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Brands You Will Love In 2021

There is no shortage of new and established products out there for consumers to try in 2021. One thing that has become obvious over the past year is consumer preference for quality. Because online shopping has skyrocketed consumers in the U.S. and around the world are seeming to tend to require more information about the products they buy. The reason being that, while browsing is something you do even when shopping in person, the level at which you can browse when ONLINE shopping is far superior. 

Say you are at a big box store looking at laptops. Maybe there will be ten options there for you to choose from or, if the place is especially large, maybe you’ll get twenty. But on the internet, there are literally hundreds of options – all of which you can research and choose from at your leisure until you choose the right one. While increased variety is certainly not a bad thing, it can also lead to something called “decision paralysis” where your mind gets overwhelmed at the number of options and defaults to something familiar. This is where curated lists like the one below come in handy: We did the research to pick out some of the best brands so that you don’t have to!

Organic Protein

Whether you are a fitness fanatic or not, protein powder is on just about everyone’s shopping list these days. Supplementation should not be thought of as a “substitute” for a good diet but, when taken in combination with a good diet, high-quality (preferably organic) protein products like those from Orgain can make a world of difference in terms of your overall health. 

Adding a high-quality protein powder or drink to your diet can lead to better muscle growth, improved appearance of your skin, more energy, less hunger, and more. 

A Secure, Portable Cubby

Tech Tub2 is a way to keep multiple electronic devices safe when you travel with kids, or students, or whatever the case may be. The device is epecially designed for educators but also has important uses for coaches, parents, and others.

Athletic Apparel

Like every other facet of life, exercise (and physical activities in general) have a uniform. That’s not to say you should be wearing a suit on the basketball court, but you should be wearing the athletic version of the RIGHT STUFF. And that’s where tasc performance comes in. Offering some of the best in bamboo-based technology, clothing from tasc will help you look the part and feel the part whenever you are doing something athletic. It’s high-performance athletic apparel for adults with an authentic approach to their fitness.

High-Quality CBD

CBD has a wide range of benefits, many of which are only now be discovered by the American public. But not all CBD is created equal. If you are looking for a product to help you sleep better or to help reduce your muscle or joint aches and pains, considering going with broad spectrum CBD from Healist Naturals.

Shaving Done Right

LTHR Shaving makes shaving a genuinely enjoyable experience. Sure we all know that a warm, old-fashioned shave feels better and makes you look better than a rush job. But who has the time? With the hot lather shaving device by LTHR, now you do!

The Best In Men’s Jewelry

JAXXON is bringing back men’s jewelry in a big way. Whether you’re thinking about a gold chain, silver bracelet or anything in-between checkout JAXXON for high-quality jewelry at reasonable prices.

The Best Way to Get Comfy

This faux fur blanket from Everlasting Comfort is the only comfort you’ll need while traveling or when snuggling up on the couch. The right blanket makes all the difference when it comes to sleep or relaxing at the end of a long day. That is why, even when it comes to your blanket, it pays to get something that is genuinely high quality and which will feel comfortable enough to help sleep better and relax easier.


Organic protein, athletic apparel, and more. Many products have come out over the past year with those listed here being among the best. Enjoy!

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The Best Cities to Get Stoned

It’s been a busy year so far for the cannabis industry: In recent weeks, New York, Virginia, and New Jersey legalized recreational marijuana for adults — with four other states, and even the federal government, possibly joining soon.

In light of these rapid changes — and 4/20 around the corner — the most important question to ask right now is: Which of America’s weed meccas promise to enhance your cannabis experience?

LawnStarter ranked 2021’s Best Cities to Get Stoned by comparing 94 U.S. cities (where recreational marijuana is currently legal) based on 12 key indicators of a smoking good time. Among them: The volume of Google searches for “marijuana” and “weed,” access to dispensaries and head shops, and availability of 420-friendly lodging and smoking lounges.

Check out the top 20 stoner cities below, followed by some highlights and lowlights from Lawnstarter’s report.

Best Cities to Get Stoned

1 Denver, CO

2 Los Angeles, CA

3 San Francisco, CA

4 Fullerton, CA

5 Garden Grove, CA

6 Glendale, CA

7 Colorado Springs, CO

8 Boston, MA

9 Portland, OR

10 Las Vegas, NV

11 Orange, CA

12 Detroit, MI

13 Torrance, CA

14 Santa Ana, CA

15 Pasadena, CA

16 Huntington Beach, CA

17 Anaheim, CA

18 Lakewood, CO

19 Ontario, CA

20 Worcester, MA

Highlights and Lowlights

Denver: The Mile High City 

Denver takes the weed cake in our ranking as America’s pot capital. With Colorado leading the nation’s recreational cannabis reform movement in 2012, it’s safe to say being a first mover really has its advantages.

Denver dominates the social environment category, with more 420-friendly lodging establishments and social consumption lounges. Where Denver falls short: the number of dispensaries and head shops and Google search popularity.

Colorado Springs and Lakewood also finished on a high note, at Nos. 7 and 18 overall, respectively. Only Fort Collins, in 63rd place, didn’t fare as well.

California: The State of High

Five Golden State cities landed in the top 10, a dozen in the top 20, and 20 in the top 30, and … you get the point: California is the “it” place for stoners, with the Los Angeles metro sweeping the popularity and supply access categories.

Among the top 10 overall are Fullerton, Garden Grove, and Glendale — all earning the highest grades in popularity and supply access — plus San Francisco at No. 3.

