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Miami Florida illustration by Kaelen Felix for 360 Magazine

Clean Cities Clean Future campaign

Investing in Digital Twins can prevent US cities from under-reporting their carbon emissions.

Cities across the United States are underreporting their carbon emissions by an average of 18.3% according to Nature Communications, the journal for research across the natural sciences.

It has reported huge discrepancies in measurement, with some cities under-reporting emissions by as much as 145.5%, and the total amount of potentially unreported carbon equating to 129 million metric tons. But, a Clean Cities – Clean Future campaign launched by leading Digital Twin provider Cityzenith has offered to help them address this.

Kevin Gurney of Northern Arizona University said the cities’ problem is not so much that they are deliberately under-reporting carbon emissions, but the fact that they simply do not have the technology to measure them.

Gurney and his team have developed ‘Vulcan’, an automated measurement system that can estimate fossil-fuel emissions at specific geographic points and across large areas.

The team compared Vulcan’s estimates of greenhouse gas emissions between 2010 and 2015 with those reported in 48 city inventories, which discovered that many US cities were not measuring their emissions accurately.

Gurney used measuring heating emissions as an example: “Heating oil statistics are difficult to get. Cities will often just not include the heating oil in their total building estimates.”

He added that cities are also using different methods to measure emissions from various sources, such as airborne, on-road, and marine:

“The analysis highlights the need for a systematic, consistent approach to accounting for carbon emissions across the US, because inaccurate estimates make it difficult to assess how effective emissions reduction efforts are.”

The World Economic Forum says cities are crucial for the journey to net-zero emissions. Despite only covering 3% of the Earth’s land surface, urban areas are responsible for more than 70% of global carbon emissions.

Emily Tan, City Solutions General Manager at Shell Renewable and Climate Solutions also called for a consistent approach to the problem: “Integrated solutions need to be innovated and delivered. This will require unprecedented collaboration between the government, industry, and society.

“But the urgency has never been greater. After all, making cities sustainable places to live and work for future generations will be imperative if the world is to meet the broader goals of the Paris Agreement and move closer to a net-zero emissions world.”

Cityzenith CEO Michael Jansen is adamant that the solution to effective measurement and management of carbon emissions within urban areas is Digital Twin technology:

“This report should be a real eye-opener to everyone working to address the 2016 Paris Agreement and push back against Climate Change.

“We already knew that urban emissions were by far the biggest contributor to the greenhouse gases, causing our world to heat up and threaten human life and prosperity, but it now seems that some of the parameters must change through this inadvertent under-reporting.

“Fortunately, Digital Twin 3D modelling through a powerful platform like our SmartWorldOS software can aggregate all new data, and then use AI to develop lasting solutions to the problems highlighted by Nature Communications and the Vulcan team.

“We are raising $15 million through Regulation A+ crowdfunding and as part of our Clean Cities – Clean Future’ campaign, we are donating our SmartWorldOS technology platform to one city at a time for every $1m raised to help create carbon neutral cities.

“And the great news is we have already raised more than $2 million from more than 1,000 new shareholders since launching our investment platform on our website at the end of last year, which will allow the first cities to benefit to be announced in the second quarter of 2021.”

WurlD illustration by Mina Tocalini

WurlD – WAYO

As he continues to put up numbers across DSPs and receive critical acclaim worldwide, Nigerian singer, songwriter, and phenomenon WurlD reveals the music video for his latest single “WAYO (KPE LE WU)” today. The song remains a standout from his tastemaker-approved AFROSOUL EP—out now via Platoon. 

In the cinematic visual, WurlD takes over a smoky nightclub reminiscent of classy speakeasies of the twenties and thirties. Donning a dapper reflective vest, his endless charisma shines on stage as he catches the attention of one special audience member. The proceedings take an otherworldly turn as the performance gets downright heavenly. “WAYO is a blend of Afrobeat with soul music. This song shines light on the idea of wanting assurance of commitment from a lover “no do me WAYO” which means “don’t play games with me”. The video focuses more on the imaginary love connection between Me and a fan at a show. This describes special and intimate moments with me and fans at my shows, like it’s just us alone at the concert. “

Right out of the gate, AFROSOUL made waves worldwide. In addition to plugs from The Guardian Life, Red Bull, and more, CLASH claimed, “From beginning to end, we are in WurlD’s universe, watching an urgent transformation from caterpillar to butterfly in real-time.” Not to mention, “WAYO (KPE LE WU)” gathered over 472K Spotify streams followed by “GHOST TOWN” with 313K Spotify streams. WurlD has all the makings of an international icon. 

