Rauw Alejandro wearing Oakley OVERTHETOP in Los Angeles via 360 MAGAZINE.

Oakley – Rauw Alejandro

With a resurgence of heritage Oakley styles in recent fashion trends, Rauw Alejandro has developed an affinity for the brand and incorporated key Oakley pieces into his overall performance looks for his SATURNO Tour that’s happening now.  

Since he appeared on the scene in 2017, Latin GRAMMY award-winning and GRAMMY nominated Puerto Rican singer and songwriterRauw Alejandrohas been making waves, not only for leading the new generation of Latin music artists, but also for his unique bold style. 

Throughout Rauw’s global tour, he partnered with Oakley to outfit himself and his dancers in a range of the brand’s eyewear. 

Listed below are style references: 

  • Rauw‘s been rocking Oakley’s iconic OVERTHETOP, which first debuted in the 2000 Summer Olympics and was worn by Trinidad & Tobago’s Ato Bolden in the Men’s 100-meter dash where he won silver. From there, the shades have been part of a number of historical style moments including rapper Flavor Flav wearing them in the early 00’s and street style sensation Kerwin Frost recently incorporating them into his looks. 
  • Oakley’s Eye Jacket Redux has also been seen on tour, inspired by the original Eye Jacket that revolutionized the look of sport performance eyewear, and features the same bold oval silhouette that first hit the scene in 1994. Since its debut the brand has updated the design with today’s revolutionary lens technology.  
  • Additional styles include Oakley’s latest performance eyewear including KatoEncoderSutroRe:SubZeroResistor each equipped with Oakley’s Prizm Lens Technology. 

The OVERTHETOP frames are known for turning heads with its cutting-edge design that sweeps over the top of the head, futuristic lenses, and all-metal detail. Rauw was first drawn to Oakley’s OVERTHETOP, thinking this specific style was like nothing else he’s seen before. From there, his relationship with the brand blossomed through his appreciation for Oakley’s innovative and unique design approach. 

  • “Ever since I started creating the mood board for the SATURNO Tour, I’ve been searching for spatial outfits and elements that support the theme and represent my personality. Every element included in my outfit had to express aggressiveness and athleticism,” said Rauw Alejandro. “Growing up in Puerto Rico and watching the Olympic Games during my adolescence, I remember looking at photos of Ato Boldo’s iconic Oakleys. I instantly knew they would perfectly complete my look.” 
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