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Vaughn Lowery pens article for ONYX RCR Motorbike, wearing Reebok Recreational Activities Sneaker, tom ford eyewear and AllSaints suede mist bomber jacket via 360 MAGAZINE.

Reebok Recreational Activities

Across four iconic Reebok footwear models, the pack mixes earthy colors and high-quality materials like wool, hemp, twill, and corduroy with nostalgic patterns like tie dye, bandana, paisley, and florals to celebrate the freethinkers, wanderers, and adventurers of then and now. 

A groovy alteration of Reebok’s brand wordmark ties the collection together, while a mix of materials, colors, and patterns tell a story unique to each shoe:

Nano X3 (IE4106, $160): This sun-bleached take on Reebok’s industry-best trainer features an all-over tie dye print, earthy color pops on the midsole and outsole, and a glow-in-the-dark outsole.

Pump TZ (IE4105, $180): This west coast inspired version of the iconic Pump basketball shoe fuses patchwork and patterns of ’70s grunge with retro ’90s sport style.

Beatnik (IE1956, $130): Inspired by ‘baja’ hoodies of the ‘60s, this bohemian take on Reebok’s comfy sandal presents a heavy knit upper with patterned webbings, grounded by a gritty speckled outsole.

LT Court (IE1954, $110): Earthy granola materials and patterns – and a tearaway tongue detail – make up the upper on this version of Reebok’s ‘80s court model, seated atop a gritty speckled outsole.

Classic Leather (IE4104, $100): Inspired by harem patchwork pants, this ‘hippie’ take on the historic Classic Leather features a bold mix of corduroy, washed denim, paisley and groovy prints like tie dye and bandana for a design that’s nostalgic and open minded.

Reebok’s “Recreational Activities” sneaker collection is available beginning April 1 from Reebok.com and select retailers. 

Reebok Recreational Activities Sneaker Collection via 360 MAGAZINE.
Reebok Recreational Activities Sneaker Collection via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci | Latest Watchmaking Endeavors via 360 Magazine.

Gucci Watches

Founded in Florence, Italy in 1921, Gucci is one of the world’s leading luxury brands. Following the House’s centenary, Gucci forges ahead continuing to redefine fashion and luxury while celebrating creativity, Italian craftsmanship, and innovation. Gucci is part of the global luxury group Kering, which manages renowned Houses in fashion, leather goods, jewelry, and eyewear. Discover more about Gucci at www.gucci.com.


Four kaleidoscopic designs enter the G-Timeless Planetarium, a collection that’s literally centered around the Dancing Hours Flying Tourbillon, GGC.1976.DS. Named after the Orion Nebula NGC 1976 – one of our galaxy’s brightest nebulas and which is visible from the naked eye – the tourbillon sits front and center on the dial, set with a diamond-studded star. A start-and-stop function on the crown activates a rotation of 12 precious stones, each one spinning on itself in 9 seconds and orbiting clockwise around the dial in 90 seconds.

In 2023, two lunar themed creations enter the space: one is set with 12 Ethiopian opals, their effervescence highlighted by a translucent blue background; the second a dreamlike, pastel melange of topaz, peridot, amethyst and Ethiopian opals. Another design travels to an otherworldly sunset of contrasting reds: rubies, fire opals, pink tourmaline and mandarin garnet. Finally, the brightest addition is a star-themed creation with four different types of stars, each punctuated with diamonds, which together encircle the central tourbillon star in a luminous explosion of light.


The G-Timeless Dancing Bees collection celebrates the bee motif, a tribute to life and nature that conquers the space. Here, 12 golden bees tremble on the dial, hypnotically fluttering and shimmering with the slightest movement of the wrist. For 2023, two exceptional stone dials pay tribute to Mother Earth and her singular beauty as our only living planet. The first features an intense turquoise dial that instantly recalls the greenish and deep blue water of the oceans seen by the space, as in the series of famous photographs taken during the spaceflights to the moon; the second captures lush, verdant lands with a vibrant pistachio green opal dial further galvanized by Gucci’s exquisite stone marquetry savoir-faire. Here, the fragile stones are first polished to a thickness of only 0.45mm before being cut into small, individual rectangles, which are then painstakingly laid on a mother-of-pearl plate of a just 0.15mm thick. The craftsmanship parallels the extreme precision and sophistication of the accompanying star-studded tourbillon, which rests within a diamond-set crescent at 12 o’clock.


