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How did the pandemic affect culture? These 3 new pieces of work will tell you 

We all know how much the world has been affected by the pandemic since March 2020. Social habits, travel, and sanitary measures are just three areas that have changed drastically in that time, and it will take a while for these to return to normal. 

In the art world, however, the changes haven’t been as well documented, even though the shock was just as severe for artists, writers, and museums.  

Three new pieces of work are about to change that, offering perspectives from a bookstore owner, a musician, and a museum curator during lockdown.  

All released in spring 2022, they’re part of an important seam of work emerging from the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Hello, Bookstore 

When Matt Tannenbaum launched a GoFundMe campaign shortly after lockdown, it was the culmination of an ongoing trend.  

Even before the pandemic struck, his bookshop was affected by the dominance of online sellers. In the era where people shop online instead of walking to the shops, play on an online casino instead of visiting a real-life venue, and stream movies instead of going to the cinema, it’s hardly surprising that people choose to purchase books online, too. 

Yet, not even Tannenbaum could have predicted what would happen next. The fundraising campaign doubled its target amount as sympathetic book lovers flooded the store with cash. Within just two days, the total had hit $120,000, meaning that the owner was out of debt for the first time in his career. 

The reason was clear: the pandemic had brought home just how much independent bookstores meant to their local communities, or the ‘lifeblood’ as documentary creator Adam Zax put it. Far from doubling down on internet sellers, book buyers were showing support for those small book sellers that exist for the love of reading, not profit. 

The documentary attempts to show the day-to-day life of the business, rather than just a series of talking heads. In it, viewers can see Tannenbaum talking to customers and reading pieces of literature out loud at random points during the day. Zax wanted to ‘capture the soul’ of the shop, which he started filming before the pandemic as part of a multi-year timeframe. 

It means that the pandemic, and the subsequent cash windfall, comes along coincidentally, but ends up adding to a remarkably insightful piece of work.  

Charli XCX – Alone Together 

What effect did lockdown have on the mind of a musician? Charli XCX’s fourth album, Alone Together, attempts to provide an answer. Produced in just 40 days, the record is a fascinating glimpse into how the singer and her partner dealt with an enforced period of cohabitation. 

At the start of the lockdown, Charli revealed how she was going to ‘open up’ the process of making a record to an online audience: she promised to share demos, get real-time feedback, and even crowdsource lyrics with fans during production.  

The whole process was captured on video, which became the basis for an accompanying documentary for the album. Both pieces of work share the same name: a description of how, even though everyone involved was isolated, they collaborated to form a record. They were ‘alone together’.  

The record is an interesting experiment, and proof that musicians can create entire pieces of work online now, hooking up whole studios to the web and producing music in real-time.  

The Guardian called it ‘a very modern, fusional kind of digital fandom’ and compared it to anime hit show Belle, which depicts a lonely teenager becoming famous in a virtual world of online fans and digital concerts.  

If Charli XCX’s work tells us one thing about the pandemic, it’s that the old way of making music has given way to the digital era. 

The Museum: A Short History of Crisis and Resilience  

The idea of a book about how museums have dealt with crises in the past came to author Samuel Redman before COVID-19 struck. So it was a coincidence when the biggest health emergency of the last 100 years happened just as he was getting into his stride.  

The pandemic goes alongside past crises, such as the Great Depression and the Second World War, in Redman’s investigation into how these institutions adapted to sudden change but have remained committed to core values over the course of centuries.  

According to Redman, though, some events had different effects to others. The Depression, for example, changed the fiscal nature of museums, while the 1970s art strike failed to have a lasting impact.  

The book also has one eye on the future, asking what kinds of crises could affect the world, and whether museums will remain such a crucial part of human life.  

If the institutions continue to show the same resilience, then there’s a good chance they’ll be here for centuries to come, according to Redman.  

Through these three pieces of pandemic art, we can see a common paradox: that is, despite the unprecedented pace of change, many things continue to remain the same.  

On one hand, buying books, recording music, and viewing exhibitions have all taken on a digital veneer: we can now do all three things online, something that was impossible just a few years ago. 

Yet at the same time, the desire to create, consume and remember is as strong as ever, which suggests that the creative side of human nature can handle anything that’s thrown at it – including a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. 

