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aArousr vs Porn Star Sites

Which One is Best for Phone Sexts?

When you’re in the mood for some hot and sexy phone sex then you have a lot of options to choose from. It seems like there are more companies offering it than there could ever be horny women to provide it. Of course, the kind of time you have is always going to depend on who you’re talking to. If you end up with the wrong girl, then you’re never going to be able to enjoy yourself.

Are Porn Star Sites Good for Sexting or Phone Calls?

  1. Real phone sex girls love to share fantasies
  2. Porn star sites offer, but don’t deliver
  3. The stars want to sell their content and get tips
  4. The girls will never respond to your messages
  5. Expensive credits to buy
  6. Arousr has real phonesex girls ready for conversations

1. Real phone sex girls love to share fantasies

A good phone sex girl is going to be vocal and comfortable with talking about her fantasies. She’s also going to have to be ready and willing to let you hear her most intimate moments as she brings herself to orgasm while you listen. Not every girl you talk to is going to be willing to do all of that. You really need to be on the right site and talking to the right girls to have the adult fun that you’re seeking out.

2. Porn star sites offer, but don’t deliver

If you’re looking for one place to get all of your phone sex needs satisfied, then you’re most likely going to come across Porn star sites first. This is where most people go to have their fun. There’s a problem with it, though. Even though the site promises you a lot of fun, it never actually delivers on it. That’s because the girls who provide the phone sex have no real reason to put any effort into it. You’ll see right away that the women of this site are called porn stars. That’s a clue as to how the site actually operates.

3. The stars want to sell their content and get tips

The women here are only out to make money with their bodies. They never put any extra effort into what they’re doing. They also never have to show you a good time. They make most of their money by selling videos and that’s pretty much it. That’s why any person you talk to is going to spend all of her time trying to upsell you. If you’re not buying her videos, then she’s not going to want to have anything to do with you. Usually they will text you in between on these sites and ask you to tip them extravagantly. And what to expect more? Unusual hidden charges appearing in your credit card account and multiple charges to numerous porn sites.

4. The girls will never respond to your messages

The biggest problem with Porn star sites is the fact that you have to pay to send every single message. That would be fine if they actually led to anything, but they don’t. Almost all of the messages that you pay to send out are going to get totally ignored. The girls simply have no motivation to talk to anyone on a real time basis. They only log onto the site when they need money and that’s about it. Any message that you actually get back is going to be a mass email sent out to all of the email addresses that the girls have. That’s never going to be a good time for you.

5. Expensive credits to buy

You could sign up to any other site and get mass emails sent to you for free. You have to pay to send your messages here and the only thing you get in return is a generic email that’s only asking you to give the girl even more money. It’s not a good site and you’re never going to have a good time when you use it. If you want to have actual fun, then you’re going to have to switch it up entirely. In that case what we can recommend to you is to go for real phonesex at It’s a dedicated sexchat site that offers free sexting, phone sex and video chat at an affordable rate.

6. Arousr has real phonesex girls ready for conversations

If you’re actually after a night that you can enjoy, then you have to be on Arousr. This is a site that’s filled with girls who actually want to play around with you. They don’t have anything to sell and your messages are never going to go unanswered. When you see a girl is live on the site, you can be sure that she’s horny and in the mood to have an orgasm over the phone. It’s the only reason for them to login in the first place. They’re just regular women who love to have phone sex and it really doesn’t get any better than that when you’re in the mood. All you have to do is pick the girl you want to play around with and send her a message. She wants you to get her off and she’s going to be willing to do anything it takes to make that happen. All you have to do is try it once and you’re going to see the major difference that the right site can make for you. It’s the best phone sex that you’ll ever get to enjoy.

The Health Benefits of a Satisfying Sex Life

When we think about sex, we’ll usually only think about the pleasure it can bring. However, this is actually only part of the story – a satisfying sex life can promote excellent health benefits as well. It might seem strange to consider this, but the fact is that having regular, enjoyable sex can make you healthier in a variety of different ways. Read on to find out more. 

Burns Calories 

Everyone knows if you burn more calories than you take in, you’ll lose weight. Yet sometimes, finding the time to get enough exercise is tricky. Even when you have the best intentions, going to the gym or heading out the door for a brisk walk after dinner can fall to the bottom of the to-do list. 