In 2023, Gucci’s sophisticated moonphase caliber GGV838.MP meets personal expression in a new made-to-order G-Timeless Moonlight, where a client’s specific place, time and date of birth are uniquely depicted on the watch. Clients start with six gemstones that reflect the astral map, linked to zodiac signs and the birthday planets’ position, which are paired with six diamonds that are alternately set on a rotating rehaut. The crown at 2 o’clock allows to activate the rotating rehaut that spins randomly, along with it the planets and gemstones. Further bespoke decoration comes courtesy of an internal ring that can be etched with up to five personal letters or characters, an oscillating weight displaying the client’s personal constellation and customisable alligator strap. A sparkling, deep blue aventurine glass dial layered over a thin mother-of-pearl disc further evokes the mystery and magic of our universe.

The layered dial technique continues in two additional designs set with deep, intense tones, which further highlight the dialogue between the planets in our galaxy. A shimmering mother-of-pearl dial treated with an electric purple-blue lacquer brings forth the fire in a multicolored opal moonphase disc. Meanwhile, a second design is more iridescent, thanks to a sliver of green aventurine glass set on a thin mother-of-pearl base, its purple-green effect contrasting the green opal moonphase disc below.


In 2023, the iconic, ultra-thin GUCCI 25H collection goes from strength to strength. Up first is an openwork GUCCI 25H Skeleton Tourbillon that is masterfully set with baguette diamonds, including 60 diamonds on the dial’s floating bridges and 44 diamonds on the bezel. A flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock rotates every minute, and will perfectly align with the bridge once during its journey. Meanwhile, the winding stem can also be personalized with up to eight letters on each of the stem’s four sides. Sized at 40mm, the masterpiece comes in either 18kt pink or white gold, with matching gold skeleton hands and stylishly paired with either a deep cobalt or black alligator strap respectively.

Also new, the GUCCI 25H Skeleton Tourbillon with coloured bridges and matching rubber straps is a bold color statement. The watch’s components are coolly tinted: there’s an orange platine, pink flying tourbillon cage, purple barrel bridge and green minutery bridges, while an electric blue winding stem can also be customized with eight digits on each of its four sides. The colors are inspired by the rich hues represented in the geological map of the moon, a ground-breaking scientific and geological reference that depicts a magnified blueprint of the moon.

Finally, the new GUCCI 25H with the perpetual calendar complication is powered by the GG727.25.PC caliber, which displays the time alongside days, months, years and moonphase (and which is accurate and won’t need adjusting to the year 2100). With a thickness of just 9.7mm, the watch’s architectural signature is echoed in the dial’s horizontal pattern, while the five-link bracelet or alligator strap are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and fit. With a sporty attitude, the watch comes in three models with gold and steel finishes and propels the contemporary spirit of this iconic collection into its next chapter.


When Grip launched in 2019, it immediately became a cult design for its pioneering spirit and sense of uniqueness, where 1970s skateboarding culture met sleek, edgy design. In Gucci High Watchmaking, the Grip’s jumping hour mechanism adds an even more off-beat touch, inviting time to be read in an unusual way – the Gucci way. First developed in the 1920s with precision at its heart, the jumping hour mechanism stores energy for 59 minutes, which then punctually powers the “jump” to the next hour at the 60th. In 2023, the Grip is fully laid with vintage-like hard stones – either brick red jasper or chrysoprase – set in 18kt pink gold with matching brick red or mint green display discs and complementary alligator straps. Retro styled yet playful, this is Gucci’s precious and refined watch with a “grip”.

GUINEVERE TAKES A BOW via 360 Magazine.


