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Miami Design District Photo via Mission Baia for use by 360 Magazine

Miami Design District’s Current Art Programming

The Miami Design District announces the debut of several new installations and initiatives for their current season of art programming.


Immerse yourself in the Miami Design District’s rich art and architecture. Experience the neighborhood like never before alongside resident expert Thom Wheeler Castillo. Visit Emmett Moore’s The Grotto, Apollo Projects ‘Landed’, April Bey’s Fringe Project installation, and more. 

LOCATION: Palm Court Plaza 140 NE 39th St, Miami, FL 33137

DATES: Takes place the first and last Sunday of every month at 6 PM

Sunset Public Art Tour Photo via Miami Design District for use by 360 Magazine



ArtLife is an innovative contemporary art gallery and lifestyle brand with a focus on contemporary, pop and street art. The gallery was founded by veteran Art Advisor and Manager, Avery Andon in 2015, as one of the first online-only international Blue-Chip art galleries. Given the high momentum Miami is currently experiencing, the team felt it was the right time to debut this temporary pop-up in the Miami Design District. ArtLife has created a space where visitors can be immersed in works by some of the world’s most celebrated artists including Andy Warhol, Keith Hering, and Banksy. Additionally, ArtLife also provides the opportunity for visitors to experience works by a range of up-and-coming artists such as Cory Van Lew and Jannie Holmes.  ArtLife Gallery will be on view through the end of June.

LOCATION: 180 NE 40th St, Miami, FL 33137
DATES: Month of June 2021 (Sunday – Thursday 11am-6pm/ Friday & Saturday 11am-8pm)

Andy Warhol's Chicken Noodle Soup via ArtLife for use by 360 Magazine


Using only materials sourced from Biscayne Bay and the Miami River, artist/designer James Quinaz transforms trash into treasure for BAY STORE. Part exhibition, part performance, BAY STORE invites you to watch the design process as Quinaz navigates the detritus in our waterways to produce thoughtful, functional furniture before your eyes. BAY STORE asks the viewer to consider the cost of excess and reckon with a society that litters its priceless natural landscapes with cheap plastics, foams, and other harmful waste. Visitors will have the opportunity to watch the artist work, learn about the issues facing South Florida’s precious aquatic resources, and purchase one-of-a-kind pieces from the gallery. 10% of the proceeds will be donated to nonprofits working to keep our bay and ocean clean.

LOCATION: Sweetbird South, 92 NE 40th St, Miami, FL 33137

DATES: June 24th – July 25th

James Quinaz Bay Chair Photo via Lauren Gnazzo for use by 360 Magazine



NWSA presents the 2021 Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition. Despite the challenges the pandemic has brought, the students persevered and continued to work in makeshift studios at home and produced an incredible body of work. The work included in the exhibition ranges from documentation of the pandemic to heartbreak to futuristic imagination, among other themes. The exhibition culminates these young artists’ academic training at the school and will present a wide range of media and themes. Twenty-eight recent graduates will participate in the exhibition. 

LOCATION: Moore Building, 191 NE 40th St, Miami, FL 33137

DATES: June 21st – July 11th

NWSA 2021 Exhibition via Lauren Gnazzo for use by 360 Magazine


Part fiction, part reality, The Grotto is an immersive installation comprised of faux coral boulders sculpted into a secluded lounge, inspired by coral rock quarries and the mythology surrounding the fictional identities that form around these places, where the young and the marginalized gather to sequester themselves and share pleasures. The Grotto also takes cues from local sites such as the Coral Castle and the Venetian Pool where the quarrying of coral rock acquiesced to a mystical landscape, and a fantasy Venetian enclave. Each a tropical fantasy created by man in an effort to transport visitors to an otherworldly place. The Grotto is part pavilion, part folly, where one can escape from everyday life. Emmett Moore’s Grotto Lounge is on permanent display.

LOCATION: 3920 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, Florida, 33137

DATES: Permanent display


Apollo ‘Landed’ is the initial iteration of the first plant exhibition to take place in Miami Design District. All artists involved were invited to create, with nature as collaborator and muse, bringing attention to a living, shifting climate and all her inhabitants. From May to July, this pop-up will be hosting activations and installations, focused on reconnecting with the environments around us, where locals are invited to create art, with nature as their muse.

LOCATION: 151 Northeast 41st Street, Suite 12, Miami, Florida 33137

DATES: May 2021 – July 2021


A collaborative year-long art video feature, Jade Alley Films: 2021 features four artist video selections by the District’s key institutions, including Locust Projects, de la Cruz Collection, and ICA Miami. From April 1 to June 30, the Miami Design District will feature ‘Outage’ by Philadelphia-based artists: Jennifer Levonian and Eva Wylie. Originally commissioned and premiered by Locust Projects in 2019, Outage is a video that utilizes Levonian’s signature cut-paper animation technique, which incorporates deftly rendered watercolors into short films that wryly depict prescient social narratives and Eva Wylie’s unique printmaking techniques. The single-channel animation was made from over 3,000 frames and more than 275 screens were used to create pieces for the animation.

Locust Project Photo via Lauren Gnazzo for use by 360 Magazine


Ideated by design duo AMLgMTD, the Breakwater Bench is a system of individual benches inspired by the lapping ebb and flow pattern of waves. The slight shift in the repetition of a single element creates movement between the open and closed sections within the design. This simple use of geometry causes playful shadows to appear where the light filters through the open structure.