Sex, however, is something that is much easier to make time for, and the good news is that it will burn calories too. It won’t burn as many as a good workout at the gym or an exercise class, but something is better than nothing. You can boost the amount of calories you burn in bed if you add something exciting from Wet For Her’s lesbian sex toy range, or you switch positions to something that requires a little more activity, for example. 

Boost The Immune System 

Having a strong immune system is crucial as it means you are at much less risk of developing various illnesses, and you’ll be less likely to pick up any bugs that might be going around. As well as that, if you do catch something, you’ll be able to shake it more easily with a strong immune system. 

Having sex can help give you that strong immune system – studies have shown that people who have sex at least once a week have additional immunoglobulin A in their bodies. This is an antibody that helps protect your body. As well as this, sex releases oxytocin which makes you feel sleepy, and a good night’s sleep is great for boosting your immune system too. 

Relieves Stress

Humans have a lot of hormones in their bodies, and they all do different things. When you’re stressed, cortisol is produced. This puts you in the ‘fight or flight’ mode and means you can escape the perceived danger around you. If there is no real danger, it’s a good idea to try to de-stress as much as possible because too much cortisol for too long can cause issues with your heart, blood pressure, and mental health, for example. 

Sex is a great way to alleviate stress. Thanks to the hormones the activity produces (we’ve already discussed oxytocin, but endorphins are also released), our stress levels drop significantly, keeping us safe from harm and making us feel great. 

Pain Relief 

It’s an old joke that having a headache is an excuse not to have sex, but in reality, if you actually do have a headache, sex can help relieve the pain. Again, this is down to endorphins, which are a natural painkiller the body produces when it needs to. 

Sex promotes more endorphins to be released, speeding up the pain-relieving properties they have and reducing the pain associated with headaches in particular sooner than almost anything else. 

How To Obtain Bonus Codes for Playing at Casinos?

Are you looking to obtain bonus codes for playing at the and other casinos? Well, the answer is simple, and you are sure to find it as you read this blog. This is a comprehensive guide designed to provide a tailored approach regarding bonus codes and how you can obtain them without scratching your heads.

The best part about obtaining no deposit bonus codes for playing at casinos is that they can help you have the time of your life. But did you know that in order to make this guide work, you need to find out the right casinos that are safe and easy to access? Well, if that is the case, you will be happy to find them down below in this article. So, do not keep waiting. Start now to unravel more.

  1. For starters, you need to find legitimate websites where acquiring bonus codes is easy.
  2. Then, you need to log in to those sites and find out what bonuses there are.
  3. Once you get the bonuses on real money casino websites, you will find the codes given beside them. Most websites do that.
  4. Use that code and get your bonus right away.

Leo Vegas

Leo Vegas provides a range of features and exceptional bonuses. Since the user interface is good and the site is easy to access, you can use the codes conveniently from there. Leo Vegas is also good for people looking to enjoy a live casino experience. Table games and classic slots are also incredibly popular here. You may also make the most of their jackpots and top games like Sweet Bonanza, Book Of Dead, and Reel King Mega. Hot Spin and Iron Bank are also popular here.

Leo Vegas has been in the business for a long time now. So, when you want to know about its credibility, you can be sure to experience nothing but the best. By playing the exciting games or sports betting section casinos have to offer, you can avail lump sum profit in no time. So, what is the wait worth? Leo Vegas is always here to give you a fun-filled experience. No matter who you play it with, you will always experience something new and discover more. That is why there is no room for boredom too.


If you are looking to obtain a 100% bonus of up to 300 euros, Wheelz is all ears for you. This casino has valid bonuses for this year, and you can go into their website to get their codes. If you want to know more, you can also connect with their customer service. Popular games like Immortal Romance and Bonanza are available for you to scout from. You can also play Mega Moolah and Starburst when in need. That is why we keep asking you to make the most of it and enjoy it.

Wheelz needs you to register on their site if you haven’t done that yet. Also, if you think you need to get into your existing account here, just log into your account. It will hardly take time.

Spin Casino

Spin Casino is here to offer nothing but the best. It provides good bonuses with codes that are easy to find on its website. All you need to do is register, deposit, and play. Yes, can it even get any better? Spin Casino also provides access to other exciting games that you might not have played before. So, if you think you might be interested in any of them, why keep waiting? If you want to play at this casino, log into your account now or sign up for a new one. We promise; you will not be disappointed.

