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BLK app via 360 MAGAZINE official site and podcast

Spotlight: BLK App

Founded in 2017, the B-L-K app encompasses more than a community for singles seeking a prospective date or companionship. The niche platform has the largest subscription of Black Men & Women and is known as affiliates of the portfolio. 360 Magazine’s Armon Hayes met with the B-L-K app Head of Marketing Jonathan Kirkland via zoom to discuss what the ‘new wave’ app is all about, its impact and what’s to come.

About six years ago Kirkland began in the digital space with apps like Grindr and Bumble. He shares the experience applying to a Brand-partnership job at Grindr as a joke, which lead to a self-discovery journey that allowed him to discover how he thrives through niche communities while identifying their needs. Subsequently evolving the online dating functionality and perspective, Kirkland goes on to say, “It’s all about making connections, where those connections are is up to you and who you match with.

When embarking on the new B-L-K app, founders knew that they wanted to keep the Black community at the forefront of the platform. “The Black experience is a unique one, especially in America and [this] transcends into the dating app space,” said Kirkland. Exploding during lockdown at the height of the pandemic, he is committed to growing the platform with the aid of the audience he serves. The app allows for an understanding that connections aren’t merely one-to-one, but a one to many. Diligent in shifting the narrative that Black women are less desirable, the B-L-K app provides the forum to communicate byway fostering understanding.

With 3 million downloads and counting, the cultural app is creating a space for a wide scale of individuals to connect and, most importantly, build friendships. B-L-K remains true to their core demographic by creating dialogue, while also educating through user connections on matters surrounding racial injustices.

Brought to the forefront on the app as well as our lives, B-L-K particularly highlights the global misfortunes of 2020 at the hands of law enforcement to Breonna Taylor & George Floyd, just to name a few. Such criteria are typically not discussed or even introduced on dating platforms, let alone the first encounter with someone new. Furthermore, getting to know someone online can be awkward as it is. Kirkland emphasizes the initiative of the app, stating, “It’s a space where blackness can be celebrated; find more qualified matches and start dating faster.”

By: Armon Hayes, Vaughn Lowery, McKinley Franklin

Listen to Kirkland/Hayes podcast interview HERE.

Twelve Tips for Making New Friends

Meeting new people is more challenging for some people. You may get nervous about starting a conversation or wonder where to find friends outside of your daily routine. If you’re looking to cultivate personal relationships, check out these tips for making new friends that anyone can use to create a social circle.

1. Open Your Heart

Connecting with someone requires opening your heart and becoming vulnerable. You won’t make those essential connections with people if you’re holding back your true self. It can be scary to think about, but it’s a risk worth taking.

Keep your mind open to this vulnerability, and you’ll find yourself getting along with people even if they’re different than your other friends. You can always head home to spend time by yourself and recharge your social batteries after opening your heart to a new companion.

2. Join a Club

You might picture grade school or college organizations for young people when you think of a club. They also exist for adults who aren’t in school, so think about your hobbies. There are always local groups for people who love to do things like reading, knitting, gardening, drawing and other commonly shared activities. A quick internet search will reveal different ones based on your interests.

3. Add Volunteering to Your Schedule

Finding people who care about the same issues as you is one of the best ways to make new friends. You’ll share core values that stand the test of time, so meet people at volunteer events. Consider how you want to put your skills to use and if your community has any pressing needs. You’ll find people ready to help who will likely form friendships over your shared experience and passions.

4. Find an Accountability Partner

Friendships also form when people bond over goals. Anyone recovering from addiction can find an accountability partner to share and strengthen their recovery journey. This type of friendship will provide solace, motivation and encouragement when you’re experiencing something other friends may not understand. You’ll make this type of connection through support groups, either in person or online.

5. Take Your Dog Out

Pet parents have a unique opportunity to meet friends at the dog park. Grab a Frisbee or tennis ball and head to a local park this weekend. You’ll find other dog owners and have an instant ice breaker subject to talk about. It’s a stress-free way to create bonds without struggling to find something to discuss or a shared interest.

6. Remember to Stay in Touch

Once you meet someone new and want them to stay in your life, remember to stay in touch. Communication works both ways. If they give you their number or connect with you on social media, they shouldn’t be the only person in the relationship to reach out with a quick text or direct message. Anyone who struggles with maintaining friendships can set up reminder notifications once a day to stay in touch and avoid accidental lapses in communication.

