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Beyoncé × Jay-Z Joint Album

Beyoncé and Jay-Z release joint album “Everything Is Love” exclusively on Tidal while on the OTRII tour in the UK. Off the heels of the accomplished Lemonade album and Jay-Z’s 4:44, this album is sure to be a fan favorite.

“Apes**t” directed by Ricky Saiz was filmed at the Louvre in Paris last month.

Louvre Abu Dhabi

By Amardeep Singh


Art enthusiasts, culture lovers and historical aficionados welcomed the much awaited additions to the Louvre’s latest subset which opened recently in Abu Dhabi. The Emirate is a compendium of vast cultures and ethnicities from Europe, Asia and Africa.

Situated at the coastal strip of the Emirate, the Museum is renowned for its exquisite French design and centuries old heritage of the Arab world.

A brainchild of the Pritzker Architecture Prize winner, Jean Nouvel, the Louvre Abu Dhabi was inaugurated on November 8, 2017 and took inspiration from Abu Dhabi’s idyllic virgin lagoon island, Saadiyat designing a façade that brilliantly depicts the chronological journey of the world, aptly characterizing the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s collection.
The 55 buildings that make up the museum city are all designed to withstand harsh desert conditions. With more than twenty galleries, journey through twelve chronological chapters as you travel through centuries of world civilization. The Louvre Abu Dhabi also has a section demarcated for children, where they can use interactive aids to understand the many layers of history. Within the museum grounds, architect Nouvel has brilliantly designed a café, as well as an open plaza.

But Abu Dhabi’s cultural sector doesn’t just want to stop there. The Museum is soon to welcome the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi as well. Some of the star attractions include:-
La Belle Ferronnière, aslo known as, Portrait of an Unknown Lady by Leonardo da Vinci
The portrait of Napoleon by David
La Gare Saint-Lazare by Claude Monet
Portrait of a Lady by Pablo Picasso
Self -portrait by Vincent van Gogh

Statue of Gudea, Prince of Lagash, Praying
Monumental Statue with Two Heads
• Page of the ‘Blue Qur’an
Fountain of Light


Minimalism is all the rage at the moment thanks to writers like Fumio Sasaki, so why not apply that approach when planning your next vacation? There’s so much information out there that it can seem overwhelming when you start researching places to go, with so many offers, travel guides, blogs, photos, videos, podcasts and all the rest. Sometimes you just need to drown out the noise and focus on what’s important.

That’s why Expedia has created these minimalist travel posters to help you see the essential elements on 14 of the top vacation destinations in the world. They’ve picked out the most important aspects of each destination, namely where you should go first, what food you should eat and where you can get that one stunning and shareable photo for your Instagram or Facebook page.

If you go to Berlin, for example, a whistlestop tour using these posters would take you to the aptly-named Panoramapunkt for a panoramic view of the TV Tower, followed by a trip to the past at the historic Brandenburg Gate. For food options, currywurst is a spicy taste of Berlin life and culture, while you can finish your stay with an energetic and symbolic bike ride down the Mauerweg, which follows the route of the old Berlin Wall.

Swapping Germany for South Africa, Cape Town has plenty to offer, even in the snapshot form of a minimalist visit. Speaking of snapshots, Bloubergstrand is the place to go to get that iconic photo of Table Mountain while you’ll also want to keep your camera to hand when you’re at Boulders Beach so you can get a shot of the penguins. Yes, there really are penguins there. The Neighbourgoods Market in Woodstock is a good place to get souvenirs, while the recommended dish of the trip is potjiekos, a traditional meat stew.

As you’ll have seen from these two examples, there’s so much you can fit into even a minimalist travel poster if the destination is as exciting as Berlin or Cape Town. Others getting the minimalist treatment include Havana, London, Paris and even the Serengeti and Siam Reap, the Cambodian home of 800-year-old temple Angkor Wat. You can probably guess what the iconic photo from that trip would be.

So check out all 14 of these minimalist travel posters from Expedia and see which of the legendary destinations captures your imagination. Given that you can take in all the sights in just one day, you could even do a tour…



Paris | Gallery


Exhibition For We The Living (art and music)

For We The Living is imaginary and aesthetic narrative about the upcoming end of the world. Before even launching his musical album, SUPERPOZE, who is known as a singer, musician and music producer, has built a protean and immersive work. This record, and all that surrounds it, comes as a unique experiment – taking root in a fictional archeology work where he gathered plenty of elements, archives, objects, that are now made into an artwork. An installation made of 8 videos, accompanied by a libretto (imagined by the Television art group) surrounds the core of the installation: a piano. The instrument is displayed in the center as an invitation for other musician to come a play live the electronic music tracks of the album in their own way. What is striking is that electronic tunes are made without the usual musical score. SUPERPOZE hence decided to give a posteriori to his music a score. His aim by doing such is double. Firstly, the artist is questioning the process, the archeology and conservation of electronic music. Secondly, it allows others to come and play his music, like it was done with old tunes that anyone could take over and play again and again. This unusual process reveals the composer’s path. People are used to see SUPERPOZE as a musician, with his soft and mystic piano tunes mixed with more raw and edgy electronic sounds. With For We The Living exhibition the artist offers a more tangible and real experience to his music. The show also demonstrates how much comes into the process of a record: from the melodies to the concert, the videos, the libretto, etc. Here the music becomes a more physical experience, even though we live the music in a digital era. Making a bridge between the contemporary art scene and this young music sensation, the exhibition offers a different insight into SUPERPOZE’s world. So many elements cross paths turning it into an unprecedented sensitive experience.


Practical Informations

October 14, to november 25

Danysz Gallery

78 rue Amelot, Paris – France

Free access

Superpoze – Analog © DR

Superpoze – Analog © DR

Superpoze – Analog © DR

Danysz Gallery

78 rue Amelot, Paris – France

256 Beijing East Road x Jiangxi Road, Shanghai – Chine

Founded by Magda Danysz, the gallery – Paris, Shanghai, London – is at the heart of the vibrant contemporary art scene.

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