated bet.

Think about your household budget and what you can afford to spare. You may even want to consider putting deposit and playing limits in place. Most casinos have these features built-in to their platforms.

  1. Choose the right games to play

After developing your bankroll management strategy, it’s time to examine which games you should play. As a rule, you shouldn’t be playing a game if you don’t understand how it works and what the house edge is.

You want to know the payout rates and the exact rules of the game before playing. Every online casino has variations when it comes to these aspects.

And don’t forget, stick to the games you actually enjoy playing. Ultimately, online casinos are about having fun.

  1. Use any and every bonus

Online casinos are awash with bonuses to entice people to play with them. The online gambling industry is expected to be worth $92.9bn by 2023 due to the relaxation of anti-gambling laws in many parts of the US.

This has meant casinos are in a fierce battle to compete for customers. To do this, they offer bonuses. Smart players will often create accounts with different casinos to take advantage of these bonuses.

Hunt down different bonuses and figure out a strategy for the best way to use them. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of each bonus to ensure they’re worth your time.

  1. Study new gaming strategies

Some games have a lower house edge than others. For example, blackjack and roulette are among the table games with the lowest house edges. Beyond that, you need to take advantage of those low house edges by learning the strategies that shift the odds in your favor.

For example, playing blackjack using a basic strategy can lower the house edge to a mere 1%. Practice developing new strategies by reading online gaming guides targeted at specific games.

Advance your knowledge gradually, and you’ll soon become an online casino master.

  1. Choose your casinos with care

With so many online casinos to choose from, how do you select the one that’s got your best interests at heart?

Firstly, ensure that they’re registered with the proper authorities. Most online casinos tend to be based in friendly gambling jurisdictions, such as Malta, the Isle of Man and Luxembourg.

You can also lookup online reviews from your fellow players and see what they have to say. Reputation is everything in the world of online casinos, and it can tell you a lot.

There’s also the playing experience to consider. Some casinos specialize in certain types of games. For example, you might find a casino that places emphasis on their live dealer games. Others may have incredibly large progressive slots jackpots.

Once you’ve found a casino you can trust, it’s a matter of comparing their gaming catalogs and gaming experiences.

  1. Play with a calm head

The majority of online gambling losses come from people playing on tilt. In other words, they’ve just lost money, and they’re desperate to get it back before they log off for the night. This is when losses magnify.

Always make sure you’re playing when you’re calm and can think logically. Avoid alcohol, drugs or any other substance that could interfere with your decision-making abilities.

Perhaps the best skill any online gambler can have is knowing when it’s time to log off for the evening.


There are no guarantees when wagering your money at an online casino, but smart management of your account, where you play, and the bonuses you claim can push the odds in your favor and increase your likelihood of a big win.

Start your journey to becoming an online gambling master by selecting an online casino to play with. Choose your games. Master one game before moving on to the next one.

What’s your favorite online casino to play with?

Gaming illustration by Gabrielle Marchan for 360 Magazine

How Graphic Design is Used for Online Gaming

When most individuals are asked what graphic designers do, they are likely to say they create logos, business cards, t-shirts, or other 2D images. Even though we engage with visual designers’ work every time we choose which games to play online, few people will mention their importance in game design. 

However, graphic design has taken on new dimensions in the twenty-first century, and with the growing online digital environment, it now plays a more critical function than ever before. Graphic design may be seen everywhere on the digital screen, from building web interfaces to online marketing, social media to online games.

The gaming industry is perhaps one of the most challenging fields in digital design. Of course, you need motion graphics, but you also need to pay attention to detail for credible elements and gaming instructions. Nevertheless, it’s safe to conclude that the gaming industry has progressed significantly. This article will look at how graphic design is vital in online gaming.


Because many graphic designers work in marketing, their ability to create appealing visuals could benefit video games. Design specialists will capture people’s attention and enhance revenue long term by developing gorgeous banners. As users’ attention spans have shrunk dramatically in recent years, a visual approach gradually takes over written content.