7. Get Involved With School Groups

College students and parents with grade school kids can get involved with school groups to meet friends. Parent-teacher associations and clubs will expand your social circle right away. You’ll also gain long-term connections because the school that’s the center of your daily routine is also a significant part of your friends’ lives.

8. Practice Your Listening Skills

Relationships fall apart when people don’t listen to each other and hear what the other person is saying. Practice your listening skills with family members or loved ones while you’re making new friends. Empathizing and never interrupting are significant steps you can take to strengthen any new friendships and make them last a lifetime.

9. Say Yes to Hanging Out

Social anxiety might make it challenging for you to agree to activities with friends. Unless there’s a legitimate reason to stay home by yourself, push yourself out of your comfort zone by saying yes to invitations more often. Even if you only agree to a quick phone call or video chat, you’ll become more comfortable in social situations by practicing saying yes to your friends.

10. Make a New Profile

Sometimes people feel uncomfortable making new friends because they lack self-confidence. You can meet friends even if you don’t want to put yourself out there by creating a new profile on a social media site. A blog or other account that doesn’t have your full name or photo may give you the confidence to chat with others based on your shared interests. You can choose to open up at your own pace as you get to know them.

11. Take the Initiative

No one forms friendships if they wait for people to approach them first. You’ll have to take the initiative to start conversations or create opportunities to get to know others. Ask a co-worker to join you for lunch sometime or make a spontaneous phone call to someone you miss. If they value your relationship or want to develop your friendship, they’ll respond positively because you show how much you care.

12. Avoid Creating a Timeline

Healthy friendships take time. Friends that start with love bombing and intense connections usually burn out because it’s not a manageable emotional state for either person involved. Avoid pressuring yourself to reach certain relationship milestones on a deadline as you meet potential friends.

You won’t have a best friend after hanging out a few times. People need time and shared experiences to foster lifelong relationships. As long as you enjoy chatting with someone and feel valued without overextending yourself, your bond will last the test of time.

Making New Friends Is Easy

Now that you’ve read these tips for making new friends, start meeting people this week. Whether you eat lunch with a new co-worker or strike up a conversation with a stranger at a volunteer event, you’ll connect with others who have shared interests or life experiences. It’s all you need to spark fantastic friendships that can last a lifetime.

NFT Trophy for Goal of Euro 2020

First NFT Trophy for UEFA EURO 2020 Goal of the Tournament presented to Patrik Schick

On 15 October, the first NFT trophy for the UEFA EURO 2020 goal of the tournament was awarded. The award was initiated by Gazprom, an official partner of the tournament, and was handed to the Czech national football team forward Patrik Schick. Russian calligrafuturism artist Pokras Lampas was invited to design the award.

“Gazprom is a modern and technological company. By combining sports, high technology and art, and creating the first sports trophy of this kind, we have drawn a clear parallel with our unique production technology,” Gazprom Department Head and Press Secretary of the Gazprom Management Committee Chairman Sergey Kupriyanov said.

“I found my inspiration in the idea of the project, with the common nine values we share with Gazprom and the “Football for Friendship” Programme. These values, as well as football itself, unite people all over the world”, said the artist Pokras Lampas.

During the award ceremony, the central fragment of the NFT trophy was presented – a black and gold soccer ball with orbits containing the name ​​of Gazprom’s International Children’s Social Programme “Football for Friendship” and its nine values: friendship, equality, justice, health, peace, loyalty, victory, tradition, and honour. Its hologram is located at the UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland.

“We welcomed the initiative shown by Gazprom, our long-standing UEFA partner, to bring a fresh outlook on such kinds of awards. Gazprom’s Goal of the Tournament trophy is a unique event in the history of world sports. We look forward to even closer cooperation with Gazprom and realization of new initiatives supporting and developing world football,” – emphasized Guy-Laurent Epstein, UEFA Marketing Director.

“I am very proud to be the first in the history of football to receive this kind of trophy. To be honest, I have never seen something like this before” – said Patrik Schick, the footballer who scored the EURO 2020 goal of the tournament.

