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Running illustration done by Mina Tocalini of 360 MAGAZINE.

Best Workout Clothing Brands

Since COVID-19, many people have picked up new hobbies. While some people have honed the perfect sourdough bread recipe or crafted the ideal tie-dye technique, others have learned to love fitness. Now, with masks and social-distancing rules, people can venture out of their homes to enjoy outdoor exercise or even strict gym usage. And while your worn t-shirts and pajama shorts may have cut it in your living room it may be time to consider an upgrade to your workout outfits. Here are some of our favorite athletic clothing lines that are ideal for people looking to safely practice their quarantine-hobby outside of their home.

For shoppers who value unique styles:

Beach Riot

Beach Riot supplies bra tops, leggings, and shorts that you can feel confident that no one else on your running trail will adorn. With popping prints and unique silhouettes ranging from snakeskin, to palm trees, to tie-dye, Beach Riot offers bright prints to their bra and legging pairings. Best of all, you can get these adorable and functional styles for $78 – $98. Also, the brand even sells masks in some of their fantastic prints so shoppers can be dressed head-to-toe in brilliant patterns.

For shoppers who want guaranteed comfortable:


Champion may be known for their hoodies, but Champion offers the comfort and stylish taste that we all know and love in athletic-wear. With colorful sports bras, bike shorts, and mesh tanks, Champion Workout caters to all of your exercise needs.  Also, Champion is the perfect shop if you are looking for clothing to wear post-workout; in particular, Champion’s collaboration with MTV has some of our favorite comfy and cute clothing. After the successful spring exercise collection, Champion Workout returns for the fall season with new prints, popping colors, and fresh styles.

For shoppers who prioritize sustainable outfits:

Girlfriend Collective

In a world full of fast-fashion, Girlfriend Collective is a rare find of fashionable, ethical, and moderately priced athleisure. Girlfriend Collective offers buttery soft leggings, sports bras, and bike shorts while supporting ethical and sustainable fashion practices.

If you are looking to practice your shavasana in an outdoor yoga session, Girlfriend Collective will help put your mind at ease because each product is made from recycled materials. For example, the compressive leggings and bras are made from recycled plastic bottles (fun fact: 25 bottles go into each pair of leggings!). Other products, such as their t-shirts, are made from cupro, a fiber that is the waste from cotton industry production. Therefore, their cupro tanks and tees are zero-waste because they are made from other products cotton waste!


As the world eases into a new type of normal, it is important for us all to safely enter this new phase of life. This means taking what we have all learned while in quarantine – whether it be workout routines, recipes, or racial injustices – and applying this knowledge outside of our homes. Get excited about continuing your workout routine by adorning some new athletic-wear (and a mask, of course!) while following CDC guidelines. Be sure to check out these brands and let us know what other athleisure brands you’re loving.

Fashion Wear for Women During Rainy Days

During rainy days functionality tends to be valued above fashionability. We choose clothes that can keep us dry, never mind that we are not happy with the way we look. This should not be the case especially now that there are specialty companies that are combining fashion sense with the basic function of keeping us dry. 

Balancing Fashion and Function

Staying dry during rainy days, usually means a set of an umbrella, boots, waterproof pants, and rain jackets. Functionality balanced by fashion is sought by many and yet most people simply settle for heavy-duty rainwear that is reliable in a downpour.

There are many considerations for choosing rainwear since lightweight, water-resistant clothes can not really hold up to strong rain. On the other hand, heavy-duty waterproof rainwear tends to lack breathability which means that sweat is trapped under the layers of our clothes. Choosing fashionable rain jackets require us to discern the style we would like to wear and also whether the materials are able to answer our different needs. During rainy days, it is our rain jackets that immediately attract the eye, so it is important to find one that is a good balance of function and fashion.

Standing Out on a Rainy Day

During a gray and rainy day, you may choose to stand out. Perhaps taking a walk with a rainbow-colored umbrella or wearing that bright yellow rain jacket with confidence. In this way, instead of blending in, you become a beacon of positivity for those people who are feeling their spirits dampen with the rains.

Staying Warm With Different Layers

One good tip for women who wish to balance fashion and function during rainy days is to try wearing leggings. Even if you wear a skirt over your leggings or stockings you will have an extra layer to keep you warm. The great thing about synthetic or nylon leggings is that they are breathable and dry very quickly should they get wet. Staying warm and comfortable on a rainy day by using different layers of light clothing allows you to be versatile. Your comfort can very well make you a trendsetter.

Rocking Out in the Rain With Your Boots

Keeping your feet dry is very important on a rainy day because wet feet will rob you of your comfort until you get home to dry them. Women have been finding the balance of fashion and function by embracing heavy-duty boots to keep their feet dry, but also as a counterpoint to more feminine colors or clothes. Some women wear combat boots or leather boots proudly even as they mix and match the rest of their outfits.

Mixing and Matching to Express Your Creativity

For some people, being fashionable feels difficult to achieve when the weather is dark and wet. But what is fashion anyway if not current trends in a community? When it is rainy, the need to stay dry is everybody’s priority. And yet people still find ways to stand out and be noticed. Human creativity is limitless and the small variations people do with what they wear is what feeds fashion trends. 

After the basic needs are met, that is when the creativity of people begins to be expressed. With so many companies now offering a myriad of clothes that balance function and fashion, going out on a rainy day becomes an opportunity to express one’s self and stand out even with raindrops falling to the ground.

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GOLDSHEEP releases Star Wars-themed Athleisure collection 
California based lifestyle and fitness brand, GOLDSHEEP have collaborated with Lucasfilm on an exclusive athleisure collection just in time for the premiere of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. 
Inspired by beloved characters from a galaxy far, far away, the collection is comprised of high-waisted moisture-wicking leggings, sports bras and fun bomber jackets. Founder Keri Wilson created the lifestyle brand with the vision of transferring art and unique graphics onto leggings and athletic separates. The Star Wars I Goldsheep 20-piece collection showcases bold, intergalactic prints that feature characters and iconography from across the Star Wars galaxy that include Yoda, Chewbacca, droids, lightsabers and the nefarious Death Star. Additionally, for the young Star Wars fans, GOLDSHEEP extended sizing for kiddos ranging from XXS-Large in select patterns of this limited-edition drop.
“This opportunity to work with Lucasfilm on a capsule collection means so much to me as a female business owner. Being that the last three films in the Skywalker saga are driven by a strong female lead, I was more than honored to create a rad collection where GOLDSHEEP followers could express their passion for the beloved brand. There are prints in the line for every Star Wars fan and I can’t wait to share them all!” – Keri Wilson, founder of GOLDSHEEP
Pieces will retail at $60 for a sports bra, $98 for leggings and $121 for jackets. The collection will be available to buy exclusively HERE on Dec 20th onward.