While no California city won every single metric, chances are you can find anything and everything cannabis-related in the state. It is, after all, the true reform pioneer: The state was first to legalize medical marijuana, in 1996.

Doobie Newbies

Cities in the newest states to join the league of fun-weed states — Arizona, Illinois, New Jersey, and New York — for the most part placed in the bottom third of our ranking. For example, Tucson, Arizona, landed at No. 85; Rockford, Illinois, at No. 91; Newark, New Jersey, at No. 90; and New York City at No. 77.

But two cities are riding on their recent high: Chicago — propelled by an abundance of marijuana tours and events — at No. 28, and Paterson, New Jersey — with the most residents searching for weed online — at No 46. Apparently, stoners here have waited long enough and aren’t wasting any more time.

The full ranking and analysis can be found on Lawnstarter’s website.

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Weedmaps Virtual 4/20 Event

With 4/20 right around the corner, Weedmaps, in partnership with Diamond Supply Co and Wiz Khalifa / Taylor Gang, has announced an upcoming limited-edition 4/20 capsule collection featuring apparel items and accessories for cannabis lovers and streetwear aficionados alike.

The capsule will be available for purchase starting tomorrow, 4/20, on Diamond Supply Co’s website, at the LA Diamond Supply clothing store, as well as a number of Diamond Supply authorized retailers. Items in the collection include hoodies, t-shirts, crewnecks, hats, sweatpants, a varsity jacket and a catch-all tray, all retailed between $36-$480. Proceeds from the capsule purchases will be donated to cannabis reform nonprofit, Last Prisoner Project via Weedmaps.

Also, be sure to also check out Weedmaps’ 4/20 “Even Higher Together” virtual event (taking place on the holiday on Weedmaps’ website) hosted by Snoop Dogg with co-headliners A$AP Rocky and Jhené Aiko. The 4/20 collection will be worn by Wiz Khalifa, Chevy Woods and Fedd the God during the Taylor Gang Cypher hosted by Wiz featuring Taylor Gang members and more, with beats supplied by world-renowned producer The Alchemist.

Weedmaps Announces “Even Higher Together” Virtual 4/20 Event Featuring Snoop Dogg, A$AP Rocky, Jhené Aiko and More .

Weedmaps, the premier destination for consumers to discover cannabis products and retailers, announced today its second virtual 4/20 event, “Even Higher Together,” to celebrate the holiday. Hosted by Snoop Dogg with co-headliners A$AP Rocky and Jhené Aiko, the virtual event will include appearances by Wiz Khalifa, Mike Tyson, G-Eazy, Rebelution’s Eric Rachmany, Berner, The Alchemist, TOKiMONSTA, Ms. Pat, Too $hort, Jaleel White, Bam Marley, and more.

“Despite the last year being a challenging one for everyone, there is ample reason to celebrate given the momentum we’ve seen in cannabis legislation across the country, and we wanted to, once again, give our community a way to do so safely”

“Weedmaps’ virtual 4/20 event is going to be phenomenal,” said Snoop Dogg. “Anything celebrating cannabis and the culture around it, you know I gotta be there. Cannabis brings people together and Weedmaps is doing just that. I’m also dropping my new album, “From Tha Streets 2 Tha Suites” on 4/20, to give my fans a little something to smoke to on this holiday, ya dig?”

The virtual event will ring in 4:20 across all U.S. continental time zones and include a variety of never-before-seen performances, including Wiz Khalifa hosting a cypher featuring Taylor Gang members and more, with beats supplied by world-renowned producer The Alchemist. Additionally, Mike Tyson, Too $hort, and Jaleel White will get together with celebrity chef Nikki Steward, as she cooks up the perfect 4/20 brunch.

“Despite the last year being a challenging one for everyone, there is ample reason to celebrate given the momentum we’ve seen in cannabis legislation across the country, and we wanted to, once again, give our community a way to do so safely,” said Juanjo Feijoo, chief marketing officer, Weedmaps. “As cannabis becomes more widely accepted and as the industry experiences significant growth, Weedmaps is steadfast in its commitment to bring together consumers and businesses as we continue the fight for a more inclusive industry. In that vein, we’re excited to bring together top talent to create an eclectic event to celebrate the progress that’s been made thus far and unite for the necessary work that is ahead.”

To highlight the importance of criminal justice reform, decarceration, and equity in cannabis for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities, WM TEAL (Together for Equity, Access & Legalization) and Last Prisoner Project will bring together activists who have been previously incarcerated for cannabis crimes, as well as M-1 of dead prez, for the Last Prisoner Project Justice Session, moderated by rapper and activist Talib Kweli. There will also be an opportunity for attendees to donate directly to the Last Prisoner Project throughout the virtual event to support those incarcerated for cannabis crimes and their reentry into society.

Beginning at 1:00 p.m. PDT on Tuesday, April 20, adults 21 and older in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico can tune into the free virtual celebration for one day only by visiting Weedmap’s website. Adults living in states where cannabis is legal are encouraged to check out their website or download the Weedmaps app on iOS or Android to find the latest deals ahead of the festivities.

Weedmaps, the premier destination for consumers to discover cannabis products and retailers, announced today their second virtual 4/20 event, “Even Higher Together.” The live stream will be hosted by Snoop Dogg (who will also be debuting his new album From Tha Streets 2 Tha Suites) with co-headliners A$AP Rocky and Jhené Aiko.