User Interface

A graphic designer creates a game’s user interface (UI). The user interface is a collection of visual elements that allow the player to interact with the game and access various tools and settings. Several user interfaces are frequently found in a single game. When you initially start a game, the first UI you see is usually the launch screen, which sends you to the Menu, which is another UI. Each menu item opens to its own UI, which uses components like volume sliders and mouse sensitivity to assist you in navigating through each setting.

A graphic designer is responsible for selecting where all of these visual components and text should be placed so that they do not obstruct the player’s main view. Therefore, an excellent understanding of visual hierarchy is one of the most crucial skills a graphic designer possesses.


So far, we’ve looked at how graphics are utilized in online games to attract attention and convey instructions, but what about the game itself? The motion graphics are well-articulated to guarantee that they achieve their full potential in terms of authenticity. Because online games are frequently adaptations of real-life games, such as casino games, getting them as similar to the real thing as possible is critical to ensure the gamer has a good time. Some of the most well-known gaming studios have reaped the benefits of advances in graphic design and computer technology, producing games that are as immersive as they come.

Video games are multi-faceted bodies with a semiotic landscape as one of them. Signs, display panels, visual announcements, and various other features distinguish games. These graphic objects are frequently employed in real life, such as in ads and the in-game world. As a result, it’s critical to pay close attention to them, enlisting a graphic designer’s help.

Graphic designers’ responsibilities do not end with the elements mentioned above. These designers will always be in demand for a variety of projects. In addition, graphic design is an integral part of gaming since it allows you to fully immerse yourself in the experience. We may take the technology employed in the graphical design component of games for granted, still, it has taken a long road of experimentation in line with general advances in computer technology to get to where we are now.

Overall, graphic design has become an essential part of many industries. It has been established via the study of online gaming that graphic design is critical to the success of the digital game. Consider this: without design in marketing, fewer people will be drawn to the game; without design in instructions, people may be confused about how the game works; and without design in the game itself, people may be dissatisfied with the game they have played.

What is GGPoker’s Good Game Series?

Meta: What is GGPoker’s Good Game Series and is it something that might interest you? We took a closer look at what this tournament offers here.

GGPoker is a fantastic place to go if you want to find out all you can about the world of poker. The blog is an extensive resource for recaps of events and which ones are coming up. Also, whether it is a chance to gain some tournament experience or just a quick and casual game, they have it all. One event that every new poker player should look out for is the Good Game Series. What is this, and will we see it coming back round in 2022? Let’s take a closer look.

What is the Good Game Series?

The Good Game Series is an annual tournament held by GG Poker. It is usually held a short while after the WSOP Online, but timings can always change and move about – since online tournaments are able to be a little more flexible than ones that need venues booking out.

What makes the Good Game Series so different from all the other tournaments that GGPoker and other operators run? The buy-ins for this particular event are deliberately kept as low as possible. They will always be under $50, but they could be as low as $10 depending on the game you play! This is a great way for even novice players to buy their way into a tournament and begin to compete to see if they like a tournament format.

What is a Buy-in?

Buy-ins are a key part of any poker game. This is the fee that you need to pay upfront to be able to play the game. How much you pay will always vary depending on the game. Some, like the Good Game Series, might have a low buy-in rate of $50 or less. Bigger, high roller games might have buy-ins in the thousands.

The buy-ins of all players are added up and create the prize pot for the game. If you see a game advertised as having a “guaranteed” jackpot, this means that it will always have a threshold regardless of whether or not the number of players and their buy-ins meets that total. So, a poker game with a guaranteed prize pot of $1M will always offer $1M, even if it does not attract enough players and buy-ins to meet this initial threshold.

Why are Low Buy-ins Important?

So, if poker sites and tournament organisers need buy-in to reach the threshold for the prize, is it worth it to hold games with low buy-ins? Yes, these are incredibly important games. For many, they might be the very first tournament that they try out.

After all, you might not want to put down a buy-in of several hundred or even a thousand if you have very little or no tournament experience. There is more of a chance of a loss here. Low buy-in games are less of a risk for their players, while also still providing some great chances to scoop up a life-changing prize. If you want to try out an online tournament for the first time – or maybe you want to try a new poker variation like Omaha – you should take a look at what a low buy-in game is able to offer.

