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Paulo Londra New Single "Julieta" Cover Art via Warner Music Latina for use by 360 MAGAZINE



Paulo Londra‘s “Julieta” is the reggaeton that the Cordovan star’s fans have been longing for. It was produced by Sky Rompiendo, in collaboration with Federico Vindver, the producer behind Paulo’s latest releases. The song and video are available on all digital streaming platforms starting today.

The music video was filmed in Buenos Aires, directed by Gabriel Bosisio and produced by Buena Productora. It stands out not only for seeing the artist in a new setting, but also for the striking visual composition and staging. Taking aesthetic elements from 80’s horror movies, the video shows Paulo trapped in a spine-chilling hospital, trying to escape from a group of scientists who are trying to steal his ideas, his youth and his creativity.

This single comes on the heels of Paulo Londra‘s successful and highly anticipated return to the music scene, with which he has taken the industry by storm releasing hit after hit. With the release of “Plan A”, he broke records and took over the No. 2 spot on Spotify’s Global Chart within hours of its release, becoming the first Latin song to reach that position by an Argentine artist without collaboration. Two weeks later he released his second single titled “Chance” and re-entered Spotify‘s Global Chart and remained within the top trends on YouTube. Then, Paulo stormed the industry once again with the double release of “Nublado” and “Luces”, a decision he made to release them on the same night as a surprise for his fans. Recently, Paulo Londra released a freestyle in collaboration with renowned producer, Timbaland, titled “Toc Toc”, a single that was followed by “Cansado”, a track he did in collaboration with Joaqo, his friend with whom he took his first steps in the Cordovan freestyle.

Up next, Paulo Londra will be releasing “Noche de Novela”, joining forces once again with his friend and global superstar, Ed Sheeran, which will continue to further consolidate his global status and position him as one of the most versatile and prominent artists in the Latin urban genre.

A couple of weeks filled with Paulo Londra’s music for his audience. With a new team for this new stage, Paulo Londra continues his global conquest with Warner Music Latina and BUENA Productora


Elena Rose deal with Warner Music Latina via 360 Magazine


Highly acclaimed Latin GRAMMY-nominated Venezuelan-American singer-songwriter Elena Rose signs a new contract with Warner Music Latina to expand her career at a global level. The deal, signed at the company’s Miami Beach headquarters, solidifies Warner Music Latina as the home of the most innovative and influential artists in Latin Urban music.
“It feels like the beginning of something that was meant to be and I feel grateful that I am in a place where I feel understood, comfortable, but also excited to grow and learn even more and get out of that comfort zone to get to where we want to go so it can be truly timeless, which is a key word for me. I think I’m surrounded by an amazing team that understands my vision and is willing to come with me on this crazy ride of being timeless”, expressed Elena Rose.
“Elena is a unique artist. Her lyrics, her voice, her presence, and the ability she has to convey emotions is unparalleled. We are proud to be able to work together to fulfill her vision, deliver her music to the public, and make it timeless”, commented Alejandro Duque (Presidente, Warner Music Latin America).

Elena Rose is an artist and songwriter who made her way into the music industry because of her innate ability to compose global hits. From an early age, Elena began writing poetry to express her emotions, and over the years that led her to become one of the most sought-after songwriters in the industry today, writing hits for artists such as Becky G, Karol G, Marc Anthony, Daddy Yankee, Kali Uchis, Christian Nodal, Selena Gomez, Rauw Alejandro, among many others. In 2020, Elena Rose launched her career as a vocalist with her first single titled “Sandunga“, which was followed by hits such as: “Fenomenal“, “La Ducha“, “COCO“, “No Voy A Cambiar“, and “Vogue“. The rising star has already collaborated as a guest artist on tracks by Sebastian Yatra, Becky G, Bad Bunny, and Mora.

