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Today, Casio pays homage to NASA with the release of the G-SHOCK GWM5610NASA4 the third limited-edition timepiece in the series. The latest model, which celebrates space exploration, comes with advanced technical capabilities like Tough Solar Technology and Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping. Styled after the iconic orange suits worn by astronauts, the new model mirrors this famous aesthetic with an all-orange case and band, and an American flag adorning the black band loop.

The orange uniform, known casually as a “pumpkin suit,” is a full-pressure suit used by NASA astronauts during the ascent and entry portions of flights. Along with the eye-catching pop of color, the model also includes the NASA insignia on the lower band and an engraving of an astronaut on the case back. Additionally, the watch dial intertwines black, white, and blue colorways against a positive LCD, and the watch packaging is inspired by the metal launch pad bridge out to the orbiter.

The limited-edition timepiece also features several improved technical characteristics compared to the first two models. Among the new features is Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping, which provides radio-controlled time syncing, allowing the watch to automatically update the time without manual adjustments, based on the user’s home-city setting and Tough Solar power, allowing the watch to convert power from even the weakest light sources.

The GWM5610NASA4 retails for $170 and is currently sold out. Please visit select retailers and the G-SHOCK Soho store for more information on availability. For additional information about the G-SHOCK brand, visit HERE.

Roadtrip Illustration via 360 Magazine


Fleetwood RV has curated a list of four destinations that deliver a space odyssey for families looking for out-of-the-world fun.

Fleetwood RV is one of the most established brands in the motorhome industry that’s ideal for families. The Bounder® 35GL from Fleetwood RV is a new floorplan that features four distinct zones, making it feel like a “traditional” home. It includes space at the front for work and entertainment, a mid-ship open concept kitchen, a split lavatory with a private water closet, and a spacious master bedroom. In addition to the master, the RV has a sleeper sofa and an optional drop-down loft bed so the RV can sleep up to six children and adults.

Once the RV is packed, travelers can hit the road to take in views of planets, walk on a moon-like surface, chat with an astronaut, and learn more about life beyond the stars.

Please note: each location has been researched but be sure to call ahead to confirm hours of operation, advance ticketing requirements, and other relevant details.

Griffith Park Observatory, The easiest way to add some outer space to your next road trip is to visit a city with an observatory. Griffith Park Observatory is a stunning building and campus, admission is free, and it’s smack dab in the heart of Los Angeles, which means an endless list of things to do when you’re done looking at and learning about the stars.

Kennedy Space Center, History buffs, and space nuts should point their RVs towards Merritt Island, Florida, home to the legendary Kennedy Space Center. You could easily spend a week working through all of the attractions, from exploring the actual equipment used in missions to learning about the history and even going through some astronaut training yourself! And if you time the trip right, you might be able to catch an actual space shuttle launch while you’re in the area. 

Craters of the Moon Monument and National Preserve, If you want a vacation destination that feels like another planet entirely, look no further than Idaho. Specifically, the Craters of the Moon Monument and National Preserve. According to an official website, “the monument preserves around 53,500 acres of volcanic formations and lava flows on the northern rim of the Snake River Plain in south central Idaho.” The result is a wonderfully weird terrain that you’ll never forget. 

Roswell, New Mexico, A list of out-of-this-world destinations wouldn’t be complete without including one of the most famous. Nestled in scenic southeast New Mexico, Roswell is a tourist treat, offering plenty of UFO-centric features and attractions, as well as plenty of non-UFO offerings. Each July, the town hosts its UFO Festival, which celebrates the Roswell Incident. 

For more travel tips and ideas and to see the latest Fleetwood RV models, follow Fleetwood RV on Facebook and Instagram

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Space Exploration Photography × Ephemera

A private collection of space photographs and memorabilia from the late space correspondent, writer and space aficionado Tim Furniss, who witnessed pioneering space moments first-hand, is among a vast selection of unique photographs of man’s very first moments in space. This exciting auction of Space Exploration Photography & Ephemera will take place at Dreweatts on February 22, 2022.