The Good Game Series is something that many players might be interested in regardless of their own skill in poker. These are great games for those who want to get a little tournament experience, but don’t think that they are purely for beginners. The Good Game Series offers opportunities for players of all skill levels. No matter where you stand, you should be able to get a great game or two from it if you choose to buy into a few games.

Is all entertainment online in modern times?

The way in which we all receive, view, and enjoy entertainment has completely changed over the last couple of decades as technological advancements have seemingly made traditional methods appear to become outdated, old-fashioned, and even obsolete in some cases.

Indeed, when you think of the traditional forms of entertainment, some may begin to think about methods such as books, radio, and even traditional TV as many no longer watch it in the same way that they used to.

Let’s look at how technology has had an impact on entertainment in modern times and how it has changed it for the future.

The rise of online streaming

Perhaps one of the biggest changes to have been experienced in recent years is regarding the way that people watch TV, as many will now use streaming platforms to enjoy their favourite TV shows, series, and movies.

Streaming platforms such as Netflix and Prime Video are just a couple of those to exist, whilst platforms such as Apple TV+ has also started to emerge due to the continued evolution and changes in consumer attitudes and behaviours regarding the way in which TV is watched.

More and more people typically tend to have less time than before to watch live TV, therefore streaming platforms have become the main choice for many since they allow viewers to be able to watch what they want on-demand and on their own convenience.

Online gaming has improved

Gamers will have noticed that video games have been able to evolve just as much as the other traditional forms of entertainment in the modern era, as they are able to experience some of the ultimate gaming experiences that were not available to them just a few years ago.

Players can interact with each other via the use of headsets and microphones which will have had an immediate positive impact on the gaming experience, as there was once a time when this was simply impossible to do.

Interactive streams are now available

Many forms of traditional entertainment have become more interactive in the modern era, too, which is perhaps why older forms have started to decline and become rather disregarded by many.

Indeed, there are social platforms such as Twitch and YouTube that have allowed streamers to be able to interact with their audiences whilst games have started to become rather interactive too. As highlighted, many have improved in regard to communication aspects, but some have even become more interactive. For instance, blackjack and roulette games with a live dealer are amongst those to have benefited as players can communicate with another person and see everything that they are doing.

What is the reason for the decline of traditional entertainment forms?

There are a couple of different factors that could perhaps be suggested or be seen as drivers in the reason why traditional entertainment forms have gone on the decline.

As mentioned, technology is a huge factor, whilst there will be some that would perhaps suggest that the lack of convenience, they provide can also be an element. For instance, some would argue that books are outdated as people can now read them online or listen to them as an audiobook, whilst the radio has suffered because people are able to listen to the tracks, they want via music streaming platforms that also provide them with the opportunity to listen to several podcasts.

With audiences able to benefit from on-demand services and the technology to have been created over the last couple of decades, it is hardly a surprise that all forms of entertainment in modern times have gone online.

Casino Illustration via Alex Bogdan for use by 360 MAGAZINE

Will Online Casinos Dominate the iGaming Scene in 2022?

Casino gaming is one of the biggest iGaming markets in the world and is set to enjoy a fantastic 2022. There are many reasons why online casinos are going to dominate the iGaming scene in 2021 and we will look at some those reasons in detail below.

We continue to see the introduction of new online casino regulations across the planet and that is great news for the online casino industry. Taking the United States as an example, new states are beginning to introduce legal online casino gaming for the first time in 2022. This brings the option of legal online casinos to millions of people and even if only a small minority of those people choose to use online casinos on a regular basis, it still means thousands of new people accessing online casino games. Germany and Netherlands are two European countries who have made online casinos legal recently and again, this is only going to add to the numbers of people playing online casino games. As countries begin to realise how many people are accessing offshore online casinos, they are choosing to act and introduce legal casino gaming. Nations can make money from online casinos by charging fees and tax, making it an attractive option for the government. We expect to see more states in the US passing legislation for online casinos to operate and this will only add to the number of people playing online casino games in 2022.