Elena Rose has quickly taken the Latin music industry by storm and has established herself as one of the most prolific singer-songwriters and a true genius behind the pen. There is no doubt that Elena Rose will continue to position herself as one of the most influential figures in the Latin pop-urban genre with her charisma, the sensuality of her unmatched voice, and her lyrical prowess. She is currently preparing to release new music that will be part of her highly anticipated debut album that is expected before the end of the year through Warner Music Latina.

Zetto New Single "Deseándote” Cover Art via Warner Music Latina for use by 360 MAGAZINE


El productor peruano más conocido como Zetto, lanza su nuevo sencillo “Deseándote” junto a los artistas Lonlizzy y Hanzy.

 Zetto ha venido juntándose con artistas nuevos en Perú, como lo son Lonlizzy y Hanzy, para crear nueva música, y en medio de eso nació “Deseándote.”

“La idea surge de una de las tantas noches trabajando con Lonlizzy y Hanzy, en la cual uno de ellos comparte una historia personal de una relación que lleva intentando y deseando con alguien que siente lo mismo, pero por la distancia y la falta de decisión no ha podido concretarse, y es de eso precisamente de lo que habla la canción”, contó Zetto.

Su más reciente lanzamiento “Sobresale” junto a Emil está cerca de llegar a las 100K reproducciones en Spotify. A esto le sigue “– Hate + Perreo” junto a Dj Peligro, Jordi Jauria y Lonlizzy, y “Perreo Palantero” junto a Inkas Mob.

Más sobre Zetto:
Anthony Jesús Rivas Montalvo, más conocido como Zetto, nació en Chiclayo, Perú el 19 de febrero de 1998. Comenzó a introducirse en el mundo de la música a los 12 años como un DJ amateur gracias a su familia y unos años más adelante comenzó a producir por sí mismo.
El 2017 viajó a Lima a estudiar ingeniería de sonido, donde conoció al productor y compositor colombiano Symon Dice, quien lo presentó con Dímelo Flow, el cual lo invitó a trabajar en la producción de “Ponte Pa Mi” de Justin Quiles. Hoy en día sigue trabajando con estos artistas y productores y sigue creando y construyendo más música para su audiencia.

“DESEÁNDOTE” Disponible Aquí 

Sir Boss New Single "Be Careful" Cover Art via Warner Music Latina for use by 360 MAGAZINE


El artista con raíces peruanas y panameñas más conocido como Sir Boss, lanza su nueva canción llamada “Be Careful.”

Be Careful” es una propuesta de una noche diferente, donde en una idea simple está lo fantástico”, dijo Sir Boss.

Esta canción escrita por Sir Boss y producida por el productor BK, es una mezcla de dancehall con un poco de rock, que plantea una mezcla de diferentes sonidos, como suele hacer Sir Boss en sus composiciones.

Los más recientes lanzamientos de Sir Boss son “Mala” junto a Yemil y BK, “Quality” junto Eiby y Da Silva y “Broadway” junto a Mole y Fulo el Yeyo. Los más recientes lanzamientos de Sir Boss son “Mala” junto a Yemil y BK, “Quality” junto Eiby y Da Silva y “Broadway” junto a Mole y Fulo el Yeyo.

Más sobre Sir Boss:
Carlos Paolo Torrejón, más conocido como Sir Boss, es un artista, productor y compositor nacido en Lima, Perú, pero radicado en Panamá desde los 6 años de edad, lo que lo ha llevado a tener influencias de ambos países.
Inició su carrera en el 2011 al introducirse en la industria musical panameña como productor y/o compositor para artistas como Sech, con quien trabajó temas como “El Error”, “El Grammy” y “Sentimientos de papel”, esta última con más de 15 millones de visualizaciones en Youtube. También hizo parte de “Good Bye” de Tachi, “Buquitdesalshi” de Boza, y “No te molestes” de Yemil, entre otras.
En el 2020 lanzó su proyecto como cantautor con “Asintomático”, seguido de “Verte Encima” y “Bandior”, las cuales también produjo. Desde pequeño sus influencias musicales han sido la salsa y el rock, lo cual lo ha incitado a atreverse a mezclar ritmos para construir esta nueva propuesta, que como la define él, es “fresca

“BE CAREFUL” Disponible Aquí

EL VESTIDO cover art via Warner Music Latina for use by 360 Magazine


Peruvian singer and songwriter, Sergi, is premiering his latest single El Vestido under Warner Music Latina. “El Vestido” and its official music video are now available on all digital platforms.