Guinevere, the long-established taste-making ‘hub’ of antique finds on the King’s Road, is to curate a special auction at Dreweatts on May 23rd, 2023 in celebration of its 60 years supplying antiques and decorative arts from around the world to its wide-ranging clientele. This celebratory event also affords an opportunity to mark an end of an era at one of London’s most loved dealers on the famous Kings Road in London, as they explore new opportunities and consider the next phase.

The family-run business was the brainchild of French-born Genevieve Weaver, who moved to London in the 1960s. Already a creative force as a hat designer, her passion for antiques was inspired by furnishing her own homes. Having purchased certain pieces to fit into her own interiors, she would then sell them on in order to recreate her ever-changing taste. Her move to Chelsea saw her develop her skills into a business and Guinevere was born as a shop on the Kings Road.

The main draw was the range of extraordinary finds sourced on Genevieve’s travels around the world. These rare and sometimes one-off pieces were a thrilling find to a London clientele and cemented Genevieve as a tastemaker, who set new trends and broke boundaries – something the company prides itself on continuing. Today Genevieve’s sons Kevin and Marc and Marc’s wife Heather Weaver continue to build on this creative foundation and strong passion that was instilled from the company’s beginnings, sourcing wonderful collections and one-off works from around the globe. The carefully chosen works include rare furniture, textiles, lighting, decorative works of art and curious antique pieces, as well as contemporary works that are out of the ordinary and always of exceptional quality.

The premises have expanded over the years and as well as being a ‘go to’ for interior designers and private clients looking to furnish their home or find a ‘gem’, Guinevere has caught the attention of celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow who raves about their famous window designs and the designer Valentino, who in an interview with the Evening Standard was asked “Who is in your secret address book”, to which he replied: “For gifts, I like Guinevere Antiques on the King’s Road.”

It is not only celebrities but well-known designers that see Guinevere as a wonderful resource, as they are renowned for offering the extraordinary. The many accolades and the company’s longevity are testament not only to Guinevere’s legacy, but also to the company’s progression, always remaining ‘current’ by staying ahead of the trend. This special auction will offer Guinevere a chance to champion what they’ve achieved, while they continue to evolve in the ever-changing digital landscape, as tastes change and demand soars for certain works and styles in a contemporary age. This means it will be the last chance to shop at Guinevere as we know it.

As you enter the premises you wander through expansive galleries on a mini ‘Grand Tour’, with rooms arranged as settings for dinner, drinks, relaxing or entertaining. The arrangements also change regularly, so you never have the same journey twice. Their awe-inspiring ‘settings’ speak for themselves, taking you on a foreign journey through various continents and history. 

Commenting on the specially curated auction, Will Richards, Deputy Chairman of Dreweatts, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be holding the Guinevere sale, celebrating 60 years of this well-loved Kings Road institution. For generations Guinevere has been at the centre of London’s famous international antiques and interior design world. Famed for their fusion of cultural influences from around the world and range of periods from antiquity to modern and contemporary, they have a truly global client base. We are thrilled to be working with Kevin, Marc and Heather to celebrate this landmark!”

Commenting on celebrating 60 years with this special auction, Marc Weaver, said: “It would be impossible to let our anniversary pass without a celebration. For us this means an auction, a big party and a chance to reflect on the past and consider what lies ahead.”

A grand pair of French silvered and gilded bronze Pompeiian tripod torcheres in the sale are attributed to the French sculptor Ferdinand Barbedienne (1810-1892). Barbedienne was considered one of the most significant casters of bronze works during the late 19th Century and the founder of one of the most important artistic foundries of the period. Championed for bringing artworks to the wider public, by initially creating miniatures of famous sculptures found in museums around the world, his business evolved into the creation of domestic works in bronze and other metals for the home, as well as huge public commissions for which he was awarded several honours. The ornate, yet stylish torcheres in the sale date from circa 1890 and carry and estimate of £5,000-£8,000.

