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Armon Hayes is an emerging creative director for 360 Magazine


“I always pictured myself as a businessman in retail or fashion … Besides feeding my sweet design tooth, I enjoy developing ideas and working with others to help them achieve their dreams.”

Armon Hayes is a Creative Director for 360 Magazine and AOHSOA. Armon’s innovative eye for detail allows him to create long-lasting partnerships with clientele as he assists them in both their brand development and growth.

He offers an array of client services: wardrobe styling; custom and digital merchandising; brand management as well as campaign development.

Recent client(s)/projects for 360: LaJune, Land Rover’s Defender, The Bodega and #360TRAP.

Armon Hayes rocks Terry Singh's The New Suit during NYFW show for 360 MAGAZINE.
Armon Hayes models leather city jacket for 360 MAGAZINE.
Armon Hayes featured inside 360 MAGAZINE.
Armon Hayes spotted riding DYU e-bike for 360 MAGAZINE.
Armon Hayes in 360 magazine.
Armon Hayes on the runway headed to NYFW for 360 MAGAZINE.
Armon Hayes in Ivy Park and adidas for 360 MAGAZINE.
Ivy Park – shot/produced by Armon.
Armon Hayes shot in Sperry for 360 MAGAZINE.
Sperry – shot/produced by Armon.

Special assignments:




Height 6’1
Weight: 170lbs
Jacket: 42L
Shirt: Large
Neck: 16.5
Sleeve: 32/33
Waist: 31
Inseam: 34
Shoe: 10

Allison Christensen Illustrates a Skin Care Article for 360 MAGAZINE


While on a trip to Fafa Island in 2011, the creators of COCOOIL had an idea. They wanted to create a a luxury skincare product made with certified fair trade cold-pressed organic coconut oil. Here in 2020, they have it in COCOOIL, which only uses sustainably produced coconut oil from the Pacific Islands.

COCOOIL can guard against UV rays using their protective products like COCOOIL Tanning Oil SPF6COCOOIL Beach’n’Body Oil SPF15 and COCOOIL Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF30.

COCOOIL Tanning Oil SPF6 protects from harmful UV rays and delivers a beautiful tan while laying on the beach or next to the pool. COCOOIL Beach’n’Body Oil SPF15 and COCOOIL Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF30 offer even more protection against UV rays and come in packages that fit just right in your purse or travel pack.

They also have the COCOOIL SPF50 Broad Spectrum, which is made with natural botanical oils to hydrate and nourish skin.

The protective products are complimented by COCOOIL Face Oil with RosehipCOCOOIL Body OilCOCOOIL Baby Oil with Lavender and COCOOIL Ocean Spray.

COCOOIL Face Oil with Roseship leaves your face feeling luxurious and non-greasy. COCOOIL Body Oil is the perfect daily moisturizer while COCOOIL Baby Oil with Lavender will nourish your little one’s skin and provide a calming scent. COCOOIL Ocean Spray gives your hair waves, volume and texture.

Products come in regular size 200 mL bottles or in mini 100 mL bottles. They even have bundles that come with a COCOOIL tote, perfect for your next trip to the beach.

COCOOIL also has a cruelty free policy, meaning that they don’t buy any products or ingredients that have been tested on animals. In place of animal testing, they test all of their products on human volunteers in Australia.

They say they will not use any sources who are not just as committed as they are to their code of ethics, morals and standards.

To see all COCOOIL products, you can click right here. You can also read their story and learn more about their mission by clicking right here.

Sea Star Sparkle , 360 MAGAZINE


is a comprehensive listening of products as well as services which we personally tested; and as a result, we recommend while in quarantine.

Sea Star Sparkle

Adding more fun to your time in the sun, the reef-safe, biodegradable glitter collection introduces two new delicious smelling SPF 50+ sunscreens which are broad-spectrum UVA/UVB and are water-resistant for 80 minutes. Their products will get you beach ready!

Lab to Beauty

They offer a spa-grade line of skincare, bath and hair care products, demonstrating the healing effects of a plant-based regimen.