WurlD, born Sadiq Onifade, began his career writing for notable artists such as B.o.B., Trinidad James, Akon, Mario, and many more. In 2016, WurlD collaborated with Shizzi & Walshy Fire of Major Lazer to deliver the Afro pop hit “Show You Off”. In 2019, he released his Love Is Contagious EP. He also co-wrote the hit song “Blow My Mind” by Davido featuring Chris Brown and also released the critically acclaimed collaborative project ‘ILGWT’ (I Love Girls with Trobul) with award winning Nigerian producer Sarz. Praised by Vice, OKayAfrica, E!, and MTV, his unique style and eclectic sound has garnered him a dedicated global fan base.  

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360 Magazine, Max Leone

Max Leone – Malleable



“Burgeoning pop star”- Billboard

“Smooth vocals and sticky melodies”- Paper

“One of pop’s next young stars” – Pigeons and Planes 

Today, songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist Max Leone shares his new single “Malleable” and its accompanying video. Released via Darkroom Records, “Malleable” showcases the 21-year-old’s artist’s signature sound — an alt-leaning yet urban-inspired breed of lo-fi bedroom pop.

Listen to “Malleable” by Max Leone HERE.

Set against a backdrop of stark beats and moody guitar work, “Malleable” channels the pain and frustration of drifting apart from someone who once felt close. With his delicate balance of detailed storytelling and plainspoken confession, Leone reveals his gift for crafting unforgettable melodies and lyrics that cut right to the heart.

True to his DIY sensibilities, Leone created the video for “Malleable” along with his sister while the two were quarantined in their hometown of Portland, Oregon. As the camera follows Leone through lonely landscapes and empty streets, each shot perfectly intensifies the song’s bittersweet mood.

“Malleable” arrives as the follow-up to Leone’s recent single “The Beach,” an Alexander 23 produced track that earned acclaim from NME (who praised his “genuine raw talent”) and Ones to Watch (who noted that “we’re expecting Leone to hold a steady presence in pop’s next wave”). Earlier this year, Leone drew raves for “Cautious” — a February release that was quickly added to Triple J rotation and supported by BBC Radio 1, with Billboard hailing Leone as a “Gen Z bedroom pop star.”

Leone is now at work on his debut EP, due out later this year. With its themes of self-doubt, nostalgia, and the tension between keeping up appearances and striving to build real-life connections, the EP tells the story of navigating a new city alone while chasing a potentially far-fetched dream.

About Max Leone:

Born and raised in Portland, Max Leone took up guitar at the age of seven, then later began experimenting with violin, drums, and piano. He soon started composing his own material and playing in jazz bands, in addition to teaching himself music production and posting his remixes to SoundCloud. Although his tremendous passion for music eventually led him to attend the prestigious Berklee College of Music as a guitar principal, Leone left the school after one year and relocated to Los Angeles to pursue music full-time. Soon after signing with Darkroom Records, he made his label debut with “First Grade” — a January 2020 release that quickly garnered acclaim from outlets like Hillydilly.

For more information on Max Leone, visit:

Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Photo Credit: Clyde Munroe

360 Magazine, AREA 15

AREA15 Announces Art Island

AREA15, the immersive art and entertainment complex opening this September, introduces Art Island, a first-ever permanent gallery for the exhibition of large-scale, commercially available, festival-style artwork. Featuring original pieces by international art stars such as Michael Benisty, Davis McCarty, and Ivan McLean. Art Island will be free to visit when AREA15 opens to the public.

For urban planners, corporate art buyers and private collectors, Art Island will function as not only a physical showroom, but also a curatorial resource, where prospective clients from anywhere in the world can connect with talented artists. Buyers can purchase work on display at Art Island or commission an original work from one of the represented artists.

