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Tips to Balance High School Studies and Your Social Life

Being in high school can make it difficult to achieve a balance between school and your social life. 

For instance, you may like to spend more time with friends or you might feel guilty for socializing at all. 

Instead of allowing everything to stress you out, you can make life easier with a few helpful tips.

1. Find a Spot to Study

While you might feel like curling up in your comfortable bed to study, this could make you lazy. Having a place to study away from your bedroom can help you stay motivated to do homework and study for tests. 

Consider studying at your school library, a computer lab, a public library, a coffee shop, or finding another place for inspiration. 

Heading to a library can be a great idea because you’ll have peace and plenty of books. You could even ask a friend or two to join you if you’d rather not be alone.

2. Stay Focused

Worrying about an approaching math test can make it harder to stay focused on enjoying the moment you’re currently in. It can give you anxiety or leave you feeling frustrated. 

Rather than worry, try to stay focused on what you’re doing. 

For example, by focusing on doing your homework, you’ll be more likely to gain valuable knowledge and improve your grades. 

In other words, you’ll get a lot more done and be able to take pleasure in every moment. 

Yoga and meditation or breathing exercises are a few ways to calm a restless mind.

3. Create a Schedule

Although having a schedule may seem to hold you back, it can increase your productivity and life satisfaction. 

You can use an academic planner or scheduling app to create blocks of time for school, homework, and other tasks you know you need to get done. After this, fill in the remaining blocks with fun extracurricular activities and time with friends.

4. Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination can stop you from achieving your goals and dreams. 

Indeed, you could take excessive time while you overthink every detail. At the end of the day, you may realize you could have avoided a bunch of problems if you didn’t digress so much. 

By committing to finishing your homework and other deadlines early, you’ll be able to have extra time to have fun.

5. Do Your Best

You might feel the pressure to be perfect. But remember, this feeling only makes matters worse. 

Do your best and don’t worry about the results too much. Be kind to yourself and be proud of what you’ve accomplished, little as it may seem. 

But if you feel like your best still isn’t enough, consider getting advice for high school students from Writers Per Hour. This company can help you with your homework if you’re struggling with any particular subject and unable to find a good tutor.

6. Seek Support if Necessary

Whether you have a disability or don’t have the slightest idea how to use the latest technology, getting help can be the smartest idea ever. 

For starters, you could talk to a career counselor at your school, speak to a teacher, or see a tutor if you’re struggling with homework. 

Many teachers would likely be happy to talk with you about your problems.


As a final point, achieving a balance between life and going to high school can be a challenge. 

But with a positive mindset and focus on your goals, you can overcome any difficulties. If you need more help, talk to a friend or a family member in times of distress.

Sex and Dating: Should You Have Sex on the First Date?

Some people say that first-date sex is a complete relationship killer, claiming that one should never come before the other. On the other hand, there’s also the opinion that there are few things better than having sex on the first date, even if it ends up being a one night stand. And then, there’s also the popular three-date rule that may not be so valid anymore. But are there truly any rules you should follow when it comes to intimacy and dating?

Without a doubt, the days when sex was a complete taboo are long gone. Still, these changes do not mean that sex isn’t a way to physically bond with another person anymore. It can help you feel a close connection and express your emotions and physicality, no matter whether you are into vanilla sex, or would rather browse suction cup dildos before doing the deed. However, what will happen if you allow intimacy to define your relationships from the beginning or even send others mixed signals

If you’re thinking about getting down to business on your very first date and feel that you could use some guidance, read on below for tips that will help you determine when may be the right time to do the deed with your new date.

Three-Date Rule

First and foremost, it’s important to talk about the quite famous three-date rule that may sound confusing initially, especially if you don’t have much dating experience. What is it all about, you may be wondering? Shortly speaking, some people who date a lot tend to follow certain rules that help them establish boundaries and keep control over their love life. 

The third-date rule says that you should always wait until the third date until you have sex with someone. But what if waiting doesn’t change anything, or you never get to that third date with the particular person? That’s where dating and relationship experts, such as Alexis Wolfe, founder of NYC Date Nite, say that putting such pressure on something that’s just a made-up number may not be the best decision. 