A George IV carved giltwood wall mirror is believed to be in the manner of Irish makers Francis & John Booker of Dublin, the foremost glassmakers in Ireland. The business was established by John Booker Snr. in the 17th century and their reputation grew to extend to supplying the royal family and the wealthy of Ireland, alongside the wider community. Listed as ‘specialized in glass grinding and cutting’, they worked with leading wood carvers to create the bespoke frames that adorned them. On John Booker Snr’s death in 1750 his sons took on the business with great success. The mirror in the sale dates from circa 1830 and is in the classic ornate Booker style. It carries an estimate of £2,000-£3,000.

A set of four ‘en-grisaille’ oil paintings of winged putti representing the arts in the manner of Belgian artist Piat Joseph Sauvage (1744-1818) are also on offer. ‘En-grisaille’ is a historic technique of painting in neutral shades to imitate sculpture. It was usually used in large decorative schemes and was a stunning art form in its own right. Early known examples date back to the 13th century and some are still used today, with a wider colour palette. Piat Joseph Sauvage was a master in the art form, undertaking Royal and public commissions. This particular set of paintings dates from circa 1830 and is estimated to fetch £3,000-£5,000.

Guinevere also specializes in tapestries, from antique to contemporary and in the sale is a rare wool and silk historic tapestry. It depicts a scene from the life of one of the most daring military leaders in history, the Carthaginian general and statesman Hannibal (247-181 BC). The central panel depicts Hannibal deploying cattle with flaming horns at the Battle of Ager Falernus in 217AD. The tapestry is believed to be after 16th century designs by Francois Geubels (Flemish Fl.1546-1579) for Brussels workshops and is estimated to fetch £15,000-£25,000.

Among the contemporary works is a pair of silvered and lacquered leaf chairs by celebrated French artist Joy de Rohan Chabot. Inspired by nature she uses a honed laser-cut metal technique to create stunning furniture with seemingly suspended adornments, such as leaves and butterflies. They are sculpted as one piece, creating a stable and beautiful piece of hand-painted furniture. The chairs in the sale were created in 2018 and are estimated to fetch £1,200-£1,800.

Among smaller pieces in the sale is a Victorian silver plate novelty cruet by Gotscher & Co. Birmingham, in a design registered in 1886, which is estimated at £150-£250, a pair of 19th century Chinese flambe porcelain vases (estimate £1,500-£2,500), a pair of 20th century Italian glazed pottery models of leopards (estimate £3,000-£5,000) and a striking Chinese powder blue rectangular section gilt metal ‘gu’ vase mounted by the famous Escalier de Cristal in Paris, which first opened it shop in the Palais Royale in 1808. The vase dates from the late 19th Century and is estimated to fetch £800-£1,200.

The White Stripes release "Elephant" (Deluxe) via 360 Magazine.


The White Stripes are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their RIAA 2x-Platinum Certified 2003 fourth studio album, Elephant, with today’s digital release of Elephant (Deluxe). The special release sees the remastered HD audio of the original studio album joined by a 27-song live set recorded on July 2, 2003 at Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom during the band’s blockbuster Elephant Tour. A limited edition 2xLP version of the original Elephant album will also be released on Red Smoke (LP1) & Clear with Red & Black Smoke (LP2) colored vinyl on Friday, April 21; pre-orders are available now.

Elephant (Deluxe) and the Anniversary are also heralded by the re-release of the I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself music video directed by Sofia Coppola and starring Kate Moss, which has been newly remastered in HD. WATCH HERE.

The official Elephant 20th anniversary will be celebrated with a trio of Third Man Records Elephant Listening Tea Parties as a nod to the album’s London recording roots. These events are set for tomorrow, April 1, at Third Man Records stores in Detroit, Nashville, and London from 11am to 4pm local time. Entry is free, but attendees with proof of pre-order of the Elephant 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Color Vinyl from any retailer will receive a limited edition bonus print of Jack and Meg from the Toe Rag recording sessions photographed by David James Swanson, while supplies last.

The landmark anniversary is further marked with the launch of a brand-new merchandise store and exclusive Elephant collection, available now at www.whitestripesstore.com. Additional 20th anniversary items will be released throughout the year. New merchandise collections are also available for Jack White, The Raconteurs, and The Dead Weather.