El Vestido was co-written by VibarcoSensei and Sergi himself while it was produced by Colombian producer, Maki Vaez. Like his previous singles, “El Vestido” talks about a heartbreak as a reminder of someone who is still missing their ex-partner. Despite the changes he has had in his style, Sergi, still has the essence of the composition, using various images and very descriptive lyrics to describe love and the different situations one lives in love.

“I think the key is to compose songs that people can relate to. To be the voice of the people during their happy days, as well as in the sad ones”, commented Sergi

The music video was filmed in Lima, Peru and directed by Renzo Bernasconi, known in the audiovisual world as “El Chato Re”. In the video we see Sergi throughout different scenes thinking about that person whom he still continues to miss and continues bringing back memories to his head even when he is enjoying the party in Ibiza as mentioned in the song. The video is a comedy, but with hints of drama representing both the singer’s personality and his sense of humor.

Junto a Tí via Tiffany Ramirez by 360 Magazine

DANNYLUX: Junto a Tí

Dannylux releases his latest single ‘Junto a Tí’

DannyLux, the young promise of romantic sierreño music, continues to sow success, taking his lyrics to the world and pleasing his followers. The Mexican American singer-songwriter is debuting his latest single “Junto A Tí.” This project highlights a version of the artist that explores his creative versatility and avant-garde capabilities.

Junto A Ti” is a track that continues his romanticism in a ballad in his own style written and produced by DannyLux himself. DannyLux represents a fresh and strong voice in the successful new Mexican folk music movement that is seducing the world. The music video directed by Daniel Aldaco & Tevan, shows a romantic side in which the couple looks very much in love enjoying every second together.

My favorite verse from this song has to be ‘A cualquier hora, tu me apasionas, si tu no estas soy un desierto,’ which basically means that being with my girlfriend fills me with passion and without her I feel empty like a desert,” comments DannyLux.

At the young age of 17, DannyLux already has a significant music career. In early 2022, DannyLux was selected to be the opening act for the prestigious band Coldplay during their stadium tour in Mexico for a total of eight dates.

After having surpassed more than 15 million plays of his album “Perdido en Ti“, DannyLux continues to grow by leaps and bounds and with a lot of attention from the platforms and the media. DannyLux is currently featured in playlists such as Viva Latino with his song “Si Supieras” along with Eslabón Armado and it is important to remember that DannyLux has been TOP 100 Global on Spotify with Jugaste y Sufrí (#87) and in the Top 200 with Si Supieras (#156).

Recently, DannyLux was featured on Billboard’s coveted annual “21 Under 21” list, becoming one of two Latin artists to make the list. DannyLux is currently working on new music expected to be released soon under Warner Music Latina

About DannyLux:
Daniel Valderrama Espinoza better known as Dannylux was born on March 12, 2004 in Palm Springs California and at 17 years old he already has an important musical career. At his young age, DannyLux was discovered on TikTok and since then his sound has captivated thousands of people. At the end of 2021 and thanks to the direction of his manager Jose Luis Aguilar, DannyLux signs with Warner Music recording his second album in his career, but the first under this label titled Perdido En Ti released in January 2022 with ten songs: nine romantic sierreño style and one rock ballad. In early 2022, DannyLux was selected to be the opening act for the prestigious band Coldplay during their stadium tour in Mexico for a total of eight dates. Recently, DannyLux was selected in the prestigious Billboard 21 Under 21 of 2022. He will be performing at Lollapalooza Chicago, Viva Latino Festival in Los Angeles, and Summerfest Stage in New York.

