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Armon Hayes is an emerging creative director for 360 Magazine


“I always pictured myself as a businessman in retail or fashion … Besides feeding my sweet design tooth, I enjoy developing ideas and working with others to help them achieve their dreams.”

Armon Hayes is a Creative Director for 360 Magazine and AOHSOA. Armon’s innovative eye for detail allows him to create long-lasting partnerships with clientele as he assists them in both their brand development and growth.

He offers an array of client services: wardrobe styling; custom and digital merchandising; brand management as well as campaign development.

Recent client(s)/projects for 360: LaJune, Land Rover’s Defender, The Bodega and #360TRAP.

Armon Hayes rocks Terry Singh's The New Suit during NYFW show for 360 MAGAZINE.
Armon Hayes models leather city jacket for 360 MAGAZINE.
Armon Hayes featured inside 360 MAGAZINE.
Armon Hayes spotted riding DYU e-bike for 360 MAGAZINE.
Armon Hayes in 360 magazine.
Armon Hayes on the runway headed to NYFW for 360 MAGAZINE.
Armon Hayes in Ivy Park and adidas for 360 MAGAZINE.
Ivy Park – shot/produced by Armon.
Armon Hayes shot in Sperry for 360 MAGAZINE.
Sperry – shot/produced by Armon.

Special assignments:




Height 6’1
Weight: 170lbs
Jacket: 42L
Shirt: Large
Neck: 16.5
Sleeve: 32/33
Waist: 31
Inseam: 34
Shoe: 10

by Zavor for use by 360 Magazine

Zavor Kitchen Electrics New Air Fryer Lid Tops

Zavor is pleased to announce the newest addition to their kitchen electrics – The Zavor Air Fryer Lid. Air fryers are quickly becoming the latest trend in healthy cooking at home, but not everyone has the space for more electrics in their already cluttered kitchen. The Zavor Air Fryer Lid solves this conundrum by turning your Zavor multi-cooker pot or stovetop pressure cooker pot into an air fryer at the swap of a lid. Best when paired with a 6qt. or 8qt. stainless steel cooking pot, the Zavor Air Fryer Lid can air fry, crisp, toast, bake, roast, reheat, and more!

Zavor’s Air Fryer Lid comes with everything needed to make healthy treats at home, including a stainless-steel frying basket, silicone-coated stainless steel cooking tongs, and a silicone mat. All the accessories are dishwasher safe. It also includes a downloadable e-recipe book with over 25 delicious recipes made just for this lid. It features two LED displays, a safety handle on top, and a stainless-steel rim with different lid fittings for different cookware sizes. The air fryer lid features eight preset cooking programs – Chicken, Fish, Fries, Bake, Pizza, Vegetables, Hamburger, and Reheat. Each cooking program comes with preset cooking temperatures and times for optimal results. The temperature range for the Zavor Air Fryer Lid, including the 8 preset functions, is 165°F-455°F. The time range is 1 minute to 2 hours.

Programming the Zavor Air Fryer Lid is incredibly easy, as it has two separate LED screens and buttons for temperature and time adjustments. Each LED screen is marked for Time (clock icon) or Temperature (˚F). The lid can be easily programmed to the desired cooking times and temperatures with the + and – buttons located on either side of each LED screen. If the + and – buttons for the Time screen are pressed simultaneously, the Mute feature will activate and mute all beeps and alerts. The safety handle on the top of the lid is a key feature, offering a safe option for handling the lid before and after cooking, as well as during the cooking process. The air fryer lid will only work if the safety handle is completely folded down into place, otherwise, the lid will not turn on. If raised while cooking, the lid will automatically stop running until the handle is lowered back down.

Zavor’s Air Fryer Lid comes with a frying basket to easily replicate the basket-style air frying, making it easy for air to circulate on all sides of the food and even easier to toss foods halfway through the cooking time when necessary. The cooking progress can easily be checked without the need to remove the lid from the cooking pot thanks to the tempered glass on the lid. Once the cooking time is up, the air fryer lid will automatically shut off to avoid overcooking or burning foods.

The Air Fryer Lid will be available July 2021. Suggested retail price for the air fryer lid is $79.95. For more information on Zavor’s line of pressure cookers, cookware, and small appliances please visit the official website.