  • The Nourishing Shampoo
    • Plant Based, Color Safe wash to purify and strengthen hair + scalp
    • Gently cleanses hair + nourishes and invigorates scalp. Fortifies from root to tip and boosts bounce and shine. Color safe + sodium lauryl sulfate free.
  • The Moisturizing Conditioner
    • Plant Based, Color Safe treatment to smooth. silken and repair hair
    • Moisturizes from root to tip with perfect balance. Repairs and rebuilds hair, while helping to detangle. Leaves hair smooth and silky. Color safe + sodium lauryl sulfate free.


COCOOIL started with a love for Coconut Oil & the Pacific Islands. During a trip to Fafa Island in the Kingdom of Tonga in 2011, the founders had a vision of a Luxury Skincare and Suncare range formulated with certified Fair Trade cold-pressed organic coconut oil. We only use coconut oil produced sustainably in the Pacific Islands, supporting local communities.

CocoOil, 360 MAGAZINE

The Lore Company

For those who look forward to trying those hotel bath and body items, here’s a better idea: the Lore Company makes simple essentials for everyday grooming and personal care routines. The brand’s line of deodorants, body washes, and bar soaps are made from organic and natural ingredients that smell fresh and are reliable throughout the day.

Loumi Skincare

In search of a quality skincare line that is full of vegan products? Look no further, for Loumi Skincare has got you covered. Their wide array of revitalizing products is sure to enhance your everyday routine, giving you that natural, effortless glow.

  • Revive Retinol Drops  
    • Increase collagen production and cell turnover
    • Minimizes pores with posey-avocado and grapefruit seed oil along with hyaluronic acid
  • Rose Glow Oil
    • Aids damaged skin while ensuring future protection of skin
    • Use of botanicals blends beautifully with natural face oils to create sleek feeling
  • Brightening Eye Cream
    • Illuminates under eye area
    • Encourages collagen production
  • Say Aloe All Day Face Moisturizer
    • Ensures hydration of skin for prolonged day
  • Sea Drip Vitamin C Serum
    • Uses vitamin c to help add definition to skin
    • Boosts cell production in contrast to UV-B rays

Loumi Skincare Aloe No Face Moisturizer product image via Kristyn Moll (Avalon Communications) for use by 360 MAGAZINE

OSD Beauty Body Scrub

We can all use a luxurious exfoliator, and we’ve found the best one! From OSD Beauty comes the body scrub; a formula rich in antioxidants that promote moisture and flexibility for the skin. Available in both coconut and blueberry, you’ll be able to find your ideal match.

OSD BEAUTY body scrub product image via Taylor Mohrhardt for use by 360 MAGAZINE

Bia Skin

Paving the way for effective skincare all over, Bia Skin picks up the slack by becoming a pioneer in providing you with revolutionary performance-based products and body care routines.

Break out your favorite beachwear and enjoy the summer worry-free. Check out the best-sellers below to take back your confidence!

Body Gloss Nourishing Oil

  • This luxurious and fast-absorbing oil is infused   with nutrient-rich oils, concentrated antioxidants, and just a hint of shimmery bronze for a soft, flawless-looking finish
  • Essential fatty acids protect while working to help build and repair the skin’s moisture barrier
  • Rich in antioxidants and amino acids to fight cellulite and smooth the appearance of skin
  • Improves skin elasticity and reduces the occurrence of stretch marks
  • Softens the appearance of existing stretch marks
  • Soft heavenly scent of shea butter
  • Mica and a subtle tint leaves a soft natural shimmery finish
  • Price: Starting at $52

The 5 Piece Bia Method Kit

  • This full-size 5-piece kit contains everything you need for a head-to-toe glow!
  • Clear blemishes, smooth bumps and KP, reverse the signs of aging and protect our bodies against environmental stressors
  • Includes:
    • Clarifying Charcoal Body Cleanser, Exfoliating Treatment Mist, Body Polish, Body Gloss Nourishing Oil, Body Brush 
  • Price: $142

Body Polish & Whipped Creme Duo

  • Get ready for buttery soft skin with this powerful duo
  • BIA Body Polish combines the deeply penetrating benefits of chemical exfoliant Glycolic Acid with natural ocean-friendly silica beads to slough off dead skin cells.
  • BIA Body Créme softens skin with powerful hydrators, hyaluronic acid, and shea butter while nourishing and protecting against environmental stressors with antioxidant Vitamin C
  • Price: $62