Brooklyn Nets GM Sean Marks Says Team isn’t Ready To Commit To Kyrie Irving

Sean Marks has sounded a warning to Kyrie Irving following the season the Brooklyn Nets just had. Speaking to the media regarding the direction of the franchise and whether it’s committed to Irving, the team’s general manager said the Nets are “looking for guys that want to be a part of something bigger than themselves, play team basketball, and be available.”

The point guard was one of the biggest stories in the NBA this season, having refused to take the COVID-19 vaccine. As a result, he was unable to play for most of the season and the lack of chemistry should be the main reason the Nets got swept in the first round of the playoffs. 

Irving played his first home game of the season on March 27, three days after New York mayor Eric Adams backtracked on the city’s mandate that had prevented unvaccinated NY athletes from participating in home games.

He played all 14 of the Nets’ final games, including the four in the playoffs, which marked his longest streak of consecutive games played since the 2017/18 campaign. It would be good to have him continue in that vein next season and, should that be the case, it would make for some really interesting online sports betting in New York.

After balling out in Game 1 against the Boston Celtics and nearly helping the Nets escape with a win, Irving’s production waned in the following three games as he would only score 46 points in total, just seven more than his Game 1 haul of 39.

Kyrie can become a free agent if he turns down his $36.5 million player option for next season but has said he isn’t going anywhere. Of course, he told Boston fans the same when he was still with their team. 

“When I say I’m here with [Kevin Durant], I think that it really entails us managing this franchise together alongside Joe [Tsai, the owner] and Sean [Marks, the GM] and just our group of family members that we have in our organization,” he said.

The All-Star is eligible for a five-year $246 extension with Brooklyn if he opts out but there are understandable concerns when it comes to committing to him long term as he’s only played in 103 games since joining the team three seasons ago.

Marks seemed to agree with Irving on coaching, sort of. The guard controversially claimed he doesn’t see the Nets as having a head coach back in 2020 and, in his address to reporters on Wednesday, the GM said he believes Kevin Durant is the best developmental coach in the organization. 

“I think Kevin Durant is our best player development coach,” he declared.

That is saying something as the Nets have nine assistant coaches on the bench with Steve Nash, including the top-rate Jacque Vaughn. Of course, Marks was probably trying to point out that having someone like Durant on the team forces everyone to raise their game, yet the comment might not go down well with the coaching staff, especially given that they were criticized for the team’s lack of cohesion against the Celtics.

Marks has also noted that the Nets have lost their culture in an admission that there are deeper issues needing attention than simply improving the roster.

“Did we take a step back? Without a doubt,” Marks told reporters Wednesday. “The culture isn’t what it once was.”

The Nets have spent a lot of money acquiring championship-caliber players and it was expected that this would be their season. Apart from falling flat in the playoffs, it’s also been revealed that the Knicks are still significantly more profitable, with owner Joe Tsai still at a loss for his purchase of the team and Barclays Center. 

They took some major steps in establishing an atmosphere that would make it easy for marquee players to step in and lead them to a title. According to forward Joe Harris, there was a perception “across the league that we had the best culture.” It’s why they were able to bring in players such as Irving, Durant, James Harden, Blake Griffin, and LaMarcus Aldridge.

It appears that, in an effort to build around Irving and Durant, the Nets have lost the identity they worked so hard to carve out. Harris is the only one who remains from the squad that began the transition, with D’Angelo Russel, Caris LeVert, and Jarrett Allen all playing elsewhere now.

Marks has recognized that having the most optimal roster isn’t all it takes to maintain success and it will be interesting to see how things shape up during the summer.

How Does Customer Service Influence Casino Players?

Casinos are a popular destination for people looking to have some fun. While the games themselves are certainly a major draw, customer service also plays an important role in keeping players happy and coming back. This incisive post will take a look at how casinos use customer service to influence player behavior. It will also discuss some of the challenges that casinos face when it comes to providing good customer service. Are you ready to learn more? Let’s go!

Needs to be convenient

First and foremost, casinos need to be convenient for their customers. This means having a location that is easy to get to and providing plenty of parking. It also means having a wide range of gaming options available so that players can find the game that suits them best.

This is equally true of online casinos because, even though players are not physically present at the casino, they still need to be able to access it easily and have a good selection of games to choose from.

Needs to be stress-free

If you try searching online casino slots real money and see what comes up, you’ll notice that more and more sites are focusing on making a stress-free environment for their players. This element of customer service is becoming increasingly important as players seek out more enjoyable ways to spend their time.