Tim Furniss’ interest in space started at age 12, when, during an outing with his grandmother in 1961, they passed a television shop and saw Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, on the news. This instigated a lifelong fascination with space, which would later lead him into the role of ‘spaceflight correspondent’ for Flight International magazine from 1984-2006, reporting on the very subject that he loved. Tim was also a broadcaster, lecturer and author of over 35 published books on space history. His role and lifelong enthusiasm for space, combined with sheer tenacity, gained him access to some astounding historical moments in space history and the opportunity to build a rapport with some of the most celebrated astronauts of our time. 

Offering the collection is Tim Furniss’ son, Thomas Furniss, who has been tasked, alongside his sister, with curating his father’s lifetime project of scrapbooks, photographs and space ephemera gathered over decades. On recalling one of many anecdotes about his father Thomas Furniss, he tells us, “When he travelled to the US to cover the launch of Apollo 13 at age 22, he crawled through the legs of a hoard of journalists to take a series of pictures of the crew before transferring to the launch pad. Upon leaving, my dad was given an ‘Apollo Operations Manual’ for a space suit, to help with his reporting—something he no doubt asked for—and this very item will be available at auction as Lot 166.”

He also recounts that on the same trip a few days later, brandishing his journalist credentials, he managed to talk his way into a sub-branch of NASA, where he given a tour of the building, and asked if he could try a suit on! His wish was granted and he was given the suit and gloves closest to his size, which turned out to be those of the astronauts Bill Pogue and Frank Borman.

Among the highlights of his collection is a vintage gelatin silver print titled Lift Off showing the launch of Apollo 13, on April 11, 1970, which is estimated to fetch £300-£500 (lot 289, pictured left).

Not surprisingly amongst Tim’s collection is a photographic portrait of the man that inspired him, Yuri Gagarin, dated April 12, 1961. The vintage gelatin silver print shows Yuri smiling as he attains the title of the first man to ever go to space. It has a conservative estimate of £200-£300 (lot 18).

Amongst many photographs of historic moments is the first frame from a photographic sequence documenting the first American spacewalk, depicting Ed White floating in zero gravity over Hawaii. Taken by fellow astronaut James McDivitt on June 3rd, 1965, this vintage chromogenic print is the first ever photograph taken by another human being in space, as up to this point all released images of astronauts were taken by television or monitoring cameras.

Ed White floated out of the spacecraft wearing a specially designed suit and gold-plated helmet to protect him against unfiltered rays of the sun, as well as emergency oxygen tank. A 25-foot long umbilical line and a tether line connect him to the spacecraft. He used a Hand-Held Manoeuvring Unit (HHMU) to manoeuvre around the spacecraft at more than 100 miles (160 kilometres) above the Pacific Ocean, while James McDivitt took photographs. Aside from being a milestone experiment, this was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for White and he returned to the spacecraft reluctantly commenting: ‘It’s the saddest moment in my life’. The photograph is one of the most iconic and well-recognised images and carries an estimate of £1,000-£2,000.

Elsewhere in the sale are some very important photographs from key moments in the history of space. Commenting on the sale, Ania Hanrahan, Dreweatts specialist in charge of the Sale, tells us: “In over 430 lots the sale unravels the story of human endeavours to discover what lies beyond our home planet, from early rocketry engineering by the forefathers of space exploration to complex interplanetary missions. Although today space photography and video footage appear to be a part of our daily news feeds, it was only few decades ago that we had the chance to see what our planet looks like from space for the very first time. In those days space photography was a source of awe, wonder and amazement and had the power to change the way we see Earth and our place in space.”

Among the highlights is the most celebrated image of the earth rising above the Moon’s horizon. It is the first Earthrise witnessed by humans and captured in colour on camera. Taken from Apollo 8 on December 24th, 1968, by the astronaut William Anders, this iconic picture shows earth peeking out from beyond the lunar surface as the first staffed spacecraft circumnavigated the moon with astronauts William Anders, Frank Borman, and Jim Lovell aboard. It is estimated to fetch £4,000-£6,000 (lot 145). One of the most symbolic images of the Apollo program, which featured on the cover of Life Magazine on the 11 August 1969, was taken on the Apollo 11 mission by Neil Armstrong on July 20th, 1969. It features Buzz Aldrin standing on the surface of the Moon, casting a shadow on the ground, with his gold-plated visor reflecting the Lunar Module and the photographer. This is very rare in such a large format, making it highly sought-after and it remains one of the most well-known images of space around the globe. Its’ popularity and importance are reflected in its’ estimate of £8,000-£12,000.