Cate and Laila of LATE Clothing LA for use by 360 Magazine

LATE Clothing LA

LATE Clothing LA, the new one-size-fits-all, casual luxury brand, is soon to debut this Mother’s Day. The collection, created by twelve-year-olds Cate Friedberg and Lalia Susini, was forged through their friendship, passion for fashion, and perseverance through it all together. The two founders have been through starting a clothing line, recovering from injury, and finding a new meaning to best represent their brand, before it even launches. Style connoisseurs are sure to love what LATE Clothing LA has to offer to the modern tween and teen fashionista.

By creating clothing designed for and by teens and tweens, the two best friends and creators of LATE know exactly what their young audience is looking for when buying new pieces. Perfect for any occasion­, teens and tweens are sure to feel confident when rocking a LATE piece. The LA-based collection includes several pieces all designed while keeping in mind comfort, versatility, and a luxurious flair. Some of the founder’s inspirations include love, friendship, and the stroke of luck provided by miraculous second chances.

The two founders of LATE, Cate and Lalia, have been lifelong friends since the age of four. They’ve long shared joy in repurposing sample pieces and left over inventory from their parents, and have now taken their passion for fashion to create LATE Clothing LA. The brand’s name comes from part of both founder’s names, Lalia (LA) and Cate (TE). The girls had started out making clothes for their friends, and are now looking to take their business on a larger scale. By adding personal, unique touches to each of their pieces, wearers of LATE are sure to shine with distinctive, stylish flair.

When coronavirus struck, the girls were forced inside due to national stay-at-home orders that stymied the fast-paced LA environment with which they had been involved. Though the pandemic had originally halted the girls’ typically busy schedules, they were able to take advantage of the down time quarantine granted to involve themselves with new creative, DIY projects. Cate and Lalia used the stay at home opportunity to envision ideas of LATE clothing, and their creative inspiration and determination took the reins. That is, until October 22.

On that day, tragically, Lalia was involved in a serious accident that resulted in left side paralysis and brain damage. Her injuries placed her in critical condition for five days at the Cedars Sinia Hospital, before later being transferred to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. (CHLA) After recovering for a week, Lalia received a phone call from her friend and LATE Clothing co-founder, Cate. Despite Lalia’s condition, the two were both eager to begin planning for their brand. Now more than ever, the two founders of LATE looked at the future with more steadfast determination, passion, and excitement than ever before.

Amazingly, though her doctors had predicted a year-long stay in the hospital, Lalia’s recovery occurred much faster than expected. After only 61 days, Lalia was released from CHLA, eager to get back to creating clothing for LATE with Cate. During her stay at CHLA, Lalia’s desire to create kept her going each day and revealed a new meaning for LATE. Not only was Lalia given the opportunity to recover, but she was also granted the opportunity for her love of clothing, life, love, and friendship to flourish with newfound inspiration. The co-founders’ second chance at reinvigorating their clothing line with hope, will power, and gratitude was taken full advantage of in designing the brand’s first collection.

Thanks to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA), in which Lalia spent Lalia spent 44 days in in-patient rehab and continues outpatient therapy at to this day, LATE Clothing LA was granted new life and meaning. Because of this, of every garment that is purchased from LATE Clothing LA’s collection, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Rehab Department. The price of items in the collection ranges from $30­–$100. As a result of the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles’ care and determination regarding Lalia’s recovery, the girls have decided to call their first LATE collection: “Responders.” As the title suggests, the pieces within the collection honor, and are named after, the hospital staff and patients that impacted Lalia’s miraculous recovery. The two girls express gratitude for those who aided in Lalia’s recovery and in turn, the rebirth of LATE Clothing LA.

One of the aforementioned individuals who aided in Lalia’s recovery, and of whom a garment in LATE’S “Responders” collection is named after, is Perez. Perez was the first paramedic on scene for Lalia on the harrowing night of October 22. He is a Los Angeles Fire Department Station 97 paramedic. To this day, Lalia visits Perez at the fire station often and the two have been able to continue their friendly relationship.

Another instrumental person in Lalia’s recovery, of whom a LATE collection piece is named after, is Danielpour. He is the life-saving brain surgeon who phenomenally saved her life. Lalia’s family still ponders with the other medical staff at about how Danielpour so miraculously treated Lalia.