The goal of customer service in a casino is ultimately to create a positive experience for every player that comes through the doors. Whether you’re visiting an online casino or going to one in person, you shouldn’t have to worry about things, and the environment should be stress-free.

Needs to be contactable 24/7

To provide the best customer service, casinos also need to be contactable at all times. This means having a wide range of support channels available, such as phone lines, live chat, and email.

It’s also important that those channels are staffed by knowledgeable representatives who can help customers with any issues. There should always be someone available to help around the clock when needed.

Needs to be efficient 

In addition to having contactable representatives, casinos also need to be efficient with their customer service. This means quickly solving issues and addressing concerns that players may have in a timely manner.

Having said this, your casino should not sacrifice quality for efficiency. Casino customers want a high level of service, even if it takes a little bit longer to resolve their issues.

Needs to be proactive

Finally, casinos need to be proactive in their customer service. This means anticipating player needs and addressing them before they even have a chance to become a problem.

For example, if a casino knows that a particular game is having technical issues, it should take measures to fix the problem before players even have a chance to encounter it.


For any business, customer service is important, but it’s especially crucial in the casino industry. Players need to feel like they are valued and that their experience is a top priority. By meeting the needs outlined above, casinos can ensure that their players keep coming back.

Ontario’s Online Gambling Market Launches in April

Ontario’s government has officially launched its first phase of the province’s new regulation scheme for online gambling. In a news release, the government says the law will regulate online gambling in a manner similar to brick-and-mortar sites and will give “a safe and responsible path to a more dynamic industry.” The law allows commercial online gambling in the province for the first time. The Progressive Conservative government says it also has several announcements planned for the coming days, including details about the upcoming launch of an online games room, a new provincial licensing regime for casinos, and an investment agreement for an online poker site. Starting from April, gamblers can enjoy a safe and risk-free gambling experience at top casinos from ratings and reviews. 

Government of Ontario Supports Growth of Industry and Protects Ontario Players

Gambling online has exploded in Ontario in the past two years, and the provincial government has introduced a system of regulation and oversight to ensure that consumers have a safe and responsible path to a more dynamic industry. The first phase of the law went into effect on April, 4 and allows licensed commercial online gambling.

Finance Minister Dwight Duncan stated:

“This legislation will introduce significant new revenues into Ontario’s gaming and economic development strategy while protecting the integrity of Ontario’s gaming operations. Regulating online gambling in Ontario as it does in Ontario brick-and-mortar casinos will ensure that the government has the right tools to protect Ontario’s people from criminals and that gaming is conducted in a manner that is fair to all Ontarians. I thank all those who have worked hard to make this important and significant change in Ontario’s gaming policy.”

The legislation received Royal Assent will provide Ontario-licensed online gambling companies with a regulated business environment, which includes an independent regulator, licensing, taxation, and consumer protections. The new framework aligns Ontario’s regulatory policies and approaches with those of other jurisdictions. This is something that a well-versed casino veteran Mason Barrington believes to bring the online gambling segment in Canada to a new level. Being an experienced gambler, Mason knows what he is saying.

The government’s regulation of online gambling includes the following statements:

  • A new independent Gambling Commissioner will be responsible for ensuring that the integrity of Ontario’s licensed online gambling activities is maintained and protected;
  • The OAG (Ontario’s Anti-Gambling Enforcement Unit) will continue to investigate and prosecute those who attempt to use online gambling to commit fraud or money laundering;
  • Regulations will ensure fair and consistent rules and policies are applied to online gambling and are administered independently from licensed online gambling operators;
  • The government will invest $70 million annually into the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation for the next four years and will increase those revenues to $130 million annually;
  • Revenues from the new online gambling system will be used for things like health care and education. Ontario is the only jurisdiction in the country to guarantee that revenue from a regulated online gambling system goes to health care and education;
  • The province will collect at least $30 million annually from fees paid by online gambling companies;
  • Ontario’s legal age to gamble online will be set at 18 years.

Starting from April, licensed online gambling companies are allowed to offer internet-based gambling activities in Ontario. Licensed online gambling companies can provide their products and services under the existing regulations set by the OLG and other gambling companies. They will need to comply with the existing rules which include:

  • Minimum age of 18 years to gamble online;
  • No player can receive the same cash payment for the same product more than once;
  • Payment to players must be in accordance with a players bank account;
  • Licensed online casinos must comply with the Gambling Bill and with the OLG Code;
  • All online gambling services must be independently administered, regulated, and audited by an approved independent audit firm.

