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Seven Activities for Competitive Friends

If you don’t know the sore loser in your friendship group, chances are, it’s you. But that’s okay! Losing sucks, and it only means that you’re competitive. 

While your competitive side might not be for everyone, there are plenty of activities you and like-minded friends can enjoy together so see who actually is the best. 


Is there any game as intense as Monopoly? This game has the power to split up families when competitive people are involved. Everyone knows the layout, rules, and tactics, making it the perfect get-up-and-go game available for friends old and new. 

Grab the board, head to the pub, or connect with players across the globe on online gaming platforms

Obstacle Courses

If you and your friends want to take the competition into the outdoors, to find out who would win in a survival of the fittest situation, an obstacle course is a great way to have fun while also testing your fitness skills. Whether you set up your own at a local park, or head to an existing course, you’re in for a tiring day. Whoever reaches the end in the shortest amount of time (without cheating) is the winner. You could even make a crown and buy a personalized medal. 

Placing Sports Bets

Placing bets certainly ups the ante when it comes to competitiveness—as there’s the chance to win (or lose) money. If you want to get ahead, check out this Asian handicap betting guide to help you place winning bets every time. Head to the bar for a few drinks, or create a sweepstake for the next big tournament to see who’s the luckiest member of the crew. 

Arcade Games

Retro games are some of the best ways to battle against friends. Whether it’s air hockey, Space Invaders or Mario Kart, rally up the group and head to the nearest arcade in your area for a great night of competition, fun, and inevitably, a little bit of losing. 


Avid gamers can totally get lost in the world of Fortnite, and compete against local friends and those further away. The video game has taken the world by storm, so chances are you’ve already given it a go. But if not, it’s available for just about every gaming device!


If there’s a fair or carnival in town, there’s no better place to compete for the title of carnival king or queen. Head on over to the dodgems or test your strength on the high striker. Don’t forget to grab come candy floss on your way out! 

Trivial Pursuit

For those who prefer a battle of the brains, Trivial Pursuit will have you competing for hours. You’ll all be quizzed on different topics to see who knows what, and—of course—who knows the most. 

Hey, if you and your friends have tons of time to waste this summer, you might even be able to do all of these activities so that everyone can at least win once. That way, everyone can go home with no hard feelings, feeling like a winner and being smug about the losers.

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Beginners Guide to Playing Slots Online

Slots are perhaps the most popular online casino game available today. Every good online casino will have a wide range of slots, covering many themes. It is the variety of choice that makes slots such as pleasure to play. Despite being relatively straight forward to play in comparison to other online casino games, as a beginner there are some things you must be aware of before playing.

When playing slots online using real money, you want to get the best value possible. You can so by taking advantage of special promotions. Free spins with no deposit are one of the leading online bonuses available for online slots. As the name suggests, free spins with no deposit does not require any money to be added to your online casino account. Instead, the casino will give you the specified number of free spins without having to pay any of your own money. You can find a great selection of free spins with no deposit bonus offers on gamble-usa’s website. We recommend you check them out before playing slots.

When playing online slots for the first time, it is important to understand the different terms. Reels are located in the middle section of the slot, and spin when you play a slot game. They are always an odd number–usually either three, five, seven, or nine. Reels will have different symbols on them, and you must know what each of these symbols mean before you begin playing a slot game. This is information you will have to discover for yourself by reading the information about the individual slot before you begin playing. You should never play an online slot game without knowing what each of the symbols on the reels means, because you need the information to know when to hold reels to win.

Paylines are rows that go across the slot from left to right. The more paylines there are on a slot, the better your chances are of winning money. Winning paylines are often in a straight line across the screen, but as online slots have become more exotic, paylines have fluctuated across the reels. You should always have access to a payout table when playing an online slot game and analyze it so you know which combinations of symbols payout the biggest amounts of money.

Always track how much money you are spending when playing online slots. Funds can quickly diminish, so its a good idea to have a budget in mind before you begin playing. Always choose a slot you like, rather than the one that has the biggest jackpot, and play for fun. There are no guaranteed winnings when playing online slots. Remember, they are a form of entertainment, not a way to make money.

