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Five Proven Ways To Get More People To Follow Your Social Media Accounts

Do you know how many people use social media daily? Over 4.41 billion people are projected to use social media by 2025. Yet, having a large following can benefit you and your business. It takes time and attention to grow a brand, and social media is a way of connecting with people. Still, people use social media for various reasons. 

Still, one can get a large following from social media and grow their page if they simply purchase Outlook accounts. On the other hand, one has to be intentional about their brand, and their social media account represents them. 

However, the content posted should benefit the audience. You need to be more specific about your audience to engage them well with your brand. Yet, this could be done in various ways. With the proper steps, it is possible to grow your social media accounts

If you are curious about growing your social media accounts with an engaging audience, this guide is for you.

Make Sure Your Account is Public and Easy To Find

Firstly, you must know the best platforms for your business. However, you can optimize your other social media accounts. After having a solid brand identity, your account must be easy to find. Then, make use of the same handles. By this, it is easier for people to find you. Make sure people can find you in search engines. 

Also, ensure a good professional photo and design are uploaded. Still, add a direct link to your websites and other social media profiles. Test the link to ensure that it is working.

Post-Great Content Regularly

People are attracted to good content. Hence, you need to post engaging content on your social media accounts. Your followers should be willing to share your posts. You don’t need to post just for posting’s sake. Make sure each post has an objective. Still, each post should connect with your audience. Use words your audience responds to.

Nevertheless, you don’t need to sound robotic. Let your posts be engaging. Yet, you can run surveys and polls to know what your audience likes most. You can also tell by the number of engagements your different posts get. Still, you could post content in the form of opinions, news, and trends.

Use Hashtags Relevant To Your Niche 

Hashtags help you get noticed. It draws attention from people who are not following you. Still, using hashtags relevant to your niche is suitable for your posts. How can you do that? Firstly, you should know the meaning of any hashtag before use. Still, you want to use the one relevant to your niche.

Also, choose less competitive hashtags. Choose specific ones. This helps you to stand out. Yet, more people will discover you. You can also use brand-specific hashtags. This is related to your brand. It makes your post distinct.

Interact With Other Users Frequently

When you interact with other users, they will likely follow you in return. However, you can do this by replying to comments on your posts. The idea is to engage your followers actively and let them feel your presence.

Still, you can follow other brands that look like your niche. For example, consider brands with similar audiences. Follow relevant brands. Don’t follow your competitor. Still, you can check their posts. You can share their posts and write good comments on their page.

Be active in your posts by posting questions and answers. This will help you create good connections with your users. Nevertheless, your audience will feel your presence.

Promote Yourself Shamelessly (But Tastefully)

Self-promotion is good as long as it is done in a good way, and it must be done to build your brand. Yet, your social media accounts need to grow, and you can do cross-promotion, which is an excellent strategy to grow your accounts. 

Yet, you can do this by driving traffic from one platform to another—for example, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can include a link to other handles at the end of each post. Still, you can add your links to your email signatures. This makes it easier for people to follow your social media accounts. You can also promote yourself in groups. It could be community groups on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.  

Five Interesting Current Developments in AI

Technology has come a long way since developers created the first computer algorithm. You may have once dreamed of the day your car could drive itself or robots could accurately diagnose diseases, but those ideas are starting to become a reality. Artificial intelligence (AI) is giving humans more ways to stay safe, healthy and happy than ever before.

These advances are still relatively new, and different ways of using AI are still coming about. Living in the age of technology is about to get a lot more exciting. Here are five current developments in AI you may be seeing around you.

1. Translating

As you well know, not everyone on the planet speaks the same language. Many people try to cram in a few sentences of Italian or Portuguese before they travel so they can read menus or ask where the bathroom is. However, artificial intelligence could make this process easier.

Google began talking about the Google Lens in 2017, but its current place in cellphones has been incredibly beneficial for those learning a language. Holding your device up to something written in a foreign language allows the AI in the camera to translate it without needing to switch to another app. The company also has a real-time translation feature so you can still communicate with another person while artificial intelligence does the heavy lifting.

Think of the times you’ve seen a social media post in a different language, hit the Translate button and got a block of text that barely explained what the poster meant. Facebook’s parent company Meta is hoping to change that with its M2M-100 model, which it trained with millions of sentence structures to create more precise translations.