Betting on sports and eSports online is big business and an excellent product but neither can compete with online casinos in terms of fresh content. This is another reason online casinos will dominate the iGaming scene in 2022 and casinos introduce new games regularly. It is difficult for sportsbooks to create new ways to bet on sport and while new online games are developed for eSports, they do not come with the same regularity as online casino games. Online casino game developers are working hard around the clock to bring new and exciting games to players. Online slots are a good example of a casino gaming category that receives plenty of attention and new slot games are released every month. At Dunder online casino, you are sure to see new additions to the slots section of the website regularly and this is what keeps people coming back for more. 

One element of online casinos that continues to grow and improve is live casino gaming. There is a social element to eSports but only really for the players, who are communicating with each other during the game. For the person betting on the outcome of the game, it is a case of sitting back and watching the action unfold, like in-play sports betting. However, live casino games allow for interaction between the players and the dealer. Live casino games replicate the feeling of playing in a brick-and-mortar casino and they became extremely popular throughout 2020 and 2021. There is no reason, with continued innovation, why live casino gaming is not going to continue thriving in 2022 and beyond.

We are expecting to see the introduction of improved virtual reality casinos in 2022, which is extremely exciting. Virtual and augmented reality casinos allow you to ‘walk’ into a casino, look around, and choose the game you want to play. Although virtual reality casinos have yet to really take off, we expecting to see major improvements in the coming years. 2022 could see a breakthrough in virtual reality casino gaming and that is only going to add to the dominance of online casinos in the 2022 iGaming scene.

How To Obtain Bonus Codes for Playing at Casinos?

Are you looking to obtain bonus codes for playing at the and other casinos? Well, the answer is simple, and you are sure to find it as you read this blog. This is a comprehensive guide designed to provide a tailored approach regarding bonus codes and how you can obtain them without scratching your heads.

The best part about obtaining no deposit bonus codes for playing at casinos is that they can help you have the time of your life. But did you know that in order to make this guide work, you need to find out the right casinos that are safe and easy to access? Well, if that is the case, you will be happy to find them down below in this article. So, do not keep waiting. Start now to unravel more.

  1. For starters, you need to find legitimate websites where acquiring bonus codes is easy.
  2. Then, you need to log in to those sites and find out what bonuses there are.
  3. Once you get the bonuses on real money casino websites, you will find the codes given beside them. Most websites do that.
  4. Use that code and get your bonus right away.

Leo Vegas

Leo Vegas provides a range of features and exceptional bonuses. Since the user interface is good and the site is easy to access, you can use the codes conveniently from there. Leo Vegas is also good for people looking to enjoy a live casino experience. Table games and classic slots are also incredibly popular here. You may also make the most of their jackpots and top games like Sweet Bonanza, Book Of Dead, and Reel King Mega. Hot Spin and Iron Bank are also popular here.

Leo Vegas has been in the business for a long time now. So, when you want to know about its credibility, you can be sure to experience nothing but the best. By playing the exciting games or sports betting section casinos have to offer, you can avail lump sum profit in no time. So, what is the wait worth? Leo Vegas is always here to give you a fun-filled experience. No matter who you play it with, you will always experience something new and discover more. That is why there is no room for boredom too.


If you are looking to obtain a 100% bonus of up to 300 euros, Wheelz is all ears for you. This casino has valid bonuses for this year, and you can go into their website to get their codes. If you want to know more, you can also connect with their customer service. Popular games like Immortal Romance and Bonanza are available for you to scout from. You can also play Mega Moolah and Starburst when in need. That is why we keep asking you to make the most of it and enjoy it.

Wheelz needs you to register on their site if you haven’t done that yet. Also, if you think you need to get into your existing account here, just log into your account. It will hardly take time.

Spin Casino

Spin Casino is here to offer nothing but the best. It provides good bonuses with codes that are easy to find on its website. All you need to do is register, deposit, and play. Yes, can it even get any better? Spin Casino also provides access to other exciting games that you might not have played before. So, if you think you might be interested in any of them, why keep waiting? If you want to play at this casino, log into your account now or sign up for a new one. We promise; you will not be disappointed.

