Fashion Wear for Women During Rainy Days

During rainy days functionality tends to be valued above fashionability. We choose clothes that can keep us dry, never mind that we are not happy with the way we look. This should not be the case especially now that there are specialty companies that are combining fashion sense with the basic function of keeping us dry. 

Balancing Fashion and Function

Staying dry during rainy days, usually means a set of an umbrella, boots, waterproof pants, and rain jackets. Functionality balanced by fashion is sought by many and yet most people simply settle for heavy-duty rainwear that is reliable in a downpour.

There are many considerations for choosing rainwear since lightweight, water-resistant clothes can not really hold up to strong rain. On the other hand, heavy-duty waterproof rainwear tends to lack breathability which means that sweat is trapped under the layers of our clothes. Choosing fashionable rain jackets require us to discern the style we would like to wear and also whether the materials are able to answer our different needs. During rainy days, it is our rain jackets that immediately attract the eye, so it is important to find one that is a good balance of function and fashion.

Standing Out on a Rainy Day

During a gray and rainy day, you may choose to stand out. Perhaps taking a walk with a rainbow-colored umbrella or wearing that bright yellow rain jacket with confidence. In this way, instead of blending in, you become a beacon of positivity for those people who are feeling their spirits dampen with the rains.

Staying Warm With Different Layers

One good tip for women who wish to balance fashion and function during rainy days is to try wearing leggings. Even if you wear a skirt over your leggings or stockings you will have an extra layer to keep you warm. The great thing about synthetic or nylon leggings is that they are breathable and dry very quickly should they get wet. Staying warm and comfortable on a rainy day by using different layers of light clothing allows you to be versatile. Your comfort can very well make you a trendsetter.

Rocking Out in the Rain With Your Boots

Keeping your feet dry is very important on a rainy day because wet feet will rob you of your comfort until you get home to dry them. Women have been finding the balance of fashion and function by embracing heavy-duty boots to keep their feet dry, but also as a counterpoint to more feminine colors or clothes. Some women wear combat boots or leather boots proudly even as they mix and match the rest of their outfits.

Mixing and Matching to Express Your Creativity

For some people, being fashionable feels difficult to achieve when the weather is dark and wet. But what is fashion anyway if not current trends in a community? When it is rainy, the need to stay dry is everybody’s priority. And yet people still find ways to stand out and be noticed. Human creativity is limitless and the small variations people do with what they wear is what feeds fashion trends. 

After the basic needs are met, that is when the creativity of people begins to be expressed. With so many companies now offering a myriad of clothes that balance function and fashion, going out on a rainy day becomes an opportunity to express one’s self and stand out even with raindrops falling to the ground.

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