Sure, a third date may be the right time to tell someone about your interest in using life size sex dolls, especially if the chemistry is there and you want to stay transparent, but in the end, basing your sex life on rules that have such unclear origins might not be the best idea. If anything, relationships should be based on mutual trust and honest communication, so it could be better to try to emphasize these two values before all else. Still, in the end, it’s all up to your and your sexual partner’s preferences.

How to Decide When to Have Sex?

All the information may still leave you wondering: is it about being honest about what you and your partner prefer? How should you decide whether having sex on a first date with a particular person is a wise decision? 

Here are a couple of tips that may help you decide:

Make Sure Both of You Want It

Even if the first date is going great, the chemistry is definitely there, and everything seems to indicate that you two should have sex, you still need to ensure that both of you are on the same page. There’s no real need to talk about having a relationship yet — after all, you may go your separate ways once the romantic evening is over, but in this case, it’s crucial to start the general chat about what the two of you are after. 

This way, you may find out that, for instance, the other person is interested in starting a long-term relationship, even though you’re still not ready to commit to something that serious. This knowledge will help you to decide whether having sex on this very first date is a good idea or if you want to get involved in a relationship with that particular person in the first place. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to date around and experiment, but you shouldn’t mislead your date.

Trust Your Gut

In some situations, listening to your gut may also turn out to be the right approach. Let’s say that the signs your date sends you are really obvious, and the atmosphere starts getting hot. You may decide to just go for it and initiate the sex, but not without expressing your feelings first. Remember that honesty is of the utmost importance, which means that, before doing the deed, you should say things like: I want it, but I also want a relationship. Is that what you’re up for?

Sex on the first date doesn’t always lead to a relationship, and if you don’t tell your partner what you’re looking for, at least one of you may end up getting hurt. Once you get the answer, it will help you decide if you should have sex. You may also learn that both of you will be better off as just friends or even the casual strangers you were before that date. 

In Conclusion

As you can see, first-date sex doesn’t have to be as complex as some people and self-called relationship experts try to make it. Besides the fact that it’s always better to take relationship advice from experienced professionals, you also need to learn how to trust your own judgment and make your own dating rules instead of trying to rely on someone else’s experiences.

Additionally, it’s important that you always prioritize honesty and avoid misleading the people you date. Whether you’re looking for a relationship or not, it’s important to say it as soon as possible so that you both know what to expect. This way, no one will get hurt, and you could potentially be more satisfied with the way your love life plays out. Should you decide to have first-date sex, remember to stay safe, don’t forget that there’s nothing sexier than consent, and have all the fun you want.

Natalie Jane "Mentally Cheating" single cover art via UMusic for use by 360 Magazine

Natalie Jane – Mentally Cheating

Today, rising 18-year-old pop star Natalie Jane releases her hotly anticipated new single, Mentally Cheating.” Listen HERE via Capitol Records and 10K Projects.

The hugely relatable anthem, which finds the newcomer grappling with temptation, is already a phenomenon on TikTok via multiple teasers, resulting in more than 6M likes, 115K pre-saves, and 25K shares.

A piano-driven vocal and songwriting showcase for “Mentally Cheating” is about the beginning of the end of a relationship. “I think I shouldnt be looking in those eyes, why do they give me butterflies?” the New Jersey teenager ponders over striking chords. On the chorus, which has resonated with listeners across social media platforms, she admits that somebody else has caught her attention, “I think Im mentally cheating.”

“Mentally Cheating”follows a series of hit independent releases from Natalie that includes Kind of Love(7M+ Spotify streams), Bloodline,” and Red Flag.” Those songs established the breakout star’s knack for brutally honest, unfiltered lyrics and irresistible pop hooks. It’s a skill set she has acquired through years of experience.

Most recently, the talented singer/songwriter has built momentum by focusing on authentically engaging with fans on social media. Natalie is particularly active on TikTok, where her raw, heartfelt original songs and stunning cover versions have earned her more than 1.5M followers and over 40M likes. With “Mentally Cheating,”she is destined to expand her audience even further, taking another step towards seemingly inevitable pop stardom.