Lucky Days

If you are a new player at Lucky Days, you can grab the exciting opportunity to win 100,000 right away. All you have to do is create a free account and get going. The bonus will also be given there for you to enjoy. So, you are not going to have a difficult time at all.

Another intriguing thing that you should know is that Lucky Days provides 100 free spins and secure payment options for you. AstroPay, Visa, and ecoPayz are some of the casino payment options you can avail of here. They are all secure modes of payment and also quick to make transactions. Therefore your risk of going through any issues is minimal.

Lucky Days also provides a variety of games at your convenience. Choose from a list of them and play whenever you like, be it a slot or a sports bet. You will notice that you will have lots of wealth accumulated over time. If you want to unlock the bonuses, make sure you check out their homepage. They have diverse bonus options for everyone. So, if you are 18+ looking to have a fantastic casino experience, this one is all yours to keep.


You are lucky if you thought you would not get a single bonus code to crack here. Since this is the last casino of the lot we mentioned above, we decided to surprise you. So, here it is!

888casino provides a bonus of 25 free spins with a $200 bonus. This bonus is 100% up to $200. Luckily, here’s the bonus code for it – SPINSON. So, now you can finally grab your bonus and start playing at this casino without having to worry about anything. But once you are done playing here, you might want to check out other sites too.

What we love most about 888casino is that this website provides ease of convenience like no other. It also offers a versatile selection of games that is easy, interesting, and highly addictive. You could keep playing these games all night and still not get tired of it. That is the level of fun they can promise to offer to you. Here’s what else you can get out of it.

  • A 3-step registration process that takes minimal time.
  • The casino is safe and provides the best options for everything you need.
  • The games are interesting with exceptional user interface and graphical features.
  • Allows you to play responsibly with limits.


These are some of the most useful casino bonuses we can think of for now. If you want, these codes can be easy to crack. All you have to do is focus on finding them in the right places, as we have mentioned above. Once you follow the steps, you will realize it is not that tough. So, why not make the most of it and have an experience that makes you come back for more? We promise; you will not regret it.

How Casinos Use Reward Programs to Track Everything You Do 

Gambling establishments often feature the best surveillance systems for monitoring activities within the casino. However, thanks to technology, gambling houses don’t need to rely on hidden cameras to monitor your movements within the gaming venue and collect information. Instead, you give them yourselves. 

Casinos track everything you do with reward programs. They track your preference to capture your habits. This includes how much you spend, how often you play, the games you play, and your choice of beverages or food. Although this appears illegal, it is not. In fact, casinos use this information to help you. By understanding your preferences, they provide incentives that make the gameplay enjoyable. 

What are reward programs? 

Casino reward programs are casino tracking systems that measure players’ preferences, interests, and behaviours. Gambling establishments employ a marketing strategy to encourage players to keep buying their services or using their products. It is also a tool for growing the client base and fostering brand allegiance. 

Reward program involves loyalty programs and opening a loyalty account with a casino. To do this, you will need to fill out an application form to provide your address, email, phone number, etc. By signing the document, you agree to the casino’s privacy policy, which explains how they can use or share the information you have provided. 

After the loyalty status is approved, the casino will grant casino player cards that are similar to debit or credit cards. The card will have an identifier like a chip, magnetic stripe, or bar code, and you can use it for playing games or making purchases on the casino grounds or at an online casino. The best payout online casino Canada has reward programs at different levels. Players can earn credit and rise through the scheme by spending money at different partners. 

How casinos track players

Participants in the loyalty program will swipe casino membership cards at tables and machines instead of wagering with tickets, coins, and bills. Since the card contains an identifier, it notifies the casino host of your location and how much you are betting, winning, or losing. It even details how quickly you use the slot machines. This is how casinos control you.

Remember that the cards are also linked to your choice of food and beverage. As a result, it signals to the host when you need an incentive to motivate your gameplay. When it appears like you are winding down for the day, a host may occur with a beverage or tonic of choice. The loyalty program, courtesy of the player card, gathers information whenever you use your card on a slot machine – it helps casinos track your winnings. The casino operator’s system notes and records data every time you participate in a gambling activity that involves using your card. Another way to look at it is as a behavioural data tracking system. Even when you play at multiple properties that the same casino company owns, it will still notify them of how much you spend at each one and the number of visits. By collecting such information, the company knows what makes you tick. 

