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Model Kaden Olivier captured by Vaughn Lowery at the Bodega studio in the Bronx for 360 MAGAZINE, wearing AllSaints Riley leather jacket.


Onyx RCR is designed and custom built in America.

Gucci summer campaign for both men and women via 360 MAGAZINE.

Gucci Summer Stories

The Gucci Summer Stories campaign features a wide range of products–for both men and women–that capture the joy of summer warmth in a vibrant dance of colors and fabrics.

Rauw Alejandro wearing Oakley OVERTHETOP in Los Angeles via 360 MAGAZINE.

Oakley – Rauw Alejandro

With a resurgence of heritage Oakley styles in recent fashion trends, Rauw Alejandro has developed an affinity for the brand and incorporated key Oakley pieces into his overall performance looks for his SATURNO Tour that’s happening now.  

Vaughn Lowery wears 360 MAGAZINE wrapped windbreaker and Privado Eyewear for New York Fashion Week (NYFW) via 360 MAGAZINE.

NYFW – Most Talked About

New York Fashion Week’s most impressionable activations.



During these tough economic times, we’ve decided to focus on practical, affordable gifts.

Holiday gift guide animation for 360 MAGAZINE.


360 MAGAZINE comprised a list of some of the most sought-after products as well as services for readers seeking gifts for the holidays.

Vaughn Lowery of 360 MAGAZINE for feature contact lens and sunglass story.

Choosing contacts to match your lifestyle

Contact lenses have become quite popular when it comes to correcting vision, so most people prefer them compared to glasses. Contacts have many benefits like wearing non-prescription sunglasses and providing better peripheral vision. Remember that contacts are medical devices designed to sit on your eye, so you need to know how to use and care […]