Attendees can expect: 

  • Top Tier Talent: In addition to Snoop, A$AP, and Jhené, appearances will be made by G-Eazy, Rebelution’s Eric Rachmany, Berner, TOKiMONSTA, Ms. Pat, Bam Marley, and more. Other notable talents will be featured in interactive sessions and never-before-seen performances including:
    1. Taylor Gang Cypher: Wiz Khalifa will be hosting a cypher featuring Taylor Gang members and more, with beats supplied by world-renowned producer The Alchemist.
    2. Last Prisoner Project Justice Session: Viewers can tune in to learn more about the importance of criminal justice reform as WM TEAL (Together for Equity, Access & Legalization) and Last Prisoner Project bring together activists who have been previously incarcerated for cannabis crimes, as well as M-1 of dead prez, in a panel moderated by rapper and activist Talib Kweli.
    3. Cooking with cannabis: Mike Tyson, Too $hort, and Jaleel White get together with celebrity chef, Nikki Steward, as she cooks up the perfect 4/20 brunch.
  • Timing: Attendees 21 and older across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico are invited to tune in at beginning at 1 p.m., and ring in 4:20 pm across all U.S. continental time zones PDT on Tuesday, April 20.

About Weedmaps

Founded in 2008, Weedmaps’ mission is to power a transparent and inclusive global cannabis economy. As WM Holding Company’s (WMH) business-to-consumer (B2C) platform, Weedmaps provides consumers with the latest information about cannabis and cannabis products and connects its retailer and brand clients to those highly engaged consumers on its website and mobile apps.

WMH holds a strong belief in the power of cannabis and the importance of enabling safe, legal access to consumers worldwide. Since inception, WMH has worked tirelessly, not only to be the most comprehensive platform for consumers, but also to build the software solutions that power business compliance in the space; to advocate for legalization, social equity, and licensing in many jurisdictions; and to facilitate further learning by partnering with dozens of subject matter experts in providing detailed, accurate information about the plant.

Headquartered in Irvine, California, Weedmaps employs more than 400 professionals around the world, including in Denver; Sacramento, California; Tucson, Arizona; New York; Barcelona, Spain; and Toronto. Visit their website here.

About Last Prisoner Project (LPP)

The Last Prisoner Project (LPP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to cannabis-related criminal justice reform. As the United States moves away from the criminalization of cannabis, giving rise to a major new industry, there remains the fundamental injustice inflicted upon those who have suffered under America’s unjust policy of cannabis prohibition. Through intervention, advocacy, and awareness campaigns, the Last Prisoner Project works to redress the past and continuing harms of these inhumane and ineffective laws and policies. Visit their website or text FREEDOM to 24365 to donate and learn more.

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Hemp Oil: Benefits and Side Effects

Hemp oil is the full spectrum oil that is derived from the hemp seeds of the Cannabis Sativa plant. It is now widely used in wellness and health care products due to its non-intoxicating traits. The hemp oil is extracted by cold pressing the hemp seed, which contains less than 0.03 percent of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 

Although the seed does not contain the same amount of compound as the plant, it has a rich profile of nutrients, fatty acids, and useful bioactive compounds that are beneficial for health. It is used in making a wide range of products including foods, health products, fabric, rope, natural remedies, and much more. The seeds of hemp are edible and are considered highly nutritious with a high concentration of soluble and insoluble fiber, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for heart health and skin health.

Leaf Nation describes the various benefits of using hemp oil:

1. Good for Mental Health

The brain requires plenty of good fats to operate, and hemp oil fulfills this need with its fatty acid content. The cannabinoids of the hemp oil interact with the two prominent receptors in the brain, namely Adenosine and Serotonin. Adenosine receptors determine how you experience anxiety. On the other hand, serotonin receptors are associated with depression. The adenosine receptors help to curb anxiety; hence, if they are active, your anxiety level will be low. The slowing down of these receptors causes anxiety. The moment there is a drop in their activity, you start to feel anxious. Similarly, the serotonin receptors help combat the problem of depression, the more active they are, the less likely you are to feel sad or depressed. Hemp seed oil keep both the receptors functional, thereby reducing anxiety and depression.

2. Gives Relief from Pain

Hemp oil is very effective in treating pain, especially pain caused by inflammation. The endocannabinoid system of the body is responsible for signaling pain to the brain. Hemp oil combats pain by interacting with the core components of the endocannabinoid receptors of the brain. It creates anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects that help with pain management. It has proven to relieve pain caused due to arthritis, neuropathy, and fibromyalgia.

3. Relieves Muscle Tension

Hemp oil that contains cannabinoids is proven to help with the problem of stress and tension in the muscles. It produces an anti-inflammatory effect on the body that relieves tension caused due to exertion, extensive workouts or injury. It also helps promote easy recovery from exercise. For relieving muscle tension, the hemp oil should be used topically, via rubbing on the affected muscles to release tension.

4. Good for Skin Health

Hemp seeds are a good source of polyunsaturated and essential fatty acids. It has the optimal range of Omega-6 to Omega that is considered healthy for the skin. The vitamins and fatty acids of the hemp oil keep the skin healthy and prevent breakouts. The fatty acids in the oil act as a nourishing agent and help reduce the signs of aging, including inflammation and oxidation. The omega-3s and omega-6s present in the hemp oil helps to fight a number of skin conditions including acne, eczema, psoriasis, lichen planus, etc. When used in skincare products, it contributes to stronger skin that is more resistant to viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. 