Courtesy of Dreweatts
Courtesy of Dreweatts
Courtesy of Dreweatts
Meme via David Blackbourn for use by 360 Magazine

What on Earth is DogeBonk?

Memecoins and the Monetization of Community

#Sorry Elon

In May 2021, Elon Musk promised to launch a satellite in 2022 to achieve the first crypto-funded mission to space. Unfortunately for Mr. Musk, however, his promise has been broken. On December 15, a rival memecoin, DogeBonk, launched its own community-funded space mission and successfully reached the stratosphere.

DogeBonk is the First Memecoin in Space #SorryElon

An onboard camera filmed the launch, and a meme was revealed at the peak of the flight. The meme shows a dog with a bat “bonking” a Dogecoin symbol, with a tear-streaked Elon Musk in the background. #SorryElon was trending on Twitter for days. They followed this up with a billboard placed directly outside the SpaceX Hawthorne factory, proclaiming his loss with the message: “SORRY ELON 2ND PLACE IS STILL GOOD”.

All exceedingly silly, but why is this important? And what on earth is DogeBonk?

It starts with a dog with a bat.

In an era of peak corporate nihilism and social imbalance the simple image of a dog with a bat in the act of “bonking” can be an oddly powerful thing. The DogeBonk meme began a fresh surge of original and organic content, the scale of which has not been seen since 2016’s epic memetic arc. Through simply editing photos of already existing memes, films, and even classical art DogeBonk has captured the value of this memetic concept in the form of the $DOBO token. The goal?

“To meme DogeBonk into being the biggest memecoin of 2022.”

The DogeBonk community has rapidly evolved from a small community of meme lords into  “an exponentially growing swarm of mostly anonymous growth marketers and content creators, self-organizing into what is essentially a worldwide, virally growing marketing agency.”

Tens of thousands of original creative projects and memes have been uploaded and shared in the community, including song parodies, movie edits and even video games.

The dog with a bat meme has become a symbol to rally around; a means to illustrate the absurdity of the financial system at large and the possibility of a new way of doing things.

$GME and WallStreetBets already proved the power of a weaponized community when they took on Wall Street itself and won. Memecoin communities are the $GME of Web3.0, groups of motivated people exercising newfound power simply by tokenizing the value of their will on the blockchain. Regulators have yet to catch up, and a new zeitgeist is forming. Memecoins are becoming credible as serious digital assets because they represent the community behind them.

“Clown World” emerged from the depths of cyberspace, the perfect term to describe the new zeitgeist, a movement born out of Gen Z’s dissatisfaction with a broken financial system from which they are barred. The dog with a bat is here to help.

Watch Bonkin’ in the Clown World (Official Music Video) HERE.

The community is what drives DogeBonk, so let’s dive in!

Meet The Memesters

In the cryptocurrency landscape anonymity, or pseudo-anonymity is the norm: it is still unknown who Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin is, for example.


Profile Picture of Ghostbro

When did you get involved with cryptocurrency?

In 2016 I read an article in The Economist about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency and decided that it was worth investing. I was lucky enough to buy at the right time and made a decent amount of money.

What is your relationship with memes?

I’ve grown up on the internet so I feel a strong connection to memes. Often memes are able to convey an idea more effectively than with words. We can express abstract ideas quickly and effectively across the internet in the same way religious iconography can express complex subjects. Also, funny dog go bonk, haha.

What is the future of DogeBonk?

No one knows what the future holds, but I envision us as the center of the memecoin ecosystem. So much of the industry is false promises, toxic communities and awful memes. We try to show what a determined community can create together, and I hope through the ecosystem we’re developing around MemeTools and our upcoming NFT platform, we will keep driving the push towards quality in memes and memecoins on the blockchain.

How did you feel when the DogeBonk became the first memecoin in space?

It’s not every day that a bunch of strangers come together around a dog coin to one-up the richest man in the world. It was a very proud moment for everyone in the community.