“With many popular desert festivals being postponed this summer, the public will soon have a brand-new, ongoing opportunity to engage with the theatrical, interactive artwork synonymous with these events,” said Winston Fisher, chief executive officer, AREA15. “At Art Island, we intentionally created a permanent showcase for these extraordinary pieces. After all, what seems a more fitting, organic home for this sort of spectacle than AREA15—in the shadow of the over-the-top Las Vegas Strip?”

Michael Beneville, chief creative officer, AREA15, and founder and CEO, Beneville Studios, curated Art Island in collaboration with Josh Levine, founder, Fired Up Management. All artwork on view is three-dimensional, monumental in scale and may be viewed as sculpture-in-the-round by visitors, who will discover countless photo opportunities as they explore the individual creations.

“Art Island acknowledges the growing audience for this burgeoning, outdoor art form distinctive for its accessibility and ability to create new art enthusiasts,” said Beneville. “Here, for the first time in an urban setting, will be a place where collectors and lovers of visual culture alike can walk among this monumental artwork in a setting unlike anywhere else.”

Artwork at Art Island includes:

“In Every Lifetime I Will Find You” by Michael Benisty

Through 14 vertical feet of mirrored polished steel, Michael Benisty explores the love between people and across humankind. The couple in this piece stand together, radiating strength and connection, through everything the world – and the weather – throws their way. Their mirrored surface invites you to see the strength of your own love within them, infinitely reflected from your soul to theirs and into the heavens.

About the artist: Belgian artist Michael Benisty debuted an eight-foot, mirror-polished skull entitled “Die to Live” at Art Basel in Miami in 2012 and has since followed up with pieces that turned a literal mirror on the crowds at Art Basel, Burning Man, and other art festivals.

“Infinity Ship” (No. 1) “Perception” by Matt Elson

Step inside Infinity Ship (No. 1) “Perception” to alter your perception of reality and change the way you see the world. A shipping container reimagined as a kaleidoscopic glimpse into the infinite, this is more than just a killer photo opp. Conceived as a series of mirror-worlds that can traverse the globe by road, rail, and sea, the Infinity Ships will sometimes come together to create full villages of art and reflection, and other times will be mere ships passing in the night.

About the artist: Matt Elson’s Infinity Box project creates highly imaginative worlds where viewers become the center of a psychedelic kaleidoscope. His work has been displayed across the United States and Europe and featured everywhere from Google headquarters to the Science Museum of London.

“Mechan 9” by Tyler Fuqua Creations (TFC)

A massive robot half-buried in the desert floor, Mechan 9 is a relic from another era—but is it the past or the future? Close examination of its surface reveals secret hatches and mysterious text, heretofore unknown to any scholar. Are they pure decoration, or clues into its mysterious origins? Find the special sticker within AREA15 to decode the text and unlock one of the great secrets of the ages.

About the artist: TFC is a Portland, Oregon-based collective spearheaded by Tyler Fuqua, who began his artistic career by making giant puppets out of things lying around his house. Alongside fellow builder Jason Hutchinson, he has created interactive pieces including a 21-foot whale puppet, a flaming kinetic phoenix, and a tricycle-powered space worm.

“OMAH” by Alchemy Arts

OMAH is a wise owl poised to soar above the crowds at AREA15, omniscient in its wisdom and elegant in its pattern of flight. A neon-lit installation on an impressive scale, it serves as an ambassador between the avian and human worlds and reminds us all to connect with our inner bird of prey.

About the artist: Based in Portland, Oregon, Alchemy Arts has provided design and fabrication services for corporate clients such as Google and Home Depot, and art and music festivals. OMAH is a collaboration between Alchemy artists Fez and Heather B. Gaetz.

“Pulse Portal” by Davis McCarty

Pulse Portal is a 20-foot archway of iridescent light that changes depending on your perspective. The fully modular piece can be put together in twenty different ways and is made from dichroic filters which transform depending on how the light hits them and their position in space.

About the artist: Davis McCarty’s functionally integrated architectural sculptures have been installed and exhibited at museums, iconic buildings, and art festivals around the globe including: The Wright Museum of Art, Sears Tower, Union Station, Zhou B Art Center, Burning Man, and Symbiosis. His work is held in the Illinois State Museum public collection.