Natalie Jane has always been passionate about music. At just 18 years old, she has already created a distinct sound for herself characterized by bold, fearless lyrics that express the pain of heartbreak and the frustrating search for meaning in an increasingly overindulgent world. Natalie’s dedication to music and a desire to hone her craft has taken her from her early childhood singing and songwriting, all while following her passion for transforming abstract concepts into music giving a voice to those almost indescribable moments. She has graced fans’ screens all over the TikTok FYP, reaching over 1.5M followers on the app and achieving over 40M likes across her videos. From covers to her original songs, Natalie Jane’s vocal versatility and emotional vulnerability shines through, creating a musical narrative to universal experiences.

Jake Scott - Green Eyes cover art via Elektra Music Group for use by 360 MAGAZINE

Jake Scott – Green Eyes

Pop singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Jake Scott has released his new song, Green Eyes.” Co-written and co-produced by Scott and Josh Kerr (Kelsea Ballerini, Keith Urban, Camila Cabello), the melodic track blends stripped-down guitars with Scott’s heartfelt vocals. In true Jake Scott fashion, the offering chronicles his love story with his wife Rachel, illustrated by vivid and honest lyricism. “Green Eyes” is out today on all streaming services, with a companion lyric video available to watch HERE.

“‘Green Eyes’ is about that first spark, that moment of connection with someone new. It makes the simple sacred and if youߣre lucky, becomes the start of a story youߣll tell forever,” said Scott.

In March, Scott made his national television debut on The Kelly Clarkson Showperforming his anthemic, anecdotal track “Texas Girl.” Scott hails from Arkansas a state that rivals Texas and ended up falling for his wife a Dallas native regardless. At the top of the year, he also sold out every date on his first ever North American headline tour. Additionally, Scott’s 2021 collaboration with multi-platinum country star Russell Dickerson She Likes It” is now RIAA Certified Gold and has amassed nearly 100M total global streams. The song is currently #38 on the Mediabase Country chart, and #35 on Billboard Country Airplay as well. Along with being a featured artist on the track, Scott also co-penned the song with Dickerson, underscoring his prowess as a songwriter.

Scott is currently on the road supporting Ben Rector on tour, which hits Houston, TX at 713 Music Hall this evening. The full itinerary of dates can be found below, with all tickets available HERE.

Named one of People Magazine’s “Emerging Artists” to watch, Scott is currently in the studio working on his first full-length project with Elektra Records. Stay tuned for more to come, including more live shows this year.

Zac Stern Official app founder photo via Jonathan Stinson for use by 360 MAGAZINE

Center Stage: Zac Stern

Modern dating apps are often draining, sucking the fun out of the thrilling experience that finding a partner should be. Amidst the craze of hookup culture, it’s hard for those of us looking for a real relationship to find someone that isn’t just in search of a fun night. Luckily, we’ve found the perfect app that is based all around fostering positive relationships – its not a dating app, it’s the relationship app – Official.

Make things official with Official, the app that nurtures positive relationships no matter what stage of dating you’re in. Via the app, users have the choice to swipe “Yay” or “Nay” to differing date ideas. To “match” with a partner, you both have to choose “Yay” for a specific date idea. Once matched up, you can plan a date immediately, or you can come back to your match later.

Official encompasses an array of features for partners to build and cultivate positive relationships. From well-needed daily check-ins, a personalized intimacy section, a shared notes folder, countdowns to special events and the opportunity to earn points through practicing healthy relationship habits, Official encompasses all of the tools that you need to cultivate a strong, open partnership.

Official was founded by Zac Stern, business expert and graduate from NYU’s Stern School of Business. Interning with a selection of startup companies throughout his college years, Zac knew that he was interested in this realm of business ventures. Working as a VC his senior year at Stern, he worked his way up to become an associate just in time for his graduation in 2020. Diving into other projects, Zac knew that he wanted to begin his own development in the realm of dating apps, which birthed Official.

Created to encourage healthy relationships, Zac built Official around the next-generation model of social media and apps. The app has continuously gained widespread acclaim, becoming viral on TikTok, and rising to the #5 placement atop the US on Apple’s Lifestyle Charts.

360 Magazine had the opportunity to chat with Zac regarding the app’s inspiration, its various features and why you should start dating on Official.

What inspired you to create Official app?