LOCATION: Palm Court, 140 NE 39th Street, 2nd Floor 

DATES: November 25, 2020 – ongoing

Breakwater Bench Photo via Lauren Gnazzo for use by 360 Magazine

The Gnarled Branch illustration by Heather Skovlund for 360 Magazine

Q×A with The Gnarled Branch

Q&A with David Irvine from The Gnarled Branch

David Irvine is the multi-talented artist behind the Gnarled Branch. He is known for his imaginative ‘Re-Directed Paintings’, whimsical furniture, original paintings, painted burnt out light bulb ornaments, salvaged record paintings, and so much more. You can visit his Etsy shop here! You can see throughout his work that there is an interest with popular characters which brings life to the rural paintings he often re-directs. Irvine will match the original artist’s style within the painting or counter it intentionally, but he always leaves the original signature clear to see. There’s a story behind each of his works, including the painting “The Last Trick or Treater” which is one of Irvine’s favorites. Read on to learn more about David’s work, inspiration, and so much more.

What is your background – in addition, did your upbringing prompt a specific reference point within your work? Is your work informed by certain concepts or themes from your childhood, background, socioeconomic status, where you lived or were raised?

DI: I was fortunate to be raised by parents who appreciated all the arts. Going to see theatre shows, music performances, and gallery exhibits were always exciting. I was encouraged to develop with the visual arts and musically as well with regular music lessons and art lessons. They were at first concerned when I decided to pursue a career in the visual arts, as they knew it can be a real struggle – but were fully supportive and excited that I was accepted into art college to study illustration.

How does this impact how you see the world and create art?

DI: It’s no secret the art world can be very snooty, takes itself far too seriously and that is a real shame. In a lot of the genres that I do- I am always considering humor and fun as elements in a piece. Especially during these difficult pandemic times, art needs to uplift and provide smiles and not be staunch, same old -same old themes that have been done over and over.

Do you have an educational background or experiences that have contributed to your evolution as an artist?

DI: I studied illustration at Sheridan College, and throughout my childhood would occasionally take art lessons. The rest was experimenting and being self-taught with various mediums and medium combinations. I taught visual art to a wide range of ages through community night school and was an art tutor to a terrific student with special needs. Those were very memorable years.

What does your work aim to say?

DI: I do so many different genres of art, I think there’s a spectrum of what I want to communicate…. from making people laugh and feel good — to the darker, macabre work to scare and bring the viewer into a world that they may not feel comfortable being in… I guess I make art to get a reaction… not just creating something for its sole purpose is to look pretty and match the sofa.

Is there a particular artist that inspired you to pursue art?

DI: My grandfather was an accomplished amateur painter and I’d watch him work and see the pieces he did… maybe that was the first seed…Other than that I would always sign out art books from the library and soak in everything from master painters to illustrators and cartoonists who worked presently.

Whose techniques do you study or admire?

DI: There are so many — but in high school, I always enjoyed Ralph Steadman ink illustrations, Van Gogh for his boldness, Rene Magritte for the unique and surreal visuals … Currently I’ll search through websites like Tumblr or magazines like Juxtapoz and discover artists both old and new who mix unusual mediums or have their own unique style.

How do you cultivate a collector base?

DI: When I first started as a fine artist, I didn’t have a computer- the internet wasn’t a thing yet, so I was reliant on physically going to galleries and public places to show my work. From little gift or record shops to restaurants and cafes. Now with technology, it’s just a matter of updating and refreshing social media, submitting articles to websites, or being lucky and being featured by a blog, website, or podcast…it all helps and a lot more convenient to be able to post an instructional video from home, or post new work in progress photos to a website, than to lug workaround or mail promo packages out to land a show. Once a collector is on board, having top-notch customer service skills and excellent communication is key…

What inspires you to paint?

DI: I’ll have a lot of eureka moments as I’m sketching or planning out new works or series….and I have to then see that eureka image come to fruition. It would drive me bananas having a good idea sitting there on a page and going nowhere. As well it is my chosen job- so those bills must get paid.

How do you look for new ways to challenge yourself?

DI: I get bored very easily… so challenges are always put in place to not get bored. Every artist has a spectrum of color they usually gravitate to when creating a piece…I like to switch things up and use the colors I don’t normally use or come up with different color combinations/ mixing. I’ll even wear tinted sunglasses so the colors I think I’m using wind up making happy accidents when I look at the piece without the sunglasses. Using oil pastels with acrylic paint… various types of inks and papers …are many variables that can be used to break away from regular tendencies when approaching a piece.

Do you have a favorite painting that you have completed? If so, can you tell us the story behind it?

DI: I did a solo show a few years ago with Halloween as the main theme. A few favorite paintings came out of that show including one called the Last Trick or Treater. It showed a bird’s eye view looking down onto an old tyme small hamlet, and one child in a ghost costume running down a street with a lantern. I think I captured the quiet of the night, and the bit of panic the boy was having as he was quickly trying to get home.

What inspired Re-Directed painting for you?

DI: When I first started as a fine artist, I had very little money and art supplies and framing was expensive. I would frequent yard sales and thrift shops to purchase old frames, lithographs on board, and existing canvas prints to paint over and frame. Around 2009 I started to paint weird imagery in an existing piece and then later one piece my Mom was getting rid of was a seascape -where I had the immediate vision of two reapers playing with a beachball. I painted them in, shared them on social media and things snowballed rather quickly from there. I came up with the term re-directed as I used that as a tag and hoped people would begin to associate it with me…and it worked! Other people now use that term – which is fine… I prefer that to ‘Improved Painting’…as I never meant to demean the original artist. All these redirected pieces were salvaged and unwanted and quite likely wind up as landfill. I hate waste and seeing potential thrown away. This was just another method to upcycle. I’ll spend considerable time touching up the piece from scratches, buffs or sun/ water damage then I’ll add in my own visions. ..never covering the signature of the original artist. Research is always done prior to any painting to insure it’s not of significant value. I rarely work on originals, always lithographs, canvas prints, or anonymous paint by numbers.