2. Helping the Environment

With the high rates of invasive species, poaching and climate change, the Earth could use more help than humans can offer. Luckily, artificial intelligence is giving scientists and conservationists an upper hand in this fight.

Many research institutes are creating AI models to scan for and locate invasive species harming local ecosystems. Some even add drones to the mix so they can take hundreds of large images at once and have the algorithm analyze them.

One algorithm called PAWS — or Protection Assistant for Wildlife Security — has been helping conservationists in Uganda and Cambodia stop poachers from hunting endangered species. PAWS is the creation of Harvard student Lily Xu and professor Milind Tambe. It aims to find where poachers might place traps and tell park rangers where they should make their rounds.

Artificial intelligence could also help scientists test different ways to help the planet. A digital twin of the Earth shows how different scenarios will affect it. Creating a model like this could help researchers discover the most effective steps to fight global warming.

3. Assisting Health Care Providers

Physicians have much to do in high-stress positions, as the COVID-19 pandemic showed. They are responsible for making quick decisions that often need to be lifesaving. Instead of solely relying on quick thinking and their own best judgment, they could start using AI to help make choices.

Artificial intelligence is helping doctors make diagnoses, research medications and train new staff with simulations. Could you imagine technology being able to tell you if you’re at an elevated risk of a health episode? As wearable technology becomes more advanced, it could warn you when you’re in danger of cancer or a heart attack.

Additionally, AI models can help speed up the paperwork process in health care. This is a less hands-on development, but it does allow physicians to focus more of their time on patients instead of menial jobs. Dedicating technology to these low-skill tasks can help all hospital and office staff do more intelligent work.

4. Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are no longer something you’d only see in the movies. Many companies are still working on rolling these vehicles out, but it could be just a matter of years before automated vehicles are the new normal.

This technology works the same way you would drive a car — by making judgments based on what it sees. The artificial intelligence in self-driving vehicles doesn’t technically have eyes, but they do rely on image recognition to “view” roads, stop signs and potential obstacles.

Current AI-powered cars operate at a lower level of automation. They have sensors to detect their surroundings and make decisions — like speeding up past a slower vehicle — but the driver still needs to be ready to take control. Most self-driving cars now are Level 2 or 3 on the autonomous driving scale.

However, developments are heading toward Level 4. This means you won’t really have to pay attention to what the car is doing, but you might want to just in case. The ultimate goal is Level 5, where passengers could sleep or watch a movie during their drive and have the AI do all the decision-making.

5. Creating Entertainment

It may sound a bit odd, but mixing artificial intelligence and art is a fascinating merge of technology and creativity. It could help make the next best video game, become an artist or even achieve celebrity status.

Right now, game developers use AI to give a bit more life to non-playable characters (NPCs). The model controls how the NPCs act based on a few prescripted choices and decides between them based on a situation. However, major studios are now looking at ways to get the NPCs to react in real-time to your decisions. They could even begin to learn your behaviors and go entirely unscripted, choosing how to respond on their own.

DALL-E is one art bot that’s been going viral on social media. All you need to do is give it an idea and it can generate images for you. Some of the art can look quite scary — it hasn’t quite grasped how to make faces yet — but it’s still an impressive algorithm. In the future, perhaps there will be artists who train AI based on their style.

One of the most interesting developments has been AI influencers. There are several fully automated social media personalities, some of which have thousands of followers. Many brands have found they are excellent marketing opportunities — Lil Miquela has worked with famous brands like Vogue and UGGs. You might not see them replace humans as celebrities, but they could become musicians or actors as the algorithms develop.

Tosh Alexander via The Thom Brand for use by 360 MAGAZINE


Today, international Jamaican-American artist Tosh Alexander releases the tantalizing official music video to her sizzling hit “Cum Yah,” available to watch HERE

The official music video, directed by Rogen “Ruption” Walker (Aidonia, Konshens, Shenseea,) was shot in Portland, Jamaica, and immediately grabs the attention of all with Tosh’s hard-hitting presence as she pays homage to the 90’s golden era of Dancehall with a splendor aesthetic and enriching allure. 