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Tiago PZK and Ozuna via Anwar "Ize" Cedeño // Warner Music Latina for use by 360 MAGAZINE

Tiago PZK – Nos Comemos

The titan of the new wave of urban music coming out of Argentina, Tiago PZK, and global Latin music icon, Ozuna, join forces today and release a new single titled Nos Comemos — an epic collaboration that promises to become a global hit.

The raucous new single “Nos Comemos,” a throwback reggaeton stomp penned by Tiago PZK and Ozuna, was recorded in Miami and Buenos Aires and produced by studio wizard Big One. The song’s eye-catching video directed by the fast-rising newcomer Martin Seipel was shot in April at a gas station and on the streets of Miami. The video relates the tale of two groups – one led by Tiago PZK and Ozuna – and the other comprised of female drivers with whom they end up challenging to a 2 vs 2 race on which everyone will bet everything they have.

“This collaboration came about in a very natural way,” says Tiago PZK“I went to Miami after having performed in Las Vegas at the Latin American Music Awards. That night, I went to a BRESH party and there we met Ozuna. We hit it off, exchanged phone numbers, and I shared the song with him via WhatsApp. That same day in the afternoon, he already had his verse recorded. I think the result was very good and hopefully people will like it.” 

Tiago PZK’s career continues to grow by leaps and bounds, demonstrating his formidable talent and astonishing versatility when it comes to composing and performing his songs. Armed with resounding success in Argentina and now, globally, as well, Tiago makes debut duet with an international artist, the first of many.

Last night, Tiago took the stage at the Premios HEAT Awards from Cap Cana, Dominican Republic where he performed his hit collaboration with Bizarrap“Bombona” (BZRP Session #48) and took home two awards in the following categories: “Best Artist Southern Region” and “Best Video” for global hit “Entre Nosotros Remix”. Prior to this performance, he also performed “Entre Nosotros Remix” live for the first time at the Latin American Music Awards 2022 with Maria Becerra and LIT killah, receiving rave reviews and being the most viewed of the night. In addition, he performed at Vibra Urbana in Las Vegas and had impressive performances in Mexico in May.

Currently, the rising superstar coming out of Argentina is putting the finishing touches on his first studio album coming soon under Warner Music Latina/ Grand Move Records.   

BORRACHA by felix klain and ovy on the drums inside 360 MAGAZINE


The world renowned artist and producer, Ovy On The Drums, released a new single titled Borracha alongside Spanish artist Felix Klain. The song and video are available on all digital platforms.

When Ovy On The Drums and Felix Klain started working on this song, they hoped that it would be the new ‘22 summer anthem. Their hopes were deemed true with an infectious beat that promises to reach all corners of the world. Ronny Xavier directed the music video for Borracha. In the music video we see the protagonist heading out for a night out, drink in hand and the song’s lyrics detailing her life change, further cementing that she’s tired of love and is now enjoying her single life to the fullest. This song is certain to resonate with many people this summer.

This new single comes days after the announcement of Ovy On The Drums’ new partnership with Warner Music Latina and after topping the coveted Billboard charts as the #1 Latin producer and songwriter globally – taking the title of #1 producer for 17 consecutive weeks on the chart.

Ovy has a track record of major hits for which he has been an important element in the worldwide recognition of the songs produced and/or written by him. Ovy On The Drums is the name behind several of global superstar Karol G’s hits, producing much of her second album OCEAN and the mastermind behind the production of one of her biggest hits “Tusa” alongside Nicki Minaj, taking her career to another level. In 2020, Ovy gave great focus to his career as an artist and released songs such as “Inolvidable” with Béele, “Sigo Buscándote” with Mau y Ricky, “Miedito o Que?” with Danny Ocean and Karol G, among many others. Recently, he was part of the worldwide hit “Tendencia Global” by Colombian artist Blessd, along with Puerto Rican star Myke Towers. At the end of 2021, he was behind the production of the album NUEVE by one of the most outstanding exponents coming out of Venezuela, Micro TDH.