While working in VC, I analyzed the business models of everything from jetpacks to cancer research; dating apps somehow fall within that range. When looking at a business, you learn that you want to keep your customer. This may seem relatively obvious, but not when it comes to dating apps. Dating apps are an interesting business because they lose their customers when they do their job correctly. But, the same thing happens when they do their job poorly, or when an outside force accomplishes their “goal.” So, from a financial perspective, I realized that it made more sense to focus on helping people stay together because the longer they are together, the longer they want to be our customers. Official switched the incentive so that when our users are happy in their relationship, we win, and if our users struggle in their relationship, we lose. 

On the personal side, I was dating someone long-distance at the beginning of 2019 while still in school and studying abroad. I was in London; she was in NYC. I met her two weeks before I left to study abroad, so we started our relationship with many calls, texts, and facetimes. To remember everything, I made a note on my phone about her, another note about her family, Instagram-saved things to do in the future, and pinned every future date spot on my phone’s map. While tedious, this was the only option I thought of. I knew there had to be an easier way. Many of my friends were in relationships, and I noticed everyone wanted to be the “perfect” couple: the couple that had the best dates, cutest photos, and best sex. All of these things happening led me to the idea of Official. 

Walk us through the different features available to the couples who join Official.

Official’s goal is to help couples through promoting self-discovery and enhancing communication between partners. We do this because we know how important it is to communicate with your partner and help you find and experience new activities. 

As Aron et al says it best in ‘The self-expansion model and optimal relationship development’, According to self-expansion theory, engaging in activities with a romantic partner that broaden one’s sense of self and perspective of the world (e.g., novel, exciting, interesting, and challenging activities) can reignite feelings of exhilaration and passion reminiscent of when couples first fell in love.” We wanted to create this sense with the Official.

Within the app, we allow couples to check in with each other in multiple ways that promote conversation both on and off the app. We let our users tell their partner how they are feeling, guess how their partner is feeling, and tell their partner they are in the mood. 

Official also allows you to discover more things around you to try with your partner from a literal sense like restaurants, concerts, or events, but also at home dates or things to try in the bedroom. We let our couples swipe left for no, right for yes, or up in the intimacy section for maybe, and this creates an opt-in process to indicate what each person wants to do. While it’s simple, it lets couples discover new things that they both want to do. 

We also let couples share their dates and experiences privately or publicly. Users post memories within the app to remember what they do with their partner.  By posting publicly, couples can show off that crazy exciting or unique date that they did. Official is a community of people who love love; we want to encourage everyone to have the best relationship. 

One of the most important things is that we don’t try to make couples feel like they can only communicate on the app. I firmly believe that Official can be an excellent catalyst for communication, but should not be the only way you communicate. 

Is there any exclusivity on the app for members? Such as first access to tickets/events/reservations?

We partner with some of the best companies in the world that provide incredible experiences anywhere. We let our users access exclusive discounts on events and experiences near them. We also allow them to 50% off almost any sex toy from our partners. We believe in creating value for each user, which we will continue to do. 

What is your biggest tip for couples to stay consistent on the app, planning dates, etc.?  

The biggest tip I have is to complete the Daily Question every day. It’s a quick feature, but the value it brings to relationships is massive. We ask you and your partner a new question every day, and if you both answer it, you can see each other’s answers. Our goal is to spark new conversations and let you discover something new about your partner or yourself that you may not have thought to bring up. 

I highly recommend the Intimacy Section to have the most fun and check out the craziest sex positions you will ever see… I am still baffled at how some of these are possible.

Do you plan on adding any additional features to the app?

I probably come up with a new feature a week, much to my team’s dismay. There are so many things to come on Official. Our random date generator will plan a date for you using machine learning to understand preferences. We are still in prototype, but I cannot wait until it’s ready for release. 

Do you have any tips for readers who may be interested in your app now that they’ve heard of it but are new to this type of app?  

Dive in; it’s easy. On Official, you can do anything, but you don’t have to do everything. Use what you think is interesting, and ignore what you don’t. We understand that people communicate in different ways, and that’s why we have an eclectic mix of features to suit any communication style or relationship. I don’t expect every user to use every feature; I just want every user to find value on Official. 

What is your favorite feature on the app?

Most likely, it would have to be the In the Mood feature. It is such a unique feature that when I first told people about the idea, they thought I was crazy. We refer to it internally as the “I’m horny button.” The button allows a user to say that they are in the mood, and if their partner hits the button within 12 hours, we send them a notification and let them do whatever their hearts desire. If one hits it and the other doesn’t, we say nothing because we want to promote double opt-in. 