Profile Picture of Vesnushki

When did you get involved with cryptocurrency?

I think it started from being interested in computers and programming; the decentralized nature of Web3 and felt very appealing. Then the market crashed due to covid and since then I’ve gradually invested more and more into cryptocurrencies.

What is your relationship with memes?

Memes are a natural by-product of the internet and the ability to effortlessly communicate and share media with everyone in the world.

What is the future of DogeBonk?

I think it’s clear that DogeBonk is the only memecoin with memes, and also makes things happen. Most other so called “memecoins” post their icons and some unsubstantiated claim like “we will go to the moon because … because we just will, ok?”. Shiba Inu holders don’t seem to even understand basic economic concepts like market caps for example. I’m certain that 2022 and beyond will be very bright for DogeBonk.

How did you feel when the DogeBonk became the first meme to enter space?

This solidified the fact that we’re vastly different from anyone else in the memecoin ecosystem. We beat the richest man in the world at his own game.

Do you consider memes to be art?

I personally am kind of conservative in my definition of art, and there’s a difference between say a painting someone spent months to complete, and a photoshopped dog with a bat. I don’t think memes are in any way inferior to the traditional definition of art, just different. Art used to be something to cherish. Now literally anything could be art. This interview answer is art.


Profile Picture of Jimmy

When did you get involved with cryptocurrency?

It always was part of my living without knowing it in 4chan /biz since I was 13 years old.

What is your relationship with memes?

I like memes a lot, I’m a kind of stressed person IRL (in real life) not sad but worried. I just having fun in the Bonkverse.

What is the future of DogeBonk in your opinion?

I just say future is bright like any crypto in general, but this coin could go really far as anyone and even devs imagine.

How did you feel when the DogeBonk became the first meme to enter space?

It was an Amazing moment. /OooOOOOoooOooOOOOooooooh like we say.


Profile Picture of Santovi

When did you get involved with cryptocurrency?

I’ve known that crypto was the future of finance since I heard about BTC in 2012.

What is your relationship with memes?

I’ve been meme-ing since I was a teenager discovering the Something Awful forums. I’m from the era before rage comics and twitter screenshots and have watched memes evolve over the years.

What is the future of DogeBonk in your opinion?

DogeBonk is the catalyst that will cause people to take memecoins seriously and it is already well on its way to mainstream adoption.

How did you feel when the DogeBonk became the first meme to enter space?

Relieved! Glad that all the planning and work we put in weeks beforehand finally came to fruition. It was a beautiful moment in our community.

Do you consider memes to be art?

Yes, but I also consider memes to be in their own category from art. Memes can be considered art, but art cannot be considered a meme until it is accepted socially.

The DogeBonk team ended 2021 by beating Elon Musk and becoming the first memecoin in space. Less than a quarter of an hour later they announced that their NFT marketplace was in the final stages of development. A few weeks later was the surprise release of MemeTools V2, an upgrade to Dogebonk’s wildly popular memecoin listing site –

Despite some volatility in the markets over the winter months the DogeBonk team continues to push ahead with updates, events, and endless community projects and activities. MemeTools has shown incredible growth already, and the NFT marketplace has the potential to become the premiere destination for NFTs on the Binance Smartchain.

One of the developers, quoted in a recent article in The Independent, expresses the unerring confidence of the community perfectly:

“Dogebonk is the real memetic answer to the ridiculous Clown World. We are the first memecoin in space. We have the funds to do funny things, and we want to meme DogeBonk into being the biggest memecoin of 2022.”

You wouldn’t put it past them…

Discover Puerto Rico × Pantone

Boriqua Interior Designer Cristina Villalón curates tips on how to best incorporate the color Puerto Rico Sunshine into a space. This fiery red-orange color created by Pantone is a combination of the sunbeams that grace the island throughout the day, refined by a physicist and professor at the University of Puerto Rico. Villalón, a leading designer in Puerto Rico with projects all over the Americas is the ideal eye to recommend how to integrate Puerto Rico Sunshine into any room or décor.

According to Villalón, orange is a dynamic color. It should be used to add energy to a room and make a space come alive. Thus, if you reside in a cold place, adding an orange wall will automatically add warmth and ebullience to the space.