“El Scorcho” by Ivan McLean

El Scorcho is a 15-foot tall, fire-breathing dragon said to have emerged from the fires of Mordor in an era sometime between Middle Earth and the distant future. Made from fireproof stainless steel and structural tubing, it is equipped with the latest propane technology and always ready to blast its enemies with scorching balls of molten flame.

“Giant Disco” by Ivan McLean

Giant Disco is a playful take on the classic party archetype. Gather beneath the huge, suspended sphere and watch light and shadow play across its surface or use it as a gathering point for dance parties—both real and imagined.

About the artist: Ivan McLean has lived everywhere from a foggy ranch in Point Reyes, California to the misty mountains of North Carolina. He has spent his career building gates, fences, furniture and sculpture—which, to his surprise, many people have bought and loved.

“Long Live Las Vegas” by Tomas Toulec

Taking inspiration from the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign, “Long Live Las Vegas” will greet visitors upon their arrival at AREA15. Las Vegas-based metalwork artist Tomas Toulec handcrafted the sign and incorporated AREA15’s signature portal and other elements found throughout the immersive entertainment complex.

To inquire about a private viewing or purchase at Art Island, click here or email (

AREA15, located minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, is the world’s first purpose-built experiential entertainment complex offering live events, immersive activations, monumental art installations, extraordinary design elements, unique retail, ground-breaking technology, bars and eateries and much more. With a growing collection of dynamic destinations including Emporium, Oddwood, Dueling Axes, Lost Spirits Distillery, a culinary experience by Todd English and its anchor experience, Meow Wolf Las Vegas.

AREA15’s ever-changing art, retail and entertainment attractions will draw locals and tourists of all ages when it opens in September 2020. AREA15 represents a collaborative venture between real estate development firm Fisher Brothers and creative agency Beneville Studios, both of New York. For more information visit

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Sustainability award for the Rado True Thinline Leaf

Rarely have the award and the prize winner been better suited to each other: our emerald green Rado True Thinline Leaf was presented with the prestigious GREEN GOOD DESIGN Award by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies. Under the motto “Build a better world now”, the coveted award honours outstanding architecture and product designs that leave a lasting impression with their “green” concept.

The Green Good Design Award 2020 went to our True Thinline Leaf. Made from hightech ceramic, this timepiece features a green iridescent mother-of-pearl dial with a delicate leaf structure embossed on the underside. As a result of the creative partnership with Grandi Giardini Italiani, an organisation dedicated to preserving extraordinary Italian gardens, this line celebrates the interplay of design and nature.

The creation of each individual watch is just as unique as its dial. Years of research culminated in the True Thinline’s ground breaking monobloc ceramic case – a neverbefore-seen type of case construction featuring solid ceramic with no need for a stainless steel core. This not only gave the True Thinline its extreme lightness and super slim silhouette, but it also paved the way for new design possibilities.

This year’s edition of the GREEN GOOD DESIGN AWARD focused on the world’s most important new products, buildings, construction and planning projects, whose sustainable and environmentally friendly design is pioneering. We are therefore particularly pleased that our vision of a “natural” timepiece has been appreciated by such a prestigious organisation.

About Rado

Rado is known as the Master of Materials for the way it has revolutionised traditional watchmaking, leading the industry by introducing high-tech ceramic, ultra-light high-tech ceramic, colourful high-tech ceramic and Ceramos to its design-led collections. An award-winning designer with numerous prestigious international prizes to its name, and considered the most forward-thinking design player in the watch industry today, Rado has always been a pioneer and leader, setting the standard and raising the bar.


GOOD DESIGN™ is a prestigious, recognised, and longstanding design award program organised annually by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in cooperation with the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies. The trademarked awards were founded in Chicago in 1950 by renowned architects Eero Saarinen, Charles and Ray Eames, and Edgar Kaufmann, Jr.