5. Good for Heart

Hemp seeds are very effective in reducing cardiovascular problems and ensuring a healthy heart. The hemp oil contains a high amount of amino acid arginine, which produces nitric oxide in your body. Nitric oxide is a powerful neurotransmitter that helps blood vessels relax and improve blood circulation. It also improves blood flow in the arteries of the heart. This ensures lowered blood pressure and reduces risk of heart attack. The gamma-linolenic acid found in hemp seeds also reduces inflammation, which decreases the risk of heart disease.

Despite the numerous benefits it offers, hemp oil might have certain side effects on some people. For example:

1. Mildly explosive

A lot of care must be exercised while using hemp oil for cooking because the oil releases toxic peroxides that are very harmful. The peroxide is mildly explosive and can catch fire. It can damage organs, tissues, and even the skin.

2. Production of Tumor Cells

The hemp oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acid that helps in the reproduction of new cells in the body. The rich ploy-unsaturated fatty acid of the hemp oil can increase the risk of prostate cancer in some people, as it triggers cell reproduction.

3. Weakens the Immune System

The hemp oil can reduce the efficacy of the immune system, as it is very rich in poly-unsaturated fatty acids. It has a direct effect on the immune system and leads to bacterial and fungal infections in the body.

4. Causes Hallucination

Although hemp oil is non-intoxicating in nature, it does have psychoactive properties. It contains THC that can cause aural hallucination in some people. Hence, it is not recommended to otherwise sensitive people.

5. Slows Brain Development

The neurons in the brain require Omega-3 fatty acids, of which hemp oil is rich in. Consuming large quantities of hemp oil can lead to acidity and fatty acid imbalance in the brain, which leads to brain development problems.

6. Unsuitable for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Woman

Studies show that hemp oil consumption during pregnancy can lead to smaller babies with lower birth weight and other unwanted outcomes. The active ingredients in marijuana can harm a developing baby and hence it is not advisable during pregnancy, or even while breastfeeding.

Besides the side-effects given above, hemp oil can lead to fatigue, diarrhea, changes in appetite, changes in weight and even interact with certain medications. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor before starting to use hemp oil.

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Cultural history of marijuana 

One of the most controversial and talked about topics over the course of recent human history has been marijuana and its consumption. It has been the topic of debate for a number of years now as it was always considered a drug that could be potentially dangerous to a person’s health, much like any chemical drug might do. 

All of this controversy led to the recreational use of marijuana being banned practically worldwide, and the medicinal use only available to those who were absolutely desperate for it. Today, many states in America have legalised both just the medicinal use and even the recreational use as well, making the market grow insanely and be massively successful. This has led to exciting new inventions for those with an interest in the marijuana culture, like vaporizers, electric grinders, or even electric dab rigs. While people may know these basic facts, they might not know the actual cultural history that comes surrounding marijuana, so if you want to learn more, here is some information about the cultural history of marijuana. 

Ancient times

Marijuana, also known as weed, cannabis, or pot, has an incredibly long history that could consider it to be an ancient drug. Most countries and cultures didn’t intend to grow the plant and make use of it in order to feel a high, but rather for medicinal purposes. It is said that it was most likely to have been discovered somewhere in Asia all the way around 500 BC. 

Earlier hemp plants are known to be native to Asia and are slightly different to the cannabis plants that we make use of today that have been specially grown with different strains to feel different and more intense highs. Typically, beyond its medicinal use, hemp fibre was used to make paper, clothes, and ropes and even provide food from the seeds. 

It has also been seen to have been used ceremonially with the graves of shamans in both Siberia and china having burned cannabis seeds in them, dating all the way back to 500BC

The 19th century

Moving forward with technology and research, in the early 1800s an Irish doctor who was studding in India discovered that marijuana extracts would help people with severe stomach pain and nausea who were likely suffering from cholera. Throughout the 1800s these extracts were sold by doctors and pharmacies all over Europe and the USA as treatment but there were problems that had been noticed. 

Through further research is was discovered that the source of the problems was THC, a chemical compound within the marijuana plant that has psychoactive properties. Before this discovery, marijuana was considered a miracle plant that as curing people of all sorts of ailments. 

The 20th century

Moving in to the 20th century, this is when things started going downhill for the marijuana industry with the Marijuana tax Act being imposed in 1937 as a way to heavily tax those who sell, are in possession, or use marijuana and ultimately ban the product. Later on in the 1900s there was a big stigma placed around the use of marijuana classifying it as a drug in the same category as that of heroine, LSD, and cocaine, all of which are chemical that can be harmful to the body. 

With every single part of the marijuana plant now being illegal, some people lost their means of natural medication and had to go through a lengthy process and fight in order to get the right to at least have marijuana for medicinal purposes. To this day, some places will still only allow people to buy marijuana from dedicated dispensaries and only if they have a medical marijuana card allowing them to do so. 


2021 has seen the insane growth of the marijuana market practically worldwide. Today, there are states all over the US and countries around the world that have started to legalise the recreational use of marijuana. Now, because we are living in a time where technology is ever evolving and research is more easily done than ever, there are so many new and innovative ways to consume marijuana and so many different accessories available on the market for cannabis lovers to make use of and try out. 

There are many different methods of delivery from oral, to inhalation, to even topical. With all this, there are more and more health benefits being discovered almost daily making marijuana a great alternative to modern medicine and for those who would rather be using something more natural. 

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Honest Marijuana Company

In the old days of illegal weed, the price you paid for your weekend toke depended mostly on who was selling it to you. These were behind-the-scenes transactions, with no recourse for a deal gone bad and no way to price compare with a competitor. You paid the price asked or you went without.