Is there anything that you would like to add?

DI: Even though most know my work through my ongoing Re-Directed thrift art series, I look forward to continuing my upcycling work (hand-painted ornaments using salvaged burnt-out light bulbs, pop art paintings on discarded, damaged vinyl records, beer cap pins, and redoing/painting discarded wooden furniture…) and preventing landfill.

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Photo Credit: David Irvine
Photo Credit: David Irvine
Photo Credit: David Irvine
Photo Credit: David Irvine
Kusama, NYBG, Cosmic Nature, Vaughn Lowery, 360 Magazine

NYBG “KUSAMA” Exhibition Rescheduled

NYBG Announces Rescheduling of 2020 Exhibition KUSAMA: Cosmic Nature to 2021 

The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) has rescheduled KUSAMA: Cosmic Nature. The exhibition originally planned for May 9–November 1, 2020, will now take place in spring through fall 2021.

This presentation of work by internationally celebrated Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama will maintain the artist’s intent—revealing Kusama’s lifelong fascination with the natural world and examining how she integrates concepts of the cosmos, infinity, and eternity into her multifaceted practice. NYBG remains the exclusive venue for KUSAMA: Cosmic Nature, with multiple installations across the Botanical Garden’s 250 acres and in and around the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory. Displays in the LuEsther T. Mertz Library Building will include work from throughout Kusama’s prolific career. Complementing the artworks, NYBG horticulturists will create spectacular indoor and outdoor displays through the seasons. In the Conservatory, floral presentations will bring Kusama’s two-dimensional works on view to life through a seasonal progression of plantings and flowers. The exhibition will be accompanied by a vibrant roster of public programs for all ages.

Yayoi Kusama graciously shared this message in support of plans to reschedule KUSAMA: Cosmic Nature:

“The passion that I and those at The New York Botanical Garden have poured into this exhibition is still burning. Everyone, I hope you will wait. We aspire for endless love permeated with everyone’s hearts of human love, a wish for peace in the world, our dreams, and wonders of hope—it is our wish that this exhibition can offer these as its greatest gift. I hope you all can wait. -With all my heart, Yayoi Kusama”

Where The New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, New York When KUSAMA: Cosmic Nature will run in spring through fall 2021. Exact dates to be announced.

NYBG is temporarily closed and all in-person events, on-site programs and classes, and exhibitions have been suspended. The necessary action complies with public health guidelines issued by federal, state, and local governments and the CDC to support stringent efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19. In the wake of the global pandemic, Kusama and NYBG have agreed to reschedule the exhibition for next year.

Note For further information on KUSAMA: Cosmic Nature, visit

The New York Botanical Garden is a museum of plants located at Bronx River Parkway (Exit 7W) and Fordham Road. It is easy to reach by Metro-North Railroad, bus, or subway. The Garden is open year- round, Tuesday through Sunday and Monday federal holidays, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.. For more information, please call 718.817.8700 or visit
The New York Botanical Garden, 2900 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, New York 10458 

YAYOI KUSAMA, ICA Miami Miami, Design District ,Leanne Kim,gnazzo group, 360 MAGAZINE


ICA Miami presents a special off-site exhibition by pioneering installation artist Yayoi Kusama. On view from October 12 through January 31, 2019 in the Miami Design District, Kusama’s All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins (2016) marks the first time that one of Kusama’s signature “Infinity Mirror Rooms” will be on view in Miami.

112 NE 41st St., Suite 106

October 12, 2019 to January 31, 2020 from 11AM – 5PM 


MATRIX 181 at the Wadsworth Atheneum Features the paintings of 

Emily Mae Smith

MATRIX, the Wadsworth Atheneum’s groundbreaking contemporary exhibition series, has set some new goals. Upcoming projects will embrace experimental art, performance art, and explore new developments in painting. In looking at contemporary painting the Wadsworth found a unique vision in the work of Emily Mae Smith. The exhibition marks the first MATRIX show since 2013 to feature an artist who is solely a painter. For her MATRIX project, Smith engages with a masterpiece from the Wadsworth’s permanent collection: William Holman Hunt’s The Lady of Shalott (c. 1888–1905). Emily Mae Smith / MATRIX 181 will be on view February 7 through May 5, 2019.


Smith was chosen by Artsy as 1 of 20 female artists pushing figurative painting forward. With a nod to distinct painting movements from the history of art, such as Symbolism, Surrealism, and Pop art, Smith creates lively compositions that offer sly social and political commentary. Teeming with symbols, Hunt’s The Lady of Shalott (below) is the catalyst for this project, in which Smith provides a feminist reimagining of the narrative. For MATRIX 181, her first solo museum exhibition in the United States, Smith has selected seven paintings, dated 2015 to 2018, that relate to The Lady of Shalott, and created three new paintings, dated 2019, directly inspired by Hunt’s masterwork. 

In The Lady of Shalott Smith finds a familiar image, she’s had a postcard of the painting since she was a teenager. It became the perfect source to address the outdated psychology of female oppression, male authority, and implied violence, still pertinent today.


There is an uncanny affinity between the coded iconography of Smith and Hunt. According to Patricia Hickson, the Wadsworth’s Emily Hall Tremaine Curator of Contemporary Art, “Emily Mae Smith offers a raucous and empowering retelling of The Lady of Shalott, leading with her eccentric broomstick avatar along with her usual toolbox of gendered symbols. She employs a refreshing, satirical approach to social commentary.”