Puerto Rico Sunshine alongside neutral tones such as gray have a neutralizing effect to tone down the brightness. For full island-vibes, blues also complement orange beautifully and make the perfect combination in a vibrant beach house or beachy themed room. It is recommended to use only one vivid color, like Puerto Rico Sunshine, in any given space. Using a neutral palette and natural textures, then adding pops of this bold orange in accessories makes for a soothing yet cheerful space. Painting an entire room a strong, overwhelming color can be a bit too much for most interior design tastes. Villalón recommends painting one wall in a room the brighter, statement-making color, and the rest a more neutral tone. Not only will the accent wall stand out and become a focal point, but it won’t overpower the rest of the décor elements and make you want to run out of the room! Other trends include incorporating accent colors in a wall mural. A wall mural permits you to incorporate as much or as little of an accent color as you would like, and you can also add texture and visual interest with the pattern or design you choose.

A great way to offer cohesion to the room is to paint only one wall an orange, like Puerto Rico Sunshine, and then repeat the color via furniture pieces or accessories. Some of these ways include adding color to the entryway of your home, updating older furniture, framing a mirror, or even making your own artwork. The eye-catching possibilities are as endless as the sun’s rays. Color is an extremely powerful force and too much of anyone can leave a room or space unbalanced. Yet the right amount can invigorate a home and its visitors!

Cristina Villalón is the Co-founder, Principal Interior Designer and the Director of Álvarez-Díaz & Villalón® | Architecture & Interior Design. Recognized for her attractive, welcoming, and functional interior designs, Villalón was awarded in 2015 with the Star on the Rise Award from the Design Center of the Americas (DCOTA). In 2016, Cristina was named among the Top 40 Under 40 by the magazine Design: Retail and that same year, Caribbean Business awarded her the same distinction. Villalón is a proud mother of three beautiful daughters, a recycling activist and gender equality, an insatiable reader and a lifelong learner.

Discover Puerto Rico and Pantone featured in 360 MAGAZINE.

*Special thanks to Discover Puerto Rico for providing images and access to Cristina Villalón.

Manny Hernandez for use by 360 Magazine

Jennifer Hudson Headlines InterContinental® Miami Make-A-Wish® Ball

Make-A-Wish® Southern Florida and InterContinental® Miami raised an excess of $2.7 million net expenses at the annual InterContinental® Miami Make-A-Wish® Ball. This year’s InterContinental® Miami Make-A-Wish® Ball was held on Saturday, November 6, headlined by singer and actress Jennifer Hudson at InterContinental® Miami. Jennifer Hudson performed a captivating concert for the Ball guests where actress and filmmaker Gabrielle Anwar returned as celebrity emcee of the Ball.

The theme of the annual Ball was “Galactica,” prompted by pop culture, vintage sci-fi films and space science. The “Galactica” theme led to some very innovative and inventive analyses on the Ball’s “white carpet.” The trio known as the “Three Amigos,” including Shareef Malnik, Glenn Sampert and Norman Wedderburn, welcomed guests to the 26th annual InterContinental® Miami Make-A-Wish® Ball.

All assets raised from the Ball benefitted Make-A-Wish® Southern Florida. Make-A-Wish® Southern Florida is a non-profit organization that grants life-transforming wishes for critically ill children.

The Ball’s space theme was theorized by the Ball’s Creative Direction Maxwell Blandford. InterContinental® Miami was creatively transformed by DECO Productions into a “galactic wonderland.” The space was attributed to retro space movies “Barbarella,” “Forbidden Planet” and “The Green Slime.”

Ball guests dined on a space-themed menu curated by Chef Jhonnatan Contreras. During the dinner, “Wish Kid” Jacob Schwartz was recognized. Jacob is a critically ill six-year-old that was diagnosed with high-grade osteosarcoma. His wish was to enjoy the ocean and was realized when his family traveled to Hawks Cay Resort in the Florida Keys, courtesy of Make-A-Wish® Southern Florida. Jacob’s mother, Helen Schwartz, spoke at the ball. She thanked the charity for granting her son’s wish that led to an unforgettable, stressless opportunity for him to just enjoy being a kid again. Gala Chair Shareef Malnik dedicated the Ball to Jacob.