Gambling companies operating in Ontario must submit their application and receive their licenses prior to February 1, 2012.

Gaming Minister Christine Elliott noted:

“Since online gambling has grown into a $3.7 billion industry in Ontario, we knew we had to act to protect players and bring fairness and responsibility into Ontario’s online gambling industry. As a result of the extensive consultations, we have had with both industry players and gaming experts, and the careful considerations we have taken into account, the government has adopted the online gambling policy we believe is best in the province.”

Online gambling is the fastest-growing segment of the gaming industry in Ontario. As the government’s policy is consistent with similar legislation implemented by the government in other jurisdictions, this new legal framework will provide a safe and responsible pathway for online gambling in Ontario. This is the next phase of Ontario’s policy development for the emerging online gaming industry.

The government also is announcing several important announcements in the coming days:

In response to concerns from consumers and retailers, the government will be announcing a new initiative that will set a minimum retail price for video lottery tickets and online games in Ontario. This will allow retailers to offer the same price for their products, but with a minimum price to ensure consumers are able to access these games. Retailers have expressed concerns that the minimum price for games will not apply to brick-and-mortar casinos in the province. The government will be announcing a new voluntary agreement that allows brick-and-mortar casinos to sell products at a fixed price in a retail format.

The government will also be announcing plans to provide a safe environment for online poker in the province. A government-appointed Independent Advisory Board will be established and will conduct an independent review of the industry. The Board will examine issues, such as the regulation of online poker, gambling addiction, and the effectiveness of self-exclusion policies, and will make recommendations to the government on a regulatory approach for online poker, including the licensing of new companies and the continued operation of existing companies. The Advisory Board will also be developing a strategy for a new Ontario online games room, which is expected to be launched early next year.

Final Say

Ontario’s new regulations for online gambling are consistent with those in place in other jurisdictions. In the province, revenues will be invested in health care and education. Gambling-related revenues will be collected and controlled by the Ministry of Finance and distributed as required by law. The government will maintain an annual review of the new system to ensure that it meets the needs of the Ontario economy and to protect the integrity of the gaming sector.

Ontario is currently one of the most competitive jurisdictions for online gambling in North America. The local government’s modernized gaming regulations will ensure that Ontario will continue to lead the way as the province that develops and regulates a safe and dynamic online gambling industry.

Car Cat is an NFT from 360 MAGAZINE’S OPENSEA collection

NFT | LA Roundup

At the crux of the crypto community are gatherings. During a four-day inaugural conference from March 28-31, the brilliant minds behind the Edge of NFT podcast–Joshua Kriger, Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney and Zack Sekar brought the LA blockchain clique together.

L.A. LIVE, the entertainment complex perfectly set in DTLA and adjacent to the Arts District is where tons off-site events were held. Since parking is difficult to navigate, public transit is one’s ideal option. In fact, some arrived via e-bikes with helmet in tow.

Attendance included financial experts alongside web developers, to those eager to learn about digital market spaces, DeFi, Web 3 and minting NFTs. Thanks to the growing tech within the City of Angels, largely in part to lower startup costs in comparison to Silicon Valley, the event drew an international crowd. 

Notable speakers ranged from billionaire Mark Cuban, NBA legend and founder of Black Santa Baron Davis, famed DJ Steve Aoki and world-renowned CEOs Robby Yung and David Wachsman. Other highlights which grabbed our attention were the art installations, innovative activations and musical performances.

The venue’s outdoor courtyard provided us with a much needed recess in between talks. In fact, we caught performances by rappers Nelly and Rich the Kid, played Trivia at the Freckle and snacked on lite bites from a plethora of parked food trucks. 

Wednesday night included an exclusive party held by Magic Eden, the leading NFT market place on Solana. The beginning of the night included a panel discussion from the Magic Eden team members Jack Tanlu, Zhuoxun Yin, Sidney Zhang and Zhuojie Zhou. After the discourse, the night was led by sets from Flosstradamus, Waka Flocka Flame and Migos‘ very own Quavo.

However, like many industries in America, the tech arena is white male-dominated, threatening new generational wealth of both women and minorities. 

That said, there were few discussions which concentrated on marginalized people within the realm, including the web3 panel which featured Dapper Labs, Stephanie Smellie, Ridhima Khan, Jayne Peressini, Nicole Rochette with moderator Ros Gold-Onwude

Perhaps next season, the organizers will consider grants for POC, LGBTQ and artists alike, encouraging inclusivity.