Tosh shares, “It was important for me to highlight the dynamic of the Jamaican culture through our fashion, attitude & art form. From the vibrant colors of the tropical- lux landscape, the fashion which pays homage to Caribbean & Dancehall fashion with subtle nuances of couture, to the grit of our expression throughout the video. I wanted the person watching “Cum Yah” to gain an authentic experience of my culture for those 3 minutes & 7 seconds.”

Since the release of “Cum Yah” earlier this month, the JonFX (Vybz Kartel, Shabba Ranks, XXXTentacion) produced dancehall track has dominated with praise earning placements on coveted playlists across major platforms, including Apple Music’s ‘Breaking Reggae,’ ‘Worldwide Riddim’ and Tidal’s ‘Dancehall Massive.’ The single topped Top 10 via iTunes Reggae charts as Jamaica’s finest such as Usain Bolt, Ky-Mani Marley, Baby Cham, Protoje and more praised the bubbling track via social media. The track cuts a strong dancehall stance that nods to Tosh’s heritage yet adds the unique flare that makes it an unmistakable Tosh Alexander hit.


Tosh, named after her mother’s favorite singer, Peter Tosh, is a Brooklyn native raised in Jamaica. She captures the best of both worlds in her delivery & refuses to be placed in a box. “I grew up in both cultures so my approach to music and expression reflects exactly that,” she states. Serving her classic movie star looks layered with a Bad Gyal demeanor accompanied with smooth unadulterated vocals, Tosh is excited to release her new genre-bending sound authentic to her upbringing & life experiences. Tosh is no stranger to the music scene having received accolades from Rolling StoneClash Magazine & more. “Cum Yah” will serve as her highly anticipated return as she re-claims the title as Jamaica’s hottest sensation following a string of successful releases which include “Games” “Can’t Give You a Try” “911” featuring Ky-Mani Marley and more. 

Photo Credit: Kayla Dawkins 



Justin Osborne is a SCAD grad and design contributor for 360 MAGAZINE


Born and bred in Atlanta, Justin Osborne had an immediate gift of fashion. After years of tinkering in his parents’ duds, he acquired an eye for style. He soon rearranged the furniture in the bedrooms of his two siblings. He clearly had a keen eye for symmetry and placement. His fascination with art won him admission and a SCAD diploma. His passion became a career upon being enlisted by his grandfather Dr. Joseph Lowery to renovate his outdated condominium. Justin’s use of tribal motifs and eclectic lighting caught the attention of several members of his family, including his mother, Cheryl Lowery. She tasked him with upgrading her suburban house. That’s when his cousin Vaughn Lowery (360 president) noticed his acute sense of design. They began to convert modest living spaces into immersive shrines.

Justin finds inspiration in his immediate surroundings, while Vaughn is driven by his adventurous international travels. With a unique blend of African mod and Hollywood glamor, they have begun to build a buzzworthy blueprint.

Specialties: Floating shelves, fixtures, backs plashes and floor installs.

Aspiring to be more carbon neutral, he has begun fabricating furniture out of salvageable materials like glass, maple and marbel.

Hire Justin.

Engagement strategy for Twitter via 360 MAGAZINE

How to Gain More Twitter Followers Quickly in 2022

Twitter is a powerful social media platform that can be used to build an audience and grow a business. However, to be successful on Twitter, you need to have a strategy in place. In this blog post, we will explore what you need to do to gain followers on Twitter in 2022. We will also discuss some of the latest trends and changes that are taking place on Twitter. So, if you want to learn how to succeed on Twitter, keep reading!

Get Rid of the Non-Followers

Twitter can be a great platform for promoting your brand or sharing your thoughts with the world. However, it can also be a breeding ground for so-called “non-followers.” These are people who create fake accounts or follow large numbers of people in the hope that some will follow them back. Non-followers don’t interact with your tweets, and they offer no value to your online presence. They can harm your Twitter reach and engagement levels. If you suspect that someone is a non-follower, you can check their profile to see if they’re following a large number of people but have very few followers themselves. You can also use a Twitter unfollow app to get rid of any non-followers on your account.

Engage with Your Audience

An incredibly important thing that you should do if you are trying to increase the number of Twitter followers you have is to engage with your audience. Much like many of the social media platforms that exist today, one of the most important metrics is engagement. In other words, the more engagement your account receives, the more likely it is to be shown to people who are not your followers.