Smith’s lexicon of signs and symbols begins with her avatar, inspired by the broomstick figure from Disney’s Fantasia (1940). Simultaneously referring to a painter’s brush, a domestic tool associated with women’s work, and the phallus, the figure continually transforms across Smith’s body of work. “The first broom I put in a painting was…a way for me to paint an object, figure, female, and phallus all at the same time. I thought it was funny and an ideal vehicle,” said Smith. “The ideas for my broom figure have changed and expanded since then; it has been molded to my painting needs. You can say more difficult things with a character.” Smith’s depiction of the female body is all visual wit and dark humor. By adopting a variety of guises, the broom and other symbols speak to contemporary subjects, including gender, sexuality, capitalism, and violence.


Artist Biography

Emily Mae Smith was born in 1979 in Austin Texas. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She received her M.F.A. in Visual Art from Columbia University, New York in 2006 and her B. F. A. in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin. Recent solo and dual exhibitions include: Emily Mae Smith, Le Consortium, Lyon, France (2018-19); A Strange Relative, Perrotin, New York, NY (2018); The Sphinx or The Caress, Simone Subal Gallery, New York, NY (2017); Tesla Girls, Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels, Belgium (2016); Honest Espionage, Mary Mary, Glasgow, Scotland, UK (2016); Medusa, Laurel Gitlen, New York, NY (2015). Select group exhibitions include Summer, curated by Ugo Rondinone, Peter Freeman Inc., New York, NY (2018);Pine Barrens, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York, NY (2018); Pharmacy for Idiots, Rob Tufnell and Tanya Leighton, Köln, Germany (2017); Women to the Front, Works from the Miller Meigs Collection, Lumber Room, Portland, OR (2017); Le Quatrième Sexe, curated by Marie Maertens, Le Coeur, Paris, France (2017); Scarlet Street, Lucien Terras. New York, NY (2016); Me, Myself, I, China Art Objects Galleries, Los Angeles, CA (2016); Surrreal, KoĴnig Galerie (St. Agnes), Berlin, Germany (2016); Untitled Body Parts, Simone Subal Gallery, New York, NY (2016).

Related Programs

February 7, Art After Dark: Color My World, 5-8pm

Celebrate the opening of Emily Mae Smith / MATRIX 181.  The evening includes an artist talk by Emily Mae Smith at 6pm, live music, free food, beer tasting, cash bar, watercolor workshop, and film. $10; $5 members.


March 9, Encounters: Emily Mae Smith and #MeToo, 10am

Join a dialogue that explores artistic responses to gender, sexuality, capitalism, and violence in the work of MATRIX artist Emily Mae Smith alongside the powerful, contemporary #metoo movement, which brings to light sexual harassment and sexual assault. Free, but RSVP to to reserve a seat and lunch.


March 21, Gallery Talk: Emily Mae Smith / MATRIX 181, Noon

Curator Patricia Hickson leads a tour of MATRIX 181 discussing painter Emily Mae Smith’s flat, graphic imagery that visualizes issues like gender inequality, capitalism, and violence. Free with museum admission.



Inaugurated in 1975, MATRIX is the Wadsworth’s groundbreaking contemporary art exhibition series featuring works by artists from around the world. From its inception, MATRIX has been a forum for art that is challenging, current, and sometimes controversial. Through clear explanation and thoughtful engagement with the viewer, MATRIX exhibitions call into question preconceptions about art and increase understanding of its possibilities. Many MATRIX artists, such as Christo, Sol LeWitt, Gerhard Richter, Cindy Sherman, Andy Warhol, and Carrie Mae Weems are now considered seminal figures in contemporary art.


Exhibition and Program Support

The MATRIX program is generously supported by the Wadsworth Atheneum’s Contemporary Coalition. Public programs at the Wadsworth Atheneum are supported by the Joseph and Robert Cornell Memorial Foundation Fund. Sustaining support for the Wadsworth Atheneum provided by Newman’s Own Foundation and the Greater Hartford Arts Council’s United Arts Campaign.


About the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art

Founded in 1842, the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art is the oldest continuously operating public art museum in the United States. The museum’s nearly 50,000 works of art span 5,000 years, from Greek and Roman antiquities to the first museum collection of American contemporary art. The Wadsworth Atheneum’s five connected buildings-representing architectural styles from Gothic Revival to modern International Style-are located at 600 Main Street in Hartford, Conn. Hours: Wednesday-Friday: 11am-5pm; Saturday and Sunday: 10am-5pm Admission: $5-15; discounts for members, students and seniors. Free admission for Hartford residents with Wadsworth Welcome registration. Free “happy hour” admission 4-5pm. (860) 278-2670.



Emily Mae Smith images courtesy of the artist and Simone Subal Gallery, New York. Left: Emily Mae Smith, The Drawing Room, 2018, Oil on linen. Private collection. Photo by Dario Lasagni. Center: Emily Mae Smith, Still Life, 2015, Oil on linen. Private collection. Photo by Charles Benton. Right: Emily Mae Smith, Unruly Thread, 2019, Oil on linen. Photo by Charles Benton.


William Holman Hunt, The Lady of Shalott, c. 1888-1905. Oil on canvas. The Ella Gallup Sumner and Mary Catlin Sumner Collection Fund. 1961.470



Swatch Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

A futuristic mix of techniques and materials ignite vivid colors, express street and pop art, and turn on positive vibes for the hottest seasons of the year: Swatch introduces its Spring/Summer 2019 collection with three themed lines that all play a part in the never-ending style revolution.

Continuous movement is at the heart of Transformation, fusing a whole spectrum of color with shapes and patterns. This vivid line embarks on a journey of discovery, with optical illusions as well as the sheer simplicity of transparent design. New polarized glass features a semi-transparent mirror coating and creates pastel tones when exposed to light. The message is clear – imagination has no limits!