Now, as state legalization grows and the chatter about federal legalization becomes less talk and more reality, the game has changed forever for the buyer. So, it’s a good time to be clear on what you’re paying for before you go to your local cannabis boutique, or even the corner store, if you should be so lucky to have marijuana available for sale there!

First off, price comparing starts with quantity

If you want to look at what your weed is going to cost you, and even compare different strains, it’s best to pick a quantity. From state to state, the price of quantity X will vary, based on factors we’ll discuss later, but for now, it’s important to understand what quantities you can order in. 

The most common quantities you can buy cannabis in are a gram, eighth of an ounce, quarter of an ounce, half an ounce, and a full ounce. Notice how the common quantities mix metric and Imperial measuring units? A gram is 1/1000th of a kilogram and an ounce is 1/16th of a pound. Typically, you’ll find that dispensaries will use ounces for larger quantities, and grams for a smaller purchase.

What does a gram look like? It’s about the size of a bottle cap, which gives you a visual point of reference to figure out what you’re getting for what price. The average joint is about 0.7 grams of weed so a gram will give you about 1.5 joints. Here are the other measurements, to give you a rough idea of what you’re getting:

  • An eighth of an ounce (which is roughly 3.5 grams) will give you just about 5 joints.
  • A quarter of an ounce (7 grams) will net about 10 joints.
  • A half an ounce (14 grams) will give you about 20 joints.
  • A full ounce (28 grams) is just about equal to 40 joints.

From Alaska to West Virginia, that price per ounce of medium quality weed can run anywhere from $6 to $12.

Quality is the next factor

If you look at average prices of weed across the country, they’re pretty stable and typically refer to medium quality cannabis. When you want to compare a gram of cannabis from one shop to another, a major increase in price could be because of the quality of the product. 

For example, an organic and locally indoor grown variety might be more expensive than a mass produced, imported one. You really do have to compare apples to apples, if you want to be sure you’re getting the right picture.

Other factors that will influence the price of weed

Your state’s legal stance toward cannabis

If you live in a state where cannabis isn’t legal in any form, obviously you’re still operating in the old ways of quiet deals made with people who don’t really care to negotiate the prices they feel like charging. After all, they risk going to jail for providing you with your ‘chill’ so there’s a premium attached to that.

In the states that have legalized recreational marijuana (Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington), you’ll find competition higher and prices that reflect that.

The remaining twenty-one states that have legalized medical marijuana require a doctor’s note to obtain it, which isn’t a particularly challenging hurdle in most places, so this doesn’t affect the prices too significantly.

One place where cannabis is particularly expensive? Washington D.C. Despite legalization of medical and recreational use, they didn’t legalize the purchase of cannabis. That little detail is reflected in prices that are almost twice the national average for legalized / decriminalized states!

The physical geography of where you live

Cannabis isn’t an overly fussy plant to cultivate but it does prefer warm, stable temperatures, averaging in the daytime around 80 degrees. Places that have daytime temperatures that run hotter than 88 degrees or colder than 60 degrees have a harder time growing—it’s a slower process—and can end up with plants that have lower THC content and therefore lower overall quality.

So, if you live in Alaska or New Hampshire, for example, your weed has most likely been brought in from elsewhere, which means added costs in transportation and labor, to package and ship.

How your weed is grown

How your preferred brand is grown makes a difference on quality. 

  • Are they grown outdoors where light, water, soil, and ambient daytime temperatures are all free for the asking and therefore don’t add to the cost of production? 
  • Are they grown indoors, where special electrical lighting, watering and feed systems, and climate control are all required and add to the cost of production? 

Outdoor grown weed can be lower quality in that there aren’t many ways to control Mother Nature. Being able to control elements through technology can yield a higher quality product. From pest and humidity control to very specific watering schedules, as well as the use of light waves to maximize growth and intensity, indoor growers have the keys to control quality in ways that outdoor growers really cannot.

Factor in also whether the grower is using organic production methods, as this will definitely yield a higher quality product. No toxins from pesticides means a cleaner experience for you.

Where you buy your marijuana

Are you buying from a boutique dispensary or a corner store? Are you buying from a chain of cannabis stores or from a one-man dealer? Which way you go will affect the price you pay.

Dispensaries have overhead and staff to pay, which adds to the cost. However, they also have guidelines to follow in terms of packaging and labeling, as well as a vested interest in pleasing their customer, so they’re a good bet. You will know exactly what you’re getting, including the sourcing, THC content, whether it’s organic or not and so on. If you buy from a dealer, who is claiming to sell high quality products, you have no guarantees whatsoever that they are telling the truth.

Competitors drive the price down

Supply and demand is an easy equation. If there are several dispensaries with similar offerings in your area, the price per gram will be lower than in an area with no competition for your one dispensary. There is less supply for potentially similar demand, which can easily affect the price. The key as a consumer is to know your average pricing so you can tell whether or not you are getting a good deal.

Taxation and legalization go hand in hand

The states that have legalized marijuana have also clued in that it is an important revenue source. Sales tax, if the state has one, is applied to cannabis too. The rate can be higher for weed than for other products, as it is in Colorado. They have a state sales tax rate of 2.9% but the rate for weed? 10%.

In addition to sales tax, legal sellers are faced with taxes in production, purchasing, packing and transportation, costs that are typically downloaded to the end consumer.

The timing of your purchases

Time of year can impact the price of weed. Like most cultivated crops, the largest amounts are harvested in and around the month of September. Result? The supply is up, and prices should go down a little. 

As legalization continues to expand, state to state and even federally, the pricing will become more standard and easier to predict. At that point, the quality of the weed will be the big differentiator and as the end consumer, that’s not a small factor to consider. Buy with care and enjoy yourself!