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Health Benefits of Online Gaming

Online gaming has long had a stigma that it’s only suitable for lazy people who don’t want to do their household chores or interact with the outside world. This stigma has been blown away by recent studies that suggest online gaming has a lot of benefits for your development. Let’s have a look at some of these benefits.

Risk-Management Skills Via Sports-Betting

Sports betting is something that will not suit the faint-hearted. You need to have an eye for sports betting by utilizing certain strategies to enhance the probability of winning. You will develop skills in stress management and risk management because you will need to ensure that the risk you’re taking is worth the possible outcomes.

A big part of risk management is to make sure that you are willing to lose the money you bet. You will have to summarize the player’s past performances and make more accurate predictions as history truly does repeat itself now and again. An example of the latest sports betting is Euro 2020 betting where people can bet on the teams and players in the tournament.

Social Skills Via RPG’s

Being lonely can have a dramatic effect on your health, there are many diseases where loneliness is a direct symptom like depression, dementia, and heart problems. Online games can improve the amount of communication you have with others. There are many role-playing games (also called RPG’s) where you will have to communicate with a stranger on the other side of the planet to engage in actions and thoughts for example. Some people have even made lasting friendships through online gaming.

Memory Games on Mobile Phones

Dementia is not just a disease for old people. Some 10% of dementia sufferers are under the age of 65. A study came out back in 2017 that gaming could decrease your risk of getting dementia by up to 27%. I don’t know about you, but I certainly like the odds. You can play any game where you need to recall certain information to complete your action.

There are a lot of mobile games that are customized just for this reason like brain training, puzzle games, and even old classics like Sudoku. Just search for brain improvement games on your Play Store, whether you have an iPhone or an Android and there will be thousands of results ready for you.


Online games can have great health benefits for your brain including a decreased risk of developing dementia, maintaining or developing your motor skills and spatial awareness, and decreasing the possibility of loneliness. You can also train yourself in risk management by playing more edgy betting games like the above-mentioned sports betting.

Everybody has different likes and dislikes and therefore it’s essential to find a type of game that you would enjoy by doing some of your own research. Some people like to play games with a storyline whilst others are more analytical and will enjoy anything with numbers. No matter the skill you’d like to improve there are loads of different gaming options out there for you.

By Mina Tocalini for 360 MAGAZINE

Vintage Colors – Outfit Your Website in Modern Retro

The phrase ‘modern retro’ might sound like an oxymoron but it’s just an easy way of describing something that has crept its way back into fashion, even if it died in ignominy many decades ago. It’s the kind of trend that causes coffee shops to blend pop art with vintage furnishings or hospital green appliances with white subway tiles. It’s a collision, in other words, often of two or more disparate design decades.

While it’s easy to expect this kind of trend to crop up in interior design circles, websites began experimenting with modern retro around the same time that millennials started to forget about the days they spent living in the 80s and 90s; that is, about five years ago. The difficulty inherent in this style of work is melding classic colors and imagery without compromising the usability of the website.

70s, 80s, and 90s

But what did these decades look like? The 90s were bright, chaotic, and kitschy, encapsulated by the ‘jazz’ cup design created by Gina Ekiss. The previous decade, the 80s, was more about neons, burnished metals, and pinks and blues. Lastly, the 70s liked its oranges and browns and large repeating patterns. Oddly enough, our experiments with decade-spanning trends seemed to end around the turn of the millennium.

However, one of the design fascinations that never seems to go away involves space, futurism, and technology. For instance, the website of AI-based energy company Nesh has domed habitats flanking its namesake smart assistant, while Genesis Casino features astronauts, planets, and satellites. The latter is one of the more technology-forward sites too; it’s a paysafecard online casino and accepts Apple Pay. This shows the broad adoption of this style.

Contributors to website awards site Awwwards point to the Soviet Design page as a good example of 90s stylings. One of the best places to look for website inspiration with 80s leanings, though, is not a website at all. Artistic movements like vaporwave and future funk have the Blade Runner decade pinned down to its most basic elements. Large and loud typefaces are the key to creating a site with a convincing 70s vibe.