In addition to engaging with your followers, there are many different ways to engage on Twitter, and you need to be using all of them. For example, a popular way of engaging with people on Twitter is using Twitter chats. Another way to engage with your audience is by replying to comments on your posts or commenting on the posts of other users.

Use Visual Content

The next thing that you’re going to want to do to gain Twitter followers is to post visual content as much as possible. We have always known that humans are visual creatures, but since the invention of social media and the rise of popular social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter, we realized just how much of a visual creature we are.

One way to think about it is the fact that many people use Twitter for entertainment purposes and there isn’t anything entertaining about having to wade through a massive block of text. If you can’t think of anything creative to post, you could always use an application that allows you to turn text into an image.

Be Consistent with Everything

One of the most important things that you’re going to have to do to increase the number of followers you have on Twitter in 2022 is to be consistent with everything. What exactly does this mean? This means that there are a lot of things you need to be doing on Twitter to be successful, and you need to be consistent with each of them.

For example, when it comes to posting, you need to be consistent with posting and post regularly rather than irregularly, since this won’t gain any growth. In addition to this, you’ll also need to be consistent with the quality of your posts. Another thing to consider is whether or not you should be posting within a niche, and if you are, you should be consistently posting within that niche.

Always Use Hashtags

If there’s one thing that you can begin doing today which will dramatically increase the number of Twitter followers you have, it’s using hashtags. Hashtags essentially group similar content which shares the same hashtag. This means that if you are not using hashtags, you will not be able to increase the searchability of your content.

This doesn’t mean that you should use every hashtag that you can find. It seems that 223 is the best number of hashtags that you should post. One of the reasons for this is that many hashtags come across as spammy, and this is something that a lot of Twitter users avoid.

Promote on other social media

While Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms, it is important to remember that other platforms can be just as effective when it comes to promoting yourself or your business. While Twitter is excellent for short, timely updates, YouTube allows you to post longer videos that can provide more information about your product or service, and with different Youtube promotion services you can reach an even wider audience. Both sites also offer opportunities to engage with potential customers, so be sure to take advantage of them. 

BLK app via 360 MAGAZINE official site and podcast

Spotlight: BLK App

Founded in 2017, the B-L-K app encompasses more than a community for singles seeking a prospective date or companionship. The niche platform has the largest subscription of Black Men & Women and is known as affiliates of the portfolio. 360 Magazine’s Armon Hayes met with the B-L-K app Head of Marketing Jonathan Kirkland via zoom to discuss what the ‘new wave’ app is all about, its impact and what’s to come.

About six years ago Kirkland began in the digital space with apps like Grindr and Bumble. He shares the experience applying to a Brand-partnership job at Grindr as a joke, which lead to a self-discovery journey that allowed him to discover how he thrives through niche communities while identifying their needs. Subsequently evolving the online dating functionality and perspective, Kirkland goes on to say, “It’s all about making connections, where those connections are is up to you and who you match with.

When embarking on the new B-L-K app, founders knew that they wanted to keep the Black community at the forefront of the platform. “The Black experience is a unique one, especially in America and [this] transcends into the dating app space,” said Kirkland. Exploding during lockdown at the height of the pandemic, he is committed to growing the platform with the aid of the audience he serves. The app allows for an understanding that connections aren’t merely one-to-one, but a one to many. Diligent in shifting the narrative that Black women are less desirable, the B-L-K app provides the forum to communicate byway fostering understanding.

With 3 million downloads and counting, the cultural app is creating a space for a wide scale of individuals to connect and, most importantly, build friendships. B-L-K remains true to their core demographic by creating dialogue, while also educating through user connections on matters surrounding racial injustices.

Brought to the forefront on the app as well as our lives, B-L-K particularly highlights the global misfortunes of 2020 at the hands of law enforcement to Breonna Taylor & George Floyd, just to name a few. Such criteria are typically not discussed or even introduced on dating platforms, let alone the first encounter with someone new. Furthermore, getting to know someone online can be awkward as it is. Kirkland emphasizes the initiative of the app, stating, “It’s a space where blackness can be celebrated; find more qualified matches and start dating faster.”