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THE ALBUM, Teyana’s official third studio album, is the long-awaited follow-up to K.T.S.E., one of the five G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam albums produced by Kanye West during his 2018 sojourn in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Released in June 2018, K.T.S.E. (acronym for Keep That Same Energy) set off an 18-month chain reaction for Teyana, starting with its summertime Top 10 R&B smash “Gonna Love Me.”  Teyana performed “Gonna Love Me” (in a medley with “Rose In Harlem,” another K.T.S.E. track) on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Hip-hop audiences embraced the “Gonna Love Me” remix featuring Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah, Method Man and Raekwon, whose video was also directed by Teyana. 

K.T.S.E. spun off a hot new single and video for Teyana in early 2019, the explicit “WTP (Work This P***y).”  The video was nominated for “Best Dance Performance” at the recent 32nd annual BET Soul Train Awards. The third single from K.T.S.E. was the evocative “Issues/Hold On.” After slaying the audience with the song live on Ellen in April 2019, Teyana was surprised on-air when Ellen presented her with the RIAA gold award plaque for “Gonna Love Me,” bringing it all full circle.

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Meet The Producer Who Is Changing The Future Of The Industry Amidst COVID-19

Grammy-Nominated and NAACP Award-Winning Producer Emile Ghantous is no stranger to making hits. As the mastermind behind award-winning tracks by names ranging from Chris Brown to Snoop Dogg, Prince Royce to Pitbull, and legends such as Charlie Wilson – Ghantous does not shy away from a challenge. And so when he was tasked with producing a 15-person global hit virtually, he rose to the occasion. And the results may be changing the industry as a whole.

Emile Ghantous recently teamed with internet ultra-sensation, Now United, to produce their most recent hit, “By My Side”, which resulted in a total knockout, garnering an impressive 330K streams and 3.7M video views in under one week. Although these numbers are remarkable, it’s the way in which “By My Side” was created that is catching the attention of industry professionals, sparking conversations and molding expectations of just where the industry is headed in years to come.

Amidst the Stay At Home restrictions due to COVID-19, the “By My Side” producer found a way to create this track, consisting of the vocals of 15 individual members, all from different parts of the world, via separate iPhone voicenotes sent to him via text. Ghantous then took the low-res recordings and worked tirelessly on engineering them to sound like a high-budget, in-studio, collaborative piece.

“I took the recordings and moved everything around manually until they lined up in Logic, and started equalizing and creating vocal chains for each singer according to the room they recorded in. Some lines were even split into 5 tracks to get all the tones to match,” explains Ghantous.

And hundreds of thousands of streams later, the song has proven to be a major hit, and the industry is taking notes on the new production style. With COVID-19 showing no signs of letting up on Stay At Home restrictions, this production style has started a trend. With “By My Side” proving to be such a major success, Ghantous is now working on a number of other songs for Now United and other artists.

It’s an understatement to say the world is facing some difficult times right now. In the music industry, artists are feeling the effects no matter what capacity they part-take in it. The traditional processes of music-making are being challenged, and activities such as record-producing, which, from the beginning of time, have depended heavily on studio sessions with hundred-thousand-dollar technology, are threatening artist’s livelihoods and futures. But as they say, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. And Ghantous proved once again, he is as tough as a veteran Hollywood producer comes.

“I didn’t want to let physical boundaries stop us from creating something we love. In this industry, you have to adapt to survive. We took what we were given and made something great of it. It was tricky but we made it work,” says Ghantous. “You have to find a way to get things done. I believe there should never be an excuse for why you can’t get things done, and if you are waiting for someone else to do them for you, then you will most likely be waiting for a long time.  You should NEVER have any excuses. Technology should be your best friend, and if you want to take this business seriously, you need to put in the work.”

Rather than letting this put a halt on the hits, he once again proves why he has risen to success time and time again in an ever-changing industry; by adapting to the circumstances, using some creativity, and lots of hard work. Thanks to this work ethic, artists will continue to work, listeners will continue to hear the songs they love, and hopefully people will remain hopeful for better times to come.

IG: @emileghantous

FB: @emile.ghantous

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Rileyy Lanez- Beautiful Mistakes

R&B songstress Rileyy Lanez has released her debut EP Beautiful Mistakes via Columbia Records. The 5-track project includes previously released songs, “Foul Play” and “I’m Leaving”, as well as “Left 4 Me” which was released alongside a stunning visual. Listen to Beautiful Mistakes here and watch the video for “Left 4 Me” here.