It’s all in the marketing 

The marketing department funnels all gathered data to target players and current promotions that fit their calibre. This helps them know deals you will be interested in and offer incentives to keep you glued to their programs. It may include valet parking, complimentary drinks or meals, free offers, or discounts at hotels. 

Significant benefits and advantages will influence players to gamble with more money for longer periods. Not surprisingly, some gamblers have sued casinos for fueling their gambling addictions with incentives. In 2012, Scott Stevens literally gambled to death after losing his job and savings to his gambling addiction. Okay, maybe Steven’s case is a bit extreme – it just shows how the reward systems work to pique your interest. Most casinos are franchises under large corporations. The player’s cards affect slot machines, and the information gathered through the reward program travels the world with you when you travel. 

Should you worry for your safety? 

Conversations surrounding sharing information and internet privacy have always been a hot topic. However, casino reward programs are safe for all. All required information is voluntary, and the casino does not use it for anything nefarious.  

Most reward programs don’t require credit card information. This eliminates the risk of a breach of your financial information. 

Apart from reward programs, casinos still use on-site cameras and surveillance systems to look for employees and players who may be cheating. They can monitor even players that are not in the reward programs by doing this. Nonetheless, the loyalty card provides the most useful insight into how players use the casino facilities. 

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Are Remastered Games Proof That the Industry Has Run Out of Ideas?

In 2021, around 30 remasters, remakes, and enhanced ports of classic video games were released to the market. This included Diablo II, Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Mass Effect, and the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy, along with many other big names from the last few decades.

These re-released titles allow players to enjoy classic video games on modern hardware with upgraded graphics and tweaked gameplay.

For players that enjoyed them when they were first released, these new versions are a way to reminisce about games they used to spend hours playing without having to deal with the hassle of buying an old console or finding an emulator. They also allow new players who may not have been around when a game was released 20 to 30 years ago to experience it for the first time.

By upgrading the graphics, old games can be made to look almost like a completely new title or at least help to find a balance between respecting the original version while giving it a modern feel.

However, some people are beginning to question whether the sheer volume of remastered titles is proof that the video games industry has become creatively bankrupt. But is this a fair assessment, or is there value in this refreshing of old content?

Preserving Classics

Video games can often have lifespans of just a few years. They get released, see a flurry of sales, and then get replaced by a sequel. Sure, players can return to them whenever they want, but as new generations of consoles get released, fewer and fewer people have access to old titles.

Yet, just because a video game is 10 years old doesn’t mean that it is bad. The things that made it fun then will still be fun today.

Remastering old titles helps to preserve these games and allows players to enjoy them again. And with the improved backwards compatibility and digital libraries of modern consoles, it is more likely that these old games will be available for years to come.

Introducing New Players to Gaming History

Some of the remasters and remakes that were released in 2020 and 2021 were originally created in the 1980s and 1990s. That means there are two whole generations of gamers that didn’t get to enjoy them on their original hardware.

This includes gaming royalty like Final Fantasy, Command & Conquer, Half-Life, Super Mario 64, Tony Hawk’s Pro-Skater, and Doom – all titles that most players would agree are timeless classics.

Remasters and remakes give these games a fresh lick of paint to help them look better compared to newer releases, making them more appealing to newer generations so that they can enjoy them too.

Remakes Can Add New Features

Remastered games are typically the ones that stood out at the time they were originally on the market. This is usually a sign that they were well made and fun to play.

Therefore, most games don’t need to be improved, augmented, or enhanced as they are still great in their original form.

However, remakes still provide an opportunity for developers to get creative, either by editing the original or creating new modes that put a modern spin on the classic mechanics. For example, the new “Definitive Edition” of Grand Theft Auto Vice City has introduced new wayfinding features to the map, a modern aiming system, and a new weapon selection tool.

Yet players can still enjoy the original story, the 80s soundtrack that features artists like Mötley Crüe, and the same Miami-vibe.

Similarly, online casinos often create different variants of classic games like blackjack. These new versions have a slightly different dynamic to the original version and present new challenges to the player. For example, in Live Free Bet Blackjack, the player can split or double down on certain hands for free.

Some players prefer these modern remakes, but for those that don’t, the original versions are usually also available.