By: Armon Hayes, Vaughn Lowery, McKinley Franklin

Listen to Kirkland/Hayes podcast interview HERE.

Ways to Remain Connected With Your Co-workers When Working Remotely

Long periods of isolation can be emotionally draining. Working remotely does not help either, seeing that there are limited in-person interactions. Here are several practices you can adopt to maintain a sense of connection with your co-workers.

Create Opportunities for Spontaneous Connection

The micro-interactions in the office environments, such as afternoon chats, contribute to your overall happiness. Studies show that this type of social connection is essential for employees’ well-being. Since it’s impossible to have such interactions whilst working from home, you can enhance similar connections via video calls. Zoom and Microsoft Teams are great tools for work-related calls. However, you can plan for short meetings during the week meant for informal conversation.

It is advisable to set a recurring 15-30 minutes meeting that you can label as ‘chit chat’ or ‘coffee break.’ This will help relieve the pressure of feeling that you have to talk about something business-related. Additionally, you can make them optional to ensure they are intentional and more toned down.

Utilize Non-Video Options for Involvement

While video conferencing has helped co-workers stay connected, constant use can lead to zoom fatigue. The overwhelming screen time for workplaces, schools, and social engagement can feel overwhelming. This is why it is crucial to find a balance and incorporate non-video options for interactions. For example, you can schedule a phone call instead of a video chat and, where possible, have a one-on-one check-in.

Engage in Fun Activities Online

Office setups often have team-building activities, including physical activities such as games and competitions. Ideally, these activities are great for socializing, and they contribute to increased productivity among staff. With virtual workspaces, this may be challenging, but there are some fun activities that co-workers can engage in online. Several options to consider include online cooking competitions, coffee classes, and mixology workshops. There are also tons of online team-building games that offer just as much opportunity for fun.

Online games such as scavenger hunt are excellent for group play and are becoming increasingly popular for South African firms. Yet, if you would rather play with maybe one or two co-workers, you can consider simple but fun casino games. Deal or no deal, live poker, or monopoly are excellent options. Luckily for South African players, most casinos offer online casino bonuses, giving you additional funds to play with. These bonuses include free spins, matched bonuses, and no deposit bonuses. There are several guides on how to claim these offers, including the related terms and conditions.

Find a Productivity Accountability Person

Working from home presents a lot of distractions, and it is hard to remain focused. To help complete your targets, you can team up with a co-worker and implement the Pomodoro Technique. With this productivity method, you work for 25 minutes and then have a 5-minute break. After the first three sections, you get a longer break of 15-30 minutes. This working strategy allows you to take guity-free time. Also, when working with a friend, you get some time to catch up during the break.

Be A Cheerleader to Your Fellow Team Members

It is harder to remember to take time to celebrate your co-worker’s achievements when you don’t meet physically. It is believed that 79% of employees who quit their jobs cite lack of appreciation by the company as the main reason. Therefore, it is critical to practice gratitude even when working remotely. Sharing and celebrating every milestone achieved keeps the employees motivated.

Set Out ‘Get to Know You’ Events for New Staff

New workers in a virtual setup can find it hard to interact with existing workers. The company’s management has to get creative in introducing them to the rest of the team. Although they will interact via project meetings, it might not be enough time to get to know each other. 

A creative way to facilitate a ‘get to know you’ event would be using communication programs designed to pair colleagues randomly. Predetermined prompts and questions to guide their conversation could come in handy. Allocating such time will help news staff feel settled and connected with their co-workers. 

We hope you found our tips useful in becoming more productive when working remotely. 

Beauty And Style On Pinterest: Ideas For Every Generation

The idea that someone should or should not wear something or do something at a certain age is offensive. Authenticity and individuality are the hallmarks of fashion and beauty today. Pinterest is used by women of all ages to find inspiration, identify what works for them, and transform that inspiration into their real lives (and their wardrobes).

When we looked at the style and beauty searches that women of different generations made on Pinterest, we found out Pinterest account of the brand Sézane that we have more things in common than we think. Whether you’re young, old, or have a particular beauty preference, it’s clear that style and beauty trends are on the rise. We want to tell you in no uncertain terms: authenticity has no age. Don’t miss our “style board for all ages” (and everything else that we are going to tell you) to see it with your own eyes.