Dr. Parikh is the resident doctor at CHLA and one of Lalia’s biggest supporters during her darkest days. He has a genuine passion for his work, and his determination to help Lalia inspired her to begin to walk again. Even after his shift was over, Dr. Parikh would come visit Lalia. He would challenge her to play Monopoly Deal, if she could manage to stand up. He inspired Lalia to recognize the strength she already had within her, and encouraged her along every step of her recovery journey. Dr. Parikh would kindly skip his lunch to instead eat with and keep Lalia company every day.

Another resident at CHLA, Jack, was Lalia’s personal ball of sunshine. The two would hang out every Sunday, even though patients weren’t technically supposed to mingle. Jack and his dad would wheel around the hospital wing and provide entertainment and laughs for the other patients. Jack’s joy is infectious, and his glee would undoubtedly spread to Lalia when the two were together.

Each piece from “Responders” blends fashion and comfort, making for a collection that includes the best of both worlds. LATE Clothing LA can be shopped online here.

Valentine Image by Kaelen Felix for 360 Magazine

2021 Valentine’s Day Drink List

Valentine’s Day is always a day full of romance, love and of course, alcohol. 360 Magazine has curated a list of the most divine drinks for this season of intimacy. Making these drinks for a loved one is a sure way to show your adoration.

D’USSE Between the Sheets

Glassware: Coupe


  • 1 ½ parts D’USSE VSOP Cognac
  • 1 part Bacardi Superior Rum
  • 1 part Orange Curacao
  • ½ part fresh lemon juice

Garnish: Lemon Twist

Method: Add all ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake until chilled. Strain into a chilled coupe glass

Between the Sheets for 360 Magazine

Sandra Guibord’s Wine Picks 

Sandra Guibord, Founder of Sandra’s Wine Life, has affordable and approachable wine recommendations for you to consider this Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) Day.

Sandra’s Top Bottle Recommendations for this Day of Love:

Red Wine, 360 MAGAZINE

Elysian Brewing’s Fuzzduster

Made by combining two of the company’s most popular beers – Space Dust IPA and Superfuzz Pale Ale – Fuzzduster is the love child of the two, boasting bright and bitter notes that complement one another nicely and bring out each other’s best qualities. 

Fuzzduster can be whipped up in a matter of seconds and is the perfect concoction to create with your significant other (or by yourself, more power to you!) before sitting down for Valentine’s Day festivities at home. All you have to do is combine half a glass of Space Dust and half a glass of Superfuzz with one another, sip and enjoy!

Elysian is also hosting a sweepstake throughout the month of February, where one lucky winner will win a $2,000 Airbnb gift card – to enter, just text “FUZZDUSTER” to 78896 between 2/1 and 2/28. 

Elysian Fuzzduster


Cavit Collection Wines

Cavit Sweet Red: A new, lusciously sweet red wine cultivated in vineyards in Vallagrina and Veneto with pronounced cherry and raspberry notes. This delectable beverage pairs well with red meat dishes and are excellent with spicy foods, along with grilled meats and vegetables. The wine has an ABV of 10.5% and is available in 750ml and 1.5l.

Cavit Rosé: It’s never too early for Rose season…especially during a global pandemic. Cavit’s Rosé features beautiful aromas of fresh strawberry and cherries and comes from a blend of native Trentino red grapes. The wine is best served with fish dishes and white meat.

Cavit Moscato: This sweet wine features delicious notes of apricot, white peach and sage, a true Italian gem. Cavit’s Moscato is best served with flavorful appetizers, cheeses, spicy dishes, and fruit and chocolate. The wine has an ABV of 7.5% and is available in 750ml and 1.5l.

Winter Moscato Cocktail (Source: Cavit Collection Wines and Honest Cooking)

    • 2 parts Moscato wine
    • 1 part cranberry juice
    • 1 part ginger beer/ale
    • sugared cranberries
    • Shake wine and juice together with ice, strain into glass (no glass preference from client) and top with ginger beer/ale.
    • Garnish with a toothpick of sugared cranberries.


Local Natives Concert Review

On Saturday night, a five-piece-indie-rock band, Local Natives brought the energy to the Palladium with their symphonic tones, unique instrumentals, and airy soft lyrics. The LA native band played multiple songs throughout the night from their new album Violet Streets. This album explores adulthood, love, and friendships.

The band opened the show with a piece called “Vogue” from their album Violet Streets. The band then quickly livened up the audience by singing one of their older songs, “Sun Hands” in which lead singer, Taylor Rice jumped into the sea of screaming fans to crowd surf. 