Anthony Franciosi, also known as Ant, is an honest to goodness farmer whose fingers are as green as the organic cannabis he grows. He is the proud founder of Honest Marijuana– an all-natural, completely organic marijuana growery in Colorado.

What Are the Top Health Benefits of CBD Products?

CBD use has exploded in the last decade, with people turning to the cannabinoid for all manner of different reasons.

Alongside general wellbeing, the most popular reason that people start using CBD products is to try and receive a specific health benefit.

But what are these fabled health benefits? What kinds of things can CBD actually help its users with?

CBD can reduce inflammation

One of the most common reasons that people start using CBD oil is to treat inflammatory illnesses.

Acting as a novel anti-inflammatory is one of CBD’s most well-known health benefits and has been studied many times. Various studies, such as this one by Nagarkatti et al., have found that CBD can act as an anti-inflammatory drug just as effectively as other more common ones.

This allows people that suffer from conditions like arthritis or eczema relief from their pain, as users are able to control their body’s inflammatory response using CBD.  

CBD can help lower anxiety

Another common use of CBD is due to its effectiveness in helping those who struggle with anxiety.

While anxiety as a general mental issue is still being researched and is only barely understood, a myriad of studies have concluded that CBD is effective at helping those with anxiety.

A study by Shannon et al. for the Permanente Journal found that CBD induces a calming effect on the central nervous system, helping those with anxiety.

The study, among many others, found that consistent, high doses of CBD taken frequently calmed those with anxiety over the long term. This not only meant that they felt calm after taking CBD but that their general levels of anxiety diminished as a result of their CBD dose.

This was also demonstrated to affect their ability to sleep soundly, meaning that those that struggle with falling asleep and staying well-rested can find some relief with CBD oil as well.  

CBD can be used to prevent seizures

While CBD has become especially popular as a general wellness supplement, one of the main reasons it was noticed in the first place was because of its anti-seizure effects.

The famous case of Charlotte Figi and the resultant strain created to help treat her, Charlotte’s Web, brought CBD to mainstream popularity. Like this seminal one by Emilio Perucca for the Journal of Epilepsy Research, various studies found that CBD was incredibly effective at helping to reduce the frequency of seizures in those with epilepsy.

Perhaps even more interesting is that CBD’s effectiveness massively increased when combined with the common anti-seizure medication, Clobazam, giving an effect that was greater than the sum of its parts. 

Taking CBD to treat seizures might not be one of the most common uses of CBD these days, but it remains a well-known justification. In fact, it is so effective that taking CBD to treat seizures is currently the only federally legal reason to take cannabinoids..

CBD has benefits for everyone

CBD has gained a reputation as a sort of general wellness supplement, something that you take to relax you and generally make your day better.

While this is certainly a popular reason to take CBD, the fact remains that there are all sorts of different health benefits that people can take advantage of.

Whether people are looking to treat their anxiety, reduce inflammation, or generally improve health, CBD is a useful supplement to help tackle specific health conditions.

Getting started with CBD oil has never been easier, and brands offering CBD products for sale are cropping up all over the place.

For new users, heading to places like Premium Jane is usually the best bet. Brands with good track records, great reputations, and complete lab reports should be the first websites you look at when searching for CBD for sale.

How to Make a Sploof [Guide]

Even though millions of Americans and almost all Canadian adults are legally allowed to use cannabis, not everyone is comfortable advertising the fact. If you live in a rented property, likely, your landlord isn’t happy to have stoner tenants stinking out their investment! Perhaps you have neighbors who complain about the whiff, or else you don’t want your parents knowing what’s going on in your room.

Whatever the reason, having a method of filtering out the smell of weed as you smoke is invaluable. As it happens, there is such a device! It is called a ‘sploof,’ and those who have made one swear that it is effective.

Why Does Marijuana Smoke Stink?

Before we learn how to make a sploof, let’s take a quick look at why your pot has such a distinctive scent. The age of the marijuana plant when harvested is arguably the most crucial factor. When weed is harvested earlier in its life cycle, it tends to have a less skunky aroma, especially when smoked. If you smoke cannabis that is ‘older’ before being cured and dried, it usually emits a more pungent odor.

There are thousands of strains, some of which have very distinctive scents. However, for the uninitiated, the dried cannabis plant offers a piney skunk aroma when lit and smoked. In the main, you’ll ascertain the difference between strains before combustion. Herb connoisseurs love the fresh scent of marijuana when they first purchase it. At this stage, it can have an array of odors, including lemon, lime, strawberry, diesel, plum, or pine.

Overall, you can thank the hundreds of terpenes contained in cannabis for its overall scent. You will find the terpenes secreted in the same glands that produce cannabinoids such as CBD and THC. These oils help distinguish one strain from another. Repeating isoprene molecules make up terpenes. As a result, they are volatile, easily combustible compounds. The traditional method of smoking cannabis typically results in the combustion of terpenes.

The skunky aroma you get from weed potentially comes from a metabolic product of a precursor to acetyl coenzyme A. This particular fragment has a smell akin to that of appalling sewer gas. If this theory is correct, it helps explain why we get such a strong scent from combusted marijuana. Others claim that myrcene, one of the most predominant terpenes in a large variety of strains, plays a significant role in providing the skunky aroma.

If you have ever smoked marijuana, especially in a room with a few other people, you’ll know that the stink sticks to your skin, clothing, and hair. The odor mixes with the scents of smoke and fire and intensifies the natural odors (such as sweat) that we naturally produce. When you create a sploof, however, you can avoid all of this unwanted drama.