Overall, remasters and remakes are not necessarily a sign of creative bankruptcy. The proof that fresh ideas and concepts still exist is found through looking at the huge number of new titles that are released each year.

Sure, big publishers are leaning a little more heavily on their older IP than they once were, but this is just a sign of how good that content is. After all, if players didn’t like these games, they wouldn’t be paying to play them again.

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Looking to Try Something New in the Bedroom? Tips to Help

Sometimes we all need a helping hand when it comes to our relationships, and this is often in terms of the physical side of things. As time goes on, the spark can out of the physical relationship between couples, and this can be for many different reasons. The good news is that you can get it back – in fact, you can make it even more exciting than it was before by trying new things in the bedroom. This is a great way to add some spice and enjoy the thrills of new experiences.

There are lots of different ways in which you can spice things up and try something new in the bedroom, so it is well worth considering these if you want to take things up a notch or two! From using adult toys to enjoy new experiences to getting into character and fulfilling those deepest fantasies, you will find many different options. All you need is the confidence and willingness to try out something a little different.

What You Can Do

There are various ways in which you can switch things up in the bedroom and add more excitement to your sex life. Some of these are:

Use Adults Toys for New Pleasures

You can shop the best strap-on dildos, invest in couples’ toys, and even buy products for sensual massages, so there is no end of choice when it comes to adults toys. Many couples turn to these toys in order to add some excitement to their love lives, and there are many different products that you can choose from. You can browse the selections together from the comfort and privacy of your own home and choose ones that you both feel comfortable and confidence about using.

Live Out Your Fantasies

You may have various fantasies about what you would love to do in the bedroom, but you may not have had the confidence to talk to your partner about this. Well, the chances are that your partner also has fantasies, and by opening up, you can both fulfil these in the comfort and privacy of your own home. So, speak to your partner and do things such as dressing up, getting involved in roleplay, and creating scenarios that will enable both of you to indulge in your fantasies and try out something completely new and different.

Get into the Mood

Some couples have issues because they always try and rush moments of intimacy, and this is often because they lead rushed lifestyles. So, try to take some time out that will enable you to set the scene, get into the mood, and relax beforehand. You could even book a night away at some romantic hotel and enjoy complete privacy without disruptions. This will make it easier for you to enjoy some excitement and the thrills of a naughty night or weekend away.

These are just a few of the different options you can try in order to give your physical relationship a new lease of life.

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Vintage Colors – Outfit Your Website in Modern Retro

The phrase ‘modern retro’ might sound like an oxymoron but it’s just an easy way of describing something that has crept its way back into fashion, even if it died in ignominy many decades ago. It’s the kind of trend that causes coffee shops to blend pop art with vintage furnishings or hospital green appliances with white subway tiles. It’s a collision, in other words, often of two or more disparate design decades.

While it’s easy to expect this kind of trend to crop up in interior design circles, websites began experimenting with modern retro around the same time that millennials started to forget about the days they spent living in the 80s and 90s; that is, about five years ago. The difficulty inherent in this style of work is melding classic colors and imagery without compromising the usability of the website.

70s, 80s, and 90s

But what did these decades look like? The 90s were bright, chaotic, and kitschy, encapsulated by the ‘jazz’ cup design created by Gina Ekiss. The previous decade, the 80s, was more about neons, burnished metals, and pinks and blues. Lastly, the 70s liked its oranges and browns and large repeating patterns. Oddly enough, our experiments with decade-spanning trends seemed to end around the turn of the millennium.

However, one of the design fascinations that never seems to go away involves space, futurism, and technology. For instance, the website of AI-based energy company Nesh has domed habitats flanking its namesake smart assistant, while Genesis Casino features astronauts, planets, and satellites. The latter is one of the more technology-forward sites too; it’s a paysafecard online casino and accepts Apple Pay. This shows the broad adoption of this style.

Contributors to website awards site Awwwards point to the Soviet Design page as a good example of 90s stylings. One of the best places to look for website inspiration with 80s leanings, though, is not a website at all. Artistic movements like vaporwave and future funk have the Blade Runner decade pinned down to its most basic elements. Large and loud typefaces are the key to creating a site with a convincing 70s vibe.