Released on April 1, 2003, Elephant swiftly proved to be a critically acclaimed, award-winning phenomenon, as well as garnering worldwide popularity, peaking at #6 on the Billboard 200 while also topping the UK’s Official Albums Chart. Largely recorded over two weeks in April 2002 at London’s analogue Toe Rag Studios, Elephant includes such now-classic singles as the GRAMMY Award-winning Seven Nation Army, I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself, The Hardest Button To Button, and There’s No Home For You Here, all of which prompted Rolling Stone‘s David Fricke to hail the album as quite simply, a work of pulverizing perfection. Elephant went on to win the 2004 GRAMMY Award for Best Alternative Album and was an Album of the Year nominee.




OTR teams up with acclaimed UK artist JONES on Heat of the Sun, his first new single since 2020. Boasting an explosion of dreamy synths and polished percussion, the sparkling track showcases the scope of emotion as well as meticulous attention to detail that elevates OTR’s work. With her smooth, sultry vocals, JONES hints at the warm, unforgettable summer nights that lie on the other side of winter as OTR unveils a drop that, as he describes, cures sadness. Listen to Heat of the Sun, which was released by Astralwerks today, HERE. View the official video HERE.

I wrote the initial idea while experimenting with some analog synths during lockdown, recalls Ryan Chadwick, the onetime aerospace engineer-turned-producer known as OTR. It wasn’t until my visit to London when JONES was able to add her unique charm that the track transformed into what it is today. It reminds me of the togetherness summer brings.

The official video for Heat of the Sun follows a vibrant young woman with a joie de vivre that carries her through a series of events, eventually bringing her to the start of a pivotal new relationship. Throughout the day, she senses a mysterious, ethereal presence as time and reality blur in a world created by director Kevin Clark (Finneas, Between Friends). View the video, which was produced by Emily Truong, HERE.

Hailed as a rising star by Wonderland, JONES recently released the new single Hard To Be Happy her first new music since her acclaimed 2021 EP Blue SunshineOTR, who has amassed more than 200 million combined global streams in his career to date, has been teasing Heat of the Sun on social media in the lead-up to the single’s release and answering questions from fans like what does OTR mean? and how did you go from aerospace engineering to music production? His 2020 debut album, Lost At Midnight (Astralwerks), included collaborations with such artists as ShallouUkiyo, Vancouver Sleep ClinicWYNNE, and Panama.

Follow OTR:

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Taleban Dooda | "Major Pain" via 360 Magazine.

Taleban Dooda | “Major Pain”

Today, East Tampa rapper Taleban Dooda releases his unfiltered new single Major Pain. Listen HERE District 18 / Warner Records. Powerful and diaristic, the rising star’s new offering explores the challenges of putting on a brave face when the going gets tough. To mark the occasion, Dooda also drops the track’s accompanying video, which highlights his emotional delivery and magnetism. Watch it HERE.

Grounded by a driving beat and melodic guitar arrangement, “Major Pain” finds Dooda at his most vulnerable.“As a child I feel major pain, trying to hide my feelings behind a smile but I don’t feel the same,” the 20-year-old spits.“I know how you feel my friend, it hurt like hell I know.” The track culminates with the melancholy, brutally honest outro;“I can’t give out no love no more, no love no more, it’s all gone.”

The “Major Pain” video finds Dooda in a number of different locations, delivering the new track with poise and grace. Many of them, a backyard by a fence, leaning out of a backseat amplifying the song’s disarming, confessional quality. Although “Major Pain” hits where it hurts, it also demands to be played, again and again.

The new single arrives shortly after Dooda‘s boisterous Come After Me and Step Wit A Passion mixtape, which dropped in late 2022 and boasted the hit single If It Happen It Happen. That project followed Dooda‘s other 2022 releaseWhite Chalk & Yellow Tape, which is disarmingly cohesive from front to back. Prior to that, he dropped a series of singles including Foreigns & Trackhawks, Sunset, Call 100 Times.