In speaking about the EP, Rileyy says “I’ve seen so many people around me get their heart broken into pieces. Seeing this and knowing there are thousands of people going through the same shit made me want to write and create something beautiful that expresses these feelings.”

Born and raised in the Bronx, 19-year-old Rileyy Lanez pulls no punches with her heart-on-her sleeve R&B music. In May of 2019, she released her original song “I’m Leaving,” which has over 16M streams and 7.7M+ video views. Rileyy is also featured on Lil Tjay’s album track “Post To Be,” and she launched her vlog series “LANEZ LIFE” – watch the first episode HERE.

Beautiful Mistakes serves as a foreward for what’s to come from one of R&Bs most promising voices and rising stars.

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Sports company PUMA has joined with community-powered streetwear brand The Hundreds to debut a new line of footwear, apparel and accessories. Inspired by the transformation of streetwear over the last three decades, ‘The ‘90s Cliques’ collection features bold graphic-driven pieces with heavy color blocking. Garments can be broken down into four key styles: preppy, jock, party crew and 20/20.

The PUMA x The Hundreds Windbreaker rocks a plaid print that would look at home at any ‘90s concert, with a half-zip neckline and welt pockets. For a more contemporary look, try the camo PUMA x The Hundreds Reflective Windbreaker paired with PUMA x The Hundreds Reflective Shorts. Each clique is also present in the collection through an extensive range of unique tees, hoodies, shorts and tracksuits.

The 20/20 crew is represented by the RS-Pure x THE HUNDREDS shoe, which merges past and present sneaker trends with a monochromatic black camo print and a suede Formstrip. The new line also incorporates PUMA classics like the Palace Guard, Performer Mid, Clyde and Leadcat, with a look tailored to reflect each clique.

Highlights from the accessories collection include the PUMA x The Hundreds Bucket Hat and PUMA x The Hundreds Cap with a flat brim, as well as two takes on the classic streetwear backpack.

California-based The Hundreds was founded in LA in 2003 by Bobby Kim and Ben Shenassafar. It is a classic streetwear brand and a media platform dedicated to global street culture. Their guiding focus, people over product, is also the main force behind the PUMA x The Hundreds collaboration. By exploring the progression of ‘90s street style over time, designers got a chance to create products for the consumer of today as well as tomorrow.

The  PUMA X The Hundreds collection ranges from $35 – $140 and will be available April 30, 2020, on and May 7, 2020, on and select retailers.

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Khalid x Disclosure drop the remix for their hit track “Know Your Worth” feat. Davido & TEMS via Right Hand Music Group/RCA Records. Listen HERE. The remix is produced by P2J (Beyoncé, Chris Brown).

The original track and video has amassed over 144M audio/video streams worldwide. Watch the video HERE.

About Khalid

Multi-platinum selling global superstar Khalid, who was named one of Time’s Most Influential People of 2019, has taken the world by storm since his first single, the 5x platinum “Location” (released right before his high school graduation) exploded onto the scene leading to a major label deal with Right Hand Music Group/RCA Records followed by the release of his debut album, the double platinum certified, American Teen. His sophomore album Free Spirit, released to critical acclaim in 2019,  was declared a New York Times “Critic’s Pick” and was called “superb” by the Associated Press. The album, which has been certified platinum by the RIAA, debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 and features the Grammy nominated multi-format #1 single “Talk”. Free Spirit has garnered over 5.3B worldwide streams. Khalid, who has been called a “pop prodigy” by Rolling Stone has been streamed over 16 billion times worldwide across all partners, has been nominated for 6 Grammys and has won numerous awards including multiple American Music Awards, a Billboard Music Award, a Teen Choice Award, A MTV Video Music Award and a MTV Woodie Award . Khalid has collaborated with some of music’s biggest stars including his #1 singles “Love Lies” (with Normani), “Eastside” (with Halsey and Benny Blanco) as well as hits with artists Billie Eilish, Shawn Mendes, Marshmello and more. The Mayor and Council of the City of El Paso honoured Khalid with a “Key To The City” marking September 13th, 2018 “Khalid Day.” Khalid, alongside his mother, launched The Great Khalid Foundation, which is committed to helping families by alleviating a burden of need. Khalid recently wrapped up his “Free Spirit World Tour” which took him to arenas all over the globe in 2019. Khalid kicked off 2020 by releasing his critically acclaimed track “Eleven” as well as his newest hit “Know Your Worth” (with Disclosure). 

