Taleban Dooda | "Major Pain" via 360 Magazine.

Taleban Dooda | “Major Pain”

Today, East Tampa rapper Taleban Dooda releases his unfiltered new single Major Pain. Listen HERE District 18 / Warner Records. Powerful and diaristic, the rising star’s new offering explores the challenges of putting on a brave face when the going gets tough. To mark the occasion, Dooda also drops the track’s accompanying video, which highlights his emotional delivery and magnetism. Watch it HERE.

Grounded by a driving beat and melodic guitar arrangement, “Major Pain” finds Dooda at his most vulnerable.“As a child I feel major pain, trying to hide my feelings behind a smile but I don’t feel the same,” the 20-year-old spits.“I know how you feel my friend, it hurt like hell I know.” The track culminates with the melancholy, brutally honest outro;“I can’t give out no love no more, no love no more, it’s all gone.”

The “Major Pain” video finds Dooda in a number of different locations, delivering the new track with poise and grace. Many of them, a backyard by a fence, leaning out of a backseat amplifying the song’s disarming, confessional quality. Although “Major Pain” hits where it hurts, it also demands to be played, again and again.

The new single arrives shortly after Dooda‘s boisterous Come After Me and Step Wit A Passion mixtape, which dropped in late 2022 and boasted the hit single If It Happen It Happen. That project followed Dooda‘s other 2022 releaseWhite Chalk & Yellow Tape, which is disarmingly cohesive from front to back. Prior to that, he dropped a series of singles including Foreigns & Trackhawks, Sunset, Call 100 Times.

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