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AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #26 cover art via 360 Magazine.


It’s the most shocking issue of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN in fifty years, and fans will have a chance to grab it with covers by some of the industry’s hottest artists! Today, Pepe Larraz’ variant cover for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #26 is revealed and this breathtaking piece of Peter Parker swinging high above the city is the perfect companion to what promises to be a groundbreaking issue. The issue will be a key turning point in Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr.’s run and send shockwaves throughout the Marvel Universe.

With the secret of what Peter did finally revealed, the Emissary has returned with power far beyond Spider-Man’s abilities. The heroes may figure out a way to win, but the cost of victory will be so immense that you may hope they don’t…

Check out the cover now and be sure to check with your local comic shop regarding availability! For more information, visit Marvel.com.

Top Breaking Stories March 2023 via 360 Magazine.

Top Breaking Stories March 2023

Nine individuals lose their lives as two Army Black Hawk helicopters collide in Kentucky.

Army officials confirmed on Thursday that a nighttime training exercise involving two Army Black Hawk medical evacuation helicopters resulted in a crash, causing the death of nine individuals. As per an early Thursday statement released by the Army base, Fort Campbell, the crash occurred at approximately 10:00 p.m. local time (11:00 p.m. ET) on Wednesday in Trigg County while conducting training exercises. Brig. Gen. John Lubas, the 101st Airborne deputy commander, reported that the helicopters crashed in a field near a residential area, with no injuries reported on the ground. Lubas further stated that one of the helicopters carried five individuals, while the other had four.

A journalist from the Wall Street Journal has been taken into custody in Russia and faces charges of espionage.

An American journalist working for the Wall Street Journal has been arrested by Russian authorities on charges of espionage. This development signifies a noteworthy escalation of tensions between Moscow and the United States and highlights the country’s aggressive stance against foreign news media, which has been under immense pressure since President Vladimir Putin’s complete invasion of Ukraine last year. 

As per state media reports, Evan Gershkovich was arrested in the city of Yekaterinburg, located in the Ural Mountains, on allegations of “espionage in the interests of the American government,” according to a statement by the Federal Security Service (FSB). The FSB accused Gershkovich of gathering “information that constitutes a state secret about the operations of a Russian military-industrial complex enterprise.” The Wall Street Journal refuted these accusations.

Gwyneth Paltrow ski crash trial: when two skiers collide on the slopes, who is considered at fault?

Gwyneth Paltrow is currently facing trial for a 2016 ski accident that took place in Utah, in which a retired optometrist alleges that he suffered injuries that have significantly impacted his life.

Terry Sanderson, who is 76 years old, has alleged that the collision was caused by Gwyneth Paltrow’s distraction and is seeking $300,000 (£245,000) in damages. Paltrow, who is 50 years old, has denied the allegations and has even countersued for a nominal amount of $1, along with compensation for her attorneys’ fees. The civil trial has relied heavily on the testimonies of various individuals involved in the incident. 

The trial, which was live-streamed, has garnered significant attention and has become one of the most high-profile celebrity court cases since the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case last year. The incident has sparked debates about the pressures of fame and even led to the creation of memes. The trial has also highlighted the importance of ski etiquette, particularly about determining who has the right of way, a topic that has become relevant beyond just those who can afford to ski at resorts.

A school shooting in Nashville has left six victims dead, including three school employees and three students, all aged nine.

On Monday, a 28-year-old former student carried out a shooting at a school in Nashville, Tennessee, resulting in the deaths of six individuals. Among the victims were three employees of the school: Cynthia Peak (61), Katherine Koonce (60), and Michael Hill (61). Additionally, three pupils, all aged nine, were killed: Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney. Police have stated that they do not believe any of the victims were targeted specifically. Police identified the shooter at the Nashville school as 28-year-old former student Audrey Hale, who was killed by police at the scene. The gender identity and motive of the shooter remain unclear. Initially, police referred to Hale as a 28-year-old woman, but later stated that Hale was transgender, based on a social media profile using masculine pronouns. However, it has not been confirmed how Hale was identified. 

