OTR teams up with acclaimed UK artist JONES on Heat of the Sun, his first new single since 2020. Boasting an explosion of dreamy synths and polished percussion, the sparkling track showcases the scope of emotion as well as meticulous attention to detail that elevates OTR’s work. With her smooth, sultry vocals, JONES hints at the warm, unforgettable summer nights that lie on the other side of winter as OTR unveils a drop that, as he describes, cures sadness. Listen to Heat of the Sun, which was released by Astralwerks today, HERE. View the official video HERE.

I wrote the initial idea while experimenting with some analog synths during lockdown, recalls Ryan Chadwick, the onetime aerospace engineer-turned-producer known as OTR. It wasn’t until my visit to London when JONES was able to add her unique charm that the track transformed into what it is today. It reminds me of the togetherness summer brings.

The official video for Heat of the Sun follows a vibrant young woman with a joie de vivre that carries her through a series of events, eventually bringing her to the start of a pivotal new relationship. Throughout the day, she senses a mysterious, ethereal presence as time and reality blur in a world created by director Kevin Clark (Finneas, Between Friends). View the video, which was produced by Emily Truong, HERE.

Hailed as a rising star by Wonderland, JONES recently released the new single Hard To Be Happy her first new music since her acclaimed 2021 EP Blue SunshineOTR, who has amassed more than 200 million combined global streams in his career to date, has been teasing Heat of the Sun on social media in the lead-up to the single’s release and answering questions from fans like what does OTR mean? and how did you go from aerospace engineering to music production? His 2020 debut album, Lost At Midnight (Astralwerks), included collaborations with such artists as ShallouUkiyo, Vancouver Sleep ClinicWYNNE, and Panama.

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