Lucky Days

If you are a new player at Lucky Days, you can grab the exciting opportunity to win 100,000 right away. All you have to do is create a free account and get going. The bonus will also be given there for you to enjoy. So, you are not going to have a difficult time at all.

Another intriguing thing that you should know is that Lucky Days provides 100 free spins and secure payment options for you. AstroPay, Visa, and ecoPayz are some of the casino payment options you can avail of here. They are all secure modes of payment and also quick to make transactions. Therefore your risk of going through any issues is minimal.

Lucky Days also provides a variety of games at your convenience. Choose from a list of them and play whenever you like, be it a slot or a sports bet. You will notice that you will have lots of wealth accumulated over time. If you want to unlock the bonuses, make sure you check out their homepage. They have diverse bonus options for everyone. So, if you are 18+ looking to have a fantastic casino experience, this one is all yours to keep.


You are lucky if you thought you would not get a single bonus code to crack here. Since this is the last casino of the lot we mentioned above, we decided to surprise you. So, here it is!

888casino provides a bonus of 25 free spins with a $200 bonus. This bonus is 100% up to $200. Luckily, here’s the bonus code for it – SPINSON. So, now you can finally grab your bonus and start playing at this casino without having to worry about anything. But once you are done playing here, you might want to check out other sites too.

What we love most about 888casino is that this website provides ease of convenience like no other. It also offers a versatile selection of games that is easy, interesting, and highly addictive. You could keep playing these games all night and still not get tired of it. That is the level of fun they can promise to offer to you. Here’s what else you can get out of it.

  • A 3-step registration process that takes minimal time.
  • The casino is safe and provides the best options for everything you need.
  • The games are interesting with exceptional user interface and graphical features.
  • Allows you to play responsibly with limits.


These are some of the most useful casino bonuses we can think of for now. If you want, these codes can be easy to crack. All you have to do is focus on finding them in the right places, as we have mentioned above. Once you follow the steps, you will realize it is not that tough. So, why not make the most of it and have an experience that makes you come back for more? We promise; you will not regret it.

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Online Gambling in Canada

Are You Planning To Start An Online Casino Company In Canada? Here Is What You Should Know

Gambling is a commonly accepted form of entertainment among Canadians, unlike other nations where gambling is frowned upon due to cultural taboos. Throughout the twentieth century, gambling regulation has been increasingly permissive. In the last decade, provincial gaming authorities have begun establishing websites to embrace the contemporary era of information and communication technology fully.

Unless they are permitted to do so, local governments have monopolies on providing gambling services to Canadian people. As a result, entrepreneurs in Canada with dreams of iGaming success may find themselves barred from entering the market. However, there are several options available in other countries. Continue reading to learn more about the Canadian market and how enterprises in Canada may break into the worldwide iGaming market.

In Canada, the gambling business is booming, and it’s no secret that the country’s gaming market is expanding at a breakneck pace. Many new entrepreneurs are starting firms to get their foot in the door while the market is still favorable. However, establishing an online casino is not a simple task. It needs imagination, determination, and a substantial amount of initial cash.

The truth is that there is no “secret sauce” that can ensure success in this industry, unfortunately. There are, however, a few critical components that you must possess even to have a chance of competing in the very competitive Canadian market. Take a look at this.

Business Registration in Canada

The first thing you’ll need is proper business registration in Canada, which may be obtained online. To get this, you must first establish a casino in Canada by registering with the Trade Registry. The registration process is conducted at the territorial level, and the company must adhere to the local share capital laws to be recognized.

To ensure that you comply with your local jurisdiction, you must be familiar with the Canadian online gambling legislation applicable to the province in which you intend to register.

A Gaming License is Required

The next step is to apply for a gaming license in the jurisdiction of your choosing after your new company has been officially established. This license is incredibly significant since it will allow you to lawfully conduct business online in one or more countries after you have obtained it.