Style Begins With:

What do all ages have in common in terms of style? Fashion on the streets! The street wear trend will always be in style no matter what age you are (+245%), if you’ve passed the forty-year mark (+308%), or if you’re over fifty (+265%). Even though it isn’t the most searched for among women over 60, they still do the odd search for “fashionable sneakers,” at up to 316%.

Inspiration From Around The World:

Pinterest attracts people who are looking for trends and styles from around the world that fit with their lifestyles. “Modern style with a hijab” searches rise by 1745% among users in their twenties and thirties, “casual style with a hijab” searches increase by 244% among users in their forties, “Korean fashion trends” searches rise by 1075 percent and 934 percent, respectively, for the twenty and sixty year old generations and “Parisian chic” searches rise by 1745% among users in their forties. No matter how old you are or where you live, Pinterest is the best place to find inspiration, because billions of ideas come from all over the world.

If you see a product within a Pin, zoom in on it (or use the visual search crop icon) to see where it can be purchased or what similar products are available. Keep scrolling to see more inspired looks to complete your look.

Adorable And Sassy:

The number of searches for “artistic makeup” is up 106% and 142% in the respective age groups for women in their twenties and thirties. Pinterest is mainly used by women to get to know one another and express their personalities. A good way to do this is to use their face as a canvas. Meanwhile, women over sixty are seeking a natural makeup (+77%). On the other hand, women in their twenties are more likely to opt for a 1960s style, with (+59%) bold makeup. The older the woman, the more bold the makeup.


Women in their late thirties and forties search for “makeup videos” (up 131% and 150% respectively) and older women, who look up “eye makeup tutorials” (74% and 140% respectively). The results of these studies confirm that women of all ages look to Pinterest for makeup advice and to improve their looks… It’ll also boost their self-esteem!

Pro Tip From Pinterest:

We announced a new feature this week that will let you try on products using Pinterest Lens (augmented reality technology) using the Pinterest camera (Lens). By using this feature, you will be able to discover and try products before making a purchasing decision. You can purchase each lipstick by clicking on the pin and going straight to the retailer’s website. There is a version of Try it available in the United States and an international release is set for later this year.

Women aged ten to twenty prefer “braided ponytails” (+593%), women aged forty to fifty prefer “handkerchief hairstyles” (+204%), and men aged fifty to sixty prefer “shaved haircuts” (+237%).

Protect Identity During Fashion Photo Editing

You may have taken a photo or two with dog ears, but Snapchat’s puppy filter is what made you look good. New York Magazine even did an article about it.

In 2015 Snapchat released its new puppy filter, and it quickly became one of the most popular additions to social media platforms.

In 2019, Russian-developed FaceApp was at the center of public controversy after the FBI reported it. The FBI investigators raised concerns about the app’s potential counterintelligence threats. In addition, according to the report, the app developer’s access to the user data was concerning. 

The most remarkable feature FaceApp users love is to see how you will look at the age of 50 or 80 from now. Additionally, users can also change their gender with just one click – without intensive surgery. 

The app, Voilà was the go-to choice for fun photos this year as people seek to turn themselves into Disney and Pixar characters. The download has increased 2.3 million times in America alone. But are the app users safe from threats of today’s digital age? Experts don’t think so.

Measure the safety of photo-editing apps

The latest advancements in AR have enabled a whole slew of photo manipulation applications like FaceTune or FlawlessMe. So we need to consider these factors when deciding whether or not to use them on our selfies.

Do I want my every detail visible? For example, apps with access to photos of individuals’ faces usually have biometric information such as facial features, speech data, and sometimes retina patterns. Thus, bad actors can use this information for identification purposes.

In addition, these apps mostly ask for approval to access contacts, location, and social media accounts. All these permissions are unnecessary when all they do is provide a way of sharing cute photos.

New research has found Voilà requires an internet connection to operate as expected. Unfortunately, this means we are giving up some privacy when using this adorable photo-sharing application without realizing it.

Should we continue using photo apps?

FaceApp was in hot water after the FBI found the app stores new photos created on the platform. They were quick to deny any nefarious activity saying that they may store updated pictures for performance and traffic reasons. More to explanation, most images last 48 hours on their servers before deletion. 