The fans continued screaming throughout the show, especially once the band played the song, “Fountains of Youth”, which was a song released in November of 2016, right before the elections took place. 

The group finished their set with the song “When Am I Gonna Lose You”, which lead singer, Rice, explained was an ode to love. As the LA native boy band announced their last song, the crowd was in tears. The phrase “encore” could be heard from miles away. The band came back on to perform a few more songs until they had to say their last goodbye.

Complete with stunning light shows, seamless transitions, and phenomenal vocals, the Local Natives seemed to impress the crowd.

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How do I start dating again?

You probably had high expectations for marriage but things happened,and you called it quits. It has been five years since you went on a date and are wondering can I date again. This is a question that many people who have gone through breakups, divorce or their partners have died often ask.

Certain aspects of dating have changed since over the years. Gone are the days when dating included coffee dates or meeting at the movies. We now have many online dating sites,and the probability of meeting someone online through various social media platforms is high.

If you plan on getting out there and dating there are several things that you need to consider.

List what you want from a partner

It is essential that you make a list of what you would like from a potential partner. While finding the perfect partner is a cliché there are qualities that you are not willing to compromise on. Your past relationships should guide you on what you do not want or what you liked. It is also vital that you stop comparing your future partner with your past. It is essential that you avoid people who are on drugs like tramadol addiction or alcoholism. This is because you do not want to deal with all the drama that comes with addictions too soon.

Have fun

Don’t be so engrossed in finding the right partner that you forget to have fun. Dating is supposed to be fun; look for activities that interest you and your partner. It is easier to fall in love when you are not so tense. Instead of this person being the perfect match try having fun without being judgmental. Avoid going to places that remind you of your ex; be creative and discover new places. The date does not have to be romantic and does not mind finding a new friend. You can choose to download one of the several dating apps available online. Look for one that is genuine and begin by creating friendships.

Work on yourself

Relationships can drain you and leave you with notime for yourself. This single period is the ideal time to finding and doing things that you are passionate about. You can decide to hit the gym and work out on your image. Do this for yourself and besides you might find someone new. As you invest more time inyourself, you find qualities about yourself that you have never discovered. Travel and expand your horizons, learn a new skill or language, take cooking lessons or simply change your wardrobe.

Change your attitude

A break up can change how you view relationships. You probably have negative preconceived ideas on different genders,or you probably have the attitude that all relationships hurt and lead to break up. It is good to take some time and grief your previous relationship. Find and focus on the positive. Avoid generalizations – what happened in the past is in the past. You have a high chance of finding love if you maintain the right attitude.

Do not be too “picky.”

There are those who approach a new relationship with a list of qualities that they are looking for; when you look at the list, you realize that it is impossible for one person to be that perfect. While we are not telling you’re to lower your expectations; we are encouraging you to be realistic about your expectations. Give people a chance and do not focus so much on their weakness. Not every person you come across will have the same qualities as your previous partner.

Take your time

Do not rush to get into a relationship. There can be pressure due to age to get married,but you need to go in your pace. Go for more dates and try different types of people. This will give you a wide variety of choices. Dating should be fun so relax and try out new things. While on a date take your time to ask meaningful questions. Where does your date expectations? Where do they see themselves in the next five or ten years? Questions also keep the conversation going.

First date

Avoid shifting the conversation to your ex or past hurtful relationships. People, like being valued and cared for and talking about your ex continuously,makes the other party feel unappreciated. First impressions matter; wear something that makes you feel comfortable. Take care of your grooming, apply some perfume and make every effort to be gorgeous. A shower is a must. For the first date select a place that you are familiar with. Always carry some extra cash in case your date cannot drop you. When choosing a place for the date, avoid a place you will constantly be bumping into your friends. This will create distractions; the date is about the two of you.

Guys your confidence matters; while it is normal for you to be a bit tense take short breathes and avoid overthinking. Do not take alcohol to cure your nerves; this can make your conversations odd and besides your date may not be into alcohol. Keep the conversation fun and maintain eye contact. One party should not do all the talking,but you should give your partner the opportunity to ask you questions and interact. Listening is an important skill that will earn you points. Nothing is annoying as someone who is constantly on their phone. It passes the message that you do not matter. When on a date be polite by turning off your phone. If you are a guy offer to pay on the first date. Make a follow up on your date to find out whether they got home well and how they are progressing after the date. You can then request for another date.