An important point to remember is that the further back in time you plan to go, the less complicated your design needs to be. Marketing materials made in the 70s, for instance, are unlikely to have been in a digital format, which restricts their complexity to whatever a printing press could handle at the time. The reverse, an overabundance of options, is perhaps why the 90s were so chaotic.

Ironically, one of the few design schemes to hit the mainstream in the 2010s was simple almost to a fault. Flat design, which was arguably pioneered by Microsoft in its Windows 8 operating system, stripped the outlines and details away and replaced them with ‘flat’ colors. This style often makes use of long shadows and has been central to the design philosophy of Google and Apple too.

Modern retro allows companies to leverage nostalgia and a love for all things vintage to capture customers’ collective hearts.

6 Best Recommendations to Avoid Online Dating Scams When Looking for a Girl

It is an excellent idea to look for a future wife on dating websites, but also a little bit risky one. No, when you use a verified resource, you can rely on it, but frauds can dwell everywhere, so it is nice to know how to protect your money or (sometimes it is even more important) your heart.

#1 Chat with a Girl On the Site Only

The most common scammer tactic is to switch from chatting on the hot Russian brides for marriage site to other communication channels, such as email or messenger because that way the service moderators can’t help you if you get scammed. Of course, if you are suggested to switch to Whatsapp, it does not mean that there is something wrong, especially if you communicate not for the first day and you are interested in each other. Nevertheless, if your interlocutor is not a cheater, she will not be embarrassed by your request to continue chatting for the time being.

#2 Be Suspicious

It may sound like bad advice – to see a double bottom in everything – but remember that an ordinary nice girl won’t be embarrassed by your suspicions and she will calmly be able to explain everything you don’t understand in her behaviour. But scammers will brazenly and aggressively demand your money or on the contrary, very pitifully ask for help, cause your sympathy, but all lead up to one thing – the transfer of funds to their bank card.

#3 Turn on Your Inner Detective

Of course, you shouldn’t be stalking anyone, but it wouldn’t hurt to do a little research. First of all, check if the girl’s picture is real – you can do this with the picture search service on the Internet. Also, google her name. Maybe you’ll find her social networking page, and you can make sure that the other information (her job, studies, etc.) she tells you is true, too.

#4 Tell Your Friends About Those With Whom You Communicate

Some people are too shy to talk about their personal lives, and some are too private by nature, but keep your family and friends in the loop if you can. Yes, you shouldn’t talk about every girl whose picture you like, but if you’re already in a closer relationship, it’s okay to tell. The whole point is that you may not notice any suspicious things because of sympathy, but from the outside, especially to people who care about you, they can be seen.

#5 Keep Personal Details to Yourself

Chatting with maybe your wife-to-be, you want to talk about everything. And it’s okay to talk about what you think, what you dream about, etc. But if they start asking you some numbers, numbers and facts, it’s already suspicious. For example, “the name of your first pet” is one of the most common secret questions to get into someone’s personal account without a password. So be careful what you notify your new acquaintance about.

#6 Admit it If You’re Wrong

Yes, it’s unpleasant to realize that you’ve been the victim of fraud, but if it did happen, it’s a bad idea to just forget about it and never remember. Analyze what happened and what mistakes you made. If you also lost a lot of money, you can go to law enforcement and let them investigate. Whatever you choose, remember that this is one such case, and if you are careful, you may find your love on the site. After all, it’s difficult and risky even in real life, but we all take risks and make mistakes so that we can end up happy with our loved ones.

Also, feel free to ask the site managers for help. Good, trusted resources try always to make sure that their customers are happy. Of course, dating service is a specific niche, because here people build personal relationships and accordingly communicate in private chats, but, for example, if you found out that your companion is a cheater on your own, you can complain about her and save other site users from this mistake.


casino image

Are Online Casinos Dominating the Gambling Industry in 2021?

Having the opportunity to do multiple tasks “on the go” is considered a groundbreaking technological advancement as well as one of our generation’s greatest privileges. From making video calls while traveling on the train to online wagering and earning a massive fortune, the virtual reality has already conquered our world. Speaking of massive fortune, by the way, Wildz Casino NZ can get you in a winning streak in no time. By grabbing the generous bonuses that they offer in addition to the 200 free spins on the table, even luck itself wouldn’t bet against you.