Yanmar America Supporting Atlanta Braves via 360 Magazine.

Yanmar America Supporting Atlanta Braves

Yanmar America Corporation has announced its continued sponsorship of the Atlanta Braves Major League Baseball team. Official Partner of the Atlanta Braves Grounds Crew, Yanmar will support the Braves as they meet the Washington Nationals on March 30th, for Opening Day at Nationals Park, Washington, D.C.

“Baseball overcomes boundaries to bring people together in a shared moment of excitement and passion,” said Jeff Albright, President of Yanmar America Corporation. “Yanmar is extremely proud of this opportunity to partner with the Atlanta Braves and demonstrate our commitment to the sport.”

Throughout 2022, Yanmar provided its SA series and YT series multi-purpose compact tractors for ground management at Truist Park. In 2023, the compact and versatile tractors will continue to support the Braves’ grounds management team as they keep the field in pristine condition for hometown fans and visitors.

“We are thrilled to welcome Yanmar America Corporation back to Braves Country in 2023,” stated Jim Allen, Senior Vice President of Corporate and Premium Partnerships. “Our grounds crew are excited to use Yanmar’s quality equipment to keep the field in impeccable condition.”

Yanmar has a long history of sharing in the excitement and power of sport through global sponsorships that include soccer and sailing. Like the engines which are the pillar of its business, Yanmar believes that sports can act as the “driving force” to realize a prosperous society, and through its sports sponsorships the company is working to foster culture and develop future generations.

Yanmar leadership believes there are elements in common between baseball and business activities. Baseball is a team-oriented sport where each and every player has the opportunity to realize their individual excellence with the support of their team. Together, players, managers, and coaches must demonstrate unified leadership and foster team morale.

As part of the partnership, Yanmar will be able to take advantage of various marketing and promotional activities provided by the Braves.

About Yanmar America Corporation

Yanmar America Corporation, located in Adairsville, GA, is the regional headquarters of Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd. a global company based in Osaka, Japan. Yanmar was established in 1912, and in 1933 became the world’s first manufacturer to develop a practical small diesel engine. Today, Yanmar is a recognized leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced performance diesel engines and diesel-powered equipment, as well as gas engine-based energy systems. Yanmar America Corporation is located at 101 International Parkway, Adairsville, GA 30103. For more information, please visit yanmar.com/us.

About the Atlanta Braves

Based in Atlanta since 1966, the Braves are the longest continuously operating franchise in Major League Baseball. Since 1991, Braves teams have earned two National League wild cards, 20 division championships, six National League pennants, and two World Series titles. Atlanta Braves games are telecast on Bally Sports South and Bally Sports Southeast. Radio broadcasts can be heard in Atlanta on 680 The Fan (AM) and regionally on the Atlanta Braves Radio Network. Follow the Braves at braves.comfacebook.com/braves, and twitter.com/braves.

THE SPA AT PALMS via 360 Magazine.


The ideal destination for luxury and wellness, the return of The Spa at Palms Casino Resort is official. The tranquil 17,000-square-foot spa and salon celebrated its return with an invitational soiree and is now taking reservations for treatments and services at www.palms.com. The intimate destination for refreshing rejuvenation features three levels of vertical relaxation, with 15 treatment sanctuaries, a full-service salon, a world-class fitness center, and Zen Studio for yoga, meditation, and retreats. 

In honor of the opening celebration and as part of an ongoing tradition, San Manuel Gaming and Hospitality Authority (SMGHA), and Palms Cares along with the team from Trilogy Spa Holdings presented a grant of $50,000 to the local non-profit Unshakeable to continue its impactful work guiding women recovering from trauma to return to the workforce and achieve financial independence.

Easily accessible from the east tower free self-parking garage and free valet, Las Vegas locals will receive 20% off all services along with several additional perks. Designed to provide guests with a world-class spa experience focused on personal service, approachability, and providing a highly trained staff of therapists and technicians, The Spa at Palms offers treatments and experiences for every need. From signature massages to distinctive body treatments to nail services, hair, and make-up, fitness, and facials, discover it at The Spa at Palms. 