About Disclosure

Disclosure are brothers Guy & Howard Lawrence. This year marks 10 years since they released their debut single ‘Offline Dexterity’. In that decade (they are still only 28 and 25 respectively) they have released two number 1 albums – Settle (2013) and Caracal (2015) – clocked up 4.5 billion streams, 4.5 million album sales, sold 500k tickets to their headline shows and topped festival bills all over the world – something they do with ease whilst also enjoying playing to packed out sweaty clubs whenever they can. Their collaboration with Khalid on new single ‘Know Your Worth’ marked their first musical output of 2020 ahead of the Ecstasy EP which saw the release of 5 brand new tracks across 5 days with the promise of more music coming soon….

About Davido

Born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in Nigeria, 26-year-old Davido (real name David Adedeji Adeleke) has been a champion for the continent of Africa.  Davido released his much-anticipated new album, A Good Time (Davido Worldwide Entertainment/Sony Music U.K./ RCA Records) at the close of 2019. Pitchfork not only named the album “Best New Music” and gave it a stellar 8.3 rating, but stated, “On his second album, the Nigerian pop artist provides not just an integrated sound all his own but a clear vision for its future. It is a buoyant, unsinkable record, one of the genre’s finest ever.” Listen to it here: Davido has earned over 30 awards including a MOBO for Best African Act, MTV EMA for Best International Act, three MTV Africa Music Awards, two BET Awards and two Nigerian Teen Choice Awards for “Top Featured Artist” and “Choice Male Artist.” A highly-prolific artist, Davido has delivered back to back hits since his musical debut in 2011. Breaking out with successive singles “Back When,” “Dami Duro,”“Gobe,”“Aye” and “Skelewu,” the latter would enjoy attention from Major Lazer and Wiwek who went on to remix the single. His 2016 Son Of Mercy EP continued his elevation and would see further global collaborations with DJ Snake, Trey Songz, Tory Lanez, Meek Mill, Tinashe, Olamide and more. With a discography attesting to over 251 million global streams and 400 million video views, the Afrobeats forerunner has very much established himself as a force to be reckoned with. Follow on Instagram & Twitter.

About TEMS

23 year old TEMS (born Temilade Openiyi) has already distinguished and defined herself as a true artist pushing boundaries in the Nigerian music scene through an unconventional blend of R&B and Soul paired with African nuances. Standing out through pure talent, determination and a gracious attitude, the Nigerian-born singer, songwriter and producer released her first single ‘Mr Rebel’ in 2018 which introduced her to the world, but it was her breakout hit ‘Try Me’ in 2019 that dubbed her as a star. The song and accompanying visuals (HERE) has already amassed over 1.8 million YouTube views, and continues to grow. A media favourite Tems has been featured in publications such as The FaderComplex and OkayAfricaand after being nominated for ‘Best Vocal Performance (Female)’ in the Headies 2019 has now been recently dubbed one of ‘Soundcloud Premiers’ Artist To Watch’With a natural style and flair, Tems has built up a genuine fanbase she calls “The Rebels”, who not only admire her as a music icon, but as a fashion one too, which has gained her the attention of major brands such as Nike, Adidas and Daily Paper. With a vocal style described as “incomparable”, the alt-RnB singer has received an outpouring of support from artists such as Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage, Davido, and has recently been co-signed by Wizkid who’s she’s collaborating with this year on new releases. Her music has also received major support from streaming platforms, with ‘Try Me’ being featured on Apple Music’s ‘Top 100: Nigeria’ for the last 8 months since its release and she was the cover for Spotify’s “Phenomenal Woman” playlist during women’s month in March.

To Buy/Stream “Know Your Worth” feat. Davido & TEMS:

Multi –