An important point to remember is that the further back in time you plan to go, the less complicated your design needs to be. Marketing materials made in the 70s, for instance, are unlikely to have been in a digital format, which restricts their complexity to whatever a printing press could handle at the time. The reverse, an overabundance of options, is perhaps why the 90s were so chaotic.

Ironically, one of the few design schemes to hit the mainstream in the 2010s was simple almost to a fault. Flat design, which was arguably pioneered by Microsoft in its Windows 8 operating system, stripped the outlines and details away and replaced them with ‘flat’ colors. This style often makes use of long shadows and has been central to the design philosophy of Google and Apple too.

Modern retro allows companies to leverage nostalgia and a love for all things vintage to capture customers’ collective hearts.

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5 strategies for online casinos 

Are you looking for strategies to win at online casinos? It’s not as easy as it sounds. There are many different strategies that can be used and the right one will depend on your personal style and what kind of games you prefer to play. We’ll go over 5 strategies below, followed by a quick summary of each one. 

Casinos have been always been a hot topic. People love to gamble and there are so many different ways they can do it. Some people prefer to go out and visit casinos while others like to stay at home or on their mobile devices. The latter has become increasing popular in the recent years, so much so that now there are online games available for anyone who wants to play them. 

For new casino players is can be difficult or confusing to make sense of the games and it can be hard to understand what to do to make more money when playing. If you are looking to make some money while gambling, or at very least not lose too much of it, here are 5 strategies for online casinos. 

Understand the bonuses

A welcome bonus is essentially a way that the casino tries to draw the attention of new players by allowing them to play various games for free for a few round or giving them some free money to bet on a game of their choosing. 

Welcomes bonuses are a fantastic way to test out a casino and see what games they have and what gems you like, all without spending any money. This makes choosing an online casino extremely important, which is why Casino Reviews recommends Jackpotcity, as they have some of the best bonuses and many games to choose from. There are two different kinds of bonuses; depots and no-depots bonuses, and they are exactly what they sound like. A deposit bonus requires you to deposit a certain amount into your account before you can qualify to receive the bonus where as a no deposit bonus doesn’t require anything. 

Of course all of this has to come with a catch, this being the wagering requirements that you have to fulfil within a certain amount of time before you can reviewed you winnings from the bonus. 

Choose the right games

The games are the main reason why people are at online casinos, obviously. When it comes to casino games, some of them give you better odds of winning than others, and these are the games you should be sticking to if you are wanting to make a little bit of money. Games like slots are fun to play but most of the time you will never make any money from them because there is no skill or strategy involved. However, table’s games do require skill and strategy which you can learn and practice allowing you to understand the game and predicts the outcomes. 

Have a budget

Having a budget is so important because it is so easy to lose track of time and get so into a game and end up spending way more than you had thought you might. If you set a budget you will know exactly when to call it quits and you will never end up in any kind of trouble. You could set a budget that could purely be based off of how much money you spend and then once you have spent that money you have to stop playing, or you could give yourself a set budget which allows you to play with your winnings too. This will let you play for a bit longer but will most likely leave you with no winnings at all. 

Play slow and take breaks

Following on from the previous point, gambling at online casinos can happen very quickly with being able to play multiple games at once, and slots allowing you to play up to 600 spins per hour. These costs can rack up quickly. It is important to remember that gambling is an addictive hobby and by playing slowly and taking breaks often you allow yourself to come back to the real world and just gain your sense of reality again so that you don’t end up spending all of your money. 

Play at the right casino

Before you even start playing at a casino you need to know what kind of reputation the casino has and what kind of licensing it has. With so many different online casinos out there now, it’s no surprise that some of them are fraudulent. By choosing the casinos with the best reviews and ratings, and ones that also have the right licensing, you also give yourself the best shot at playing at one of the better online casinos. 

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What are Pay n Play Casinos, and in Which Countries are They Available?

When you are new to online gambling, you soon realize that you have a lot of options. Of course, there are a lot of websites and operators to select. Plus, you can play so many different casino games. But, you also have to think about payment methods and what you are comfortable using.