Stand-out and signature services include such offerings as: 

Refresh Salt Stone Massage

Recovery Deep Tissue Massage

Sun-Kissed Aloe Body Wrap

Palms Signature Body Ritual

Revitalizing Body Scrubs 

Radiate Gemstone Facial 

Signature Manicure/Pedicure

Hair and Makeup Services

“We are confident we will provide our guests with an outstanding experience focused on personal service and approachability,” said Spa General Manager, Jennifer Noble. “As a Trilogy spa, we take great pride in providing a highly trained staff of therapists and technicians. We are confident that the experience here will be memorable and that our guests will feel better both mentally and physically.”

The Spa at Palms also offers Spa’rty, the perfect way to celebrate girlfriend getaways, bachelorette parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. With outstanding spa and wellness services, food and beverage, and a highly personalized approach to service, groups of five or more can book a Spa’rty Spectacular. Book five or more 50-minute spa services for the group and receive a complimentary: one enhancement ($35 value) for each guest in the group, a glass of champagne for each guest, and one item gift takeaway for each attendee. Other Spa’rty options and customizations are also available.

“As we approach our first full year of operations at Palms, we couldn’t be more thrilled to celebrate the official return of The Spa at Palms. We are incredibly enthusiastic about this amazingly beautiful and relaxing spa and salon as yet another hotel amenity for our guests. It is particularly meaningful as we take great pride in providing an unmatched guest experience to all who visit Palms,” said Cynthia Kiser Murphey, General Manager, of Palms Casino Resort. “Even more, this guest-first, hospitality-driven approach is shared by the talented and expert team of the award-winning hospitality management company Trilogy Spa Holdings who will complement our outstanding family of great partners here at Palms.” 

“This truly is a beautiful and unique spa destination and a special day. Being located at Palms, we are focused on elevated service and attention to detail, and our goal is to ensure that our guest escapes every day and indulges in some well-deserved pampering,” said David Stoup, Trilogy Spa Holdings Co-Founder/Chairman. “We are built on a foundation of experienced spa operators, healthcare professionals, and beauty and hospitality industry veterans, and we are beyond excited to join Palms in presenting The Spa at Palms.”

Hours of Operation: 7 a.m. -7 p.m. daily. For more information at: https://thespapalms.com/

About Trilogy Spa Holdings 
Trilogy Spa Holdings (Trilogy) is a professional boutique wellness & lifestyle consulting and management company dedicated to creating and operating the most innovative, service-centric and performance optimized branded spas in the hospitality, club and residential industries. Built on a foundation of experienced spa operators, healthcare professionals, beauty and hospitality industry veterans, Trilogy is the critical management link between hospitality companies, integrated medical and wellness services and luxury beauty brands. For more information please visit: www.trilogyspaholdings.com

About Palms Casino Resort
Palms Casino Resort is making history as the first resort in Las Vegas fully owned and operated by a Native American Tribe. Palms Casino Resort features two distinct towers with 766 hotel rooms and suites, a diverse mix of bars, restaurants, live entertainment venues, and immersive lifestyle experiences across a 95,000-square-foot reimagined casino. The resort also includes over 190,000 square feet of meeting, convention, and event space; the Pearl, a 2,500-seat theater; an expansive pool and spa area; a wedding chapel; the Brenden Theaters 14-screen cinema and nearly 600 units at Palms Place condominiums.

Palms is located just west of the center of the Las Vegas Strip off I-15 on Flamingo Road. Palms Casino Resort is owned by The San Manuel Gaming and Hospitality Authority (“SMGHA”) an affiliate of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. For more information visit http://www.palms.com/ or the Palms Press Room. Follow Palms on social media  Facebook Twitter Instagram.

About San Manuel Gaming and Hospitality Authority 
The San Manuel Gaming and Hospitality Authority is a governmental instrumentality of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, a federally recognized Indian tribe, created for the purpose of independently carrying out the investment in, and ownership and management of, gaming and hospitality businesses outside of the San Manuel Reservation.