What Is a Sploof?

It is a homemade device that allows you to neutralize the telltale marijuana odor. While you are free to purchase one online, making one is quick, easy, and cheap, as you’ll see a little later on. When you smoke a blunt or joint, you release the smoke into the air. When you blow the smoke into a sploof, the smoke goes through a filtering agent and loses its famous stench.

As for the origins of the term, it is probably a combination of the words ‘spliff’ and ‘spoof.’ In case you were not aware, a spliff is a combination of tobacco and marijuana flower. If this prospect horrifies you, steer clear of Western Europe and the Caribbean because spliffs remain extremely popular in both regions! A spoof is a trick played on someone, although a ‘spoofer’ is an individual who bluffs and generally talks nonsense!

There is no good reason NOT to use a sploof and several reasons why you should:

  • A sploof is incredibly easy to make.
  • It filters out the smell of marijuana smoke, which makes it harder to detect.
  • It gives you a higher chance of enjoying a private session without your mom/landlord/partner/police finding out.
  • The smell doesn’t linger, so you don’t leave ‘evidence’ of your activities behind.

How to Make a DIY Sploof

To create a sploof, you need the following:

  • Scented dryer sheets
  • A paper towel tube or toilet paper roll tube
  • Rubber band, tape, or string
  • A pair of sharp scissors or a blade
  • A filtering agent such as activated carbon – not strictly essential but it makes a HUGE difference

Why do we need these ingredients?

Scented Dryer Sheets

It is highly likely that you have scented dryer sheets in your house. The infused odor helps hide the smell of marijuana smoke. Also, the thick weave of the material traps molecules that result in the well-known weed aroma. If you don’t have sheets at home, spend a few bucks and buy a packet.

Toilet Roll or Paper Towel Tube

We’re going to assume that you have toilet roll or paper towels in your home! Ideally, you’ll wait until you finish the paper. Otherwise, you have to waste it because you need the paper tube. Get rid of any tiny bits of paper that inevitably get stuck to the container before you begin. This tube is what you blow the smoke into.

The tape/rubber band/string is required to ensure the scented dryer sheets remain in place. You can use a plastic bottle as an alternative to the toilet paper tube.

Filtering Agent

Most DIY sploofs don’t bother with a filtering agent because the scented dryer sheet does a good enough job. However, adding something like activated carbon to the mix increases the effectiveness and longevity of your sploof.

The charcoal is extremely porous to the point where a gram has an actual surface area of approximately 3,000 square meters as determined by gas adsorption, despite being tiny! Incidentally, ‘adsorption’ relates to the adhesion of ions, molecules, or atoms from a dissolved solid, liquid, or gas to a solid surface. It means the charcoal has an incredible capacity to trap and hold the odorous molecules. Best of all, activated charcoal is easy to obtain and extremely inexpensive.

Making a Sploof – Step-by-Step

Now that you have the necessary ‘ingredients,’ it is time to create your magical marijuana smoke filtering device!

  1. Remove the remaining paper from the paper towel or toilet roll tube. If you are using a plastic bottle, cut it in half and keep the top part.
  2. Fill the inside of the tube or bottle with dryer sheets. As it isn’t necessary to pack them in tightly, you shouldn’t need more than four sheets.
  3. Take another dryer sheet, fold it, and put it over the end of the sploof. Secure it with string, tape, or a rubber band. At this point, your sploof is ready to go. Blow the smoke into the open end, and marvel at how your device filters the smell.
  4. If you are using activated charcoal, put it into the sploof after completing step #2. You only need to add a small amount. Then you tie the dryer sheet over the end.

That’s it! Once you have the requisite material, you can create a sploof in a matter of minutes.

Final Thoughts on Making a Sploof At Home

There are plenty of options if your goal is to control the odor emitted when smoking marijuana. Expensive choices include investing in an air filter or purifier. More affordable options include burning incense (although it is often associated with smoking weed), lighting scented candles, opening a window, and spraying everything in the room with Febreze!

However, there is no need to go through any of the above stress if you build a sploof. Among its many benefits is its versatility. As it is a container with holes at both ends, you have a variety of options. Apart from using a paper toilet roll tube or plastic bottle, you could also invest in a PVC pipe which will unquestionably last longer.

As for how long your sploof will last overall, it depends on the materials you use. The ‘classic’ option will lose its neutralizing power eventually. The precise longevity depends on how often you smoke, but you know it is time to change when you notice the odor of cannabis creeping into the room despite using the sploof. You might also see that the dryer sheets change color.

As you are using household items, throw your old sploof away and make a new one! 

What Are the Side Effects of CBD Oil or Hemp Oil?

The use of CBD oil has become prevalent in the last few years, with more people than ever using it. The more people that start using it, the more others begin to see the appeal themselves, leading to an ever-increasing trend of CBD popularity.

One thing that a lot of people struggle with, however, is the potential side effects of CBD oil. As regular cannabis is well-known for having a myriad of side effects through its high, many people think that CBD might induce the same problems.

So, what are the side effects of CBD oil? 

What Is CBD Oil & How Does It Work?

To understand CBD oil’s specific side effects, we first need to know how CBD oil works, to begin with.

When a person imbibes CBD, it reacts with the endocannabinoid system, which is the health system within the body that controls a myriad of different functions.

While the precise nature of the ECS is still being researched, a number of studies have found that the ECS, and indeed CBD itself, is able to trigger a variety of different effects.