What’s next for Official?

This is perhaps my favorite question because I don’t fully know. I have many ideas and ways to take the company, but we will follow what our users want. 

I always like to say that we are the first relationship media company. Our focus is couples, but many divergent markets touch relationships, creating the opportunity for Official to expand. My goal is to grow Official to help any relationship you have, whether it’s with your partner, family, friends, or even yourself; Official will be the defacto platform for any relationship in five years. I have a few ideas on how to get there, but I can’t give it all away just yet.

Twelve Tips for Making New Friends

Meeting new people is more challenging for some people. You may get nervous about starting a conversation or wonder where to find friends outside of your daily routine. If you’re looking to cultivate personal relationships, check out these tips for making new friends that anyone can use to create a social circle.

1. Open Your Heart

Connecting with someone requires opening your heart and becoming vulnerable. You won’t make those essential connections with people if you’re holding back your true self. It can be scary to think about, but it’s a risk worth taking.

Keep your mind open to this vulnerability, and you’ll find yourself getting along with people even if they’re different than your other friends. You can always head home to spend time by yourself and recharge your social batteries after opening your heart to a new companion.

2. Join a Club

You might picture grade school or college organizations for young people when you think of a club. They also exist for adults who aren’t in school, so think about your hobbies. There are always local groups for people who love to do things like reading, knitting, gardening, drawing and other commonly shared activities. A quick internet search will reveal different ones based on your interests.

3. Add Volunteering to Your Schedule

Finding people who care about the same issues as you is one of the best ways to make new friends. You’ll share core values that stand the test of time, so meet people at volunteer events. Consider how you want to put your skills to use and if your community has any pressing needs. You’ll find people ready to help who will likely form friendships over your shared experience and passions.

4. Find an Accountability Partner

Friendships also form when people bond over goals. Anyone recovering from addiction can find an accountability partner to share and strengthen their recovery journey. This type of friendship will provide solace, motivation and encouragement when you’re experiencing something other friends may not understand. You’ll make this type of connection through support groups, either in person or online.

5. Take Your Dog Out

Pet parents have a unique opportunity to meet friends at the dog park. Grab a Frisbee or tennis ball and head to a local park this weekend. You’ll find other dog owners and have an instant ice breaker subject to talk about. It’s a stress-free way to create bonds without struggling to find something to discuss or a shared interest.

6. Remember to Stay in Touch

Once you meet someone new and want them to stay in your life, remember to stay in touch. Communication works both ways. If they give you their number or connect with you on social media, they shouldn’t be the only person in the relationship to reach out with a quick text or direct message. Anyone who struggles with maintaining friendships can set up reminder notifications once a day to stay in touch and avoid accidental lapses in communication.

7. Get Involved With School Groups

College students and parents with grade school kids can get involved with school groups to meet friends. Parent-teacher associations and clubs will expand your social circle right away. You’ll also gain long-term connections because the school that’s the center of your daily routine is also a significant part of your friends’ lives.

8. Practice Your Listening Skills

Relationships fall apart when people don’t listen to each other and hear what the other person is saying. Practice your listening skills with family members or loved ones while you’re making new friends. Empathizing and never interrupting are significant steps you can take to strengthen any new friendships and make them last a lifetime.

9. Say Yes to Hanging Out

Social anxiety might make it challenging for you to agree to activities with friends. Unless there’s a legitimate reason to stay home by yourself, push yourself out of your comfort zone by saying yes to invitations more often. Even if you only agree to a quick phone call or video chat, you’ll become more comfortable in social situations by practicing saying yes to your friends.

10. Make a New Profile

Sometimes people feel uncomfortable making new friends because they lack self-confidence. You can meet friends even if you don’t want to put yourself out there by creating a new profile on a social media site. A blog or other account that doesn’t have your full name or photo may give you the confidence to chat with others based on your shared interests. You can choose to open up at your own pace as you get to know them.

11. Take the Initiative

No one forms friendships if they wait for people to approach them first. You’ll have to take the initiative to start conversations or create opportunities to get to know others. Ask a co-worker to join you for lunch sometime or make a spontaneous phone call to someone you miss. If they value your relationship or want to develop your friendship, they’ll respond positively because you show how much you care.