Listen to Me equals an action-packed trek through the urban jungle. Serving as a canvas for all kinds of talents and exuding strength and confidence, their self-expression is the impetus for making real change a reality. A tribute to street heart and pop art!

Tutti frutti has never looked this good! Energy Boost whets appetites for adventure with electric colors and bold contrasts that boost positive vibes. Freshly squeezed juices and smoothies are more than just a trend – they’re all about delicious results. This tasty line bolsters vitality, giving much-needed energy for the summer ahead.

Swatch’s Spring-Summer 2019 collection isn’t for the faint of heart. Transformation, Listen to Me, and Energy Boost are the gateway to metamorphosis, daring to defy the ordinary. After all, who knows what extraordinary evolution the future may hold?


ComplexCon Unveils Artist Collaborations

For a third year, ComplexCon is ground zero for a global gathering of culture-shaping artists to showcase works, collaborations and interactive installations November 3-4, in Long Beach, CA.

The ComplexCon Art Experience once again features some of the most influential street, contemporary and pop artists and galleries from around the world including Takashi Murakami’s KaiKai Kiki Gallery, FriendsWithYou, Avant Arte x Felipe Pantone, Hebru Brantley, Scott Campbell and dozens more. 1800 Tequila™ returns to ComplexCon for a third year to present the Art Experience.  This year they’ve teamed up with acclaimed artist Adam Lucas and streetwear designer Nicky Diamonds to create 100 exclusive, one-of-a-kind jackets to giveaway at ComplexCon, celebrating their “Just Refined Enough” campaign.

A sneak at what awaits attendees includes the following engagements:

Avant Arte, the Netherlands-based art collaborative reunites with artist Felipe Pantone

Avenue des Arts, the Hong Kong based gallery is bringing works from Los Angeles deconstructive pop artist Matt Gondek

Bettermeart, a contemporary fine street art gallery based in Shanghai, makes ComplexCon its first ever US show

Evan Rossell, better known as “Stink” is bringing his iconic “Hairy Fools” installation.

Eddie Kang Studios – South Korean artist known for his colorful and dreamy works which are philosophical stories which he creates based on life’s reflections.

Gallery Stan – Based in Seoul and NYC is bringing So Youn Lee, pop artist Sam, Sergio Garcia, and Fidia Falaschetti

Gallery Delaive – presents a unique live painting session with Japanese artist Ayako

Gangster Doodles, the artist who transforms Post-It notes into “Gangster Doodles” of famous rappers.

• Friends with You “PopWorld” is a spectacular 60’ x 60’ inflatable experience from LA-based art collective FriendsWithYou. The immersive, Instagram-worthy installation asks guests to donate to charity — any amount is accepted starting at one cent — in order to experience PopWorld. PopWorld is supported by PopSockets.

• Future Tech Labs is launching a sustainable clothing line.

Hebru Brantley, the contemporary American artist best known for his Afro-Futurism approach to anime and graffiti, is bringing exclusive art pieces

Joshua Vides is unveiling two new installations: a moonscape installation with Herschel, and a walk through experience with Ebay.

Mariella Angela, a Los Angeles based oil painter known for her portraits of rap’s greatest artists

Mr. Flower Fantastic “MFF” is a New York based artist who explores floristry, sculpture, and design with an unprecedented style and an anonymous public persona.

Over the Influence (OTI) Gallery will exhibit Cleon Peterson solo on Saturday featuring limited edition skate decks and sculptures.

Gallery Delaive presents a unique live painting session with Japanese artist Ayako Rokkaku, showcasing her signature painting technique of applying acrylic paint with her bare hands.

• Scott Campbell’s Whole Glory Tattoo Project is coming to ComplexCon. Attendees can enter to win a chance to get inked with a mystery tattoo selected wholly by Scott Campbell. Those lucky enough to get an appointment will place their arm through a small hole in a fence and get inked, with no consultation, discussion or even eye contact during the process.

Spokeart is exhibiting new works by Mark Drew (Tokyo) and GATS (Oakland)

• 1800 Tequila intersects art and style through a real time collaboration experience within the 1800 Tequila bar and lounge space in the ComplexCon Art Experience. Attendees have the opportunity to add their creativity to wearable pieces of art by customizing a Nicky Diamond-designed vintage denim jacket with patches and pins created by Adam Lucas, exclusively for 1800.

• Uzumaki powered by Redbull* returns to ComplexCon to build a plush installation

General Admission tickets are still available at General Admission tickets are $60 per day for Saturday or Sunday or two-day General Admission tickets can be purchased for $100 (plus fees). But hurry because earlier this summer, ComplexCon sold out its limited presale and VIP tickets in a matter of minutes.


MoMA Collection Comes to Paris in Major Exhibition Presented by Fondation Louis Vuitton

Fondation Louis Vuitton presents an exceptional exhibition devoted to the unrivalled collection of the Museum of Modern Art. Featuring more than 200 renowned masterpieces and less familiar, but highly significant works, the exhibition highlights the pivotal role that MoMA, its curators and its exhibition program have played in the history of art in the 20th and 21st Centuries.

Now engaged in a significant expansion and renovation of its building, MoMA has chosen Fondation Louis Vuitton as its partner to bring its legendary artistic heritage to Paris, showcasing its mission to be perpetually modern.

The exhibition draws together a superb and far-reaching representation of the highly important artworks that MoMA has acquired since its founding in 1929 ranging from the birth of modern art through trends and styles such as American abstraction, Pop art and Minimalism to the most contemporary art.