For example, a study by Nagarkatti et al. found that CBD can trigger an anti-inflammatory response in the ECS. This allows people to actively control their inflammation response, which is especially useful for those suffering from conditions that result in inflammation, like arthritis.

CBD’s interaction with the endocannabinoid system, specifically its interaction with the cannabinoid receptors, allows it to induce a myriad of effects.

However, some of these effects might be construed as side effects depending on what the user was looking for when they did CBD.

What Kinds of Side Effects Can You Expect?

CBD oil doesn’t really have particular side effects, especially when compared to conventional drugs. Other drugs, like strong pain medications, have side effects that are not related to their intended impacts. Meanwhile, CBD’s generalized effect on the body means that it doesn’t really have many ‘unintended’ consequences.

When a person takes CBD oil, they are likely to notice a myriad of different effects. If you’re taking CBD oil for a particular purpose, though, then there are some effects you might not want.

For example, if a person were to try and take CBD oil for its anti-inflammatory properties, they might not want to experience the lower blood pressure that it can cause, according to a study by Jadoon et al.

The thing is that the side effects of CBD oils are not really worth worrying about for the majority of people because the products are actually relatively mild. While the idea of a person’s blood pressure being reduced due to taking CBD oil might seem frightening, it isn’t really sufficient to cause problems.

A person should consider worrying if they already suffer from low blood pressure or if they are already taking medication that induces low blood pressure.

The main thing to worry about with CBD oil is the fact that you will notice all of its effects, whether you want to or not.

Final Thoughts on the Side Effects of CBD Oil

CBD oil is something that is definitely pretty scary for newcomers, especially considering its relatively recent rise in popularity.

However, while taking a new thing is never easy, most potential users can rest easy knowing that there aren’t really any side effects worth worrying about.

For those looking to get started in trying to buy CBD oil on purekana, the best advice is to make sure that only brands that offer trustworthy, reputable products are considered. Brands like PureKana offer not only high-quality CBD products but will also ensure that reputable lab reports back up their products.

These lab reports are essential, especially for those concerned with any potential side effects of CBD oil. By knowing the precise composition of any product you are using, a user can make an informed decision about what they are putting in their body.

CBD edibles and nutrition article illustration for 360 MAGAZINE

How Many CBD Edibles a Day Should You Eat?

‘How many CBD edibles a day should you eat?’ is a commonly asked question by new CBD users. The answer is complicated, but the most important thing is to be an informed consumer. Everyone is different. A person who weights 400 pounds is going to need more CBD than someone who is 95 pounds. So, before we answer the question, it’s important to understand CBD edible strength and CBD edible dosage. 

CBD Edible Dosage

Eating CBD is wasteful compared to other delivery methods. Sending CBD to the digestive tract can take hours to break the CBD down. However, there are a few methods that are technically considered to be edibles but are much more efficient than eating a CBD cookie. 

CBD candy is a great way to get around the digestive tract. Hard candy and gummies both are broken down much easier than other edible options. When gummies are chewed, much of the CBD oil inside is absorbed before even reaching the stomach and the small pieces that reach the digestive tract are easily broken down.

CBD Edible Strength

Finding the right dose for you is important when planning a CBD regiment. Starting small and consulting with your personal physician are always good ideas if you are unfamiliar with CBD. While CBD has proven to be tolerated well by humans, even at extremely high amounts, people have reported mild side-effects. Taking CBD is the only way to find your dose. 

A normal dose of CBD is somewhere between 10 and 100mg. Most people would likely fall between 20 and 60mg. One must consider the delivery method when thinking about their dose. 50mg gummies will have a lower bioavailability than 50mg of CBD vape. 

How many CBD edibles a day you should eat depends on your dose. Another thing to consider is what you want out of CBD. If you are looking to relieve stress all day, perhaps taking a gummy in the morning and after lunch is your best bet. If you are looking for better sleep, maybe taking one gummy at night makes more sense for you. 

Taking 50mg gummies once or twice a day is a common regiment that has proved to be beneficial for many happy CBD users. Gold Bee’s 25mg CBD gummies are a great way to deliver CBD and their dosage of 25mg is enough to give the CBD a chance to work its magic. 

Reasons to take CBD Edible Gummies

  1. Easy to take

Taking CBD every day is crucial for those who want to experience the benefits. Only taking CBD every once in a while, isn’t going to build up your endocannabinoid system enough to start to see results. 

Many users find that taking a gummy is much easier to remember than taking oil. We are accustomed to taking multivitamins in gummy form. It’s easy to remember to take your CBD gummies each day when they are in a spot you will see. If you are already taking other vitamins, adding the CBD gummies is a seamless way to incorporate cannabis into your life. 

  1. Taste

CBD oil has a strong earthy taste that is off putting to many new users. If you don’t like the taste you aren’t going to consistently take the product. Sublingual oil may be more efficient than taking an edible, but not if you aren’t actually taking it.

  1. Bioavailability

Gummies are great because they have a high bioavailability compared to other edibles. A study done on the bioavailability of Vitamin C gummies versus capsules found that gummies are superior. The gummy is chewed and starts to dissolve in the mouth. 

  1. No One Likes Pills

CBD pills aren’t fun to take. Especially if you are taking a huge tablet. Gummies are much easier. If you aren’t enjoying the CBD delivery method, you are less likely to be a consistent user. 

Finding exactly how many CBD edibles to take each day is a process. The only way to find out is to start taking CBD. Gummies are a great way to get into a habit of taking CBD and feeling the benefits.