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3 Common Misconceptions People Have About DraftKings

Daily fantasy sports are a type of fantasy sports (DFS) game where each contest takes place over a matter of days or hours. This is opposed to traditional fantasy sports, which take place over a whole season.
Just like with traditional fantasy sports, you build a team from a roster of players and earn points based on how well their team members play. You can also place bets and earn money by competing against other players via online platforms.
DraftKings is perhaps the most popular of these online platforms. Developed in 2012, they call themselves “the leader in daily fantasy sports” and boast a user-base of eight million players, far greater than their closest direct competitor, FanDuel.
Despite this popularity, there remain a number of major misconceptions when it comes to the DraftKings platform. Hopefully, by refuting these, you’ll be able to see why DraftKings is the right DFS platform for you!

Playing DraftKings requires more luck than skill.

It’s easy to see why this is a common belief. There is an element of luck in everything we do, but especially in sports – for example, a player you have in your lineup may be injured before the game, or not played by the coach during the game.
However, this does not mean that luck is the only thing involved when playing DraftKings. If you want to be truly successful, you will need to do your research. For example, you will need to be aware of any last-minute lineup changes before deciding on your roster of players for the game. Just because a player is famous does not mean that they are performing well, so you will also need to be aware of players’ current stats.
This is just some of the research that will go into being successful at DraftKings, so it is certainly not all based on luck.

Most games on the website are fixed.

There have certainly been cheating scandals about other daily fantasy sports games and websites, which makes it easy to see why many players believe that games on DraftKings have been fixed as well.
However, DraftKings is vigilant about cracking down on any cheating users. It uses the latest software and technology to detect anyone trying to subvert the system and takes strict action against such players. With a strong security system, you can be assured that even if some other websites have cheating problems, DraftKings is legit.

DraftKings uses bots to cheat players out of money.

Again, this is an understandable belief because of many such scandals. However, with a large user base, DraftKings is 100% legitimate and features only real players.
There may be players attempting to use bots in order to cheat other users out of money. However, DraftKings takes quick and decisive action against such users. Furthermore, it will never use “official” bots to affect your ability to win money – your winnings are always solely based on your matches with your rivals.
Ultimately, DraftKings is a great way to challenge your knowledge of sports against other users. 

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Is 2020 Going to be Your Lucky Year?

Are you the sort of person that believes in superstitions? Do you cross the road when you catch sight of a black cat? Do you think that by crossing your fingers you can create good outcomes?

Well, while these may seem like eccentric ways to either ward off bad luck or make things go your way, there’s a good chance that you can have at least a modicum of control over whether luck is on your side. That’s because there is more than just a grain of truth in the expression “you make your own luck”.

So, let’s start with that familiar object, the lucky charm. It may be an item of jewelry, an old coin or, if you’re slightly more traditional, a rabbit’s foot. It could even be a ritual that you go through to prepare yourself for what lies ahead. You might be surprised to discover that a number of psychological research projects have found lucky charms do work. This isn’t because they have any innate qualities, but simply by having them it puts us more in the mindset that we’re somewhat ‘protected’ and are, therefore, more likely to succeed.

See it, and it will happen

Positive visualization is a phrase that we all hear on a regular basis, particularly from sportspeople preparing themselves for a big event. While some might dismiss it as wishful thinking, there is a considerable body of evidence that it can be highly effective, In his book, Psycho-Cybernetics, Maxwell Maltz explains that what we are effectively doing is tricking our brains into making the unknown, known. And once we have dismissed the fear of the unknown, almost anything is possible.

On an even deeper, more neurological, level we are also resetting our brain’s reticular activating system. This is a filter that tells us what is important to notice and what can be ignored. By acting out positive visualization, it makes us more clearly focused on what really matters.

Practical, positive affirmations

Taking things a little further still, supporting our positive visualizations with positive affirmations can also help to create what we might otherwise refer to as luck. These everyday mantras can be used to shore up our self-confidence as well as to state what we would ideally like to happen. By setting aside a little time each day in a peaceful environment it soon becomes a habit – and once embedded in the psyche, we’re in a great mental state for good things to start happening to us.