Gabrielle Anwar, actress, filmmaker and Make-A-Wish® Southern Florida Ambassador, returned for her 10th year as a celebrity emcee to host her signature Wishes live auction. The auction showcased “nine out-of-this world experiences and one-of-a-kind items.”

Presented by the Finker-Frenkel Family Foundation, the Ball’s entertainer Jennifer Hudson performed a 45-minute set of fan favorites. Jennifer Hudson gave performances of “Natural Woman” and “Respect,” the title song from the Aretha Franklin biopic that she stars in. All guests received VIP gift bags that consisted of a coffee table book by artist Romero Britto, a custom star-shaped donut from The Salty and a $100 gift certificate from Alto car service.

The InterContinental® Miami Make-A-Wish® Nightclub presented by E11EVEN MIAMI was the official after-party, held following the Ball at InterContinental® Miami. The after-party was headlined by Ja Rule who also performed live. DJ Affect “set the tone for the evening,” highlighting a runway show that showcased looks by House of Skye. House of Skye is a global luxury fashion house by Skye Drynan. 42 custom designs strolled down the runway. The models wore “sky-high bling ponytails and alien-esque high twists coifed by in-kind donor Danny Jelaca of Danny Jelaca Hair.” Makeup was created by Beauty For real and further eye candy was supplied by Forealism.

The Ball’s partner, founder and in-kind donor InterContinental® Miami has contributed those donations to Make-A-Wish® Southern Florida, which has further allowed the organization to raise more than $32 million. These donations have resulted in over 6,300 wishes being granted to children with life-threatening medical conditions in the chapter’s area.

Black Panther via Alex Ross for Marvel Entertainment for use by 360 Magazine

Black Panther Issue One

This November, Academy Award-winning writer John Ridley and Marvel’s Stormbreaker artist Juann Cabal launch T’Challa’s next revolutionary chapter in BLACK PANTHER #1! The new era will see secrets from T’Challa’s past coming back to haunt him and threaten the nation of Wakanda. Fresh from returning from his adventures in space, Black Panther receives an unexpected and urgent message from a Wakandan secret agent. T’Challa must race the clock not only to save his agent, but also to keep his true agenda under wraps. Because if the truth comes out, it could cost T’Challa everything… Fans can get their first glimpse at this historic new launch in the new BLACK PANTHER #1 trailer, featuring never-before-seen artwork.

“It’s a hybrid espionage-Super Hero thriller, but at its core, it’s a love story,” Ridley told The New York Times. “And I don’t mean just romantic love, although there’s some of that as well. It’s love between friends.

“We’re coming out of a summer where we saw Black people fighting for our rights, standing up, fighting in ways that we haven’t had to do in years,” Ridley added. “And it was really important to me after the year we had where we can have these conversations with Black people and we can use words like love and caring and hope and regret and all these really fundamental emotions that everybody has.”

Don’t miss the start of a new Marvel epic when BLACK PANTHER #1 hits stands on November 10! 

About Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of more than 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media for over eighty years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing, publishing, games, and digital media.

Noah Gundersen - A Pillar of Salt photo credit unknow use by 360 Magazine

Noah Gundersen – A Pillar of Salt





Acclaimed singer-songwriter Noah Gundersen has announced the release of his new album. A Pillar of Salt arrives via Cooking Vinyl on Friday, October 8; pre-orders are available now HERE.

Gundersen’s fifth solo LP and a first new album in more than two years, A Pillar of Salt is heralded by today’s premiere of the lush new single, “Sleepless In Seattle” available now at all digital platforms HERE.

I moved to Seattle in 2009” – Gundersen says a small-town kid, just 20 years old. I lived out of my sleeping bag in garages, under tables, on couches, until finally moving into a place in the Queen Anne neighborhood with some friends. There was a feeling that anything was possible. Over time, like all things, the city changed. The few bands that made it moved away, while the less fortunate gracefully bowed out when the insurmountable odds finally stacked too high. Tech companies moved in and priced out the artists. The culture of the place I fell in love with slowly disappeared. When Covid hit in early 2020, all the bars closed and I finally realized my time there was over. So I packed up and left. And yet, like Lots wife, I cant help looking back, the voice in my head taunting me with Springsteens Glory Days. I loved Seattle. I miss it. Or I guess I miss the memory of it.”