Depending on where you decide to receive your casino license, this will account for a large percentage of your initial beginning money. Many Canadian online casinos choose to incorporate outside the country to save thousands of dollars in licensing fees each year.

A Wide Range of Payment Options That Have Been Verified

Online gamblers are getting savvier when it comes to genuine gaming operators. They are increasingly opting to play with those who provide the broadest selection of certified wagering and payout options. Making the right choice in a trustworthy payment provider will allow you to meet the demands of your consumers while also providing them with peace of mind regarding the safety and security of their financial transfers.

You’ll want a versatile, integrated payment network that allows players to gamble and be paid using both traditional payment methods (such as credit cards) and newer payment methods (such as cryptocurrency.

A Website

Starting an online casino might be a challenging endeavor, but you haven’t even begun until you’ve created your shop on the internet. You may start building your website and integrating your software after you have obtained a registered domain name.

Most successful online casinos will also make their games available through simple mobile applications for gamers on the move. The platforms you create for your visitors to utilize will serve as the public face of your company in the marketplace, so make sure they are well-designed.

An Online Software Provider

Making the selection on which online software provider to choose for your online casino will be the most crucial decision you’ll make when establishing your business is critical. Top providers are the finest of the best, and they will only deal with operators who have been licensed and confirmed.

When selecting a supplier, seek adaptable and fully adjustable software solutions that allow you to maintain complete control over the whole process, from design to post-launch.

A Marketing Plan

Your company is almost ready to launch! After completing your first set-up, you must go out and get some clients. The next stage is to develop an aggressive marketing and promotion strategy to get the word out about the project.

First and foremost, establishing your new online casino as a high-quality, reputable enterprise should be your priority. Following that, a robust marketing approach should include initiatives that encourage gamers to return to bring them in the door and keep them playing while they are there.

You should constantly look for methods to keep your consumers pleased by implementing ongoing retention efforts. The process of advertising your business does not finish with your company’s debut.

A Diverse Range of Exciting Games to Choose From

Once you’ve decided on a software supplier, it’s time to get down to business and have some fun. For your online casino to be a resounding success, you’ll want to provide your gamers with the broadest possible range of high-quality games to pick from.

As you choose from thousands of slot machine games, poker variants, blackjack, roulette, and other casino games, keep your target client in mind as you create an assortment of incredible gaming entertainment options. Also, giving bonuses such as caxino no deposit bonus codes is encouraged since many clients choose your services.


That’s all there is to it. Using only a handful of these items, you’ll be well on your way to establishing a thriving online casino business in Canada. On the other hand, no company can prosper unless it has a solid business plan that is created and followed through with as operations continue.

Starting a business of any kind is a complex undertaking and beginning an online casino might seem particularly difficult. As long as you stick to your business strategy, keep your clients in mind, comply with local rules and international gaming laws, and continue to innovate, your brand-new firm is sure to succeed and flourish.

Doja Cat via Dennis Leupold for use by 360 Magazine

Candy Crush National Tournament Announced

King, a leading interactive entertainment company for the mobile world, unveiled pop music sensation Doja Cat and national football champion Rob Gronkowski as celebrity competitors in the brand new Candy Crush All Stars U.S. tournament launching today. The duo appears in the brand new campaign film available HERE which showcases their drive to claim the winning title alongside tournament host Khloé Kardashian.

Doja Cat, known for dominating the music charts, TikTok trends and red carpets, and Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski, American football tight end and four-time champion, join the millions of players across the U.S. who will compete against one another for the first time ever in order to be crowned the ultimate Candy Crush All Star. The competition kicks off today and is open to any Candy Crush Saga player in the United States*. 

“Everyone knows that if you say the words ‘national competition’ three times, Gronk magically appears,” said Gronkowski. “When I heard about the launch of America’s first Candy Crush All Stars tournament I knew I had to get in on the action. I’m already playing Candy Crush Saga on the road all the time, so when I’m not spiking footballs, I’m swiping candies. Now, I’m inviting everyone to show up and compete with me. Let’s crown the best Crusher there ever was, America. Let’s go!”