Remember, luck does exist

At this point, it might be a good idea to take a quick time out from the advice on making your own luck to acknowledge that luck can really be random and strike when we’re least expecting it. When it does, there’s a real sense of gratification, whether it’s finding that parking spot when there seemed to be no chance, or enjoying a surprise win in an online casino game; the sheer pleasure that these things bring you, no matter how small, really does make you feel like the universe is on our side.

Do unto others . . .

Luck, or our perception of it, also has a great deal to do with the way that the people around us regard how we relate to them. So ace-ing that interview and getting that dream job may not just be a stroke of luck, it will have been a combination of your aptitude for the role and the way you’ve come across to the interview panel. At the most basic level, being polite and considerate will always be more favored qualities than brashness and rudeness.

However, if we broaden things out to include acts like being a good neighbor, and showing forgiveness to people who we think have wronged us in the past, then it becomes a kind of virtuous circle in which good things really do happen to good people.

For a healthy and happy 2020, be sure to follow these pointers, but don’t forget about the importance of easing the pressure off yourself from time-to-time. Remind yourself it’s ok to take a breath, relax, and have a much-needed glass of wine. Keep all this in mind, and  you could be on your way to enjoying one of your luckiest years ever.

Guinness x St. Patrick’s Day

200 Years of Friendship and St. Patrick’s Days : In Time for Milestone St. Patrick’s Day, Guinness is donating $1 to charity for each adult that dons a ‘Stache

This year marks the  200th St. Patrick’s Day Guinness will share with America, the latest reminder of the two-century connection between a legendary brewery and its good friends across the Atlantic. Once again, in the days and weeks leading up to March 17, it’s time for us all to embrace the stories we tell,  the memories we make and the bonds we build over a pint of Guinness.

The Guinness brand is encouraging all Americans, 21 years and older, to make a simple pledge (assuming they’ve already promised to drink responsibly, of course): gather with friends, new or old, toast to the many things we all have in common…and give a ‘Stache. Indeed, this St. Patrick’s Day, the Guinness ‘Stache – that unmistakable hint of foam left behind on the upper lip after the first sip of stout – is back as a symbol of the goodness and the Irish-ness that lives within all of us.

 From now through March 31, 2018, when adult beer lovers share photos of their ‘Staches – self-grown and groomed, drawn-on, or Guinness-enhanced – on social media (tagging @GuinnessUS and using #StacheForCharity), Guinness will donate $1 (up to $100,000) to the Guinness Gives Back Fund*, which supports nonprofits that contribute to the common good in our communities, including Team Rubicon, a veteran-led disaster response organization.

“Over the past 200 years, so much has changed – yet so much has stayed the same, like people coming together to raise a pint of Guinness with their friends on St. Patrick’s Day,” said Guinness Brand Director Emma Giles. “We are proud to be part of such an enduring tradition that celebrates Irish heritage and, when it comes down to it, the power of friendship. The Guinness ‘Stache is a great way to bring that to life in a fun way for a great cause.”

The symbol of the ‘Stache will appear alongside Guinness brand activity at bars and restaurants and on social media throughout the St. Patrick’s Day season, including in some digital content that pays homage to 200 years of mustaches in America. To spread the word about the bonds a ‘Stache can build, the brand is releasing additional digital content that will help us all reflect on the friendships we cherish – and some very recognizable Guinness fans will also get involved in spreading the word.

In addition, it’s time for the latest limited-edition Guinness Draught cans, which will hit shelves in time for St. Patrick’s Day. The ongoing series celebrates the famed Guinness ad campaigns of the 1930s and ‘50s. While it doesn’t have a mustache, the kinkajou – which we thought was a sloth at first – will be featured on this version.

To keep an eye on everything the Guinness brand is doing and to get in on the ‘Stache action, follow @GuinnessUS on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Whether you’re making a new friend or meeting an old one, having a Guinness Draught, or ordering up any other Guinness beer this St. Patrick’s Day, please respect the beer and drink responsibly.


*The Guinness Gives Back Fund is a corporate donor advised fund administered by Fairfield County’s Community Foundation. The Fund’s mission is to support local charitable organizations which are classified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code that are aligned with the corporate focus areas of Diageo North America, Inc.


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