Among the 200 works presented at Fondation Louis Vuitton are masterpieces by Paul Cézanne, Gustav Klimt, Paul Signac, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Giorgio de Chirico, Edward Hopper, Max Beckmann, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Marcel Duchamp, Francis Picabia, Alexander Calder, René Magritte, Walker Evans, Yayoi Kusama, Willem de Kooning, Jasper Johns, Yvonne Rainer and Frank Stella. 

Some of the works will be shown in France for the first time: Constantin Brancusi’s bronze Bird in Space (1928); Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans (1962); Philip Guston’s Tomb (1978); (Untitled) “USA Today” by Felix Gonzalez-Torres (1990) and more.








(watch Video above here)




(Early Bird Price $225CAD – $300CAD Reg.)


(Early Bird Price $400CAD – $600CAD Reg.)

View list of confirmed delegates here 


click here to view the Art POP programming

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click here to view the Puces POP programming


The festival is in 3 weeks and today we are adding more than 200 bands. We are getting ready to bring the party to THE MILE END and all adjacent neighborhoods. We are adding Ty Segall solo acoustic for an intimate concert and rapper Havoc, the co-founder of legendary hip hop group Mobb Deep. We are really excited to be bringing the Seattle-based KEXP Radio to Canada for the very first time! They will be filming 12 live sessions from Breakglass Studios, featuring performances by Samito, The Luyas, Tess Roby, The Barr Brothers, and more! We’re also honoured to be partaking in the 10th anniversary celebration of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples on the opening night of POP.

Speaking of celebrations, we’re highlighting Montreal’s 375th year by putting on a day of FREE events on Saturday, September 16th, as part of Sessions 375. The daytime programming will take place at POP Quarters (3450 St-Urbain) and feature music by local favourites Orkestar Kriminal, Klô Pelgag, Aba &Preach, Bonjay, Lunice and Kid Koala’s Vinyl Vaudeville. After night falls, the action will move up to the Rialto Theatre Complex (5719-5723 Ave. du Parc), where 5 venues will open their doors for a night of more FREE shows. From RZA: Live from the 36th Chamber of Shaolin, to Aldous Harding, Lido Pimienta, Laura Sauvage and Think About Life, the public will be invited to venture through the 4-floor complex, and discover new art and sounds from 7pm to 3am!

POP Quarters will also be hosting all the FREE POP Symposium talks, with festival artists such as Yves Tumor, Moor Mother, Royal Trux, William Basinski, a cooking beats workshop with Lunice, as well as panels by Women in Music Montreal and a discussion on how cultural communities can support Indigenous resurgence. The Record Fair is also moving to POP Quarters this year and will take place on the Saturday and Sunday, featuring live music, DJs and a listening lounge with complimentary Auchentoshan scotch cocktails inspired by selected festival artists.

We’re also putting on a stellar year of film programming through our Film POP segment, with a slew of International, North American, and Canadian premieres, with films programmed from festivals as varied as Cannes, Slamdance, SXSW, and CPH: DOX. The world premiere of A (Mitchell Stafiej | Canada, 2017) will open the fest, featuring an all-star cast of Montreal-based musicians, including Alex Zhang Hungtai (Love Theme, ex-Dirty Beaches, Last Lizard), Romy Lightman (Tasseomancy), Petra Glynt, Bernardino Femminielli, Caro Diaro, and Alexis O’Hara, followed by a musical performance by the bands featured in the film later that night at the Piccolo Little Burgundy (Late Night). Watch the trailer via The Fader.

It will also be a big year for Art POP with over 15 events and 30 participating artists. Highlights include a video installation and performance by Maya Stovall, one of the selected artists of this year’s Whitney Biennial; an artist talk and performance by a New York artist Baseera Khan; and a Céline Bureau Artist Residency that will take over an entire floor of POP Quarters, featuring artists such as the internationally renowned sculptor Dominique Sirois and painter Peggy Kouroumalos.

There will also be loads to check out during Puces POP, Fashion POP and Kids POP. Read on below for more details and highlights. Don’t stress though. Just show up for the party with your Super Pass or POP Hopper and get ready to be elevated.

2017 Puces POP Programming

BookhouCaravelCartouche MTLFM300Minute PapillonsPaisley PlatypusSara dans la luneSous-boisTandem & coVeinage 

Art & prints

Ana RoyDionoskyFelix Gerard – IllustrateurFleur MaisoniLikeMapsJackie BassettLaucoloMC MarquisOsheagaSeñueloSpilt Milk MtlStephanie ChenToujours CorrectUne RatonYelena & Frey


YesyeslolaAnnie LespéranceBrelokzClaudine Moncion JoaillièreGarnotte de luxeIsabelle Kapsaskis/joaillièreJulie Carmichael TextilesLa Manufacture – Fait MainLucie VeilleuxNina.NanasOeil NoirTHIS ILK 


Cindy LabrecqueDOMPIERREElizabeth Hamel artiste céramisteGoye artiste céramisteParceline ceramiqueVanessa Villarreal CeramicsVirginie Laliberté

bepOpde baies et de sèveCure de Jouvence CissyDomaine des 15 lotsDumornay Delis Inc. grooviola gourmet granolaLes Chocolats Monarque, Inc.Madame Dibou les gâteauxMark’s Hot SauceSinai Gourmettata soupeThés C.G. – U MAIN


5eptentrionalB FactoryBigaradeBlanc sojaBlisscraft + BrazenCréations EMEKozoufla fabrik éco.La RosaMilanTable WearTATTARIUnpredictable Magnets


AnakielBB&MOIBUTR, savon sur mesureCocooning LoveCucamangaDEUX CosmétiquesDot & Lil / Clark & James Grooming Co.ÉCODERMAFlamme & MousseLes Industries GroomMiss MarmiteNupharTonicVoilà