LISTEN TO “SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE” Gundersen will celebrate the arrival of A Pillar of Salt with a solo headline tour, getting underway October 9 and 10 with a two-night residency at The Soiled Dove Underground in Denver, CO; two- and three-night stands continue across the US through mid-December. Much of the tour is already sold out, including multiple shows in Decatur, GA, New York City, and Nashville. For complete details and remaining ticket availability, please visit Here.





9, Denver, CO, The Soiled Dove Underground

10, Denver, CO, The Soiled Dove Underground

14, Decatur, GA, Eddie’s Attic – SOLD OUT

15, Decatur, GA, Eddie’s Attic – SOLD OUT

16, Decatur, GA, Eddie’s Attic – SOLD OUT

22, New York, NY, Rockwood Music Hall – SOLD OUT

23, New York, NY, Rockwood Music Hall – SOLD OUT



5, Fort Worth, TX, Tulips

6, Fort Worth, TX, Tulips

18, Austin, TX, 3TEN ACL Live

19, Austin, TX, 3TEN ACL Live



8, Nashville, TN, The High Watt

9, Nashville, TN, The High Watt – SOLD OUT

10, Nashville, TN, The High Watt – SOLD OUT

11, Evanston IL, SPACE

12, Evanston, IL, SPACE


A Pillar of Salt marks Gundersen’s first full-length release following 2019’s acclaimed Lover and features a duet with his good friend Phoebe Bridgers.




(Cooking Vinyl)

Release Date: Friday, October 8


Laurel and Hardy


The Coast

Exit Signs

Atlantis (Feat. Phoebe Bridgers)

Magic Trick


Bright Lost Things

Sleepless In Seattle

Back To Me

Always There

space illustration bv Samantha Miduri for use by 360 Magazine

Civilian Space Flights

By: Emily Bunn

3,2,1… Liftoff! On July 20, Blue Origin LLC, an American privately funded aerospace manufacturer and sub-orbital spaceflight services company, launched its first crewed mission. July 20 marks the anniversary of the first ever human landing on the moon, by Buzz Aldrin on the Apollo 11.

Blue Orbit, founded by Jeff Bezos, took the billionaire Amazon CEO and his brother, Mark Bezos into orbit. Also aboard the aircraft is Wally Funk. Funk is American aviator and Mercury 13 astronaut. The final passenger aboard the mission is eighteen-year-old physics student, Oliver Daemen.

Jeff Bezos has been excitedly anticipating this mission. He commented to NBC’s Today Show on Monday, July 19, stating I’m so excited. I can’t wait to see what it’s going to be like… People say they go into space and they come back changed. Astronauts always talk about that, whether it’s the thin limb of the Earth’s atmosphere and seeing how fragile the planet is, that it’s just one planet. So I can’t wait to see what it’s gonna do to me.”

The daring mission took place on Blue Orbit’s New Shephard rocket this morning. The spacecraft is made from a rocket, topped by a capsule. New Shephard took off at 9:11 a.m. EDT (1311 GMT) and stands as the company’s first human flight. This momentous occurrence marks Blue Orbit’s first crewed flight.

During the flight, the New Shephard climbed to a peak altitude of 351210 ft into the atmosphere. In total, the capsule carried the four passengers 66.5 miles (107 kilometers) above earth. Jeff Bezos enjoyed his space mission, remarking “Blue Control, Bezos. Best day ever!” during the mission. Once completed, the flight took just over ten minutes from liftoff to landing.

At 9:40, the New Shephard returned to earth and landed in the Texas desert. The space craft was aided in its landing by parachutes. Upon touching down onto the dessert soil, a sonic boom erupted and dust temporarily muddied the surrounding arid landscape. In the course of the landing, Jeff Bezos enthusiastically exclaimed, “You’ve got a very happy crew, I want you to know,” reports Space. The members of the suborbital spaceflight were greeted by their family immediately after exiting the aircraft.

Live updates as well as a post-flight press conference can be viewed on Space’s website HERE.