“I’m so excited to be taking part in America’s first Candy Crush All Stars tournament!” said Doja Cat. “Anyone can compete and come out on top. But the real question is … who will be able to beat me and be crowned America’s No.1 Crusher?! Join now!”

Rob Gronkowski and Doja Cat join tournament host Khloé Kardashian, who will showcase her competitive side and hype up players from across the country to do the same. Anyone who has passed Level 25 in the Candy Crush Saga app can join them in the action to compete across the nation with both casual Crushers and long-time fans alike. 

How to Play

 King is inviting players to put their skills to the test and crush the competition across the country in the hopes of being crowned the nation’s No.1 Crusher! The tournament kicked off September 23rd at 8am EST. It is free to play and can be accessed by all who have passed Level 25 in the Candy Crush Saga app. The Qualifier Rounds take place from September 23rd to October 7th, but if you don’t qualify, don’t get sour yet! Players will have a last chance to qualify in two Wild Card Rounds. Once qualified, only the strongest Crushers will progress throughout the Quarter Finals, Semi-Final and the digital Final in November, where Khloé Kardashian will help crown America’s first Candy Crush All Star and award them a year’s supply of gold bars.

Candy Crush Saga is available to download and play for free on iOS and Android. More information is available HERE.

The Happy Fits press Photo via Rahil Ahsruff for use by 360 Magazine

The Happy Fits – Another Try

Orchestral tinged indie-pop trio, The Happy Fits’ have partnered with SiriusXM’s Advanced Placement for the first look of their new single “Another Try.” Taken from their two-track bundle, which also includes the track “Cold Turkey,” “Another Try” represents the first new music since the release of their 2020 sophomore album, What Could Be Better, press HERE to listen and HERE to watch the “Another Try” visualizer, created by Alexis Kitchmire and Liza Farrell, which features bright and bold pop art images seen through a vintage View-Master. 

Reflecting how we often cope with reality in negative ways, the anthemic new single rides an emotionally-charged chorus that highlights the importance of accepting adversity as part of life’s journey and an opportunity to grow. Inspired by cabin fever and the fear of losing everything they’d worked towards, “Another Try” is intentional in its effort to feel like a light of inspiration rather than a dark moment in the band’s timeline. 

Despite signaling the start of a new era for The Happy Fits, “Another Try” continues the band’s steadfast mission statement of connecting with a world that’s sometimes distant. “For the past 3 years touring and recording was the only life that we knew, and I found myself repeating the same habits, day in and day out. For a time, I tried to do things that I thought would fill some void in me that needed to feel accomplished, but if anything, it just caused me to slip back into my vices,” Calvin shares. Moving to Brooklyn to record their new music, “Another Try” ignited the spark the band needed to continue creating vivid, lyrically-driven music. “The song, to me, feels like a goodbye to the negativity and hardships that we have all gone through in the past year,” adds Ross.

Their songs, which emphasize life-changing realizations, celebrate our collective ability to overcome the obstacles and hurdles as we level up morally and emotionally. The Happy Fits have cultivated an eager and engaged fanbase who have propelled consumption rates through the roof. The band saw rapid growth following the release of What Could Be Better as their monthly listeners grew to over 780,000 on Spotify and they surpassed 65 million global streams. The trio achieved their first Billboard chartings, landing at #4 on the Alternative New Artists list and #12 on the Top New Artists Albums list, while seeing the album’s focus track “Hold Me Down” hit #30 on the Alternative Airwaves chart. The Grammy Foundation, Alternative Press, DuJour, PopMatters, Ones To Watch, Atwood Magazine and more have all signed on to champion The Happy Fits’ unique, guitar-and-cello rock, with NPR asking “What Could Be Better? I honestly don’t know.”

The band will hit the road in October for a 50+ date headline tour to share their optimistic music with their fans, who have helped them sell out stops in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and DC. Full routing is below. For tickets and more details, visit The Happy Fits website.