But why should you take advantage of iGaming when you can walk right into your familiar casino on the corner?! Sure, you can save yourself the trip, but is that reason enough? No doubt your doctor recommends a little bit of daily walking and exercise, but online betting offers some great benefits and you shouldn’t rule it out just yet.

In this article, we will examine how the increasing popularity of online casinos has changed the gambling industry, how it all started, and what are the pro and cons of virtual betting.

The Beginning of Online Gambling

Betting from the comfort of your sofa has improved quite a lot since the launch of the first online gambling website back in the 90s. This innovative industry took its first steps in Antigua and Barbuda where the Free Trade and Processing Act allowed for up-and-coming businesses to get the necessary licenses thus marking the beginning of virtual wagering in all history books.

Microgaming, the most prominent software provider at the time, is known for completely transforming the way we gamble and serving as the founding father of internet betting. Moreover, Microgaming has kept their esteemed place within the ever-changing industry and has managed to remain more than relevant by constantly improving their software so that all types of online gambling games are supported.

By the year 1997 the internet was crawling with more than 200 online betting websites, including internet poker games and sports wagering. All seemed to be going great for the industry until the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act was enacted which threw all online casinos into frenzy. Depositing and withdrawing funds was now illegal and the USA was no longer a welcoming territory for developing iGaming activities so most gambling companies took their business elsewhere.

Things were put on hold for the gambling industry for quite a while. However, America wasn’t the only country affected by the new regulations. In 2021 most European countries like Italy, Germany, Austria, Finland as well as China in Asia prohibit all forms of gambling.

Google’s New Policy for Online Betting Apps

A black cloud was hanging over the industry’s head but things took a turn when Google’s Play Store made a shift in restrictions back in March 2020. Up until now digital betting apps were available only in Brazil, France, Ireland and the UK, but thanks to this new policy 15 more countries (Australia, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Romania, Spain, Sweden, and the United States) will get the chance to wager on their mobile phone 24/7.

Naturally, all current laws in the respective countries must be taken into account when attempting to do some online gambling but nevertheless, internet betting seems to be on the rise. So what’s all the fuss about?

Online Gambling vs Land-based Casinos

There is no denying that dressing up, spraying the most expensive perfume you own all over yourself, and walking into a flashy casino in all small hours with a James Bond kind of confidence, is a thrilling experience. However, dominating a mobile betting game in your pajamas while eating Doritos, has its own perks, so hear me out:

IGambling Offers a Wide Variety of Games

A land-based venue, no matter how glamorous, is restricted by the laws of physics – you simply can’t cram all betting games that should be explored, into so few square meters. The Internet world, on the other hand, is limitless. A gambling fanatic can grab his/her mobile phone and dive right into an endless ocean of exciting games – from card and roulette games to sportsbooks and slots. In our constantly evolving online reality, it’s a daunting task to keep the user’s attention for more than 5 minutes, so infinite game supply sounds like a jackpot for the iGambling industry.

Online Casinos Provide Tutorials for Beginners

Taking up gambling can be quite challenging, especially for total newbies. There are so many different games to choose from, not to mention the overwhelming rules each game abides by. Luckily, the online betting platforms are packed with tutorials that are super easy to access by anyone interested in mastering some gambling skills. By contrast, in traditional casinos no one would rush in to teach you the ropes. On the contrary, people might get mad if you try to pull them out of their betting mind zone, and ask them questions.

Bonuses Are a Given When Wagering Online

Land-based establishments don’t provide the same luxurious experience to customers as they once did. Regardless of the posh atmosphere in traditional casinos, the player would rarely get more than one free drink in contrast to the high paying bill at the end of the night. Online casinos, however, have a great marketing strategy that attracts new gamers by showering them with sweet welcoming bonuses and promotions in the form of free spins. This way, the better gets hooked on more playtime for a smaller initial investment.

Are Online Casinos Worth Your Time?

So what’s the final verdict? Should you join a betting app immediately or should you stick to the old dress up routine? To say that online gambling is more convenient than taking a drive in fancy attire, is stating the obvious. It all boils down to your personal preference as well as the time and money you are ready to spent in your pursuit of the big scores.

If you’re looking to explore new games, hone your betting skills, enjoy more bonuses or just kill some time, web gambling is definitely the way to go!

If your desire is to make a fun night out of it – call some friends, head to the casino and squander your inheritance. Just kidding! Always gamble responsibly and don’t forget to have a great time!