With such unclear statements, it is difficult to pinpoint where a client’s photo could really end up or even have evidence that their photos are being disposed of properly.

Lately, the company has been under fire with other controversies, including switching from the original filters, which were meant more for lightening skin tone, changing eye color, or gender than altering age due to likely demand by users who want younger selfies.

Protect guide using photo apps

Do not give up on using free photo editing apps due to security risks. Instead, follow these simple protection tips to secure your identity.

1- Research more

Before downloading an app, check the authority and permissibility of the app. Numerous scams apps exist in Google’s play store and Apple’s app store today. Find out about the internet and computer security in-depth on this resource we found

2- Permissions restriction

Before you accept the app’s permission to grant access to all of your data, analyze if it is essential and makes sense to authorize them. For example, if a photo editing app wants to access your camera contacts, give them only camera permission, not contacts. 

3- Accounts deletion after use

Everyone loves adding filters to photos or animating still photographs using photo apps. However, there is no harm in using photo apps with precautions. The best strategy is to delete your account once you have fulfilled your curiosity about using an app.

Meme via David Blackbourn for use by 360 Magazine

What on Earth is DogeBonk?

Memecoins and the Monetization of Community

#Sorry Elon

In May 2021, Elon Musk promised to launch a satellite in 2022 to achieve the first crypto-funded mission to space. Unfortunately for Mr. Musk, however, his promise has been broken. On December 15, a rival memecoin, DogeBonk, launched its own community-funded space mission and successfully reached the stratosphere.

DogeBonk is the First Memecoin in Space #SorryElon

An onboard camera filmed the launch, and a meme was revealed at the peak of the flight. The meme shows a dog with a bat “bonking” a Dogecoin symbol, with a tear-streaked Elon Musk in the background. #SorryElon was trending on Twitter for days. They followed this up with a billboard placed directly outside the SpaceX Hawthorne factory, proclaiming his loss with the message: “SORRY ELON 2ND PLACE IS STILL GOOD”.

All exceedingly silly, but why is this important? And what on earth is DogeBonk?

It starts with a dog with a bat.

In an era of peak corporate nihilism and social imbalance the simple image of a dog with a bat in the act of “bonking” can be an oddly powerful thing. The DogeBonk meme began a fresh surge of original and organic content, the scale of which has not been seen since 2016’s epic memetic arc. Through simply editing photos of already existing memes, films, and even classical art DogeBonk has captured the value of this memetic concept in the form of the $DOBO token. The goal?

“To meme DogeBonk into being the biggest memecoin of 2022.”

The DogeBonk community has rapidly evolved from a small community of meme lords into  “an exponentially growing swarm of mostly anonymous growth marketers and content creators, self-organizing into what is essentially a worldwide, virally growing marketing agency.”

Tens of thousands of original creative projects and memes have been uploaded and shared in the community, including song parodies, movie edits and even video games.

The dog with a bat meme has become a symbol to rally around; a means to illustrate the absurdity of the financial system at large and the possibility of a new way of doing things.

$GME and WallStreetBets already proved the power of a weaponized community when they took on Wall Street itself and won. Memecoin communities are the $GME of Web3.0, groups of motivated people exercising newfound power simply by tokenizing the value of their will on the blockchain. Regulators have yet to catch up, and a new zeitgeist is forming. Memecoins are becoming credible as serious digital assets because they represent the community behind them.

“Clown World” emerged from the depths of cyberspace, the perfect term to describe the new zeitgeist, a movement born out of Gen Z’s dissatisfaction with a broken financial system from which they are barred. The dog with a bat is here to help.

Watch Bonkin’ in the Clown World (Official Music Video) HERE.

The community is what drives DogeBonk, so let’s dive in!

Meet The Memesters

In the cryptocurrency landscape anonymity, or pseudo-anonymity is the norm: it is still unknown who Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin is, for example.


Profile Picture of Ghostbro

When did you get involved with cryptocurrency?

In 2016 I read an article in The Economist about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency and decided that it was worth investing. I was lucky enough to buy at the right time and made a decent amount of money.

What is your relationship with memes?