Trending right now in the gambling industry are pay n play casinos. But, what are they?

What is a Pay n Play Casino?

The concept of a pay n play casino is simple. Essentially, it is a way for you to play your favorite casino games quickly and easily. All you do is make a deposit with your online bank and you are going to be able to play. This is all thanks to Trustly.

Trustly was founded in 2008 and they are known as a licensed payment institution. They are used by consumers in around 29 countries in Europe, meaning they are trusted and allow secure payments. They can be used to make deposits online, as well as to enjoy swift withdrawals when you choose new pay n play casinos.

What are the Benefits of Pay n Play Casinos?

If you have never used a pay n play casino before, you are probably wondering what all of the hype is about. Well, there are a lot of advantages to this system, which is why more casino players are choosing this option.

Namely, think about the traditional registration process of opening up a casino account. It is time-consuming and boring. You have to fill out a lot of information on the form and even the verification procedure can be difficult. You have to send a copy of your ID, as well as utility bills. But, the reason people like pay n play casinos is because you do not have to go through this process. Instead, you simply make a deposit to play. Trustly does all of the hard work for you and you can get to the good part; playing your favorite casino games.

Therefore, pay n play casinos mean you can skip the laborious process of registration. Instead, Trustly allows you to make a deposit to play and acts as the intermediary. It is free to use, which means that you can avoid the charge fees that often accompany other payment methods.

What Countries Offer Pay n Play Casinos?

Currently, there are a lot of countries offering pay n play casinos to online players. They are mostly in Europe. It is believed that around 29 countries are currently offering this to online gamblers. In particular, it is popular in the following countries:

  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Germany

It is likely in the future that more countries will want to offer pay n play casinos to their customers. There is no denying the advantages that such a system offers to online players. The fact that you do not have to go through the registration process will entice a lot of people to play at an online casino.

The Best Spots to Visit in Cheltenham

In the UK, the county of Gloucestershire is known for its docks, ancient Roman history, and of course, Double Gloucester cheese! However, one of its most popular spots for both tourists and locals is Cheltenham. A large spa town on the edge of the Cotswolds, Cheltenham is an affluent and beautiful area with lots to offer for anyone traveling to the UK. Due to its popularity, there are a few places that have become iconic to the area, and this list is a great starting point for anyone looking to have a memorable journey.


Thanks to the Cheltenham Food and Drink Festival, there is no shortage of culinary delights to explore in the town. In terms of restaurants, Cheltenham is home to a varied selection that is sure to satisfy any diner. However, our pick would have to be Lumiere. Opened in 2009 and located just off the famous Promenade, Lumiere showcases the best of British with menus that change to match the best ingredients of each season. It’s tucked away from the bustle of the town and provides a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere as well as its 3 AA Rosette Award-winning food.


One of Cheltenham’s most famous events is their annual Festival which is centered around the iconic racetrack. A place for royalty and regulars to come together and enjoy the sport, the racecourse is a fantastic venue for social events in its own right. If you are a newcomer to horseracing, you needn’t worry because Cheltenham betting is very accessible now, with odds, tips, and racecourse information all available at the click of a button. The prestige of the racecourse will guarantee that you have a day out that’s fit for the Queen, and you may even get lucky with some wins too!

Historical Sites

Cheltenham is rich in its history, being first recorded in 803, and in 1226 was awarded a market charter that solidified its status as a town. The discovery of the mineral springs in 1716 transformed Cheltenham into a spa holiday and health town, which means there are plenty of historical sites that would pique the interest of tourists. The Pittville Pump Room is probably the best place to take in the atmosphere of the Regency Era heyday that Cheltenham experienced thanks to its spa status. It also overlooks Pittville Park, home to beautiful grounds and lakes that are perfect for summer picnics with family or just lounging in the sun.


In more recent years, Cheltenham has become famous for its shopping – in particular, its high-end brands and luxury boutiques. It has five main shopping districts, including the pedestrianized Promenade which is home to a bi-monthly Farmer’s Market where you can sample local delicacies and buy art and jewelry from local creators. In December, the market is extended to ten days and is a winter wonderland that is certain to get you in a Christmassy mood!