Babies & Kids

Atelier Cheval de boisAtomes CrochusBertille&LéonBlackSnapsCatherine SoucyClair de PruneD’amour et de baveDes enfantillages (by Shed creative space) Hochet GagaLa fée railleouistitineSupayana


Amélie TourangeauBEURDBrother Merle ArtworkEllesmere LingerieEstée PredafloramailleMercedes MorinnoémiahSoftladie

2017 Record Fair Programming

BBAM! Gallery – BlackDressKOde Music – DJ Solespin – Dub Ditch Picnic Records – – Explosivegroove – MUCHO GUSTO/TIR GROUP – NNA Tapes – Nick Osicka – Serge Bellerose – Sonowax – Zorgal

2017 Fashion POP Programming

Design :

Theo Chauvirey, Jessy Colluci, Genia Demarco , Julie Desjardins , Gabriel Drolet-Maguire , Teia Lindfors, Constance Massicotte, Selly Niang, Matt Shelest, Remi Van Boche

Editorial :

William Arcand, Yan Bleney, Gab Bois, Sabrina Cassis, Alexandre Faulkner, Samuel Fournier, Pierre Manning, Lionel Perron, Juan Palacio & Carol Ribeiro, Kaven Tremblay

2017 Film POP Programming

A (Mitchell Stafiej | Canada, 2017 | 85 min) – A LIFE IN WAVES (Brett Whitcomb | United States, 2017 | 74 min) – DESERT HEARTS (Donna Deitch | United States, 1986 | 91 min) – HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS AT PARTIES (John Cameron Mitchell | United Kingdom/ United States, 2017 | 102 min) – KUSO (Flying Lotus | United States, 2017 | 105 min) – NEW JACK CITY (Mario Van Peebles | United States, 1991 | 100 min) – ON THE SLY: IN SEARCH OF THE FAMILY (Michael Rubenstone | United States, 2017 | 82 min) – RZA: LIVE THE 36th CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN (Lau Kar-Leung | Hong Kong, 1978/2016 | 115 min) – THE ALLINS (Sami Saif | Danemark, 2017 | 74 min) – THE MAN FROM MO’WAX (Matthew Jones | United Kingdom, 2016 | 109 min)

2017 POP Symposium Participants

Aaron Lakoff – Aerin Fogel – Aliya Pabani – Amina Abodoma – Amy Fort – Amy Macdonald – Anika Mottershaw – Ari Swan – Aryanna Rousseau – Beth Martinez – Bojan Bošković – Clare Paterson – Colleen Krueger – Courtney Montour – Cyprian Buś – Danica Evering – David Lametti – David Zinman – Erin Gee – Evan Dubinsky – Jared Leon – Jesse Locke – Joe Steinhardt – John Fischer – Jonathan Shedletzky – Juana Molina – Katie Jensen – Katie Lee – Kyria Kilakos – Lady Kier – Laurel Sprengelmeyer – Lunice – Mar Sellars – Marilis Cardinal – Melody McKiver – Meyer Billurcu – Michael Venus – Mona Dehghan – Moor Mother – Nelson Arreguín – Nikita Lavrinenko – Pat Curley – Peggy Hogan – Rachel Weldon – Raymond Biesinger – Robin Wattie – Royal Trux – Ryan Dyck – Sergio Da Silva – Skawennati – Skeena Reece – Stephane Moraille – Susan Abramovitch – Sybil Bell – Tao-Ming Lau – Tina Piper – Vic Galloway – Will Straw – William Basinski – Yves Tumor