In celebration of this metaverse, 360 MAGAZINE, a brand which was established within this emerging smart city, launched its NFT capsule.

Recap of NFT.NYC


Article: Bee Davies, Yash Thadani, Vaughn Lowery

Gaming illustration by Gabrielle Marchan for 360 Magazine

How Graphic Design is Used for Online Gaming

When most individuals are asked what graphic designers do, they are likely to say they create logos, business cards, t-shirts, or other 2D images. Even though we engage with visual designers’ work every time we choose which games to play online, few people will mention their importance in game design. 

However, graphic design has taken on new dimensions in the twenty-first century, and with the growing online digital environment, it now plays a more critical function than ever before. Graphic design may be seen everywhere on the digital screen, from building web interfaces to online marketing, social media to online games.

The gaming industry is perhaps one of the most challenging fields in digital design. Of course, you need motion graphics, but you also need to pay attention to detail for credible elements and gaming instructions. Nevertheless, it’s safe to conclude that the gaming industry has progressed significantly. This article will look at how graphic design is vital in online gaming.


Because many graphic designers work in marketing, their ability to create appealing visuals could benefit video games. Design specialists will capture people’s attention and enhance revenue long term by developing gorgeous banners. As users’ attention spans have shrunk dramatically in recent years, a visual approach gradually takes over written content.

User Interface

A graphic designer creates a game’s user interface (UI). The user interface is a collection of visual elements that allow the player to interact with the game and access various tools and settings. Several user interfaces are frequently found in a single game. When you initially start a game, the first UI you see is usually the launch screen, which sends you to the Menu, which is another UI. Each menu item opens to its own UI, which uses components like volume sliders and mouse sensitivity to assist you in navigating through each setting.

A graphic designer is responsible for selecting where all of these visual components and text should be placed so that they do not obstruct the player’s main view. Therefore, an excellent understanding of visual hierarchy is one of the most crucial skills a graphic designer possesses.


So far, we’ve looked at how graphics are utilized in online games to attract attention and convey instructions, but what about the game itself? The motion graphics are well-articulated to guarantee that they achieve their full potential in terms of authenticity. Because online games are frequently adaptations of real-life games, such as casino games, getting them as similar to the real thing as possible is critical to ensure the gamer has a good time. Some of the most well-known gaming studios have reaped the benefits of advances in graphic design and computer technology, producing games that are as immersive as they come.

Video games are multi-faceted bodies with a semiotic landscape as one of them. Signs, display panels, visual announcements, and various other features distinguish games. These graphic objects are frequently employed in real life, such as in ads and the in-game world. As a result, it’s critical to pay close attention to them, enlisting a graphic designer’s help.

Graphic designers’ responsibilities do not end with the elements mentioned above. These designers will always be in demand for a variety of projects. In addition, graphic design is an integral part of gaming since it allows you to fully immerse yourself in the experience. We may take the technology employed in the graphical design component of games for granted, still, it has taken a long road of experimentation in line with general advances in computer technology to get to where we are now.

Overall, graphic design has become an essential part of many industries. It has been established via the study of online gaming that graphic design is critical to the success of the digital game. Consider this: without design in marketing, fewer people will be drawn to the game; without design in instructions, people may be confused about how the game works; and without design in the game itself, people may be dissatisfied with the game they have played.

iGaming is More Popular Than Ever: Here’s How the Industry will Evolve in the Future

iGaming is one of the fastest-growing internet industries. Software companies and technology experts are combining to offer customers the most exciting and realistic gaming experiences, and casinos are fiercely competing to attract new punters by vying to provide the best online casino bonus promotions. The latest enhancements create immersive gameplay with the most advanced graphics ever seen. It is a constantly evolving landscape with many new developments heading over the horizon.

Virtual Reality 

VR has been on the fringes of iGaming for years but never entirely made it to the mainstream. This has mainly been down to the limitations and the prohibitive cost of the equipment players need to experience the technology fully. However, the limits could be removed as tech giants make strides towards lightweight, wireless, affordable headsets, and this is driven in part by some of the largest casino software houses, who have a vision for an entire virtual casino walkthrough immersion where players can move between tables, visit the bar, and even stroll through the giftshop – in line with the whole experience offered in such prestige locations as the Las Vegas strip.