Whatever you are interested in, this historic British town has something for you, and its central location means that there are plenty of places to visit once you’ve had your fill!

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Skeuomorphism in Online Casinos

Design doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It borrows from emotion, from necessity and availability, and ties to societal and cultural context. Existing as one of those avenues, skeuomorphism is an element that many of us take for granted or at least gloss over. It’s a cornerstone component of design that seems obvious once pointed out, but can otherwise go unappreciated.

Understanding this reality, taking a look at skeuomorphism can reveal the depths of an object’s history. Using the concept of online slot games as a base, we want to explore the intricacies of the skeuomorphism idea, and why it’s so heavily leveraged. Just be aware that, as with the FedEx arrow, you might not be able to unsee what comes next.

What is Skeuomorphism?

The term skeuomorphism refers to when a derivative object retains ornamental elements of an older design, when not strictly necessary. In other words, skeuomorphism is when a new object keeps superfluous components that were included in older incarnations.

The most common illustration of this that you’ve likely experienced today comes from the digital world. In most document processing tools such MSWord, this would appear in the form of the save icon. This icon, in the shape of a 3 1⁄2-inch floppy disk, is something that younger users might not recognize at all.

With a grand total of 1.44 megabytes of storage, a floppy disk is utterly obsolete today. For context, Windows 3.1 was originally available over six of these disks for a total install. With the Windows 10 install ISO at around 3.5 gigabytes, maintaining this method today would require 2,431 disks. Storage has changed shape multiple times since the floppy disk, so why do we keep it?

Much of this is due to inherited momentum, and no reasonably viable replacement. The disk was once used every day, so we grew familiar with it. Even as it was phased out, we knew what it was, and saving still needed a recognizable icon, so it stayed. A decade later, when floppy drives have gone the way of the dodo, the icon persists as a legacy to the path once traveled. It doesn’t matter that newcomers don’t understand the legacy through direct contact, the symbol has been absorbed by osmosis into our worldwide zeitgeist.

Skeuomorphism in Online Casinos

Online casinos, also tied to digital evolution, are similarly intertwined with skeuomorphic representations. For a direct example of this, consider any of the best online slots in Canada. Existing far beyond the capabilities of their hardware ancestors, these games like Bompers and Greedy Dragon still lean on traditional slot iconography that is outdated by online standards.

These are usually spread over a few different slot concepts, such as coins, cards, and fruit. Each of these has a strong historical basis in physical slots, which has been maintained ever since the first machines arrived in the late 1800s. Coins, as the standout, are standard in physical machines, yet they’re only used as an abstract in the digital realm. In online casinos, it is even possible to divide coins into fractions not feasible in brick-and-mortar establishments, but this discrepancy doesn’t matter. We know what coins are, we know what they represent, and, because of this, they make perfect fits for modern online slot games.

The same could even be said for the reels themselves. There’s nothing in physical software that makes vertically rotating barrels a necessity, yet they’re still standard for almost every online slot. Again, this is skeuomorphism in action, serving an important purpose in relating modern slots back to their ancestors.

Developing Skeuomorphism Possibilities

As an industry entirely reliant on technological evolution, it’s only natural that online casinos will continuously evolve. From major leaps in accessibility as we saw with mobile phones to the gradual increase in processing power, each new year brings new possibilities. Within these new possibilities, the potential for skeuomorphism continues to grow.

One of the most profound new developments in online casinos has been the push towards live forms of gaming. This means streaming dealers into the home of players, essentially combining at-home convenience with the realism of physical casino play. Turning to skeuomorphism, these dealers are given outfits appropriate to those which were and are worn in brick-and-mortar establishments.

This is standard practice, even though such outfits are outdated by modern electronic standards. Workers like croupiers could dress in any professional attire in theory, but by dressing in a way that relates to classic sensibilities, they’re afforded more attention than they’d get otherwise. Again, it’s superfluous on the surface, but the advantages run much deeper than a simple glance might make us believe.