2017 Art POP Artists


2017 POP Montreal Music Artists

13 Salopards – Aba & Preach – Abigail Lapell – Absolutely Free – achrome/アクローム– Ada Lea – Aldous Harding – Alexia Avina – Algodón Egipcio – Alien Boy – Alison Wonderland –Alsarah & The Nubatones – An Albatross – Anette Zénith (Me Float) & Julien Champagne – Aquarius – Aron D’Alesio – Arthur des Jaguars – Austra – Avec pas d’casque – Bambi Lou – BARRE – Barry Paquin Roberg – Basia Bulat – BBQT – Beep Test – Beliefs – Belle Game – Bernardino Femminielli – Bernice – Best Fern – BEYRIES – BIBLICAL – BIG GRAVE – Bing & Ruth – Bitch Falcon – Black Bambi – BLACKOUT SOUND SYSTEM – Blanck Mass – Blanka – Bleach Day – blue odeur – Bodywash – Bonjay – Bossie – Buffalo Hat Singers – Cam Maclean – Camille Delean – Caravane – Carla J. Easton – Carla Sagan – Carodiaro – Casper Skulls – Catherine Leduc – Cedric Noel – Chanda M – Charm Taylor – Chloe Charles – Chocolat – Christian Sean – Clay and Friends – Colour Wheel – Common Deer – Common Holly – Cones – Consilience – Country Classics and Bluegrass Ramblings with Katie Moore and Li’l Andy – CRABE – Daily Alice – Daniel Isaiah – David Maxim Micic – Dead Obies – Deaf – Dentist – Desert Bloom – DJ Andy Williams – DJ Asma – DJ Interstellaire II – DJ Lady Kier – DJ Pachi Pachi – Doe Paoro – Doffing – Doldrums – Donzelle – Doom Tickler – Doomsquad – Double Date with Death – Dråsa – Drones Club – Duchess Says – Duotang – EBHONI – ECHO BEACH – EgyptriXxx – Ellemetue – ELOHIM – Émilie Payeur – Ensemble Sonique II – Eva Tolkin – Everett Bird – Exit Someone – Eyeballs – Fabrizio Cammarata – Faith Healer – Fake Palms – Family Band – Femme Accident – Fet.Nat – Figure Walking – Fleece – Florda Well – FOONYAP – Forever – Fouki – Fountain – Fred Woods – Freddy Gruesum – Fredy V. & The Foundation – Freelove Fenner – Gamine – Gary’s House – Gazm – Gentleman Brawlers – GG Love – ggpeach – Ghost Love ­– Ghost Twin – Gigi French – Gladys Lazer – Goodbye Honolulu – Graham Van Pelt – Guillaume Vallée – Guizo La Nuit – Hangover Lobsters – Havoc (of the Infamous Mobb Deep) – Heart Attack Kids – Heathers – hey! dw – Hoan – Holobody – Holy Data – Honey Beard – Hoodlem – Hua Li – Hurray for the Riff Raff – I Shot Samo – Inland Island – Isaac Vallentin – iSiPHiTHiPHiTHi – J. Ellise Barbara’s Blank Space – Jah Cutta – Jaiden Davis-Jones – James Irwin – Jason Bajada – Jay Arner – Jay Som – Jaye Bartell – Jeremy Dutcher – Jessy Lanza – Jo Marches – Joanne Pollock – Joe Grass – Joey Sherrett – John Maus – Johnny Black – Johnny Jr. – Jon Cohen Experimental – Joni Void – Juana Molina – Julie Aubé – Justin Wright – Kaie Kellough – Kali Uchis – Kee Avila – Kid Koala’s Vinyl Vaudeville – King Woman – Klô Pelgag – Know – L CON – L.A. FOSTER – La F – LAPS – Laura Sauvage – Le Havre – Le Winston Band – Lemongrab – Les Louanges – Les Passagers – L’il Andy –Lido Pimienta – Little Scream – Little You, Little Me – Loïc April – LOLAA – Lonely Boa – Look Vibrant – Loon – LOS – Lou Canon – Love Theme – Lucius P. Thundercat – Lucy Dacus – Luna Li – Lunice – Lydia Képinski – M U D I E – Maggy France – Magnolian – Manners – Mappe Of – Marrakesh – Mat Vezio – Mauno – Max Comeau – Max Henry – Max T – May Have – Maybe Greys – Maylee Todd – Melody McKiver – Men I Trust – Micah Erenberg – Mich Cota – Michele Nox – Middle Kids – Mighty Diamonds – Mike Shabb – Mitchell Bailey – MJ Farrell – MKRNI (makaroni) – Mono No Aware – Moon King – Moor Mother – Morthouse – Motherhood – Mount Eerie – MOURN – Mouth Breather – Mr. Walter – Ms.Holmes – Mundy’s Bay – MUNYA – Myriam Boucher – Nancy Pants – Naomi Punk – Napster Vertigo – Narcy – Needles//Pins – Nêhiyawak – Nennen – New Fries – Nick Johnston – Nicolet – Night Shop – Nina Segalowitz – Nnamdi Ogbonnaya – No Aloha – NOBRO – November – Ohara – Opale – Ora Cogan – Orkestar Kriminal – OURI – Pallice – Pang Attack – Papi Chulo – Paraphonique – Pascale Project – Pat Dillon Moore – Patrik – Paupière – Penny Diving – Pet Sun – Petra Glynt – PHERN – Phony Ppl – Pierre Kwenders – pillowcount – Pins & Needles – Plini – Po Lazarus – PONY – Public Service Broadcasting – Pulgas – Quay Dash – Queen of Swords – Radiant Baby – Ramon Chicharron – Rara Jazz de Montréal – Raveen – Rebelle – Renny Wilson – respectfulchild – Robbie Ivon – Royal Canoe – Royal Trux – RZA – S.H.R.I.M.P. Ring– Sage Reynolds – Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs – Samito – Sarah Pagé – Sarahmee – Saxsyndrum – Scattered Clouds – Sea Oleena – Serpentwithfeet – Shades of Culture – Sheenah Ko – Sick Things – Slight – Small Talk – Smileswithteeth – Smithers – Smokes – Soccer Mommy – Soclose – Son Little – Sorry Girls – Sportsfan – Stef Chura – Stefan Schneider – Steve Jr. – Still Kicking – Strange Froots – Strangerfamiliar – Sueños Y Raíces – Sunfields – Sunrise & Good People – SWEAT – Swet Shop Boys – Syngja – Tali Taliwah & the Ruckus – TAM – Tamara Sandor – TAMPA – Teen Daze – Teke Teke – Tess Roby – Thanya Iyer – The Acorn – The Baggios –The Besnard Lakes – The Dears – The Foreign Resort – The Fuzzy Undertones – The Going Away Present – The Hypochondriacs – The Jerry Cans – The Luyas present: After Language – The Misprints – The Painters – The Rising Few – The Seams – The Sorority – Thee Oh Sees – These Guy – Think About Life – Thrifty Kids – TiKA – Tim Arnold – TONNES – Tooth & The Fang – Traces – Trails – Trio Joubran featuring Youssef Hbeich –Twist – Ty Segall Solo Acoustic – Tyrone Wells – Umji Kelezo – Un Blonde – Vagabon – Val Thomas – Vallens – Valleys – Vanille – Venus – Vikki Gilmore – VJ Minou Lunch – Vogue Dots – Vulvets – Wake Island – Walrus – Wasiu – We Are Monroe – Weird Star ­– Weyes Blood – Whitney K – William Basinski – Windigo – Wine Lips – Woolworm – WROTE – Year of Glad – Young Mammals – Young Satan in Love – Yves Tumor – Zach Phillips – Zen Bamboo – Zoe Sky Jordan – Zouz