Dating can be a nervous time for some people. But, it is also an exciting time to meet new people. Focus on the conversation and having fun and do not make it too serious. It might take going for several dates before meeting the right person buteventually you will meet someone you like.

Stuttgart Beer Festival

This September, Stuttgart is celebrating a bicentennial double jubilee: 200 years of the Stuttgart Beer Festival along with 100 years of the Agricultural Show. The city will commemorate the founding of these two biggest festivals in the state by King Wilhelm I of Württemberg and his consort, Queen Katharina, with the Historic Volksfest that will start a few days before the agriculture and beer festivals. All of the merriment for the Historical Festival will take place on the Palace Square in the center of Stuttgart surrounded by the New and Old Palaces whereas the modern day beer festival and the agricultural festival, will be celebrated on the Canstatter Wasen, once a grassy plain not far from the city center.

On 28th September 1818, the day after the king’s 36th birthday, he founded the first agricultural show to strengthen and reform the region’s farming industry, which had been severely affected by the eruption of the volcano on the island of Sumbawa in today’s Tambora. This volcano had a big impact on Europe and resulted in the “year without a summer,” when gasses and ash caused climate changes leading to crop failures and famine in southern Germany.

The fact that 2018 is the 173rd and not the 200th anniversary of this merry traditional festival is easily explained: by order of King Karl, the Wasen was held only biennially from 1882 onwards, and this continued up to the king’s death in 1891. This, along with the repercussions of the two World Wars, resulted in Stuttgart having to go without its festival for 28 years in all.

Every four years, the agricultural festival still takes place and runs parallel to the beer festival on the Canstatter Wasen. These days, the LWH is the biggest agriculture and forestry show in southern Germany. This year, from 29 September to 7 October 2018, Stuttgart will again be transformed into Baden-Württemberg’s biggest farm. It will include a multitude of topics to do with nutrition, animals, sustainability and agriculture.

Starting on September 26, the Historical Volksfest will be the real draw this jubilee year as it will be a nostalgic view down memory lane for the locals and offer a unique look at Stuttgart’s past for the visitors. History will be the dominant feature of the celebratory Volksfest on Stuttgart main square, the Schlossplatz. Visitors can look forward to a colorful mixture of activities with fairground attractions and rides from times past, including jugglers, acrobats, old traditional crafts and farm animals. Two avenues will include fairground amusements that will be split up into the 19th and 20th century styles.

An exhibition showing the history of the local Swabian people’s biggest festival will take place around the Jubilee Column while King Wilhelm I and his wife Katharina, played by amateur actors dressed in historical garb, will make regular appearances. A festival tent with about 1,000 seats will be a focal point along with a dance floor, traditional dances and bands performing in historical clothes. Classical dishes of the era such as “Metzelsuppe,” a sausage soup, sauerkraut, boiled beef and fish on sticks, will be served with a jubilee beer made by the Stuttgart breweries, Stuttgarter Hofbräu and Familienbrauerei Dinkelacker.

Just two days later, the contemporary beer festival (often referred to as the Canstatter Wasen) gets underway! On the last Friday in September, the 28th of September, the seven beer tents, the two wine tents and the Alpine Village will open their doors to the public and the fairground rides will get under way. Round about the Fruit Column, the historic symbol of the traditional festival, 330 showmen, hosts and stallholders have a wide variety on offer. A double-looping roller coaster, autoscooters or Chair-O-Planes: modern attractions or old favourites – they’re all here at the Wasen. Hearty dishes such as grilled knuckle of pork, fried steak or Swabian “Maultaschen” (filled pasta) are served to go with the mugs of beer.

Canstatter Wasen is a benefit to Stuttgart’s economy not only for tourism but also for the local trades. Traders’ markets have a long tradition in Stuttgart and were part of the original foundation of the beer festival as the traveling tracers brought stayed to sell their goods. Even though times have changed, traders’ markets have remained and are a permanent and much-loved part of the beer festival on the Cannstatter Wasen. Visitors will also be given an insight into traditional craftsmen’s and traders’ markets showing old crafts, such as brush and basket making. In addition, household goods made of wood and other natural materials will be on sale.