In addition to their music, the band regularly connects with fans through their Twitch and YouTube Gaming channel, where they explore the worlds of Minecraft, Among Us, Stardew Valley, and Call of Duty (which they recently played with Ryan Key of Yellowcard). You can catch their weekly live series by adding their linktree to your bookmarks.

Game Design: 7 Future Trends

The gaming industry has always been at the forefront of innovation and eager to integrate new technologies. Technologies like AR and VR became popular in gaming first even though it wasn’t their core application. There is now more money being pushed into the industry than ever, and studios are working day and night to outdo the competition. This means that gamers eventually win, and get to enjoy experiences that could once only be dreamed of. Let’s take a look at a few trends to look forward to in game design.

More AR

AR made a quick splash with Pokémon, but it surprisingly trickled out pretty fast and there hasn’t been an AR game worth mentioning since. What Pokémon Go did show, however, is that there’s a genuine market for these games. But hardware limitations prevented studios from offering games that were on a par with regular titles. Games either had bad graphics or didn’t run as smoothly as they should. With advances in mobile hardware and 5G, these games will be able to be more performant and offer a seamless experience. 

Virtual Reality Goes Mainstream

Every year was supposed to be the year of VR pretty much since the Oculus Rift came out. But limited titles and prohibitive prices prevented it from reaching the level of popularity people expected. Now that Nintendo has shown that you can create a viable VR device with nothing but a mobile monitor and a cardboard headset, we can expect others to follow suit.

Again, advances in mobile hardware are what will ultimately push VR gaming development forward. Consumers are more likely to buy in knowing that they can play with nothing but a simple headset and their phone. This should push more developers to get into the genre as building games for mobiles is still much less resource-intensive than for devices many developers are still unfamiliar with, like the Rift.

More Diversity

Diversity is a word that is often being thrown around, but it has to be admitted that the gaming industry lacked diversity for many years. Fans are being more vocal about it, and studios are trying to include more diverse casts for their games. Games like Valorant did a great job at including characters from different backgrounds without making it feel like pandering. Studios are also hiring consultants to make sure that their games are culturally accurate to avoid backlash for misrepresentation.

More Live Play

The last two years have been great for the online gambling industry, and they’re also constantly trying to evolve to satisfy players and reach new ones. With many people being forced to transition to online play, we can expect more online casinos to focus on offering live options to players.

One example is Play Live casino. Play Live branded itself as the number one destination for players who enjoy a genuine casino experience from wherever they are. What separates them is their massive selection and dedication to offering a better live playing experience. They have over 1300 games in their selection, which is way above average for these types of casinos, and we can expect many more in the space to follow their model.

Console Upgrades

It seems like the 7-year rigid upgrade cycle that was common in the gaming industry is officially dead now. And it was to be expected with how fast mobiles and PCs are evolving. PC players have been laughing at console players for playing on outdated hardware for years, and many console gamers hated the fact that they couldn’t upgrade their consoles like PCs.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Microsoft led the way with the Xbox One S and the Scorpio, which both feature software upgrades. Sony also announced that it will release an upgrade for the PS4, and we can expect this to become the norm in the future.

Mobile and Hybrid Gaming

Mobile gaming is no longer on the fringes of the industry. Companies like Nintendo releasing mobile games like Super Mario One and Mario Kart Tour shows a turn in mobile gaming. Studios will be putting more money on online games which will attract more players, which will turn into more investments. 

Games that integrate mobile devices and stationary consoles will also become more popular. Nintendo was again a frontrunner with the Switch, and like everything Nintendo does, we can expect others to try to find ways to make their version. Sony is working on a new mobile console and we can rest assured that it will be integrable with the PS4. These could be games that can be played on multiple devices seamlessly or games that would have features that require you to use your mobile phone or device. 

Retro Games

Retro platformers are here to stay. These games are lightweight and appeal to both new and nostalgic players. These don’t require many resources, making them indie-friendly. The Switch has made its bread and butter from the genre, and it’s perfect for mobile players as they don’t require much commitment and can be played on virtually any device.

These are all trends that we can expect to see materialise over the next year in gaming. Some of these could completely change the idea of what gaming is.