12. Avoid Creating a Timeline

Healthy friendships take time. Friends that start with love bombing and intense connections usually burn out because it’s not a manageable emotional state for either person involved. Avoid pressuring yourself to reach certain relationship milestones on a deadline as you meet potential friends.

You won’t have a best friend after hanging out a few times. People need time and shared experiences to foster lifelong relationships. As long as you enjoy chatting with someone and feel valued without overextending yourself, your bond will last the test of time.

Making New Friends Is Easy

Now that you’ve read these tips for making new friends, start meeting people this week. Whether you eat lunch with a new co-worker or strike up a conversation with a stranger at a volunteer event, you’ll connect with others who have shared interests or life experiences. It’s all you need to spark fantastic friendships that can last a lifetime.

Gobble’s Valentine’s Day Meals and Desserts 

Cacio e Pepe Pasta with Scallops & Asparagus

Cacio e pepe is a delicious, elegant dish that couldn’t be simpler. Our fresh spaghetti is tossed in a savory pan sauce of grated Italian cheese and Parmesan butter and topped with pan-seared scallops, asparagus, and sweet peas. Cracked black pepper and fresh arugula are the finishing touches on this satisfying gourmet meal.


■      Dry Scallops

■      Fresh Spaghetti

■      Garlic Parmesan butter

■      Peas

■      Asparagus

■      Italian cheese blend

■      Arugula

Seared Duck Breast in Cherry Port Wine Sauce with White Cheddar Grits

You’ll want to eat these creamy, savory grits with everything, but they’re especially good with our juicy pan-seared duck breast in a tangy cherry port wine sauce. A sautéed hash of Brussels sprouts and garlic complete this gourmet Southern dish. 


■      Duck breasts

■      White cheddar grits

■      Rosemary thyme butter

■      Dried cherries

■      Sweet tangy sauce

■      Brussels sprouts

■      Shallots

■      Garlic cloves

■      White cheddar cheese

■      Port wine

Garlic Pesto Sirloin Steak with Rosemary Mashed Potatoes & Sautéed Spinach

Become a dinner hero with a gourmet dish, made simple! Tender sirloin steaks are seared, crusted with a roasted garlic pesto, and finished in the oven. Serve it alongside creamy rosemary mashed potatoes and our butter-sautéed spinach, guaranteed to leave you licking your plate!


■      Top sirloin steaks

■      Roasted garlic pesto

■      Spinach

■      Mashed potatoes

■      Rosemary sprigs

■      Butter

Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake with Sour Cherry Compote

A 4-ounce mini cheesecake is the perfect way to end an excellent meal. This rich and creamy chocolate truffle cheesecake is a chocolate lover’s dream come true. It’s topped with a sweet and sour cherry compote. Live life without regrets — order dessert!

Valrhona Chocolate Lava Cake

Treat yourself to this gourmet chocolate lava cake prepared with Valrhona Tainori dark chocolate from the Dominican Republic. These delectable single-serving cakes need only a quick trip in your microwave or oven and can be topped with your favorite ice cream or fruit syrup.

For additional information visit site HERE.

Headphones graphic via Heather Skovlund for use by 360 Magazine

Joy Crookes Announces US Tour

British singer/songwriter Joy Crookes announces her very first headlining United States tour with performances spanning coast to coast. The tour commences April 2 in Los Angeles at The Roxy, making stops in Boston, Philadelphia, New York and Washington, DC. Exclusive pre-sale for the show begins February 10 at 10 AM PST, with tickets becoming available on-sale February 11 at 10 AM PST.

Catch the full tour schedule below and visit to snatch up your own tickets!

Crookes’ first headlining US tour comes following her newly issued debut album, Skin. The album itself released in October of 2021 gaining widespread attention, landing at #5 on the official UK album charts. Accredited as an executive on the album by the side of Blue Mary, Skin is an intimate and transforming piece of work imagined out of Crookes’ fresh, personal point of view.

Showcasing a variety of hits that Crookes created leading into her early twenties, the album covers themes including mental health, relationships and politics, all touched with her personal vibe. Skin has swiftly picked up critical honor from The New York Times, NPR, Vogue, ELLE and Harper’s Bazaar.

Stream Skin HERE.