Going a step further, these dealers also include physical chips when live games are played. Originally designed for easily keeping track of the score, digital means are infinitely more efficient. Considering live games have to translate physical chips through a digital interface, the addition of chips is undeniably inconvenient. It also sells the experience as a professional operation, and so the inclusion of chips in the live casino space will be here to stay, no matter how casinos unfold.

From this point, the question becomes what happens in other few decades. So far, online casinos are around 25 years old, having first appeared on PC in 1996. Their relating back to the ideas of physical casinos makes sense, as that’s where the entirety of their inspiration was born. The issue is that online casinos are growing substantially each year, increasingly taking a part of the formerly physical casino-exclusive pie.

So, what happens in the future when online casinos are built not off of the legacy of physical casinos, but from the success of earlier online systems? In this case, the games of the casinos could inherit a sort of skeuomorphism off of existing skeuomorphism’s, where the lines of what is appropriate and what is not are much more blurred.

It’s an interesting concept, and not one which can be easily predicted. As an idea that relies as much on contemporary understandings as it does history, the future of skeuomorphism in casino games is always in flux. While we can be sure there will be more efforts that fall back on older casinos, the growing influence of the digital market will always act as a serious confounding factor going forward.

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Travelling Tips from the Experts

When this epidemic is done and travel resumes, where do you want to head? Make your dreams a reality with our travel tips to start you on the road to greatness.

So, Done any Good Travelling Lately? 

No, it may not be the best time for any overseas, or even local, travel. And the rest of the year will probably not see much of an improvement with this pandemic around. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep dreaming, right? 

The great thing about travel is that all these fantastic places that you’ve been longing to see are not going anywhere. And just like those beautiful sights, sounds and smells, the fact that travelling costs money isn’t changing either. We can’t all be lucky enough to have a job like my friend Stan, who travels the world on income made from the fastest payout online casino he bets on, and which you can read more about here Though that does sound tempting.

For the rest of us, we need to save, to scrimp and maybe even to borrow to fund our dreams. But that’s OK, because we have a whole host of travelling experience here in the office, and we’re more than happy to share all our tips to get you in the traveling zone.

Money, Money, Money!

Those sexy Swedes were right about one thing; it’s a rich man’s world. Travelling is going to cost you a pretty penny and saving up is the first thing that you need to be doing. Look at it this way; every sacrifice you make before you go is another cool thing you can spend your coin on when you’re away. And trust us, you won’t regret it.

The silver lining to a pandemic is that you’re more limited than usual to find all those exciting things that you normally spend your money on. No more concerts, no more dinners out, no more buying rounds of shots for the entire bar of strangers every weekend. Yes, it sucks, don’t get me wrong, but you need to look for the positive in a bad situation sometimes.

So, instead of seeing all that money building up in your bank account and spending it on Amazon, save, save, save. Then spend your time researching all the amazing places you’re going to visit in New Zealand or Peru or Cambodia or wherever your first trip will take you.

Do Your Research

Many are used to flying by the seat of their pants when they are touring the world. And we’re not for a second implying that that’s not a good idea, not essential for the soul sometimes. But all too often, we’ve come back from a trip only to find that when we decided to drive 8 hours inland to see that wicked cave system, we missed one of the very things we went all that way to see.

It’s a great idea to ensure that the time you’re planning on going (not that it’s a great time to book anything into any calendar right now!) is good weather wise too. Koh Samui is not that great when there’s flooding from the monsoon season in October, trust us. 

Travel guides are easily accessible online these days, like Lonely Planet and even Trip Adviser. And online searches of the country’s official tourism page is definitely advisable too.

Start Making a List

Now you’ve started looking into all the cool things to do, start making a list of the things you definitely don’t want to miss. Also, make a note of them on a map so you can start to get a good feel for where they are in relationship to each other. Not only is it good to slowly start to navigate your way around the country, but it’s perfect to start seeing things that are in between. 

Hopping from one place to the next is always relatively easy via public transport or tourist buses, so you’ll be able to visit that awesome lake on your way to the glaciers, or that pristine beach, or the forest your friends keep going on about.

Referring back to your list whilst you’re on your journey will make sure that those last minute detours won’t cost you an even better surprise. 