Augmented Reality 

Another technology expected to feature heavily in the future of internet gaming is Augmented reality. It first hit the headlines when Nintendo launched the next installment of the hugely successful Pokémon franchise, Pokémon Go, which allowed thousands of fans to head out into the world and take their interactive gaming with them. The future of AR is thought to involve special glasses that seamlessly combine the real world with the virtual game, bringing the live action into your living room. 

Cloud Gaming 

Cloud technology is another relatively new addition to the world of computing and has yet to reach its full potential. The most common use currently is off-site storage. Customers can expand their storage capability by utilizing the secure cloud, whether from phones or computers. This secure storage offers not only the space to store more but being remote is still accessible if the device breaks or the user upgrades. No need to reinstall everything; simply log back into the cloud account and download as needed. The gaming industry is looking to utilize this as a form of game rental space where nothing is required on the gamer’s PC – but accessed via the cloud. This could revolutionize gaming – provided the end-user has an internet connection to support the speeds needed to avoid lag and connection dropping.

Hi-Fi Graphics

High-fidelity is the buzzword for companies like Nvidia and AMD. Essentially, this is the quest for ultra-realistic graphics, and the game is on. The correct term is raytracing, but for the non-technical end-user, this simply means games that look so real you could be there. There have been some issues with a hard to get hold of chipset, but once this issue is sorted, there should be no stopping the rise of the hyper-realistic game.

The Metaverse

If you are unaware of the metaverse concept, it is best defined as an online space reminiscent of a parallel universe, although virtual in nature, where people log in and live a life. This sounds quite intimidating, but realistically this is a long way off from becoming a fully functional concept. However, there are glimpses already, with games like Fortnite featuring some aspects we expect to see. The possibilities for gaming are vast and exciting and will enable game players to become part of the immersive experience that major gaming industry players want to offer. For most of us, the metaverse is easily understood as the virtual world’s backdrop and scaffolding. 

How Jumanji Made Comeback After Twelve Years and Is Still Loved

Everyone who grew up during the 90s is well acquainted with Jumanji’s story, about the boy who was dragged into the board game of the same name. The movie was a huge success and guaranteed its place in pop culture. The storyline didn’t really call for a sequel, so how was The Rock’s sequel so successful? 

Welcome to the Jungle

Millennials are more prone to nostalgia than other generations. Surely, the entertainment industry is well-aware of it. It’s not a coincidence that so many titles from the 90s are making their way back to the big screens. Star Wars and Jurassic World are a few examples. 

Still, there are other ways to cater to this sentiment. The gaming industry has turned nostalgia into a profitable business. The “wild” adventure has also gained versions for PS4, and even slots games, which can be found at the best WV online casinos. The haunted game board used in the original movie was sold for $87,500.

So, even if uncalled for, Jumanji’s sequel, “Welcome to the Jungle,” was a pleasant and welcomed surprise. Yet, nostalgia isn’t the movie’s only attractive feature. The story was finely updated to our days. A character from the 1996 movie was dragged into the game. This character comes back to our days, using slang and pop culture references from that time. Other updates about technology and video games are also sure to score some laughs.

Nostalgia in Hollywood

Millennials are indeed easy prey for nostalgia baits, but the trick isn’t new in Hollywood. We can go back to 1939, when the first Wizard of Oz hit the big screens, based on a book from 1900. The same goes for Tom Sawyer: a movie released in 1930, based on a book from 1876. Nowadays, the sentiment can be summoned by the industry in different ways, not only referencing books. 

Break Points

The director, Jake Kasdan, invested in a very charismatic cast, as did the original movie. Dwayne Johnson comes in place of the sorely missed Robin Williams, followed by Jack Black, Karen Gillian, and Kevin Hart. It looks like a comedy cast, and indeed there are some hilarious moments, but it’s still an adventure movie. Does it follow a direct line from the original, then? Not quite.

The movie begins one year after the story has ended, in 1996. A teenager Alex Vreeke plays Jumanji on a Playstation-like video game. Then the storyline jumps 20 years, straight into 2016. The board’s magical powers were somehow transported to a video game, where the main actors are avatars. Dwayne Johnson is Spencer’s avatar, while Jack Black plays Bethany. Kevin Hart represents Fridge in the game, while Karen Gillian plays Martha. 