As the second largest beer festival in the world after Oktoberfest, the Canstatter Wasen attracts approximately four million visitors including more than 20,000 Volksfest club members (former German emigrants and their families) from New York, Philadelphia and Chicago who regularly visit the Cannstatter Volksfest to affirm and renew their ties of friendship with Stuttgart. Benefitting from the festival are not the visitors but also bakers, butchers, suppliers, the service industry, the retail trade, hotels, transport companies and lots more businesses. According to a market survey, approximately 17,000 people are directly or indirectly involved in the Cannstatter Volksfest.

Guinness x St. Patrick’s Day

200 Years of Friendship and St. Patrick’s Days : In Time for Milestone St. Patrick’s Day, Guinness is donating $1 to charity for each adult that dons a ‘Stache

This year marks the  200th St. Patrick’s Day Guinness will share with America, the latest reminder of the two-century connection between a legendary brewery and its good friends across the Atlantic. Once again, in the days and weeks leading up to March 17, it’s time for us all to embrace the stories we tell,  the memories we make and the bonds we build over a pint of Guinness.

The Guinness brand is encouraging all Americans, 21 years and older, to make a simple pledge (assuming they’ve already promised to drink responsibly, of course): gather with friends, new or old, toast to the many things we all have in common…and give a ‘Stache. Indeed, this St. Patrick’s Day, the Guinness ‘Stache – that unmistakable hint of foam left behind on the upper lip after the first sip of stout – is back as a symbol of the goodness and the Irish-ness that lives within all of us.

 From now through March 31, 2018, when adult beer lovers share photos of their ‘Staches – self-grown and groomed, drawn-on, or Guinness-enhanced – on social media (tagging @GuinnessUS and using #StacheForCharity), Guinness will donate $1 (up to $100,000) to the Guinness Gives Back Fund*, which supports nonprofits that contribute to the common good in our communities, including Team Rubicon, a veteran-led disaster response organization.

“Over the past 200 years, so much has changed – yet so much has stayed the same, like people coming together to raise a pint of Guinness with their friends on St. Patrick’s Day,” said Guinness Brand Director Emma Giles. “We are proud to be part of such an enduring tradition that celebrates Irish heritage and, when it comes down to it, the power of friendship. The Guinness ‘Stache is a great way to bring that to life in a fun way for a great cause.”

The symbol of the ‘Stache will appear alongside Guinness brand activity at bars and restaurants and on social media throughout the St. Patrick’s Day season, including in some digital content that pays homage to 200 years of mustaches in America. To spread the word about the bonds a ‘Stache can build, the brand is releasing additional digital content that will help us all reflect on the friendships we cherish – and some very recognizable Guinness fans will also get involved in spreading the word.

In addition, it’s time for the latest limited-edition Guinness Draught cans, which will hit shelves in time for St. Patrick’s Day. The ongoing series celebrates the famed Guinness ad campaigns of the 1930s and ‘50s. While it doesn’t have a mustache, the kinkajou – which we thought was a sloth at first – will be featured on this version.

To keep an eye on everything the Guinness brand is doing and to get in on the ‘Stache action, follow @GuinnessUS on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Whether you’re making a new friend or meeting an old one, having a Guinness Draught, or ordering up any other Guinness beer this St. Patrick’s Day, please respect the beer and drink responsibly.


*The Guinness Gives Back Fund is a corporate donor advised fund administered by Fairfield County’s Community Foundation. The Fund’s mission is to support local charitable organizations which are classified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code that are aligned with the corporate focus areas of Diageo North America, Inc.


Media Contacts:


Dave Finn, Taylor

(212) 714-5792


Jim Sias, Diageo

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Diving Deeper Into the 24 Hours of Le Mans

Siegfried Rauch and Steve McQueen play unyielding rivals in the film Le Mans (1971), but only a few people know about the close friendship they shared. Exclusive and never before published documents come to light, including letters from Steve Siggi and private photos from the families’ albums. Rauch also shares photos and facts from behind the scenes of the 1971 film where Steve McQueen created a cinematic monument to the race, drivers, mechanics and the racing cars in the most realistic conditions.

For the FIRST TIME, Siegfried Rach shows us a different, private side to the “king of cool.”

This Book will be Available October 1st.

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