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Hip-Hop songstress LaJune resurrects with new single YA!, off her new project Insecure. Insecure is available now at and on all streaming platforms. The follow up to Go girl off her debut EP entitled Body, June’s new track is reminiscent of iconic Timbaland and Neptunes tracks. Ears aroused from the beginning, base transitions crescendo in the background of the melodic hook. A true Party & Bullshit vibe, the lyrics are witty and wise, demonstrating her prowess with a pen combined with textured musical tones. The two prove she’s far from insecure.

The title of her 2nd EP takes a glimpse at the structure, mind, and soul this new artist is comfortable with exploring. Taking her artistry to the next level, LaJune is the first female established into 106 & Park Freestyle Friday Hall of Fame. No stranger to the stage, she has showcased her talents by opening for R&B legend Joe, Touch ME Tease ME Case and Grammy-winning singer Chrisette Michele.

Set to release her third EP “Mind” at the top of the new year, it will act as the follow-up to her Insecure EP released during the summer of 2020. A trilogy of transparency reflecting the mind, body and soul expected of a budding artist. Timing is everything, and at 12:21 AM LaJune will release her second video entitled, What You Got.

One purpose behind this is to commemorate the conjunction of the two largest planets, Jupiter and Saturn, in Aquarius on 12/21 which seemingly occurs every 200 years. A representation of the planets appearing to touch, it suggests the instigation of a new cycle, a shift in power and alignment. The timing is a befitting release relevant to an artist who is aware of herself and her destiny. The visual treatment takes you on a journey of consciousness and self-reflection. After all, hasn’t 2020 ironically questioned each of us: What do you got?

Featuring cinematography by Tukes productions and directed by Ameer Copper, the visual journey depicts the conflict of the higher and lower self. The duality portrayed urges viewers to proceed with care but not to shy away from harsh realities. Far from second-guessing, LaJune exudes confidence and strength by leaning into this duality. The opening scene draws you into LaJune’s environment, digesting the recent televised injustices committed against African Americans. In the video, she is sporting custom designs of AOHSOA derived from stylist/designer Armon, with beauty provided by Tykima

Her performance scene allows a glimpse into the artist’s personality, overflowing with animation. Life is for the Lesson is an understatement considering the past year, but LaJune challenges her audience to be equipped with awareness, encouraging mental health and celebratory culture. Therefore, the leap to a higher vibration through her thought-provoking, in-your-face lyrical content proves this track holds nothing back. 

Challenging social norms without judgment, the V100 podcast host exhibits her acting chops in an interrogation scene with actor Jim Shearer. Be sure to check out the BTS of What You Got by Amenze Victor for a closer look at the highly anticipated project and an artist assured within her identity and talent.

About LaJune

Currently, she is the Co-host to VH1’s podcast V100 devoted to discussing music, pop culture and more. Stick shifting her career, LaJune navigates the release of a new project and motherhood. Her new work a year in the making, she knows it takes time for a rose to bloom.

As of late, LaJune teamed up with Armon Hayes for creative direction with visuals shot by artist Tony Anderson. Inspired by her love for the hit HBO television series Insecure, now in its 4th season staring and created by Issa Rae, join LaJune on her musical journey, an independent artist who’s talent refuses to be shut-in.

Challenging social norms without judgment, the Vh100 podcast host exhibits her acting chops in the interrogation scene with actor Jim Shearer. Be sure to check out the BTS of What You Got by Amenze Victor for a closer look at the highly anticipated project and artist who needs no explanation.

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