Although he looks completely different now, Bobby Cannavale, a veteran from the 1996 cast, still plays the villain John Hardin Van Pelt. Jack Black is the avatar of Professor Sheldon Oberon. However, his avatar is played by a teenage girl, who Black recreated to perfection, with voice, facial expressions, etc. 

Game Over

Those expecting to be kicked back to their childhood days won’t be disappointed. Nor will those looking for something more original than a simple reboot. It keeps more than enough references to transport the audience back to the 90s but never lifting a foot from the present. The substitution of a board game by a video game was obvious but added a completely different dynamic to the movie. 

Less obvious and quite entertaining, though, is the personality clash between the avatars and their players. Dwayne Johnson plays a shy and nervous teenage boy. Jack Black really looks like the most popular girl at school trapped in an oversized middle-aged man. Kevin Hart plays an over-excited boy, while the nerdy and not-sportive Martha gives life to a Lara Croft-like Ruby Roundhouse. “Welcome to the Jungle” is notalgia bait done right.

Ways to Remain Connected With Your Co-workers When Working Remotely

Long periods of isolation can be emotionally draining. Working remotely does not help either, seeing that there are limited in-person interactions. Here are several practices you can adopt to maintain a sense of connection with your co-workers.

Create Opportunities for Spontaneous Connection

The micro-interactions in the office environments, such as afternoon chats, contribute to your overall happiness. Studies show that this type of social connection is essential for employees’ well-being. Since it’s impossible to have such interactions whilst working from home, you can enhance similar connections via video calls. Zoom and Microsoft Teams are great tools for work-related calls. However, you can plan for short meetings during the week meant for informal conversation.

It is advisable to set a recurring 15-30 minutes meeting that you can label as ‘chit chat’ or ‘coffee break.’ This will help relieve the pressure of feeling that you have to talk about something business-related. Additionally, you can make them optional to ensure they are intentional and more toned down.

Utilize Non-Video Options for Involvement

While video conferencing has helped co-workers stay connected, constant use can lead to zoom fatigue. The overwhelming screen time for workplaces, schools, and social engagement can feel overwhelming. This is why it is crucial to find a balance and incorporate non-video options for interactions. For example, you can schedule a phone call instead of a video chat and, where possible, have a one-on-one check-in.

Engage in Fun Activities Online

Office setups often have team-building activities, including physical activities such as games and competitions. Ideally, these activities are great for socializing, and they contribute to increased productivity among staff. With virtual workspaces, this may be challenging, but there are some fun activities that co-workers can engage in online. Several options to consider include online cooking competitions, coffee classes, and mixology workshops. There are also tons of online team-building games that offer just as much opportunity for fun.

Online games such as scavenger hunt are excellent for group play and are becoming increasingly popular for South African firms. Yet, if you would rather play with maybe one or two co-workers, you can consider simple but fun casino games. Deal or no deal, live poker, or monopoly are excellent options. Luckily for South African players, most casinos offer online casino bonuses, giving you additional funds to play with. These bonuses include free spins, matched bonuses, and no deposit bonuses. There are several guides on how to claim these offers, including the related terms and conditions.

Find a Productivity Accountability Person

Working from home presents a lot of distractions, and it is hard to remain focused. To help complete your targets, you can team up with a co-worker and implement the Pomodoro Technique. With this productivity method, you work for 25 minutes and then have a 5-minute break. After the first three sections, you get a longer break of 15-30 minutes. This working strategy allows you to take guity-free time. Also, when working with a friend, you get some time to catch up during the break.

Be A Cheerleader to Your Fellow Team Members

It is harder to remember to take time to celebrate your co-worker’s achievements when you don’t meet physically. It is believed that 79% of employees who quit their jobs cite lack of appreciation by the company as the main reason. Therefore, it is critical to practice gratitude even when working remotely. Sharing and celebrating every milestone achieved keeps the employees motivated.

Set Out ‘Get to Know You’ Events for New Staff

New workers in a virtual setup can find it hard to interact with existing workers. The company’s management has to get creative in introducing them to the rest of the team. Although they will interact via project meetings, it might not be enough time to get to know each other. 

A creative way to facilitate a ‘get to know you’ event would be using communication programs designed to pair colleagues randomly. Predetermined prompts and questions to guide their conversation could come in handy. Allocating such time will help news staff feel settled and connected with their co-workers. 

We hope you found our tips useful in becoming more productive when working remotely. 

Casino Illustration via Alex Bogdan for use by 360 MAGAZINE

Which Casinos Pennsylvania Preferred In the Record-Breaking Year of 2021?