I’ve grown up on the internet so I feel a strong connection to memes. Often memes are able to convey an idea more effectively than with words. We can express abstract ideas quickly and effectively across the internet in the same way religious iconography can express complex subjects. Also, funny dog go bonk, haha.

What is the future of DogeBonk?

No one knows what the future holds, but I envision us as the center of the memecoin ecosystem. So much of the industry is false promises, toxic communities and awful memes. We try to show what a determined community can create together, and I hope through the ecosystem we’re developing around MemeTools and our upcoming NFT platform, we will keep driving the push towards quality in memes and memecoins on the blockchain.

How did you feel when the DogeBonk became the first memecoin in space?

It’s not every day that a bunch of strangers come together around a dog coin to one-up the richest man in the world. It was a very proud moment for everyone in the community.


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When did you get involved with cryptocurrency?

I think it started from being interested in computers and programming; the decentralized nature of Web3 and felt very appealing. Then the market crashed due to covid and since then I’ve gradually invested more and more into cryptocurrencies.

What is your relationship with memes?

Memes are a natural by-product of the internet and the ability to effortlessly communicate and share media with everyone in the world.

What is the future of DogeBonk?

I think it’s clear that DogeBonk is the only memecoin with memes, and also makes things happen. Most other so called “memecoins” post their icons and some unsubstantiated claim like “we will go to the moon because … because we just will, ok?”. Shiba Inu holders don’t seem to even understand basic economic concepts like market caps for example. I’m certain that 2022 and beyond will be very bright for DogeBonk.

How did you feel when the DogeBonk became the first meme to enter space?

This solidified the fact that we’re vastly different from anyone else in the memecoin ecosystem. We beat the richest man in the world at his own game.

Do you consider memes to be art?

I personally am kind of conservative in my definition of art, and there’s a difference between say a painting someone spent months to complete, and a photoshopped dog with a bat. I don’t think memes are in any way inferior to the traditional definition of art, just different. Art used to be something to cherish. Now literally anything could be art. This interview answer is art.


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When did you get involved with cryptocurrency?

It always was part of my living without knowing it in 4chan /biz since I was 13 years old.

What is your relationship with memes?

I like memes a lot, I’m a kind of stressed person IRL (in real life) not sad but worried. I just having fun in the Bonkverse.

What is the future of DogeBonk in your opinion?

I just say future is bright like any crypto in general, but this coin could go really far as anyone and even devs imagine.

How did you feel when the DogeBonk became the first meme to enter space?

It was an Amazing moment. /OooOOOOoooOooOOOOooooooh like we say.


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When did you get involved with cryptocurrency?

I’ve known that crypto was the future of finance since I heard about BTC in 2012.

What is your relationship with memes?

I’ve been meme-ing since I was a teenager discovering the Something Awful forums. I’m from the era before rage comics and twitter screenshots and have watched memes evolve over the years.

What is the future of DogeBonk in your opinion?

DogeBonk is the catalyst that will cause people to take memecoins seriously and it is already well on its way to mainstream adoption.

How did you feel when the DogeBonk became the first meme to enter space?

Relieved! Glad that all the planning and work we put in weeks beforehand finally came to fruition. It was a beautiful moment in our community.

Do you consider memes to be art?

Yes, but I also consider memes to be in their own category from art. Memes can be considered art, but art cannot be considered a meme until it is accepted socially.

The DogeBonk team ended 2021 by beating Elon Musk and becoming the first memecoin in space. Less than a quarter of an hour later they announced that their NFT marketplace was in the final stages of development. A few weeks later was the surprise release of MemeTools V2, an upgrade to Dogebonk’s wildly popular memecoin listing site –

Despite some volatility in the markets over the winter months the DogeBonk team continues to push ahead with updates, events, and endless community projects and activities. MemeTools has shown incredible growth already, and the NFT marketplace has the potential to become the premiere destination for NFTs on the Binance Smartchain.

One of the developers, quoted in a recent article in The Independent, expresses the unerring confidence of the community perfectly:

“Dogebonk is the real memetic answer to the ridiculous Clown World. We are the first memecoin in space. We have the funds to do funny things, and we want to meme DogeBonk into being the biggest memecoin of 2022.”

You wouldn’t put it past them…