Learn a Little of the Lingo

Just a simple “good morning” in the local language will break down social barriers faster than money can buy. And it’s just as important as “thank you”, which you may never use in your everyday life anymore, but will open so many more doors on your travels. Oh, and it works wonders when you smile at the same time.

Language goes hand in hand with local cultures too, so when you’re learning when Ramadan is for your Egypt trip, delve a little into the customs and rules that coincide with it. Again, so important when it comes to mixing with the locals. You may just find yourself at the dinner table in the middle of the street, breaking bread with the entire community who have had all the food supplied by the wealthier tenants. Now that’s a story to tell your friends.

Balance Your Guard with Common Sense

Now we’d be the last to say that nothing ever happens when you’re travelling, no one gets in any trouble in Sudan. But if you don’t let your guard down just a little, you may as well just read the guide books and stay on your sofa. The paranoia that you’re a constant target will leave you with regrets when you get back home. So, play it safe but don’t forget why you’re there.

Paying too much for the fruit at a street stall or being ripped off on that $8 sarong is not worth battering an eye at. Instead, go with the flow and focus more on local scams that will matter. Checking with the front office crew about which bars to avoid, the areas that are notorious for pick pockets and how safe the subway is at night are things worth worrying about. 

Being smart about how you hold your bag, where your valuable are and what’s going on around you whilst you’re in the marketplace, is better than avoiding that culture at all. You’ll only travel there once, trust me, so make it count. 

2021 Could Be A Record-Breaking Year In Horse Racing

There is so much to look forward to in 2021 around the world in horse racing. Over in the UK, it is just weeks until two of the biggest National Hunt meetings in the sport, the Cheltenham Festival, and the Grand National. Over in the States, the best three-year-olds will begin their Triple Crown campaigns.

Here is a look at where history can be made this year with some storylines you do not want to miss.

Al Boum Photo’s Gold Cup Hat-Trick

As you can see from the Cheltenham race results, Al Boum Photo has won the last two renewals of the Cheltenham Gold Cup, so goes into this year’s contest looking for a hat-trick.

Watch video HERE.

Not many horses in the history of the Cheltenham feature have won it on three occasions. Since 1960, only Arkle and Best Mate have managed that feat, so Al Boum Photo would be joining great company. Willie Mullins’ runner made a winning return to action in Savills New Year Day Chase at Tramore earlier this year, so a triple win could be looking promising. Al Boum Photo also tops the betting to prevail in the Blue Riband event in the sport again on March 19.

Tiger Roll Bidding For Grand National History

A month after the Cheltenham Festival, the Grand National takes center stage at Aintree. There is one horse people will be talking about ahead of this year’s race and that is Tiger Roll. The 2018 and 2019 winner will be vying to become only the second horse to win the marathon contest three times.

The great Red Rum won his third Grand National in 1977, in what was his fifth appearance in the race. This will be Tiger Roll’s third run in the world’s most famous steeplechase, so his achievement would arguably be even greater.

Like Red Rum in the 70s, Tiger Roll has a huge fan following. He is currently the +1400 favorite with the bookmakers after being handed a weight allocation of 11st 9lb by the handicapper. Only three horses in the race have been given more weight than the reigning champion, so he faces a tough task ahead.

Bob Baffert Could Win Seventh Kentucky Derby

Watch video HERE.

Legendary US trainer Bob Baffert matched Ben Jones’ record of six Kentucky Derby wins in 2020. Authentic prevailed at Churchill Downs in the race which is considered to be the “two most exciting two minutes in sports.”

Baffert has had some excellent three-year-olds in his yard over the last three decades. It will be interesting to see who the next star could be from his barn. The early evidence suggests that it could be Life Is Good who is the ante-post favorite for the 2021 Kentucky Derby.

Life Is Good made a winning start to his career at Santa Anita back in January. He looked a smart prospect when claiming the Grade Three Sham Stakes in a 1m contest. Big things are expected from the colt who may have a good chance of becoming the latest Triple Crown winner in the US.

Hopefully, 2021 lives up to be a great year in horse racing and at the end of it, there will be a number of champions who go down in the history books in the sport.