Crookes recently shared the music video for her current single, ‘19th Floor,’ which comes from her album Skin. She speaks on the inspiration for the video, stating, “We wanted to create visuals that were reflective of the complexity and beauty of community, especially the immigrant community within London. The song is a recognition of all the obstacles immigrants have to overcome to build a life in somewhere like the UK, an acknowledgment of the journey that my Grandmother for example had to face to get to the 19th floor of a South London tower block and the heights that she has managed to reach.”

Watch the official video for ‘19th Floor’ HERE.

About Joy Crookes

South London singer/songwriter Joy Crookes has notarized herself in the music industry as a Brit nominated sensational artist. Fans take to her out-of-the-box point of storytelling showcased through her music. In each piece of her own work, she is able to articulate her own esteemed sense of creativity that she possesses at the mere age of 22. Accumulating a mass hundreds of millions of streams, she has named herself a staple in upcoming British music.


Apr 02 2022 – Los, Angeles, CA @ The Roxy

Apr 05 2022 – Boston, MA @ The Sinclair

Apr 06 2022 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Foundry

Apr 07 2022 – New York, NY @ Gramercy Theatre

Apr 08 2022 – Washington, DC @ Union Stage

pulp EP cover artwork via Kirsten Mikkelson for use by 360 MAGAZINE

Winnetka Bowling League – pulp

Winnetka Bowling League debuted their hot fourth EP pulp via RCA Records on Friday February 4. The EP consists of new track fiimy (fuck it, i misss you) with Demi Lovato, as well as a few separate pre-released tracks. Listen and stream pulp HERE, and catch the full tracklist below.

Both Winnetka Bowling League and Demi Lovato came together when Demi got into touch with head singer Matthew Koma. He posted a short video of the track onto the popular platform of TikTok, where Demi was drawn to the song.

Matthew raves about the inspiration behind fiimy (fuck it, i misss you), saying ““fiimy” is about running into an ex for the first time since a break up and the rush of mixed feelings that ad target you. There’s wondering if you even know that person anymore and there’s reckoning with your own “did i fuck up a good thing”. When Demi heard the lyrics, I think they reminded them of their own version of that experience…so it was really cool to hear them come with a verse framing how that story was told in their world. It takes dismissing a lot of pride to admit to yourself you miss someone.”

Demi spoke on their collaboration on the track, stating, “Winnetka Bowling League has such a unique sound, and I am excited to be on this record with them. If these times taught us anything it’s the power of human connection and missing someone, and I think this song speaks to that in a very honest and relevant way.”

The new EP pulp was written and produced by Matthew, and comes after their accomplished 2020 EP Congratulations.

Matthew talks about pulp, asserting, “Writing songs feels nauseatingly self-important and talking about writing songs is worse than a writer’s camp. But alas, I wrote most of the songs for the new EP in New York and felt panicked for 2 months that I was only capable of pure shit. I grew up in NY but I’ve spent the last 11 years in Los Angeles and sometimes the mentality here makes you forget about doing stuff you actually love. Being back in New York sort of sparked all these memories of being a kid recording terrible demos on ACID (the recording program, not the drug, unfortunately). And that headspace got me thinking about things and people I haven’t thought about for a long time. Usually I’m arm wrestling myself to write something about my current circumstance that’s relatable to more than my three friends who like quarantine as much as I do. But there was this shift in NY and I started writing about people and feelings I hadn’t visited in a while. Time grants you kinder eyes and with songs like ”barcelona” and “fiimy” I got to re-explore those relationships from a helicopter’s view and see it a little differently. “pulp” was about this really odd memory that came back to me one day when I walked by Port Authority and smelled hot pretzels. It made sense to call the EP “pulp” because every song was born from some specific snapshot detail that wasn’t at all the main juice (lol). I usually like my own music for 2-3 months after making it then I’m paralyzingly humiliated. I wrote this on 4/22/21 – use that information accordingly.”

This spring we see Winnetka Bowling League heading out on a series of shows while backing CHVRCHES on their practically sold-out UK Screen Violence Tour. To access more information on the tour and to get your own tickets in Newcastle and Birmingham, visit HERE. See tour dates below.