Watch Borracha here.

Multiplica Mixtape cover art via Tiffany Ramirez / Warner Music Latina for use by 360 Magazine

Multiplica Mixtape

Warner Music Latina presents the future of urbano music with the unequaled release of “Multiplica Mixtape”. This trendsetting work is a concept of family, sisterhood/brotherhood, unity, and prosperity with a common goal of supporting one another as a community of trap artists from all over the world. “Multiplica Mixtape” is a body of work created by 12 artists and 7 producers who share a common goal of redefining and reinventing Latin trap. “Multiplica Mixtape” is now available on all streaming platforms.

“Multiplica Mixtape” Tracklist

  1. On The Road Ft. Kidd Keo, Yung Sarria, Elpatron970, and Felp 22 (Produced by Emy Luziano)
  2. La Familia Ft. Felp 22, Puri, Mathew, Fufu, Jay Oc, Jey Blessing, and Lennis Rodríguez (Produced by Puri)
  3. No Los Veo Ft. Mathew, Jay Oc, and Jey Blessing (Produced by Jay Music)
  4. Butti Ft. Gatillero 23 and Elpatron970 (Produced by Rb One)
  5. Vicio Ft. Yung Sarria and Jey Blessing (Produced by Emy Luziano)
  6. Asesino Ft. Elpatron970, Felp 22, and Puri (Produced by Puri)
  7. Mujeres Y Petas Ft. Kidd Keo and Elpatron970 (Produced by KZO)
  8. Bexxakeo Ft. Jey Blessing and Maki Vaez (Produced by Maki Vaez)
  9. Weed Ft. Felp 22, Lennis Rodriguez, Jay Oc, and Mathew (Produced by Jay Music)
  10. Racha Ft. Espano and Rokero (Produced by Straynane)

With 10 tracks, “Multiplica Mixtape” is a multifaceted and multidimensional music project that brings together 19 artists from 8 different countries including Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Spain and Venezuela. Primarily focusing on Trap and Drill, this mixtape incorporates several genres and has a distinct musical and visual tone. The album showcases the talent and great hits that came out of the Multiplica collective.

Numbers like “La Familia,” featuring Lennis Rodríguez, Jey Blessing, Jay Oc, Fufu, Mathew, Puri, Felp 22 give the mixtape a sense of cohesion, and as the song title states, it’s a family affair. On “Mujeres y Petas,” Kidd Keo and Elpatron970 effortlessly spit urgent bars over a blown out drill beats. On Jey Blessing y Maki Vaez’s “BEXXAKEO,” the oft-imitated sounds of reggaeton take a singular approach – separating them from the countless and seemingly endless stream of watered-down reggaeton offerings occupying the modern pop landscape.

“Mujeres y Petas” by Kidd Keo and Elpatron970 is song #7 on the Mixtape, and it is one of the most outstanding collaborations of the album. This song features Keo doing what Keo does best. Sometimes it seems that with every word he is cutting off your arms or legs, making every note feel almost effortless, as if one were floating. And Elpatron970 works as a kind of backbone necessary for the song to have a healthy life. It is the foundation of the house. The sofa that makes your living room look like a home and not an office.

The concept behind this unique mixtape explores many themes central to the human experience. “Multiplica Mixtape” encompasses family, brotherhood, unity, and prosperity. The project was born out of a Warner Music Latina musical retreat conducted in the Dominican Republic in June 2021. As Latin music is now popular in the U.S. and enjoys domestic and international mainstream attention, “Multiplica Mixtape” is embracing this momentum and paving the way for other collaborative projects of its kind.