However, Bezos isn’t the only billionaire to launch into space as of late. On July 11, the founder of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson, also was catapulted into orbit. Branson traveled on the VSS Unity space plane, of which was Virgin Galactic’s first fully crewed flight. In fact, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origins are each other’s most competitive rivals in the race for the suborbital space tourism business. Both billionaires basked in a few minutes of weightlessness and once in a lifetime view of earth.

Looking ahead, both Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin seek to continue their successful test flights. With a ticket costing $250,000, Virgin Galactic’s luxurious mission offers passengers a priceless field of vision. Blue Orbits’ spacecraft tickets are estimated to also cost around the same price. As suborbital space tourism takes off, the world waits in earnest to see who is next to visit space.

Brittany Farinas of House of One image via Shaye Price of A Design Partnership for use by 360 Magazine

House of One Q×A

Brittany Farinas fiercely and fashionably has entered the world of interior design. The designer of both residential and commercial spaces resides in South Florida, where she launched her company, House of One. After graduating from the University of Miami with a degree in interior design, Farinas utilized her life-long passion to help others beautify their spaces. Streamlined, sleek, and polished, Farinas has an impeccable eye for style that makes her stand out. 360 Magazine spoke with the designer about her favorite interior aesthetics, House of One’s recent blog launch, and upcoming projects.

When did you first get into designing residential and commercial spaces?

About four years ago.

What type of look does House of One try to imbue in its clients spaces?

I try to make each of my client’s spaces very much a reflection of who they are, while creating a visually exciting yet timeless look. At House of One, we strive on creating unique spaces with bold moments.

How would you describe your personal favorite interior aesthetic?

My personal design aesthetic is minimal eclectic. I love sculptural elements in a space and I have a great appreciation for luxurious textures. When it comes to designing an interior space for myself- I like to neutralize the primary pieces (larger furniture items such as sofas, tables, cabinetry) and add character in secondary pieces (i.e accent chairs, pillows, accessories, accent lighting).

What visual design software does House of One utilize?

We use AutoCAD, SketchUp, and multiple rendering softwares.

What is the most important thing to consider when designing an interior space?

The most important thing to consider when designing spaces for our clients is to envision exactly how they will use their space daily and how the space will evolve through time.

 How does designing a residential space differ from designing a commercial space?

When designing a commercial space, it’s about promoting the brand image and creating a setting for productivity and growth for the company as a whole. It’s necessary to be conscious of how multiple groups of people might be using the space- whereas designing for a residential client is more specific and lifestyle driven. While designing residential and commercial spaces are targeted towards a different end goal, both need to be extremely functional while aesthetically pleasing.

On your website, I saw that you are launching a blog. That is so exciting! What type of content will be published on House of One’s blogspace?

Yes! I am extremely excited about the blog as well. This will be a place where I can elaborate more on the projects in different categories. For example, we will have a section labeled “Project Tours” where you will be able to get an in depth look at some of our recently completed work. I’ll also be featuring posts on different trends, and a behind the scenes look of our design process.

Where do you find interior design inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere I go. However, I’ve always been inspired by fashion. When I go eat at restaurants I can’t help but touch the different fabrics and materials. I have always been so curious that way.

Did you always have an eye for detail, or are there ways in which you’ve sharped your interior design vision over time?

I would say I’ve always had an eye for detail. My mom worked at a furniture store when I was about the age of 3-15. I spent a lot of days with her hanging around the showroom. I always gravitated towards certain colors/details. At a young age I was very opinionated about what I liked and didn’t like when it came to design. Over time, I feel my eye for design has definitely evolved, and I know it will keep doing so over time. I think it’s just a part of life and growing as a person and designer.

Are there any exciting projects coming up for House of One that you can speak about?

Yes! We’re currently working on a 8500 square-foot office space that we’re all really excited about- the palette is gorgeous. We’ve also been working on restoring a Mediterranean home in Miami Beach, which will be completed in about two months. This project is very special for us, and we’re excited to get this one styled and photographed soon.

House of One image via Shaye Price of A Design Partnership for use by 360 Magazine
House of One image via Shaye Price of A Design Partnership for use by 360 Magazine