About Matthew Koma and Winnetka Bowling League

Head artist in charge, Matthew Koma was raised in New Jersey and became a critically acclaimed performer, songwriter and producer who has worked for the likes of Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Keith Urban, Shania Twain and Kelly Clarkson. The beginnings of Winnetka Bowling League came in 2018 when Matthew, his brother Kris Mazzarisi and Sam Beresford joined him to release their self-titled EP. They soon released two more Eps, Cloudy with a Chance of Sun in 2019 and Congratulations in 2020, all showcasing impeccable songwriting paired with memorable lyrics. V Magazine proclaimed, “Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Matthew Koma…[as] raw and honest, possessing a dry sense of humor that is reflected in both his songs and his mannerisms…[Winnetka Bowling League is] the perfect pairing of deep lyrical content and alternative rock melodies.”

pulp EP track listing:

1. “pulp” 

2. “fiimy (fuck it, i miss you)” with Demi Lovato

3. “barcelona” with Sasha Alex Sloan 

4. “dandelion”

5. “emotionalporn”

CHVRCHES x Winnetka Bowling League tour dates

March 14th – Edinburgh UK – O2 Academy (SOLD OUT)

March 15th – Newcastle, UK – O2 City Hall

March 16th – London, UK – O2 Academy Brixton (SOLD OUT)

March 18th – Birmingham, UK – O2 Academy 

March 19th – Manchester, UK – O2 Apollo (SOLD OUT)

iann dior "On To Better Things" album cover art via Kristin Somin/ The Oriel for use by 360 MAGAZINE

iann dior – On To Better Things

Today, the multi-platinum selling, chart-stealing artist iann dior released his album, On To Better Things. See the official tracklist below, and click HERE to stream/download the album.

Throughout his new album, iann showcases an alt-pop/rock flare, while keeping to his identity as a rapper on trap tracks like “i might,” and “v12,” ft. Lil Uzi Vert. On To Better Things discusses the topics of love, relationships and loyalty, with the common message of moving on to a bigger and better future. The remarkable album sees the likes of Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Uzi Vert and Travis Barker, including production from Travis Barker, Taz Taylor, Omer Fedi, Cirkut and Cashmere Cat.

You can catch iann on Jimmy Kimmel Live! next Wednesday, January 26, where he will debut “thought it was” ft. Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker for the first time.

As if the release of his new album wasn’t enough, iann, too, was declared the face of the Germany luxury fashion house MCM’s 2022 Spring/ Summer collection. The campaign can be described as “an interdimensional journey into utopian paradise.” The MCM’s 2022 Spring/ Summer campaign was shot virtually and IRL, mesmerizing viewers with a vivacious world, highlighting an upcoming perspective on 2022, paired with the musical styling of iann dior. The collection is available both in-store and online now at


Puerto Rican-born, Corpus Christi-raised celebrated artist iann dior is known as one of the industry’s fastest growing artists in modern time. With the release of his first song that he wrote, his career took off. The song gained traction after iann posted the track to SoundCloud, quickly obtaining over 10,000 plays in its first week, catching the eyes of Internet Money founder Taz Taylor. Taylor and iann then got together to work on music, and shortly after he landed a deal with Elliot Grainge’s label 10k Projects in April 2019, releasing his project Industry Plant.

In 2020, we saw the true rise of iann when he was featured on the Billboard Hot 100 #1 hit “Mood,” with 24KGoldn, that is now certified 4x platinum. “Mood” stayed atop the Top 10 to 10 weeks. Together, the duo traveled and performed on The Voice, American Music Awards, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and were nominated for 2 VMAS, 3 Billboard Music Awards, 1 AMA and 1 iHeart Radio Music Award following the achievement of “Mood.” Since then, iann has collaborated with artists such as Lil Baby, Machine Gun Kelly, Travis Barker, Clean Bandit and Trippie Redd. Renowned for his captivating music in the genres of alternative, pop, rap and electronic/dance, iann is a truly diverse artist that captivates millions of people with his distinctive and charming point-of-view.

On To Better Things Tracklist

  1. is it you
  2. complicate it
  3. v12 (ft. Lil Uzi Vert)
  4. i might
  5. heavy
  6. dark angel interlude
  7. obvious (ft. Travis Barker)
  8. heartbreak3r
  9. options
  10. regret
  11. thought it was (ft. Machine Gun Kelly & Travis Barker)
  12. sinking interlude
  13. let you
  14. fallin
  15. hopeless romantic (ft. Travis Barker)