Did you know that Pennsylvania casinos brought in a record-breaking amount of revenue in 2021? The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board released the figures earlier this week, and they show that when it comes to making legal bets, online gambling was the big winner. The total take for the state’s casinos was $35.19 million, up from the previous high of $27.06 million in 2020. Even more, Pennsylvania online casinos took in $136.19 million, an increase of more than 100% from the 2020s $66.09 million.

Pennsylvania’s casinos have leveraged their popularity as a tourist destination to attract new players. Still, they are also benefiting from the increased number of people staying at home during the pandemic, looking for new ways to gamble online. Pennsylvania has been a leader in the growth of gambling. The state will likely continue to see even more increases in revenue as newcomers try out online casinos and other forms of iGaming. You can check out the best PA-free slots sites that Pennsylvania residents preferred in 2021.

Gambling Booming in Pennsylvania 

The gambling industry has been booming since 2015 when the country legalized daily fantasy sports, and this state is one of a handful that has fully embraced it as well. Pennsylvania launched its lottery in 1971, and the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) was created in 2004 to regulate casino gambling in the state. They also work to prevent gambling problems by promoting responsible behavior.

The only form of gambling that the PGCB does not regulate is social gambling, including games like poker or bridge played among friends for fun and without betting money. There are no age restrictions on social gambling, but players cannot bet on the game’s outcome. PGCB has an excellent relationship with law enforcement and regularly collaborates to investigate illegal gambling operations.

The board oversees 14 casinos and Pennsylvania’s online gambling operations. Pennsylvania is also home to several horse racing tracks and many off-track betting facilities, which allow people to place bets on races while they are on the way or nearby.

Pennsylvania Online Poker Rooms

Pennsylvania is also home to many online poker rooms. It is famous for residents who want to play online games like blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat, slots, and poker. You can also find lesser-known games like Pai Gow and Three Card Poker at some sites. The state also has some of the best casinos globally, consisting of over 150 slot machines and more than 100 table games on hand. They also offer a large selection of video poker machines, which are perfect if you’re only looking to relax and play some low-stakes cards with friends or family members at home. Pennsylvania casinos have something for everyone.

Pennsylvania also allows visitors to play online games such as slots, poker, roulette, baccarat, craps, blackjack, and video poker at any time of day or night throughout their desktop computers, laptops, tablets, phones mobile, smartphones, smartwatches, etc. Players can play from anywhere within their borders without needing a license from an offshore casino operator.

In addition, the growth of online gambling has benefited Pennsylvania’s casinos, which have been able to offer more games and attract new players. Pennsylvania has over 12 million people, and there are already more than 800,000 active online casino players in the state. The number will only grow as casinos expand their offerings and new players try out online gambling for the first time. Pennsylvania online gambling has helped generate more than $400 million in tax revenue, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

At all licensed liquor stores, bars, and restaurants serving alcohol by the glass, the minimum drinking age is 18. So if you’re looking to have a good time, be sure to bring your ID! Also, it’s essential to consider that the legal age for gambling in a casino or on racetracks and betting parlors is 21 years unless accompanied by an adult.

Pennsylvania has been vying for second place in gaming revenue with New Jersey, which is the No. 2 state in gambling income behind Nevada, but Pa is likely to surpass New Jersey in the coming years. 

The gaming industry is booming, and there’s no end in sight! 

The PGCB expects Pennsylvania’s gross terminal income (GTR) for online casinos to be between $120-$130 million per month by 2023 or 2024 – an impressive number considering the current GTR is just over $100 million/month now! Pa is one of the few states in the US that has seen a continuous increase in gambling revenue since 2004.


Pennsylvania’s gambling industry is booming, and it looks like this trend will continue in the years ahead. The state has been a leader in the growth of online gambling, witnessing an increase in revenue. Pennsylvania officials have been pushing to legalize online gambling for years, and it looks like the state is finally starting to see the benefits.

In 2017 the Pa Gaming Control Board issued its first licenses for online gambling, becoming the fourth state to legalize online. Pennsylvania has been a leader in the growth, which will likely continue to see increases in revenue as more people try out online gambling.

The state has a long history of gambling, and it looks like this trend is only going to continue in the years ahead. The casinos brought in a record-breaking amount of revenue in 2021, and there is no doubt that online gambling was a big part of this success.  Time to double down on iGaming, I’m I right?